Best Things To Do in Sydney Australia

1. Sydney Harbour Bridge

A great adventure for just about everyone! Yes, it's quite a climb, yes it's high (134 meters), but it's doable for anyone with a minimal physical condition. Much consideration is taken to ensure your safety, and the instructions are clear. And my 85 year old father made the trip just fine! Our climb guide (Kevin) looked after us well and made sure everyone was fine and any queries were answered. About 4 times, the tour (max 14 people) holds a break, allowing you to relax and enjoy the amazing views. The climb is mainly on normal easy steps, but does include 4 ladders up, and at the end 4 ladders, down. At the top of the bridge, the guide takes time to take pictures of you and your friends, which you can purchase later. Note that you are not allowed to take your own camera with you - you leave your personal belongings in a locker before you depart for the climb. We went during the day, but when you're ok to make a very early start, you can opt to book the sunrise tour. You then leave before sunrise and watch the sun come up. Enjoy!

We went up the pylon and walked across the bridge. We got a great view of the Opera House and it was a wonderful experience. For us, doing the pylon and walking across the bridge was perfect. We did not need to do the really expensive tour walking across the top.

Top notch. Does everything a bridge should: spans over water, provides great views, allows both vehicles and pedestrians to cross. Premium features include handrails, photo opportunities and excellent lighting, currently being upgraded to increase the level of art deco. Highly recommended for tourists but it inspires even locals like me.

The area around the bridge has a very colonial feel to it, with lots of historical buildings from the reign of Victoria. Lots of interesting shops and a huge choice of bars, cafes and restaurants to suit every taste. You can take the walk way onto the bridge and if your feeling fit climb the towers that hold the structure of the bridge together. It is about 200 steps to the top and a charge of $15. Well worth the effort as the views are spectacular from the top so be sure to take your camera.

Bridges don't excite me. I've seen many bridges around the world and honestly it's nothing really spectacular. If it was a gigantic draw bridge and it opened while I was there then I would be this is something everyone has to see in their life...but it doesn't and it didn't. So this is a 2 because some people love bridges and think it's the most amazing thing in the world.

2. Darling Harbour

Between Darling Harbour and Darling Quarter there is a fun water feature for kids to play. Plenty of places for parents to sit a relax with take away food outlets nearby. The playground is so interesting for kids and the water feature is entertaining and educational. If you have kids needing some fun entertainment this is the place to head for. Make sure you bring the kids a change of clothes because they will get wet and they will have lots of fun. If you found this helpfully give me a 👍. Thanks.

With the new ICC, this place looks amazing. Nice, vibrant feel at nighttime, but also relaxing - with kids and adults alike running around on the water features. Cute beach chairs are built in to the sides as well. Great atmosphere.

This is loaded with fun, you can eat, drink, ferry ride, visit sea life aquarium. It's a lively place always full with tourist. There is so much to do for every age group so go with ample time to enjoy. One can go for camping to Cockatoo island for camping or just take a ferry ride to Circular Quay and enjoy passing under the Sydney Harbour bridge and famous Opera house.

It was fun, has some new structures over the last 6-12 months, i love the Chinese Garden of Friendship, love the water and the shopping centre. I love the little water areas where kids can play and the big play areas. I love the amount of open space too. There’s a McDonald’s for anyone wanting that and some more new stuff being built still. Very excited to see what it is!

Great place to visit. Had my 5 year old grandson for his first visit to the big city (we live up the north coast) was so surprised how easy public transport was to use. Darling harbour was so much fun and having all the grassed areas to eat lunch was fantastic and the free playground was a big hit.

3. Royal Botanic Gardens

So many things to see and do. The visitor centre is really well stocked and updated regularly. The cafe can get busy but you could also bring your own picnic to enjoy anywhere In the gardens. Everything is immaculate with no rubbish. Plenty of places to sit either on a bench or on the grass to just take in the atmosphere.

What an amazing and tranquil place. We spent the afternoon in this Seaside heaven. The grounds are kept remarkably clean. The staff do an amazing job. Plenty of washroom facilities and water fountains around the park. Our kids loved all the beautiful trees and remarkable views. 5 stars isn't enough. truly heaven.

