Best Things To Do in Rome Italy

1. Roman Forum

This is more interesting than the Colosseum. The line here is long during the day.... And it's not much shade in the blistering sun. We came back the next day and lined up in front of the gate. The tickets for the Colosseum is valid for two days... This is convenient if you are staying in Rome for several days. We had a good and interesting experience.

At a loss for words to describe how amazing the Roman Forum & Palatino are! The pictures just don't do it justice - do not miss a chance to visit here! It was nearly overwhelming with all the amazing architecture, original ruins and amazing sites there were to see and feel part of here. Without a doubt the best place we visited in terms of history of Rome, it even blows the impressive Colosseum out of the water - you did get wonderful views of it from here also! It's incredible how big this actually is and all you can learn and see! If you're going on a summers day don't forget your water bottle - plenty of fountains to refill it throughout.

Very historic location. Awesome to walk around the forum to see the ruins of different buildings. Hard to imagine what it really would have looked like and so fun to try! We took a guided tour through here so we were able to learn the history of multiple sites and hear more about the forum itself. Would not have been as good/educational of an experience if we didn't take the tour.

So interesting and well preserved. Our tour guide pointed out the different layers of the forum and also showed us the different between the original bricks and the reconstructed areas that they have restored to look like the ruins. The history behind it is fascinating and I would happily come again. Very hilly though if you don't want to walk up and down hills I wouldn't recommend.

While the Colosseum gets much of the glory, the Roman Forum is where so much more history lives. My wife and I used an audio tour from our phones, but whether you use an audio tour or a tour guide, find a way to hear about how the Romans lived. Not as well preserved as the Pompeii ruins, these take a bit more imagination to bring alive. Yet they do. This small space was a center of Roman life and it is incredible that even today some of that lasts. Get tickets ahead of time and visit early or late in the day to avoid lines. There is so much more to see here than the Colosseum offers.

2. Borghese Gallery and Museum

LOVE this museum! Wish we had more time there, but it was incredible to see. LOTS of great art, and the change to see Apollo chasing Daphne in person was awesome! The tour guide we had was great, and showed us all the top pieces of art in this amazing collection. The surrounding gardens are also not to be missed! The pine trees there are stunning, and its a nice respite from hectic downtown Rome.

Book early as the tickets sell out fast. The Roma Pass is the way to go for this. They seem to make exceptions for pass holders. Be prepared to spend about 3 hours in the gallery. I highly suggest an audio guide. The tickets are time based and when the session ends they make sure everyone leaves. They only allow so many people at once. Once inside the gallery is split into two floors. The first is a lot of beautiful sculptures. The second floor is mainly art. After the museum spend some time in the gardens. We rented electric cart bike. It was worth the 15 Euro.

Book in advance! By far our favorite museum/gallery in Rome (better than the Vatican in our opinion), and one of the best galleries we've been to. We were simply enchanted by the most beautiful and unbelievable sculptures we've ever seen by the brilliant artist Bernini (competes with Rodin museum in Paris). The audio-guide is excellent. The place is not large, and the first floor is the unforgettable of the two (the sculptures collection), but make sure to visit all the rooms in it.

What a refreshing change from the rest of Rome. Tickets are best purchased in advanced, however you might be able to purchase last-minute cancellation tickets at the door. Your ticket is good for a set two hours in a size limited group. Nice to have room to breathe, take your time and look at really cool old things. Wonderful experience both inside and out.

Make sure you go online and purchase your tickets in advance. Otherwise the gallery is a nice resting spot from walking the larger park, in the air conditioned waiting area. Nice cafe and small gift shop. The gardens are restricted and the ones available were not well manicured.

3. Spanish Steps

A beautiful place to sit and relax and soak in Rome after enjoying the other near sites in Rome like the Pantheon or Trevi Fountain. It can be hot during the day because the steps don't start to get shaded until the later afternoon but still beautiful. I'd suggest planning this visit as a time to relax during a long day of walking and exploring. I didn't get to see them at night but I bet it would be amazing then as well.

