Best Things To Do in Santorini Greece

1. Santorini

Santorini is beautiful place to stay. A perfect blend of ocean, sky and blue. Very good honeymoon spot. Famous for red and black beach. Time well spend with friends and family.

Beautiful place. I walked up and rode down, but maybe the other way around would have been easier (duh)!

As breath taking as everything you read about. Recommend ferrying our to Santorini then renting a sailboat and island hopping your way back to Athens.

I see people taking about having to use donkeys on some of the Isalnds to get from the sea to the towns. What are the restrictions. Can kids ride? Can a kid ride with an adult? How much weight can it hold? Donkeys are small and I am tall will that be a problem? It sounds like fun!!

Beautiful island great place for Sunset..lots of open restaurants with nice views..great tourist attraction..must visit place in Europe..

2. Venetsanos Winery

We had a good time here. My wife and I went on our own without a tour in October. You have the option of doing the wine tasting or getting a s small tour inside their wine museum. We got the tour but it was only 5 mins and I really wouldn't recommend it. The wine tasting was really good. The prices are fair and you get to try 5 glasses. However at the end when we went to buy a bottle we noticed the prices are really expensive. We still bought one and have not regretted it.

We stumbled upon this place looking for a different winery and we were pleasantly surprised. Service was amazing! I’m not a fan of dry white wines but they were tasty here. The food we got was a combo platter that had a little bit of everything to pair with the 6 different wines we tried. Definitely an enjoyable experience. My only regret was that I drove here!

Locals recommended the winery, so we visited, and it was one of the best during our Santorini trip! Easy and quick access by public bus (1.8 euro) from Thira. We asked bus stuff to let us know when to get out. Great sunset ocean view. The view is great during noon too. 10 euro for 5 wine tastings (2 whites, 1 rose, 2 reds. 1 dessert wine). Snacks (cheeses sticks, olives, etc) are about 10 to 25 euro. Another food plate was offered free when we ordered one bottle. Relaxing, great wine, good wine snacks, friendly stuff and nice view. There are winery tours but I would pick one winery and spend a precious time there. I would highly recommend this winery :)

Incredible view, amazing wine, and staff that sincerely CARE about you having a lovely time. Maria who serves you wine and explains the history of the vineyard and the wines is a joy. We had the perfect few hours here. Highly recommend MUCH more than the overly visited more "popular" wineries.

Classy place. Excellent view. Staff have a genuine hospitality and enthusiasm for their wines.

3. Domaine Sigalas

We had an amazing time here trying wines and learning how each was made. We left with a bottle of dessert wine, but wanted to take many more. Go for the full wine tasting, travel is all about the experience, so experience everything! We also had the local food sampling plate which went well with the wines!

We made the mistake of walking here along a path google maps recommended but wasn't really a path - stick to the road if you're going to walk would be my only piece of advice. The whole experience certainly made up for it however. We had a fantastic, knowledgeable and friendly French lady guide us. There was plenty of wine and food to enjoy and luckily we had a really nice group to enjoy it all with. Such a good afternoon.

Wine was great! Our food was delicious. We had the rocket salad and the cheese plate. Very cool outdoor seating and knowledgeable staff. Although it says directly on their menu that tours are available every day and private tastings available every day, they were not which was disappointing. The staff was not very attentive but when they were around they were knowledgeable about the wines. I recommend visiting for the wine and views for sure!

Incredible wine and delicious food! The Assyrtiko-Athiri (white) became one of my favorite wines in the world, and I'm a red drinker. Something about a hot summer night after a long day at the beach, this is the perfect summer wine. Order it by the case! The food here is equally delicious.

The food was great. BUT. They had a bunch of cute little kittens around. Customers wanted to pet them and hold them. My husband held one and the waitress rudely asked him to stop paying attention to the cats as well as other customers around. I know Greece has many many cats that are seen as a nuisance, but for a touristy location, they shouldn't demand their customers ignore the cats when every culture is different and people are paying a ton of money to vacation there and enjoy the experience thoroughly. The experience just happens to include cute little kittens. Give it up!! Lol

4. Santo Wines Winery

Nice wines but I believe their specialties are mainly whites. They serve a lot more whites for tasting than red. Prices very reasonable for tasting. Anyway the whites are good but the reds are so so at best. Don’t expect too much from the tour if you have been to tours in South Africa, Argentina, Australia etc. Very little knowledge sharing just only wine tasting. Good view tho! Worth the trip there.

Amazing sunset view spot when you get to Santorini! The patio tables go 3 deep to allow lots of outdoor seating. The wines are predominantly white but with some red and a lot of variety in the dessert wines. The barrel fortified dessert wines were the best. With more than 18 wines being served though, there are plenty of red wines if that’s your preferred wine. My wife and I tried the 18 wine flight that kept us busy for several hours. Once the sunset sets, the temperature drops quickly so make sure to have a jacket if you’re going to stay for a while after sunset.

