Best Things To Do in Rome Italy

1. Borghese Gallery and Museum

We booked a guided tour, which was very enlightening and at a pleasant pace. The sculptures of Bernini were amazing. There is a bag check required for most bags larger than about a clutch. If you're on a guided tour, be sure to pick up a radio at the audio guide desk after picking up your tickets. Time in the gallery is no more than 110 minutes (they start forcing people out at ten-of.) After the guided tour, we had about 20 minutes to re-explore a bit of the gallery on our own.

Organized so well to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to enjoy the art treasures at their own pace. Many on tours - some self-guided. Others like me just wandering around just taking it all in. And in the end, the results speak volumes - everyone seems to have enjoyed their visit - happy voices at the baggage checkout.

Absolutely stunning, the highlight of Rome as far as I'm concerned. Bernini's sculptures are superb and the Borghese Family collection outshines the Vatican's. All items displayed were in near perfect condition despite their age, whereas the Vatican's pieces are looking tired and in many cases have been mutilated down through the ages by pious Priests and Popes with issues and their own agendas. The Borghese Museum is a must see for anyone who appreciates fine art.

Better than Vatican museum in my opinion. Audio tour was 5 euro but worth it to get the most out of the art. Bernini's statues as well as the frescos were unbelievable. Must reserve tickets in advance! They should really open the private garden that you see along the way.

If you like sculptures and marble statues, you must visit this place. It houses the very best ever produced. Well worth the near extortion ticket price, that you have to purchase upfront online.

2. Church of St. Louis of the French

One of my favourite churches in Rome. It is definitely worth the trip for the three fantastic Caravaggio paintings. Head straight in, you'll find them to the left of the alter depicting St. Matthew. It's also a great opportunity to get out of the hustle and bustle of the centre. Pop in for ten minutes for a moment of calm - it's definitely worth it.

Beautiful church, especially the Vocation of St Matthew. If you do come, please try to remember that it is a working church and therefore a sacred space to Catholics, and not just a museum.

Fabulous church you must see. The caravaggio paintings, old time atmosphere and solemnity are worth a visit.

Probably the most beautiful Cathedral I have ever been to. The building and the painting are a work of art! A must if you are around.

This site pleasantly surprised me. It is easily one of my favorite places in the city. Such a beautiful church! I went to see the Caravaggios and stopped at Giolittis Gelateria (very nearby) for gelato on my way out. Worth your time ;)

3. Janiculum Terrace

Offers a nice view of Roma! I went during the peak time in the afternoon as well as when no one else was there. I recommend visiting both times of day. A perfect location for relaxing and people watching (observing Italian lifestyle.) And getting out of the busy touristy area for some me-time is really nice!

Very nice and charming area in Rome! Located above the city, this place allows a nice view on all the most important buildings of the historic city centre of Rome. Extremely pleasant to admire especially during sunset - or sunrise for earlybirds - with striking shades of colours that make the view even more amazing :)

unique panorama spot .A "must see" for tourists. not a good idea to walk up the hill on a hot day if you have been a couch potato all year. maybe a taxi up and a nice walk down to the delightful borgo, Trastevere.

Dont miss out, best view of Roma. And NO tourist harassments. Have your own picnic with drinks, etc. Or buy some at the spot. Lovely😀

This is a beautiful place to get a perfect view of Rome. It takes around 2 hours to check out all around here. Loved it.

4. Roman Forum

It was from this small area that the Romans made the decisions that molded their empire, and thus influenced the history of Europe, the languages we speak, and so much more. The site is absolutely beautiful to behold, and there is so much to see. From the Curia to the arches, to the mind-blowing temples. Don't forget to visit the upper portion, where lots of people don't bother going. You get a spectacular view of the forum and the surrounding parts of Rome. On a personal note, this place was, along with the Colosseum, the most important thing to visit in the city, and I hope to return one day and see even more of it.

