Best Things To Do in Sydney Australia

1. Sydney Harbour Bridge

Went to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and did the bridge climb, was an awesome experience and it actually required us to climb a ladder up the bridge. I guess the ticket price for this attraction could be a little bit cheaper as it really was just a climb + photos and facts about the place. However, below the bridge, is a pretty quaint place where you can just sit on the grass and chill and watch the sunset (That's what i did). Also it is a very good object for sunsets as well if you are into time lapses, basically just walk to the Sydney Opera House and frame the bridge in your camera, and from there you can see what i mean. Wished my hotel was nearer to this area, walked 5 km+ to this place and had to walk back as well.

Don't just look at the bridge from afar, I would recommend walking over it ( or do the bridge climb if you're fit enough and want to fork out the cash) but also under and beside it. Not as crowded underneath and you get a true sense of the engineering marvel that it truly is. Amazing views of the harbour. Pack a hat and sunscreen though as it is not undercover walking across the bridge.

It is well worth the $15 to go to the top of the Sydney Bridge. Is truly the best for you in the city and an experience to remember. Quite a few steps in the way up, so take your time. You pay to go up about half way up in a large open gallery within the tower.

an icon of Sydney known as the coat hanger by locals. it was built during the Great Depression in the 1930s and connects northern and southern shores of the harbour. trains cross the bridge as well as eight lanes for cars buses and trucks. there are also pedestrian lanes on either side where you can walk across or ride your bicycle. to get the best view you can do a Bridge Climb to the top of the arch

Absolutely spectacular! Great place to chill and just enjoy the views and take some cool photos. If you're up for it there is a walk that you can do over the arch of the bridge as well. Highly recommend!!!!

2. Darling Harbour

Awesome place for having a good time with family or friends. Lots of harbour side restaurants available and a great mall as well.The ships outside the maritime museum are stunning. The Sydney skyscrapers view looks pretty cool from here in the light of setting sun and of course it looks awesome at night. Park is also here for kids to have a great time. Overall wonderful place for enjoyment even with less burden on wallet.

A enjoyable place with a lovely atmosphere. I felt safe walking around at night with lots of families enjoying the space and restaurants. Enjoyed the shopping too. The Harbour Mall had some unique and healthy food options in the food court.

Great place, set out well overlooking the water. Nice boardwalk to meander along. Gets pretty busy even at night though. Is nice to see street performers doing their thing though.

Park is great for kids of all ages. Just be mindful as a parent that it’s huge and lots of exits so you’ll have to be super alert. Beautiful at night and happy hour is great. So much to do just not enough time! Great value for money regardless of budget you’ll be able to do something!

Beautiful place near the city center of Sydney with plenty of accommodation coffee shops restaurants and much more that you can choose from. Great place for a romantic or family getaway with stacks of activities that you or your family can get involved with. Walking distance to everything you need.

3. Sydney Opera House

Iconic architecture! Well deserved it's fame and popularity! It can get extremely crowded, especially during Vivid. To be honest, I didn't really like this year's (2018) compositions for Vivid. There were much more interesting works in previous years. I hope they'll make it better in future.

The train stop at Circular Quay. Stepping off the train the first thing came into my eyes was the astonishing view outside the window. It's makes me feel like I'm a kid first time visiting Jurassic World. And then when you step out of the station, the wind that comes the sea. The cold of Australia winter. The sound of the vehicles and people talking. And also the smell that comes from the restaurant. There is no word to describe this's just perfect. When the sun goes out and the lights come out, its one of the most beautiful scene I've ever seen

Excellent experience! This is a must visit place if you are in Sydney. The views are breathtaking. The tour was very nice. The history is explained in the tour and also if you are lucky then you can see various theatres/halls inside. At night we saw a light show which was about 10-20 minutes and was a wonderful experience. There are a lot of restaurants next to opera house which give you excellent views to enjoy over dinner. Highly recommended!