These gardens are stunning and well worth visiting on any trip to Sydney. They have some of the most amazing views of the harbour and the Opera House. The botanical gardens are remarkably well kept with manicured lawns, amazing gardens and trees. The cafe is very good and reasonably priced. Loads of toilets and drinking fountains, it is very well serviced. Personally I preferred the botanical gardens of Melbourne, the setting and views are second to none.

Such a stunning location on the harbour. Has to be one of the most beautiful Botanical Gardens I have been to. Right next to the Sydney Opera House and with views across to the Harbour Bridge. There are so many paths around the area that all lead back to each other. Some great ponds and all the gardens are very well kept. The cafe has some great food and coffee on offer. If your lucky you will get a chance to feed the lorikeets and cockatoos. There is also a small train that you can get for $10 which will show you around.

The Royal Botanic Gardens are a must visit. It's set on the most beautiful location next to the harbour with views of the opera house and harbour bridge. The Gardeners are always busy keeping the place looking fantastic. Bring a picnic and sit on the grass if you like, or wander up the back to look at the amazing plant collections.

4. Australian National Maritime Museum

General Admission which includes almost everything except visit to the boat & sub is FREE! The museum has a dedicated area for infants and a separate large play area for children. The shop has regular special items on sale at very reasonable price. A short walk from darling harbour complex. Easiest assess is by Light Rail The "Big Ticket" get you access to the sub and the tall ship. Definitely worth while but the sub will require some tight stairs climbing and may not suitable for very small children and elderly

Great museum with a huge number of free exhibits (enough to spend at least a few hours there). Lots of material about the history of the navy and exploration of Australia, along with additional one-offs about things like the first solo circumnavigation of the globe by a woman and the on-water speed record. The free shipping container exhibit that's nearby outside was also excellent.

Great day out - warships and submarine are a must, 3D Theatre q's AWESOME +-BBC Oceans was showing and was spectacular, friendly staff too. Bag check in, great exhibits particularly navy, action stations and WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY it was AMAZING! COOL digital interactive stations are a hit with the kids! Well worth a visit and Apparently they do venue hires too - can't wait for vivid festival!! 👍👍

Loved the place. Lot of historical items on display. Kids, with an interest of Australian history, will definitely like this. Marvelous, magnificent ships and sub-marine on display and visit. Volunteers are around to help you with queries. Advisable to spend at least 2 hours here..

Worth a look, and great that it's one of the few similar places in Sydney that is at least partially free. Will cost you to look at the boats, sub and certain other exhibits. The free stuff is worth a look on its own though, and includes the world water speed record holder.

5. Sydney Opera House

What a beautiful building both from the inside and outside. I'll start with the outside. The Opera House is an icon of architecture so seeing if for the first time in person was quite exhilarating. We were there are Chinese New Year and caught the split second fireworks behind the opera house too. They have wide open plazas/pathways around so you can capture photos from all angles and enjoy the architecture from every viewpoint. The inside is very minimalist but quite beautiful in its simplicity. I expected the main theater to be quite ornate but it was quite the opposite, SIMPLE! It was magnificent to watch an opera at the Opera House and the simplicity of the decor didn't detract from the opera which was a plus for me. Around the winds of the theater are many floor to ceiling windows to enjoy the view of the harbor from many different views. Go to the back after you enter for a beautiful bar area with tons of windows. Highly recommend visiting! Try to catch a show or opera if you can as well.

This iconic building is a must do when visiting Sydney. We choose the early morning behind the scenes tour. It was so worth every penny. Through a guided tour, our group of 8 explored the Green Room, all 4 halls, went on stage in 2 halls and behind the scenes of 3 halls. Saw the property storage area and a dressing room. We stood in the Orchestra pit in the opera hall. We were awed by the Symphony hall! The tour ended back in the Green Room where we ate a most amazing breakfast (included in the price of the tour.) There were 4 breakfast options from a simple croissant and fruit to a full scrambled egg, bacon and toast meal. The food was excellent. Our guide was amazing! He was very informative and answered all of our questions. In fact, he asked each of us what we were doing next and offered directions and suggestions to help. Strongly recommend the Sydney Opera House and, especially the early morning tour.

