Best Things To Do in Yosemite California

1. Glacier Point

We spent a day in the Valley and then drove up to Glacier Point early the following morning. Try to get there off peak otherwise it gets very busy and it's a surprisingly long drive from the main road. We were there at the end of May and there were still field laying under snow at the very top. The view over the valley was amazing and it really put into perspective where we'd trekked the day before.

Great views during the hike and amazing views at Glacier Point. The hike can be pretty steep, quite a bit of elevation, but the trails are just fine even during winter. I saw people from all ages going up, from young kids to seniors. It's not the easiest hike, but with breaks along the route, it should be accessible to most. There's only about 20 meters during the hike where the path is a bit narrow, but still wide enough for two people.

Parking is NASTY! The Buss is not what is was in the past. The 2 level bus had great views on the way up and down. Yes, the View is worth the trip, but watch out for the air quality. The day we went the smoke blocked most of the view. So, check for clear air and avoid times when the park is full.

Beautiful valley view point. Parking lots are there. You can take beautiful photos. This is one of the main attraction point of Yosemite valley.

Glacier point is simply amazing. The only ways up here from the valley are to drive, bus or walk. The bus books out weeks in advance so book online long before you come here. It's popular to bus up and walk down (about 4 miles, the hike is fairly straight forward but you need some hiking ability - take food and water). The conditions here are much cooler and drier than the valley below so dress in layers. The views are astounding. Prepare to simply look out over the vastness of the Yosemite valley and Yosemite wilderness. I loved the place. There are drop dunnies (compost toilets for the locals) and a gift store which has limited food and drink as well as the gifts. The people who run the bus and the store and knowledgeable and live locally so talk to them and enjoy their expertise.

2. Yosemite Valley loop trail

Very well organized area. Many tourists. It is pure nature

Gorgeous and the miles just melt away, you have to lace up some sturdy sneakers and see some waterfalls and look for climbers on El Capitan.

Amazing, high waters made the waterfalls a trip to remember. We even were rained on close up to the falls!

We didn't walk the whole loop but it was fun watching people rock climb around camp 4

amazing place!

3. Yosemite, Tunnel View

This is one of the best scenic points in Yosemite National Park that you don't want to miss. It is on state route 41 next to the tunnel. Walk along the road shoulder on valley side to find your best photo-shooting spots. Be careful of passing vehicles. The views are superb!

🏆TOP 10 VIEWS IN AMERICA This is the place God stops by to enjoy his first cup of Fog Cutter coffee in the morning. Few places on this planet offer the iconic view that this place does. 2017 offered unprecedented views of waterfalls at record volumes due to one of the wettest winters in history. While 2018 is starting out much dryer, Tunnel View is still a bucket list must.

Second best drivable spot for pictures in the park. Personally I like Glacier Point better, but that's not open during the winter. This spot is super easy to get to even in the snow, plenty of parking, and stunning views year-round, rain, shine, or snow. Please be careful driving in, lots of pedestrians on and around the road.

One of the most beautiful spots in the world. What else is there really to say? Try to get there as early as possible to avoid the crowds. Get up early much earlier than you think. Trust me it's worth it especially here. Otherwise, there will certainly be a ton of tourists taking selfies and professionals out with their tripods but it doesn't detract much from the majesty of tunnel view. All the little annoyances melt away when you step out and experience tunnel view. It is directly to the left coming out of the tunnel.

Yosemite is a beautiful park. Its a bit crowdy in summertime but its still worth going. Yosemite tunnel view gives you one of the most amazing views of the park by just getting off the car. I really recommend stopping and having a look!

5. Tuolumne Meadows

Simply breathtaking!! I would like to come back time and time again. Nice cool weather (on labor day weekend) when the valley was 100°f. Beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and there are streams cutting the meadows. We got our kids Park Passports to start recording their times at National Parks.

I usually don't write reviews, but I was surprised to see a 4.2 score of this place (at the time of this review), so I decided to contribute my very first review here. My personal experience was a solid 5+. I went there late fall with my wife, days before it's closed for the season, and the beauty of the scenery was beyond words. We took some 100 photos here within an hour. It's an easy place to visit too. Just off the road, you can freely explore this trail-less meadow in whatever way you want.

