Best Things To Do in Rome Italy

3. Roman Forum

This was probably my favourite place in Rome. A sprawling collection of ruins that formed the splendid centre of Roman life. The buildings are fairly sparsely labelled so I would recommend taking an audio guide or a good guide book to help you make the most of your visit. It’s worth making the walk up to Palatine Hill as you’ll be rewarded by some spectacular views of both the Forum and out over the city. The ticket is included in the general entrance ticket to the colosseum and you can use them over two days. I would definitely give yourself at least half a day to explore this wonderful historic site.

My wife and I used the Rick Steves self-guided tour. This was by far my favorite place while visiting Rome. The history that happened at the Forum is amazing I would highly recommend this place to anyone visiting the area. Please keep note that there are several people around the Forum area trying to offer bracelets. These people are scam artists please try to avoid them if you can.

Words fail to successfully describe the Roman Forum, nor can they convey my feelings as I strolled through it. This place is truly amazingly, breathtaking! The history of this place is awe inspiring, and just to think of the great Roman emperors who walked those streets brought a sense of humility to my soul. GREAT Experience and I think anyone who is in Rome HAS to take a walk through the Roman Forum.

It baffles me that there are people in this world that give 1 star reviews to a place as beautiful and historically significant as the roman forum. Its like....what can the world offer to impress you????? Not super stroller friendly is the only drawback but I don't think the creators had that in mind. Easy in and out of the park was streamlined. Once in a lifetime visit.

The view from up top is astonishing. I submitted my pictures into National Geographics so enjoy and here is some advice on how to really capture the top of the building. Make sure you see the sunset from this location and pay the $5 to go to the top and witness such beauty when the sun sets over the city of Rome. I didn't get to explore the inside too much so I cannot tell you much about it but whatever you do make sure to see the sunset from the top it is one of the most beautiful things you will see. Not only will you get to see the city of Rome but you will get an amazing view of the Colosseum along with all those door call building from this location

6. Janiculum Terrace

Offers a nice view of Roma! I went during the peak time in the afternoon as well as when no one else was there. I recommend visiting both times of day. A perfect location for relaxing and people watching (observing Italian lifestyle.) And getting out of the busy touristy area for some me-time is really nice!

Beautiful views of Rome & distant mountains. Perfect for a relaxing walk with the partner, friends, family or alone. Best time to go is as the sun sets. Fantastic camera opportunity

When in Rome… This city transports you to a distant time, while simultaneously offering more iconic sites than in any other spot on the planet. Immerse yourself in the quixotic and frantic energy of this bustling metropolis. Enjoy the land’s authentic and delectable cuisine. Sample the region’s world class wine – Frascati, a varietal that’s been produced form more than two thousand years. While you are fully sated, visit prototypes of many of the world’s most fantastic architectural achievements such as the Colosseum where gladiators clashed, and the Pantheon, an elaborate “temple of every god.” You will be just blocks away from the magnificent Trevi Fountain and Vatican City, home of The Basilica of St. Peter.

Beautiful place. I like to do the game to recognize all the monuments, building and churches you see and after try to find directly them going around the city!

Not only is the QUIET peacefull walk in this GREEN part of Rome insanely relaxing, you'll also get a great -if not the best- vista of Rome.

7. Altar of the Fatherland

If you want to see something impressive, this will definitely impress. If you want to understand what you're seeing, do some research, or go on a local tour. I still don't remember all the information I was given, but I do remember feeling dwarfed by this massive monument - and all its intricate details. It's a showstopper, for sure.

One of the nicest monuments I've seen. It stands out as a beautiful sore thumb when walking the city. It is a must go to if you want good photos and such. Also don't forget to go see the spectacular view at the top! It is truly a site to see and another one of my must go to places for Rome

What a beast of a building, one of my favourite sites of Rome. Godlike. It’s one of the more recently constructed buildings of Rome compared to the ancient ruins that you find around the city. Built in the late 1800’s this building shouts ‘power and authority’. This building was designed for a king and he must have been happy with it!

Probably the most amazing building in the whole Rome. The size of it is very deceptive. You can go from the very bottom entrance all the way to the top. Top view is absolutely stunning. You can see the whole city, it's consistent architecture and the spread as well as the mountains in the background. Visited it in the early morning and I was stunned by the beauty of the city. Probably should be next stop after the Coliseum.

A magnificent monument... I think one of the most beautiful in the world. You can take the elevator and take pictures of Rome. The views is amazing! Before to come to the elevator you should to do some stairs.

10. Arch of Constantine

These ruins from The Ancient Roman civilization were so impressive. Step by step around this area appear one after another breathtaking monument or column or statue.... . The architecture was so wonderful.

Beautiful Arch close to the Colosseum. It was erected in AD 315 and celebrated Constantine's victory over Maxentius. It has embellishments which were scavenged from earlier monuments.

The Arch of Constantine, while it's a beautiful piece of art however you will see the litter of plastic Bags and empty water bottles on the ground, this is to make a humble request to all especially to the tourists please keep every place clean you visit and Do Not Litter.

It's magnificent and it's right near the Coliseum. Don't miss it. It's fun to imagine a long procession traveling down the Via Labicana, turning, marching through the column and down to the middle of the Forum.

Amazing architecture. Its beautiful. Must see.

13. Trevi Fountain

Beautiful sight as you approach from the side roads. Dramatic thunderous sound of the water can be heard as you approach and then you are met with the beautiful artistic fountain. Traditionally you turn your back to the fountain and whilst holding 3 coins in your right hand you throw them over your left shoulder. This is said to ensure you return to Rome. The coins are collected and used to support the homeless. I went in February and although there were lots of people, it was easy to get to the pool of the fountain. At night it is lit up and this adds to the dramatic view. Absolutely amazing.