Good tour guide is essential. Could take a couple of days if you want to see everything. I recommend The Roman Guy tours. They were excellent! Picked out the key spots and led us through and explained everything. Couldn't be more pleased.

Lovely setting, much more to look around than the Colosseum and the queue was far shorter. The information is educational, informative, and interesting. There is lots to look at and see with some great views of the rest of Rome as well. Took some fun pictures and there were places to sit and have a bite to eat to (provided you bring your own). Spent about 5 hours there and was worth the time.

This place for those who love history and this place nearly takes one full day if you want to know each structure and statue. This place for gathering Roman military before war to plan and prepare and after war to celebrate and discuss of their achievements. This was a massive building and almost totally building is destroyed but still we can find a lot of things like pillars and walls, also other monuments with different statues of different people. Small Temples also we can see there. This place nearby coloseum and metro station. So, it is easy to find out and just walkable from metro station. Those who want to know the Roman empire history I strongly recommend this place to see and explore.

Incredible place... if you only have one day in Rome (I sure hope you don't!), then you should definitely come here. So much history and it's really fascinating when you learn about what happened here. I would advise getting a tour for this section of Rome, as it helps to understand the buildings much better. We are against using tours, but for this place, you really should pay for one. Try to use the official tours though and don't get ripped off by third party tours who have zero knowledge.

5. Campo de' Fiori

We stayed at an apartment overlooking this square. For those who don't mind a bit of noise during the day, I would totally recommend staying here. The square is well located within walking distance from Rome's major attractions, and the neighborhoods on the other side of the river. The market is very lively and it offers a great choice of foods and second-hand objects. There are numerous restaurants, but I haven't eaten there as they look a bit too touristy.

Love this place! Sitting in this piazza having dinner was so relaxing. Not the craziness of Navona. Really nice. Our children were able to run around and have a great time. Our hotel (Sole Roma) was just a few feet away. Can't wait to get back.

Surrounded by great bars, restaurants and shops this area, like all of Rome, exudes incredible history. The statue of Giordano Bruno has pride of place on the spot where he was executed in 1600. Daily markets with vendors of all kinds fill the square for much of the day. A great place to people watch, have lunch or dinner, enjoy a cool drink, do some shopping or just absorb history.

Fun and full of flare. A nice local spot to either get an espresso or a snack while watching people on their way to shop on all the small alleyways or to relax from the day. A friend turned me onto this place and have been back twice during my stay in rome.

The market is interesting! I recommend come earlier no later than 2pm since they close very early. Many things to see, Italian fruits, vegetables, pasta, and goods. Be careful of the pickpocket!!

6. Le Domus Romane di Palazzo Valentini

This is a fantastic example of how technology can really bring an ancient site to life. The remains of the ancient Roman houses are visible below glass floors and, as you walk on these glass floors through the different areas, recorded explanations are played. These explanations are synchronised with a light show that clearly highlights the features in the room that are being explained. Light shows are also used to bring back to life the houses, by projecting onto the ruins images of how they would have been nearly two thousand years ago. The presentation takes around an hour and a half and ends with an excellent step by step guide to the scenes decorating the adjacent Trajans column. Well worth a visit.

Light is used to help reconstruct an ancient house and bath. It's quite interesting, though not on the level of the Domus Aurea. At the end there was a quick mention that we were walking through a WWII bunker - it would have been nice to hear more about this.

This was a great archeological site tour and museum. The tour shows the manner which they used to uncover the artifacts. The 3D video overlayed on the ruins to show what they may have originally looked like was amazing. The ancient mosiac tile floors and huge uncovered columns we're amazing. You are not allowed to take pictures during the tour. The picture I attached is the only picture they allowed you to take at the end of the tour.

Interesting and captivating tour through the newly excavated ruins. This tour really stands out around all the other tours in Rome because of it use of different lights and projectors to highlight and recreate how things used to be. This is a must see to get a better understanding of ancient Roman life.

