Best Things To Do in Vancouver Canada

2. VanDusen Botanical Garden

Worth every penny. Cost is about $12 entry and you can easily spend the whole day wandering around here. This is not your typical public garden. Think of it more as a living museum of plants. Each mini garden area is dedicated to a different area of the planet (like the Himalayas) or a type of planting area (like a bog). All the plants are labeled with latin names, familiar names (if available) and when they were planted. This last, is very helpful if you're wondering about using a particular plant in your own back yard. If you're lucky, you can in on one of the free tours, but self guided tours are well laid out as well. You can bring in your own picnics too.

A wonderful place to have a walk. Very beautiful and peaceful. The entrance ticket is 11 CAD, but I don't regret them. Beautiful flowers and trees are laced with a few contemporary sculptures. There's a place with totem poles - just 2of them but they look lovely and authentic and with a beautiful legend behind them. The best thing however is the maze made of the hedge. Looks small but it's a real one! Not everyone manages to find the exit : many give up and return.

I went here on the day something important was happening and I wanted to walk around and absorb the day in beauty and peace. It was everything I needed. At the end I went to the gift shop for a small token to remember the day and was welcomed by a lovely Scottish woman who made me remember that the world is filled with lovely people. Thank you. If anyone can identify the tulip in this photo I would really appreciate it, as I spent most of my time looking for its family and never found a other one.

Nice cafe, free to enter (not behind the pay-gate). Free parking. The garden is *beautiful*. Lots of paths and trails. Flowers everywhere. Many interesting plants and trees you don't see often. Great places for photography (we took pictures of our new granddaughter there.) Membership is available if you live in the area. Easy access by public transit (city bus stop is close by).

Amazing place to relax on a warm day! Not huge, but cleverly structured, so you can easily get lost for 2-3 hrs, if you simply walk along routes. Lovely blooming, amazing redwoods, also very nice sculptures (both obvious ones and wittily hidden in trees as well). A day of beauty for $8? Bring it on! Highly recommend!

3. Bloedel Conservatory

I loved this place so much!! It really made me miss the tropical regions. The plantation and birds are beautiful!! The walk from the parking lot to the Conservatory is very short but there were also so many beautiful things to see that we really took our time. Right outside the conservatory you can see one of the most beautiful view of the mountain as well. Highly recommended

This place is so nice and relaxing to visit. Kind of like stepping into a jungle of sorts. Relatively inexpensive. I would give it 5 stars but I didn't only because it would be nice if it was bigger. Expect to spend 20-30 minutes if you're casually walking through. Also has a gift shop.

Tiny but magnificent! The birds are absolutely amazing and I think this is a must see for all ages. If you take your time it will take about 30 minutes to walk through, but admission is cheap so it's honestly worth it. There's a huge variety of plant species as well so keep an eye out for unique ones!

Great place to take kids...heck it's awesome for adults too. Amazing tropical birds to see. There is a humid and hot environment created for the birds in the bubble which was uncomfortable for me(I don't like hot weather). I still had fun though.

Such an amazing variety of beautiful and interesting birds, as well as plant life. The somewhat compact setting allows one to be completely immersed into the 'rain forest', with intriguing and alluring scenery and activities at every turn. Only $6.50 to enter and thoroughly worth it. Well informed, polite staff seemingly joyful just to be able to help educate the public. Strongly recommend locals and travellers alike to take the hour or so to tour the conservatory.

4. Vancouver Lookout

This was an amazing experience. Something to consider is instead of paying to get tickets for the lookout, take the elevator & go straight to the restaurant. The restaurant revolves so you’ll get to see a 360 degree of Vancouver without having to move at all! You do have to order something from the restaurant though, but it will be way less pricey than buying tickets for the lookout.

Excellent first stop if you're visiting Vancouver. You can see the most iconic structures from the lookout, and read a little bit of history of Vancouver. The ticket is valid though the whole day so you can visit many times. It features a small restaurant and tourist information booth.

