Best Things To Do in Vancouver Canada

1. Vancouver Seawall

Absolutely amazing! One of the nicest places to jog or bike in the entire world!! Absolutely stunning and easy enough to walk or bike at any age! So many things to see along the way. Stanley park and the seawall is one of my favorite places on earth!

It's been my backyard for a while, and after a year worth of runs, it's still as amazing as it was the first time I went. Just be sure to go early in the morning or in the evenings and avoid the weekends if you : - don't wanna stay stuck behind slow people if you're biking - don't like spending your time avoiding tourists left and right if you're running - wanna get the best out of the seawall and enjoy the peace and quiet of the ocean with a beautiful sunrise / sunset. But whatever you choose, if 10 km doesn't scare you, just go for it, you won't regret it.

Walk around the sea with the beautiful city and water to one side and lush green Stanley part on the other. Long seawall great for biking and walking. Many pit stops for food and drink along the way. Lots to see one of the greatest walks of the city.

The seawall goes all around the peninsula of Vancouver, as well as along the shore of the south side of False Creek. It is good for cycling, roller skating, skate boarding, running and walking. With separate areas of the path for cycling and walking.

Lovely walk around the Park via the sea wall! Great views of the city and mountains, i could sit and watch the sea planes take off from here all day! just amazing. Public washrooms are scarse. Lots of people cycle around here so watch out your not walking in the bike lane as that makes everyone mad! You can also Drive around Stanley park but don't get to see it all! Parking is limited here but always managed to find a space within 15 minutes. A must go if your in the city rain or sun!

2. VanDusen Botanical Garden

The most breathtaking botanical garden I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting! It’s a gentle reminder that life appears in a variety of forms, and that it’s important to stop and smell the flowers. Each section of the garden is artfully curated, with a diverse collection of colors & textures to explore. I especially love the fact that there are hiking trails available—it adds a whole new layer of interactivity with the plants and exhibits. It seems very unique to VanDusen! I absolutely adored this place and hope to come back.

How to describe this but a photographer's playground with vibrant colors of nature since it was autumn and everything was blooming and changing colors. This garden was so nice, it has almost the same feel as walking through natural in some sections. It was just filled with plants from different regions blended together to form a cohesive landscape. The maze was tall and fun to explore and you can peek over the walls so it is definitely worth exploring. We weren't here at the time cherry blossoms would have bloomed but I would sure like to come back to see it and everything else bloom!

What an extraordinary place to visit. So serene and well kept. The most amazing gardens, all set by different displays and types and beautiful paths. You can sit, meditate and just breathe some forest. The restaurant is also marvelous as we managed vegan meals as well as vegan/gluten free. We had a great visit.

A beautiful place to spend the day with family and friends, or an entire grade 1 class. Lots to look at: waterfalls, flowers, greenery, turtles, hummingbirds, and butterflies. Many paths to take, be prepared for a day of walking. Many opportunities for beautiful picture ops, a ton of varieties of flowers and trees. Had a wonderful time with my daughters grade 1 class and learnt some things I hadn't known from the guide that took us around. The maze was the biggest hit, most of our time was spent there. Will return for another visit in the fall and I highly recommend the gardens to all who want to spend the day in a beautiful location.

I went here on the day something important was happening and I wanted to walk around and absorb the day in beauty and peace. It was everything I needed. At the end I went to the gift shop for a small token to remember the day and was welcomed by a lovely Scottish woman who made me remember that the world is filled with lovely people. Thank you. If anyone can identify the tulip in this photo I would really appreciate it, as I spent most of my time looking for its family and never found another one.

3. Capilano Suspension Bridge

The bridge and the tree park was so awesome. The attraction is well taken care of, and my friends and I really enjoyed the ice cream. The engineering of this whole entire park is incredible; there are no bolts or anything holding the bridge down. There is a free shuttle that goes to the bridge from a couple places around Vancouver, so that is really awesome, especially because we didn't have a car when we took our trip to Canada. I felt that the adult prices were a little expensive, but we got student tickets with our student ID's, so I can't complain too much. I recommend buying your tickets online to avoid waiting in line. We did have to wait in line to cross the bridge for at least 25 minutes, which we didn't have a problem with, but we didn't like that it was so crowded on the bridge. People were being herded like cattle, and I didn't feel like we got to enjoy the walk as much. I know that isn't a problem that can really be fixed, but it was still a downfall. But then again, if you are going to pay for only one touristy thing in Vancouver, and you don't want to spend a fortune for your whole family, I would tell you to go here.

