The Mystery Spot

465 Mystery Spot Rd, Santa Cruz, CA 95065-9658
(831) 423-8897
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Gopal Raval

Is it Magic? Magnets? Aliens? The Mystery Spot is a place that will amaze and confuse even the most intelligent of visitors and a fun little detour for anyone doing the Highway 1 trip. It is a quick jaunt off the main highway and close to quite a few attractions and close enough to restaurants to make this well worth the quick stop. Why are things at a strange angle? How do people seem to be changing height while they are there? MYSTERIES! A fun trip either for couples, people who like strange things, or those who have kids!

Justin Lin

First of all, this is NOT real. But the fact that it's not real doesn't detract from the fun of visiting there anyway. The tour guide made sure we had enough fun along the way. If you decide to go there, you will have fun as long as you don't become Sheldon Cooper.

Sai Siddardha

Very interesting experience.. don't read about the Mystery before you go. Also : MAKE A RESERVATION, especially if you're going​ on weekends

Meredith Eckard

We used to come here as kids, and now I was able to take my kids. It is such a neat spot for a family outing.

Vijay Ravikanti

Awesome place to experience the beauty of nature and wild nature with magical gravity spot which is very place on earth. I enjoyed with friends and family the visit. Please take care of the route map/gps as the route is narrow into the woods and week cellphone signals. Be hydrated as the spot might cause drowning due to the gravity changes.