Best Things To Do in Yosemite California

1. Yosemite National Park

This place is truly Majestic! A must see for nature lovers and enthusiasts alike. I wasn't much of an outdoors person until my friend took me to Yosemite for the first time and I was hooked. The energy of the park is so relaxing peaceful and absolutely gorgeous. From the valley to the tops of the waterfalls every turn is a postcard experience. There's so much to do in this park the best thing you can do is just walk around and enjoying the views the wildlife and the wildflowers. It's amazing how one large glacier was able to carve out such a beautiful Valley. You want to take your time to enjoy every View my favorite activities we're walking through the meadow looking up at the Yosemite Falls, the Mist Trail hiking up to Vernal Falls. Be prepared for wet slippery Granite steps take shoes with good traction and dress to get wet. But once you get to the top of Vernal Falls it's so worth it! I also love to hike to Mirror Lake through the beautiful Wilderness and you get to a gorgeous quiet Serene Lake which mirrors its beautiful trees around it. Whatever you do be sure to go with a friend you don't want to be by yourself there's a lot of bears and Wildlife you want to go with caution. He also want to be careful not to go too far off any Trail getting lost is easy!

It is located among the mountains in the interior of central California, at an altitude of more than 1200 meters. It is a hollow plain area surrounded by high mountains. Yosemite National Park was founded in 1890. It is famous for its numerous extremely beautiful waterfalls, and its dense pine forests. This is one of the most attractive landmarks in America. The park is magnificent in all four seasons. In winter everything is hidden under a thick snow cover. Spring is especially romantic as everything is in blossoming and becomes green. At spring time the air is filled with all sorts of flavours. Summer is very green and offers nice coolness  – something hard to find in California during the summer months. The park is magnificent in the autumn. Golden leaves fall into the mirror surface of the ponds. Here, undisturbed live black bears, deer, squirrels, eagles and many other forest dwellers.

This was one of the best trips I have taken with my wife. We flew into San Francisco and made a weekend out of traveling and camping in Yosemite valley. We DID go during February so there were parts of the park that were closed due to ice, but the parts we did see were seriously breathtaking. Everyone needs to visit this National Park.

I got to Yosemite national Park every year, it's beautiful and amazing. The feeling of freedom and nature surrounding you when you enter the park. It's a great place to bring the family. Hiking, great food, bonfires and many more of fun family activities to do at Yosemite national Park. The wildlife is amazing to see. There are bears but no need to worry if you follow the bear rules. It's a must visit in your lifetime.

This place is magical. I recommend starting your day VERY EARLY to find good parking and avoid crowds. Also try going on a weekday. For Vernal Falls (very popular hike), bring a raincoat... Trust me. You will get wet! And start that hike very early!!! It's crowded. For a great aerial view of the valley how Sentinel Dome and Glacier Point-- you can drive to Glacier Point, too, if you're pressed for time. Read up on some of the Native folklore before going, too. You might appreciate everything a little more. Enjoy ✨

2. Yosemite Falls

Walked the falls and yosemite point walk. Leave before seven to get the climb done in the morning cool. Views are spectacular and my son and I took so many videos and photos we will never have time to review them. Follow this with a drive to glacier point to get a great photo of your walk. Places at the top to keep cool in the shade loads of water of course if you have a filter. This is a tough climb and many drop out on the way up. Do please encourage others on the trail and if you are struggling then find some shade and sit down to rest. The views and personal achievement are well worth the effort. If you do one trail on your life make it this one. Also make sure you do the waterfall viewpoint walk it is not as precipitous as the YouTube videos would show you and the shared experience is just magical. Take videos and photographs. Take plenty of water and energy snacks. The drive to glacier point is about an hour or so and there are no refreshment stops The views from the point are fantastic and many of my friends are saying I have enhanced my photos. This is not the case, the views are so photogenic even a starter with a simple camera can achieve great photos. Point to be aware though, the refreshment facilities at glacier point were closed so take snacks.