The weather was picture perfect. The views was awesome. Took plenty of photos from each side of the lookout. Staff were courteous and friendly. Highly recommend visiting this place.

EPIC! The ticket you buy is valid for the entire day. So you not only get to see the city from up top during the day, but also during the night. I would recommend going here during the winter because of the short days (so you don't have to wait till 9.45pm to get up) and because of the snow. If you are lucky enough to go here when it's snowing, you'll have the view of your lifetime. Secret: What they don't advertise is the elevator ride. You get to the top in a glass wall elevator. You will zip up with cars and people on the street shrinking right in front of you. That was amazing!

Reasonably priced and conveniently located near waterfront skytrain/transit station. Gets quite busy during the summer months and peak times. Worth going up during sunset time to get nice views of the skyline and sun while it is setting.

5. Queen Elizabeth Park

Lots of pay parking at the top and lots of cheaper street parking at the bottom where the duck ponds are. Depending on where you will spend your day the park has many points of reference and beautiful scenery. The most attractive Is the sunken garden area with the small waterfall. Once all the flowers are in bloom in summer it is a busy hotbed for outdoor wedding photos and those who appreciate viewing flower arrangements from behind a line. Please do not step or let your kids step on the flower beds as things are constantly growing. A great park to have a small romantic dinner at the seasons restaurant or down by the duck ponds. Or even a large family gathering for the day. The cherry blossom festival is finished by May.

This place is an ideal location and must see! The garden has strategically placed spots for photographic moments. The end of April is perfect. Only because the plants are all in bloom. The Seasons in the park restaurant overlooks a spectacular view of landscape and mountains.

Beautiful park! I’ve lived in Vancouver almost 2 years now, and I only just went to this park. It’s huge, and there’s lots of variety of things to do and see. There’s large open field space, manicured gardens, ponds, an indoor tropical habitat and more! Lots of fun. Will definitely go again.

Always popular with locals and tourists as City of Vancouver's premier Park--most photogenic /beautiful central high point, carefully-tended flowers & gardens/waterfall/ponds, big distinctive old trees of wide variety and Natural getaway-in-city. Wedding party photo hub in summertime

What a beautiful park! There are so many flowers here. There's a beautiful mountain view also which is perfect on a blue sky day. This is a great place to go for a walk.

6. Stanley Park

This was one of the most amazing parks I've visited. Parking isn't free but if you have a bike you won't have to pay for parking. The beach was beautiful and so were the people playing music and singing on the beach. This is place is really special. If you are a tourist I strongly recommend it. You can get a feel of the local lives here.

I hired a bike to cycle round Stanley Park on a lovely sunny day. It was an easy flat ride, except I kept having to stop to take pictures because the vista was so beautiful! I loved this park. Where else do you have lakes, sea, beaches, wildlife and great views? A must-see. Highly recommended.

This is such an amazing park! The views and hikes are absolutely amazing. Note to tourists: a lot of locals frequent here. Beware that they don’t care if you’re sightseeing, they are impatient drivers and will get as close to you as possible if you’re going slower than them. Just pull over and wave em around. There is paid parking, and the meter maids are serious about their jobs. Although once you pay, you can park anywhere in the park as long as you have time left.

Stanley park is heart of Vancouver it’s a huge urban park with all sides covered with sea and having multiple tourists attractions like Vancouver aquarium, beaches around it, beautiful views like you can see lions gate bridge, Canada palace, Vancouver convention centre, down town, English bay, prospect point, Canada rail, golf course, it’s a natural habitat of various species. Most exiting thing is it’s a 600 acre huge park with rain forest in between you can walk, cycle, run or use your skate boards to complete the round of Stanley park. Stanley park is one of the worlds famous urban park and it’s amazing I really loved it.