We attended a French musical 'Carmen' by Bizet, and the 'Merchant of Venice' in the past. The experience was absolutely fabulous. The acoustics are splendid, so was the lighting. Step out of the hall and you get to soak up the beautiful view of the harbour. It's definitely a must visit place. When I finally got inside my mind was blown. I was in town for a week. There are a few venues beside the largest. The stage and theater was very intimate, not a bad seat in the place although there are only 550 seats. The lighting, acoustics and flow of the small theaters is amazing. As for the building itself, the details are subtle and classy, from the open elevator shafts to the bathroom sink it seems no detail was left without care and consideration. I can't wait to go back to see something else.

What can I say about the Opera House which hasn't already been said. Go late afternoon to see the sunset over the harbour. The most iconic modern building in the world! See a classical concert in the concert hall if you possibly can. Don't bother with seats lower than A Reserve, unless you are reading this after the 2019 refurbishment. The Sydney Symphony Orchestra is one of the world's best full size orchestras. An absolute bargain compared to the New York Phil. The Australian Chamber Orchestra is one of a handful of truly great small classical orchestras in the world. Both are based in the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall. The Opera Theatre is relatively small by world standards, but superb. Operas are much less expensive than in London or New York. The food area, between the Opera House and Sydney Harbour, is noisy, expensive, and worth it!

Been to theatre, opera and orchestras here and absolutely enjoyed every single time. The iconic Opera House lives up to its name and the staff, facilities and location is great. Can get busy when lining up for tickets, so by all means if you can book online, definitely a better alternative. Note that you will have to cloak your bag if it's too big, so stick to the warnings. Seat ushers are great to talk to and make sure you arrive early so that you can snap a few pictures before your show.

6. Pylon Lookout

Pricey at $15 per adult but worth it for nice views of the harbour. Not as exhilarating as the bridge climb but an easy 200 step climb for 360 views, with a high guard rail that ensures nobody falls off. The museum section is informative with a detailed history of the bridge as well as interesting factoids. The 10 minute film is a neat spectacle to watch, set to music with no narration.

Wonderful place to get a view of downtown Sydney and the famous Sydney Harbor. It is also a fraction of the cost to walking up on top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge. You can get wide, unobstructed views of the Harbor and all of downtown Sydney. There is also a small museum and short video you can watch about the making of the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Incredible views at a fraction of the cost of the harbour bridge climb. Accessing the pylon can be somewhat tricky as it requires a walk up the bridge until you reach the entrance of the pylon. The entrance is narrow and not as apparent. That said, it all contributes to the experience. A fantastic experience and a must do whilst in Sydney.

Climb the pylon with a ticket of 10 dollars (for students) and you'll get too see the spectacular harbour bridge, opera house and cbd of Sydney! It's beautiful view with boats, cruises sailing near opera house. Of Course you cannot take a bad picture here.

Great location for visitors and residence alike. Remember your camera!

7. Hyde Park Barracks Museum

Probably one of the best venues in the Sydney Living Museums group. The building is a surviving relic of early Sydney, while it has had a long and storied life and has undergone vast changes throughout its days much effort has been made to restore portions of it and maintain as much as possible. The barracks itself is filled with items, stories and artworks detailing Sydney's early days, especially the details of our convict heritage. External buildings include the courthouse and gatehouse, which are relics interesting in their own right. Recommended visit if you're interested in Sydney's past at all.

I spent 3 hours, including a spot of lunch there yesterday and enjoyed every minute. So much to learn, with displays set up in a creative and informative way. I could not suggest any improvements and would rank this among the best historical exhibitions I have seen. Thank you.

Redone and quite nice, especially with the audio guides. The history and audio explanations however are very slanted and clearly do not recognize the wrongfulness committed against the aborigines during the initial settlement. At times I was almost laughable as some story based explanations spoke of how the aboriginals would integrate well and had a great relationship with the settlers.. Besides that the museum is nice. Just be aware a lot of the historical retelling is slanted to glorify the British settlers.

Not a large museum but the exhibits were well organised so that one topic led easily to another. Numbered rooms meant that the visitor is never in doubt where to go next. A wide range of media are used to bring the exhibits to life. I particularly liked the video of a human hand spooning up soup to illustrate the convict diet - it gives the impression that the visitor is doing the eating.

Really nice place to go to and just look around. If you are interested you can listen to the audio guides about how the prisoners lived and worked here. Don't take your kids here because it will probably be really boring for them.

