Best Things To Do in Santorini Greece

1. Santorini

I loved it! Wish we could’ve stayed longer!! Beautiful city and surrounding landscape! Incredible views!! I do wish there were fewer people doing photo shoots outside our patio area. It made it difficult to re-enter and leave freely.

I was in Santorini for only 3 days 3 years ago. That is certainly not enough time to spend there. I stayed in a wonderful hotel full of kind, friendly and helpful staff members. I went on a wonderful 1 day bus tour of the island. Our guide was fantastic. I loved everything about the island and want to go back.

I have enjoyed my last week holiday in Santorini. It's a very peaceful Island and you will enjoy yummy foods and best yoghurt ice-cream at Chill box ICE-CREAM shop. It's a beautiful holiday destination for couples and family.

Favorite destination so far. Amazing views, friendly people, beautiful villages and landscapes. Amazing food! Fuel prices are high, tho. And many stray dogs and cats in the cities.

How could I describe Santorini....majestic ? Amazing? Or a facade yet to be unmasked....Santorini has changed over the last few years into the most amazing place that's ever me at least...sometimes it trades it's beauty for buildings and companies but other times those are the stuff that make it beautiful Santorini is a magical place filled with much to explore, see and experience...i hope that you decide to come here to see one of the faces the island has

2. Venetsanos Winery

My experience at this winery could not have been more perfect. We visited during the off-season so it was not croweded at all. Phenomenal wines coupled with a truly amazing view of the caldera. The winery itself is built inside the rock at the edge of the caldera. Their prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend this winery and can’t wait to go back.

Fantastic Wines! Really loved them during the wine tasting. Only available in Santorini.

We stumbled upon this place looking for a different winery and we were pleasantly surprised. Service was amazing! I’m not a fan of dry white wines but they were tasty here. The food we got was a combo platter that had a little bit of everything to pair with the 6 different wines we tried. Definitely an enjoyable experience. My only regret was that I drove here!

We had a good time here. My wife and I went on our own without a tour in October. You have the option of doing the wine tasting or getting a s small tour inside their wine museum. We got the tour but it was only 5 mins and I really wouldn't recommend it. The wine tasting was really good. The prices are fair and you get to try 5 glasses. However at the end when we went to buy a bottle we noticed the prices are really expensive. We still bought one and have not regretted it.

Locals recommended the winery, so we visited, and it was one of the best during our Santorini trip! Easy and quick access by public bus (1.8 euro) from Thira. We asked bus stuff to let us know when to get out. Great sunset ocean view. The view is great during noon too. 10 euro for 5 wine tastings (2 whites, 1 rose, 2 reds. 1 dessert wine). Snacks (cheeses sticks, olives, etc) are about 10 to 25 euro. Another food plate was offered free when we ordered one bottle. Relaxing, great wine, good wine snacks, friendly stuff and nice view. There are winery tours but I would pick one winery and spend a precious time there. I would highly recommend this winery :)

3. Museum of Prehistoric Thira

Outstanding and informative museum....the only gold object found on Santorini is here, that alone is worth the will not be disappointed...

Small but nicely done museum with information in English. All the artifacts come from the excavation site's in Old Thera and Akrotiri. In order to have a good idea I advise to first visit the excavation site of Akrotiri and afterwards visit the museum of prehistory in Fira. ! Buy a combi thicket and save €€€.

An open museum..the guide explains it very check the vineries..

Beautiful art - oldest we ever saw. Good information on the walls too. Well worth the visit.

I loved this museum. It is small, but on the particular day that I went, it was perfect. There is good information about each piece. In particular, I love the paintings on the pottery of the dolphins and birds. The frescos are lovely and well displayed. You can take photos, but no flash. Mine came out really well, so I doubt you need it. Oh, and the gold ibex is definitely a treat! This museum is a must if you're a history junky who's lamenting not being able to go to Akrotiri!

4. Amoudi Bay

Nice little cozy place to move around with good variety of food and a nice selection of shops for a varied shopping experience. It's basically everything you need is at the shops. Nice stop before one leaves for the Volcano and an experience in the warm waters.

