South of the Border

3346 U.S. 301, Hamer, SC 29547
(843) 774-2411
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Kevin Leffler

We stayed the night at South of the Border because we were tired on our trip. We had never stopped for more than 30 minutes in the past to take a bathroom break and let the dogs out. I am pleased that we stayed. The room was pretty good considering the price. The indoor pool was a nice to have as well. We'll be back during the high season because half of the attractions were closed. Although the reptile exhibit was great.

Stephanie Pickup

Fuel up the car, grab a sombrero from the gift shop, snap a picture with a sign but don't eat at the restaurant! Such bad restaurant service and food that it was comical! The server was nice but the kitchen was completely dysfunctional. It took so long to bring food and drinks that we visited the gift shop, shopped, sat back down for another hour, and the food still wasn't at the table. Our food arrived in 20 minute intervals. Half of our party had finished eating when the rest of us started eating. Despite our restaurant debacle, we enjoyed the plaza's old fashioned, tourist trap charm. The gift shop is full of classic, fun souvenirs. The cashier was helpful and even playfully introduced us to their rattlesnake eggs (we bought some!) Colorful signs and whimsical statues are great for photo ops. Good place to stretch your legs or park your camper/RV for the night while passing through town but definitely don't eat at the restaurant.

Kimmy Gittens

The bathroom facilities meet minimal standards, there are much worse along 95 for sure. The staff was very friendly, it was a bit hard to hear the cashier at the resturant with how busy they were, poor girl had to keep repeating herself. The dining area was clean and from what we could see so was the kitchen. They have the best tacos!!! Everything was fresh, the lettuce and tomatoes! It was well stuffed too! Fries and hot dogs were also tasty. The staff at the store (the camp supply one) were friendly as well. Prices are reasonable... All in all I would recommend.

Jen King

We stopped by here for the first time on our way home from Vacation. It looks run down, and like it hasn't been kept up. I went into Pedro's pantry and used the bathroom. The first stall had a used tampon next to the toilet paper, the second one had a dirty baby diaper on the floor. The soap was empty. We went into one of the shops. I'm not trying to be mean but this place is creepy. It looks like a horror film could be filmed here. I will never go back. The main issue for me was that it was dirty.

Tabitha Lockamy

We went here a few years ago while it was under a different owner. The new one named Ryan has let this place fall apart. We rented the executive suite for my birthday on Monday. The room leaked in 2 places, one in living room they hid damage with a couch. But also unplugged every lamp, while I looked for outlet seen it was pulled out of the wall due to water damage, carpet was soaked, mold growing. Other leak was by the bathroom onto tile floor. Found that one the hard way, slipped and hit sink. Nasty bruise on my arm. Mold growing in bedroom area ceiling as well. 1 tv didn't work. We went shopping, every store we went into was taped off due the leaks. Employees are so frustrated by management. Bathrooms were a disgust . The indoor pool, wow! Kiddie pool was a green slime with growing mold the floor was molded over, the adult pool was an ice bath, only made it to my ankles, wouldn't go in even if it was warm due to the slime infested water. For 135$ a night this is what we got! Hate to see the condition of the cheaper rooms!! Waited around for Ryan or the other guy in charge but, they were a no show. Such a sad day to see this place falling apart. A multi million dollar estate, just tossed away! Ryan, if you need help call me! I can fix these issues. Adjust the treatment / maintenance and care of this place and your Employees!