Wow, what a magnificent place. It looks just amazing from the outside,dominating the landscape when you look at it from afar but wow, getting up close and personal and touching it was something else. Lots of photo opportunities in and around the Opera House and the view of the harbour and the Harbour Bridge from the grounds of the Opera House are magnificent and not to be missed. Going on a tour inside the building then took the whole experience to another level altogether. This is a fully functional performance centre and we were lucky to be able to see all of the performance spaces during the tour. Do yourself a favour, go visit and take a tour. I'm not stopping there as I have tickets to an actual performance in the Opera House can't wait for that. This is a must do when you are in Sydney!

What a beautiful building both from the inside and outside. I'll start with the outside. The Opera House is an icon of architecture so seeing if for the first time in person was quite exhilarating. We were there are Chinese New Year and caught the split second fireworks behind the opera house too. They have wide open plazas/pathways around so you can capture photos from all angles and enjoy the architecture from every viewpoint. The inside is very minimalist but quite beautiful in its simplicity. I expected the main theater to be quite ornate but it was quite the opposite, SIMPLE! It was magnificent to watch an opera at the Opera House and the simplicity of the decor didn't detract from the opera which was a plus for me. Around the winds of the theater are many floor to ceiling windows to enjoy the view of the harbor from many different views. Go to the back after you enter for a beautiful bar area with tons of windows. Highly recommend visiting! Try to catch a show or opera if you can as well.

4. Hyde Park Barracks Museum

What a superb museum. Set in the middle of Sydney it’s a great way to learn about Sydney’s convict heritage. And all housed within a building of many lives. It’s interactive. They give you a guided handset as part of the entry fee. And there is a nice little cafe on the grounds (which doesn’t require you paying the entry fee to enjoy). Highly recommended.

Probably one of the best venues in the Sydney Living Museums group. The building is a surviving relic of early Sydney, while it has had a long and storied life and has undergone vast changes throughout its days much effort has been made to restore portions of it and maintain as much as possible. The barracks itself is filled with items, stories and artworks detailing Sydney's early days, especially the details of our convict heritage. External buildings include the courthouse and gatehouse, which are relics interesting in their own right. Recommended visit if you're interested in Sydney's past at all.

The tour guide was extremely well informed about convicts and Australian history. He made the tour very interesting. I definitely learnt a lot and enjoyed my time here. There are lots of stairs and so it might be tough for some people (people with peaks or disabilities and the such) to visit this place. However, it is recommended.

I spent 3 hours, including a spot of lunch there yesterday and enjoyed every minute. So much to learn, with displays set up in a creative and informative way. I could not suggest any improvements and would rank this among the best historical exhibitions I have seen. Thank you.

Redone and quite nice, especially with the audio guides. The history and audio explanations however are very slanted and clearly do not recognize the wrongfulness committed against the aborigines during the initial settlement. At times I was almost laughable as some story based explanations spoke of how the aboriginals would integrate well and had a great relationship with the settlers.. Besides that the museum is nice. Just be aware a lot of the historical retelling is slanted to glorify the British settlers.

5. Pylon Lookout

You get a great view as well without climbing 200 steps and paying $15. But if you want an unobstructed harbor view with yourself in it, you’ll have to climb 200 steps up and pay $15 per adult. If you’re visiting here, try to come during the weekends, including Friday, so that you can visit the nearby The Rocks Market, which sells some interesting local merchandise and nice Turkish street food. Do not follow Google Map’s direction as it’s attempting to bring you to the bottom of the bridge. Just walk along Cumberland Street and you’ll get to the steps leading to the Bridge Climb

The Pylon Lookout is located on the pedestrian path on Sydney Harbour Bridge. In order to access the Pylon lookout, you need to climb the Bridge stairs on Cumberland Street. You need to climb 200 steps stairs in order to reach Pylon lookout which is 87 metres above the sea level. Once you reached at the top, you will be rewarded with spectacular view of Sydney. On the way up, there are three levels of exhibits that reveal interesting facts about the history of the bridge and the men who built it and the vision of its chief engineer, John Bradfield. No wonder this attraction is less popular compared to Sydney Tower. Pylon lookout don't have lift to get up there.

