Best Things To Do in Vancouver Canada

1. VanDusen Botanical Garden

It's a very beautiful place with multiple events the whole year round. I especially love walking around their in the summer to observe the well kept nature. I don't see any garbage laying around so you can definitely tell that it's being well kept. Definitely some where I'd come back to. Unfortunately, it does get boring quickly after dropping by a couple of times. You basically know where everything is.

Beautiful place. We went to see the Christmas light display during December. It was absolutely amazing and worth every penny. Walked around for a couple hours taking in all the wonderful lights and other Christmas displays. I am definitely going to have to check this place out in the spring or summer to take in all the vegetation while it is green. Highly recommended if you like Christmas lights. The admission is reasonable too, especially during the winter months.

The VanDusen Botanical Garden is very beautiful in both spring and winter. I've been there twice and have been in awe each time. It is clean and well kept. Definitely worth the trip. The Festival of Lights I especially spectacular. They have an abundance of beautiful lights, great music and light shows, and creative ways of reusing plastic bottles to make some of their light flowers.

Love this garden! In summer it's a really nice walk and you can find little private spots to sit down and have lunch. In winter their light show is amazing. The Halloween one was also good. For the low entrance fee it's definitely worth it.

Came for the winter light show recently. Have been during the spring as well to see the gardens which were beautiful. It was great to see everything lit up. We rode the carousel which was a real blast of nostalgia. Good food options around and mulled wine to be had. Just wish it was open longer because the time went by so fast.

2. Bloedel Conservatory

Such an amazing variety of beautiful and interesting birds, as well as plant life. The somewhat compact setting allows one to be completely immersed into the 'rain forest', with intriguing and alluring scenery and activities at every turn. Only $6.50 to enter and thoroughly worth it. Well informed, polite staff seemingly joyful just to be able to help educate the public. Strongly recommend locals and travellers alike to take the hour or so to tour the conservatory.

Great to drive there but not so great with transit. Lots of walking. No lights at night in park. Conservatory is small but the birds are great and lots of tropical plants. Very enjoyable visit. Places to sit and enjoy.

Great place to relax when not busy and the experience is outstanding, we enjoyed our trip today and the people that work there are extremely nice and dedicated to ehat they do. I recommend this place for anyone that wants to get away from technology and the city. Thank you all for the great experience 10 out of 5....this place is great 💯✔👊👍

Great place to take the family and the prices were quite reasonable. The Arctic Oasis display was quite interesting and it was still quite warm and humid despite the weather outside. Plenty of birds and plants to see with a lot of the plants decorated with lights for the festive season.

Beautiful plants and birds and it's nice and warm! Also, when you go outside it's a wonderful view of the city. It's very cheap and definitely worth it. The staff has an immense amount of knowledge about the birds, so I would definitely recommend approaching them if you see them waking around. The birds are gorgeous and get really close, they are super adorable! It's just a really calming place to be.

3. Vancouver Aquarium

This was such good surprise as it’s such a friendly place to visit and with so much to see! It’s super family and kids friendly and their initiative to recycle and reuse materials in order to protect marine life is incredible. Almost zero plastic is used in their cafeteria and for me that’s a big plus! The research work is incredible and transparent throughout the entire visit where you’ll have the chance to see a dolphin, sea lions and seals, penguins and sea otters amongst other animals and plants! I was skeptical at first but ended up having the beat day of my holiday in Vancouver!

I really enjoyed my time here. The exhibits were great and I got to touch a ray! The jellyfish were beautiful and thankfully I was able to see the live show with the dolphin and false killer whale. Missed the penguins. Staff was friendly and seemed happy.

I really enjoy coming here. I do so once or twice a year, and especially enjoy the After Hours evenings where there are no children =p The space is well maintained and their displays/exhibits are nice. Yes- the admission fees can seem a bit pricey but if you think about all the work VanAqua puts towards research and conservation then I think it's justified. They are quite transparent with their spending and you can find out their financials right on their website.

Great place! They have many unique animals/sea creatures there, from endangered frogs from Brazil to the electric eel, the sloths, and weird-looking sea critters. The exhibits/aquariums are really beautifully designed. The dolphin exhibit was pretty cool! As well as the otters! I was told that there was a beluga or narwhal (can't remember which) there, but we did not see it. They have stingrays that you can touch! Also, like someone else said, the food is expensive. Overall, a good place to see and I recommend going.

