Best Things To Do in Prague Czech Republic

1. National Memorial to the Heroes of the Heydrich Terror

Incredible experience. This was my number 1 most anticipated place to visit in Prague and it did not disappoint. The tribute to these heroes (and to their families and hapless civilians who were massacred by the Nazis) is sobering and thought provoking. Watch the movie Anthropoid and read up on the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia before you visit. But if you don't do any preparation in advance, you will still find yourself awestruck and inspired. The impact of the museum is even more powerful when one considers that Czechoslovakia was barely free of the Nazis before the Soviet tyranny began. Make sure to visit the site of the Heydrich Assassination and also the Memorial to Victims of Communism in Prague. The Czechs endured a lot and I am grateful that they now can live in freedom.

Great museum! I would recommend it. The heros that died there need to be honored

Wow, incredible experience visiting a World War 2 battle site first hand. Learning about the story of the Heydrich Terror was enlightening. Visit while it's still free!

Incredibly moving. We have to visit every time we go to Prague. The crypt is just so emotional, especially seeing the bullet holes and knowing what happened. Great storyboards for those who are unaware of this pivotal historic event. May they rest in peace and forever be the heart of the Czechs.

Worth the visit! Very informative and moving part of history that should not be forgotten. The crypt is really interesting and there’s a lot to see. The staff could be better.

2. Old Town Hall

very nice town hall. especially very crowded during the holiday. must visit!

The building is being reconstructed now, so the view is not that spectacular. You have to pay high entrance fee to get to the tower. I would rather recommend to go Zizkov tower, where you can see all Prague including Prague castle.

Good view from the tower, but CZK 250 is over pricy.

Went there a couple of times back in June and it was always crowded. The famous astronomical clock was under repair and closed. As a result, I was not able to go to the top to have a view of the city.

Amazing view from the tower. The exhibits on the 1st floor are nothing special. The ticket is 6 euros which were worth only for the view on top.

3. St. Vitus Cathedral

Go early! It's best to arrive early so you can get through the security check point. Then walk through to the cathedral before it opens at 9am. As soon as you come through the archway grab a photo. The church is mammoth and hard to fit in the camera frame so you need to do it before there are too many people around. As soon as you come through the tunnel go to the right and into the less crowded ticket office to get your entrance ticket. Then back out to the left to get in line on the left side of the cathedral. If there is a line it is worth the wait. I'd do at least an audio tour/book tour. Beautiful interior and it's good to know what you are looking at and why it is catching your attention.

Incredible Cathedral! Awe-inspiring stain-glass windows inundated with color, storytelling, and vibrance. I’ve visited cathedrals throughout Europe and this one is hands down the most well kept and pristine. High arches, beautiful façades, and serene ambiance. Obviously crowded, but hardly takes from the beauty. I do wish you didn’t need to pay extra to go further in, but if it’s what it takes to keep the place pristine, totally worth it. Awesome visit. Around the exterior had magnificent red-roofed views, and well maintained gardens. Loved it.

An amazing piece of art from top to bottom. Every single detail is unique an beautiful. If you get the audio guide you will have a very enjoyable time learning of the beginnings of the contraction. Demolitions needed, number of toms within the church, name of the patrons of the czk people, etc. A must see if you go to Prague. This is by far the main attraction of beautiful Prague.

One of the most beautiful cathedrals in all of Europe. A must-see upon any visit to the country. Be prepared to have your bags searched as you are entering the grounds but it’s a quick and painless process. There is no cost to enter the building, you’ll get the chance to see the beautiful stain glass windows and walk inside the front half of the building. If you want to walk all the way to the front of the cathedral and see some of the ornate work up close you will have to pay for the tour. Take time to take pictures outside the building and obviously inside but the crowds will make it hard to get a good shot once you’re inside. If you enter through the side door of cathedral over by the mosaic on the side of the building you can pay a small fee to hike the tower. I think it was between $5-7 a person. It is a lot of steps up so make sure you’re up for the hike, but the top provides an amazing 360 degree view of the river and the city as well as an inside view of some of the bells and structure through some small glass windows in the tower. It’s a good stop near the beginning of the trip as a way to see attractions you’re interested in seeing from the view at the top and also to give you a feel of what the city looks like as a whole. As you can imagine it gets crazy busy even on weekdays and usually in the morning. Plan to be there right when it opens if you’re not into crowds and afterwards take time to walk all the way down to the bridge so you get a chance to see a lot of the main touristy streets.