It was worth the 200-step climb. Spent a great deal of time at the top watching people scale the harbour bridge. Watched the people come and go at the Sydney Opera house. I could've just stand there marvelling at the wonders and the amazing bridge that was built by all the amazing engineers.

Panoramic views for a small fee. I would recommend save your money and instead of climbing the bridge, go to Pylon Lookout. On the bridge you can't take pictures and it's very expensive, for $15 you can get the same views and can capture it with your own camera/phone.

Much cheaper than the bridge climb but you still get similar awesome views, stay up there as long as you want! There’s not a huge amount to the exhibition, and I was more interested in the view than reading. There is still a fair amount of stairs to climb but well worth it.

6. Royal Botanic Gardens

It was during Vivid couple of weeks ago that I visited Royal Botanical Garden with my friends. The light works in the garden had made it look mesmerizing and colorful. The 3D light music was heart touching and magical. Whole of the park was decorated and was made it look like the place for royal wedding. I thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of the park (both natural and decorative) in my visit of two hours. I would highly recommend all the people to be there if you are making any visit to Sydney.

The Royal Botanic Garden has a great location and a perfect view of the Opera House. A great place to walk and have fun with family and friends. There are many plants, flowers and animals... The birds are very cute! There also has an outdoor cinema, perfect for anyone who wants to do something different! It's one of my favorite places in Sydney.

The total botanical gardens is located right next to the famous Sydney Opera House and it's free to enter. They have a lot of really old trees with placards explaining the species, age, and where it came from. There are also numerous statues and plants all over from all over the world. You can get some beautiful views of the city, opera house, and gardens here. If you're visiting the city, you definitely want to take a stroll through the Royal botanical gardens. Highly recommended!

Perhaps my favourite spot in Sydney. I'm a sucker for a garden at the best of times but Sydney has it all: superb setting, fabulous diversity, a touch of the exotic and real serenity. There's even good coffee and the art gallery nearby. References to 'the invasion' are a bit sad but you can't have everything.

The gardens are free, and public. I didn't even realize I was walking through them the first time. I just thought I was in a beautiful park. We walked through it to get the Sydney opera house which I recommend. On the path near the opera house the gardens are dealing level with the water and it's cool to see water flow in with the tide

7. Australian National Maritime Museum

A great place to experience the big ships and learn many new things about Marine/sailors life. Thanks to all the volunteers and their passion on explaining the history of the ship to all the visitors. Me and my kids enjoyed the most on the Destroyer, the Submarine and Captain Cook's ship. Important notes, kids must at least 90cm to explore those big ships. It is always better to read the restrictions before you go.

General Admission which includes almost everything except visit to the boat & sub is FREE! The museum has a dedicated area for infants and a separate large play area for children. The shop has regular special items on sale at very reasonable price. A short walk from darling harbour complex. Easiest assess is by Light Rail The "Big Ticket" get you access to the sub and the tall ship. Definitely worth while but the sub will require some tight stairs climbing and may not suitable for very small children and elderly

Thoroughly enjoyed walking through the submarine & destroyer (vampire). Learnt so much, spent quite some time putting myself in the shoes of the sailors. Cannot express enough how kind & helpful the old men volunteers were on the boats. They were so full of knowledge & answered all questions directed at them. You can tell they are there because they want to be & it’s something they are passionate about. Came home & continued to research captain Cook & the ships. Thanks for a great time :)

Love walking around on the ships with the kids and they now appreciate the information and the history as they get older. The submarine is amazing but hard to get in to if you are not good at climbing ladders. Always a great day when we visit the museum.

I like this museum because it’s a interactive and interesting peep into Australian history but it is overwhelming. Anytime I visit, I feel as though I’ve only scratched the surface. Be sure to give yourself a lot of time here, there is exhibits indoors and out. The recently upgraded kid playroom is good; Suitable for kids under 5.

