Best Things To Do in Sydney Australia

1. Australian National Maritime Museum

Come and have a great experience stepping into Naval vessels which have seen many battles. See how it is to be inside one of these physically, walk through the most part of them. It's an awesome experience both for adults and kids. Try to reach early as they close down stepping into the ships by 3:30pm to 4:00pm

Very happy that I chose to visit the ships as well as the museum; for $20 (concession) they are so worth it! Lots of information in the form of pamphlets and signs, friendly guides to answer questions, and a great atmosphere (especially on the battleship 'Vampire'). The museum, similarly, has loads of displays and areas, from Aboriginal seafaring methods to the first female solo circumnavigation of the globe. Incredibly interesting, and free to boot!

Plenty to do for all the Family at the ANMM. The permanent collection is great and the visiting exhibitions are quality. March 2018 the Museum is renovating so some of the premises is closed. The usually wonderful Shop is a shadow of itself. Looking forward to normal service resuming

We had a lovely day there today. Three generations from 9 yrs to 76 yrs. Lots to see. However, some of the volunteers need to take a chill pill. I am too old at 54 to be told to sit down and listen. No one told me listening to the volunteers was mandatory and it was my day out not theirs!

So much to do and see. We came for a visit and ended up getting the annual pass even though we love in Canberra! The ships are fun and exciting to see.

2. Darling Harbour

Beautiful views, lots of fun activities for kids, big water play Park and playground. Take away food, restaurants suitable for all ages, close to transport ( light rail) fairy car park. Lots of things to do and places of interest to visit. Wheelchair ♿ accessible.

Darling Harbour is a very nice place to hang out and enjoy some good time. You can choose from eating or drink to an amazing Ferris wheel ride, always enjoying the beautiful views of the harbour and the nice restaurants in the area. A great kids playground completes the place leaving adults with a bit more time to relax

A good place to spend quality time with family. You have good number of food options plus a good view of the harbour. I also used to enjoy my time at darling harbour sipping Starbucks coffee, however that place is now demolished to build apartment units. You may also find some street performance around. They have started peddle boats so one hire one. Just behind it is a very nice kids play area and also has water play

Nice spot, lots of public space to enjoy. Everything close to it costs an arm and a leg but they are probably paying an absurd amount in shop leasing so I guess it's fine. There is better food and bars around the Universities for a much lower cost though so if you don't have to eat or drink here, don't eat or drink here.

Darling harbour is always one of the best place to visit when you just want to take a walk and not knowing where to go. The refurbished playground before ICC is a good place for families with kids. Although the regular firework has ended last year, there's still a lot to see for various events.

3. Pylon Lookout

Pricey at $15 per adult but worth it for nice views of the harbour. Not as exhilarating as the bridge climb but an easy 200 step climb for 360 views, with a high guard rail that ensures nobody falls off. The museum section is informative with a detailed history of the bridge as well as interesting factoids. The 10 minute film is a neat spectacle to watch, set to music with no narration.

One of my best experiences in Sydney so far and I highly recommend it. It's simple to get out on the bridge in the first place and from there you have an okay view. But pay the 15 dollars and walk up in the pylon. You pay on site and it is so worth it! It's like a museum for how the bridge was built as well as an amazing lookout point on top of the pylon. It's about 200 steps in properly built wide stairs so it's no match for you to get up! They even have a little kiosk half way up. It was so much better than expected! Not wheelchair friendly.

Amazing views of Sydney Harbour, the Sydney Opera House, and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Plenty of historical information about the bridge on the way up and down the pylon. Be prepared to climb a lot of stairs, and pay $15.

Beautiful view of the city and a nice exhibition about the history of the bridge. Definitely worth the money (10-15 dollar)

Expensive but otherwise really good. Get here early at opening time to beat the crowds. I would say it is about 85% as good as the Bridge Walk Tour views. The stair climb had rest seats on the way up and down so unfit or aged people should be ok if they take frequent breaks. The views are spectacular. The movie was actually ok and made me appreciate the people that built the bridge. Overall I'd definitely recommend any visitor to Sydney does the Pylon Climb.

