Best Things To Do in Tahiti French Polynesia

1. Bougainville Park

Hidden good steak house is inside the park

Lovely little park

駐足在Papeete的時間不多, 剛好遇到星期六下午, 大部分的店家都關門, 很悠閒的在此散步

Bel structure mais assez sale et mal fréquentée

Petit parc agréable, avec une petite rivière qui le délimite, dommage que les jeux pour enfants soient cassé.

2. Pā'ōfa'i Gardens

Great place to do running and play with kids

Very nice to chill, children have dedicated areas where they can play safely. Dogs are authorized. Pokestops and arenas for Pogo players

Beautiful waterfront views. Nice for walks around the harbour

C super super super super super cooooooooool 😘😍💕🎅haha!

Great visit to the market

3. Robert Wan Pearl Museum

Ok museum, mainly to showcase the jewelry shop.

Nice overview of pearl history.

Lieu incontournable lors d'un passage à Papeete. L'histoire de la perle, la naissance d'une perle, la qualité de la nacre sont très intéressants. Que dire des colliers et bijoux présentés, un délice pour les yeux...


Musée expliquant la formation des perles et en présentant.

4. Tahiti

Tahiti is one of the most beautiful islands in French Polynesia. I have holidayed here twice and loved both vacations. On my first, the primary goal was to visit the Paul Gauguin Museum because I loved his paintings. Unfortunately, the museum does not have any of his paintings. Still it was fun touring the island, visiting a native fruit distillery, shopping at the public market, and so much more.

One of my favorite places on earth. Lived 3 years on Tahiti and it was magic. Rather on the expensive side though when buying groceries at Carrefour for example, as everything needs to be imported, but the beauty of the island and the generosity of the locals makes up for it.

It’s a magical place. Sadly you do not have a high enough clearance to view the rest of this information. File: T.A.H.I.T.I. Clearance Level: 10

Great luxurious ocean so beautiful if you are a good surfer go in the choupoo witch has the biggest waves in the world

If you could enjoy life for at least a week in Tahiti every year , that's enjoyment to the full. Ideal getaway for the Rich.

5. Papeete Catholic Cathedral

We were in Tahiti on 22nd August, 2017. It was a beautiful but pretty hot afternoon. While in the capital city, Papeete, we were out site-seeing and a bit of window shopping but really looking for the US Embassy, McDonald's and came across the Papeete Catholic Cathedral know as Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Papeete. Not at all far from the waterfront, it' a nice little cathedral. It was built by French missionaries in the period 1848-1875 and inaugurated in 1875 making it the oldest church in Tahiti and one of the last remaining examples of the early colonial architecture of Papeete. The gaily coloured with red roof, not to mention the distinctive red spire on the church tower certainly make this cathedral a stand out in the centre of the capital. This modest Cathedral has benefited from several restorations, namely in 1967, 1988 and in 2005 and it will be interesting to see how it holds its place in years to come as central Papeete develops, as I'm sure that it will. ps. Walking a little further down the road from the Cathedral we eventually found the rather uninteresting U.S. Embassy.

amazing church all honneur and glory for god . thank you god for all the thing you give us Amen.

Stunning little cathederal


A must visit place

6. Museum of Tahiti and Her Islands

Great exhibits covering natural and cultural history of the islands. Limited signage in English. Botanical gardens are quite nice.

Excellent local museum. A bit of everything. Geology, anthropology, meteorology, history, etc. A great way to spend an hour or more.

Should be visited ! By all of y ou 4 shure'

7. La Plage de Maui

Memorable lunch at this charmingly quaint waterside location. Sandy floor, million dollar views, warm friendly service, fabulous local seafood. We had the shrimp salad and the curry shrimp - both were delicious and good value. This meal was a highlight of our stay in Tahiti.

Easily the best seafood in Tahiti and Moorea. This place is just so authentic and the food fresh and very good.

great ambience. Not cheap, but good value. Excellent seafood and nice service. Nice sit down alternative to the food vans. Hand feed the fish while having lunch!

The table was full. The staff said to us that’s we wait 30 min for get the table. Than we came back to the restaurant we saw 3 people in font of us just arrived but they got the table before us.

Everything was perfect. Great atmosphere, great food, great view and they treat you like you are family. I cannot recommend this place enough!

8. aremiti ferry


Très beau ferry et bien équipé. Traversée Papeete/Moorea superbe à faire pour des touristes.

9. Territorial Assembly

Belle demeure

Visite guidée très enrichissante

Assemblée territoriale, organise diverses manifestation dans ses locaux