It's a great place to wander. The aquarium itself is fairly small compared to others I've attended, but contains many interesting live exhibits. You'll find seals, sea lions, rays, jellyfish, frogs, starfish, an electric eel, and many local aquatic lifeforms. They have had belugas and other cetaceans in the past, although I think those exhibits are being phased out. There are usually fossils available for viewing as well. The gift shop is extensive if you're looking for souvenirs, but with it being in Stanley Park and so close to the water, I prefer to take a slew of pictures to commemorate my visit.

4. Vancouver Lookout

This was an amazing experience. Something to consider is instead of paying to get tickets for the lookout, take the elevator & go straight to the restaurant. The restaurant revolves so you’ll get to see a 360 degree of Vancouver without having to move at all! You do have to order something from the restaurant though, but it will be way less pricey than buying tickets for the lookout.

EPIC! The ticket you buy is valid for the entire day. So you not only get to see the city from up top during the day, but also during the night. I would recommend going here during the winter because of the short days (so you don't have to wait till 9.45pm to get up) and because of the snow. If you are lucky enough to go here when it's snowing, you'll have the view of your lifetime. Secret: What they don't advertise is the elevator ride. You get to the top in a glass wall elevator. You will zip up with cars and people on the street shrinking right in front of you. That was amazing!

Perhaps the best place in all of Vancouver to see its views. The Lookout has done very well. New theatre with neat exhibits on the ledges. I wish there were actual tours being conducted though or just guides walking around instead of just hanging out in the counter. Would also be nice to take out logos of corporate sponsors to put more highlights on Vancouver and its history and views. When will the elevators be fixed?

They could do with washing the windows here but I guess that's a bit hard. Still an amazing experience and worth it if you go once in the day and once at sunset/ night time. They have clean washrooms at the top and helpful guides. The penny crusher machine is working well.

The worst experience, The food was so cold, and It was served in two minutes after we ordered it. It was like the food was sitting for hours it was so disgusting, was so overpriced for the food that we received, I will make sure all the people I know they will never come back

5. Queen Elizabeth Park

We, my wife and I, went to the solarium for a quick outing while in town. It only costs $6.50 for adults to enter. We spent 45 minutes walking through this place. Fascinating, both flora and fauna alike. Great photo opportunities for most species of birds (some are pretty quick), and excellent information on the plants housed in the solarium. Gift shop was small but had enough items to get nice souvenirs to remember your visit. Outdoor gardens and paths to enjoy a stroll. Quite a few ups and downs on the trails so be ready for a bit of a workout.

It's a very beautiful park throughout the year, but is especially beautiful during the summer. There are a number of things you can see and do here... there's a conservatory, pitch and putt, dine at Season's In The Park, or just go for a stroll. It's a popular spot to have a wedding ceremony as well.

Beautiful park to go for a walk in but absalutly stunning in the summer when everything is in bloom!! You will often see people getting married in the park in the summer. There are many paths to take a long or short walk on. You can also go to the conservatory and walk through see the birds that live there and enjoy all the tropical plants that have been growing there for more than 40 years. Beautiful place to have a picnic and spend the day 🌹🥀🌸

A good place to go if you're a tourist in Vancouver and want to see a great view of the city. Lots of nice flowers and scenery as well as a restaurant at the top and a conservatory with birds and butterflies. The summer and spring are the best times to visit as there are lots of nice flowers and gardens, its also a good place for picnics and walks.

Beautiful beautiful park! Awesome place to go walk around and catch up with a friend. The garden is amazing. Lots to look at in the park as well as from it! The view of the city is definitely a huge draw for me to come here. And don't miss out on going to the blodel conservatory.

6. Stanley Park

Expansive park with tons to do! You can see the buildings that were created for the 2010 Olympics from the area that the Totems are located. You could visit the aquarium (which is world renowned). It's a beautiful place for an afternoon hike. You can fish here. There are many heritage statues. The park is also filled with beautiful, old trees and acts as a nice escape from the city proper. Great place to take your dog!

One of the most photogenic part of Vancouver- a rain forest in the middle (edge) of the city. The pars is very popular with tourists who walk or bike the sea wall on bikes . you can rent bikes-just off the entrance to the park. The park is so big it will easily take two hours to walk it but it’s worth every step. The Sea wall covers some stunning views of the surrounding areas and great little spots for mingling. The park also houses the Vancouver Aquarium and the Second Beach outdoor swimming pool. A gorgeous sprawling pool at the edge of the ocean with a 50 meter roped off lanes which are very popular with the long distance swimmers and triathletes.