Very crowded during the day but still beautiful. If you want to get pictures with less of a crowd come late. There's a great tea shop next to the steps. Servers are dressed in Victorian style, desserts, exotic tea blends. Great spot to go after you fight the crowd.

More aptly called the French Steps, the famous landmark connects the French section above to the Spanish section below. According to our guide, the French were the ones who commissioned it, but because of the bitter rivalry between the two countries, the locals refer to it as the Spanish Steps. The very visible fountain at the bottom of the Steps are always crowded with people, either hanging out or cooling off. This area is essentially equivalent to Rodeo Drive, with all the top-end shops having a presence here. If you want to look for new or vintage luxury watches, this is the place to come, as there are more than a handful of stores around.

Another iconic monument and square in Rome. Like other reviews said: This is the perfect place to just sit down, relax, people watch, and do nothing else. Breathe in the atmosphere. Take in the fruit of awareness of the things around you. Some of the shops here provide free WiFi that you can covertly access from outside.

Like the name says it's steps but really marvellous. The scenery is amazing once you reach the top. A favourite picture spot for tourists so you will see a lot of selfie enthusiasts and picture postures here. I had to wait a bit to find a clear spot but it was good wait. There are normally lots of flowers on the step and it makes it more beautiful on good summer day. Lots of good shopping and eating places nearby so must visit place for any tourist.

4. Church of St. Louis of the French

One of my favourite churches in Rome. It is definitely worth the trip for the three fantastic Caravaggio paintings. Head straight in, you'll find them to the left of the alter depicting St. Matthew. It's also a great opportunity to get out of the hustle and bustle of the centre. Pop in for ten minutes for a moment of calm - it's definitely worth it.

The church might be beautiful, but there are lots of beautiful churches in Rome; it is for the Caravaggios you should put this place on your absolute must-see list. And they are truly remarkable.

This is my second favourite church in Rome (first is Saint'Ignazio di Loyola), that I keep revisiting over and over again, and not because of the Caravaggio painting but for its grand, majestic beauty.

Beautiful church, especially the Vocation of St Matthew. If you do come, please try to remember that it is a working church and therefore a sacred space to Catholics, and not just a museum.

A smaller church than the other ones I visited. Trying to figure out what makes it special. Probably the little angles. Is Cupid here?

5. Altar of the Fatherland

Altar of the Fatherland is one of my favorite building in Rome. It's dominance is awe inspiring. The bronze statues are enormous. Spend the 10 Euro and take the elevator to the top. The view of the surrounding city can't be beat. I didn't spend much time inside. But there is plenty to check out. You literally can't miss it if you are walking around Rome. There is also lots of great cafes and restaurants too. Enjoy your time in Rome.

A beautiful and imposing building which makes you feel really small when you are walking across its terrace! It also offers a great view over parts of the city. In case you are interested in Italian history there is also a museum inside but I didn't visit it.

Beautiful structure filled with Italian history. Museum inside is quite nice and the view from the top is breathtaking. Can be very challenging to climb all the steps during the heat of the day but there are plenty of elevators inside. Only downside is that non paying visitors are not allowed to use the toilet. Would totally recommend a visit if you're in Rome.

My favorite building in Rome. It's dominance is awe inspiring. The bronze statues are enormous. Spend the 10 Euro and take the elevator to the top. The view of the surrounding city can't be beat. We didn't spend much time inside. But there is plenty to check out. You literally can't miss it if you are walking around Rome. Near lots of great cafes and restaurants too.

Although it is pretty new building, dedicated to the first king of united Italy, it is still spectacular in its own sense. You can visit it and learn about Italian army and a bit about countries history, but in the end you can climb up to the roof, where you can get on of the best views of the entire city (next to Saint Peters). Building is quite big and makes you, as many other places in this city, feel small

6. Janiculum Terrace

Great walk up the hill to find a perfect vista to look out on all of Rome. There doesn’t seem to be too much of a crowd the two times we went- we went around sunset-and there are vendors selling ice cream and beer for the family to enjoy. A large statue and a row of busts greet you as you enter the area. Sit on the wall and enjoy the sights and sounds of the busy city. You can see most of the major attractions from this point. There is also a botanical garden close by.