Super fun activity for kids and adults. The cliff walk, suspension bridge and the tree house walk is awesome and worth of the money. The suspension bridge walk is thrilling and one should be ready for swings in midst of the bridge. Eating options are good and especially the ice cream/coffee option post crossing the bridge is rewarding. Tree walk is a great experience for kids. Parking is a nightmare and prefer shuttles or drops if possible. Else be ready to do street parking on nearby locations. Souvenirs shops are good with plenty of items, costly as usual. 3-4 hours should be good enough for the entire trip.

Beautiful place with lots to do! The bridge itself is a good size and is a cool experience. It was surprising how much it swayed back and forth but honestly I liked it and felt it had added to the adventure and experience. Once across the park there is so much beautiful wild life to see through the trails and even a tree top walking adventure which was cool as well! Try to go during off peak hours as it can get insanely busy here. Must check out the birds of prey and also the cliff walk!!

Wonderful adventure. Treetop adventure cliff walk and the suspension bridge is really amazing. It's a different way of relaxation. The pond also is good to watch the fish catching birds. Price is about 47 cad. There are lots for your camera to capture. It is good to visit during the monsoon.

Fun place to explore on a sunny afternoon. VERY busy on weekends though. I’d definitely try and go on a weekday, or very early in the day. There was lines for everything. Also, the parking was full. Luckily there’s an overflow lot, but it’s quite far. It’s nice that they have a shuttle going to and from.

4. Bloedel Conservatory

I have been to the conservatory two times, one when I was new to Vancouver and the second time to look at it as a wedding venue. It is quite nice and you can get a close look at the birds. It has a great history and everything is well labelled. Definitely worthwhile to visit and on a hot day it is air conditioned! If you have a small wedding and want a tropical touch it is a unique place.

Nothing else like it in metro Vancouver. The gardens simulate three different types of tropical climate zones. Lots of variety of birds to spot as well. The dome itself is a unique feature and remnants from Expo '86. The only down side is that it's rather small and doesn't take long to go through. However it's in beautiful Queen Elizabeth park so when you're done with the dome be sure to explore the park.

The birds and plants are quite beautiful. Historic structure built in the 70’s. It’s small so it can seem busy, but if you stay long enough you can wander back and forth at your own pace. I suggest taking the guide and following along, it will make your experience much more informative and it’s fun trying to track down all the different species of trees. Good for kids or a second tinder date ;)

The Bloedel Conservatory is located at QE park. It’s a little tropical paradise in Vancouver. They have lots of exotic plants and birds. For those who like photography, this is a great place to take colourful photos. There are little signs along the way to introduce the birds and plants. They also have information sheets for you to borrow while you walk around. A person can spend a little or a lot of time here. Pricing is not expensive. My family bought a pass and we usually walk around the path twice. It’s very enjoyable for the whole family, old and young. When it gets really hot in the park, we like to cool down inside the Bloedel Conservatory. I recommend this place to locals and tourists!

Well conducted during a very busy weekend. This weekend was the blooming of the corpse flower, and while lineup got up to 4 hours long at one point in 30 degree weather, the staff had excellent performance in making sure each visitor was taken care of, providing shade, water, etc. Great job on managing such a small space and accommodating such a large crowd all in one weekend. Well prepared event.

5. Museum of Anthropology

Great display of traditional artifacts from all over the world, but with focus on the local ones. The museum also aims at doing justice to the aboriginal people and their art. I loved how they displayed the large variety of exhibits. Because the space is limited they placed some of the handicrafts in drawers. Visitors can pull the drawers they want and see the objects that are representative of the aborigines' way of life. You can browse an e-catalogue which helps you to locate any handicrafts you would be interested to see. Discounted tickets are available on Thursday evenings.

Amazing museum with an incredible collection. Curated and yet not, it allows you to choose your own adventure as you move through the museum. Start with a guided tour! It takes an hour but will provide great context for your second hour. Highly recommend this museum if you are visiting Vancouver and want to learn more about the First Nations of BC.

