The Art Institute of Chicago

111 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60603
(312) 443-3600
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Alexus Cleary

Undoubtedly one of the best art museums in the United States. I have a particular soft spot for impressionism, and their Monet collection is breathtaking. Even if you don't view yourself as an "art person," The Art Institute is worth the visit. It is the quietest, most peaceful place in the city, and there is so much more here than paintings on canvas. They supply a fascinating window into history. Make sure to ask what kind of promotional rates they have too; I asked if that had a student discount (which they do- 50% off), and they asked if we are Illinois residents, because if so, it would be free admission that day!

Kelsey McKinney

When me and my mom and sister walked in there it's very white and the facility wants you to just focus on the art. It was very clean, calm, quiet. There are 3 floors with many different kinds of art. I don't suggest taking a child there because it's very quiet and condemned and some of the artwork is inappropriate but that is what art is. I suggest only taking 13 or older children there because most teens understand most of the stuff that the art is telling them.

Kasper James

Great Selection of works. I appreciated the varied elements. The staff is eager to direct you to the places of interest and the facility is friendly enough for most people. I wouldn't bring restless children, It was not Very small child friendly in many 'instances'.

Orion The Author

Undoubtedly one of the best art museums I've ever had the pleasure to go to in my life. We had to reschedule our trip to go here and we were able to use old tickets. They were friendly and were able to work with us. Some of the staff were not as friend but overall it was amazing. The cafe was hard to find but. It was absolutely amazing food. One of the best museum food I've ever had. It was amazing. Thanks for the trip. Will be back soon!!

Veronica Raft

Yup, this is another mandatory bucket-list item. You won't be let down by this cultural icon depicting works of art throughout time. Spending an entire day in the museum was something I didn't appreciate as much as a kid, but now I can fully respect the time, effort, skill, and thought that went into every piece. The security guards and officers on patrol made sure everyone was following instructions and not disturbing the peace while being friendly and helpful at the same time.