Definitely worth the ticket price to visit St Vitus Cathedral with amazing stained glass inside. Beautiful facade of what Baroque style architecture is. Long queues by 10am so be prepared to line up.

4. Mind Maze

I would say it's a fairly standard Escape Room activity, although it's fun with a different storyline/mission than you've done before. We were a group of friends and had a blast with the 'Alchemist's Chamber Battle Game' mission where we raced each other to the finish line. I would recommend this if you like Escape Rooms and are in Prague.

My first Escape game, with the Enigma challenge. The staff was very kind and helpful. I think the staff member who took care of us was called David ? He let us stay over five minutes late, after a very funny and clever game. We've been given a lot of hints and he even took the time to explain to us afterwards what we missed. I was amazed by the decors and the atmosphere. The cost was also very affordable and the location was easy to see. It is definitively the best thing I did in Prague !

It's super epic! Should definitely try this! We liked the Enigma room more than the others.

Very nicely prepared activity for groups. riddles were demanding but not too difficult. Staff was very friendly and professional. Their English level was also very good. Some rooms are same so you can compete in 2 groups.

This has to be the greatest money I have ever spend on entertainment for myself and my girlfriend! The gamemaster helping you before, during and after the game is well spoken in English and the different rooms have a lot of great themes and difficulties to experience! Surely the greatest place to go in Prague if you need to wind down a bit, the weather is bad or you just feel like having a blast of a time!

5. Municipal House

Great experience seeing vavaldi played live, the only gripe is MAKE SURE TO CHECK YOUR TICKET WHERE IT IS. I assumed when I purchased tickets that we would be in the main hall as the seating chart the gentleman showed us had all the seating on it. Low and behold It was in a much smaller side theater. I'm not saying that I didn't like the performance in anyway, I actually found it fun as the musicians had a funny dynamic about them as they played. But I just wish we had been located in the main hall. Oh well I'll be back soon enough.

This was an amazing experience. We booked an English guided tour online and no one else did for the time we chose so we were able to enjoy a private guided tour 😉 All the halls inside are amazingly beautiful with each having their own unique decoration. A surprise is waiting for you in the Mayor’s Hall which I enjoyed. You have to pay 55CZK first before you are allowed to take photos and I recommend paying for it as the rooms are worth it.

Stunning building, I did not take the tour, just walked around - went in for two exhibitions. Both were nice, a bit expensive in comparison to other galleries. The exhibitions change, so check out if it's to your taste. Have a look at the architecture and get near to the details

Lovely place. I was there for the European Search Awards 2018. My agency Rich Clicks was a finalist.

This is THE place for highest quality traditional Czech cuisine. Downstairs Bohemian Restaurant has beautiful ambiance and decor and the food is top notch. Staff is gracious, and polite. Pricey but we'll worth it.

6. Prague Zoo

Fantastic Zoo, great outing for a summer day with kids! To completely enjoy the zoo, one day was not sufficient for us... Feeding time for elephants was fun to watch! Having been to several other zoos, this was the stinkiest zoo that I have ever been. If the zoo officials can do something about it, I would give a 5 star after my next visit. Nevertheless, happy to recommend to everyone who would love to see the brighter side of life! 😇

Huge zoo with a huge collection well worth the visit. Allow plenty of time and arrive early to make sure you explore the whole park and see all the exhibits. Highlights for me were the three tiger species, the small cats and the elephants Malaysian tigers had cubs when I visited and was lucky enough to see them at feeding time for some great behaviours. Cat feeding times are advertised so it's the best time to see all fishing cats and clouded leopards as well as lots of other rare species displaying behaviour apart from sleeping and hiding. Even when the elephants are inside, as they were because of the winter cold the day I visited, there is a terrific indoor viewing area with very informative information panels. Plenty places to eat and have a seat. Good food at inexpensive prices throughout.

Prague Zoo is the best zoo I have visited. Its a place I take my visitors from abroad. A great place for a whole day tour and fits all ages. We have visited it more than 30 times and it's always great. Including various restaurants and snacks, coffee and cakes. Lots of fun for children that can run around and enjoy the animals and the playgrounds. You cannot see it all in one day, as it is very big. Highly recommended.

