Coca-Cola Orlando Eye

8401 International Dr #100, Orlando, FL 32819
(866) 228-6438
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Jane Karcher

Delightful experience. Line went quickly. Parking was close by. Used All- Inclusive Go Card City Pass which made this an inexpensive activity. Arrived about 30 minutes later to enjoy the sunset, but was beautiful regardless and well worth the time. Would recommend to anyone.

Timothy Ward

As one of the newest attractions to the immediate area of I-Drive/Universal Blvd., the Orlando Eye is eye-catching both day and night. During the day it's bold design is a breathtaking view from directly below just as much as it is from a considerable distance away. And of course, at night is when the Eye really shines. With its tens of thousands of LED lights in every color, it can be programmed to display various moving abstract color gradients like the full rainbow, to very precise displays like that of the American flag. For both locals and tourists alike, this is an attraction that must be experienced both during the day and at night due to the difference in the views one will see from such heights. Each cabin is air-conditioned and quite large, allowing for sizeable groups to fit in each and still giving each rider a perfect 360° view of the surrounding city. The ride lasts about a half-hour, and with its slow speed, there's hardly a sensation that you're moving. As a side note: The Eye is one of Orlando's best landmarks​ for displaying colors and color combinations to show support for events of all kinds and to also display the colors of various holidays throughout the year.

Darlennia Payton

This is so much fun! Good safe area with lots to do all around. Right next to Sea life. You can make a day/evening out of it. Me and the kids had so much fun! Don't miss this attraction.

Nicole Easton

Beautiful to look at, however customer service is terrible. We planned our day around visiting the eye at it's published delayed open time of 11am. Walked up at 1040am after purchasing tickets online to be told they were not opening it until noon. Rechecked website and it still says 11am. We cannot stay and wait due to other commitments so now we are stuck trying to get money back. Not to mention the woman who met us as we walked up to tell us it was not opening when they said it would be was very rude. I lived here when it was built and came back to try it out but I no longer have an interest in a place that treat customers rudely. There is plenty more to do in Orlando! Very disappointed.

Chris Dominguez

The more you do the cheaper it is. I recommend doing the eye, the wax museum, and the aquarium, like I did. Great price for everything and it's about half a days worth of time. Great experience. Tons of fun. If you go during slower times you can have your own cabin on the eye! Would do again. Great date idea.