Best Things To Do in Santorini Greece

1. Byzantine Castle Ruins

Historic ruins with a great view. Can be busy as with any historic sites. A few areas without walls so not suitable for young children.

Pros: beautiful view. Gorgeous sunset. Cons: be prepared to be packed like sardines. If you like having cameras shoved around your head, then no worries. Otherwise there are plenty of other places to see the sunset just 5 min walk away from the castle.

It's great but you're lucky if you get to see anything due to all the tourists. If you're looking for a photo opportunity, go early and take snacks

We went here on our first day quite picturesque but seems to be very crowded all day. The ruins themselves aren't much to look at and are largely restricted for safety reasons. The real reason to be there is the views from the ruins and not the ruins themselves.

Oia, is the most famous of all villages of Santorini. It is known throughout the world for its quiet life and fantastic sunset, and is certainly the most beautiful and picturesque village of Santorini. It is a traditional village with charming houses in narrow streets, blue domed churches, and sun-bathed verandas. Its streets have plenty of tourist shops, taverns, cafes, and other shops. At the entrance of the village is a car park where visitors can leave their vehicle and enjoy long walks in the picturesque paths.

2. Museum of Prehistoric Thira

This place has some bad reviews. Not sure why. Wonderful artifacts from Akrotiri here including fab frescoes. The pottery and objects of daily life were remarkable. The lives of inhabitants who apparently thought they’d be coming back after the event.

It was VERY archaeological and filled with history! Now, it is very dusty and hot so if you don't mind the heat, getting your feet dusty and a lot of walking this site is for you! I feel more apart of the Greek culture after visiting the site!

Ok, I didn't go in...BUT, I made one trip during our stay into this overrun smelly tourist town and there was NOWHERE to park. Almost got smashed by one of the crazy motor scooter drivers illegally flying down the middle of the road. Bag it!. Then we tried again on Tuesday because the web site states it is closed on Monday. NOWHERE to park (what do people see in this place?). We parked outside of town and hoofed it in. It was CLOSED, on Tuesday! Officially the sign outside says closed on Tuesday. Don't rely on the internet. We never got to see we never will.

A small, but good collection of excavated ancient pottery and wall paintings from the ancient site of Akrotiri. Many of these dates back to between the 3rd millennium BC and 17th century BC. The quality of the pottery and the designs are amazing!! The famous young fisherman wall painting recovered from the site of the West House in ancient Akrotiri has been reconstructed and preserved in this museum and is worth looking at.

Really good museum with good collection of pre-hiatoric artefacts. Has only 1hour to visit and definetly I would stay more 2 hours if I had time. Very interesting.

3. Koutsoyannopoulos Wine Museum

If you are in Santorini, this is a great destination for wine enthusiasts. For 10 euros, wine tasting is even included and you cannot miss this. You will find some of the best dessert wines only from this place. The main area has great selection of souvenirs and handmade olive wood goblins and many other utensils. The museum was great too.

Professional and friendly staff. The museum is well managed and maintained. One of my best experiences on Santorini.

Very impressive museum underground. All the phases of producing wine and evolution of related technologies. Very polite stuff with wine related studies. Detailed info for each of the 4 wines we were served.

Wonderful place, the guided tour of the winery is very good and the taste at the end is the perfect final touch.

Well worth seeing. So much thought and work went into the place.

4. Venetsanos Winery

This was the last winery on our tour and they clearly saved the best for last. The view cannot be beat - you have an amazing view of the caldera from the patio. We did the 5 wine tasting and we enjoyed the Vinsanto very much. They have a small food menu and we got some nibbles to go with our wine. The staff is very nice and helpful too.

Should be 4 1/2 stars but as I can’t do that it’s more of a 5! Epic views!! The staff are lovely, good bit of info on the wine. Only things I would say could be better is separating the dishes a little more with each of the wines. All in all it’s a must do when you visit this amazing little island

Did the 6 wine tasting. Also tried the eel main course and the salad. Food taste good. The wines were generally good. We particularly like their Visanto 2008. Wonderful. Value for money

Excellent time here. The wine was great, but The best part was the views and staff. Hristos made our wine tasting fun and interesting. A true highlight of our trip to Santorini

This winery is gorgeously set into the cliffs so it offers beautiful sunset views. The museum shows hiw the founder wanted to establish a winery through gravity.

