The Lost Sea Adventure

140 Lost Sea Rd, Sweetwater, TN 37874
(423) 337-6616
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Charity Townsend

This is a great cave and a great tour. You'll spend about 45 minutes or so in this tour. Our guide, Thomas, was great. You could see he had a passion for what he does. The glass bottom boat tour, wasn't what I expect at all. I was disappointed in that. If you want a boat tour cave. Penn's Cave in Centre Hall, PA. But wear good shoes and have your camera ready. It's a great place!

Katie Taylor

At first glance, you'd think this place was a kitchy, tourist trap, and you may be right if you only hung out at the little village above ground. However, if you take the tour, which you should, you'll find a lot more underneath the surface (pun intended). Our tour guide was funny and informative. The cave was beautiful and well lit for walking. Unlike larger caves, this tour has some fun surprises that you wouldn't get at a larger, more populated location. The underground lake was definitely cool to see, especially since it's the largest in the US and second in the world!! All-around, the Lost Sea is a nice little stop off place for a long drive or if staying in the area.


If you plan a family trip to Tennessee you may want to make a stop here. The Lost Sea Adventure is fun, entertaining, family friendly, and unlike any place else. When you first walk in you'll see a big yellow tunnel (ask why it's yellow) leading down into the cold dark earth. It's a little intimidating but nothing to be afraid of. While on the tour you'll learn about the Lost Sea, the previous inhabitants of the Lost Sea and even go for a little excursion at the end. It is around 60 degrees during the tour so it's recommended to wear long pants and maybe a jacket. After the tour check out the gift shop for fun gifts and souvenirs.

Abbie Pollari

I went there 3 weeks ago and it was BEAUTIFUL. I loved it. Best place i have ever been too. I recommend it and my tour guide Jake was amazing. He was nice and funny.

Taz Cable

What a great adventure in East Tennessee. Great memories today as I wondered around campus after the tour. Great part of history and a great place to make you stop and think. Thanks for keeping the Lost Sea a place for my niece and nephews and their children.