8. Mrs Macquarie's Chair

My one recollection of this place is that I got a spanking here for some reason and then made to pose for a photo! Thus the infamous photo of me with a grumpy face in front of the famous Mrs. Macquarie steps. Aside from that unfortunate memory the place is tranquil and no surprise that Mrs Macquarie used this point to view the harbour in all its glory. Thankfully this is not a space only a privileged few can use from their ivory tower, but a public space that anyone can visit by car or on foot from St James station past the Art Gallery of NSW. There are now occasional performances that are made here from a platfrom that is sometimes set up and I knew of one person that took part in a classical performance here on that platform on the water, so do look up any events that might happen here. The view is excellent and any performance will be most unique.

If you're in any way interested in Sydney's colonial settlement this is a must see. But if you think that it is the best view of Sydney harbour, you might be wasting your time. It does get you to take the lovely walk through the botanical gardens that you might not otherwise have done.

This is a simple sandstone ledge that sits on a point in Sydney Harbor. In the early 1800's, the Governor's wife recognized this place for its incredible beauty, and she would often sit on or around this beautiful ledge. The Governor ordered some of his convicts to cut a seat out of the sandstone, for his wife.

Mrs Macquarie's Point is near Mrs Macquaries Chair. It is a good viewpoint of Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge from a far distance. The icons were well lighted at night. I went to Sydney for the new year countdown. It was one of the best spots to view fireworks but it is advisable to get up early as the queue for entry is very very long. The entrance is free. We queue since 9.00am but only managed to enter the view point at 3.00pm and the good spots were all taken by other people.

While in Sydney we visited here. A good botanical garden. We spent about an hour here. It was clean and nicely maintained. We could see the opera from here. It was a Sunday, at the top they had cycling fair going on. Lots of people were seen enjoying on their cycles. Most of the cycles were decorated

9. Art Gallery of New South Wales

This is a great allrounder. The gallery is set in a really impressive building in the heart of Sydney, surrounded by green space whilst enjoying water views. The gallery itself is well laid out and the free sections have some really great pictures that are well curated. The exhibitions that have a charge involved are also well managed and good value. Finally there is a great cafe and a really good separate restaurant. Great for locals and visitors alike.

A very enjoyable atmosphere, a mixture of visual art, music and pleasure. You would love the service and friendly staff. All folks are around to help you and make your day. If you ever wonder to take a gander of a masterpiece, never hesitate to follow your feelings. The paintings and statues make you all up. If would go there again. Thanks

This is very prestigious institution of Government. This has lot of art contemporary as well as historical. Most interestingly this gallery also manage events for private functions. Entry is free leaving one floor. You need more than a day to see it completely. Situated just opp to Botanical Garden and at heart of tourist area. Managment is perfect.

I spent 2 hours just on the first floor! Many great works. This is an amazing gallery, really enjoyed it! But there’s a thing, I found it hard to read the artworks hung in a higher position because of the reflection of light, that’s a shame tho :) but all in all I love this place! Definitely worth my visit again

The Art Gallery of NSW is a fascinating beautiful place to visit. The gallery frequently has national and international exhibitions. The current exhibition consists of 6 magnificent tapestries of The Lady and the Unicorn....generously on loan from France. The exhibitions are always beautifully curated. The permanent collections in the gallery are diverse and interesting works from Australia, Asia and Europe.

10. The Rocks Walking Tours

The tour would be good for people new to Australia but for those like my family who know convict history it was extremely boring. Although cheap the tour had my kids wanting to leave the whole time. The tour did not have that many jokes or anything.

Wonderful experience. Even the kids were entertained. Our guide Brian had years of education and experience on this topic and was able to pull out lots of fun tidbits --- like the story of the convict who ripped the image of a compass out of a book to assist his escape.

It's was very entertaining and interesting. Our guide Sarah was amazing and she told me a lot of things I didn't know about the Rocks. My nieces Maya and amelie were very interested and we hope to go there again

Loved this walking tour. As a Brit most of the history being talked about would be ignored in a wander round as it's all too new so it was great to have these things picked out. For me the real plus was the focus on social history and the experience of the convicts in Australia.

A must-do if visiting The Rocks of Sydney. Our guide was well informed, spoke clearly and had lots of little props and stories that added depth to the walk. At $25 it is great value for money. As a Victorian primary school teacher, who teaches about The First Fleet it really was an experience of history coming to life. I now have so many little snippets to share with the kids next time I teach the unit! Thanks, Ann.