4. Mrs Macquarie's Chair

Mrs Macquarie's Point is near Mrs Macquaries Chair. It is a good viewpoint of Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge from a far distance. The icons were well lighted at night. I went to Sydney for the new year countdown. It was one of the best spots to view fireworks but it is advisable to get up early as the queue for entry is very very long. The entrance is free. We queue since 9.00am but only managed to enter the view point at 3.00pm and the good spots were all taken by other people.

The chair is not very impressive. It’s simply a rock/cement chair perched against a stone wall. And it was swarming with tourists. So instead I climbed up the set of stairs to enjoy the view from above. The journey to find the chair however was well worth it with incredible views of the bridge and opera house and an adventure through the botanical gardens. Bring your camera!

The location itself was not that interesting for me. I do understand the history behind it but the chair is not very impressive. However the real reason to go there is for the views around. You can have a great view on both the Opera and the Bridge at the same time. There are not many places you can have that on land. Time yourself with the sun for the best light and best pictures!

This is a part of Royal Botanical Park and has access from various points from main road as well as walking on foot around the bay. Mostly tourists walk from Opera House adjoining gate of garden and stroll along sea shore to reach bat point which is about 500 meters. This place has its history which is well known and I need not comment afresh. This has its one unique famous location that the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge pair gives it's best pose. Hundreds of tourists and local nature lovers, camera lovers and romantic love birds reach here in eve to have the best of beauty of Sea, sea water, bay, Opera House, Sydney Bridge which chande to magical reflections as dusk approach and melt to dark night. Every second colours change, lights start lighting up, steamers switch on lights, Opera House and bridge start glowing and the reflection in water twinkling gives a trans on onlooker who just silently and speechlessly watch for hours clicking cameras, romancing in hand held postures. Its looks as if queen of night has personified at this spot. Otherwise it is a barren rock, cut on it a sitting bench seat which has itself no beauty but no doubt a grand history and heritage.

Great views of Sydney harbour. Also a lovely walk through the botanical gardens. And can get a good view of Sydney skyline. Recommend going towards sunset.

5. Sydney Opera House

Awesome place though packed with tourists and fancy people during daylight hours (there is a restaurant/bar attached that gets lively for lunch and dinner). Even after dark there are plenty of people around and it's very hard to get a good picture of just you and/or the background. Go in the early morning for sunrise and you can get a great picture as long as there aren't too many joggers out. Or go for dinner and drinks to watch the sunset but don't be surprised if you've got a lot of company!

We had wonderful experience just being there. The view is fantastic. The Architecture is marvellous. We spent the evening there just admiring the natural and man made beauty. The shows at the opera are good. I liked the lift we no ceiling in it. The first terrace is worth visiting. The snacks and food items were also good

From a distance when I first saw the Opera House I was thinking it might be a little underwhelming. As soon as I got close to it I was star-struck. When I finally got inside my mind was blown. I was in town for a week and had the opportunity to go see "The Merchant of Venice" in one of the small theaters. There are a few venues beside the largest. The stage and theater was very intimate, not a bad seat in the place although there are only 550 seats. The lighting, acoustics and flow of the small theaters is amazing. As for the building itself, the details are subtle and classy, from the open elevator shafts to the bathroom sink it seems no detail was left without care and consideration. I can't wait to go back to see something else.

Half the fun is just walking there. Join the crowds and awe at the architecture of the Opera House and enjoy the Sydney Harbor bridge. The ferry port is nearby so the area is very busy. We were there during Chinese New Year so we also enjoyed extra activities. I recommend that you enjoy it during the day but also at night. There is special light show displayed on the Opera House at dusk and then again at 10pm?. We did not do the tour but heard it was very good.

Always a great spot day or night. Take a water taxi here from darling harbour to get unique views. Bar is always buzzing and there can sometimes be food markets near by which adds to the atmosphere. There are tours offered here and inside and outside seating for food and drink. Fantastic to hear music here regardless of how empty or full the auditorium is as seats are designed to absorb the same sound as if some were sitting on them.