5. Symposion by La Ponta | Music and Mythology | Santorini

Very interesting yannis is a master piper. I have seen pipers from many countries and he is up there. Go and check out his interpretation of the illiad in concert!

This is not to be missed by anyone who sets foot on the island as it is a diamond not just for Santorini and Greece but for the whole world! The venue is magical in and of itself, the performance a gateway to Homer and perrenial sounds and the museum one -of-a-kind. Words fail to convey what only direct experience has the potential to unlock.

An unexpected find, with a wonderful host Yannis, telling a story of Greek history and mythology through the use of music and wonderful story telling. Very authentic. Highly recommended

That's awesome!! After visited La Ponta, I knew more about the musical instruments were use in the past.

I´m not into the spiritual things at all, however, this was a great experience. ~45mins to an hour of your time and 7 euros. Worth trying it, engage yourself and just let it flow. After 10 minutes, my scepsis turned into - our world would be a much better place if we had more people like Yannis.

6. Tomato Industrial Museum

We went yesterday eenjoyed a look around €5 each. Look at some of the old factory. I wish there was more details on the economy side of things. Such as how far and wide it was sold more history there was some but I wanted to know more. Feel as if your paying for the video.

Small museum but worth a visit. Interesting history of the area. Local arts building at the side might have something interesting to look at too.

Small but surprisingly interesting museum. Not very big but the video display showing interviews of old residents and workers is very powerful. Worth a visit.

Excellent little museum in Vlihada, Santorini. Before the tourism was the industry that it's today Santorini had an important industry canning the very special cherry tomatoes produced in the island. D. Nomikos founded a factory for canning tomatoes at the beginning of XX century and today you can see the machinery and the artifacts (most originals) in a very interesting and entertaining guided tour. The final video with the real testimonies of the old factory workers is a gem! In the museum you can see some industrial artifacts, all originals from other factories too. There's a wonderful shop with probably the best New Greek design in the island and a tasteful selection of gourmet treats. The café is a delightful place with wonderful Bloody Mary and cooking classes and small-batch tomato paste tastings. Finally, the S. A. F. (Santorini Arts Factory) proyect, a year-round festival hosting fine art events. Theatre, dance, and music productions and exhibitions. One of the most unknown but better options in Santorini. Absolutely recommended

🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅 Both Industrial heritage museum and arts centre with cafe, shop, gallery and outdoor concert platform. Enjoyed a tour away from hordes at Red beach. Lovely and fast talking guide showed us around original tomato processing factory that operated from 1915. Original machinery in situ. A film of elderly locals reminiscing about working at the factory and farming tomatoes was a real insight: how tough life must have been. I'll never look at a tin of tomato paste the same!

7. Church of panagia

The view is fantastic

Only on Santorini. I recommend.

Beautiful church along the goat path

Beautiful small church located in such a spectacular place. Really lovely stop when you walk from Fira to Oia which I truly recommend. It’s a bit uphill to reach this church but I promise you that you won’t regret it. One of my favourite places in Santorini!!

Bellissima chiesa

8. Santorini

If you get lucky enough to go to the Greek islands, Santorini is compulsory! It offers everything you can imagine: beautiful beaches, amazing historical villages, food that leaves any foodie blown away and breathless views. Here are 5 tips: 1. Avoid peak times... gets too crazy spring or autumn are the best 2. Go sailing: find a boat that takes you around the island and jump into the water every chance you get 3. Sample every food you can 4. Hire a care and lap the island 5. Learn even the most basic Greek! Everyone appreciated it! Santorini is a tourist hit spot - but planned right, just perfect!

