The National WWII Museum

945 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 528-1944
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Diana Blaser

Powerful. Moving. Educational. Phenomenal. Our family of five -- three kids -- loved everything about it. Spend the $5 to see the movie, Beyond All Borders. I found myself emotional on a number of occasions. It was wonderful.

Therdsak Suthanaviroj

01/29/17: 5.0 out of 5 - 01/29/17: Coming from Portland, Oregon with close friends. Six of us total to be exact with only myself being a Marine Corps Veteran. The place is large and so much to be seen from World War II with so much information. One must imagine how much was happening during this Era. Absolutely amazing! It left a profound impression on me, my wife, and our friends. The staff and volunteers that helped us were very nice and helpful. Definitely an experience that may take a full day or two. However, try it once and decide for yourself. I highly recommend visiting this museum!

David Sterne

The best and most thorough museum I have ever seen on a single historical subject. It's educational, interactive and fun. The Boeing quarter is amazing with all the old planes hanging from the ceiling. I liked that they offer an option to go a second day, because you can't see everything in one day.

Glenn Stewart

Superb museum that is a must visit. It will take a full day to complete unfortunately. The museum is set up in a way that explains the story of the war through the eyes of actual soldiers in a chronological order. The way they have setup the exhibits makes you feel like you're actually there. Extremely well done, and although I visited from Sydney - I'll have to return to do it properly. I unfortunately had to rush for a flight.

Tyson Birmann

Really is amazingly done. The exhibits are if the utmost quality. The only critique I have is the lack of foreign language access. And yes, I realize it is an American Museum, but Nola is a tourist city for people from all over the world. It would be nice to have an app or audio tour options available in other languages. I wanted to take my Father-in-law when we were in town for our wedding. He only speaks Portuguese. The exhibits are 80% video in content with English audio commentary and Sub-titles. Totally understand that. I just feel like a world class museum like this would have a way to make sure it can be appreciated by everyone! It could even make money!