Love this museum! Wonderful exhibits from First Nations peoples. Great free guided tours of the collection. Don't miss the boggling storage area, which is behind glass doors but open to the public. Well worth a bus ride from downtown Vancouver!

An amazing place to see First Nation artifacts and learn about their culture. Very knowledgeable docents and great exhibits. Easily spent a half-day there. Cafeteria not great; eat before or after.

A great day to spend a morning learning about the native tribes of Canada and also they have an amazing collection about other cultures so it's worth to take a notebook, really interesting temporal exhibitions too! Oh and they have lockers so you can keep your backpack safe during your visit. The gift shop has quality stuff I recommend the patches and there're some stones with hand painted animals, got one of each.

6. Science World at TELUS World of Science

Love coming here. Kids have a great time. It does get busy after lunch, recommend coming in the morning. Check out the shows at center stage and definitely check out the ken Spencer park outside - there are even shows outside too. If you have kids 8 and under, definitely worth getting a membership. As for parking, there is street parking available - along Main Street or smaller streets (national). But the ones on the bigger streets have a 2 hour limit.

If you have kids, bring them here. If you are a big kid, take yourself there. There are plenty of games to tease the mind, arrays of exhibitions to awe the thoughts, tonnes of activities to test the skills and to learn new knowledge. Good rotations of educational movies to enjoy when the body is exhausted. All walk of life and all ages will find this place exciting. Extra Note: A great place to bring a date. ;)

Great place to spend a day with kids. There is lots of activities and things to explore. Multiple times a day there is a show on the main floor for chemistry, physics or illusion. The teachers are good at capture the kids attention. There is fast food on location that is decent so you don't have to leave, but you can leave and come back at will.

Great place for all ages. Even adults can enjoy and learn something new. The place can make you feel like a kid again while teaching you a ton. We enjoyed the outdoor part that talked about our city and where we live since it felt most relevant. Pixar was the rotating unique exhibit this time which was pretty interesting. Maybe plan to bring your own food since it's a bit pricey in there.

Science World is always a super fun experience with great exhibits. This latest time I visited during a Science World After Dark event (adults only!). The Pixar exhibit was on and it was great! I also loved the rest of the exhibits and actually getting to test them out with out kids around. I was also very impressed with the Body Works exhibit which was surprisingly informative and geared towards positive body image, gender identity, sexuality and genetics. I'm looking forward to the next evening event!

7. Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium is an institution in the city, and for good reason. They exist to not only further the knowledge of aquatic life, but also provide a valuable resource for those who want to engage with what they would never see otherwise. The aquarium itself is open, well-designed, and has something for everyone. There are significant interior spaces that concentrate on certain ecosystems, with an intense focus on the local environment and the types of life in British Columbia's waters. A massive indoor tank provides a view of many species interacting. There are outdoor areas as well, where different instructional shows occur, providing additional context for the life on display and their behaviours in the wild. In terms of the facility, there are many amenities. A cafe is by the entrance, and of course there is a gift shop. There are many washrooms and water filling stations for those quick breaks, and there are even additional dining options for seasonal visitors. Nothing too fancy, but certainly filling enough if you forgot to pack a lunch. The added bonus of the location is that outside of the aquarium is one of the best parks in the world, so there's no shortage of experiences after you've ended your visit. A fantastic experience, and one that my family loves so much that we have annual passes.

Small aquarium but fun for my kid. I like how they are very considerate of our environment. Their cafe will not give straws or caps for your drinks to conserve plastic. The aquarium itself has a lot of different fish but some of the tanks need better maintenance as they are all growing algae and hard to see what's inside. The aquarium is also very hot during summers so don't expect to feel cool inside. It's not only customers either, you can see staff fanning themselves to stay cool.

Great place for a family to visit. Lots to see and learn about. Great location, can walk around Stanley Park once you're done inside. Would highly recommend for tourists/visitors as well. The 4D show is excellent and very popular with our family. Great place for all ages and is wheelchair accessible as well. The volunteers have been very knowledgeable and friendly. We will definitely be back!

Great place for a family to visit. Lots to see and learn about. Great location, can walk around Stanley Park once you're done inside. Would highly recommend for tourists/visitors as well. The 4D show is excellent and very popular with our family. Great place for all ages and is wheelchair accessible as well. The volunteers have been very knowledgeable and friendly. We will definitely be back!