A wonderful zoo with plenty of animals. It's really accessible with public transport. Entry was around the equivalent of 8 Euro. It took me and my mom about 3 hours at a leisurely pace to go through most things but we still didn't get to go to everything. Definitely with a whole day with family. You can then get to the center of the city in around 30 minutes bus public transport for just the equivalent of 1 Euro per person.

Huge zoo with well-cared for animals. For a small price, you can visit a zoo that is big enough to spend a whole day at. The animals are almost always close by, but are never in an enclosure that is too small. The gorilla house is the best part of the zoo. It's impossible to not fall in love with the huge, but still cute Richard. If you visit Prague, take at least half a day to visit this beautiful place!

7. Old Town Square

You will have happy time here.. you will find streets shop to have food, beer, wine and beautiful views.. Will get street's shop for shopping.. you may have experience of live shows.. can get ride on old cars and horse vehicles.. and many more things to do here.. you will love it if you are with your loving partner

One of the most beautiful town squares in the world. There are always street performers, and of course the astronomical clock cannot be missed (although right now, April 2018, it is being restored and there is a video wall replacing the clock momentarily). The food vendors are great and the restaurants that ring the square offer outdoor seating so you can people-watch while you eat. Not to be missed while in Prague.

Always a fun vibrant place to visit, lots of things to see, especially on a Saturday; street performers, singers, people in fun costumes. However a word of notice about the currency exchange places in this area, well all of Prague really but being the centre of the city you'd expect some regulation, well regulation does not exist it seems. I exchanged £60 into Czech Korona, at an exchange rate of £1 = 29.00CK. I was 'offered' 800CK, and offered is the operative word here, the real amount should be around 1700CK, after questioning this offer I was shown another calculator this time with 1200CK... So overall I recommend you use your bank card as exchanging money in Prague is a nightmare. Back to the square, it's very clean and tidy with many nice buildings, the famous clock was being repaired during my visit but it didn't take away from the wonderful atmosphere and nature of the entire area, it's also a brilliant meeting place and feels very safe and family friendly even at night.

Beautiful! A must stop when in Prague. Sit in the square right on the ground or opt for one of the many delicious restaurants for a bite or drink and enjoy the people watching. All of the buildings are stunning and have a unique history. Many other historic landmarks in the immediate vicinity including the astronomical clock in only a few steps.

Prague is a beautiful city to walk around. You can literally explore the entire city on foot. The buildings are exquisite. Visit the market in the main square for some dainty souvenirs and delicious food (the tredelnik is a must-try). Visit the wax museum too. Really nice. There's also the museum of torture if you're interested in that.

8. Lennon Wall

Quiet disappointing this place. I excepted a strong connection to John Lennon, the Beatles or at least some art. For me it was neither of that. It is a colorful wall with uncountable tags of different sprayers over each other. On the very top you see at some point a little bit of John Lennon sprayed with a jig or alike, that’s it. Maybe some of the Czech texts have a deeper meaning and I just didn’t understand it. With my knowledge of languages and art it was not worth the visit.

Instead of John Lennon’s phrases you will find thousands of marks from tourists with their names and date they visited the wall. Also tons of young university students trying to take selfies. I was expecting some nice graffiti art with lyrics from John or the Beatles but hardly saw a few. The wall has kind of lost his historical meaning of freedom statements

Not my favorite attraction in Prague, but if you have time definitely check it out. It’s a great photo opportunity. The graffiti can change every day so definitely take some time to observe the art.

For what it is, it's pretty appeasing. I'm not one who's particularly into graffiti art, so this was never going to completely blow me away, but it is a visually appealing piece of art. The pastel colours used on the wall make it particularly pretty when the sun is shining. It's a nice cultural place to visit, but I would not set out more than half an hour of your day for it.

Very cool place. Definitely recommend. Changes daily. You never know how it’s gonna look!

9. Vyšehrad

Lovely place. History is present here. And you can come with a picnic set (bottle included) and have a great day here and enjoy the view and let the kids play and there's plenty of public lavatories (some of them for a voluntary fee, some of them free) and nice views. Enjoy! (Go from Vyšehrad underground station and then take the stairs near the cemetery down to the river. It's really nice.)

Great views from top. Difficult to find entrance for newbies. Google needs to correct destination mark. Surprised , that there are no english displays. Great for evening time scenes. Recommended!