"This is gonna be tough," I said to myself. I have done trails with 3,500 ft elevation gain and 7 miles in length, but it does not get much easier even if you hike often like I do. In addition, it was going to be really warm, mid 70s, and in the sun probably even high 70s. I arrived at the trailhead at 7.45 AM and started the hike around 8 AM. It took me 6 hours of pretty much non-stop hiking (except 25 min at the top) and by 2 PM I was back to my car. The way up was hard. In the blazing sun with no shade as you reach the second half of the trail (pretty steep uphill) you just hope the end will come soon. On the way down it is much easier, but now you have to be careful of where you step because some portions of the trail are pure sand, others are covered in trickling springs flowing downhill. My knees were sore and the next day I felt like I have never exercised my calves. Was it worth it? Yes! The views on the top were really incredible, and the waterfall full with water during this time of the year. As you hike near the falls, closer to the bottom of it, you are gently sprinkled with mist coming from the powerful waterfall. It felt incredible on skin and refreshing enough to continue going. A few tips: 1) get at least 2 L of water; 2) bring sunscreen, and reapply constantly; 3) wear hiking shoes with good traction on the soles; 4) wear a had and sunglasses; 5) bring your good camera. I didn't and some pictures came out not so great because of lots of sunlight.

Hiking up here is the ultimate stair master! Definitely worth it though. Most of the stairs are shaded but some steep parts were in full sun (depending on the time of day).

One of the best hikes in the world. Best to start at crack of dawn. First third is toufh set of switchbacks, climb them non stop, whatever pace suits you. After the lookout, I think it is called Columbia point, it is mostly lateral as you get wonderful views of the upper falls. Rest and refres there. Last third is again a whole set of switchbacks. This is the section you want to climb early morning, or it gets further grueling. Here you will have to take multiple stops. Drink water. At the top, don't miss the lookout point. It is beautiful, but don't get adventurous. After that co continue to Yosemite point on the other side of the flowing creek. It is barely 250 feet more height and a mile walk. Well worth, gorgeous views of Clouds Rest and beyond. Return is easy but very long. Take poles to spare your knees.

Even though we lived close to Yosemite National Park, we only went there once or twice a year. Most of the time out-of-town visitors would asked us to take them there. Until I ended up in a wheelchair my favorite thing to do was hiking to see the wildlife. Now, sightseeing with short jaunts to see falls are the extent. All our guests wanted to see Yosemite Falls. Most of the time, they only saw it in the summer, but it is much more beautiful behind Fall colors or with a soft blanket of snow.

3. Yosemite, Tunnel View

This is only a small part of the great wonders that the park has. However after crossing this tunnel you will have access to one of the most amazing view points of the park. Specially for those that want capture a perfect sunset. Take into account some times the view point is full and you will have to wait for parking. This happens during the summer season and weekends.

One of the most iconic views in the Yosemite Valley. Never gets old even after multiple visits. Club this with driving through the unique super long tunnel through granite to make it a unforgettable experience. Spring and winter are always the best time for this place. Spring season brings amazing waterfalls and snow coats the place in magical white coat. Highly recommend this spot as part of your valley tour.

This is one of my favorite locations in Yosemite. Try to arrive early if you want to take amazing sunset photos as sunset is one of the popular times for people to visit. Also, stay away from it during 10-1 to avoid tour bus and noisy visitors. My best experience of Tunnel View comes from after sunset when the night sky is about to turn dark and the lights from valley floor gradually turn on.

Breathtaking views well worth the effort hiking up the well marked trails. Take lots of water, 1.5 litres just wasn't enough after 6 hours in the sun. Well worth pushing to the top. Take a drive to Glacier Point for sunset and you won't be disappointed.

If you don’t stop...your crazy. The first time we visited the park and the Valley it was late March and everything was covered in snow. We drove for hours on curvy roads only to come to one of the most breathtaking and memorable sights my wife and I had ever seen. I was awestruck and she was teary eyed. The tunnel view lets you get a “cathedral” look at the valley, as John Muir might have put it. You are able to look at the great legends, El Capitan, Bridalveil Falls, Half Dome, Cathedral Rocks and the great Valley itself. Make sure you take your time and take a picture as even though millions of people has the same one...there’s a good reason.

4. Glacier PointDE

Glacier Point is one of the highlights of visiting Yosemite National Park. You truly get a bird's-eye view of the entire Valley and all its Glory. Once you enter the park follow the signs to right towards glacier point. It is a bit of a drive all the way up to the glacier point Trailhead. There's plenty of parking but like most activities it's best to go during the week with less traffic so you can find a parking spot more easily. It's a short hike up to the view point where there's plenty of space to sprawl out walk around and enjoy the view. You get views of all the waterfalls Half Dome Valley everything Yosemite has to offer at the highest vantage point. It's hard to believe how tiny these massive landmarks look from above. Drink plenty of water so you can stay hydrated especially during the warmer seasons. There is a beautiful Trail you can begin hiking on which is called the Panorama Trail. I do suggest taking some time to walk this Trail we ended up turning back because we don't have time to complete the trail. To complete the trail you have to make it back down all the way to the valley and that could take 4 hours. If you have the time to do the entire Panorama Trail do! But you're going to have to take a shuttle back up to Glacier Point to get to your vehicle.