Beautiful fountain. Mesmerizing artwork. Lovely to spend time just taking in all the beautiful statues. The architecture is all around. It is wonderful to get lost in this beautiful scene. You would definitely want this on your list of must sees in Rome. So much history in this gorgeous city.

Beautiful experience to visit the Trevi fountain in Rome.. the lights and ambience is very romantic and a perfect spot for couples to spend a few romantic moments.. or friends to hang out.. the walk to the place from where I was staying (near San Pietro station) was very interesting. Lots of historical places on the way and very nice gelato joints and restaurants too. The fountain also has loads of interesting history about it and many souvenirs shops and cafes nearby so be prepared to spend at least an hour or two around it. Looks best at night with its ambient lighting. Standing close to it will send lovely mists and sprays of water on you and make the moment a little more special. Five stars for the architecture, sculpture, history, ambience and experience.

Beautiful fountain.An excellent piece of art.Must place of visit. May be you will have to walk a bit.But worth it. Also a street artist/ beggar on the way hiding his face n performing may interest kids n kids like adults!! # The Trevi Fountain is one of the oldest water sources in Rome. The fountain dates back to ancient Roman times, since the construction of the Aqua Virgo Aqueduct in 19 B.C. that provided water to the Roman baths and the fountains of central Rome.

Wanted to see the real deal after seeing the one in Vegas 😁 We got there at night, kind of drunk already, there were tons of people there and I didn't even mind... Normally I would. This thing is so over the top.. you got to see it, also there is pretty cool brew pub round the corner on the left... But yeah, the fountain, loved it. I'll have to look up some photos of what it looks like during the day, because I don't remember much. Would totally visit again.. sober.. during the day.. or night.

15. Villa Doria Pamphilj

I love this park. This isn’t the biggest park in Rome but it is still huge. There is plenty of room to walk around and explore the landscape, the lake with abundant wildlife, and the old buildings and fountains. I would say that this park is beautiful but it’s so much more, that word doesn’t begin to do this park justice. This park is dog friendly and there is even a decent sized playground for kids. I was here for 4+ hours on multiple occasions and I didn’t even cover everything that this beautiful place has to offer!

Gardens are lovely and a wonderful area of greenery between the restaurant district of Trastevere, Monte Verde and the Vatican. We walk from our flat in Bravetta, through the park to St. Peter ' s square. It takes around an hour, but is a lovely walk with great views. Haven't been in the villa, as it seems to be closed.

Such a peaceful place for a stroll and chat with a friend! Big enough to fill you are on your own but secure and safe at the same time. Super restaurant close close to one of the entrances with great salads. Look for it!

A magic fairy park. You can cross it walking or cycling following the paths or cutting off road driving beside fountains and statues from XVI century. You can even spot St Peter's cathedral from one point

Beautiful and huge grounds. Good for a stroll to get away from city chaos.

16. Italy With Us - Vatican Office

Trusted tour guide service. My family and I booked with IWU for an 8am private tour of the Sistine chapel and st. Peter's Basilica with Francisco as our guide. Our tour was during the first week of Feb. A very friendly team that are passionate about what they do. Although short of 5 stars, I would use them again unless there is a better recommended service. Choose Italy With Us. Thank you Francisco.

We were lucky to have Enza who gave us a tour of the Vatican. She had a great rapport with our group and really knew her stuff. She was informative without being boring, and obviously loved her work!! She pointed out a great many things that we would not have seen if we had gone by ourselves and we were lucky enough to view evening mass in St Peters Basilica and the Vatican at Christmas. Thank you Enza!

What a wonderful experience! We just finished our Vatican tour led by Tonia. Not only was she funny and engaging she was also extremely knowledgeable on both the historical and artistic aspects of the tour. Confident and assuring, she led us through a maze of other tourists to all of the best spots! I definitely recommend this tour company. Great for people of all ages!

We had an awesome experience. We walked in on the day of without a reservation and they worked us seamlessly into the group that was about to depart. And our guide Dina really knew her stuff.

Great tour. Elaine was amazing and querky! Made the whole experience so much more enjoyable. 10/10 would recommend

18. Basilica Papale San Paolo fuori le Mura

Perhaps my favourite of all of the people basilicas within the city of Rome. This place offers a truly Grant mix of statuary, mosaics, sacred artifacts, a and sublime beauty. As comparatively silly as it may seem the gift shop is also quite good as well. So take a trip off the beaten path, visit this place, and light a candle for somebody special in your life. You will be very glad that you did.

The area in which the basilica of Saint Paul outside the walls stands, was occupied by a vast subdial cemetery, that is to say in the open air, in constant use from the 1st century BC. at the 3rd century AD but sporadically reused, especially for the construction of mausoleums, until late antiquity. It was an extensive cemetery and included different types of tombs, from family pigeons to small funerary chapels often frescoed and decorated with stuccoes. Almost all of this sepulchral area is still buried, for the most part below the level of the nearby Tiber, and it is estimated to extend under the whole area of the basilica and the surrounding area.

Wow this is beautiful and very big. Oh my God short of words. It is like heaven. Am attending the feast of the conversion of. st. Paul.

A must visit when in Rome; located outside the Roman walls. You will enjoy the visit. Plus, you can visit Saint Paul's Tomb.

This is an absolute stunning creation of mankind. The interior is a grand work of art, and humongous. Free to enter. One of the best churches in italy. Although there are many