8. Art Gallery of New South Wales

I adore this place. Fantastic collection of art from all over the world and across time. Brilliant exhibitions, talks and tours. Many free tours daily with guides who are knowledgeable, articulate and clearly love the gallery as much as I do. I used to avoid tours but these are entirely splendid. I've take some tours multiple times and always learn something new. If you like at, go see it. If you're not much interested, take a free tour - I've met people who've never been to a gallery before and after the guided talk, can't wait to come back.

Didn't pay to see any of the special exhibitions so just walked around the free stuff, which was interesting. A great range of works across different mediums from different time periods. I really enjoyed the sculptures as well. Some of the modern/abstract art was a bit out there but there was so much to see. Be aware that you must check backpacks in at the cloak storage though. Some staff were a bit rude too. Worth a look though.

Great experience. Parking costs $8.70/hr on the street which is outrageous in my humble opinion. We went on a Sunday and decided to park in the domain car park. $12 all day and a very short walk to the gallery. Entry to the gallery is free and you an get up close to some of Australia's most iconic paintings. Gallery staff might consider being a bit nicer to children who get too close to paintings. Reducing them to fearful tears was too much. Not a good start to their life as art appreciators.

Nice place with friendly staff. Entry is free (unless there's a special exhibition). Exhibitions are always intriguing and feature diverse artworks of all sorts. Would highly recommend for anyone with a good eye for art, as well as those interest in cultural beauty. I wouldn't bring children as they won't understand the artworks (some feature slight nudity).

I really enjoyed this gallery. Large sections of it are free for the public, you will have to pay to see special exhibits, however. There is a cafe inside, and it is all very access friendly. There are even large print booklets in every exhibit, just in case you can't read the small print on the little plaques. There are many levels, and sometimes they have events. Some of the events can be a bit out there, but it's always interesting.

9. Taronga Zoo

The zoo is good for families and groups to spend a couple of hours. The seal show and the movies screenings happen round the day. The tiger trek concept is different. The zoo area is well marked and very clear instructions. The map however is not so clear and accurate. The different sections marking animals of different types makes it good to view. People can feed kangaroos and wallabies there and there is staff available for assistance. Friendly people working there. Sky cable car to go there is also fun and good. If you're lucky you end up seeing elephants and some other animals from the top before you even enter the zoo. The animals are kept behind a fence but this has been done by maintaining their natural habitat like environment around, trying to make them feel at home as much as possible. This is a good thing they have done. Enough places to eat and sit. Some good picnic spots. The zoo is easily accessible by public transport- ferry, trains, bus. It's a day well spent.

Get the app as it's very useful. Allow more than 4 hours to do it all, especially if you have kids. Very good and really worthwhile. Do the shows especially the spider talk - that was fantastic. A lot of things are "being improved" which means closed or relocated. Otherwise it would have been 5 stars. Get the online discount as it's 20% for families, even if you do it on your phone at the gate!

Awesome zoo. Best part were the birds and then the kangaroo area. You could get pretty close to the kangaroos and an emu. It seemed like half the zoo was under construction, but loved the exhibits that were open. It's such a nice trip to arrive via ferry from circular quay and then meander around. There is a lot to see. There zoo is keep very clean and the shows are great. I was able to see the seal show and it was really cool!

The animals with the best real estate in the world! You take a ferry then a gondola both of which provide fabulous views of the city and an overview of the zoo. Buy tickets online for quick entry. The zoo has interesting native Australian animal exhibits including a kangaroo enclosure where you walk among them! The koalas are so cute! There are also multiple, lovely arboretums!

It has been a few years since I had last been to Taronga Zoo and it was quite disappointing. There has been a lot of work done to make the habitats better for the animals however this seems to have been done at the expense of patrons actually being able to view the animals. For instance to see the tigers you have to wait in line for the tiger trail so you can stand in a plane and watch a video, walk through a fake Indonesian village and then not see any tigers as they are way down the back of their enclosure hidden behind boxes and plants. There seems to be a lot more attractions (such as a high wire course and large playground) which is great, but it is almost as if they are there to hide the fact that there are nowhere near as many animals there as their used to be. For instance no more lions, zebras, cheetahs, and lemurs. Many of the enclosures seem to only have one or two animals in them. Maybe the rest are out in the enclosures not visible to the public but it just seems quite disappointing for a zoo like Taronga. Finally there was a lot of enclosures being updated and worked upon which seems a shame to be doing it in the middle of school holidays. There are some really great zoos out there that really do a fantastic job giving animals good habitats while still allowing the public to actually easily view them, but Taronga is not one of them. Maybe when all the construction work is finished it will be but until then it's not really worth it.