Incredible view made even better if you take Four Mile Trail up to it. Come prepared though, as the trail is one of the more strenuous in Yosemite despite "only" being 4 miles. For starters, the trail is actually closer to 5 miles, most of which is steeply uphill. If it's a hot day like it was for us, there are several points where you are directly in the sun. Thankfully, a good bit of the trail, especially towards the top, provides plenty of shade (plus a nice little stream near the beginning 3rd of the trail to help cool off). In the end, while the trail certainly earns it's difficulty rating, the views you'll experience throughout your hike are some of the most amazing the park has to offer.

Glacier point was an excellent experience. I went at night to stargaze and was not disappointed. I had a blast looking at the milky way like never before. And the big dipper was so enormous! Also, I didn't know Mars was so bright! It's a must go experience, at least once. The sunrise was also beautiful. Seeing how the rays of the sun slowly washed over the mountain tops was amazing.

This was absolutely amazing! One of the best views in Yosemite. You can get views of both Nevada and Vernal falls, and Half Dome looks amazing! You also don't have hike there, so if you have someone who is disabled or just aren't too keen on hiking the 5 miles up 4 mile trail (don't ask me. I didn't name it). All in all one of the must sees at Yosemite.

What an amazing view of Yosemite from here! It is just worth the drive you have to make to get there. There are 2 view points. As you drive up to the Glacier point, first there is a viewpoint which gives a superb panoramic view of Yosemite and all the falls too. And as you drive further up, there is a proper parking lot, shop and a place to click more pictures! Don't miss this at Yosemite!

5. Yosemite Valley

I Took lots of photos! I also enjoyed learning about the history of the area. Great visit! I loved! :D

This is an awesome place to visit. There are a lot of scenic spots to see and beautiful long trails and waterfalls to go for trekking. A must see place. We went there during summer, so could utilize the day light and the falls were incredible!

What can I say: make this a bucket list trip! There is sooooo much to see, so definitely have s plan before you go - especially based on whether your visit is one day, 3-4, or a week+! Such a beautiful national treasure!!

Amazing! One of the world’s wonder it should be. I climbed Vernon falls as it was one of the easier to do as I had a day there only. You could see the rainbow and be near it. The floor near the falls will be slippery so be prepared. The biggest fall is Yosemite. If you have time you can take the free shuttle bus provided by park services and the captain does explain to you what to do if you are here on a whim like me!

We visited over three days. We hiked to Lower Falls, Mariposa Grove and Mirror Lake. The Lower Falls area was fun for the kids (age 6 and 10). Lots of boulders to climb on and water to get in. Mirror Lake was an easy hike with boulder formations to climb on along the path (not part of the path). Hike ahead from your party. Lots of hiding area to scare kids. Dads get your bear growl ready. 😂

6. The Majestic Yosemite Hotel

I stayed here this weekend with my husband. We booked the classic cottage for our stay. The cottage was beautiful. It was set back in the woods away from the hotel which made it feel quaint. The bed was the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in. The cottage itself was small but big enough for just two people. It also has free WiFi which was useful since we had no service being in Yosemite National Park. In the morning we got free coffee and hot chocolate and a quick breakfast down stairs in the lobby. We then headed off on our hiking adventures. At night we ate at the majestic hotel restaurant which I would give five stars. The service was prestige and the food was divine. It meant a lot to me that the waiter at the restaurant was aware of my food allergies. He made sure that all the food I was eating was for sure gluten free. The menu lists items that are gluten free and vegan but I had to make sure it was 100% gluten free because of an actual allergy. It really made the whole dining experience pleasant (knowing I would not get sick!). But back to the hotel— from the valet parking when we arrived and from the moment we checked out, everyone who works here was friendly, caring and professional. I can not wait to stay here again next year and explore more.

I did not stay here but did view some of the rooms and tiny, dark and antiquated best describes them. Of course the public rooms such as the dining room, solarium and lobby are breathtaking. The pool is too small and the gift shop did not impress. I can see the advantage of staying at the hotel because it is close to so many sites. The tour guide did an excellent job explaining the history of the hotel and the former firefall event. Definitely worth exploring.