This place has an amazing view and amazing winds; jacket advised. You can see almost whole of Rome and capture it one picture. The background is perfect for many types of pictures that might interest a visitor. You couldn't get more Rome than the view up there. There also shops for refreshments so you shouldn't need anything else up there. It's definitely worth a visit.

A lovely place to take in a panoramic view of Rome. Grab and ice cream or have a drink and enjoy this view! I have walked it and driven it. To me it was a strenuous walk from the Vatican versus an easy 10-15 drive. At sunset this place is beautiful, just beautiful! If you are visiting the Vatican and have some time, visit the Janiculum too.

One of the greatest spots in Rome to look over the entire city. The su set over the hill was amazing. It is a really nice and chill spot. You must check out if you're in Rome. Highly highly recommended. One of the best memories I made in Rome was here watching sunset listening to live musician playing piano.

A bit of walk, but worth the while for the view. You can see a good part of Rome from up there. Also, it's a good place to see the sunset if there is not the "urban fog". There are not a lot of people usually, there's enough room to take pictures. After, you can take a good walk in the park.

7. Vatican Museums

Buy your tickets online beforehand, cannot stress this enough! The line was about 500m long but with our pre booked tickets we were straight in! The museum aspect was magnificently done, easy to follow and all of the pieces flowed on from one another very nicely. So nice to appreciate the Vatican's rich history up close. Be sure to look for the Creation of Adam (it's on the middle of the ceiling) and the many other famous artworks in the Sistine Chapel. We almost completely forgot it was up there considering how much there is to look at! Overall, a great museum to spend a few hours in.

I purchased the ‘Breakfast at the Vatican Museum’ without a guided tour directly from the Vatican website. It also included self-guided audio recordings. This was the best decision ever! I was one of the first to get into the museum had a large wonderful breakfast and given an audio self-tour after we ate. I was able to take my time walking through the museum looking at things I wanted to look at and passing quickly through other things that were not as of much interest. I saw and heard that the groups that had a guided tour were rushed through some exhibits because of a strict timeline. When I finished my relaxing tour of the Vatican museums and Sistine Chapel, I exited to find an astonishingly large amount of people standing in line to see the museum. I would recommend buying the tickets directly from the Vatican website regardless of what option you choose.

I'm not the slightest bit religious but this was an amazing way to spend a few hours. Loved the frescoes and paintings. The Sistine chapel was awe inspiring! Check out the carriage display that's out through the garden. This was very quiet as think a lot of people missed it... you see carriages from century's ago and a few pope mobile's across the ages. Really enjoyable and interesting!

I went by myself with no tour but I booked a ticket ahead of time with a prearranged time slot and I'm so glad I did. I think it's a few euros more expensive but so worth it to skip the line. Don't be fooled into thinking you need to buy a tour in order to skip the line. You can do so if you buy the tickets online, just be sure to do so well in advance so there are still times available. The museums get very crowded so be prepared to be overwhelmed and very crowded. You could easily spend all day wondering around if you are a big art fan but since the main attraction for me was the Sistine Chapel, I took the short path and enjoyed what I saw but mainly headed straight for the chapel. Even so I think it took me about an hour/hour and a half just to get to the Chapel. No photography allowed and I would recommend bringing a pair of binoculars to get a better view of the paintings since the ceilings really are very high. Even after leaving the Chapel, it took me another 30-45 minutes to walk through and exit the museum. So be sure to budget plenty of time depending on what and how much you want to see. I had friends who went and did a four hour tour and said they were so exhausted by the end they barely enjoyed the Sistine Chapel, which was a big shame in my opinion. Be smart when planning your trip here and no what you want to see so you can enjoy it and the rest of Vatican City in the best way.