Beautiful park with breathtaking view and scenery. Wonderful for either walking, cycling or even just driving through. There are a few cafes and restaurants too. I forgot the name of the restaurant but it was on the top where you can stand on the hill looking over the ocean and mountain. The food and drink were good at reasonable price. Came here twice and still wanna come back. A must-see place when visiting Vancouver.

I maybe a bit biased but, Stanley park is my favourite place in Canada. (so far). So easy to get to. The hidden lakes and trails are beautiful. You are in the city but feel totally outside of it. There's no traffic noises. Just birds. The sea wall is lovely all year round. Each section differs from the last and lost lagoon is a wonderful place to take pictures and enjoy the scenery.

This is a beautiful area to visit for a short bit of time or linger all day. The park is well kept and has a bit of “something for everyone”. Runners, joggers, cyclists and walkers all share a common path that winds throughout the park. Rent a bicycle or ride the horse drawn taxi around the park for a different perspective. There are views of the surrounding city and harbor around every corner and seeing the snow capped mountains in the distance added another dimension to the landscape.

7. Deeley Exhibition

Superbly laid out great value

The exhibition was beautifully presented.

As a motorcycle enthusiast I really enjoyed a lot to visit this motorcycle exhibition. Deeley has a very nice collection of vintage motorcycles. My favorite one HD XR750 from On Any Sunday movie. I would like to go back and visit this place soon.

Amazing collection of rare, unique and old motorcycles.

Get bikes good deal

8. Vanier Park

Great location for watching fireworks during the summer. There's a gravel path around the coast line that's good for running, or as the longer scenic route if you're cycling around False Creek.

Beautifully situated on Kits Point in Vancouver and home to the Bard on the Beach Shakespearian festival in the summers. This park has breathtaking views of Vancouver's North Shore across the waters of the entrance to Vancouver Harbour and Burrard Inlet.

Great place with great views. For chill or sporting it's the best

Home of the Vancouver Maritime Museum and the Vancouver Museum, can walk to Kits beach and Granville Island. Wonderful views of the downtown skyline and mountain backdrop.

Walked around, saw a bunch of quality doggos, nice view of Vancouver, 10/10 will walk again

9. Pacific Spirit Regional Park

I love this park! It's great for running, has a pretty complex network of trails that you can explore. This park is also a leash optional park so this means that your pooch can run free! So I really enjoy coming here with my dog and her other doggy friends and their humans

Nice snowy walk through the woods. Lots of paths to take and wasn't overly busy. We got the bus and it drops you off just outside one of many entrances. Make sure you don't come out the bit with the compost plant. Your nose will thank you.

Taken my dogs here for a walk through the trails. Just be mindful of which trails you can have your dog off leash, and also that some trails are shared with cyclists and even horses. Not much elevation change, so it's an easy stroll.

Let's throw one thing, this park is BIG. Not only it has a deep forest, with many different types of flowers, but it also hosts the Vancouver aquarium, next to it. It also contains an amazing lake to look at. This whole park is perfect for tourists and travellers. I'd recommend it.

Take the dog here as many weekends as possible. Trails are off lease with some including biking trails. I would suggest going early as it can get quite busy during nice days. Extra Poop pages at the main gates and the trails are well kept.

10. Science World at TELUS World of Science

I thoroughly enjoy science, both theoretical and practical. The ideas behind the displays and interactive materials are great. The only thing is that they are strongly oriented towards younger children. It's great to see the excitement and joy on the children's faces while they explore new knowledge. I'd just prefer a more adult touch. Also, $24 per adult seems a bit much.

This rating is only for the kids play area. I haven't really gone elsewhere. So happy the new floor for the water area is not slippery and doesn't flood anymore..thank you! Love they give waterproof bibs to wear. The climbing area is super fun and awesome. So happy they allows kids to wear shoes on there now. Has clean Change room and washrooms. Fun places for kids to explore

When I first went here I was thinking it was too expensive, but after being inside I think it is a hundred percent worth it. All staff members I encountered were courteous, friendly, and helpful. They have so many interactive features, I could be spent all day there. They had Ripley's Believe it or Not as the feature exhibit. It was cool. My son loved playing with the water features. 5/7 Will for sure go back. Also would be fun without kids.

I love the exhibits. I’ve been to two of the adult nights, worth going once! There’s always something to learn. It’s beautiful outside. A must see when visiting. Easy to get to by transit and close to other attractions. Plenty of places to eat nearby as well. Views of False Creek are always breathtaking.