Wonderful place is Santorini, Greece. It's a delight to watch the houses so well connected and planned. Magnificent scenic beauty to watch the views. The night vision is more clearer and better to watch as the lights are switched on. The province of Santorini has many such breathtaking views.

Small enough to feel like you can get a sense of the whole island (and feel like your totally disconnected from the world). That Aegean blue is something else. And the caldera is breathtaking, especially with morning light.

Make sure you visit Santorini when you go to Greece. It is magic! An island that is a volcano, what's more dreamy? Make sure to try the naturally sweet local red wine, sweet tomatoes and lava. It is a must. The hotel with its sea views are great and the people are friendly

A dream like island. Amazing to see homes stacked over each other on the cliff edge. Better to visit late evening with sun setting and a dinner table seating outside on the cliff.

9. Domaine Sigalas

I loved visiting this winery! My husband and I spent the most lovely afternoon enjoying the wine, view, and food. If I had known how good the food was, I would have planned to eat a meal here. The service was excellent as well. Could not have asked for a better afternoon!

We came driving with my wife and as some people say, it is not very far away from Oia but it is advisable to take a taxi to get back since it is downhill outside of the main road. If you want a quick drink and go experience, don't book in advance as they only make tours of the vineyard upon request by email or by phone. It takes around one hour and costs 100 euros per person. Some vineyards don't charge you for taking the tours but some wines are definitely worth knowing more about. I was surprised to see the price of the 12 wine tasting raised up to 30 euros per person despite the 16 or 25 mentioned in other posts. I assume they raised their prices for 2018 but I see no value added in that. In addition, they should have some outdoor seats to be fully covered from the sun so that the wines don't get warm. Our last 2 cups of dessert wines were warmer by the time we tried them and not at the recommended serving temperature. Anyways it was a very nice experience and they give you a booklet of the wines you are trying. I suggest you go for the full experience and try all the wines for 30 euros.

This place is amazing!!! We had the 12 glasses taste. You can always find the one / ones you like in the 12 glasses. And the food is surprisingly good! Even better than most of the restaurants. Sooo satisfied and memorable!! Reservation is needed. Also okay to walk from oia. The road is very wide and easy to walk.

Lovely place to get away from the hustle of Oia. However, recommend making a reservation as we went in "shoulder season" (May) and most tables were reserved. Great wine and great educational book they give you on each wine they produce as well as history of their vineyard

Highly recommended! Their vinosanto was excellent, better than what I'd tried at restaurants. Excellent waiter/sommelier. Get the full flight but only try the 7 Villages if you have a well calibrated tongue.

10. Amoudi Bay

A gem in Oia! Hard to see the sunset view but food is phenomenal. We ordered a lot of things (including vegetarian options) and everything was so fresh and delicious. The service is really good and the staff is friendly. I definitely recommend their Greek salad and tzatziki. This place is know for their fresh sea food so if you are into that type of food you will enjoy this place. Their bread and vegetarian risotto are amazing as well! The place is super cozy and has a nice vibe. It is a nice date spot too. It is a bit pricey but you are getting what you pay for.

Not many places on earth let you have fresh and good seafood while being so close to the sea. However i do not reccomend anyone coming here on foot as walking the pathway down the extremely long steps are already tedious but you also have to watch your steps to avoid the countless donkey feces along the way.

Nice little cozy place to move around with good variety of food and a nice selection of shops for a varied shopping experience. It's basically everything you need is at the shops. Nice stop before one leaves for the Volcano and an experience in the warm waters.

The definition of a tourist spot, extremely over crowded parking was a disaster if planning on visiting make sure to come early to find a decent parking spot otherwise youll end up walking up a steep hill. The walk to the swimming spot is nice but shoes are definitely needed flip-flops ruin the entire experience as the path is gravel and some loose rocks

Amazing view of sunset, great food, and cliff jumping swimming hole on the island just around the dirt path past the restaurant to the left.