Great for leisurely walks, runs, dates, and picnics. Lots of green space to sit down and have a picnic and lots of benches to take a seat on and take in the view. Leisurely cycling around the seawall is fantastic and scenic; just be sure to travel only counter clockwise around the park if you're wheeled traffic! I recommend more serious cyclists to take the roadway and tackle the climb up to the bridge

7. Science World at TELUS World of Science

Bullet points: * This place is awesome * Beat the crowds by going at opening * Bring your lunch * If you're a teacher in BC, you get in twice for free I just recently went to Science World for the first time in twenty years and I enjoyed it. We brought our 2.5 year old and he had a blast too! Lots of cool things to look at. More importantly, there are really great hands-on exhibits. Come early to beat the crowds. We went during spring break and it got busy a little before lunch. I can't speak for the weekends. Save some money and bring a lunch. There is a Triple O's on the ground floor and a little concession stand on the second floor but the food is overpriced. There are some places that you can plop yourself to have a little picnic. If you're a teacher, Science World has a Teacher Preview Program where you get two complementary admissions within a calendar year. It's a great opportunity to see what resources are available for the classroom. Recommended!

This museum is perfect for children and families, but teenagers can also enjoy it without any doubt. It's fun and educative, everyone can learn, even adults. From recycling to human body, the topics spread all over human knowledge and stations are interactive and sometimes digital. Overall I recommend it because it's a pleasant destination during boring weekends: the family ticket is very convenient.

Did a work placement here for 3 weeks. All staff truly enjoy working with the public and take all your comments into consideration. Everyone tries their absolute best to keep the place friendly, welcoming, safe and fun! Go visit, its best to go with an open and curious mind!

Went here all the time as a kid. The staff is kind, courteous and well informed. I watched Dunkirk in omnimax and it was a great viewing experience. They gave free popcorn. The only issue I had was that we had to take an elevator to get to the auditorium as the stairs were off limits as another function was taking place. This resulted in a really long line which totally sucked. Also, parking I. The parking lot will set you back significantly.

I thoroughly enjoy science, both theoretical and practical. The ideas behind the displays and interactive materials are great. The only thing is that they are strongly oriented towards younger children. It's great to see the excitement and joy on the children's faces while they explore new knowledge. I'd just prefer a more adult touch. Also, $24 per adult seems a bit much.

8. Vancouver Aquarium

Wonderful place. My son loves going there and we love taking him! It's a great place for families to visit! They change things up from time to time so that there is something new to experience as well. Very friendly staff and many beautiful creatures to see. I also really like that they are so environmentally conscious, even with their restaurant. We will go back many times!

Vancouver Aquarium, at the entry be prepared for a good photograph and they will give you a coupons, so you can get your underwater picture edited by professionals it's optional though you want this print or no. Aquarium is very well maintained. You will find clean washrooms. Fish tanks have a very good quality glasses on it so the fishes appear little bigger so you can see every detail. Jellyfish and octopus turtle and sharks when you in this Aquarium must see these. They have a 4D show. It's a must-watch. Especially the shark movie by BBC. While watching this you will feel vibrations and small water spray. It makes the show more realistic with 3D glasses too. I find the food there is expensive. They also have a gift shop. This aquarium is very good and accessible for strollers and wheelchairs. They have outdoor sea lion show dolphin show Etc. This is perfect for families or couples. You won't feel bored. It will take and a half hours to see all Aquarium including 4D show . To go there if you're using the transit you can take 19 Stanley Park from West Pender and Granville to the last stop which is Pipeline Road. If you are in Vancouver this is a must-see place don't miss it this is summer time right now good time to go there you will enjoy there for sure.

Such a great place to take kids and visitors to Vancouver. Located in the gem of Vancouver so you can combine this with a visit to Stanley Park. All parking within the park is paid parking. Great marine life on display and there is a new exhibit rotation periodically. Best to visit on a weekday if possible as the aquarium gets very busy during the weekend. Emphasis on local marine life is great for teaching kids of all ages about our local waters. There are no longer any cetaceans on display here. Gift shop is a bit of a touristy trap but there are nice momentos here to remember your visit.