10. Sydney Tower Eye

Everything was good but the Asian shop assistant lady in the souvenir shop on the top of the tower was a really rude. When my son (2 years old) is playing for the boomerang, the lady came and take the boomerang from his hand and said you should not let the kid to touch! and then went away... First, the boomerang is not a very expensive or fragile product. Second, my son did not through it away or tried to make any damage. Third, my son did not disturb other customers. There was no one in the shop. I did not try to argue with the lady because I don't want to ruling the lovely Sunday but what she did was really disgusting. I will make formal complain. A very happy trip with the Annual Tickets but a fly just came in my month.

The view is great. You can just get up and talk a walk around to enjoy the 360° view over Sydney. It is a good idea to visit the yoga sessions in the morning. An hour of yoga to start the day and then the possibility to see the whole city from above without being in a big crowd. The yoga session only costs a few bugs more than the trip up. The ticket to enjoy just the view is a bit pricey

Whilst the views are nice. If you go at night it's pretty hard to see the what and where the landmarks are. It was actually easier to make out the landmarks using my phone. The 4D experience was a fun short film. But if you have a stroller or pram the higher levels would be harder to navigate.

When visiting places, I always like to find the highest tower / observation deck to have a look over the city. In doing this Skywalk, we got the best of both worlds, a great view and an adrenaline rush. We had a lovely young Canadian lady named Ellie who led our walk and she gave us a fantastic tour of the city and made it a really great experience. She put everyone at ease with being at heights and those who are afraid of heights (myself included). It actually wasn't to scary due to having hand rails on all sides when doing the walk and the glass flooring wasn't to extensive. There were few stairs to get to the walk and some on the walk but it wasn't very physically taxing which is good for a lot of people. All in all, a great experience and I would highly recommend any one to do this.

Definitely very over rated place to visit until you do a sky walk. You got a pay more for that I am not sure if that’s better a experience. There is also a wait for about 30 minute to get in lift and get to the top but 3 minute of 4D video is good experience.

11. Bondi to Coogee walk

A very scenic and fairly easy walk. A nice enough stroll on a sunny day without having to get your hiking boots on. I did it in flip flops and shorts. Places to drink and have a bite to eat if you want it. We managed the whole walk at a slow pace in 2 hours 30 mins.

The experience is really good. There are six beaches and a grave in the total walk. Slow walk takes up to 4 hours. If you walk through in the early morning, the sun rise is really beautiful. Not suggested for walking in the mid day, you may feel so hot and dry.

One of the most scenic and breathtaking experiences in Sydney! Good 1 hour walk (if you’re taking your time with photos too!). Would recommend doing both ways because both provide a different perspective

A great walk to do. Did it on my own. Plenty to admire and look at including tanned exercised bodies. I decided to do a return trip but you could do one way and get a bus back. Highly recommended to any visitor as you can stop at any point.

A good introduction to the many coastal walks in NSW. You don't need to be really fit to do this. Can start from either Bondi or Coogee. Plenty of water refill stations, bathrooms and toilets (near the rock pools). Start the walk early. Wear comfortable walking shoes and sunscreen. Take a swimsuit because you will be tempted to take a dip. We caught a taxi to Bondi Icebergs and started the walk at 11am on a weekday. The walking path was lively at that time for a weekday.

12. Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk

Awesome indeed. The stretch opens up to the ocean which has no end and merges with sky line. Any side you turn the view is spectacular. The best part is it's not too far from CBD and we'll connected.

