The Metropolitan Museum of Art

1000 5th Ave, New York, NY 10028
(212) 535-7710
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Katie McCarty

The MET is a great place to spend the day to appreciate art and learn some history. One thing you should know if you are planning to visit, is that the ticket prices are recommended donations. If you would like to pay less, let's say only $1.00, you are able to do so. I would not spend $25.00 to visit the MET. The food is expensive, but there are great food carts outside, depending on weather. I would not recommend this museum for children under 10. When I visited, I saw all the exhibits and probably spent three hours there.

David Thomas

What an excellent museum. I spent several delightful hours here and feel that I only scratched the surface. As many reviewers have mentioned, there is a donation fee for entrance. There is a suggested donation amount, but everybody is free to pay as much or as little as they wish. I was particularly struck by the wonderful art and sculpture collections. While there I also ate in the cafe. A sandwich and a drink. I felt that pricing was very reasonable, and the food quality was really good (a lot better than I had expected.) I am puzzled that anybody could give this place less than 5 stars.

D Aranguri

World-class museum. Not sure if this is a permanent addition, but last visit I found a second museum store filled with sale and out-of-season merchandise from the [fabulous and very high-quality] main museum store. The cafeteria wasn't a bargain, but was fairly priced for NYC, and the food was great, better than I remember it being from back when the cafe used to be on the main floor (now turned into a gallery). The Met is a can't-miss experience. I love it and couldn't book a plane ticket to New York without planning time there.

Alexandra Huang

Absolutely GORGEOUS museum. We got there around 7pm and it was still teaming with people but it's so gigantic you didn't even feel like it once past the lobby. I was easily lost the entire time but also admiring with every step. I am so thankful for the Pat what you want because we could barely scratch the surface in exploring this place. It would take a full month or more to hit every thing!

Sheena Hanscel

I loved this museum! It was a donation based fee for entry which was wonderful because we could only visit for a short time so it made the trip very worth it. There was just about every different kind of art you can imagine from all different parts of the world, from many different time periods. It was absolutely beautiful and I would highly recommend to anyone that even has some interest in art. The Egyptian exhibit was definitely my favorite.