Great place for sunset views. Not much for the bay itself, very short area by the water that isn’t restaurant property. Restaurants seemed decent.

The cliffs, the water, the food. Can't ask for more. It's a bit tricky to find, but if you are there after 10 it is just follow everybody else. My advise if this be there around 9 o'clock. Then you can pick the best spot. Don't forget too bring water and snorkeling kit and of you have bathing shoes if you got sensitive feet.

Magnificent location for food, taking in the view or the sunset. Less crowded than main area of Oia.

Journey to the end of the island of Santorini then keep going. Last section is on foot. Awe inspiring

5. Akrotiri

A unique experience. This is the ruin of a town that had its origin in 4000 BC and flourished during the time of Abraham and 500 years before Troy. It shows amazingly advanced structures - including an indoor toilet and plumbing from 1800 BC or earlier! From the very start, the Greeks, or rather their ancestors, were civilized.

Remains of a Minoan city that was buried in the volcanic eruption some 3600 years ago. The city is undercover to protect it from the elements. Most of the tour around the city is on raised walkways but there is a section in the middle where you can get up close and personal with the buildings.

The archeological site has been transormed into an air conditioned indoor museum. The site has description when walking around. Worth spending some time to visit if you like historical things

Interesting. If you're very interested in archeology, you'll probably get more out of this than I did.

Intriguing archaeological site. If you enjoy watching the history channel or ancient civilizations, you need to come here if you came all the way to Santorini. Well preserved, but not extravagant facility. VERY well preserved. Extremely interesting comparison if you go to Knossos, Crete on the same trip. Convenient to go to Red Beach afterward.

6. Domaine Sigalas

We came driving with my wife and as some people say, it is not very far away from Oia but it is advisable to take a taxi to get back since it is downhill outside of the main road. If you want a quick drink and go experience, don't book in advance as they only make tours of the vineyard upon request by email or by phone. It takes around one hour and costs 100 euros per person. Some vineyards don't charge you for taking the tours but some wines are definitely worth knowing more about. I was surprised to see the price of the 12 wine tasting raised up to 30 euros per person despite the 16 or 25 mentioned in other posts. I assume they raised their prices for 2018 but I see no value added in that. In addition, they should have some outdoor seats to be fully covered from the sun so that the wines don't get warm. Our last 2 cups of dessert wines were warmer by the time we tried them and not at the recommended serving temperature. Anyways it was a very nice experience and they give you a booklet of the wines you are trying. I suggest you go for the full experience and try all the wines for 30 euros.

I loved visiting this winery! My husband and I spent the most lovely afternoon enjoying the wine, view, and food. If I had known how good the food was, I would have planned to eat a meal here. The service was excellent as well. Could not have asked for a better afternoon!

We had an amazing time here trying wines and learning how each was made. We left with a bottle of dessert wine, but wanted to take many more. Go for the full wine tasting, travel is all about the experience, so experience everything! We also had the local food sampling plate which went well with the wines!

We made the mistake of walking here along a path google maps recommended but wasn't really a path - stick to the road if you're going to walk would be my only piece of advice. The whole experience certainly made up for it however. We had a fantastic, knowledgeable and friendly French lady guide us. There was plenty of wine and food to enjoy and luckily we had a really nice group to enjoy it all with. Such a good afternoon.

Wine was great! Our food was delicious. We had the rocket salad and the cheese plate. Very cool outdoor seating and knowledgeable staff. Although it says directly on their menu that tours are available every day and private tastings available every day, they were not which was disappointing. The staff was not very attentive but when they were around they were knowledgeable about the wines. I recommend visiting for the wine and views for sure!

8. Santo Wines Winery

Amazing wine tasting experience. We had the 26 euro, 12 glasses of wine set. The next wine is better than the previous one. And the last glass Vinsanto is the absolute best. Made of dried grapes, maximum sweetness, but you won't get sick of it. It's like no other wine I have ever tested. Good value, good view, and good times.

This is a must go if you enjoy wine! For the price we got a huge set of wine to test. Great food to pair with it and a great time. It gets insanely busy if you come here close to sunset so I would reserve a table if you want to see the sunset while you’re here!