This place it is great for adults and children. I believe it is a relaxing experience. I am from Brazil and I was impressed with the variety of aquatic species from Amazon they have. It can easily take 3 hours to see this place. The parking structure close to the front entry is small but there is a huge area around the aquarium where you can park (get ready to walk). They have a 4D cinema inside and a variety of activities like presentations and touching species.

8. Stanley Park

We had a ts half day in and around Stanley Park this morning. Hired bikes which all seemed brand new and well equipped, as well as a trailer for the 2 year old. Ride through the woods and right around the park trail including cooking off at the free water park around half way round the circuit. Highly recommended for just about anyone who has ridden a bike before. Allow 3 hours due a leisurely pace with short stops.

Sprawling park with tons of beaches and amazing views. We rented scooters from BC Rentals and drove around the park and took in the sites. The beaches are surprisingly large and nice and much better than we expected. There are tons of different cool areas spread throughout the park, meaning you can spend hours visiting all of them. Perfect place for picnics and afternoons.

Short walk from the city, great walking trails which are in natural state. Great overview of the road and bridge going to the north. Also great panoramic view of the water from the hill. Nice restaurant and ice cream shop there. There is also a big hollow tree and a free standing Rock island did not try the beach or the other tourist locations, so the is more to do there. Lastly, the is also a rose garden to enjoy.

Great park, lots of sites, attractions. We rode through the park on a tour, then came back for a good portion of an afternoon. We visited the Totem Park, then walked a few trails before finding the flower gardens. We captured great pictures while admiring the roses and other flowers. Then we hiked back toward the city and captured more marina, seaplane and city scape photos. Plan to spend at least 2 hours here just for a quick walk, a visit to the flower gardens and the totem parks. That was all the time we had, and we wished we had more to enjoy other park attractions. Next time, we're renting bikes for the circle ride on the sea wall.

HUGE park! Totally can make it a day trip~ Lots of things to do miniature railway, lake, aquarium, Indian totem poles, gorgeous gardens, etc. Perfect place to ride the bike and explore the park! The park is beautiful and clean. Special bike lanes. Follow the map, you will see the marina, the skyscrapers, lake, garden, etc. This is definitely the landmark in Vancouver and absolute place to visit if you go to Vancouver!

9. Queen Elizabeth Park

Beautiful park and vista of Vancouver. The Celebration Plaza is very nice. I find it amusing that the signs say don't Wade in the fountain but didn't the designers know that's exactly what everyone would do? I saw kids in swimming suits hanging out there. There's no place to eat except the expensive Seasons restaurant up there. The quarry gardens were beautifully done.

Hidden gem inside Vancouver. Highly under appreciated park, grounds are expansive, tons of space to run and play, have a picnic under a tree, watch blooming cherry trees in spring. Trails around, into the crater are intricately planted with a wide variety of plants. Great views from top concrete plaza. Favorite location for wedding photos in summertime. Bloedel conservatory has lovely plants and renovated roof, worth a look to see parrots and birds inside. Seasons on the park is a wonderful classy restaurant with great views, try lunch menu if on a budget. Parking is pay by meter but can be found outside park, but be prepared to hike uphill if so inclined.

A cute and very accessible park. Located on a hill in the middle of Vancouver, this park is filled with a variety of beautiful and slightly exotic fauna that could keep you wandering for hours. Aside from this, the park has small attractions and mildly kept lawns. Even you're willing to pay you can enjoy the observatory located at the top of the hill. Additionally there are other free attractions such as lawn bowling, a rose garden, and a large fountain. This park would have scored higher, but its main attractions are smaller and less comparable to some more destination worthy parks in the area. A beautiful park to visit if near by and available, but no need venture to far out of your way to visit.

Lots of pay parking at the top and lots of cheaper street parking at the bottom where the duck ponds are. Depending on where you will spend your day the park has many points of reference and beautiful scenery. The most attractive Is the sunken garden area with the small waterfall. Once all the flowers are in bloom in summer it is a busy hotbed for outdoor wedding photos and those who appreciate viewing flower arrangements from behind a line. Please do not step or let your kids step on the flower beds as things are constantly growing. A great park to have a small romantic dinner at the seasons restaurant or down by the duck ponds. Or even a large family gathering for the day. The cherry blossom festival is finished by May.