If you don't do anything else in Italy. Visit the Vatican city and museums WITH A TOUR GUIDE. Best purchase in the whole trip, took a large majority of the afternoon. Not being a religious person, I was still blown away by the history behind it all and the information given made every X10 better. Fee side notes, really wouldn't recommend bringing a pram with you, I know sometimes you have to bring a small child with you (which I would avoid as within Vatican museum is a section where you have to be silent) however if you need to bring you child, carry them. It is extremely crowded and the majority of that was caused by congestion involving prams which was frustrating. The tours end around 1500 as that is when the gates closed so if you are going without a guide, make sure you go well before 1500. Within this, please go see the basilica as it's just awe inspiring. Again this section was included in our guide, but some stop here. Our guide took us beneath to the catacombs which again was amazing.

8. Pantheon

It is a must, when in Rome. It will impress you. It is a huge building and a sacred place. Easy to find, in the middle of historical city of Rome. Many restaurants and ice cream shops near by. A nice souvenir shop inside. I saw some queues in the middle of the day; try to get there in the evening, around 5PM, and you will not wait in the lines. Discover the inside, it is the most important part of this tourist attraction.

It is a great work of architecture. Is used to be a place dedicated to the gods but has been converted into a cathedral. Unfortunately, much of its precious metal were removed by one of the Popes to construct another cathedral. But what is left is still cool. It uses natural lighting from a hole in the center of its dome. You will probably spend about 30 minutes or less here.

Honestly, I've never desired to see the Pantheon and wondered what the fuss about it was. Now I understand. This is the most perfect ancient ruin we have...virtually untouched by history. It is much bigger than I expected. The interior is gorgeous, especially the dome. Make sure you look at everything to the side, including the sarcophagus of Renaissance painter/architect Raphael. Get there before 6 pm when it closes. This is a great spot to have lunch or dinner, too. The vibe around the Pantheon is great.

Amazing specimen of Roman arcitecture. Converted from a Pagan temple. Amazing craftsmanship and relics in the building. No charge, just some lines. Sometimes mass or other activities are held and entry is forbidden. Not an all day delay but plan if you are tight on time. You may have to come back in a couple hours IF a service is being held. Highly recommended seeing this.

Pantheon is a classic sightseeing in Rome. The entrance IS FREE but the dress code does not allow shorts (dresses under/in knee) and no decot to women. The place is sacred and the employee does not allow to enter in it without obey the dress code. I went to there two times and the first one, the employees were more strict and blocking some women to enter because of the dress and shorts. But for the second time, they were more flexible and there were a bunch of girls with shorts. So, I think that is kind of the mood of the employees. Inside of it, is huge and has a hole in the center of the room. There are some art painting and sculptures. Recommended to all tourists... It is REQUIRED to visit!

9. Trevi Fountain

Of the big places in Rome to visit, this was easily my favorite. It wasn't nearly as crowded as I expected and I was easily able to get a picture front and center with no one else in it. I made a nice wish with a penny. The water is beautiful and the sculptures are magnificent. It's very easy to locate too. Lots of people trying to sell you stuff though.

So nice we visited twice! The first time was on our arrival in Rome. Unfortunately they were doing repairs and the fountain was “off” but still full of people admiring the architecture. Upon our second visit, everything was functioning as normal. It’s quite a beautiful site when fully operational. Taking a good pic can be difficult during peak times, if recommend going very early (8am) and you can basically have the fountain to yourself. Otherwise be prepared for big crowds, but it never felt unsafe due to the security and groups of families in the vicinity.

It’s really a magical fountain. The story behind it it’s also cool to read before going. We went once with day light and once in the night and I highly recommend to go at night. It looks so beautiful that you can stare at it a long time without getting tired. Of course, it’s full of people, but with a good reason. Is something you can’t miss if you go to Rome!

