The Getty

1200 Getty Center Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90049
(310) 440-7300
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Kelly K

I love The Getty. I've been coming here every few years since I was a kid. The great thing about this museum is that you can look artwork up online to see if it's available for viewing or if it's in storage for the moment. There's nothing more depressing than driving up there to discover that the painting you wanted to see is not currently on view. My favorite area is the furniture and tapestry area. It's a lovely reminder that the civilization has forsaken craftsmanship and beauty in the name of a quick buck. To see beautiful "Irises" or a Monet for just $15 is astounding and the revolving exhibits mean something new each visit. If you truly love and appreciate art, this is a steal.

Bret Londer

Art museums are my jam. I could spend hours in pretty much any gallery, but the Getty has the added bonus that it's in an absolutely beautiful location overlooking most of Los Angeles. And the museum itself is beautiful. As is typical, I don't have a lot to say because the place is just truly excellent. They have a great permanent collection and their visiting installations are entertaining as well. Plus, free admission with just $5 for parking, you can't beat it! I would consider this a must-do activity if you're visiting LA.

Arthanareeswaran Palavesam

The Getty center museum show cause the Art and Architecture of America and Europe with the paintings from the middle ages. I am sure it will definitely satisfy the artistic taste in you. It is a free museum you just need to pay the parking($15) , It is well connected by Public transit. You would definitely love the electric tram ride that brings you free to the exhibition site from the Gate. The 360 degree Hill view of LA from this location will be awesome. Built by Robert Irwin 20 years ago. Good to engage for more than half a day, It has a healthy and tasty restaurant. It has a wonderful relaxing garden with a lush green meadow and running water.

Gareth Cawood

Had a really nice visit to the Getty Centre. While the art wasn't too my taste specifically, it's a great day out. You can take the bus write to the tram, avoiding the $15 parking fee, and otherwise everything is free. The garden's are beautiful and there are great views of the city.

Lisa Robertson

I love the Getty! My boyfriend and I really enjoy walking in the garden after we see the amazing art collection. The setting is spectacular. Getting there in LA traffic is not easy though. It's a great visit and a must.