Such a beautiful park! It was my first time in Vancouver and we stopped by Queen Elizabeth Park to check out some nature. The views are stunning. Big trees, a lookout to the mountains and a flower garden just to name a few things. I could sit here all day and soak it in. I would highly recommend stopping by!

10. Tourism Vancouver

We were disappointed with the assistance we got from the staff as the person we wered dealing with did not take the time to appredciate exactly what we wanted. This was mainly because she was a holiday temp and did not know much herself nor did she know how to fihd out. The centre should be manned by people with a good knowledge of the various tourist resources.

haha my family always come here and it is fun and awsome

Warm welcoming and the clercks are really dedicated. I have been well advised and this visit was really helpful !

If you are looking for things to do in Vancouver this should be your first stop. The people are great and you can find some good deals too.

Awesome support staff here, we went in to enquire about the places to visit and were handed out all brochures and explained how to reach those destinations as well. Also if you buy tickets from the tourism centre, they are cheaper by 5 CAD or so and also provided with free shuttle service to the tourist spot.

11. FlyOver Canada

This was such an incredible experience! I only wish the whole thing lasted a little longer. When you're in front of the screen, it truly does feel like you're flying. There are fans that blow to make it seem like it's windy, and water that sprays you when you're flying through fog. Overall, it was very cool, and I'm definitely glad we got a chance to do this. It's an amazing ride, especially for tourists! Whether you live in or are visiting Vancouver, make sure you do this at least once - you're sure to love it!

FlyOver Canada is a 'must-do' experience for all visitors to Canada and for all of us who are blessed to call Canada home. The attraction helps expose the vastness and beauty of our great nation. The special effects of adding mist and scents add realism to the experience. The 15% discount for purchasing the tickets online is highly recommended. All the staff were very friendly and professional in our interactions with them.

The most amazing feelings in my life, if you did not visit it, please do it now, highly recommended. It represents all the beauty of Canada ❤️🇨🇦 رائعه وأكثر .. ارشح زيارتها بشده.. كانك شفت كل كندا فيها

Great attraction in Vancouver! Some reviewers were complaining they wanted captions? This is a unique ride to feel like you are flying its not an educational documentary? Yes the ride should be a bit longer but it has little touches throughout the ride (don't want to add spoilers) and worth the time and money unless you are one of those entitled type people in Vancouver that can't get that good things are worth the wait. (the line was only 20 minutes on a busy Sunday nothing to be complaining about) We did both the Canada and the American ride and not sure why but we all really liked the Canada ride much better, I will go again whenever friends or guest come for a visit.

Flight simulator that shows you Canada’s highlights . I was a little reluctant to do this initially, thinking it was one more touristy thing for cruise ship public. But I must admit it is pretty well made and well organized. Good for any age, whole experience last about 20 -25 min.

12. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden

It was amazing! A beautiful little pocket of ancient landscaping within the city. Take the tour that comes "free" with your purchase of entrance. So worth it. Learned so much; it gave deeper insight into what is really behind the entire structure. The guide was extremely pleasant and knowledgeable, I'll add her name as soon as I can obtain from my notes (starts with L I think). Small enough to get through in 45min - 1hr but I would have lingered longer if I had the time. I'll definitely be back if my travels allow.

Made mistake in thinking entrance pointed out from hop on off bus was museum, it's a city park, the museum walk through until come to courtyard, turn left, and 50 yards is entrance. Koi fish are fed at 11:45 am, they respond to gong held half in water! Tour was worth doing as very knowledgeable guide, museum side made from materials shipped from China, park similar materials but different in subtle ways. Recommended

Very chill space! FREEEEE. Bring a friend and slowly walk around, enjoying the aesthetic and peace. Maybe have a toke before if that's your thing ;) Good place to transition your first-date coffee meeting if it's going well. Cool plants and great water feature. Would chill here again

Very chill space! FREEEEE. Bring a friend and slowly walk around, enjoying the aesthetic and peace. Maybe have a toke before if that's your thing ;) Good place to transition your first-date coffee meeting if it's going well. Cool plants and great water feature. Would chill here again

A great place to visit & appreciate symbolism and purpose for each section of the garden. This garden is best appreciated when a tour guide is available (ask reception for schedules) to explain the structure and stories behind it which would otherwise just fly you by. They also offer free hot tea on colder days. At the end of the tour, I learned a lot of history and the culture behind this fine Classical Chinese Garden. I would go back again in different season to fully appreciate the cycles of certain trees & plants granting a different perspective than the last.