11. Santorini Sea Kayak

Fantastic Day On The Water with Great Touches Having done tours with kayaks before (I am an experienced kayaker), I was amazed that Santorini Sea Kayak thought of every detail and then some. Sun hats, dry bags, snorkel gear, lunch (was even better than some restaurants) and they even take a ton of pictures of your trip. That was a huge unexpected bonus. Word to the wise, when they suggest to buy water. Take it as a commandment. George was our tour guide and he was the consummate professional. We did the lighthouse full day tour, starting around 10 AM and finishing at 4:30 PM. He knew how to let me do my thing while still keeping an eye on me, while also keeping a close watchful eye on my partner. He kept a nice pace so she wasn't tired out. He also gave us many options as to where to swim, where to put ashore, when to snorkel and when to eat. We ended at a restaurant as part of the package where the food and the service was top-notch and we felt like we were guests at a family members home. George stayed for part of dinner and we enjoyed his company immensely. Though the price per person seemed high initially. It was worth EVERY penny. I am not a man of wealth by any means, but you can't put a price on an amazing experience. Go with Santorini Sea Kayak and you won't regret it.

This was my favorite experience from my trip to Santorini!! I had such an amazing time!! The team was friendly, upbeat, funny and they were all very helpful. We had a great time kayaking around the island, which included stops for information about the island, the lunch was delicious and I had a great time snorkeling around the reef after lunch. I would highly recommend Santorini Sea Kayak to anyone going to Santorini!

A Memorable experience. The crew Adonis, George and Stelios made it fun enjoyable and had plenty of informative stories to tell. They kept us happy, smiling, safe. We got to stop at a very remote small part of the coastline for swimming and snorkeling time (snorkeling kit was provided) as was a dry bag for our towels and other belongings. This was followed by a nice little picnic of fresh sandwiches and homemade treats. They were attentive and catered for all our needs, and took plenty of photos on our behalf as advised we left our electronic devices behind. Would definitely recommend. Transfers to and from the location was also provided.

Kayaking with Adonis and George was our favorite part of our trip to Santorini! The water and views are beautiful, the picnic they provided was excellent, the stories were interesting, and it was relaxed and fun. We appreciated that they were able to pick us up and drop us off outside of Fira where we were staying.

We had a wonderful experience with Adonis and George seeing the red, white, and black beaches of Santorini. The crew at Santorini Sea Kayak made our trip fun and also informative. Great for the novice paddler!

12. Santorini Wine Adventure Tours

This was a great tour. I am from the Napa area and have been wine tasting (a lot) and to several cooking classes. This tour rates among the best. Angelo our guide was incredibly knowledgeable about wines and food pairings. He was super funny and entertaining and yet completely professional and accommodating. He had a clear passion for wines and Foods and his interaction with us got the group excited and interested in what he was saying. He has a fantastic personality, and he’s not bad to look at. Talia our chef was welcoming And fun to work with. Her cooking pedigree was amazing!! Her stories were fascinating and made cooking with her that much more exciting. Her information about cooking and food made me want to make more dishes! I would love to go back if she taught some sort of dessert or pastry class. Overall both my daughter and I agreed that this was our best tour of the trip. Can not recommend enough!

A must do! Great way to experience a taste of Greek life. Tour guide was funny and had impeccable wine knowledge. Perfect combo of learning and drinking!

Our tour guide was amazing! He was really smart and knew a lot about wines and helped us pair different types of wines with different types of foods. We went to 3 amazing wineries and ended off the tour with a beautiful sunset. HIGHLY recommend it!

Food and wine Greek style. Educational. Historical. Fun. Relaxing. Some shopping.

This tour is amazing!!! I loved every minute of it. George was an incredibly knowledgeable guide, and really knew his pairings.

13. Red Beach

Definitely a cool beach, plus I have never seen beach. Anyway just seeing it ground level is no where as amazing as if you have a drone. The red beach centered in the surrounding landscape is just beautiful. 4 stars on the ground level and 5 stars for the aerial view. Also make sure to bring shoes as there is a very very short hike from the parking lot to the beach and it is very rocky.