This place is worth every penny. Great place for families, especially kids to run around and explore. It has multiple levels including an outdoor section. Very clean and up to date. The staff were friendly, approachable and very informative about the exhibits. Definitely check out the bird sanctuary exhibit where you go into a cage where animals roam around you. I look forward to visiting again. So much to learn about marine biology that I couldn't soak it in one trip.

If you are in Vancouver then visiting Vancouver Aquarium is a must thing for you. You will see mind blowing aquatic beauty plus they will teach you about marine life conservation. Aquarium ticket is 39 CAD but it’s worth going there you will be getting real-time marine life views also don’t forget to watch the 4d movie in the amphitheater it will further enhance your experience. I loved the experience I had after going to Vancouver Aquarium. Hope you too like it go worth watch it. Best part is the Vancouver Aquarium is in the premise of Stanley Park.

9. Pacific Spirit Regional Park

20 check-ins Great park for an afternoon walk and is usually less crowded than Stanley Park. All the trails are very easy hiking, none of the trails are really difficult. The best trail is the Canyon loop trail that starts at Spanish Banks Beach. This trail has many steps at the beginning and some may think this is challenging which could be if you never hiked before or non active. This is good place to start if you come in your car. Lots of nice views around the canyon. Also the trails south of W16th avenue are quite good, especially the sword fern trail.

Surprise! My dicks' out ! and we are walking in the narrow pathways ... Expect to experience this when you venture towards the water. Everyone is nude in the hike trails at the bottom of the stairs and there are many dead end trails trapping you in what appears to be an all men nudist colony at the base of the stairs.. It one thing to sun bath nude.. I'm fine with that but if you are still hiking around narrow trails, it Super uncomfortable passing naked men one after another, with no room to pass each other

Pacific Spirit Park is one of the best outdoor parks close to my house. It's got at least 100 kilometers of trails for hiking, dog-walking, mountain biking, horseback riding and more. I love spending time here simply absorbing the beauty of this park. It's worth spending a few hours here to explore and find out for yourself what Pacific Spirit has to offer.

Giant trees and ferns fill this area. Such a wonderful place to bring people from out of town. They'll surely love the unique rain forest we have here.

I love this park! It's great for running, has a pretty complex network of trails that you can explore. This park is also a leash optional park so this means that your pooch can run free! So I really enjoy coming here with my dog and her other doggy friends and their humans

10. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden

A great place to visit & appreciate symbolism and purpose for each section of the garden. This garden is best appreciated when a tour guide is available (ask reception for schedules) to explain the structure and stories behind it which would otherwise just fly you by. They also offer free hot tea on colder days. At the end of the tour, I learned a lot of history and the culture behind this fine Classical Chinese Garden. I would go back again in different season to fully appreciate the cycles of certain trees & plants granting a different perspective than the last.

I honestly believe this place is overrated. Hearing the fantastic reviews, we drove out of our way and spent 20 minutes finding ridiculous parking just to spend about 7 minutes wandering this garden. It's not the size that's the issue (although it is quite small), I just believe there's more beautiful gardens in the city that have more variety and are better maintained.

It's a beautiful recreation of an old Chinese garden. Although it's a small garden, for it's size, I'd give it 5 stars. It's nothing like you've ever seen before. It has these old ancient Chinese buildings, and lots of water going. It has lots of flowers from different kinds that will just stun you. It's an absolutely amazing view.

I visited the amazing garden and the museum in March and this place is non-common. There are plenty of beautiful characters made of paper and the staff is not only very friendly but also very helpful.

The first time I went to the garden I just explored the free side. It's beautiful with some great photo ops and a quiet oasis to forget the city bustle. Because it's free though it can be busy. Last time we did the paid tour. Worth every penny. . . our guide was knowledgeable and warm and took plenty of time for questions and exploration. It was a cool damp day (so, Vancouver) so the warm tea at the end was great. Learned a ton about Japanese garden and scholar home...highly recommend the tour.