Bronte to Bondi is an easy and beautiful walk that took us about an hour. Its nice to do in the morning going Bronte to Bondi. At the end of the walk go for a swim in Icebergs salt water swimming pool with waves crashing in (drop in fee of $7. You will need goggles cause water is super salty). Sit in sauna and watch the surfers catch the waves in wintery cold weather (need a towel). Tea or brunch in Gertrude and Alice bookstore in Bondi or other plenty good options for brunch or shopping.

Breathtaking! That how you describe the Bondi to Bronte walk in more ways then one. For people who enjoy a workout, it's a wonderful experience to have someone run out and hit the track. For those who like to gaze, you'll see some of the most beautiful scenery that Sydney has to offer.

Absolutely delightful. Winter (early morning, ideally) is my favourite time to do this. There are fewer people and the visibility on a cool day is outstanding!

This is the best experience you can have in Sydney on a nice day. Drive/Uber to Bondi beach and walk down the walk way. It's always by the water with amazing views and a cool breeze. It goes up and down but never too steep. There are some stairs too. Great workout too!

13. Luna Park Sydney

A small place for fun and hangout with small kids. The entry is free, the fee is only for rides, they don't have very many rides though the unlimited ticket is A$55 for yellow (tallest size) pass and above (as per height) and two rides are for A$22, so it's worth taking unlimited pass. The parents can go free if kids are on yellow line, else you will have to accompany the kids on rides and take a discounted accompany pass as well. I feel, with change of time, they should improve and enhance the park because this is the only theme park in entire Sydney.

Great fun for the family. Best ages for kids would be 5-15years old. Definitely suggest buying the unlimited rides passes or the annual pass if you're a Sydney local. Pack a lunch and have a picnic in the picnic area is a great way to save on good. All the staff were friendly and enthusiastic.

We loved visiting Luna Park by ferry from Circular Quay. Beautiful travelling there after 6pm and during the day with beautiful blue skies. We got off at Milsons Point I think and walked under the harbour bridge to Luna Park. Beautiful walk taking in the magnificent harbour, views of the city, opera house, The Rocks, nature and gardens. Kids went on rides and I wandered around enjoying the atmosphere. Night time was beautiful with all the coloured lights and the view of lights across the harbour. No entry fee you only pay for the rides.

The Luna Park is fun but too expensive for my liking! My daughter which is 8 years old paid $55 dollars for a day of unlimited rides, same cost as an adult. And to accompany my youngest daughter I paid other $50 (25+25), and the rides for the little ones are limited. Not to mention the parking that is very expensive too, around $30 for 3 hours. And other money for the games, so a day out for a family can easily amount to $200+, I find it a bit too much.

What I loved the most about this amusement park is its view over Sydney´s skyline, which is simply astonishing! Having a passion for city skylines, I couldn't miss the opportunity to check out this place. Skyscrapers, the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, palm trees, the reflection of the lights on the water, everything combined together makes the panorama an incredibly nice experience, especially at night. Even though the entrance of the park freaks me out a bit (with this crazy clown face) I have to say, it's a funny experience, especially for families. The park´s rides are quite average though, nothing special. As I said, in my opinion, what makes this place great it's the view. Perfect for those who want to have Sydney´s perfect postcard picture.

14. Sydney Observatory

Went there during the Free Museum Weekend and it was great! Although lines were long (expected since it's free), it was still exciting to peer through the telescopes and look up at the stars and planets. We were thankful that the sky was clear and all constellations could be seen with ease. The guides there were knowledgeable and friendly. You could see they truly enjoyed their job which made the experience much better.

Very nice staff, and the evening tour was pretty cool. It's amazing what they have in such a small location. The view from the grounds is very nice.

The Observatory is located on a hill, can be quite tiring to walk if you don't drive. They run daily night and day tours with the chance to use the telescopes to look at the heavens. The guides are astronomers who explain not just the constellations but also how they work and their fields of study. On our visit, we were lucky enough to be able to use two telescopes, one of them being among the oldest telescopes in Australia! Seriously, don't miss this if you are in the vicinity.

Great experience. Very knowledgeable guide. Friendly and accommodating service. All in all, fantastic 90 minutes of a tour.

