Sesame Place

100 Sesame Rd, Langhorne, PA 19047-1821
(215) 702-3566
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Damion Blake

A lot smaller than I had imagined. First - pay the extra $2 for the premium parking. It doesn't seem that much closer, but it is. So the park is split into 2 sides of the street. The left side is primarily all water rides, the right side has all the eateries and regular rides. The overall size pales in comparison to something like a 6 Flags, but charges the same ridiculous admission prices! The tiny size s actually pretty fantastic, when you consider you're going to be there with your little kids - pushing strollers and toting bags of supplies and swag! In and out in an afternoon. The shows are a nice way to get out of the weather and most of the kids there actually sit still and enjoy them. The highlight of the day is the parade though. Get to the sidewalk AT LEAST 30 mins before a parade begins, if you want a good viewing spot. Overall, it's a lot of fun for my kids, and a nice day out.

Quinton M IV

Pinnacle toddler the park. Best time is the summer as, with the water park closed, the reduction in park size makes for congestion. Typical kid options, but their events are entertaining for the kids. Bout a 3 hours stay when you go since it doesn't take long to do the rides. Once your kids hits 8, it's time for something like Six Flags

Rosanna Chu

 A Very Furry Christmas - 5 star Food inside the park - 1 star or lower So why still 5 stars overall? We went to the Very Furry Christmas back in 2013 and went again this year. We held season tickets to the park too. The park is beautifully decorated for the holidays. The shows are great for the kids. This is a great place to bring toddlers since most of them go through the Elmo phase. It is not so big and overwhelming like Disney World, and it costs a lot less. The kids are happy! We first went when granddaughter was two years old. Now grandson is into Elmo and friends. So there are many sweet memories of the kids growing up with Sesame Place. Yes, I wish the food is better. But you can eat before going in or bring in some food. It is good value for family fun.

Idrees Poston

there service is top of list #1 to be exact. I Actually work here currently . the employees aka my coworkers are very respectful and polite. they'll bring joy to your day at sesame place

Erin Morrison

We love Sesame Place! Our son loves the rides (he's 4 and a half), and our daughter (1) loves the characters. It's really great for your kids, even if they aren't Sesame Street fans anymore. We are two hours away, but still opted for a season pass.