11. FlyOver Canada

This was such an incredible experience! I only wish the whole thing lasted a little longer. When you're in front of the screen, it truly does feel like you're flying. There are fans that blow to make it seem like it's windy, and water that sprays you when you're flying through fog. Overall, it was very cool, and I'm definitely glad we got a chance to do this. It's an amazing ride, especially for tourists! Whether you live in or are visiting Vancouver, make sure you do this at least once - you're sure to love it!

FlyOver Canada is a 'must-do' experience for all visitors to Canada and for all of us who are blessed to call Canada home. The attraction helps expose the vastness and beauty of our great nation. The special effects of adding mist and scents add realism to the experience. The 15% discount for purchasing the tickets online is highly recommended. All the staff were very friendly and professional in our interactions with them.

Great attraction in Vancouver! Some reviewers were complaining they wanted captions? This is a unique ride to feel like you are flying its not an educational documentary? Yes the ride should be a bit longer but it has little touches throughout the ride (don't want to add spoilers) and worth the time and money unless you are one of those entitled type people in Vancouver that can't get that good things are worth the wait. (the line was only 20 minutes on a busy Sunday nothing to be complaining about) We did both the Canada and the American ride and not sure why but we all really liked the Canada ride much better, I will go again whenever friends or guest come for a visit.

While the 5 minute "ride" is quite good, the $120 bill for 4 of us did not equal the drive, parking and line-ups. The ride needs to be more substantial to feel value for your time and money. I did like the 4d effects but would recommend they have some captions during the show highlighting where in Canada the shots are showing. Even being from Canada and visiting many of these places I wasn't sure where we were. This would also add value.

Great experience. Only improvement I would suggest is, if the video resolution was higher. That is the only time when you feel that you are watching a movie and not actually flying when you see blurriness. But if the resolution is high, it will make viewing more immersive and real.

12. Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art

The place is closed for reno since 10th dec 2017.

A must visit for any visitor to Vancouver and BC who wants to understand a small part of First Nations Culture and History. This is also a wonderful location to pick up some unique and authentic first nations art pieces.

Looking to expand your knowledge on one of Canada's most iconic Indigenous artists while discovering the diverse artist styles of the Northwest coast? COME HERE! It's great!

Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful ! Amazing art! Worth a trip to Vancouver by itself.

Rudest receptionist - ruined the experience. We went last year and enjoyed the art and would have recommended the gallery for a quick visit when downtown. I work in tourism and was taking part in the tourism challenge today - we walked in and were immediately chastised for talking (before we had even hit the front desk), and were then told in the deepest of sarcastic tones that we could get a stamp for our tourism challenge if we helped with her 500 receipts and end of day accounting. Unbearably condescending and rude and no way to welcome anyone, whether they're a paying or complimentary visitor. Won't go back, won't recommend.

14. Vancouver Foodie Tours

My husband and I did the Granville tour today with our guide, Lydia. The tour info, presentation by Lydia, organization and of course the amazing food all exceeded our expectations! what a fun way to be introduced to Granville Island and British Columbia bounty. We also met and chatted with nice people. And breakfast wine is now on my radar screen! A fantastic way to spend a couple of hours.

Great experience! Tracy is the best tour guide. The porcetta sandwich changed my life!

My husband and I did the Granville island tour while on vacation in Vancouver and had so much fun! The food was AMAZING and we were so full by the end of the tour! Our tour guide knew so much about the location and it's history, along with the vendors and all about the delicious food we ate. The food was definitely the highlight of the tour, and we still go back to visit the shops when have been back to Granville Island since then.

Nadia was terrific - extremely knowledgeable. Everything we ate and drank was outstanding and we learned a lot about the Vancouver food scene. Plan to do the Granville Island tour soon.