We just returned home from a wonderful two weeks in Greece and especially Santorini . We went to Santo Winery, which is a true winery as well as great wine tasting. The people are very warm and friendly and the wines are wonderful. Did not go to any other wineries, but some were much smaller, this is a must if you like wine, not to mention the view.

Excellent ambiance, wonderful choice of Santorini wines. Wine tastings available. They did not offer water when asked, it had to be paid although they offered free water with coffees which were considerably cheaper than our wines.

We came here during off-peak season for sunset viewing at the car park next to Santo Winery and the view was stunning. There was practically no one at the restaurant but we were told during peak season this place gets crazy crowded (and given the view we can imagine why this is the case). Their wines are produced in the Winery and are priced very reasonably (we thought it might be touristy but were impressed). High recommend to get some local Santorini wines here!

5. Amoudi Bay

Great food and wine! Great place to watch the sunset with dinner. There’s also an area that’s great for swimming right around the corner and has a few places to cliff dive.

This place was so amazing! You have to work for it. You climb down hundreds of steep stairs in Oia - wear sneakers or at least sandals that can be strapped onto your feet as I have seen women in flip flops or pretty sandals end up taking their shoes off and climb down barefoot through the donkey poop. Once you pass the restaurants (past Sunset restaurant on your left as you climb down the steps) cross the narrow stone walkway, you come to a magical bay where people can jump from a little jump area off the cliff and sunbathe on the stones. The water is so clean and refreshing after the long walk. You can eat at the restaurants at the bay and enjoy the sunset after your swim.

Worth a visit! We took a scooter all the way down, but many other reviewers saying walking down is too long and full of donkey poo. The water was very crisp and clean and we enjoyed swimming. Highly recommended to go cliff jumping! Bring wet shoes to be more comfortable. After you finish swimming, I suggest you hike up some of the rocks to sit out higher up, to avoid the crowds.

Ignore the donkey poo and the restaurants at the bottom. Keep walking to your left along the trail and you will end up at an amazing little swimming spot. Swim across to the little sanctuary, jump off of it even, and enjoy the magnificent Mediterranean.

Be prepared for a hike and little of climbing if you intend to take a dip in the bay. Cliff jumping is fun too. Don't forget the fresh seafood.. You can't miss it.

6. Museum of Prehistoric Thira

Beautiful art - oldest we ever saw. Good information on the walls too. Well worth the visit.

I loved this museum. It is small, but on the particular day that I went, it was perfect. There is good information about each piece. In particular, I love the paintings on the pottery of the dolphins and birds. The frescos are lovely and well displayed. You can take photos, but no flash. Mine came out really well, so I doubt you need it. Oh, and the gold ibex is definitely a treat! This museum is a must if you're a history junky who's lamenting not being able to go to Akrotiri!

You can see many exhibits from prehistoric period. A must if you like the ancient history.

Great art collection for 4000 years old frescos.

Good background on the initial civilisation of the island and its creation, tours really kill the quiet though.

7. Church of panagia

Only on Santorini. I recommend.

Beautiful church along the goat path

L'église est mignonne d'extérieur. Fermée donc impossible d'y pénétrer. La vue est très belle mais prévoir des bonnes baskets pour y accéder.

Super schöner Ort

8. Mnemossyne Gallery

This place is a great little find! True craftsmen making beautiful jewelry right in Oia. Everyone was extremely nice, I’ll definitely be back!

Beautiful gallery, well worth the stop. Love the bracelet I purchased.


لاني مشتاق ابقا زئر فيه

9. Skaros Rock

Gorgeous view of the entire island, and the volcano. Beautiful place to watch the sun set, or have a picnic. If you have some dexterity and courage, you can climb right up to the top from the west side.

The views are spectacular. You will need to be quite fit to climb it. Remember to wear good walking shoes and take plenty of water.

Spectacular views at sunset! Worth the adventure if you climb to the top; recommended for somewhat fit people as you have to scramble up (and back down!) some rocks. Otherwise, you can still enjoy awesome views from the end of the trail (only like 10-15 minutes one way). Not very difficult seeing that everywhere you go in Santorini you are walking up and down a multitude of steps haha. Go for it!

It was a really great hike with some awesome views. Difficulty was moderate due to many stairs. They peak is accessible but you should be confident in basic climbing abilities. Worth the work!

This is a simple hiking excursion best suited for those who can climb and descend stairs. Looking back from the rock you can see the white washed cities of Santorini. Looking toward the west, you can see a beautiful sunset. Worth the walk, wear your comfortable walking shoes and bring wine to watch the sunset behind the next island over.

10. La Ponta - Venetian Tower-Greek Bagpipe Exhibition~Workshop

Very interesting yannis is a master piper. I have seen pipers from many countries and he is up there. Go and check out his interpretation of the illiad in concert!

This is not to be missed by anyone who sets foot on the island as it is a diamond not just for Santorini and Greece but for the whole world! The venue is magical in and of itself, the performance a gateway to Homer and perrenial sounds and the museum one -of-a-kind. Words fail to convey what only direct experience has the potential to unlock.