Wish I had more time to explore all the exhibits. The optical illusions and puzzles on the ground floor were the most fun. It was also just fun to people watch--they do lots of demonstrations for the kids and the kids just go nuts. It's too cute!

11. FlyOver Canada

This is the ride (comparable to Disneyland and Universal studios in LA) in Vancouver. However it's uniquely Canadian and I'm proud it's here. You can really just be amazed and wowed by the sheer scale and beauty of Canadian nature including mountains, waterfalls, prairies, cities. The Christmas ride I attended with my wife and son has an additional portion of holiday fairy tale and humour as you see Santa's workshop and town. Also pre-show (recorded) and live Santa after show have been amazing. Just love it and highly recommend as a must do for every visitor in Vancouver!

I went to China and Canada one and it was really fun. An amazing experience and hopefully they will show more places soon because I will definitely return. One thing I wish I knew before hand is not to keep anything in your pockets (mostly If they are open).

As part of upcoming Chinese New Year, they did a Chinese theme experience as part 1. The place was also relevantly decorated in Chinese New Year theme which was quite atmospherically authentic Chinese. The actual 4D flying theatrical experience was quite exciting. If only the graphic can be a bit more clearer, that will enhance the visual aspect of this show.

The concept and the ride is cool. However, it is just the same short video. It would be nice if there are more new movies. If not, it’s hard to go back. Once in a while there are some specials like Christmas. There was a children choir performance during Christmas time which was very nice and added a lot of flavor to the experience.

Went there on 17th Feb and booked the 8:30 PM slot. While the staff was working hard, the shows were running late by 45-60 minutes and it was extremely uncomfortable to stand outside in the cold weather in sub zero temperatures. There was no explanation offered for the delays so it just seemed that the show was not properly managed. Talking about the show itself, they ran a complimentary show for free "Flight of the Dragon". The recording of the show was poor and it seemed was shot by an amateur on a low resolution camera. Infact, i was wondering if my eyes were OK unless my friends also complained about the blurry videos which weren't worth for even free. The Fly Over Canada video was better though it still could have been improved. Overall, i don't think we got value for our money considering waiting in the long queue in open on a chilly Saturday night and the price of the tickets paid. In the end our entire group was wondering why did we spent money on it. There were other better things to do!! Also, don't forget parking in Vancouver is pretty expensive so it turns out more expensive than just the price of tickets we paid. Future ticket buyers, please weigh your options carefully and go only if you have not seen 4D / 5D videos and have never been to Universal Studios/ Disneyland and similar theme parks. if you have been, you will be more disappointed

12. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden

It's a beautiful recreation of an old Chinese garden. Although it's a small garden, for it's size, I'd give it 5 stars. It's nothing like you've ever seen before. It has these old ancient Chinese buildings, and lots of water going. It has lots of flowers from different kinds that will just stun you. It's an absolutely amazing view.

The first time I went to the garden I just explored the free side. It's beautiful with some great photo ops and a quiet oasis to forget the city bustle. Because it's free though it can be busy. Last time we did the paid tour. Worth every penny. . . our guide was knowledgeable and warm and took plenty of time for questions and exploration. It was a cool damp day (so, Vancouver) so the warm tea at the end was great. Learned a ton about Japanese garden and scholar home...highly recommend the tour.

A gorgeous, meticulously made traditional chinese garden. If you go for a tour you would be amazed at the depth of the construction and the layers of meaning in the actual shape of the structure. Everything has different meanings, and all the meanings and aesthetics can change based on the WEATHER! It is an incredible must-see place of Chinatown.

Loved this place! It was the most magical place of all time, the inner garden seem almost unrealistic. Surrounded by a bustling city, the gardens are as calm as ocean at big.

I lived in Vancouver for years and never knew all the history and interesting information about this garden. The tour guide was friendly and VERY knowledgeable, and did well to teach all the interesting history and facts that you'd never pick up on your own. I now believe this garden to be one of the important landmarks of Vancouver. Well worth the money for the tour.

13. Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art

The place is closed for reno since 10th dec 2017.

A must visit for any visitor to Vancouver and BC who wants to understand a small part of First Nations Culture and History. This is also a wonderful location to pick up some unique and authentic first nations art pieces.

Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful ! Amazing art! Worth a trip to Vancouver by itself.

Looking to expand your knowledge on one of Canada's most iconic Indigenous artists while discovering the diverse artist styles of the Northwest coast? COME HERE! It's great!