My best friend and I were in Vancouver for a girls weekend, and she booked this tour. It was certainly a high point of our trip, and I would recommend it to anyone. There is something for everyone, bread, wine, cheese, tea, coffee, fruit and veg, spices, doughnuts and much more! Our guide Miguel was fantastic, he is a true foodie and his passion comes across in his tours!

15. Museum of Anthropology

A beautiful museum holding important art and culturally important works. I really learned a great deal about First Nations culture and about the collections on one of the tours, and would definitely recommend going on one. Prepare to spend about 2 hours to get a good look at the museum. Also go outside at the back for a better look at the beautiful architecture and outdoor example of a longhouse.

There are amazing ancient objects from all over the world. It takes at least 3 hours if you want to explore all of them. You can seat on story teller red chairs and listen to stories of objects while relaxing and giving your foot some rest :) I suggest to come here at the beginning time (about 10am)

Remarkable museum. Very well laid out and informative. I was not expecting Asia, the South Pacific and Greece to be represented as well, so that was a nice surprise. Highly recommended. Especially since it rains (a lot), this is a nice dry way to spend some time in Vancouver.

Great place to spend hours checking out the native art. Also great place to take your out of town visitors. shop with excellent prices. A must see. Enjoy.

Even if you have been here before, this museum never fails to impress. Built around the huge totem poles, sitting at the edge of the UBC peninsula, its architecture... Suitable for all ages, it gives an impression of first nations culture and of what especially BC has to offer

16. Lions Gate Bridge

If you're not very fit, this will be a good workout. However, while the span is considerably large, it is well worth it for the views out over the mountains and the greater Vancouver area. The bridge has been made famous after a number of movies, not least Final Destination (which like many movies, was filmed almost entirely in Vancouver).

Lions Gate Bridge connects Stanley Park with North and West Van. Most of my early years in Vancouver it was referred to as the First Narrows Bridge. Views of the bridge and from the bridge are worth seeing. I will admit my views from the bridge have been while driving across. For many years Vancouver has supported the slowness of traffic on the bridge, so that people in their cars can truly enjoy it. At least that is the story told while enjoying the wonderful old taste of a Guinness Beer once you make it home. While at Stanley Park be sure to enjoy the view of this beautiful bridge, built by the Guinness family - The Lions Gate Bridge.

It's a beautiful bridge. You can cross it by car/bus or walk. If you are walking, It has an spectacular view of the city and I recommend it to see the sunset.

Beautiful view from this bridge. Terrible traffic at rush hour regardless of the direction you are going. There are only three lanes, two of which are open in the direction with the most traffic making travelling opposite rush hour just as time consuming. Not accessible from the Stanley park scenic drive during rush hour.

Absolutely gorgeous view! In my opinion, the best views of Vancouver and Stanley Park are to be seen by walking/cycling on this bridge. The traffic is loud. Cars are driving very close by and fast, which is rather scary! But the view more than makes up for this small downside.

17. H. R. MacMillan Space Centre

It wasn't what I remembered as a kid. The planetarium show was informative and fun, but the space center is shuffled off to the side and has limited offerings to make a day of it. I recommend spending a little more and paying for access to all three park attractions (maritime museum and the Vancouver museum) to get the most bang for your buck. The gift shop has tons of amazing local First Nations made products to buy and the kids trinkets are good as well. Wouldn't say you could make a day of it there. Maybe a hour or two.

The space show was fun and informative but 45 mins almost seemed to long with all the information crammed Into the show. The staff were really nice and I really liked how at the end of the show they described what the night sky in Vancouver would look like. I really liked this because it was a clear night so we got to experience the sights right away.

A little old, outdated, and expensive, but still an interesting place with helpful, respectful, and knowledgeable staff. If you're from out of town with some extra time, might as well go over to the space center. The MacMillan Space Centre is usually quite empty, so there's no need to push past crowds.