This is absolutely worth seeing. The fountain is exactly what you expect of Italy and Rome. It’s beautiful and worth taking a picture. But it’s extremely crowded and the crowds will not die down. At night it lights up. The food and stores around it are where i enjoyed my time. I suggest going in the late afternoon before sunset to see it during the day, then shop and eat and see it at night before heading home.

You must see this place. Its beautiful. Its in Rome. Its gorgeous. Lot of tourists there though. At night its nice with all the lights. Its also just in front of restaurants and bars and shops. If you guys pass by Rome you must go there to take pictures and add that to your album. You wont regret it.

10. Piazza Navona

I can totally stay all day here! Beautiful piazza~ Gorgeous architecture, fountains, statue, restaurants, street artists, etc. It is so relaxing sitting outdoor, drinking a glass wine, order some appetizers and just people watching. People here are so relaxing, the restaurant won't rush you. This is definitely a very popular tourist attraction spot. There are always great energy either day or night. Don't forget to bring your camera with you, perfect photo opportunity!

This square is often mentioned in Rome guidebooks as being a hub of activity. This is only really true in the evenings when there are many street performers and vendors out. During the day there is only the occasional vendor. It's very busy with tourists but we didn't enjoy it for much more than the occasional stroll through on our way to other places. Nice fountains which can be said for lots of places in Rome too...

Navona Square is a very beautiful and ancient square with three springs and a main spring, which I think is built by Bernini Baroque architect and symbolizes the four great rivers in the world. This field was in the old place of a horse and beside it and around it. You can find a large number of restaurants with a variety of foods and have a happy time with friends and family, and there is also a high level of security that the hardworking police provided for the comfort of the tourists. . You can have the ultimate in enjoyment by walking on the field, and even the painters who make your cartoon easily. Do not forget to photograph this beautiful fountain.

Spectacular and amazing place to admire the wonderful architecture that Rome has. Every building is richly decorated and finely carved. I was really impressed by the beauty of this square. Good place to eat outside. There are great photo ops.

Really nice place. I would definitely recommend adding it to your bucket list of things to do in Rome if you have time. The square has a nice vibe to it, however because the structures are so low to ground level it makes taking a decent picture almost impossible, unless your a photographer with some ND filters. So I would recommend to come here to appreciate the sights and sounds, however you are not going to get much more than that because all the people will block the chance of a decent photo.

11. St. Clement Basilica

Sorry... NO photography inside the church. Trust me, if I could, I wouldn't miss the opportunity!! Beautiful church especially the art work on the ceiling. There was underground, paid a small fee to do a self-guided tour. There are so many churches here in Rome, definitely a great place to live for people who are religious. Almost every church we went are super clean and well maintained.

Tons of culture here, amazing architecture its incredible they could even build something with this level of grandeur and magnificence. Seriously recommend going and seeing this place as its definitely worth seeing if you are in rome. 8/10.

This is a quiet little church which had some really lovely pieces inside. There are no cameras, phones, or low cuts allowed but you should expect that. The church itself is very pretty on the inside with gold adornments and paintings lining the walls and ceiling. I'm not religious but this was a nice 10 minutes breather in the otherwise hectic area.

The main church is free but the 10 euros it costs to tour the two underground excavations is well worth it. (Children under 16 are free.) The signs are sometimes poorly lit, but we enjoyed our visit. Allow 1 hour if touring the excavations, 10 minutes for the main church.

Here is the tomb of St. Constantine Cyril, who created the Bulgarian alphabet. A very nice church. Recently renovated.

12. St. Peter's Basilica

If you're going to be Rome then this is a must visit. The artwork and architecture is breathtaking, but be prepared for the crowds. I recommend buying tickets ahead of time in order to skip the lines to get in. You can climb to the top of the dome for €8 Or take the elevator part of the way for €10. There was another long line to wait in so we just walked the whole way up. Just getting to the top was an adventure in itself, with curved walls and tight passages. At the top is a little cafe where you can get something to drink and pastries. There's also a gift shop with a lot of small trinkets to look through. I highly recommend the climb up the dome, it was well worth the €8.