Great service, and an incredible view! We came on a windy / overcast day and sat inside, but the tables outside would be unbelievable on a clear day. Wines were a lovely selection, with good information on each different variety on the tasting menu. We also ordered a Cheese Platter, which was amazing.

It was a quick in and out for us. We picked up 2 bottles of wine with the help of shop assistants. They had 2 people at the checkout counter, so things moved really fast. Large tour groups visit be prepared for crowds. Parking was easy for us.

Santo wines is a wonderful place to see the sunset and have a glass of wine! The views from the top of the cliff are amazing. I spent a few hours taking in the sun and view, and stayed for the sunset. The vibe is very relaxed and the wine is great. They didn't have the specific wine I wanted to try (sparkling rose), but the rose was good. Very friendly staff as well. Don't miss a sunset here - personally, I thought I was better than the sunset in Oia.

9. Church of panagia

Only on Santorini. I recommend.

Beautiful church along the goat path

L'église est mignonne d'extérieur. Fermée donc impossible d'y pénétrer. La vue est très belle mais prévoir des bonnes baskets pour y accéder.

Super schöner Ort

10. Byzantine Castle Ruins

Pros: beautiful view. Gorgeous sunset. Cons: be prepared to be packed like sardines. If you like having cameras shoved around your head, then no worries. Otherwise there are plenty of other places to see the sunset just 5 min walk away from the castle.

Oia, is the most famous of all villages of Santorini. It is known throughout the world for its quiet life and fantastic sunset, and is certainly the most beautiful and picturesque village of Santorini. It is a traditional village with charming houses in narrow streets, blue domed churches, and sun-bathed verandas. Its streets have plenty of tourist shops, taverns, cafes, and other shops. At the entrance of the village is a car park where visitors can leave their vehicle and enjoy long walks in the picturesque paths.

Amazing views of oia from here. The best place to see the sunset. Bring a warm coat in March/April

Ruins of a castle on the edge of the town of Oia. Good views over the Caldera and one of the best places to photograph the sunset.

Probably the best spot to see the city at dusk and the sun setting into the ocean. Truly breathtaking.

11. Skaros Rock

Definitely one of the places TO VISIT when on Santorini. Offers some breathtaking views, but it is not an easy to get down to the Rock and back, because you have to follow a rocky path. Flip flops are fine if you are not planning to go all the way up, otherwise hiking shoes are recommended 👍🏻🇬🇷.

Beautiful place! The trail is not so hard - if you don't have good condition you can be in the Ekklisia Theoskepasti after 20-25 minutes. Road to the top takes 25-35 minutes (mostly you are going by steps). View is really amazing but avoid very windy days - wind here can be very strong and sometimes the hiking is impossible. The Best hour is between 5 and 7 p.m. (because of light).

Amazing view. You can't miss it if you are in Santorini. Climb to the top if you dare. I did it ;).

Enroute view is beautiful. Path is scattered with loose stones here and there, pls be careful not to slip on them, or pls wear shoes with good grip at base. Takes about an hour to and from Skaros Rock. For someone who exercises once a week or less, be prepared that the hike back uphill stairs can be strenuous on the breath and thighs.

Nice hike and view from the rocks. Was windy when I went there, gets a bit scary if you want to walk unmarked paths, perfect for your adrenaline rush.

12. Santorini Wine Adventure Tours

We really enjoyed this tour, including the convenience of being collected and dropped back to our accommodation. The three wineries we visited were also great, all very different and unique, with the wine tasting very enjoyable! Our tour guide and sommelier was extremely friendly and knowledgeable and overall was a great experience!

We had a highly enjoyable and memorable wine tasting experience on Santorini today. Our guide, Michael, was absolutely fantastic from start to finish. Hotel pickup was punctual and from there we visited three different wineries: one was a large commercial brand, one a small family owned and local enterprise, and the final one was somewhat of a hybrid. Although the wines were varied and catered to differing tastes, it was Michael's knowledge, passion and experience that really made this activity a highly memorable experience to us. He shared such a vast amount of information ranging from cultivation and fermentation processes all the way to food pairing techniques and more. We are no strangers to wine tasting experiences, having previously attended 20+ across different countries and regions, but this one ranks as one of the best in our opinion. Food offerings were relatively simple but substantial and tasty, and provided an excellent accompaniment to the different wine styles that were on offer. We will gladly recommend this experience to others, in particular with Michael as the guide.