Very educative and fun. Booked with the night tour, we had a really knowledgeable guide and able to use 2 telescope to see so much! Would reccomend this for everyone!

15. Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

Worth a visit for both the tourists or residents. The collection is frequently updated. No tickets needed. I went there on Tuesday it was not crowded. Only level 2 is open. But I’d like to recommend visiting at the end of the week as more floors will open. No drinks allowed in the museum but the cafe at level 4 is really good, you can enjoy the sea view at a high position, food is a bit pricey though.

The Contemporary Art of Australia is one of the finest museums I have ever visited. The collection of paintings and art work is off the chain. You can get lost in this place. Truly, an artist paradise. Must go to, over and over again. Has everything for everyone. Even great cafe's for eats.

Great little gallery (don't expect it to take even half a day, maybe 2 hours is adequate). Some nice modern art with paintings, sculptures and AV works through several floors, with an Australian focus. I love the fusion of the new building joining into the old, really nicely done. And a great cafe on the top floor with awesome views over Circular Quay and the Opera House.

Like the contemporary architecture of the building very much, walk in every time if it's open. Good place to bring kids to and kill time. The top floor open deck has nice view of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. BTW: I won't pretend to understand some of the artworks ;-)

Great museum with beautiful exhibitions that are mostly free! Well recommended if you want to look at some modern art from around the world. Make sure you check out be cafe on the fourth floor for great coffee and fabulous views!

16. Capitol Theatre

awesome place for theatre. was there for Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. amazing props, costumes and performers! the elaborate facade within the theatre is nice and f&b are available. they were even selling ice creams inside the theatre before the show starts.

I grew up across the road from the Capitol when it was an elegant movie house. Now it is an equally elegant live theatre, renovated to reflect the Edwardian grandeur of the original. The views are unobstructed throughout, the acoustics are good and the seats are comfortable. There is decent space for wheelchairs and accessible toilets are quite respectable. Local restaurants and cafes are fine.

Love the Capitol Theatre, so central to everything and the theatre itself is absolutely lovely. I don't think there would be a bad seat amongst them as there aren't any pillars or anything. Staff are super friendly and helpful

Saw Wizard of Oz. Great show. This place is great. But be prepared for big crowds. Plenty of parking and other food options around. Food prices are expensive. Friendly staff and good experience.

It certainly helps that I saw an absolutely incredible show there (Capitol Theatre). The theater is nice, sounds great, and the staff and volunteers are professional and friendly.Very hard to get handicapped parking. You must arrive very early.

17. The State Theatre

What a wonderful space, both in terms of what you can see here and the theatre itself. Beautiful history and detail, definitely try to leave some time to explore and checkout all the spaces open to you. Attended to see the Sydney Film Festival and this venue is particularly suited to both the festival and for someone returning frequently.

The location is wonderful. The interior is exquisite. The service is excellent. Staff are all so polite and helpful. We recently watched an amazing show here. We were down in the stalls and the view was amazing. It's really a good place to attend concerts.

What can one give an iconic venue with great historical charm and world class events but five stars. From old buildings we can never expect an experience to be flawless. However, I've thoroughly my every occasion at the State. The Sydney Film Festivals are always vibrant and interesting. What's not to love about the State Theatre.

I really love coming here every year for the Sydney Film Festival. It’s great with friends, date night, you name it! The old architecture makes it feel really cosy and timely. Staff have always been really friendly and even helped me out once when I lost my card holder.

Beautiful venue like they don't build anymore. Ornate interiors and a big screen make for a good experience. Located in the city easy to reach and you can combine a movie with a day at the pub or restaurant. Unfortunately it doesn't make for a very accessible building.

18. Hyde Park

What a lovely historical place in the heart of Sydney. Lots to see. Many seats to enjoy your time. Great historical statues. Brilliant foundation. A well used beautiful shortcut from one point to another. Best of all- easily accessed by train - the museum stop.

This. Place. Is. Beautiful. I love it, awesome for taking pictures, exploring different types of plants, or just walking around in general. There are no fees needed to go in, but if you want, there's boxes for donation to the garden. The plants and flowers are beautiful. But if you don't want to walk too much, then don't come here. Totally recommend.