6. Royal Botanic Gardens

What an amazing and tranquil place. We spent the afternoon in this Seaside heaven. The grounds are kept remarkably clean. The staff do an amazing job. Plenty of washroom facilities and water fountains around the park. Our kids loved all the beautiful trees and remarkable views. 5 stars isn't enough. truly heaven.

Fantastic gardens in the heart of the city. Nearby is the Christchurch Museum with many interesting attractions. The gardens feature a NZ themed garden, maple tree walk and several lawns where occasional events take place over summer. It's bordered by the Avon River and has a car park nearby. We'll worth visiting if you're a tourist or even local. Great for a picnic.

The place is beautiful! There are so many flowers and lots of space to sit and chat and have a picnic with friends and family! The cafe in the centre of the park is really nice as well. Although if you decide to sit in an enclosed area with benches surrounded by bushes there's a possibility you'll get mosquito bites. Overall It's a great place to go if you want down-time and fresh air. Just be sure to wear bug repellent.

Escape the city to this oasis, once you step through one of the many entrances into the Botanic Gardens you will forget about the busy streets and noisy city. There are so many areas to the Botanic Gardens and every season there is something new to look at. The Calyx is the latest addition with amazing floral displays, the succulent garden and many other areas are also great to walk through and discover. If you work in the CBD the Botanic Gardens are the best escape during lunch, helping you to return to work refreshed and with a new appreciation for the city.

The Royal Botanical Gardens is more beautiful place for both Sydneysiders and tourists to go throughout the year. The Gardens are now in as best condition as I have ever seen them. Set beside the beautiful Sydney Harbour, the views are some of the best in Sydney. Excellent displays of plants by section and temporary exhibitions always well worth seeing. Obviously Spring time the gardens are a sea of colour however all year round there will be something new & interesting to discover about Australian and International flora & fauna.

7. Art Gallery of New South Wales

A beautiful place in a beautiful location. You can walk through the Royal Botanic Garden to reach this place and immerse yourself in some spectacular art works. From classic master pieces to modern contemporary work, it has a good collection. Some special exhibitions are ticketed but plenty of works in the free area as well. Some rest areas are also there to relax your tired legs. Escalators ease out the movement between different floors. Reach in the morning to catch the free guided tour that starts at 10.30 am.

Beautiful Gallery, great exhibits such as the one I went to today but also so many amazing free exhibits and artworks to admire. The front area has had some of the same paintings I have been able to visit since I was little including one of my favorites. It's nice to know I will always experience something new but also just to visit with some old friends while there

Incredible gallery in a picturesque location near the botanical gardens. Shows amazing local and international art, both retrospective and modern shows. Really worth a visit if you can get to Sydney.

The Art Gallery of New South Wales is must visit. Take a stroll through the Botanic Gardens and end at the Gallery. Grab a quick bite to eat enjoy a coffee in the Cafe. Then a few hours strolling around the fine collection of art. Perhaps you can view one of the regular feature exhibitions like the Rembrandt exhibition.

The Rembrandt exhibition was fabulous. I always find the employees friendly and helpful. I love the special exhibitions but always take in the extraordinary permanent aquisitions of the gallery. We are so fortunate to have access to our state gallery. Thank you!

8. Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk

Oh. My. Gosh. Do this hike! Don’t wear flip flops (thongs, as aussies say) like I did. Give yourself a ya to do it. Bring a snorkel so you can go for a swim and see the tropical fish right off shore in every new cove. Stop for a walk on the rocks and watch the waves crash in. Amazing walk. You flew all the way to Sydney..your future self will be glad you made time for this.

The Bondi to Bronte walk offers stunningly beautiful views of the Australian Coast and Pacific Ocean. The coastal walk extends south of Bronte towards Coogee Beach and offers many gorgeous lookouts there as well. The walk is free, but I'd recommend taking some cash to buy a smoothie and/or some fish 'n Chips along the way-- they are delicious and the perfect complement to your experience. If walking Bondi-Coogee, in either direction, plan on taking around 4 hours and add some additional time if you're gonna take a dip at any of the beaches along the way. Cheers, and enjoy your visit! 10/10

This walk was one of my highlights of my first trip to Sydney. I loved it because the paths are easy to follow and we went when it wasn't packed so easy navigation without huge crowds. I would suggest to bring water bottle because they have fill up stations along the way (especially if it's a hot one) And the scenery was awesome. A must do if you love walking or running 🤟🤩✊

This walk is a must for nature lovers and walkers alike. Fantastic views of the sea as you walk by. It was nice to see people of all ages walking along. There were some rock formations that we came across which was an added bonus. Highly recommended.