Amazing place away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist.. The view of the city from the area is awesome.. And is less crowded with almost very less tourist.. The church in this place is very old and depicts the gothic architecture of the medieval time. Very quiet and serene.

great place to visit, one of the key points to see here in prague. The cemetery is full of famous Czechs and the church is absolutely spectacular. The gold roof is just incredible. If i can remember it costs right in the range of about 20 crowns to get in to see the church. the fortress is mostly intact and on warm days you can find many people walking dogs and resting in the grass all over the place.

The Vyšehrad is well worth a visit. It is easily accessible by the red line on the Metro. Within a short walk you can be there. There is a great wall walk with far reaching views and is very popular at weekends for locals to step out with their families. The cemetery is very interesting and the resting place of many famous people. The Basilica dedicated to St. Peter and St. Paul is truly magnificent and worth paying the entrance fee. The park outside holds many memories for me and whatever the weather is worth a short visit. If you're heading back to the centre on the Metro then there are several other churches on route worth visiting.

10. Vrtbovská zahrada

A breathtaking beautiful gem of a garden that offers outstanding views from the top. As a photographer who works here regularly I belive that this is one of the best locations to experience a truly Baroque garden, its landscaped grounds as well as experience its incredible peaceful views. There is a reason why the Vrtba Garden is highly sought out for clients who plan to marry here as well as have a beautiful background to their images. It is one of the gems that make Prague so special.

Magical place, secretly out of sight in a very busy area.... so make sure you pin it on your maps for direction. Definitely worth a visit. Was a perfect break from the busy city and we really enjoyed the unique views of the city.

This is the garden that is in its full glory in summer. But I found it charmi g even early spring. Small garden but view platform gives you beautiful view over Prague rooftops.

Beautiful garden in Prague. I recommend to visit it. Entrance for small amount of CZK

A hidden gem. Stunning views of Prague, meticulously maintained garden, interesting architecture and parrots and birds to look at for the children. Worth the 3 EUR entrance fee. Budget for a 15-30 minute visit.

11. SANDEMANs NEW Prague, Free Walking Tour

Well done Ian! A humorous and informative walking tour of Prague. Interesting facts about the city including history, beware of scams, Jewish quarter and culture of the locals. A great introduction to the city so Thank you cheers from Australia 🇦🇺

Neil was our tour guide in Prague this morning! He was not only knowledgeable with the facts and history of Prague, but also quite interesting, enthusiastic and funny when explaining every detail to the group. It’s quite clear he loves this country, as well as his job!! I highly recommend this free walking tour and it would be quite a bonus if you are lucky enough to have Neil as your guide.

I took this tour about a week ago (a bit late in the review) but it was fantastic. Filip was the best tour guide - you could tell he carefully crafted his script and fully enjoyed every minute of every tour he gave. He was also very welcoming as we waited for the tour to begin and is full of both wisdom and jokes. He made 3 hours fly by. The restaurant we took a break at had a deal with the tour company and of course that was obvious - though this might annoy some people, you weren't forced to buy anything during the break, so I can't truly fault them for having a good business model. Either way, the tour guide makes the tour and it was a very informative and enjoyable 3 hours.

I had a great walking tour with Sandeman when in Prague. My guide, Ian, was awesome and did an amazing job! I had a great time learning about Prague and its history. This tour was very history heavy (which I enjoyed!), but even if you aren't a history buff you will enjoy Ian's humor and you definitely won't get bored.

Stepan was a really good tour guide this morning. I and my husband took the Prague city tour and Stepan explained the history really well. In fact, there were certain portions which really moved me as I didn’t know much about the history of Czech Republic. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about Prague and know the history without getting bored :)

12. Taste of Prague Food Tours

The food tour was really excellent. We visited six different places and the food was really good everywhere. We even ended up visiting one of the places two more times during our Prague trip. Besides the food, Jan also told us many interesting things about the Czech Republic and he was very helpful answering all our questions. Also the last two restaurants were in a very hip quarter outside of the city centre which was very interesting to visit. Everything was organized really well and all the places were prepared to receive the group in the arrival. And we also got a guidebook from Jan which is super useful. I highly recommend the tour and Jan as a guide personally! Thanks a lot!

I would highly recommend doing the Taste of Prague foodie tour. Jan’s communication from the start was very clear, informative and fun! The tour itself was very interesting, full of lots of delicious Czech food...definitely arrive hungry!!! Jan was charismatic and very knowledgeable. He was happy to answer any questions we had about Prague and the Czech Republic. I would go as far as saying that this was one of the best things I did whilst in Prague. Thank you Jan!