We only had lunch here, but it was enough to find out that this place is nothing but a tourist trap. The staff was friendly and we had to wait 45 minutes to get a table in this very beautiful dining room. We noticed during our wait that furniture should have been replaced some time in the last decade but still standing there. Anyway, our transponder rang and we were called to our table. We went for the cheese steak and the Burger, both described as being majestic. Looking around on other people’s plates already indicated that a disappointment was imminent snd confirmation came when we got our meals. To sum it up: It is not possible to prepare food with less love and quality. We went to a fast food chain the night before because we were to late for a proper diner and I wished to have another Double Jack instead of this parody of a Philly cheese steak. Hungry as we were, we put it in our mouth and left this place, knowing that we need to warn other travellers before they get trapped as we did!

Oasis of luxury in one of the most breath taking spots on the Earth. Saw a bear 10 min away from the hotel. Yosimity staff was already there due to the tracking collar on the bear. Amazing. Room was terrific. Staff great.

Wait staff was great. Food was mediocre. I enjoyed the drinks but overall thought the experience was worth less than what we paid. I probably would never stay the night there given the price of the rooms, unless you just have extra money to spend. That said, go have some drinks if you don't mind spending more money then you normally would. This is not the place you want to go to if you are on a budget.

7. YExplore Yosemite Adventures

We had an amazing time! Our guide, John, was incredibly knowledgeable and welcoming. We aren't experienced hikers and he really took his time with us. We learned all about the history and geology of the park and took some incredible photos of some spectacular views! We did the Inspiration Point hike.

Our guide was fantastic and knowledgeable! We had a great time, and it was a wonderful way to experience the park.

Great personalized hike. Professionally photos taken. Wonderful experience that would recommend to anyone. We got up close with some deer and even had a coyote run past us. How cool!

YExplore was great to work with. Catherine was always available to answer my questions on arranging the trip. Erik, our guide was very knowledgeable and capable. He kept us on track, encouraged us, made sure we stayed hydrated and energized. He was very patient with (me especially) traversing the more difficult areas. I would recommend this company and our guide to anyone wishing to take this hike.

Cannot say enough good things about yExplore. This was our second hike with them, and John guided us expertly to the summit of Half Dome and back down safely. The experience was amazing, spectacular, just too wonderful for words. John knows the trails and peaks of Yosemite inside and out, down to the history, geology, and wildflowers -- he is a fabulous guide and generously shares his love and respect for nature to make any trip with him special.

8. Swinging Bridge Picnic Area

A great place to stop. There is miles of trails that go throughout the valley and this is a great place to hook up if there is parking. In the right light there can be a mirror reflection of Yosemite Falls in the river.

Great place to have a picnic. Beautiful scenery.

Beautiful place for a picnic. Not usually very many people here. Fun for kids to play by the river. Great views of the waterfall.

Toilets are truly awful. Stay away.

In Yosemite Park. One of the most beautiful places in the west.

9. Visit Yosemite | Madera County

The staff is very knowledgeable and patient. They helped us plan our vacation and gave us good tips and insider info!

Very helpful and friendly staff. They are knowledgeable and do what it takes to make your visit wonderful

Everyone should visit once or more. My family loves to go once a year.

Very nice .. Information is very useful. .

If you are going through Oakhurst to go to Yosemite, you definitely need to stop here! You will get much more information at this Center then you will get in Yosemite National Park!

10. Olmsted Point

Beautiful views of the back side of Half Dome. The overlooked side of Yosemite! Less tourists and madness on this side of the park. A definite plus!! Photogenic area like many places but very unique. One of my favorite areas of the park!

Can walk out to the point. A little bit of a hike but well worth it. They do have a little trail out to the point. Awesome views from there. Gets kinda foggy there kinda ruins the view but still neat was also pretty cold when I went so might want to bring a jacket.

Awesome spot to stop on your drive through. Trails lead down to the granite point or you can cross the road and walk up the granite slab to get even better views and do some fun scrambling.

Located high on California’s Highway 120/Tioga Road (Tioga Pass is at 9,943 feet in elevation), this Yosemite National Park viewpoint looks into Tenaya Canyon. Prominently across the valley is the mountain ridge line of the Sierra peak Clouds Rest (9,930 ft). Off in the distance, to its right (west) sits the granite monolith Half Dome (8,840 ft). In the distance to the east is Tenaya Lake (8,150 ft). Like Half Dome and Clouds Rest, it is an alpine lake also created by glacial action. The viewpoint is named after Frederick Law Olmsted (1822-1903) who was a leader in the early conservation movement in the United States. A notable landscape architect and designer (New York Central Park), he joined with others in a national call to protect Yosemite and the Mariposa Big Tree Grove. Becoming the first public lands set aside by Congress, Olmsted served as a commissioner for the California State Reserve for one year. His report in 1865 to Congress called for increased public lands and protections with “value to posterity.” He emphasized that it wasn’t just about a single “waterfall, cliff or tree” but public lands should also protect the surrounding miles of scenery.