A lot of steps, did not disappoint. It will cost you 8 euros to be able to climb the St. Peter's Basilica (or 10 when you want to take the elevator to around half of the dome). It is worth paying this price as it the view (after the climb) is magnificent. It is a rough climb though, be prepared for all kinds of steps, slopes, ropes and small corridors. When you have descended the dome and you are back in the church (or visit the church itself first) you are met with a huge church, an immense high dome where you can just make out people standing there and knows that that point is only half way up. The line is immense though, had to wait for an hour to be able to get into the church. There is a bag check near the entrance that you will have to pass.

What a fantastic place - You can't appreciate the true scale and magnitude of the buildings and architecture until you actually see it first hand. That coupled with the atmosphere, which is palpable and truly awe-inspiring; I'm not a religious person by any means, but the sense of history and majesty that this place evokes in people is definitely contagious. Going into the actual Basilica, was even more astounding. The space is huge, yet demands a attention to every detail. You could cut the atmosphere with the proverbial knife, and spoon it was that overpowering. A truly memorable place to visit. We went on an official tour, so got ahead of all the usual ques. Beware of beggars, they pretend and are dressed-up to be bent and diseased crowns, when they are actually young kids.

Incredibly beautiful! Truly a magnificent experience. Entrance is free but you have to be appropriately dressed. If your shorts are too short, shoulders exposed or too low of a top, they won’t let you in. The church is incredibly decorated in so much history. As a Roman Catholic, it was really special to be in this Basilica. A must visit in in Rome!

Amazing! Worth every minute in the queue. I went first thing in the morning (around 7am) and it was quite empty, pleasant and I could see a lot without too many people in front or around. I went up to the dome using the lift + 320 steps; the view of Rome from the top is magnificent. Try going there in a beautiful sunny day (when it's not too hot though). But please be mindful that the corridor with the steps that leads to the top can feel quite narrow and claustrophobic, and you cannot just stop in the middle as there are many people going up in front and behind you, so please be prepared physically and do not attempt to go up if you are not used to taking the stairs.

13. Centro Storico

Center of rome


Stavo cercando un libro


Uno dei centri storici più belli del mondo, forse il più bello!

14. Piazza Venezia

Its absolutely an amazing awe inspiring place when you first arrive. Its simply an amazing engineering marvel. The design and build is spectacular. This piazza is the center of the most historic parts of Rome. The bus service and tram service, starts and departs from here. Its really a beautiful place to visit.

When we took the tour bus and passed this piazza.... we knew right away, we had to come back!! We didn't take a tour inside but just admiring the beautiful architecture and statue, it is so worth it already!!! It is one of the most popular tourist attraction spots. Just breathtaking to see such history in the middle of the city.

The building on the square is pretty amazing from the outside. Its a great place for a photo opp. The security will close the building at strange times (might be because they had a military parade going on) The building on the inside could use some serious love from a few contractors. But keep heading up the stairs and Holy mama, Expansive views of the city and the Rome Forum. This allows you to take some absolutely great photos of the city.

A beautiful and Romanesque palace situated in the heart of Rome, Piazza Venezia is one of several remarkable spots in Rome and a must-visit one. Remember to keep your belongings safe, because many buses and trams stop here and the crowd can be very chaotic at certain hours, especially in the evening (end of working hours). Watch your own feet when taking pictures or choosing path to walk on, since the line between pedestrian lane and main street is very vague.

WOW what a beautiful place, a monument to Italy's first King and also houses the tomb of the unknown soldier. From the fabulous white marble statues and steps to the guards and constantly lit beacons in front, do not miss this place. Also has fantastic views of the Colosseum and Roman Forum.

15. Sistine Chapel

STUNNING. Use any of the "Skip the line" programs available; completely worth it, unless you fancy standing outside in a standstill of people for hours upon hours in the sweltering heat. The halls of museums on the way are incredible, but NOTHING holds a candle to being inside the Chapel. If you can, try to coordinate your visit inside around when a priest is there for a prayer; for a non-religious person brought up Roman Catholic, it was VERY special.