Our guide was Karolina was very knowledgable about to the history of Prague’s food scene and how it evolved, and explained the story behind many of the dishes, restaurants, cafes we experienced. She also took us to a few sights around Prague that I probably would not have gone to or found without her guiding us. Every dish we tried was delicious, and I certainly was stuffed from all the beer and delicious food by the end of it. Karolina and the Taste of Prague team also gave us a bunch of recommendations for other places in Prague, as well as in a few of the other cities I am visiting, and so far they have all been on point. If you do just one tour in Prague, this honestly, has to be it!

I went to Prague for business over the holidays and decided to extend my trip and fly my wife over to celebrate Christmas in the Czech Republic. Having been in Prague for a few days prior to my wife arriving, I was able to get to know the city a little bit, or so I thought... The Taste of Prague Tour is hands down my wife's and I favorite tour we've ever taken! The experience was amazing and filled with amazing food and culture. Our guide Jan was awesome, he gave us a unique view into the food and culture of the city and opened our eyes to some amazing Czech cuisine. We made so many stops to amazing restaurants, pubs, and butcher shops and the food was some of the best we've ever tasted. Each dish was accompanied with a side of Czech history & culture served by Jan. We stayed in Prague a few days after the tour and we were able to hit up all the best spots with the help of Jan. We found our way to all the local spots serving amazing food, drinks and most importantly beer! This tour is a must for anyone visiting Prague and is guaranteed to elevate your entire visit!

My husband and I went to Prague in early December 2017 for business and were able to arrange this tour on our last night. It was such an interesting experience, to have the perspective of a local regarding the evolution of the cuisine since the fall of communism. It was an exciting fusion of not only a food tour but also a cultural lesson as well. Each restaurant we visited was delicious and none of the food (or drinks) disappointed. My husband and I even returned to Lokal after the food tour was over and were able to have some more of the delicious dark beer that we had while on our foodie tour. If you are visiting Prague, do yourself a favor and arrange to take the 'Foodie Tour', you'll be happy that you did!

13. Charles Bridge

גשר גדול ויפה, מעוצב בצורה מיוחדת, ומעוטר בפסלים שונים ובכתבים בשפות שונות. למקום היסטוריה מעניינת המוצגת גם במוזיאון השוכן ליד הכניסה המזרחית לגשר. לצד הגשר מציעים הפלגות סיור שונות עם הסבר היסטורי על הקמת הגשר ועל המבנים שבקירבתו. A large and beautiful bridge, decorated in a special way, decorated with various sculptures and writings in different languages. The site has an interesting history that is also displayed in a museum located near the eastern entrance to the bridge. Alongside the bridge are various cruises with a historical explanation of the construction of the bridge and the buildings in its vicinity.

This is a world-class site that should be near the top of your to-do list when you visit Prague, which is a historic and beautiful city in itself. Read up on the history of the bridge and the significance of the statuary that lines it to make your visit more pertinent. Although it's long, it's worth walking from end to end. It's crowded almost all the time. I got up way before light one morning to catch it before the crowds arrived, and instead ran into multiple groups taking wedding pictures. Apparently, this is now a top wedding destination for Asians. It was a cool morning, so I felt sorry for the pretty brides in their lovely gowns.

Views from this place is too good. Disadvantage being it is always crowded. Ee had been with a guided tour. The guide gave us like 10 min to spend here, which is too less. If you are on your own, make sure to spend more time here. Closer to city centre. They sell a lot of things on bridge. There are many boat rides under the bridge.

Great picturesque bridge for tourist... maybe too many tourists... people like me. I think we crossed this bridge like 3x when we were in Prague. It’s cool to people watch and take pictures. I do hate how people block the bridge by watching a performer 10 feet away which creates a big circle and space wasted. Be wary of people who might pickpocket you. Go and pay to see the view from the powder tower on either end. Great view of the bridge and old town.

Spectacular stone bridge linking old and new town of Prague.. it has very nice sculptures all over it and definetely is a popular land mark for tourists.. it can be over crowded in such a way that you can hardly walk from one side to another..but its a good location with bars-restaurants and can also enjoy great photos..