11. Hyde Park

Large, impressive park in the Sydney CBD. One of Sydney's premiere parks with statues, fountains and lots of picnic spots. Being close to high density offices, the park can get quite busy at lunch time through the working week. Hyde Park also hosts various festivals over the year, including food and wine festivals, music and other shows. The park is well lit and generally safe, but for BBQ facilities or sports activities would choose another option like the nearby Botanic Gardens. Otherwise, Hyde Park is a picturesque slice of inner Sydney and worth a visit.

Great statues of memorable people of Sydney's past. Grand old trees. Flower beds full of colour. People walking, strolling, lunching, picnicking or just taking in the ambience. One of the great aspects is that there are several magnificent buildings on its edges - St Mary's Catholic Cathedral, The Australian Museum, St Andrew's Anglican Cathedral and St James Church.

There is a memorial to Naval officers who lost their lives in WW1. What was intriguing was the Anzac memorial which is being renovated. There is fencing around it at the moment, but what we could see showing at the top, looks absolutely spectacular. It is worth taking time out to visit Hyde Park.

I love this place. When I first came here I was not sure what to expect. It's a great place to run and clear your head or have a picnic with the family. It's very accessible as this park in the heart of Sydney. Give this place a try!

One of my favourite Parks of all times!!! It has a bit of everything! A fountain with a Monument, live music, gardens, neat grass, lovely views to the City and across the road from St Marys Cathedral. Steps from Botanical Gardens and NSW Art Gallery. A great spot stop and sit on the grass. Skaters should not be allowed there though! Too noisy and dangerous.

12. Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk

This walk was the first thing that we did when we arrived in Sydney and it really is worthwhile. A story bus journey from the centre of Sydney to Bondi beach (far closer than I ever managed). We got off at Bondi beach and we blown away by how lovely it was. Having spent a couple of hours at the beach, we stayed along the wall, taking the high costal path. It wasn't sign posted (that I can remember, but was very obvious to find). The path way was wonderful and or is something that everyone can do, although there are a few steps up. But the scenes are stunning, with wonderful breeches, coast line and rock formations along the way. You post through some wonderful bays and cafes and toilets. It really is something for everyone. Wonderful and a must do if you have time in Sydney.

One of the most rewarding walks in Sydney. You'll have different views every time you turn around the next rock. The only problem is that too many people want to do this treasure of a walk. Even on weekdays at non-peak hours you'll mix with all kind of people - people with baby carriages, photographers, tourists, runners, old people. If you extend your walk to Coogee you'll get a bit more for yourself. And from there a bus will take you back to the City as well!

This is an amazing walk. Bondi Beach already looks incredible from anywhere, but it is elevated to new levels once you get to a viewing point on this walk. Whether you want to just take photos, go for a leisurely stroll, a run, or just relax, this is an exceptional place to do it.

Relatively easy walk. Bring water, sunscreen and a hat. Wear comfortable walking shoes. Water filling & and drinking stations are provided along the track. Toilets are also there in the main points. Have your swimwear ready to take a dip in any of the ocean pools. You can do the walk the others way around and it will be equally breathtaking.

Great walk and a chance to see a different side of Sydney. Highly recommend! Only a moderate amount of fitness required (quite a few hills and stairs).

13. Sydney Things To Do

Their $20 Iventure deal is only for Australian Residents yet most of their marketing is about it. Foreign visitors don't bother unless you're doing multiple high value attractions and especially if you are visiting place like the Sydney Tower or Aquarium who do far better deals for multiple attractions. The prices in the leaflet they show you you'll save on are full price attraction fees which you'll rarely pay if you book tickets for example The Opera house online.


14. Sydney Observatory

An amazing evening visiting and looking through 2 telescopes and then the planetarium. Our guide was very knowledgeable and we had lots of questions answered well. Fascinating exhibits and the place is walk around. Great value for money.

Enjoyed the family tour, Jason was a passionate and overall a stellar guide. Even though it was a rainy day we didn't go off our rocket that we couldn't launch the rocket. The tour was out of this world and had a great vibe... Some would say it had a great atmosphere!

A charming building well signposted in a charming part of Sydney. Exhibits were interesting and interactive and the building and grounds were well maintained. The young lady in the front desk was very helpful and friendly. We will return when we have more time.