I take my students here every year. It is informative and easy to comprehend and appreciate, no matter how little you know about the Romans or how unimaginative you may be. Part of the rooms pass system, with being your first stop in antique Roma.

7. Spanish Steps

Like the name says it's steps but really marvellous. The scenery is amazing once you reach the top. A favourite picture spot for tourists so you will see a lot of selfie enthusiasts and picture postures here. I had to wait a bit to find a clear spot but it was good wait. There are normally lots of flowers on the step and it makes it more beautiful on good summer day. Lots of good shopping and eating places nearby so must visit place for any tourist.

Approx. 2 years ago when I was there the biggest part were under construction, so I decided to go again! It was definitely worth to go there! These Stairs are very impressive, even it was full with tourists sitting there! When you climb it up you can feel how many feet used it in the past and now! From the top you have a great view over the city of Rome! It's definitely one of the sights you must see when you are in Rome!

The Spanish steps were beautiful, complete with colourful flowers, but expect a way larger crowd that you would expect. We were there in the late afternoon and there were hundreds, if not thousands of people there. We hoped to relax on the steps and enjoy some gelato, but the crowds made it impossible. The top of the steps offers a beautiful westward view of Rome

Piazza Venezia is so much bigger with more look at that I personally didn't understand why evens talks about this. According to my husband is one of the things that's famous because of good pr. The steps aren't really Spanish. The base of the stairs might be quarried from Spain, but the style and actual visible exterior is not. It is huge, and probably beautiful, when not competent covered in tourists. This was one of 3 things receive said to go to. It's pretty and neat, but everything in Rome is. Didn't make the top of my list, but I'm glad we saw it.

A good place to chill out for a bit and people watch. Definitely worth a visit if you have time at least. There are some expensive shopping streets nearby if that's what you're into. Remember you're not allowed to eat on the steps... hefty fines if you do! Also there seem to be a lot of 'rose sellers' around these parts. Whilst we were there, there was another scam attempt where someone would shout 'SIGN AGAINST DRUGS'. They want you to sign their petition and then give them money... incredible how people fall for this and I seem a few actually pay them! I mean come on, the people scamming you and asking you to sign against drugs, actually look like they're using drugs themselves. Just be mindful and don't support these scams or the street sellers...

8. St. Peter's Basilica

The Vatican City is always an amazing experience. The works inside St. Peter's Basilica, its size, the view from the top... simply amazing. The line moves fast so don't worry about the crowd you'll find there. They also have a lot of souvenirs, including jewelry... just make sure you have enough money on you, they're pricey to say the least. One interesting fact is that the nuns there speak an impressive amount of languages, so you'll feel like home no matter where you're from. Also, everything there is protected by Swiss Guards (basically their military)... they're not like the queens guards, so admire them from afar.

Great place too visit. We went in December 2017. It felt crowded but was told it was actually the slow Season. So I imagine the Summer brings 3 to 5X more visitors. Still despite the cold weather we enjoyed our time. Walking down all the narrow cobblestone streets, drinking coffee and just checking out all the beautiful art and history is something we won't forget. This picture was taken after a slight rain. We were walking back to our hotel and I happen to walk right by a puddle. To give St Peter Basilica a unique perspective I used the reflection from the puddle to capture this beautiful image. We walked all the way up to the center and there were nativity scenes around. We felt very safe as there were a strong Police and Military presence around. Definitely will try to go back in the Summer.

I'm neither Catholic nor religious as such, but the basilica is an amazing place to visit. The artwork and architecture alone make it worthwhile. I liked they have secluded naves dedicated just for prayer of visitors. I could have wished for so seating even, if only to keep people from leaning and seating against walls and columns. Be prepared, however, for crowds. It's a huge building, but you can still feel the press of people, especially the guided tour groups.