View the other side of the Half Dome ...Great view. Serene place.

11. Yosemite Valley loop trail

Nevada Falls via Mist Trail.... Before we left, my 15 and 17 year old did not want to “hike” the whole trip, so at one point I actually cancelled it. Well, put them in Yosemite and all that goes away. Hike your tails off past Vernal Falls and bust your hump to Nevada Falls and I hear... “This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!” Do it! Nature at its best... Ultimate bliss is all I need to say. Mind blowing would be another. Be mindful that you need to be in fairly decent shape to reach the Falls. It is not an easy trail by any means. But the payoff is totally worth it.

The Valley loop trail takes you to the majestic sights of Yosemite Valley. It is quite long, but there's not much elevation, so it is an easy walk all the way. As it follows the main roads and you will hear the cars passing by, it is not the most relaxing walk, but definitely worth taking it.

Hiking the full loop was just about 20 miles. Be prepared to make a day of it.

Very well organized area. Many tourists. It is pure nature

Gorgeous and the miles just melt away, you have to lace up some sturdy sneakers and see some waterfalls and look for climbers on El Capitan.

12. Tuolumne Meadows

Gorgeous Alpine meadow, almost untouched by the tourist masses in the valley. It’s a bit of a drive and has almost no facilities, so keep that in mind when visiting. Weather is cool, even in summer when the valley is roasting. Pacific Crest Trail comes down near here, so you may encounter hikers at the general store. If you’re looking for a short hike, a trip to the soda springs is recommended. The meadow sits over 8,000 feet in elevation and won’t be open until the snow melts. Ask before you start driving. Keep in mind that some members of your party may be sensitive to high elevation. We ended up leaving early due to one person feeling really miserable.

Picturesque alpine meadows with wildlife. Not crowded.

Simply breathtaking!! I would like to come back time and time again. Nice cool weather (on labor day weekend) when the valley was 100°f. Beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and there are streams cutting the meadows. We got our kids Park Passports to start recording their times at National Parks.

I usually don't write reviews, but I was surprised to see a 4.2 score of this place (at the time of this review), so I decided to contribute my very first review here. My personal experience was a solid 5+. I went there late fall with my wife, days before it's closed for the season, and the beauty of the scenery was beyond words. We took some 100 photos here within an hour. It's an easy place to visit too. Just off the road, you can freely explore this trail-less meadow in whatever way you want.

This place is scenic, but it isn't the very best around, and Yosemite is extremely busy.

13. Half Dome

The highlight of my visit to Yosemite. As others mentioned, it's a 10+ hour hike as things can get backed up at the cables (even with limited numbers due to the lottery). Also, the park service recommends carrying 4 liters and I'll second that based on the warm June day I hiked it. I did not get in on the regular lottery, but did on the day before lottery. Oh, I did get cell reception on the top overlooking the valley.

I did this hike two weeks ago and it took me 11.5 hours. I hiked in via the Mist Trail and hiked out via the John Muir trail (to avoid the bottleneck at the top of the falls). I brought 4.5 litres of water and wound up drinking 4 of those litres. This is such an incredible day hike! Highly recommend!

Amazing hike that spanned over 12 hours. Pack a lot of water for this one, very rewarding once you get to the top.

Great hike with amazing views on the way and from the top. Cables are secured but it remains a risky activity. Views from the top are great but they are also amazing on top of subdome and even before the subdome. Therefore if the weather is not good or if simply don't think you can do it, you should just stop before the cables.

Just amazing and spectacular views. Be ready for an 12+ hour hike from the valley floor. Hiking poles are highly recommended and good hiking shoes. The last stretch to the top of Half Dome is not for the faint hearted.

14. Yosemite Valley Lodge

Great place with fantastic views. The hotel has a central location where you can easily walk to a bus stop, find a trail, or hike down to the river. A beautiful sight to see is not just the views of Yosemite Falls from your window, but also the wildlife grazing in the nearby meadow in the morning. The staff was very accomodating after our friends needed to change rooms after their previous room smelled. They even let us move rooms so we could continue to stay next to them. There are also multiple places to eat on site, making it easy to enjoy a meal after a long day exploring the park. A great place to stay for families.