13. Pacific Spirit Regional Park

Beautiful beautiful park with lots of amazing trails. My favourite place to socialize and walk my dog off leash. Some trails are leash optional while some are leash required. Keep an eye for the sign. Because the cyclists share the trails, Pacific Spirit might not be the best place for a dog who is reactive to bicycles.

Fantastic beach in beautiful BC! No clothing needed. You can come as Adam and Eve. The water temperature is cold. Around 14 Celcuis is my guess. Disclaimer: you gotta be fit for the stairs. I had to stop 3 times on the way up. But would do it again for sure

20 check-ins Great park for an afternoon walk and is usually less crowded than Stanley Park. All the trails are very easy hiking, none of the trails are really difficult. The best trail is the Canyon loop trail that starts at Spanish Banks Beach. This trail has many steps at the beginning and some may think this is challenging which could be if you never hiked before or non active. This is good place to start if you come in your car. Lots of nice views around the canyon. Also the trails south of W16th avenue are quite good, especially the sword fern trail.

Clean, well demarcated and maintained paths through great Alpine trees. Wonderful to explore. Simple flat terrain. Dog friendly paths available.

Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this lush forest with your pupper. This is basically an off leash dog park in my opinion haha. Dogs and doglovers love it! Park on NW Marine Dr, and go into the forest where you will discover hundreds of beautiful trails. Can easily spend a couple hours waking here :) Best times for this walk are during spring, summer and fall. Enjoy!

14. Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art

Small art museum in the middle of Vancouver. Some very nice first nation art. Well worth a stop by.

It has some very interesting pieces of art and they have some very famous pieces. Its gift shop was really cool, i learned alot from the staff but it really sucked that it was SO SMALL.

Absolutely stunning artwork showcased in state-of-the-art displays. Staff are very friendly and knowledgeable.

Absolutely great! So many things to see. Beautiful art.

Showcasing the works of Bill Reid and other First Nation artists

15. Vancouver Foodie Tours

I was on Vancouver Foodie Tours World's Best Food Truck Tour yesterday, and as with all of the tours I've done with them, it was fantastic. Along with the Granville Island Market Tour and the Gastronomic Gastown Tour, it's obvious that the food is carefully selected for each one. The guides are clearly passionate about what they do, and along with interesting facts about the food and the places they come from, they also provide fascinating historical tidbits as well. If you're lucky enough to have Tracy as your guide, she is fun and funny, and she puts children at ease! But all of the guides are great. I'm looking forward to trying the Guilty Pleasures Gourmet Tour sometime soon. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

My husband and I did the Gastown Foodie Tour yesterday and had the best time! Tracy, our tour guide, was absolutely amazing and did an awesome job explaining the history of the town & good and was hilarious too! The food and drinks were amazing and we were stuffed by the end of it! I highly recommend this tour and if you get Tracy, she’s a bonus!

My sisters and I did a 'Sisters Trip' to Vancouver and decided to take the Gastown tour because: a) learning fun things! b) yummy food! Jesse was our tour guide and he was brilliant. Very well spoken, engaged, and knowledgeable. He also made a specific point to get to know each group on the tour. I expected that we'd be going to the 'main' restaurants in Gastown, but I was wrong! You've likely never seen or experienced the places they choose for the tour. It was a really interesting, informative and delicious evening. Would definitely do it again!

What an awesome activity to do in the city! Lydia was an amazing guide who personally took us around to 5 different establishments that were absolutely amazing. I would definitely recommend this tour to any locals or tourists who are true foodies.

My husband and I did the Granville tour today with our guide, Lydia. The tour info, presentation by Lydia, organization and of course the amazing food all exceeded our expectations! what a fun way to be introduced to Granville Island and British Columbia bounty. We also met and chatted with nice people. And breakfast wine is now on my radar screen! A fantastic way to spend a couple of hours.

16. Lynn Canyon Park

An absolutely beautiful park with a suspension bridge, waterfalls, swimming holes and great hiking trails! It is a very popular spot so I would advise going early and avoid the weekends if possible (the bridge is a lot more fun when their are fewer people on it). There is also a cafe with decent food and public washrooms right next to the parking lot.