The pinnacle of the trip to Rome. Mind-blowing beauty and grandeur. To better enjoy it, expect to spend the whole day (in the Vatican). If possible, go to the top of the basilica - unforgettable! It was only €6 or €8 (the line was long but moving pretty quickly). Mind you, the stairs are not that easy: 551 stairs up and some tight passageways (being in great physical shape I felt every muscle in my body going up, going down and after). There is an elevator but not to the very top, I believe. The views are tremendous, and inside the basilica everything is a masterpiece. Definitely stop by Pieta by Michelangelo, his first work of that kind. Don’t forget to send a postcard from Vatican City (there is a mobile post office parked outside the basilica right on the piazza, and it’s very cheap to send a postcard to anywhere in the world).

We visited Rome last summer and this was one of the places we had to see. It is so beautiful inside! The size is a bit overwhelming at first. Of course it's huge on the outside, but once you walk inside, it takes your breath away. If you want to climb to the top of the basilica to get an amazing view of the city, I would recommend getting in line early in the morning. There are a lot, and I mean a lot of stairs to climb as well. You can take an elevator that drops you off half the way up, but you do have to walk the rest of the way. It's well worth it. Once we came down and entered the church, we saw the line to go to the top and it stretched around the square. The wait is hours at that point and we only waited maybe 30 minutes that morning. And make sure you go under the church to view the tomb of the popes.

9. Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel is amazing. Pay a little extra for small group tour makes the experience more enjoyable. Knees and shoulders must be covered for the chapel!!! This surprised some people and they were not allowed access.

I was in awe as I sat in this room looking up at such a fantastic piece of history. It was the culmination of the visit to Vatican City. I had an audio guide from Rick Steves to listen to, and I'm glad I did. It was a great explanation of some of the chapel, how it was done, why, and how long it took. I had never looked up too much info on it, but I was surprised at how much detail was really in it. It was worth every minute of my time and I am so glad I got to go to it. Go visit it and see the wonderful piece of art history. Download an audio guide to get the most out of it.

The pictures don't quite capture you when first walking in. You need to stand there for a little bit to fully soak in the awe from the size and beauty of the works. This is considered a holy place and the church doesn't want anyone taking pictures so keep that in mind when you visit.

I don't often give something 5 stars, but the Sistine Chapel gets it, even when sharing it with over a thousand tourists. It is simply magnificent and the artworks are incredible. To think what they achieved is a superb feat of craftsmanship and creativity. When in Rome this should be your number one attraction. Wow!

Amazing artwork and great once in a lifetime experience. Would probably not revisit. Very crowded and can get quite warm with the crowds. If you observe closely, the ceiling artwork nicely summarizes Biblical events from Genesis to Revelations. Definitely a good reminder to believers and non-believers alike. Holy place. Just a reminder that photography is forbidden inside the Chapel. Anywhere outside (Museum and galleries) is fine. I cannot understand why visitors still sneak a photo or two in when you can get good quality prints in the bookstore after.

10. Centro Storico

Stavo cercando un libro



Uno dei centri storici più belli del mondo, forse il più bello!

Muy buena calidad de libros prohibidos en la zona.

11. Vatican Museums

Beautiful museum with a amazing collection. It just never stops. It is maybe a little bit too much collection for one day, so choose wisely what to see. Be early, because queue can be very long. There are a lot of "companies" that offer tour guides and 'skip the line' tickets. Be very careful with those people! Negotiate about price and the real waiting time. I would recommend to book tickets at the official website.

Much to say about it but it is nothing like see it on your own eyes.. I totally recommended to buy the no line tickets, it will cost some additional euros but will save a lot of time. After buying the tickets go to the Vatican Museum and start your visit there, this will also take u into the Vatican itself. There are many guided options - if you have good written guide you can spare the human guide.. but I heard some feedbacks that said that the guided tour is much recommended... So both options are eventually good...