Was so awesome to see the clusters of stars and the moon close up. Our tour guide was so knowledgeable and I loved his sense of humour. Had such a great time learning about the universe. Also when I asked they let me try capture a photo of the moon using my phone through the telescope - that was really cool because it turned out great!

I didn't enter the Observatory as I just walked around in the morning to waste my transit time in Sydney. In fact, I had no idea that it was actually an observatory. However, I had a good time walking around the park surrounded the observatory. It's super nice in the morning, when the city just woke up and started its hustle-bustle activities.

15. Taronga Zoo

We took our young kids here and had a wonderful time. A ferry ride from the harbor, gondola ride up to the top of the zoo, and walk back down through the exhibits makes for a wonderful and very active day. It was a little too crowded for my liking, but that's to be expected when visiting this area during peak tourist season. The kangaroo enclosure was fantastic as you get to see kangaroos, wallabies, and emus up close.

Such a great day out and experience for the whole family. It’s easy to get to with a short trip via ferry from Circular Quay. Make sure you catch the Gondola ride and get a great sky based view of the zoo. The Sea Lion show is worth a look in, as are the Tigers. The View was not too bad for a lunch experience, enjoyed the fish and chips and great views of Sydney Harbour. Honestly such a great day out!!!

Beautiful place spend time by looking at animals. Lot of species and huge area. Well maintained and clean. Love the each and every animals. It is huge area you might need whole day to roam around. Recommend to take pass and go in installment visit. Not suitable to parents who carry their kids with one day pass. Go visit and have fun with your family.

The best part about this zoo is the view! Also the ferry ride over has a fantastic view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera house. But your tickets online and use the Opal card for the public Ferry to get the cheapest deal, although heaps of places on the wharf try to scam you out of a few extra dollars to take you there. The zoo's layout isn't the most easy to navigate and involves a bit of retracing your steps, also be prepared for a lot of up and downhill walking. In general though it's a good zoo but definitely not the best out there.

We love visiting and revisiting the zoo (despite the crowds, which can be a bit overwhelming at times!), so zoo membership is good value for us. This is also good as we don't like to feel pressed for time trying to see everything every time. There are always new enclosures being developed to keep things interesting for the animal residents and visiting humans alike. You can learn a lot too - plenty of educational materials are posted around the zoo and the keeper talks at feeding times are informative. Food can be pricey, but I think the quality has improved in recent years (and there are plenty of picnic spots where you can eat something you brought yourself).

16. Barangaroo Reserve

A very beautiful, calm, and a peaceful experience. Take a break from the city run to relax and have a quite time either with yourself if alone or with your loved ones. Sit on the rocks near the water to enjoy a wonderful sunset views. Most recommended during Vivid Sydney evenings to watch all the decorated ferries and boats

Had a lovely night stroll at this Reserve. Brand new, and well designed. Very quiet at the northern end of the Reserve, but slightly noisy on the south due to construction of Barangaroo North and the metro station. There are views of the Harbour Bridge on the north of the Reserve, and a ‘Stargazers Lawn’ in the Centre. The Reserve is very quiet at night. Being so close to the city this is certainly a nice change!

Recently constructed area and it’s very beautiful. Nearby lots of Shops and office spaces. Good view around and a very good place for hangout

Extremely scenic with views all around the harbour and within walking distance to the Barangaroo Ferry terminal. Great place to sit on a bench and enjoy a lunch or picnic. Not very crowded either

Beautiful grounds and stunning views of the water and city. Lifts make it accessible to anyone who can't walk up the relatively large set of stairs. Very clean and tidy. Would be good if there were some sun shades in the park but maybe thats just because I'm a brit and I'm not used to that much sun... 😂

17. Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

We were at Rocks Sydney for half a day. We could just go to the museum for about an hour. It is a good well kept place. We explored around and some good pieces of art. It is in a modern building. The also have a cafe inside. You get good coffee here. Overall experience good.

It's a great place to go for something to do. For some people it's great to get insight into different types of art. There are many stories in each artwork and installation and it's interesting, so if you got nothing to do in the day you should go take a look.

The museum is an art gallery. Entrance is free. It has 4 levels of accessible area. The galleries all have staff present who are able to assist you and answer your questions. The ground floor collection changes regularly while the others seen more constant. However the sculpture gallery is lacking and has only a single sculpture, the rest of the space is dedicated to a restaurant. Photos are allowed.