This is the most marvellous walk any backpacker will do. I did it! Inspiring views. Sweeping vistas. Whats there not to like. Not to forget the calmness from madness in Bondi to sanity in Bronte, and then beautiful craggy beaches. Wow. I am simple happy I made it!

9. Taronga Zoo

What a lovely zoo, after you manage to actually get in the place. We came by ferry with a stroller and there is not an accessible ramp to the gondola from the ferry area. You have to walk all the way to the entrance, wait in line to have your prepaid ticket checked, and then walk an inclined walkway back to the gondola entrance. For a simple Monday morning, this process took 45 minutes. The gondola was stroller friendly and both kids loved the view! Once we were off the gondola, we saw a sign advertising the owl experience in front of the gift shop. We popped in to see about tickets. They told us the price, but that it was all the way back on the other end of the zoo and that they don't actually sell tickets in there. You have to go to another building. Once you leave the store, you pass through another ticket/stamp checking area. Once we were in the zoo, we had a great time. Accessibility to some of the animals meant we needed to take large detours, but it was otherwise smooth going. Loved seeing the penguin feeding and the seals practicing!

Take the ferry to the zoo and get on the bus that takes you to the zoo entrance. Get your tickets, have a coffee at the cafe or a snack if you are hungry. Make sure you have ample time if you are planning to see all the animals. Walk around the zoo and enjoy. Lots of animals. Some I never saw before and some you could sit there for quite sometime and enjoy their playfulness. Start at the top and end up at the souvenir shop from where you can head back to the ferry. Staff are very friendly and helpful. Water filling stations are available if you do not want to buy bottled water.

I enjoyed the zoo. Easy access by ferry, it's better to buy a zoo ticket at Circular Quay Wharf 4 before you get on the ferry. That way you can get straight on the cable car near the ferry port when you arrive, rather than having to walk up to the ticket booth and back again at the zoo. Some exhibits closed for upgrades when I went, which is good as it means improvements and I'll definitely be back when they have everything open again. Excellent views of the city from within the zoo.

I highly recommend the daily elephant wash, although it's not listed in the zoo's What's On list (happened around 11.45am when I went - ask a staff member for times or if it's on). I really like the Taronga zoo, they have a nice variety of animals. I really like the penguin encounter, where you get to hand feed the little penguins (only 4 tickets per day, so I recommend arriving a little early). I was surprised with the food court. A bit of variety and pricing is alright. Also, there are lots water refill stations - great for a hot day! Overall, the views are amazing and I'll definitely be coming back to Taronga zoo!

Although i would prefer to see the animals in the wild, it's good to see that Taronga zoo has a strong focus on rehabilitation and education. It is important for people living in cities to realize the impact they have on this planet and all the creatures and critters living on it. The Bird Show was incredible, highly recommend finding the showing time and watching it. The two presenters explained how some of these birds were found with broken wings, unable to fly, and now they are swooping around and looking healthy. Throughout the park they also explain the dangers of one use plastics and how we need to be aware of the impact we are having on our environment. All in all, it was a great time. I also recommend seeing the platypus.

10. Government House

Great place. The building is absolutely great and the inside of the building truly amazing full of history. We enjoyed the self paced tour we did and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The griund surrounding the building is also worth exploring with a great view of the harbour.

One should join the guided tour in this place and learn the history of Australian first administration and how the Governorship of NSW evolves through time.

Beautiful place situated in the Royal Botanical Gardens. Has its own beautiful gardens as well. Guided historical tours are available.

Great building and great garden! the staff is very friendly and would love to give you some information about the history of government house!

Beautiful Building. Beautiful Gardens.