Simply the best. Vatican takes really good care of their stuff and it’s generous to show it all to the world. The place has big queues but they move fast specially in the morning. We got there around 10:00 and got in at 10:30. I recommend at least 3-4 hours to visit this it properly, there are rooms that you can spend 30 minutes easily. Don’t miss!

Great piece of history. This place show cases the mass of valuable the church has and some of the most historic pieces of art in the world. We booked online so we skipped the cue. Worth every penny and enjoyed every minute. Wish we could have spent more time there.

Amazing art! I went with a tour and was able to skip the lengthy lines and learn about the art works displayed which was awesome. The Sistine Chapel gets absolutely packed like a can of sardines but it is a must, the labour that went into painting the ceiling is just amazing. Make sure to wear comfy shoes as there’s a lot to see and come early morning to try and avoid the lines and crowds

12. Trevi Fountain

This place is so beautiful. I'm glad we went at night and saw it lit up. I believe it was even prettier that way. Definitely worth a visit. Oh yeah, don't forget to throw a coin in! Turn your back to the fountain. Take the coin in your right hand and throw it over your left shoulder. You're coming back!

Stunning and worth fighting the crowds to see. The Trevi fountain is a masterful work of art and wonderfully maintained. It glistens in the sunlight and you could find a thousand different details on each carved figure or surface. At night, the dramatic lighting makes the statues seem to come alive as the light, color, and shadows dance. The fountain is surrounded by shops and street peddlers, and the atmosphere is always lively. Grab a gelato nearby and take some pics. Don’t forget to throw a coin in the fountain to ensure your return to Rome!

It's a beautiful place to visit. You have to throw a coin in the fountain for tradition 6. The only problem is that there were about 10 billion people there when I was there. I'm very romantic. Not easy to get a good picture either. But it's definitely a great place to visit.

Absolutely stunning fountain. Definitely visit here when in Rome. It's a great place to chill out and watch what's happening in the square. It does get extremely packed so you will have to try and fight your way to front or go early in the morning or later at night to see it with the lights on. My first visit I didn't even get a chance to toss my coin in.

Stunning place to visit and everyone thinks so too! Filled to the hilt with people taking selfies and tossing a coin into the clear blue water. It's worth pushing through to stand at the edge. Better still, visit early and you won't have to struggle to get through. We stayed close by and found that before 9 the square was more manageable.

13. Altar of the Fatherland

My favorite building in Rome. It's dominance is awe inspiring. The bronze statues are enormous. Spend the 10 Euro and take the elevator to the top. The view of the surrounding city can't be beat. We didn't spend much time inside. But there is plenty to check out. You literally can't miss it if you are walking around Rome. Near lots of great cafes and restaurants too.

Building is beautiful and impressive, don't miss it. It is free to enter the building and you can climb the stairs into the first floor where there's a nice view of Rome and also a nice cafeteria that was closed when we get there. There's also an option to take the elevator to the roof for 10€ each - we decided not to take it, too expensive IMHO.. and there another chances to observe Rome landscape...

This is one of my favorite places we visited while in Rome. Most of the building is free to explore. You can even get up fairly high and there is a wonderful view of the ruins. I think we paid 10 euros to take the elevator the rest of the way to the top, it was completely worth it. The view is breath taking. The central location gives such a great perspective to everything in the area.

Vittorio is a large monument in the middle of Rome. There are normally dressed up Roman soldiers outside with whom you can take pictures. The statues are really amazing especially the 2 horsemen at the entrance. They make great selfie backdrops. Don’t miss the rooftop bar where you can enjoy the famous Italian Spritz. From here you can also take panoramic pictures of Roma. Don’t forget your sunglasses. The white Roman marble is super bright on a sunny day.

Free to enter and no lines however you have to pay to use the elevator to the top. The museum inside is neat. The building is massive and seems to have many layers. Extremely bright and magnificent, quite the contrast with the neighbouring ruins. Go to the back of the building and up the hill for a great view of the Roman forum.