I have fond memories of doing science camp here as a child (queue nerd heckling). Also saw quite a few music laser shows here until they discontinued it. They now show at BCIT in Burnaby.

Try on a discount day! Some of the materials are quite outdated but there is still fun to be had!

18. Tourism Vancouver Visitor Centre

Warm welcoming and the clercks are really dedicated. I have been well advised and this visit was really helpful !

There always some creep lurking around, sometimes hes flashing the public and tourist. Another time he just in plain sigh in front of VPD smokes Meth and blows it onto children. Wouldn’t be Vancouver with out this creep. 🤪

Helpful staff. Great for tickets to theatre under the stars. Discounted for same day shows.

Very helpful staff! Detailed information about the places to checkout and discounted tickets for attractions as well as local shows.

Awesome place. Surrounded by lots of amazing tourism attraction. Keep your lens on and enjoy trip

19. Vanier Park

Beautiful. There's an eagle nest near the boat launch and the walkway under burrard bridge. Lots of grassy space and birds, ponds are lovely, great place to walk or go on a run. The view of downtown, mountains and the ocean is fantastic. Great place to watch the fireworks in the summer!

Great place for views of the surrounding mountains & city scapes. Lot of walking paths leading to the museums( we didn’t go into either one of them). Great place for kids & families to have a great time!

So many places for visit like Vancouver museums, school of music, Maritimes museums and bard on the beach festival around there. Lots of parking lot available there but usually paid parking. Good to bring kids with family. Best place for bring family members and friends.

Lots of wide open space for kids to run around... as well as waterfront access. Places to visit near by as well as a small parking lot with pay parking.. Worth a trip.

Great bay view with very relaxing atmosphere. Spent an easy afternoon there and enjoyed nice sunshine.

20. Vancouver Art Gallery

I went to the Murakami exhibit and it was really amazing to see his work in person. It is unbelievable that his pieces were painted. They almost looked like prints. The art gallery always brings in the best of the best exhibitions. It is always a great place to check out when you want something different to do in the city. The building it self is historic and well maintained. A great place to take photos inside and out! I would definitely recommend checking the Vancouver Art Gallery especially on Tuesdays when admission is by donation.

It's an art gallery... So you either love it or hate it. To be honest, it's best to plan your trip when you see an exhibit you might be interested in. Merchandise is extremely overpriced ... Pins are around $30. A sticker is $7.00. Theme parks like Disneyland are cheaper by a wide margin! Tickets are expensive too, but there are deals available certain days of the week, so it's worth it to plan your outing in advance. Sometimes Costco also has discount exhibit tickets. Too expensive for a family outing though, really only for art connoisseurs. Not a lot of interactive elements for kids. Very much a traditional art gallery.

I’ve lived in Vancouver my whole life and have only now just been and wow I’ve missed out. This place is huge and beautiful and well kept! Sure can be a bit busy with tourists on the weekends but I highly recommend finding time to go. I spent an hour and a half in there alone just wandering and checking out the various galleries. LOVED IT.

Have been here once with a friend. It was such a memorable experience. For those who are very passionate about art, I'd recommend spending at least 3 hours to explore :) They have very detailed description for every piece of art, along with some documentary films in dedicated theatres. Friendly staffs who are willing to guide you :) I forgot my student ID and I showed the staff my online student account to get the student discount, and she was totally okay with it! The one thing that could have made my experience better was the item-check lady. She had a very bad attitude when I asked her for my bag the second time (I forgot to grab my money for the ticket). That attitude was inappropriate for a staff in a customer service oriented position, especially at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

The Murakami exhibit is the best one I've seen in years. Modern art with a twist, so much fun looking at the colors and feeling the whimsy that these artists put into their work. Great weekend spent with friends, it was a little busy but still big enough space to move around. The employees are friendly and very much informed about the exhibit. Will definitely go back and see the next one.