11. Sydney Observatory

Was so awesome to see the clusters of stars and the moon close up. Our tour guide was so knowledgeable and I loved his sense of humour. Had such a great time learning about the universe. Also when I asked they let me try capture a photo of the moon using my phone through the telescope - that was really cool because it turned out great!

The night tour was such an inspiring evening exploring the world above us. Our guide, Ash, had a great depth of knowledge and presented it in a fun and interesting manner. There are 4 areas presented, two working telescopes (one old and one computerised), a star gazing dome (discussing astrology), and a presentation using galaxy viewing software. Make sure you pick a night that is clear, and if you’re interested then do some research to time planet presence and/or a full moon.

Beautiful views of the harbour bridge and surrounding harbour. Grassy hill with stunning old trees, especially magical at sunset. Observatory viewing was booked out in advance. Some interesting hands on exhibits for free. Bit of a walk from trains and transport, but a good evening destination.

Amazing place. They have tours there every day and they are definitely worth going too you get to see the moon or sun up close depending on when you go. Plus they have a cool little museum full of interesting things. And don't forget the gift shop of course ;) .

The Sydney observatory hill park is one of the best views of the harbour. I went to a wedding here and it was nicely set below one of the giant fig trees with an amazing view of the harbour bridge. It's a fairly quiet spot with not too much foot traffic through the park, so it's great for a picnic too. I highly recommend having lunch here or just to come here for the view. 10/10 love it

12. Justice & Police Museum

Fun museum. Has a lot of quirky individual stories about notable cases. When I was there they took us into one of the courtrooms and told us stories about two prominent murder cases, was very entertaining. Not sure if they do that regularly or at what times but it was a highlight, so definitely ask about it.

Must do once in your life. Amazing! Sydney's history on criminals and gruesome forensic images. Heritage courtroom and cells. Lots of actual weapons used and tagged with their crimes.

Not a bad place. If you're a serving or former officer, don't expect any discount for admission though. Lots of items based in detective, prosecutors or forensics, nothing about the first crews on the scene, General Duties! Run by Historic NSW says it all, no idea about policing.

Interesting information but very biased information presented in a liberal fashion. Dissappointed

Really good museum. Would be great if visitors come at 11 because there is a skit relating to the one of the room.

13. West Head lookout

West Head Lookout and the surrounding walking tracks are perfect for a day out in nature. West head gives picturesque views of Pittwater, Lion Island, and the Central Coast. There are Aboriginal heritage areas and cave paintings along some of the paths, and a number of secluded sandy beaches. There's a park fee of $12. Or you can get an annual pass to all national parks for $60. The walks are generally moderate in difficulty, but some are steep with steps and narrow paths. You can choose shorter or longer walks, and the difficulty. There is information and signage on the tracks, and toilets at a stop about 300 metres before the lookout. Remember to bring lots of water, good walking shoes and sun protection.

Perfect view from the west head lookout. Several traits go to diff beach which is really nice without too many people. BBQ nice and easy.

Must visit location in Sydney. Beautiful drive out. Cost is $12 for cars. Take a picnic and soak up the view. Plenty of trail walks enroute to headland. Wonderful bike ride for experienced riders too.

One of the best panoramic views in Australia. Bring a picnic and spend a few hours here. You will not regret it.

Great national park for bringing international guests. With lots of hiking tracks, view points, history and facilities it wont disappoint. Its also a fantastic spot to do some cycling, with decent roads and a good amount of climbing. Plus a cafe stop on the way back. Always love coming here. Hows the serenity.

14. Sydney Harbour Bridge

Beautiful cable stay bridge. This historic bridge is nicknamed the coat hanger bridge because of it's design. It's an iconic bridge just adjacent to the famous Sydney Opera House. You can either walk or drive across this bridge that connects downtown to northern Sydney. It's a popular tourist attraction and many people actually climb the bridge a service that's offered for a fee. It's a great place to get pictures and to view Sydney's harbour.

It was a wonderful experience walking on this bridge from one end to the other. The view was marvellous. We could see Opera and lots of beautiful buildings around the port area. The Steel bridge is really massive. We were running short of time, so we didn't go further up by the steel ladder.