14. Colosseum

If you can only visit one thing in Rome, this is it. The architecture and history behind it is remarkable. Make sure you book your tickets online ahead of time. Pay the extra €5 for the tours; you will not regret it. The tour is informative, but even better is that this also gets you through the line quickest. If you only get a ticket with no tour and choose print at home, the queue is still very long. If you get a ticket+tour, you do not get a print at home option and have to pick up the ticket. This line (to the left of the print at home line) is very quick to the security check. Once past the check, go to the reservations line and it’s like a 3 person wait. After that, let the tour guide educate you about this marvelous piece of history. Go down to the lower level, look around, and soak in the fact that this stadium built 2000 years ago would be ranked 7 in stadium capacities today.

Absolute monumental! If you’re in Rome there is no question about should you shouldn’t you - you have to come to the Colosseum. You get awestruck walking around it. It is amazing that this was built 2000years ago and it’s still standing. When enter there are some steep steps to climb but once you’re up it’s breath taking - so much history in one place. I would recommend booking an early time slot on line to try and avoid queues. I went at 8.30am and the queue was already long. Also go for the audio tour you get to learn a bit more about the history and architecture. Do it!!

An amazing place to visit and know Roman history. A fabulous work of art and architecture. I hope and wish someday Italian government will make the tickets and entry process more easy and smooth. You need to be careful with many tour agency outside the Colosseum. For same ticket, they ask different price. We paid to these agency just to avoid long queue :( (these agency will take you directly inside Colosseum)

The outside is worth seeing but the inside is underwhelming. It's also pretty badly organized. If you order tickets online, you have to pick them up from an unlabeled ticket office, and then get into the correct poorly-labeled line. There are lots of staff giving information in various languages, but it can be hard to distinguish them from people trying to sell you a tour. If you do order online, get the tickets for a specific entry time; that line moves much faster than the others.

Ahh...Just loved it there. No wonder that it is one of the 7 Wonders in the world. It's really beautiful!! Took so many pictures there (you can see that in my review pics as well ;) ) So, the queue for the tickets is huge so I would recommend purchase your tickets online and take your final tickets from Roman Forum instead of standing in the long queue at Colosseum! That's what we did and we didn't have to wait in the long queue. Also, the best time is to go before 10 AM or after 3:00 PM as you will fined less people at these times. If you are visiting Rome you Definitely want to go here!

15. Pantheon

What a stunning building. Impressive inside and out. A place of worship so shoulders and knees must be covered. Free to enter. The sculptures on the inside are worth spending a few minutes each to observe. There are also interesting facts scattered about and an audio guide available. The top has an opening that allows air and light in but also rain but it won't hinder too much on your visit. You also have to speak softly as it is a Holy Place. Don't forget the fountain in the front, also very beautiful.

Don't be scare by the long queue outside. It's not a long wait and as soon as you're inside you won't regret it for a second. Astonishing building. The sunlight beam through the roof is beautiful, so go on a clear day around noon! Walk around this area, through all the little alleys. Very good atmosphere:)

Another must see site in Rome. Probably one of the most iconic buildings in the world and it's also FREE to enter. The architecture of this building is truly incredible and it is hard to believe how old it really is, not to mention how they built it! A stunning masterpiece that should be seen by everyone! The only annoying thing, as with all main attractions in Rome, is the street sellers... the bracelet scammers, the annoying toy sellers, the fake Roman guards who are very rude and aggressive and that's just naming a few! Do not buy from them and don't let them take photos for you etc, unless you want to be chased down for your Euros. They tend to aim their acts at children to make you feel guilty etc, incredibly pathetic people who should really be banned from the great city of Rome. Also, in regards to eating on the square, I would advise against it... the prices are very high and the food is not great. The locals in Rome in fact are strictly against people eating in the square of the Pantheon. You will see many buildings have closed down here due them not making enough money! (the rent is 40,000-60,000 Euros per month). If you need to eat or have a drink, walk around 50 metres and there's some nice places such as a world famous coffee shop. I would also recommend stopping in Ginger which is a great restaurant for lunch or drinks.

