The Wave

Kanab, AZ 84741
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Carl Mazur

It was absolutely awesome. Be prepared to run into many people on your journey there. The Wave part was not as big as I thought. It was maybe the size of half a football field total for everything. There is an upper wave, but I did not go there. It is a pretty strenuous hike for ones like me who do not hike at a fast speed. I went with people that really cruise fast so I went through almost all my water because I sweat so hard, which was 5 bottles of water. It seems like you will take a lot of water but you really use it. A friend of ours didn't even take a drop. Wild! It really depends on your body. TAKE WATER! They say at least a gallon per person. Good photo times are in the afternoon when the sun is not so direct on the wave itself. We left about 11 AM to start the hike and we caught some good morning sun. Be best to leave really early to catch some good golden hours on the east side of the rocks. Bring lots of snacks and lunch and then stay for the afternoon light. Don't stay too long because of the hike back. If you stay too long you will need head lamps to hike back. This place is amazing, but it can also be dangerous. Make sure to take a fresh map along for each person. I got off track and got lost for just a little bit. Don't be too daring. Please help protect the wave and no jumping on it and pick up all trash. :) Thanks

Aaron Langeland

If you are lucky enough to get one of the few passes here, don't waste it. Go and enjoy. One of the coolest places on earth. Be prepared. It is a long hike. If it is hot, make sure you bring plenty of water and your orienteering skills. A number of people of died from dehydration and/or getting lost.

Zhou Yu

Better than what I saw online and would come back again. Like most of us, I have seen this place online more than once. But the real experience is better than a thousand words OR photos. I would come back again when possible to explore more spots. Can be very hot in the summer, icy in the winter, and muddy and impassible when wet. BE prepared. The trail, which was about 7 miles in my last trip, is not overly strenuous. But sand and ice can be a tricky combination.

Elena S. Omelchenko

Wonderland where the dreams come true. Google team given me a $2000.00 camera for one of Wave photos that won a landscape contest here on Google's Panoramio!

Serendipity K

A magical and unspoiled place! Like no other. You need a special permit to visit and hike here. Open dessert and total wilderness! The best is that almost no one is here!