Sydney Harbour Bridge adalah jembatan untuk menyeberangi pelabuhan Sydney (Sydney Harbour) yang menghubungkan distrik pusat bisnis Sydney (Sydney CBD) dengan wilayah utara Sydney (North Sydney). Menurut Guinness World Records, jembatan ini adalah yang terlebar di dunia, sekaligus sebagai jembatan lengkung berkerangka besi tertinggi di dunia dengan puncaknya berdiri 134 meter di atas permukaan pelabuhan. Dibagian bawah jembatan adalah jalur transportasi laut yang cukup sibuk, terhitung banyak sekali kapal-kapal kecil maupun besar berlalu lalang, tidak mengherankan memang karena Sydney merupakan kota pelabuhan. Sementara itu di atasnya terdapat jalur kereta api, kendaraan bermotor, sepeda, dan jalan untuk pedestrian. Tiap harinya ada ribuan pengunjung yang melewati jembatan ini untuk mengamati keindahan kota Sydney dari ketinggian dan juga berfoto dengan latar belakang Opera house. Selain itu, menariknya lagi, jembatan ini juga menjadi tempat favorit bagi pengunjung untuk "menggembok" cinta mereka. ini bisa kita lihat banyak sekali "gembok cinta" yang bergantungan di dinding pembatas. Pengunjung biasanya membawa sebuah gembok yang sudah tertulis nama mereka dan pasangannya lalu menguncinya disini. Peraturan paling penting yang harus diingat adalah tidak boleh memanjat jembatan atau dinding pembatas apapun alasannya. Disetiap sudut sudah dilengkapi CCTV dan akan ada petugas yang hilir mudik untuk ronda. Jika pengunjung ketauan memanjat, akan dikenakan denda sebesar AUD 3.000 atau sekitar 30 juta rupiah. Bagi kalian yang ingin mengunjungi Sydney Harbour Bridge ini bisa menggunakan train dan turun di Circular Quay Station dan berjalan melewati jembatan dan berhenti di Milsons Point Station atau sebaliknya, memulai perjalanan dari Milsons Point Station dan berakhir di Circular Quay Station. Pengunjung tidak dikenakan biaya untuk melewati jembatan ini.

This bridge is incredible! It's not until you walk underneath it along the harbour that you truly understand how enormous it is. They offer a hike up to the top where the views are breathtaking.... If you're not fearful of heights then this is a must. Harbour Bridge climb tours generally start at $250 (depending what your climb includes). Definately a must if you're interested in landmarks and beautiful scenery. You can also walk across the bridge on the flat which generally takes one hour to do.

Wonderful views of downtown Sydney. If you don't want to spend around $200 to climb the bridge but still want an elevated view of the city I recommend visiting the Pylon. It will only set you back $15 and there is also a small museum at the end that features a video about the making of the bridge.

15. WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

Didn’t quite know what to expect from the outside, but once inside we had an enjoyable time. Highly recommend getting the koala add on. I have not yet gone across the Harbour to the other zoo, but am looking forward to it. Also getting the multiple attraction pass is also recommended. $50 for 2 attractions is a good deal.

A very nice place to hangout with kids in the city. Kids will have a great time watching most of the Australian species and reptiles. Moreover you can also feed and touch wallabies, birds, and colas. Wild Life Zoo, Sea Life, and Wax Museum are next to each other at Darling Harbour and share the same entrance. The best is get the multi-attraction pass to save on $.

Great place to visit. Would highly recommend you buy tickets online and purchase the multipass where you can visit aquarium also, otherwise too expensive on its own. We visited both on the same day very easily. Great exhibits, with lots of close up opportunities. Not many opportunities to grab something to eat or coffee, so bring a packed lunch or be prepared to wait for a long time.