What sets this museum apart from other contemporary art museums is its fabulous collection of Australian "first peoples" works. For a classic view of aboriginal art, go to the art Gallery of New South wales -- but for the contemporary and out of the ordinary, this is the place to be. Very highly recommend.

No one can miss this museum since it is located right opposite the Sydney opera house. Great and thought provoking materials are exhibited in this place. Floors of artwork to be appreciated. 3-5 hours of visit can be recommended.

18. WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

Again one of the best places for kids to visit. We kind of had visited the place in the time of an afternoon and hence the animals were kind of taking rest. Not sure if that is the case entire day or there are some time when the animals are playing around. But overall, kids really enjoyed and they have taken care of all the safety measurements as well.

Great place. very helpful and friendly staff. Honest and attentive. even though the while facility is smaller than other zoos, the quality of management is reflected through the experience and more than makes up for the room.

Good place to visit especially with kids to give them the feel of wild life and some of its inhabitants. This place is very well maintained and will exceed your expectations. Must visit place of Sydney, Australia.

Very awesome experience. Combine it with Taronga Zoo and you get two very great chances to see local and exotic animals and reptiles. This location at Sydney Wild Life is more kid friendly but great for adults too. Especially the Kangaroo Walk About and the up close Crocodile experience.

Didn’t quite know what to expect from the outside, but once inside we had an enjoyable time. Highly recommend getting the koala add on. I have not yet gone across the Harbour to the other zoo, but am looking forward to it. Also getting the multiple attraction pass is also recommended. $50 for 2 attractions is a good deal.

19. Sydney Tower Eye

The view is great. You can just get up and talk a walk around to enjoy the 360° view over Sydney. It is a good idea to visit the yoga sessions in the morning. An hour of yoga to start the day and then the possibility to see the whole city from above without being in a big crowd. The yoga session only costs a few bugs more than the trip up. The ticket to enjoy just the view is a bit pricey

Amazing views of Sydney from this self guided tour. Intriguing display at the base of the tour. Lovely gift shops at the top and at the base at the conclusion of your tour. This is a wonderful way to view the city. Finding the entrance was a little tricky. Follow the signs.

Good to get your bearings from for exploring the city. Nice souvenir shop and friendly staff. They do cram the lifts full though, which wasn't necessary when we went as it was so quiet anyway. Could do with a few more information boards with details of each view.

Superb view of the city from the Tower. However, it would be much better if the glass was cleaned from inside since people have smudged it a lot. And more importantly the lights from the shops inside reflect back off the glass obscuring the beautiful view a times.. Was hoping to take some great photos but the reflection didn't help.

We had a meal at the spinning buffet at night. The place was pretty much deserted but the booking process have you the impression this was a mega high demand experience. The food was random and extremely poor quality. For $80 all I ended up eating was a dry corn, a spring roll, salami and rice? Tried the lamb but it was disgusting and smelt. The view is outstanding so I'm confused why they are not exploiting this.

20. Royal National Park

The Royal National Park is a beautiful place that we're so lucky to live near and visit anytime. For the people who migrated here and the tourists please respect our lands and be grateful that you are lucky enough to enjoy the serene nature and other privileges that Australia has to offer. So please pick up your rubbish and plastic bags and don't pollute our beautiful rivers and bushland with your ugly mess. This is not the third world country that you might be accustomed to.

A wonderful place to visit for a day trip with family and friends. The view from the cliffs around the park and walkways are spectacular and worth the short treks you need to take.carry some nibbles, water and sunscreen.Do wear comfortable footwear. Wheel chair and pram access area are limited so plan accordingly.overall a big thumbs up and a recommended short tour.

This is a massive national park with really good places for bushwalking. There are some nice beaches and lakes to take a swim. This is also a good place to have a BBQ or to spend the whole day here. It's a good family destination with plenty of things to do.

This is one of the great rides in Sydney. Long winding roads and no commuter traffic, although you may have to content with holiday makers and some campervans. Lots of varied scenery. Watch out for the police though!

Great landscape and scenery, definitely recommend to see if you're in Sydney. The path to the white "wedding cake" rock is well maintained on what looks to be relatively new tracks. There are maybe two sets of stairs on the track and a hill at the beginning but generally pretty flat. The white rock itself is behind a fence so it may be difficult to get a good shot.