Stunning must see go early to avoid crowds. We listened to concert by youth orchestra. Rome is a delight like this as these things just seem to happen while surrounded by 2000 year old remains and medieval buildings. The surrounding piazza is fun and lively

Great building. I was worried at first as there was a long long line outside. It was very quick moving and we were in it maybe 10 minutes maximum. Inside we sat and had said a prayer as well as enjoying all the great historical religious items inside. A must for anyone visiting Rome!

16. Piazza Navona

A truly romantic place! I can come here every day and not get bored. There's a variety of street artists and musicians, who are always capable of making your day. Beautiful welcoming restaurants placing their tables on the plaza itself always good for two people to share a romantic dinner. Beautiful buildings all around and the statues from the fountains keeping you company.

Neat place. Open. Lovely. Historic. I wear lucky to go on a nice, sunny, weekend. It was Easter Sunday, actually. The Plaza was incredibly crowded, but I could still get around okay, so don't let a cried prevent you from checking this place out. It's definitely worth walking through, even if it's just for the history.

Historical square with beautiful fountains. Great to sit with your loved one and just take it all in. You must visit this place if you go to Rome. I wouldn't recommend eating in the square because it is very pricey, however, there are lots of places to eat near the square. It was raining when we went but it didn't ruin the scenary, it was just as nice to sit under the brolly with my lovely girlfriend.

A magnificent and one of the greatest piazzas - squares of Rome. A must see by everyone visiting Rome, both the fountains and especially the buildings are really nice to see. The sun sets behind the buildings so keep that in mind as well. As far as the food near the Piazza is concerned, it is a bit overpriced so maybe you should try to find something close but not on the Piazza. However the food I tried in the Piazza (ate twice there) is good (not the best I tried in Rome) but consider that you're paying the position and the view as well as the service. All in all, Piazza Navona is one of the best piazzas in Rome, a must visit place for anyone travelling to Rome even if you are there just for a few days.

It is a must see in Rome. Impressive! Not only another big Piazza. Go there for a drink in one of the multiple terraces, to listen to the very good licensed musicians, street artists and fabulous views of the piazza. I go every time I am there.

17. St. Peter's Square

It was better than imagine. So much art. Huge site and it has it's own Police. Allowed inside but not everywhere as one can expect. Long queues though but it's worth. Not just for Catholics too. Visitors from all over the world were there. A great experience

St. Peter's Square is one of my favourite places when in Rome / Vatican City. Lots of place to stay and chill. For me it's the perfect place of silence from this town. I've been here multiple times and every time when I get back here I love to see all things around and inside the San Pietro Basilica. I love the perfectness of this mega construction. You can get lots of souvenirs for your and your owns. Do visit Vatican now!

Worth visiting this unique place at least once in life. Make sure you are modesty dressed and well covered to gain entrance to the basilica. Fantastic view from the dome if you can climb the 551 steps up to the dome. They are sloping steps, not steep. Provided one has no cardiovascular or knee problems try to get the great view from the top into the basilica.

It’s an impressive and big place surrounded by a way made of columns and topped with statues. It’s a truly remarkable arrangement. The queue seems quite long to line up to get into the St. Peter basilica, which is free of costs, but it doesn’t take that long. It took us around 30min and it’s definitely worth it to see the impressive inside. They sell fast entry tickets, but not sure how trustworthy they are. There are always guys selling you water, umbrellas and power banks while waiting in line.