The beach had a hike down along with a walk from the bus. There was a great fresh fruit produce stand right before you descend to the beach. The walk in to the red and break would be difficult for children and elderly, but not impossible. The beach is picturesque and the water was great. Enjoy!

The hike is a little rough, bring some good shoes for the rough walk. It’s not long but the trail is a jagged one with a lot of lava rock. Very unique beach. Worth seeing

Too crowded and rocky to consider it a place for a relaxing beach day. There is a small walk from the parking lot (which is free to park if you manage to find a space) to the beach. The cliff is red, so 5 stars for the beautiful view. We turned around halfway and headed back to the car to find a calmer beach.

The beach is accessed from the east via a treacherous hike past signs saying 'CLOSED DANGER FALLING ROCKS' and through recently slashed fences. Ignore these, everyone does... The beach itself is a narrow strip of rocks (no sand) beneath a massive crumbling cliff of red volcanic rock. On the west end are sunbeds and umbrellas. If you survive to reach them and wish to use one, you are expected to pay. Pay whom? He is not hard to find. He is the guy hiding in the shack counting money. If you don't find him he finds you and yells 'You pay now! Pay me Euros now!' (I paid 10 euros in the late afternoon) And whatever you do, don't throw rocks at his pink flamingo floatie which he keeps moored to the beach.. I think the people who visited this site by boat had the best idea.

14. Santorini Day Tours

Dimitri is a highly cooperative guide. He live in santorini and he know the island very well. Very recommended tour in Santorini.

Best expirience we had in Santorini. Driver was very helpful. We got completely satisfied.

The tour was excellent ! we will surely book again.

15. Santorini Wine Tour

A must-do in Santorini!! We had the most phenomenal guide and though it was the hottest day (47 C), we were comfortable on the bus which was equipped with A/C. Each winery they brought us to was unique. We learnt a lot about the Santorini wine making and culture.

16. Santorini Sailing

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to have time on the water and a great meal. We did a half day cruise starting at 10 AM and finished with a BBQ at a small beach. They did an amazing job sharing history and hot spots around the island. The food at the end was the best meal we had on Santorini and we were staying in Oia!

Wonderful 10/10! We did lots of sailing, wind helped of course, tentative and knowledgeable crew, plenty and yummy food, great swimming and site seeing spots. We booked Escape for a sunset tour as a family, was totally worth itttttt

We went on an excellent half day trip with them...but we're in for a shock when we reached the cable car spot to see a huge queue since one big cruise which probably houses hundred of travellers was preparing to board.....we just aboutade it in time running down the 580 steps to the docks...but the rest of the trip was truly well curated and we enjoyed the swim in hot spring and the sunset very recommended .

Came here around 8pm. Pretty clean and quick as usual. Everything u would expect from a MacDonald's

Had a great time! The staff is super friendly and speaks English very well, they give you a lot of informations about the island, the dinner was a large meal the wine/juices/beer were unlimited.

17. Sunset Oia

We took the platinum sunset cruise from Oia Sunset Cruises and it was a perfect day. From the moment we stepped on the boat we were greeted by a very friendly crew and were able to relax for the next 5 hours. We swam at 3 separate stops (one in the hot springs of the volcano). The boat provides snorkel equipment, noodles for relaxing and towels which was perfect! We relaxed at the front of the boat sipping cocktails for hours, it was so much fun. We never felt like there was a lack of space on this one. Also, great music was played throughout. The crew prepared lunch on board which included freshly cooked chicken with mustard sauce, delicious shrimp with feta and tomato, Greek salad, grape leaves, potato salad, bread, and cold pasta salad. It was so good! We went back for seconds. There was a vegetarian on board and they were very accommodating. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

Wonderful experience! My husband and I did the semi-private sunset cruise which was a blast. The crew were all super friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable. It was the perfect mix of swimming, snorkeling, and hanging out on the boat. The lunch was great, and they kept the wine/beer flowing! Make sure to bring a change of clothes or light jacket since it gets chilly on deck once the sun starts setting. We also wish someone warned us against wearing white bathing suits if you go into the hot springs. Since the water has so much sulfur, it dyed my husband’s white bathing suit a yellow tint. Another couple we met on board said their friend had warned them about this. Anyways, definitely book with Oia Sunset and we hope you have as much fun as we did!