This is one of the most beautiful and well kept parks I’ve visited. There is lots to see and lots of history, it’s easy to spend the day just wandering around. There is an excellent restaurant in the park with a great choice of food and drink, however I would recommend taking a pick-nick. The views of the harbour from the park are stunning. A must when visiting Sydney.

Large, impressive park in the Sydney CBD. One of Sydney's premiere parks with statues, fountains and lots of picnic spots. Being close to high density offices, the park can get quite busy at lunch time through the working week. Hyde Park also hosts various festivals over the year, including food and wine festivals, music and other shows. The park is well lit and generally safe, but for BBQ facilities or sports activities would choose another option like the nearby Botanic Gardens. Otherwise, Hyde Park is a picturesque slice of inner Sydney and worth a visit.

I love this place. It is always full of people and yet is so beautiful and serene. I can spend all day here if I have to.

19. Royal National Park

Excellent place to visit. Atmosphere is great. Top view. Hard to find parking at times though. $8.00 is worth it. Friendly staff at information centre. Picnic area is awesome with great City and Port Botany views. Whale watching area is very open and very clear. Dangerous indeed but common sense should prevail. A must for photos and binoculars.

A wonderful place to visit for a day trip with family and friends. The view from the cliffs around the park and walkways are spectacular and worth the short treks you need to take.carry some nibbles, water and sunscreen.Do wear comfortable footwear. Wheel chair and pram access area are limited so plan accordingly.overall a big thumbs up and a recommended short tour.

Australia's oldest national park has so much to offer. It is a must do for locals and tourists alike. Great bush walks with spectacular coastal scenery, rivers, waterfalls and lush forests. This is close to Sydney and easily accessible by car or public transport.

Absolutely beautiful and stunning place. Highly recommend a visit if you want peace and if you want to connect with nature and god. I will get an annual pass and visit again.

This is a massive national park with really good places for bushwalking. There are some nice beaches and lakes to take a swim. This is also a good place to have a BBQ or to spend the whole day here. It's a good family destination with plenty of things to do.

20. SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

Fantastic place, there was a big line up to get in but thankfully they do slow entry as when you finally make it inside it is not overly crowded. I was able to walk around at my own pace and not feel rushed to keep moving. See life is great, big Sharks, Stingrays, fish of all sorts. Penguins were amazing to see, worth the additional wait for the little boat ride to see them. Great place and in the heart of the city.

Beautiful aquarium~ When you enter you get to do some different poses in front of a green screen for photos to buy when you finish. They were very cute and are a fun little add to take back home. I was expecting the place to be quite small as that's how it seemed from the outside. But it took a good 3-4 hours to walk throughout the whole place. I also loved that there were little signs about the different species within each aquarium. Would definitely recommend going~

There are many interesting fish, jellyfish, eels and other marine animals here, and they are mostly displayed well. Most of the information screens have information on some, but not all of the animals in each tank. The fish are nice to look at anyway. The touch screens are VERY insensitive and need an upgrade. some don't work at all. Photographs are printed out for everyone before they decide to buy them. This is a huge waste of resources, especially for a facility that is promoting less waste. I think it would be worth buying some display screens so people can find their digital photos, and decide whether they want to pay for printing. The aquarium tunnel was amazing, and the highlight of the aquarium. Overall, this is a great place to go for a day out.

Great fun for kids and adults. The penguin encounter is great fun. We have been as a family multiple times and each time there has been something new and different to experience. A definite must if you have kids.

Really poor experience trying to get to the aquarium....poor customer service. Their website clearly stated there were longer hours during school holidays starting July 07, 2018. Last entry was 6 pm since it closed at 7 pm. We got there at 5:30 pm on July 07 to find it closed. We tried number. The only way to contact them is online. We get a short response that their last entry is at 5 pm, closes at 6 pm even though there is a separate section and call out for school holidays. They clearly updated their website before responding back to me. No integrity, accountability or sense of customer service. I would love to give zero stars if I could....