14. Lobkowicz Palace

It was empty when we got there, but quickly filled up for late lunch. (1.40). Our waiter was formal but warmed up fast to our happy group of 7. He was very concerned about my dislike of cream in cooking; to an extent that he took the sour cream off my tomato soup, which was very tasty! We all enjoyed our various dishes. Half of our group loved the apple strudel; the other half loved the cheese cake. Beautiful berry 'sauce' with it. We all agreed that the espressos were perfect. One 'let down': the beer (pivo) was WAY TOO expensive. Only 3 stars because of that.

Beautiful place. A must visit when in Prague. We were lucky to be here on a very important day. We had an ex-guide Mr Slavek who is 88yrs old help us with information. Since today is a very important day all the services were free, including the guide. I surely leaving with happy memories.

Oops, this is for the cafe next door. The wonders of google! Service was very good and... the panoramic view of Prague is a bit historical as the trees have blocked a lot of the view but a really nice place

Wonderful palace. The objects and art on display are great, but the story of how the family came back in control of their properties in Czechia after the fall of communism, and their struggles to restore and maintain them is fascinating. Very convenient to include in your visit to the main castle complex.

They offer audio guide if you bought the tics. Mostly talks about Beethoven and Mozart. Also have some collection of and guns. Visit if you like Mozart and music

15. Žižkov Television Tower

The viewpoint - it will cost you 10€, which is a bit above Prague standards, but you will get above the clouds as well :-) If there is nice weather, it is worth it! The restaurant - usually accessible with reservation only, in the price of the superb meal you get entrance to the viewpoint as well. Prices of the main courses are around 25€, service is great and you get magnificent view. There is design restaurant in one section, bar in another one and breakfast / common restaurant in third section. Really nice experience.

The observation deck is 93 meters high and affords a 360 degree view of Prague. It also is a unique tower as it has a famous art installation of crawling babies on the exterior of the tower. Unfortunately, the babies has been temporarily removed for restoration. On the third level is a pricey restaurant and bar. We were going to eat a nice meal but were turned away because reservations are required. The bar, however, was open but does not have the views that are the real attraction of the whole place. The tower is well outside of old town but easily accessible from the subway and then a five minute walk from the subway station through a very nice and picturesque neighborhood with a nice little park and an architecturally interesting church to see. its crawling babies are really nice

A funky looking tower, designed with giant babies crawling up and down the structure. I would recommend this place on a clear day when you can get a good view of the surrounding city. I would also recommend you visit the Oblaca Restaurant that's located up in the tower, the food is good and the view is spectacular.

The view from the top was spectacular. Unfortunately though the "art installations" in all three rooms were tired beyond compare (or not even there). Another draw to the Tower one sees on Internet pictures is the giant babies crawling up the outside of it... These are also long since removed, although you can still stumble across a couple of them at ground level in the Kampa gardens but this is halfway across the city. Only worth paying for the lift if you REALLY want the aerial shots, otherwise, just admired the architecture from the ground.

Interesting architecture of the tower gives you something a bit different in Prague. And obviously great views across the city. The bar and restaurant offer a very pleasant dinner with a view

16. Wild Sarka

Really great park area. Interesting landscape including many different areas, rocks, lake, river, view points... Unique atmosphere.

Lovely piece of nature just a few minutes by metro away from the old town centre. If you’re in Prague and crave nature, just come here. Forests, meadows, hilly outlook poins and rocks - it has it all.

This wonderful very beautiful vast natural park lies on the edge of the city of Prague, your eyes would be treated to endless green while you walk on mostly paved pathways. I started from McDonald's coming by tram line 26, descended to see the beautiful lake then followed the stream for few kilometers deep into the woods. My biggest help came was google maps offline, it was impressively accurate even in the small pathways. The stream will eventually lead you to an area where there is a good Czech restaurant and a bus station. I chose the easiest hick route where I was always going down, but obviously there is other routes where you go up the hills and may enjoy even better views.

Tired of the city's grasp over your life, had enough of the constant street noises, in need of a fresh start for the upcoming season? Fear not! Visit the nature reserve and allow the environment to plunge within you, take it all in and emerge as a different person.

Great for walks, plenty of space to throw a frisbee or kick a ball, but ideal for just walking. Dogs must be kept on lead. Can get very busy on a nice day, finding a viewspot without people around you at the top can be tricky. Possible to do a few circular walks so check the map to plan before you go.

17. Jewish Museum in Prague

We started with the old Jewish cemetery and Jewish children's art from the Nazi era displayed at the Pinkas synagogue. But we should have started with with the Maisel synagogue to get a chronological history of Jewish life in Prague. Giving 4stars because we weren't allowed to enter the Spanish synagogue (which has the most ornate interior) due to some performance inside, even though we bought the tickets.