An unexpected find, with a wonderful host Yannis, telling a story of Greek history and mythology through the use of music and wonderful story telling. Very authentic. Highly recommended

I´m not into the spiritual things at all, however, this was a great experience. ~45mins to an hour of your time and 7 euros. Worth trying it, engage yourself and just let it flow. After 10 minutes, my scepsis turned into - our world would be a much better place if we had more people like Yannis.

That's awesome!! After visited La Ponta, I knew more about the musical instruments were use in the past.

11. Hermes S.A.

Amazing wine and food! We went to Artemis as our third and final stop of a wine tour in Santorini and it was beautiful! We had great seating outside where we were served great wine and food!

Our first wine tasting in Santorini and what an amazing experience. Mid priced but by far the best value for money. Very knowledgeable guide and truly excellent wines. 12 year old Vinsanto = WOW. Would definer go back as they have a gorgeous little restaurant too.

Great tasting experience at good prices

Espléndido restaurante, toda la comida está exquisita, a muy buen precio, el trato del personal es también estupendo. Es de los pocos restaurantes de la isla en los que no quieren engañarte y hacerte pagar más de lo que te han servido.


12. ArtSpace Winery

Great place, fair price. We were 2 people, Adonis the owner gave us tour with patient explanations, afterwards wine tasting of wonderful wine made in his family-run winery, private collection. Thank you so much for the great experience!!

Lovely little winery/art gallery. Small producer but with excellent quality. Our guide was very knowledgeable and clearly very passionate. Well priced too.

Felt a little bit like a tourist trap (they ask you to do a tour of the gallery before the wine tasting). Wines were ok, mostly unfiltered. They also make their own "brandy". Tasting 5 euros pp.

Independent wine producer of some of Santorini's best wines. Part of the old winery has been converted into a spectacular art gallery. Offers tours of both the old and new winery and wine tasting.

Bellissimo giro in questa affascinante cantina in parte destinata a galleria d'arte, con belle opere (anche da acquistare) in un contesto d'eccezione. Il giro è stato guidato dalla proprietaria la cui passione era evidente. Abbiamo concluso con una perfetta degustazione dei loro vini di punta, tutti da vitigni autoctoni. Consigliatissimo.

13. Gavalas George

Authentic and traditional Santorini winery. The tour guide was the owner of the winery and he was very knowledgeable and friendly. They have a selection of 9 different wines, mostly whites. The wines are really nice and it's worth a visit if you want to see a traditional winery. You will also learn a lot of the local grapes and how it's grown

BEAUTIFUL WINERY!! We went on a wine tour and visited this winery second. The views were incredible and we were able to see the giant barrels where they keep the wine! They will ship the wine to you but have cash because you have to pay for the shipping of the wine (not the wine bottles themselves) in cash. If you go in August you are able to stomp grapes if you want!! Beautiful winery with outstanding wine!

The place is a MUST. Authentic experience with amazing staff and wine. They showed us the place and explained the complete process and history free of charge. We tasted all of their wines, which they served in a perfect order, giving us information and the story behind each wine. Very friendly staff which we had the chance to discuss with about Greek life and culture. The prices are very good and at the end, we couldn't leave without a bottle of wine! Thanks to Margarita and Vasilis who were both awesome!

Totally no, if you are going without wine tour. We come, get tour for 5 min(normaly for 3 rooms), later take degustation... my husband asked to bring as many and kinds according to the guide experience. Later, he went to wash hands... The guy had bring wine and tell" I will tell you briefly". I've asked to wait for my husband, the guy answered, that it was ok, he would tell very short, and my husband can read from the book. In 1,5 min he had finished. For tour same guy was telling stories for every wine. Also was a kind of funny, that for people from tour they bring bread, cheese and something else, for us just dry bread. But the wine is not bad

great family-run vineyard, the night wine is top notch

14. Ancient Thira

Basic ruins not as good as some others. The location on top of mountain provides great views. Entrance fee on 18/9/17 was 4€ for an Adult.

Beautiful, historic and memorable. We drive up to here on a quad. Take it slowly it has tight bends and goes high up. It was cheap to get in and the walk was a little challenging up hill and over rock. My partner proposed to me over looking the sea and the island, it was a beautiful and stunning setting.

Long winding road to get to the top best in small car or atv. Then the walk to the ruins is fairly easy if you are fit. We spent about an hour and it was enough time to see it all. Beautiful views from everywhere. Well worth the $4 entrance fee. No guide needed

Well worth a visit. You need to be mobile though as you have to walk up a bit. But the views are well worth it.

A site less trampled. Well laid out and very interesting. Awe-inspiring views from the parched land out over 270 degrees of Aegean blue sea. Worth the visit but get a ride up to the site; it's a long meandering walk only for the exercise-seeking. There are basic amenities at the top so take plenty of fluids and sun screen!