The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum

907 Whitehead St, Key West, FL 33040-7473
(305) 294-1136
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Cinda Bentley

I have to go back. We did a quick walk thru because of the hour, but the furniture and pictures were very nice. Gorgeous cats, but for me the highlight was the grounds. Beautiful, stunning! I love nature, and the grounds were all of the beauty you'd want to see... It was truly a moment for me, also, when I stood in his writing studio.

John Bankston

Awesome place to visit. 6 toed cats everywhere. Great place to spend a couple hours and see how life was back in Hemingway's time. Good tour. Right in the middle of town. You can take a guided tour or just wander around on your own. Cats are real friendly and all over the house grounds.

Anne Levitt

It is great to learn about Ernest Hemingway, yes. But the real attraction here, for us crazy cat people anyway, was the cats! You can pet any of them and some will even sit on your lap! My favorite was Papa, a huge black male, who will sit on your lap and pretend to nurse and in turn get spit all over your shirt haha. He is such a sweetie! Definitely make a stop here if you are in Key West!

Steve Biebel

Our guide, Doug, was excellent. He had a good sense of humor and he was very informative. My buddy and I learned so much on the guided tour that does not cost anything extra. There is a lot to see and learn here. I guess I have to start reading more Hemingway after visiting the birthplace of America's most interesting man.

Haylie R

I LOVE this place!! Well worth the price if you take your time exploring and like either Ernest Hemingway, Southern architecture and/or cats! I visited the museum to play with the cats and my expectations were exceeded! There are so many gentle, healthy and friendly cats on the premises. There are plenty of outdoor spaces to sit and relax while enjoying the landscaping and playful cats. Cats that want to be pet sit near walking paths and benches. You will also be pleased to discover many cats relaxing behind the bushes, in cat houses and even in the trees! They also have a vet on staff and I could tell they were all well loved and cared for. Great experience!!