Rudest receptionist - ruined the experience. We went last year and enjoyed the art and would have recommended the gallery for a quick visit when downtown. I work in tourism and was taking part in the tourism challenge today - we walked in and were immediately chastised for talking (before we had even hit the front desk), and were then told in the deepest of sarcastic tones that we could get a stamp for our tourism challenge if we helped with her 500 receipts and end of day accounting. Unbearably condescending and rude and no way to welcome anyone, whether they're a paying or complimentary visitor. Won't go back, won't recommend.

14. Capilano Suspension Bridge

Such a great place to visit in Vancouver. Easy to buy tickets online to avoid the lines and they have an expiry date of 12 months, which is great if your plans change. We went on a pretty rainy day - but dont let that deter you, the crowds are less and it really suits the environment as you walk through the different areas of the park. (Plus you can pick up a poncho at the info desk!) Everything is well set out and offers information/educational resources as you make your way around. Also a cute little gift shop once you are done. Free shuttle in downtown area that has 4 stops and you can take it back provided you have purchased entry

Spectacular views and a 1 of a kind experience. It is certainly worth the admission price. The tree tops are cool but the edge walk is definitely spookier then the suspension bridge that can swing if there are enough people walking along it. Its busy on a weekend so I would recommend going during the week. The gift shop is moderately priced as well.

Breathtaking views , Pure nature. It cost ~$42 for each adult and kids under 6 go for free. No stroller access so if you got kids make sure you hang on to them tight as the bridge wobbles a lot. Not safe to carry kids on your shoulders. Family fun activity by visiting various sections of trails and collect stamps to get completion certificate in the end. Restrooms are available. Coffee shop and souvenirs. Paid parking. Insider tip: if you see big line to purchase at the regular ticket counter you can buy the tickets at coffee shop across the road where you park.

The Canyon Light is amazing for the Christmas time because of that reason it draw lots & lots of people included local and travellers pack in the park. But that is not my reason I gave 3 star is because they need to manage better for the line up to crossing the bridge specially in very cold weather. They should put more heater along the line up to warm up those visitor for waiting a least half an hour. And I heard over someone ask for the staff can they get refund. I like to my kids there specially the Canyon light. But I do really think please do better year after year and put more heater along the line up so that we won't get too cold while we are waiting. If I see they are improved I will give 5 star.

I give it a five star despite the fact that it is a little overpriced. The scenery was beautiful, with the suspension bridge and the cliff walk (although I was hoping the ground could be glass). The staff was nice, and the air and view are both fresh. Good to bring seniors (need a lot of walk tho) and kids for a family time.

15. Museum of Anthropology

This feels like a small museum but then you discover the drawers that pull out with even more things in and suddenly you've got more than it's possible to see in a day. The cafe was good with a comfortable sofa. The different rooms had different ways of showing objects so that there's no chance of getting board. The gift shop was full of interesting items.

Ok. I thought it was a museum displaying the development history of human being... like how people evolved from monkey... But I was wrong. This museum is mostly about indigenous culture and other traditional cultures. But the building design itself is amazing, with a whole side of the building facing the sea, which is astonishing when sunlight pours in.

We had a great time at this museum. We enjoyed the standing Totems and Indigenous Art/Artifacts displayed. Lots of rooms to explore at your own pace. And they're collection on display, rather than in storage, was amazing. Parking is super expensive so consider public transit when travelling to the museum.

A very peaceful/tranquil environment that houses a great many works, including those from foreign countries. A priceless collection and a pleasure to explore. The layout might do with some more connections between exhibit areas and taller ceilings for some of the taller works (totem poles) but otherwise a good facility.

This museum is one of the few things I actually miss about Vancouver! You could literally spend hours going through the place and not get bored! If I were to ever come back to Vancouver, this would probably be my one and only stop!

16. Nitobe Memorial Garden

very authentic Japanese garden. Free entrance for UBC students. Great way to recharge in the mid of the day.

Used to come here a lot as student and still visit occasionally. The garden is always in superb condition; clean, quiet, and serene. Visitors are very respectful. This garden is gorgeous all year. There is also a parking structure right in front of it.

I've visited Japan, but still: this Japanese garden is beautiful. Came here during Fall season, the colors were wonderful.

This place is located (North End)within walking distance from Beaty Biodiversity Museum and the Museum of Anthropology on the grounds of the University of British Columbia it's so beautifully manicured and very photogenic a great place to relax or just to take a stroll

Good cozy small garden. Try to visit in summer if possible.