Great tour! Amazing guide. Ask for the tour with Michael. Very personable and taught us a lot about wine, Greece and Santorini. Great finish at a winery overlooking the island with a great view of the sunset.

This was an amazing experience. Evan gave us the best wine tour we have ever been on, and we have experienced many around the world. The cooking class was fun and the food we made was delicious. We highly recommend this tour if you love wine and good food.

The guide (Dennis) was extremely knowledgable and fun, the wineries were great (especially santos with the amazing view)

13. Perivolos

the beach is better than Kemari beach because not so many people and food inexpensive.

nice place to stay. price was low. near the sea beach also

Love this beach. Out of season it is quiet and very chilled. Fallen asleep twice here after enjoying a few beers and food at places along the front.

Volcanic sand beach; gentle slope to shoreline from busy road then slopes steeply into sea. More suited to adults than children.

Large selection of bars and restaurants along the beach. Good, clean, black sand beach with clear water.

14. Mnemossyne Gallery

This place is a great little find! True craftsmen making beautiful jewelry right in Oia. Everyone was extremely nice, I’ll definitely be back!

Beautiful gallery, well worth the stop. Love the bracelet I purchased.


لاني مشتاق ابقا زئر فيه

15. La Ponta - Venetian Tower-Greek Bagpipe Exhibition~Workshop

Very interesting yannis is a master piper. I have seen pipers from many countries and he is up there. Go and check out his interpretation of the illiad in concert!

This is not to be missed by anyone who sets foot on the island as it is a diamond not just for Santorini and Greece but for the whole world! The venue is magical in and of itself, the performance a gateway to Homer and perrenial sounds and the museum one -of-a-kind. Words fail to convey what only direct experience has the potential to unlock.

An unexpected find, with a wonderful host Yannis, telling a story of Greek history and mythology through the use of music and wonderful story telling. Very authentic. Highly recommended

That's awesome!! After visited La Ponta, I knew more about the musical instruments were use in the past.

I´m not into the spiritual things at all, however, this was a great experience. ~45mins to an hour of your time and 7 euros. Worth trying it, engage yourself and just let it flow. After 10 minutes, my scepsis turned into - our world would be a much better place if we had more people like Yannis.

16. Red Beach

You need to hike to reach the beach. It's a secluded beach but crowded. Good views from the small hillock which needs to be crossed to reach the beach. Nothing much to do at the beach as there are no bars or restaurants. You can enjoy the views and maybe carry something to sit there for a while.

One of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen in my life. The color of the water and the sand and rocks is unbelievable. Worth to stay there for a morning of calm and sun. You can get there walking or on a boat, but keep in mind that the route to walk there is tricky, so make sure to wear comfortable shoes or flip flops. There's no food to sell right on the beach, so make sure to take some snacks from the hotel or to buy it on the stands on your way there.

A unique experience. the beach's color is surely not found in any other place in the world. What is more, the water is amazingly beautiful and clear - you can see the bathers' feet inside the water, as in a clear pool. It is hard to describe The beauty of the red-black shore with the green-turqouise water. Also, behind the beach are impressive, deep red cliffs.

It's a nice place to see. There are fine restaurants. The hike to the beach is quite different from anything I've seen. Otherwise, the beach is very small and the sand is quite coarse. Beware: there are landslide once in a while there, that's why the sand is made of relatively large pieces.

Great beach, the path to it is treacherous and it's not clear how to get there at first. That's why 4 stars. Water was a nice temperature. Beautiful scenery.

19. Mati Art Gallery

Absolutely fantastic place to visit with spectacular art work on display. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable with a perfect spot overlooking the Santorini sunset.

Πολύ ωραίος χώρος, αξιόλογα έργα

Τρομερή θέα στη καλντέρα.


Популярное место среди туристов.