Saint Peter's Square, the Vatican City and the city, is also the most famous square of the state. Saint Peter's Square is located on a wide area in front of St. Peter's Basilica, where thousands of Catholics come to worship each year. Area is one of the largest squares in the world. The famous sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini has spent many decades trying to have spaces and planes of today's columns. During the period in which the construction started, prohibitions were made on the constructions and visual sculptures by the Papacy and the constructions were made as foreseen by the church authorities. In the center of the square there is an ornate water fountain around the ellipse area. In the middle is an Egyptian obelisk, 25.5 meters high, erected by Pope V. Sixtus. This obelisk was built by an unknown pharaoh during the Egyptian era and was brought to Rome from Egypt. There is a cross cross on the obelisk. Every year, the Pope reads his message by calling out to Catholic and other sectarian listeners gathered in the square.

18. St. Clement Basilica

This is a quiet little church which had some really lovely pieces inside. There are no cameras, phones, or low cuts allowed but you should expect that. The church itself is very pretty on the inside with gold adornments and paintings lining the walls and ceiling. I'm not religious but this was a nice 10 minutes breather in the otherwise hectic area.

The main church is free but the 10 euros it costs to tour the two underground excavations is well worth it. (Children under 16 are free.) The signs are sometimes poorly lit, but we enjoyed our visit. Allow 1 hour if touring the excavations, 10 minutes for the main church.

This is a wonderfull building! It combines several distinctive periods and styles. The medieval mosaics in particular are stunning. Do not miss tomb of the St. Cyril / Constantine.

Must-see. Complementary guide from ticket office very helpful. Like going back (down) in time.

If you go all the way, down the stairs (you must pay a small entry fee), you can touch the water of the Roman waterworks. Very cold but quite an experience. Also one of the most beautiful mosiac floors I have ever seen in Italy. Look for the owl in the mosaics on top of the altare.

19. Basilica of Our Lady in Trastevere

Gorgeous church filled with exquisite mosaics and icons in a more Byzantine rather than Roman Catholic style. Half a black Madonna icon and some magnificent paintings. Well worth visiting, and the night life in the area is great too. Lots of hawkers and handicrafts sellers in the area. Tip: you can haggle with them for up to half price.

Impressive frescos and mosaics. Located at the Trastevere. One of the oldest churches in Rome about 221 and 227. One better appreciates this magnificent basilica when you take time to observe and follow the story as it presents itself on the mosaic high altar. Also take some time to see and meditate with the Gregorian chants playing at the background. It was a pleasant visit.

One of the more underrated attractions in Roma. The architecture is stunning and the church itself has a lot of very interesting stories and history surrounding it. The aura is there. My favourite church in all of Italy.

Beautiful basilica in a beautiful area! Go there, honestly - it doesn't look like much from the outside, but the interior is just astonishing. So many colours, gold and lots & lots of decoration! Furthermore, it's in a beautiful area to walk around and grab a bite of authentic pizza or sit for aperitivo in the sun. Don't wait, plan it in your schedule :)

One of my favourite places in Italy... Last morning coffee or chilling on steps listening to live reggae

20. Quirinal Palace

I took the guided tour in Italian. You need to book online and pick up the tickets at an office near the Palace. As it's the Presidents residence security is tight and you need to bring your passport. It's definitely worth a look inside the palace and around the gardens.

Magnificent, guides prepared very good. If you find yourself in the area it is absolutely worth visiting

An absolutely massive house for the president of Italy. The building itself is kind of bland but the size of it is astounding. If you are in the area it is worth taking a look at, but not an absolute must see.

Typical Italian desorganization.I bpught the ticket online as required, went to the office to pick it up. All fine. Ticket wss there awating for me. Got to the palace, gave them the ticket snd my ID cardas my name wasn't on the list I treated as if I was terrorist. I don't understand the need and pleasure in being rude and unpleasant. The old papal parts could not be seen and the ones we passed through we were rushed snd had all the nineteen century Savoy bad bad bad taste stuffed down our throats. The staff REALLY need some training on how to deal with the public- very nineteen century look down on you attitude going on. Totally unengaging.

Very beautiful sunset