The Holy Land Experience

4655 Vineland Rd, Orlando, FL 32811
(407) 872-2272
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Troy Price

The Scriptorium was worth the cost of admission for me. Great artifacts and original Bibles dating back to the first century. Partial original Gutenberg Bible! A couple of the show were exceptional... Really liked the Prodigal Son. Great way to spend an afternoon!

Grammy Boys

We haven't been yet, going soon but people are talking about it trying to indoctrinate people. Others say it's scary because it talks about hell and being separated from God and others. Folks that is facts. When you go to a place called Holyland Experience that is what you get. As far as allowing children to make up their own minds would you let your child walk in front of a car or knowingly let them take drugs. No God expects us as parents to guide our children in the right ways. Children are born knowing how to lie we as parents are to teach them the right ways. This place is food for thought and nurturing.

Norma Shafer

A bit pricey but parking is free. If you want to learn about the bible, it definitely has a lot of facts. My favorite part was the enactment of jesus carrying the cross, crucifixion, and resurrection. The songs were incredible. Food was good and reasonably priced.

Sandeep Paulraj

This place costs $50 and I think it is probably a fair price. The entire complex is small which is probably a good thing. My wife and I saw three separate live performances in the main auditorium. Besides, there are several other performances in other sections of the complex. There is a fountain as well. Word of caution; don't expect it to be like the one at Bellagio. They provide a sheet of paper with all the events of the day which helps in planning. One tour I would highly recommend is the 55 minute tour on old bibles and manuscripts. They have a huge selection of old bibles in various languages. For me this was the highlight. They have several gift shops and some good deals.

Jimmy Barts

Have been several times over the past few years and have seen it evolve from a Christian Tourist attraction to a place of awesome ministry. The Multi media passion play was the best I have ever seen. I would highly recommend it to any Bible believing Christian. You will not be disappointed.