The Yosemite Valley Lodge is in a beautiful location. But the hotel itself is a little “tired”. For the prices charged, I believe the hotel is in need of an update. That being said, it’s central location makes it an ideal spot to stay. In addition, if you want rent bicycles to cruise around the 12 miles of bike trails in Yosemite National Park, this is the place to go. Arrive early in the morning to get the best selection of bikes. This is the best way to see Yosemite. The bike rental shop opens at 8:00am and you need to have the bikes back by 6:45pm. We will be back again.

I will ABSOLUTELY be going back to this lodge! I had read a few reviews before booking - and saw some folks talk about old or not super nice first thought: you are staying IN a national park, what do you want? Luxury spa? The point is to have a good bed and shower in a room... since camping wasn't your choice. Well, let me be clear: Yosemite Valley Lodge way outdid my expectations! We had a room w/two beds in the Maple bldg, absolutely great! Bathroom was just as roomy as other places we stayed prior to our visit, in San Francisco - and this was WAY less expensive! Yes, the room is a tad pricey for size - BUT I feel it is worth it! We flew in, sodid want to camp...we had great beds, super clean room, wonderful amenities!! I LOVED the look of the Lodge -- the details of faucet handles, mirror frame, etc. to give a somewhat rustic, mid-century Lodge feel...and we walked out our room onto a quaint private seating area - very cool! The dining and gift shop and front office was directly across the pathway. You cannot beat staying INSIDE the park! It's a lot of driving anyways...but the lodge is so accessible to the valley floor shuttles, SO convenient!! Staff at eateries and gift shop we're amazing and super friendly!! We WILL be back!! Don't have anything I'd improve...thank you, Yosemite Valley Lodge!!

Best place to stay if you want to really enjoy Yosemite and go around in the early morning and late evening and night to do a star gazing. I love the calm and peaceful atmosphere there. Rooms and bathrooms are pretty neat. Book and plan early to avoid paying a lot.

The location is amazing. I've never stayed at the lodge (I am lucky to live within two hours drive of the park). I have stopped in at the Mountain Room Lounge after many day hikes and backpacking trips. It's a great place to grab a bite to eat. Good food and great staff. The fireplace in the winter is amazing.

15. Discover Yosemite

Extremely disappointed. We booked this tour weeks ago for our honeymoon from Australia, and were very excited to see Yosemite. We drove 7 hours to Oakhurst the day before the tour, only to find out that this company had cancelled our tour due to low numbers. When we spoke to their representative over the phone, her suggested solution was that we pay double the price to make it worth their while, and only then would they run the tour we booked and paid for. They refused to suggest any other company who may be able to assist, and were entirely unsympathetic. It was clearly all about profit rather than providing a service as promised. We were out of pocket all of our expenses to travel and stay in Oakhurst, and are now trying to scramble to arrange some way to see Yosemite tomorrow. If you decide to risk booking with this company, make sure you make a backup plan, and prepare to be disappointed at the last minute like us.

The best day tours of Yosemite National Park! The guides are helpful, funny, and make the trip so much fun. Highly recommend!

We also stayed outside the park and booked this trip via the hotel, having only a few days to spend in the area we felt it would be the best and easiest way to get an informative tour of the area and boy were we right! Ranger Ralph not only got us to and from each of the must see spots in the park but kept us more than entertained throughout the tour from stop to stop. Trust me with 2 boys on a bus for a day trip neither of them felt the need to pick up their electronic devices for any reason other than a photo or video... Kudos to Ranger Ralph!!!

Great tour and great guide, thank you Saul.

This tour was worth the price and I would recommend in a heartbeat. Saul was our tour guide and he was very knowledgeable about the Park and could.not do enough for us! The bus was new, clean, and comfy. No pressure at all tip but you will want to Lol. Thanks Saul!

16. Sequoia National Park

Being a National Park, it should go without saying that visiting Sequoia is an absolute must. The main event, of course, is the largest trees you will ever lay eyes on (and touch!), but you also get absolutely stunning views of the Sierra Nevada mountains and valleys, and all the beautiful wildlife, wildflowers, and everything else nature has to offer at these elevations. Be aware that the entrance to the park is far from most of the popular sights and hikes. It is in the lower elevation foothills, and there are a few good hikes there, but to get up to the Sequoias you need to climb the steep and winding road up the mountains. It has low speed limits due to its frequent turns, and is rather long. Also, as of early June, they have construction where they let both directions of traffic pass once at the top of each hour, and not again until the next hour. Make sure to look at their material or ask when to leave from the entrance to avoid an unpleasantly long wait. It took us over an hour to get to the Giant Forest Museum, the gateway to all the best sights. From the Giant Forest Museum, you can catch a shuttle to the most popular spots, which is a nice way to avoid parking troubles, and also the shuttle driver pointed out some interesting stuff on the way. You can also hike between most of them or take your chances with driving. If you go to the General Sherman Tree, do the Congress Trail as well. It has a few groves of Giant Sequoias and is well worth the relatively short hike.