This place is so great! You don’t have to deal with the crowds of the Capilano Bridge, and it even has its own suspension bridge! There’s a hidden gem here... if you out to the left once you cross, there’s a couple of places where people cliff jump. I thought it’s a local secret, but there were tons of people there when we went. So much fun!!!

We really enjoyed this park and it's trail system. The cable suspension bridge is fun, and the wading pools and stream are great for a dip and cool off. Would definitely return, but would try to hit less busy times.

If you want to be immersed in a big wild rainforest and get some extremely fresh air, come here. Really obsessed with the sound of creek&waterfall, the silence of forest, the refreshing atmosphere. It was not even bad to visit in a shower day because you will feel like to be set in a Horror movie “mist”! the trail was kept well with some up and down boardwalks. The dangerous areas are fenced. The only downside is that sometime parking spot is hard to find but if you are patient you will get one because people come and go quickly .

This place is a breath of fresh air. The bridge gets your heart pumping while the views & the hike down to the creek is Unforgettable! Most OF ALL ITS FREE

17. Vancouver Art Gallery

Overall is pretty good. Except to certain one staff who work at the Shop, may challenge you by a measurement tape on what is balancing on a product; also may tell, sorry she Means it only: "it's on sale 50% off, what do you expect, perfectly no defect? besides, art is sarcastic, even that is a plush pillow, off scale is acceptable." Oh, even buying a few hundreds dollar item, be expected this girl will charge you a bag fee, that's a rainy day, I have no choice and no mood to argue. Just make sure You will bring a large grocery bag with you for shopping at Art Gallery. Yes, this is my true experience, what a shame, for this white, brown long hair, younger female, there would be NO stars at all. What a customer service. Oh yes, if I see she is working, then I will turn around, there is no point for me to buy a 50/50 and ruin my happy day. **** Lucky enough, there are still Mr White, Miss Asian, Mrs White (a bit older than That one only) and Mr Brown, they know what they are doing, besides, check them out, they have a big friendly smile that makes you feel... Yes, this is Vancouver. We welcome your visit, and be Happy to check around. They actually will tell you "if you need help, let me know.". For them, I will give 5 Stars.

At the risk of sharing a face spot, don't forget after the museum to go upstairs to the Gallery Cafe. The food is really good, self serve style where you order and then take good to your table. Reasonably priced as well. The big treat is their large three tiered outdoor patio. Maybe 30 tables or more out door, lots of 12 foot wide umbrellas so you don't need to sit under the sun. It is s gorgeous oasis of trees and flowers in the middle of downtown. It is a favourite spot for Mr whether by myself, as a couple and for larger groups. Lots of comfy lounge seating as well. Very busy at standard lunch and afternoon tea (okay most people are holding a glass of bubbly). Wine and beer are available. Outdoor music on patio is gentle and helps create the ambience. You won't want to leave.

Impressing collection of arts (incredible expo about the David Milne work along his life + fantastic paintings from Emily Carr). Wasn't too fond of the expo about cabins, even if it is audacious. Could enjoy the last day of bombhead... Freaky and brilliant. All in all, a must see!! Have some time to really enjoy it... The 24$ fare which looks a bit high, is totally worth it!

Love the van art gallery. Always a great place to spend time and see awesome art. Here's a tip: it's also a good place to buy art for cheap. They sell off posters in the gift shop and its a nice, unique piece to have in your home, especially if you were really fond of an exhibit.

Really enjoyed the cabin fever exhibition and a collection of paintings by Emily Carr. It's a great place of inspiration for artists, architects and nature lovers. Not too big of an art gallery (I personally liked that it was smaller and more focused on a few themes) but the collection was amazing! Recommend to all tourists to Vancouver (especially on rainy days) as the site-relevant contents make the traveling in BC area more enjoyable and engaging.

18. Vancouver Convention Centre East

I walked in with my wife a day after my conference ended to go to a restaurant I enjoyed earlier in the week. We were met by a security guard who walked up and put her hand in my face and immediately told us that we were trespassing. I told her we were going to a restaurant in there and their website says it's open. All she did was point to the door and say "sir, the building is closed, I'm going to have to ask you to leave". No direction, no help, no explanation. Fine, you lost my business.

