Best Things To Do in Prague Czech Republic

1. National Memorial to the Heroes of the Heydrich Terror

Incredible experience. This was my number 1 most anticipated place to visit in Prague and it did not disappoint. The tribute to these heroes (and to their families and hapless civilians who were massacred by the Nazis) is sobering and thought provoking. Watch the movie Anthropoid and read up on the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia before you visit. But if you don't do any preparation in advance, you will still find yourself awestruck and inspired. The impact of the museum is even more powerful when one considers that Czechoslovakia was barely free of the Nazis before the Soviet tyranny began. Make sure to visit the site of the Heydrich Assassination and also the Memorial to Victims of Communism in Prague. The Czechs endured a lot and I am grateful that they now can live in freedom.

A must for WW2 buffs, and anyone interested in the struggle for freedom. A remarkable, well organized display in Czech and in English, a moving visit to the krypt where the Anthropoid paratroopers died. Free admission, closed Mondays.

A really nice memorial with lots of information about the events leading up to the assignation of Heydrich. It took about 30 minutes to read all of the information there. In the back you can see memorial statues in the crypt. Don't forget to visit the church upstairs. There you can see the trap doors that lead to the crypt.

Great museum! I would recommend it. The heros that died there need to be honored

Wow, incredible experience visiting a World War 2 battle site first hand. Learning about the story of the Heydrich Terror was enlightening. Visit while it's still free!

2. St. Vitus Cathedral

The most important cathedral in the Czech Republic. And equally the most stunning the most breathtaking and the most beautiful! A must see place for all Gothic lovers. You will just stand there in a complete awe. I go there often and I always look up and admire the absolute masterpiece. If you go to Prague you must visit the Prague Castle and you'll see the St Vitus Cathedral, too, it's a part of the castle complex. Buy and send your postcards at the post office 📯 right opposite to the Cathedral, they are much cheaper there than in any shops!

You can stand in the back for free. That's the part that's owned by the Catholic church. If you want to go inside you'll have to pay a fee. It's worth seeing. I didn't spring for the extra ticket to see the treasury. A very large and beautiful class Gothic church. It's funny to see At Deco windows in a Gothic Cathedral. Don't miss the one by Alfonse Mucha; it's gorgeous. Many famous burials there. It's best if you have someone explain or get an audio guide because nothing is documented.

A must see in Prague! Magnificent and great gothic Cathedral which must be seen outside and inside. Have a great experience of getting at its roof on foot by the narrow spaced stairs and seeing the Old Town from almost 100 m (330 feet) of height. Very beautiful sight from the greatest Cathedral in Prague.

Great architecture and the ambience is too good to leave. It's not only has religious value, but also historical and time defying architectural importance. One must visit to understand its greatness; the memory will relation fresh for a long time to come.

Go early! It's best to arrive early so you can get through the security check point. Then walk through to the cathedral before it opens at 9am. As soon as you come through the archway grab a photo. The church is mammoth and hard to fit in the camera frame so you need to do it before there are too many people around. As soon as you come through the tunnel go to the right and into the less crowded ticket office to get your entrance ticket. Then back out to the left to get in line on the left side of the cathedral. If there is a line it is worth the wait. I'd do at least an audio tour/book tour. Beautiful interior and it's good to know what you are looking at and why it is catching your attention.

3. Old Town Hall

Definitely worth a visit but the organization could be better. Tickets can be purchased on the third floor and admission covers the Old Town Hall interiors, the underground cellars and the tower. Be aware that you CANNOT enter the underground portions without a tour guide that you need to reserve at the desk on the first floor which we were not told when we purchased our tickets. By chance we overheard other people talking about it with the tour reservation desk but by this point only tours in Spanish were available although they provide a written guide in English that you can follow along with. Tours are every 30 minutes and are offered in a number of different languages. The tour was very interesting and started with the building interiors followed by the underground portion which was surprisingly extensive. The tower can be accessed without a reservation or a guide and is open until 10 as opposed to the interiors and underground which close earlier at 7. They also have a special pass which they promote endlessly which is valid for two days and gives you one visit to the interiors and the underground, two visits to the Old Town Hall tower and one visit to the New Town Hall tower. In my opinion, most people will be fine with just the regular pass.

5/5 with an important note; you need to be on a guided tour to see the cellars! Make sure you check the tour times at the office on the 1st floor (not the main floor) and book in advance! Do not count on the staff to help you or to even give you an honest or accurate answer while at the ticket office on the 3rd floor. The website is terrible I hope the fix it but the main combo ticket has everything there is to see. YOU NEED TO BE ON A GUIDED TOUR TO SEE THE GOTHIC CELLAR AND ROMAN CELLAR! Time slots fill up so book your time in advance to avoid missing out!!! This can be done on the 1st floor, the guided tour is free with your paid admission but you must get an actual ticket with your actual tour time! The regular 1 day ticket is actually really good has everything you need and INCLUDES the FREE GUIDED TOUR! (That's needed to see the cellars) The tour is quite good and there is a lot more underground than I was expecting so if you're on a tight budget you could do this as it is quite reasonably priced and you see most of what you see on the "Prague underground tours' which are about three times the price. I would really like to stress that as difficult as it was to get information from the website and even the staff I'd still consider this a must do! But make sure you get a ticket for a guided tour, it's free BUT YOU MUST GET A TICKET WITH THE TOUR TIME IN ADVANCE AFTER PAYING FOR THE TICKET! The tour is great, doing a self guided tour would be okay but you would miss out on the cellars and a lot of really interesting information so I strongly recommend getting on a tour! You see a ton of interesting things including some of the insides of the astronomical clock and you really can't beat the value of this tour. The 2 day ticket however just seems pointless, you get to go up the tower a second time (once during the day and once in the evening) but there are soooo many towers in Prague that going up the same one twice is totally a waste of time!