Beautiful..... smaller than I expected but absolutely stunning. No photography allowed which didn't stop other tourists. Highly recommended for art lovers, religious people and those who appreciate beauty.

Pictures are not allowed directly in the Sistine chapel, but are allowed everywhere else in the museum. Please cover your shoulders and knees when visiting, as is the dress code. VERY large and spacious, yet is filled to the brim with tourists trying to see it too.

Nothing more to say as all the reviews cover the highlights. Quite simply amazing. Well managed crowds. I was completely blown away.

I am not religious but this place truly is Awesome! I had a guide who walked us through the Vatican Museum, you apparently can not just go straight to the Chappel you need to visit different areas 1st which was cool with the guide telling you a ton of facts about the place, you can rent light recorded information with headphones tap the numbers you see & it brings up the relevant information for you to listen don’t know how much they were to rent sorry, entire place was amazing with the chapel well up on my favourites list, no flash photography but I saw plenty of flashes going of, as I said earlier AWESOME! Treat your self to a slice of history that goes back to the days that Jesus walked the world. Enjoy!

16. Le Domus Romane di Palazzo Valentini

Awesome museum combines archaeological evidence of this ancient Roman mansion — including baths, mosaic floors and painted walls—and 3d images to give an amazing picture of what Rome was like when the other nearby ancient ruins were the center of public life. A well done movie explains the Romanian conquest depicted on Trajan’s column directly outside. Very well done. Highly recommend for adults but also kids (8 and up). You need to reserve a tour in your preferred language. We stopped by before lunch and could get one at 4:30.

This is a fantastic example of how technology can really bring an ancient site to life. The remains of the ancient Roman houses are visible below glass floors and, as you walk on these glass floors through the different areas, recorded explanations are played. These explanations are synchronised with a light show that clearly highlights the features in the room that are being explained. Light shows are also used to bring back to life the houses, by projecting onto the ruins images of how they would have been nearly two thousand years ago. The presentation takes around an hour and a half and ends with an excellent step by step guide to the scenes decorating the adjacent Trajans column. Well worth a visit.

Light is used to help reconstruct an ancient house and bath. It's quite interesting, though not on the level of the Domus Aurea. At the end there was a quick mention that we were walking through a WWII bunker - it would have been nice to hear more about this.

Interesting and captivating tour through the newly excavated ruins. This tour really stands out around all the other tours in Rome because of it use of different lights and projectors to highlight and recreate how things used to be. This is a must see to get a better understanding of ancient Roman life.

I am from Rome and this is one of the most beautiful museums I have visited in my life

17. Colosseum

Colosseum, Piazza del Colosseum is place where you can travel 2000 years, I absolutely loved it. It's amazing walking around a building built almost 2000 years ago, imagining what it must have been like then. The crowd, the wild animals, the gladiators fighting one another. Brilliant. The queue was fairly substantial even at 5.25pm, so I would highly recommend getting your tickets at the other ticket offices. The ticket office for the Palatine on San Gregorio had a much shorter queue. The ticket allows you entrance to both the Palatine and the Colosseum, so you can just turn around and walk over to the Colosseum with your ticket, skipping most of the queue. Again buy your ticket before you come here please. Enjoy your time.

A must see. Absolutely breathtaking and if you ever go to Rome... it is the only place you HAVE TO go. The history is incredible. The underneath your is awesome and everyone is super friendly (don't buy into the random tours people offer you. Fine someone who is qualified.) If you see a person who has your national flag for a tour. They do speak your language :). Also, yes, they have bathrooms in there. Absolutely indescribable beauty and history.