We've done the Koala Breakfast and it was amazing, you come very early (7:30am) to the Zoo and you can stay there all day!! It's hard to find a waken Koala in the nature. We've done some pictures and cool videos with them and saw how cute they're and how they cuddle each other. You can also see a very Big Crocodile and was absolutely worth it ❤ the breakfast was with to less choice. But it was a great day at all :)

It is a pricey tourist trap sandwiched in between Madam Toussaud's and the aquarium. That said, it is easy to acess, doesn't take too long to visit, and has exhibits that should interest all ages. Caveat. It pays to compare coupons. The best deals I saw were at the tourist booking place in Darling Harbor before the maritime museum. Entry fees depend wildly on what deal you can unearth.

16. The State Theatre

I want to give 5 stars or really 10. This is part of Sydney’s and Australia’s history. A working part of their history that should be visited and enjoyed. Even the Staff are a reminder of pleasant days gone by. They are all so polite and helpful, like we all used to be. The location is wonderful. The interior is exquisite. The service is excellent. So why only 4⭐️? This is a political removal of 1⭐️. I just feel the local or federal governments, or whoever it should be, could do more in the way of funding and upkeep of this beautiful monument to arts and history

Always a great time. Terrific view from any seat in the balcony. Haven't been up in the gods so can't comment. Queues for the toilets move quickly and not too bad for the bars.

Gorgeous old theatre that made the whole show just that bit more special. Staff were courteous and professional and the seating comfortable ... drinks/food could have been a little better but it was ok and only mention it as a possible area for improvement on a wonderful place to visit.

Super classy theatre!! Loved watching Jimmy Carr here. Good bar facilities, though queues can get long during intervals if certain performances. Some great shows on here + seating is good.

Wonderful historic theater. There's some great shows here. There are 2 balconies, so look at where you're sitting to ensure you're not too far back.

17. SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

We had a lovely day with the kids, how can you go wrong at an aquarium? But to be honest there were a few things that did detract from the experience. The layout forced you to move through the aquarium in one direction, and the number of people allowed in at once meant it was impossible in most sections to linger and really enjoy any particular exhibition. It was not a major issue for us with young children who wouldn't want to linger long - but even for us, the experience did feel rushed. The aquarium looked run down and it was extremely hot in sections. The place needs some money spent on it to freshen the place up and fix the air conditioning. On the plus side, the staff were friendly and helpful, and the food available at the end was quick, tasty and reasonably priced. The kids really enjoyed decorating their own fish and scanning it onto the display. The touch tank was also fantastic. We also got a massive discount on our extremely convenient parking by having our ticket validated in the gift shop. The aquarium provides details on their website and it saved us almost $50 on parking! I would recommend visiting on a weekday if possible to try avoid the rush.

Amazing experience. Very well constructed, good explanations about what you are looking at, animal well taken care of and many diversity of marine life. Always some friendly staff around if you want to ask something. Liked the Jurassic Seas area a lot, and of course all the big fish and sharks in the tunnels. I thing it took us around 2 hours to complete it with a kid.

Amazing! It's such a nice place to visit. It's great for kids, but it's good people who like animals in general. You get to see a glimpse of what there animals are in the wild. There are tons of information about the animals in this place. Great for someone who is curious about sea life. Definitely worth a visit

I went on a Saturday and loved many of the displays. I think the talks were very educational and the information well presented and easily digested. The tanks were well lit and clear so it was easy to spot a lot of the sea life. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit here. This rating would’ve been higher if I had seen staff manage children who were banging on the tanks and screaming at the animals. I feel that it would scare or disturb the animals in the tanks and that definitely affected my experience.

Definitely worth visiting. They have a really good range for such a small location - the penguins alone are worth the trip! The staff are great too. My only concern was how hot it was inside during summer, though it was very busy.

18. Capitol Theatre

Loved the grandeur and elegance of the place. Very nice sitting arrangement. We sat almost at the end of the auditorium, yet didn't have any problem in enjoying the performance. There are bars for drinks and snacks. We were a bit confused about the price though. The price chart said all drinks came with mixers, but they charge extra for the mixer when we ordered rum with soda. Four star because of that. Otherwise five for sure.

Always love the Capitol. Visited recently for the wizard of Oz musical and as always it was a fantastic experience. Service was good, seats were comfy and as always the show was fantastic. Parking can be a pain but there's plenty of parking stations in the area, great Asian food available close by.