Very good if you take a guided tour if that is in your budget. Be early for guided tour as it's in bad taste to be late. Very nice to learn about the community and buildings. The working temple wasn't available, which was unfortunate. The architecture and artifacts were beautiful. Didn't go to the shops in the street when you exit, but there is one.

This is a pure turistic trap. If you like to see silver recipients of various sizes this is your tour. I did indeed liked to visit the cemetery, however you are forced to pay for the whole visit of the Jewish quartier just to enter. Not cool.

Very moving. Did walking tour and guide explained all about Jewish experiences in the last few centuries which let's face it were appalling.

Wonderful experience of a classic music concert, would definitly recommand going to that kind of event.

18. St. George's Basilica

Visit if you can. Beautiful very old church with some very old interior architecture. Try to rent the audio guide so you can understand better the paintings and history. Overall a great place.

€28 for a concert of just 1 hour. But wait! NO HEATING at all! ! ! One entire hour sitting still, freezing at the same temperature as outside (0°). Of course, I'm sick, with fever. That's just miserable. Thanks for ruining my trip, folks. Nice church though. Good concert too. Heat up the place, please.

Good looking. A very best location in the city. A must see area.

Czech hospitality at it's finest; closed for me but open for others because of "special occasion". Only got to see the outside.

I love that kind of old building made with stone bricks. This is a fascinating one

19. Prague Castle

A Heritage property with great history. A must visit. The castle was constructed over 4 centuries and one can see the different shades of the castle which depicts the age of the construction. It's really interesting and funny how some architects got themselves engraved on such a Heritage monument. Also, great to check out that Sponsorship working on heritage sites.. a must visit for all who love to know about history and architecture...

Prague castle and the entire castle complex is spectacular. There is so much to see and exhibits are very good. The castle has many other interesting buildings, exhibits, views in the complex. You can spend many hours here is you have time and it won't be wasted.

Good castle high up above the city. Nice place to walk around and enjoy the history and the architecture. You will have to buy tickets to see the inside, although it can get very busy and it's best not to if you visit in the afternoon when it's busy. It is great to stroll around and lovely views of the old town. Watch out, they charge for using the toilets so have some change.

Nice architecture and well maintained. Don’t buy any tickets if you are not interested in in deep history of that site. Ticket will give you access of some larger parts of the place which you anyway can see without ticket. Don’t take audio guide, it cost 14 euros which is lynching and not at all worth it. You have came back to staring point of the tour to return audio guide and take back your security deposit. Personally just go and see all the free things.

Lots of history. Definitely worth the visit, you may want to allocate a whole day to see everything. You'll need a ticket to get into most of the buildings, but if you just want to walk around outside you can do so freely. You can even enter the front section of the cathedral to see inside (ticket required to walk around and see the tombs, paintings etc.). You will also need to buy photo "licence" if you want to take pictures inside of the old royal palace and some other areas (50czk). For wheelchair users, the cathedral is accessible, but most of the other exhibits aren't (ask before you buy a ticket).

20. Národní galerie v Praze – palác Kinských

Cozy little exhibition gallery in the heart of Prague. It's very centrally located at the Old Town Square and hard to miss. Usually you'll find changing exhibitions in this location, like the one about Asian art, when I was in town. It was free for me as a student on a Sunday, but it's usually not that pricey in comparison to other museums in European cities. The gallery itself wasn't crowded at all when I was there and had a very calm and relaxing atmosphere overall. The exhibited pieces were presented in a very professional way with plenty of information to read. Worth a visit if you're interested in the current exhibition.

The museum entrance charge itself is a little pricey and has add-ons if you want to see certain exhibitions which will make your ticket even pricier. The museum itself and its collections are spread across different buildings so you may have to search to find the next part. The collection inside is ok but not as impressive as other art museums in other capital cities.

Asian Art exhibit fantastic. Learned so much history and provenance of common forms of enamel pieces. English translations well done. A wonderful way to edify yourself on Chinese and Japanese dynasties

Went to visit this gallery for the Gilbert R exhibition. It was a very uncomfortable experience, as we were followed around the exhibition by security. Not sure what they thought we were going to do, but after being shouted at by one security man and me explaining how they were making us feel. I left the exhibit halfway through!

Always nice to visit. Great exhibitions.