Breathtaking meadows! Worth to stay for whole afternoon.

This part of the park really sucks. Skip it in favor of Yosemite Valley so you can check out the visitor center.

Amazing Vistas

6. The Majestic Yosemite Hotel

We had gone to have drinks at the bar and possibly to grab a bite to eat. We were quickly greeted and seated but once we sat down we were told there were a few items on the menu that were not available. Normally that would be fine but there was already a limited number of items on the menu and to not have three items well that sounded like not a good idea to ha e anything to eat there. We had some drinks and were on our way. The waitress was very friendly and drinks were mad pretty quick.

Came here for drinks on a cold Yosemite night and it truly was majestic. Nestled under the giant rocks that made the park famous, The Majestic Yosemite Hotel is a cozy yet grand location. There's the full dining room, gorgeously decorated, and a smaller bar. We got to see both, but had our drinks at the bar. Prices were a little high, but not more than what you'd expect for a similar place. Service was good and the ambience was simply incomparable. Highly recommended if you're in Yosemite. Even if you can't afford to stay here for the night, make sure you stop by for a drink or a bite to eat.

We had the weekday breakfast buffet and it was phenomenal. Bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, pancakes AND waffles, as well as a bagel and lox station and eggs Benedict, everything in the all you can eat style. The breakfast even came with coffee and juice, and the grapefruit juice I had was fresh squeezed that morning. To top it all off we were seated right under the window that looks out on Yosemite Falls for a perfectly magical breakfast. I cannot wait for my next Yosemite trip to have this breakfast again. A word of warning however, the weekend brunch is much fancier and thereby much more expensive. I felt like this weekday buffet was a tremendous value, but the weekend one might be a bit over priced. Regatdless if when you fine, you will have the best view of any restaurant I've ever been too.

We have had two extreme experiences during Christmas time visit. The main dinning hall had an excellent quality of service, food and everything else! It's a proper sit down or a buffet style brunch with a dress code. The bar we visited was Bellow par for a four star hotel. The service was a bit slow, the quality of food and menu choices were not too great. I would highly recommend to check out the dinning hall and reserve in advance if you plan to visit majestic hotel!

Had the most amazing time at the majestic lodge for New Years. We stayed in one of the cabins which was very cozy and quiet. We did have issue with the heater but was provided a nice space heater that worked just fine. The views were breathtaking. The staff was very friendly and welcoming. 😊🌟🏔

7. Olmsted Point

The lot was packed but I was still able to easily find parking. Yes it was swarming with tourist, but they all seem to not even bother walking the very short and rewarding trail. I was very pleased.

Absolutely awe inspiring, no words i could say could ever do Olmstead Point justice, the views are absolutely spectacular. We was on our way out of Yosemite heading to Bishop and pulled in about half an hour before sunset (how lucky) my wife and i hiked to the top overlooking the pull in down below for an even better vantage point. To see Half Dome and the surrounding peaks from this angle was jaw dropping. We stayed in Half Dome Village in tent cabins and would wake up every morning and come out of our tent to saviour the views, it seemed like we could actually touch Half Dome it was that close, It was amazing to see Half Dome from a different view and perspective altogether. We will never forget our trip of a lifetime our adventure of a lifetime to the Wondrous Yosemite National Park :)

Our last stop in Yosemite NP, right after sunset all the granite was looking pink along with the sky, beautiful! We visit in mid-October and there were only 3 other visitor on the parking with us.

Absolutely gorgeous. The view is stunning and the sunsets up here. WOW!! Olmsted Point is amazing. I've been all over Yosemite, and this place is spectacular.

Outstanding views. 1st time coming to Yosemite from The east. Neat views of half dome in the distance

8. Pioneer Yosemite History Center

Great place to see some traditional professions and crafts reenacted. Friendly volunteers. Lots to see. Not super busy.

Beautiful, one word

The Center is a decent stop between Yosemite Valley and Mariposa Grove. It is a good place for the kids to run around. You may have to park here if the car park at Mariposa Grove is full. This is a good place to rest and have a lunch break and the river provide a pleasant place for it.

It is like a museum but a really dull one. I ended up spending more time on the river side than in this center itself.

Hermoso hotel. Clásico, con limitaciones en algunas funciones. Bastante costoso.