An amazing place to visit and know Roman history. A fabulous work of art and architecture. I hope and wish someday Italian government will make the tickets and entry process more easy and smooth. You need to be careful with many tour agency outside the Colosseum. For same ticket, they ask different price. We paid to these agency just to avoid long queue :( (these agency will take you directly inside Colosseum)

Amazing! Absolutely incredible! The history here and original architecture is breathtaking. Unfortunately I did not do a guided or audio tour but would definitely recommend an audio tour at least as there isn't a lot of information boards throughout. It's a must see when visiting Rome, I would recommend the Roma Pass - we had free transport to the Colosseum and 'skipped the line' so just went straight to security.

I would recommend you, as far as possible, to book your tickets through web. We saw the huge line and spontaneously bought our tickets online and got inside within 5min (at around 5p.m.). It is nice, but somehow I expected more... There is a lot "missing" due to natural or human influence. The price is good (combines 3 tickets and it is also valid the next day).

18. Villa Borghese

A beautiful park. If you want to escape the busy city, this is the place to go. It is relatively quiet, very large and offers lots of beautiful sights. The view of Rome is great from up here. Toilets are very hard to find, though. There's several places to get a quick bite or to enjoy lunch/dinner. The park is accessible by wheelchair, but this is not recommended because of the inclines and the relatively rough terrain.

Lovely place to spend an afternoon. The gardens are quite large with some nice statues dotted around. You can hire a bicycle or a larger "cart"? For €12 an hour to explore the gardens. This is definitely the best way to explore. There is a small lake where you can rent a row boat for €3 per person. Lovely place for a picnic. There is public toilets at €1 per person.

Wonderful place . Italy is filled with historic places and each of them is as unique as one can be. Fun place, varying activities and a couple of restaurants to eat from. Well maintained public toilets available.

The park is huge and beautiful, with several fountains, orchards and so on. The lake with the temple island on its center is very scenic, and you can rent a boat if you want. You can easily walk/bike there. Perfect getaway from the city center (although it’s really close to the city center)

The Villa Borghese in Rome is a magnificent park. Sundays are the best days to enjoy the scenery since fewer people are present. The architectural styles and well kept grounds are astounding. And be sure to bring a video camera to keep the memories.

19. Rome Rose Garden

Beautiful and somewhat unknown. Meticulously cared for - you'd almost thin you were in Germany. Lol. It's only open in May, so if you're there get all over it then go up the hill and take a look through the secret key hole! No,. I can't tell you what the secret is!

Good place to relax after seeing the Circus Maximus or Mouth of Truth. Hundreds of rose varieties, entrance is free and it's a beautiful spot in the heart of the city. Needs a bit of cleaning up but otherwise great.

It was very lovely! Sounds funny but try to bring some coffe beans or do this garden in two parts. Try to go get lunch and come back. We had a bit of an overload with all of the wonderful flowers and

The smell is amazing. Can't visit this garden enough. Some roses are ancient varieties not available any longer.

One of my favorite spots in Rome! Plus it's not crowded especially in the afternoon

20. Circus Maximus

Rome is beautiful. The Circus Maximus and surrounding sightings only add to that claim. A large and beautiful field with a great view of ancient ruins. It is a beautiful place to lay down and picnic. It is highly recommended that you bring running shoes, as it was a track for chariot races and you may find your shoes uncomfortable in the terrain.

It's a big open field now..mainly used for events. Use your imagination to see Romans and gladiators race. We went to see the celebrations of the birthday of Rome here on the 21st of April. On this particular day a reenactment takes place on the fields which includes a Roman parade which truly brings everything into the correct historical context. I have added pictures below. From 2018 this event will span over 3 days and includes chariots, gladiators and horse races.

Being there many times. The last one for the live concert of former Pink Floyd Roger Waters. It was an amazing show at a stunning location right in the heart of the Eternal city. Amazing walk at night after the concert directed to Colosseum and Fori Imperiali..a magic surrounds after a magic music night. Do not miss it!

The size is breathtaking though there is not as much to see as one would expect. However, I would recommend to visit as it's a great place to picnic and have some wine, and dwell on its past.

It was good and interesting, but not enough remains so it falls short of some of the nearby sights. Good view from the palace hill.