It's the biggest forest with the biggest trees in the world - what else do you need? Slow going traffic wise, but I still found it better not to do the shuttle and just do my own thing an ditch all worked out just fine- never could get into the Giant Forest Museum - came close twice but gave up. Shuttles are good for that so u don't have to park.

Words and photos do not capture the experience of the sequoias; you must see them in person to fully appreciate their staggering size and humbling age. The park itself is large, well-maintained, and has what you need to walk among the big trees. Prepare for high elevations with water and sunscreen, but also take the time to fully soak in the wonder of the giant sequoias, for they are ambassadors from a different and ancient time, and must be experienced to be understood.

One of the most dense, green, beautiful forest in a CA, which is preserved beautifully. Its a dense forest which have bulky and tallest sequoia trees that make almost impossible to sunlight fall on the ground. All its drive view are awesome and scenic. This national park is widely open for tracking and camping with scenic trails. All camping grounds are fully facilitated with useful facilities. Convention center is heart in terms of coordination, good food, lodging and information. Park provide bus services to curb traffic and use public transport to all view points. Frequency varies from 15 min to half hour. All view points are well preserved with all facility to the public which include stairs, railings, rest room and all guidance & display boards. Getting parking is tough and expecting near view point is difficult. Tallest and bulkiest sequoia trees are major attraction.

One of the most beautiful places in California, a beautiful scenic drive amongst giant ancient sequoias in the Sequoia National park is a must when visiting here. There are several areas with walking paths that get you up close and personal with these magnificent trees. Weekends can get a bit crowded so if possible I'd suggest visiting during the week to avoid the crowds.

17. Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite

The hotel is nicely designed. The rooms are clean and spacious enough. I like that there's a lot of swimming pools for the kids to enjoy. There are lots of activities for the kids like rock climbing, bike riding and outdoor movie watching. The restaurants inside the hotel are kind of overpriced for the quality of food you're getting though. Overall, I loved my stay here.

This lodge was fabulous for our honeymoon! The staff treated you like an old friend. Shirley in the spa is wonderful as well as front desk staff and restaurant staff. Love the all-inclusive accommodations and the concierge helped us plan our week! The gift shop was great including the staff. Pat the tour guide was great too, highly recommend the all day yosemite tour. Cannot say enough good things, we will be back!!!!

I'd like to have one knock to give a balanced review, but frankly we loved this place. It is not cheap, but we have stayed at expensive places that were not worth it. Everything was great for us. The staff helped us plan our time, we made use of the flashlight tour that they have and ate on site. Cross the board quality. We stayed in a suite and it was swanky. If you click the 360 pictures tab in google you can see three pictures I uploaded of the living room, bedroom and bathroom. Additionally I also add pictures of their eating area and gym which we used. All top notch.

Nice rooms, good food and semi close to Yosemite Village. Second best option to staying in Yosemite itself. We live close enough to Yosemite to day-trip it any time we want but if we didn't, I'd definitely stay here instead of in the park in good weather. My experience staying here is from before we moved closer. Now it's a food and drink destination for us. Very enjoyable for that.

A beautiful resort with great amenities. My wife booked a cottage. It is awesome! It has a fireplace and located in a separate building with 3 rooms. The cottages are a short 5 minute walk from the main lodge. The pools are great--one indoor and one outdoor. The employees are courteous and helpful. We are definitely coming back.

18. Yosemite's Scenic Wonders Condominiums

We stayed at Alpine View and were very disappointed. Our refrigerator wasn’t working upon arrival and they kept saying to wait for it to cool down. It took 6 hours for it to get to an appropriate tempurature. In the process, some of our food was comprised. The lay out of this accommodation is bizarre and very inconvenient if you have people occupying both rooms downstairs. Only one can access the bathroom on that level without walking through the other occupied room. The kitchen was poorly equipped. Bring your own cooking oil, foil, trash bags, plastic wrap and baggies... Never experienced anything like it is anywhere I have stayed (including numerous stays in Yosemite West). They were building a deck during our stay and were delivering materials at 11pm while we were trying to enjoy the hot tub...Unacceptable!!