This is an impressive theatre. It is beautiful inside and very ornate. Try to sit in the stalls. Most seats have good views of the stage unless you are on the edges. The bars are very busy and it can be difficult to get served during intermission. The toilets are even busier! There are lots of food places around the theatre and convenient parking stations too if you get there early.

Gorgeous vintage style theatre that is the central venue for some of the world's famous musical. Seats are comfy, the inside is well air conditioned, visibility generally good unless you're unfortunate to have someone really tall sitting in front of you. Snacks are a bit overpriced but is on par with other theatre and cinema. I have been to 5 or so musicals performed here and it was always a pleasant experience. Located close to a light rail stop and the Central train station and there's some nice restaurants nearby as well.

Great shows in a great theatre. The location is fantastic and there's always a great buzz when going into or leaving the theatre. The service is top notch even it's so busy !

19. Hyde Park

Beautiful park in the heart of Sydney. There is lots of area to sit and eat a picnic or just have a coffee. Water fountain is beautiful with views of the surrounding city or church. The mature trees make this place very special. The sound of the birds are relaxing and if you stay during sunset you can watch the bats fly over head.

Nice place to walk around. 100s of review already been written so I refrain from going into finer details. This place is indeed a great for family hangout and meeting up with friends. I inched every square walking around with loafers 😁

Hyde park is a great place for recreational activities. Many people were hanging around and jogging in Hyde park in the evening. It is approximately 12 minutes walk from the Chinatown and there is a railway station near Hyde Park. The park is well maintained. If you plan to head to a beach, you can catch a bus near the main road to Bondi beach. The buses were very frequent. Hyde Park is located near St Mary's Cathedral. It is a great stop after visiting St Mary's Cathedral.

Hyde Park is a wonderful place to sit and people watch especially whilst the church bells are ringing. On a summers day thousands of visitors will stroll through the park, usually looking for shade from the blistering sun! There are many photo opportunities, including the crowds around the buskers all through the park.

Green space in the center of Sydney, water features, war memorial. A lot of trees and shade, so pleasant even on hot days. Good for walking day and night with very good lighting. Seating available. Can take food and drinks and picnic.

20. Sydney Tower Eye

Well worth the cost for a visit. We did the outside tour and that was also worth the cost. Kept us busy for a half day. You can see the entire city from the top. Staff were friendly and helpful. A very clean and well maintained place. I would recommend a visit if your in the city.

Spectacular view 5⭐️s from the observation desk. But the 4D experience is 1 ⭐️/5! I was shocked 🤯 with the movie duration & scenes selected; where are all those seats 💺 & the wild life scenes back in 2010! That blow tou away! The officer said things changed! Oh yeah, to the worse. Would i come back? I doubt it!

My visit was heaps of fun and everybody was really friendly and energetic! The souvenir store at the top of the tower is very reasonably priced and they have something for pretty much everyone. The skywalk was loads of fun too and our tour guide was awesome. The photo package was a little steep at A$50 but I went with it cuz some of the shots were pretty cool. Definitely a touristy place but a must do when visiting Sydney! 10/10

Sydney Tower Eye, is tallest building in Sydney, which can be accessed through westfield level-5. People can buy ticket's at westfield level-5, or they can buy online. If you forget to bring the printout of online ticket no need to worry just show them your ticket in your phone or soft copy. Staff at level-5 is so nice and very helpful. The 3D video shown at level-5, was really amazing which is included in tour package. Lifts hardly takes less than a min to reach to top level. Nice place to see Sydney city view and capture lovely images. There are lots of free accessible binoculars, which brings the things closer to your eye. Overall nice place to see city. You can carry water or snacks in your bag to have fun at top with your family or friends. A fun for kids. Recommend to go.

The thought process of building the biggest tower of its geometric shape brings out the saturation in depth of alignment. Be sure to bring a friend who is willing to pay for this ridiculous price. Or just pull the old trick from the hat.which is I forgot my wallet. But don't come here everyday ok, u need to save up for a house. Kind regards, Your Advisor