Went on the morning cruise (Platinum) around Santorini. This was a great way to experience the island in it's entirety. Stopped for swimming at: the hot springs (which weren't so hot but was unique), the white beach and the red beach. Swimming stops were only from the boat so you weren't able to swim all the way to the shore but it was great with pool noodles, towels, and snorkelling gear provided. Lunch was tasty and cooked on the boat. The guide was informative and friendly. A small semi private cruise (16 people in all). A great experience. Wifi was included on the boat (but on our cruise it was broken) this was not an issue as there was plenty to see and do.

Sunset Oia had a fantastic staff, beautiful boat, and great food! We took the morning tour and swam in the volcanic hot springs, enjoyed the tour around the islands and had a wonderful lunch prepared onboard. Wonderful experience, I would highly recommend!

Awesome experience and definitely one of the must Dos in Santorini. The food was great (pasta, Salad, and Dolma) the bbq was okay but still worth it when you starve the whole day for it. You are shown the best views and highlights of the island. The white beach and volcano swim was so worth it. The hot springs are meh because there weren’t any or at least they say they are little tiny pockets that are difficult to find. HOWEVER, we didn’t see the sunset because of the high waves towards the end of the day but hopefully we were just unlucky. I highly recommend it.

18. Mnemossyne Gallery

This place is a great little find! True craftsmen making beautiful jewelry right in Oia. Everyone was extremely nice, I’ll definitely be back!

Beautiful gallery, well worth the stop. Love the bracelet I purchased.

Great collection


Molto bello il tutto... ho visto dei tramonti PIÙ belli però !! Ad esempio a Creta, Formentera e Ibiza.


Great beach area and restaurants. Beach area has lounge chairs and umbrellas available from the restaurants across from the beach. Good music playing and table service from the restaurants. Very relaxing location.

Black sands with gushing waves touching your feet and the enormous amount of pleasant pleasure walking on the beach. Thus us really heaven on earth. This place is really a great place to bring kids and enjoy with them to remind you of your childhood. Hats off to the authorities to have made it a point to keep the place clean neat and environment free. Please do make it a point to take your kids along and enjoy the food served there with lot of love

The campground is abandoned. Its been a Sumers without opening. We were able to park and camp. We didnt have to pay , we only took water since the place is abandoned.

Beach side addition to the main restaurant. Excellent food and service. Try the whole griddled squid and the giant butter beans. Mythos is a good choice for beer. If you're thinking of splitting the bill, it might be better to mention it before you start as the post-meal calculation for three couples took quite a long time. However, everything was done with a smile and if you're on holiday what does time matter?

This beach is quite average,Kamari is much better than this one. In Kamari you will get better crowd and restaurants.

20. Akrotiri

This ancient city was covered in a heap of volcanic ash in the late 17th century B.C., preserving it for present-day archaeologists and interested tourists. The site is so well preserved that it is often referred to as the Pompeii of the Aegean. Worth a visit if you want to waste some time!!!

Unless you are fanatic don't wast your money. In 20 years when they make more sense of it and not just a pile of dust with the occasional stones it may tell a story and be worth visiting. Sorry to be so negative as I am sure it cost a lot to cover the site

A unique experience. This is the ruin of a town that had its origin in 4000 BC and flourished during the time of Abraham and 500 years before Troy. It shows amazingly advanced structures - including an indoor toilet and plumbing from 1800 BC or earlier! From the very start, the Greeks, or rather their ancestors, were civilized.

Wonderful archeological site. Very well and nice presented. Nice explanations. Covered site for the protection of the ruins. Amazing place. What they did 4000 years ago!! A prived guide is a must to be able to enjoy the site Absolutely recommended

Loved that it was covered to keep us from the sun and rain. My only regret was not getting a tour guide. They didn't have much information on the signs throughout the site so it was difficult to get the full history.