The view and food are excellent, but we can't get past the horrible service. There were two choices on the menu between beef and sablefish, a few guests at the table had dietary issues where they can't have beef, so we had told our server who was kind and made note of it. When the meals came out, another server came with her to set the plates. The other server had instructed all plates to be put down by alternating the beef and fish around the table. When our server had voiced the dietary concerns, the other person had simply said to place them all down anyways and let them sort it out or exchange. Luckily everyone at the table was very accommodating in switching, not wanting to cause a scene, but this is very disappointing. Dietary concerns should not be taken lightly and if there were more complications that would've cause an issue, things would've gotten very serious. On top of this, there was only one refill of drinks for the whole night since guests have been seated from the beginning. This has been the worst catering service so far for the functions we had attended in the past two years.

The East Convention Center Building, under the white sails, is an easy walk from, public transit at the Waterfront Station. This smaller of the 2 Convention Centres, is ideal for trade shows and events, because the building seems more manageable and not overwhelming for an afternoon of trade show presenters or whatever is being shown. Thanks .....

Huge conference hall venue with lots of large exhibition spaces. There are also break out rooms upstairs which also double up as large lecture theatres but as they are flat it's less ideal. Beautiful views of the mountain as well as the harbour + cruiseliner also dock in here. Quite an active square and close to all the shops or decent selection of restaurants if you venture off just 5 minutes from here.

It is nice but too old. West part is bigger, newer; a lot better.

19. The Grouse Grind

Great hike if you’re up to the challenge. I’d suggest you bring lots of water and perhaps some snacks. Be prepared for your lungs and leg muscles to burn. More of a healthy activity for adults with the stamina to make the arduous trek. The scenery is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. Highly recommended if you’re looking to burn some calories and test your endurance.

Interesting trail! I was visiting Vancouver and decided to hike this trail. It is definitely not a usual trail; it is very steep with lots of stairs which makes it really hard on your knees. It took me about 2:15 to get to the top and it was definitely worth it. But be careful, if you are not exercising regularly, this trail would be really difficult for you. Also note that this is a one way trail so only path forward!

This is a great place to go for an outdoor workout and views of Vancouver. It's a stairmaster in the woods, it has fresh air, and it's a heck of a workout. This is not a great place to go for a tranquil and serene hike. It's too overrun with tourists and locals alike, whether clad in flip flops or trail runners, scrambling to the top. That said, I keep going, because it's a classic Vancouver activity and never fails to get the heart pumping.

I practiced for weeks taking 2 steps at a time on a set of 18 steps - for periods of 1.5 hrs That wasn't quite necessary. Reasonably fit at age 58 I was done in 56 min and could have been quicker I highly recommend the experience!

Best hike you can get with 20 min drive from Vancouver. Advanced level

20. Lions Gate Bridge

Weird to rate a bridge, I know, but it's worth reviewing. This bridge connecting central and North Vancouver is a beautiful trek for driver, biker, and pedestrians alike. At its brightest it gives you a gorgeous view of Vancouver and the mountains! Be warned, this bridge has a rotating middle lane! Almost like a suicide lane, this middle lane allows cars both directions BUT is controlled by easy to read signs. This allows Northbound and Southbound lanes to alternate between one and two available lanes. This beautiful idea can seem frightening to newcomers but it is glorious for traffic. (See my photo with the three stop lights) Within an hour of driving over this bridge twice (we got lost) the middle lane had changed. More creative bridges like this are needed!

Beautiful bridge that stretches from Stanley Park to West Vancouver. Built privately by the Guinness family so they could develop West Vancouver under the British Properties name. It's is possible to walk or ride a bike across and take some amazing pictures of ship transiting under it or seaplanes flying over it.

Romantic place to take someone to the point. See the occasional proposal here with the bridge in the background at night. Lots of friendly raccoons, such a beautiful historic bridge and area. Love it here.

I heard that the Lions Gate Bridge was built by a beer company so its cold, frosty beverages could be distributed & shared. I've never seen the tide this low, but it offers a unique perspective from Stanley Park. What a beautiful June day to enjoy a walk around this lovely park, watching the ships cruise by and tour planes taking off. Oooo my beautiful world!

Stunning view! Go in a sunny day and you can see Mount Baker in USA. I don't feel comfortable with heights so I can't across the whole bridge. You can do it by car, bycicle or walking.