We stayed at Juniper Retreat, and it was fantastic. Great location and very clean. We had someone back into our rental car while we were on Tioga Pass, and it shattered the back windshield. We called the Scenic Wonders office when we got back to the house, and they showed up in 10 minutes and they vacuumed up all the glass for us and provided us with plastic and tape to cover the giant hole. Very nice of them to do that for us!

Birdhouse in Wawona was a very good choice for us. In the middle of Nature with all the comfort, a great kitchen and big terasse. We enjoyed our stay in this very special house. The managment was very kind and helped to get back a device left behind.

These are beautiful rentals, very clean, well located for what ever fun you decide

Amazing view, just from our balcony. Easy distance from anything in the park (+/- road closures). My only complaint was lack of kitchen equipment. There was no cutting board or baking pan in our room (B107), and there were no "general use" things like ketchup or oil which would be nice to have in the room especially because we were flying and only staying 4 days. We could connect to the wifi, but connection was weak. Good enough to look up something if you're planning your day.

19. Big Trees Lodge

We loved Big Trees Lodge! The staff is super friendly and our room was nice and quiet. Comfy bed. No internet but you’re in a National Park. They decorated for the Fourth of July and it was super cute. Felt more like we were staying in our own little private cottage than a hotel. Also, breakfast at the restaurant is great.

One could expect no less when it comes to atmosphere in Wawona and Big Trees Lodge. It's absolutely gorgeous inside and out. I went in expecting to be turned away due to crowding on the first day that Glacier Point Rd was opened, but we were seated immediately! The cocktail list is awesome. I would love to go back and try more options! I was also expecting it to be more expensive than it is, so that was another pleasant surprise. Food was out to us within 20 minutes and they had plenty of offerings for kids. Healthy choices too! We enjoyed dessert and coffee before starting the long drive home while listening to the pianist by the fire. He plays beautifully and between each tune would give the history behind it. I would love to stay at the lodge one of these days. I know my parents have and loved the experience.

I didn't stay here but lunch on the terrace was nice. The portions are large. The chili is very spicy. The cornbread is excellent. The hotel looked old and could use a, sprucing up. The wifi was pitiful. The pool small. A stable tour walked past the hotel. If you are doing a lot of activities in the valley it may be a good option.

I grew up going to Yosemite, always driving by Wawona, which is now called Big Trees Lodge, on the way to the valley. In those many years, I imagine what it would be like to stay at Wawona. The architecture was clear indication of it being built in an earlier age. This summer we had the chance to stay there as part of our Yosemite/Sequoia/Kings Canyon tour. While it was a nice place, it fell far short of expectations. The rooms were okay with a sink, but no bathroom. You had to share a bathroom and shower with 8 other rooms. The staff was not ovey helpful and our room was ready after 4 PM. The.pool was pleasant and a welcome relief to the heat in a facility without air conditioning. On the way into the back parking lot, the local horse train ran us off the road and my wife drove her new jeep into an unmarked culvert. When I brought this to the attention of the staff, they shrugged it off, not knowing what a drainage culvert was. If you go, be sure to go to the swinging bridge and bring a small raft or inner tube.

Lodging is adequate, about the best you can expect in a national park. We were content. Three stars based on hospitality, one incident in particular. We had gone to the parlor to have a cocktail and dessert. Of the 12 or so tables, only 4 or so were occupied. Despite this, we were completely ignored by the server for upwards of 10 minutes. At this point we elected to have our cocktail and dessert in the dining room instead. Waiting for the hostess, we were again ignored for many minutes. Ultimately we were given a wait time of 20 minutes despite the dining room being half empty. We informed her that we’d just like to order dessert to-go as opposed to waiting, and she refused to serve us, referring us to the aforementioned server who had previously ignored us in the parlor. Ordering drinks and dessert shouldn’t be a process requiring multiple hoops to jump through. Adequate lodging, but simple standards of service are absent.

20. Yosemite Ski & Snowboard Area

Very friendly staff. Great trails for winter snowshoeing and cross-country skiing

Good experience. Don't forget your snow gear sometimes rentals are not available.

So much snow. Feels peaceful

Don't let them fool you, there are NO ADVANCED RUNS. This place is only for beginners. The food is horrible and the lines are long because Aramark and national park service have no clue how to manage anything related to food and beverage.

Go to the Nordic Center for lower prices. The employees are all so happy and helpful. Dallas was a great ski instructor. There is something for all ages.