17. Vancouver Foodie Tours

My husband and I did the Granville tour today with our guide, Lydia. The tour info, presentation by Lydia, organization and of course the amazing food all exceeded our expectations! what a fun way to be introduced to Granville Island and British Columbia bounty. We also met and chatted with nice people. And breakfast wine is now on my radar screen! A fantastic way to spend a couple of hours.

My husband and I did the Granville island tour while on vacation in Vancouver and had so much fun! The food was AMAZING and we were so full by the end of the tour! Our tour guide knew so much about the location and it's history, along with the vendors and all about the delicious food we ate. The food was definitely the highlight of the tour, and we still go back to visit the shops when have been back to Granville Island since then.

Nadia was terrific - extremely knowledgeable. Everything we ate and drank was outstanding and we learned a lot about the Vancouver food scene. Plan to do the Granville Island tour soon.

My best friend and I were in Vancouver for a girls weekend, and she booked this tour. It was certainly a high point of our trip, and I would recommend it to anyone. There is something for everyone, bread, wine, cheese, tea, coffee, fruit and veg, spices, doughnuts and much more! Our guide Miguel was fantastic, he is a true foodie and his passion comes across in his tours!

This was one of the best tours I have taken. Jenny was the greatest tour guide ever. She had all the inside info on the places we tried and even stopped along the way to give us background about the beautiful city of Vancouver. I would definitely request Jenny the next time I am in town and take another tour.

18. The Grouse Grind

Great hike if you’re up to the challenge. I’d suggest you bring lots of water and perhaps some snacks. Be prepared for your lungs and leg muscles to burn. More of a healthy activity for adults with the stamina to make the arduous trek. The scenery is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. Highly recommended if you’re looking to burn some calories and test your endurance.

Interesting trail! I was visiting Vancouver and decided to hike this trail. It is definitely not a usual trail; it is very steep with lots of stairs which makes it really hard on your knees. It took me about 2:15 to get to the top and it was definitely worth it. But be careful, if you are not exercising regularly, this trail would be really difficult for you. Also note that this is a one way trail so only path forward!

This is a great place to go for an outdoor workout and views of Vancouver. It's a stairmaster in the woods, it has fresh air, and it's a heck of a workout. This is not a great place to go for a tranquil and serene hike. It's too overrun with tourists and locals alike, whether clad in flip flops or trail runners, scrambling to the top. That said, I keep going, because it's a classic Vancouver activity and never fails to get the heart pumping.

Must have. It took me 2 hours and lot of sweat. It is like mandatory for your health. My friend does it regularly every year and he is so healthy and not looks like 54 years. Food at the top is great

Have fun... be prepared! If it's warm at the bottom , it might be cold at the top. Great views. Good Vancouver exercise! Enjoy!

19. Spirit Wrestler Gallery

The finest gallery in Vancouver! The guys here really know their stuff! Have been buying from them for 15 years and their knowledge about not only native art but also world art is second to none!! Whether Inuit or Maori they have beautiful pieces to suit all wallets 😃. We love it and would never go anywhere else!!

Amazing gallery and wonderful people. My family has been buying art from them for like 30 years now!

20. Canada Place

Nice place. Great to take friends from out of town. I recommend Fly Over Canada. Absolutely stunning. Nice to bring kids and children. Very lovely to walk beside the sea and very beautiful view. Just a little crowded sometimes.

Beautiful area. There are lots of ways to get around. Can get between both places under ground. There's a good amount of seat and places to charge your phone. Vancouver international wine festival was hosted here. Great room. The conference room was a really good size and the lighting was great.

This place is amazing. If you are visiting Vancouver for first time, this should be on top of my recommendation list. Don't miss the sky ride it just cost $35 and give you an amazing experience. Keep your camera on you got the best portraits. Enjoy.

I love this place for it's incredible views. No matter what weather it is - sun, rain or snow - the views are fantastic. The mountains can be green or covered with snow or hidden in frog or clouds but I can't stop admiring them. I like also looking at the water it relaxes me. And another thing what I like about Canada Place is huge cruise ships landing on the terminals. They are so immense and beautiful! And I dream to go to a sea trip on board of such a ship. So once in Vancouver everybody should visit this place. It is definitely a landmark of this great city.

This is a lovely central spot downtown with great views. The food court downstairs is well stocked with variety of food and has a nice feel with lots of windows over looking the water feature outside. Upstairs you can enter the hotel lobby and have some really great food overlooking the indoor water feature, or overlooking the Harbour with some unprecedented views, looking towards Stanly park and Lions gate Bridge. The service has always been pleasant and relaxed here for me. Especially upstairs.