The Old Town Hall is a beautiful building. The entrance area has some lovely mosaics and the rooms upstairs are nicely presented. Do a combination ticket with the underground and the tower. You won't be sorry.

Unbelievable view of gothic romantic Prague! Love it

The overlook from the Town Hall! It’s a little crowded up there but the view of the square is amazing.

4. Vyšehrad

😍 great place for a walk, a picnic, enjoying the great views over the city, a romantic date at sunset time, having a beer in the beer garden, playing tennis and many more! Since it's not in the center of the city, it's also less crowded! With loads of things to do and see, you can definitely spend some good quality time over here. The cemetery, as weird add it might sound, is also an interesting attraction - this is the place where many famous Czech people are buried, so there are many sculptures, statutes, interesting mausoleums and tombstones. 🌅 PS: did I mention the awesome view over the city at sunset?

This place is absolutely stunning! The only thing that would have made it a better experience, would have been a tour guide or more info on boards to read. There is so much history here, I imagine if the walls could talk the stories would be limitless. The church is stunning, the cemetery beautiful, and the view from the wall is absolutely breathtaking. This is worth the time to find.

It's a beautiful place with a gorgeous City view of Prague. It's such a quite place and brings you in the area of previous millennium. There is a little window that gives you a great photo-op. It's a lovely colourful door that really attracts your attention and gives another great photo spot. Great place.

Very chill place with some of the most beautiful sights of the entire city. Plenty of locals enjoying their time there contributing a lot to the vibe. It's not very touristy so it's perfect for those of us that prefer to avoid crowded places.

Incredible views. Recommended by our hosts, it’s turned into one of our favorite ‘pit stops’ while we visit Prague. We seem to find something different each day we go. Lots of stairs, so if you can make it up, historical sites, cafes, and views only rivaled by the castle. Go for a few minutes or go for a a few hours, but definitely worth the visit.

5. Prague Zoo

The Zoo is sprawling and quite honestly gorgeous. The major flaw with the zoo is that they say the park stays open until nine, which it does. But after about six or so, all the big attraction animals are no longer in their exhibits. (Lions, elephants, giraffes, wolves, hippos, etc) And most, if not all, houses are closed as well. So by the time six or seven rolls around, the zoo is basically closed. If you were going to go to the zoo, I definitely would get up early and visit around the time they open for it to be worth it. Otherwise, skip it and do something else in the afternoon.

TAKE A MAP! without it you will get lost as the directions inside it are not enough nor accurate. Many food stops and toilets and most roads are suitable for kids and strollers. Only cable ride you can't have a stroller with you. I visited in Jul. Most of the animals were sleepingor hiding, try to visit in warmer weather. Pretty big and has variety of animals, can spend 4 hours easily in it. Far from City center though, only way is car or bus. Then tram/metro is about 10 minutes away.

A large zoo with a very impressive array of animals. The gorillas and Galapagos turtles were amazing. There are good eating options and clean bathroom facilities. It's easy to spend an entire day here but beware that the terrain can be challenging for older people or those who are not fit or encombered with small kids. The zoo sits on a slope with half of it at a large elevation. Probably wise to start at the top and wind your way down.

Fantastic Zoo, great outing for a summer day with kids! To completely enjoy the zoo, one day was not sufficient for us... Feeding time for elephants was fun to watch! Having been to several other zoos, this was the stinkiest zoo that I have ever been. If the zoo officials can do something about it, I would give a 5 star after my next visit. Nevertheless, happy to recommend to everyone who would love to see the brighter side of life! 😇

An excellent zoo with good enclosures for the animals. Can spend a whole day here. The chairlift to the top was great and its an easy walk down viewing birds and animals along the way. Plenty of benches to rest and many refreshment stalls. Easy public transport access bus 112 which stops at the entrance.

6. Old Town Square

The beating heart of Prague tourism and liveliness. A must-see spectacle, with tons of activity and food. There are more street performers here than anyplace else I've ever been, and most of them are actually really good. This area also contains a lot of food stalls with Czech traditional food which is super reasonably priced and worth a few tries. Also tons of cafes and bars in the square and very nearby; you're going to eat well here. Be careful to watch your things - this is a high-traffic tourist magnet, so an unwary/unguarded bag may be lifted quickly. We never had or saw any problems, just a precaution.

This is a place you shouldn't miss when in Prague, together with Charles Bridge (it's nearby each other). Several landmarks are surrounding this square, where musicians and street performers add the local taste. There are surely a lot of interesting spots to take picture or just to enjoy, for your amusement. You can also pick local souvenirs offered by small merchants around, but beware of your safety because many people have reported of being pickpocketed around here. Tip: put your money in money-belt or distribute the banknotes to several places of your belongings, don't wear tourist-specific outfits, and act calmly.

This will always be one of my favorite squares in the whole world. Beautiful architecture and buildings. Plenty of lovely cafes and restaurants, and they aren’t even that expensive compared to other tourist areas. There is a lot of things see in all directions.

This place is really Good to be there.. Huge crowds and lots of live performances. You can get Dinner at late night also. I enjoyed this place. People are having fun all around.

Wow ! Great place to be in. You can spend hours and hours just walking around, sitting around, watching people, activities, street performers. Historic buildings, cafes, pizzeria, horse carriage, vintage cars... it's got something for everyone !! Go out there and have fun ! Just avoid exchanging currency here ;-) You'll end up getting a bad deal. Rest everything is super cool !!

7. Old Town Bridge Tower

One of the best experiences in Prague. Climbing the tower and walking literally on its roof feels like travelling back in time and meeting king Charles 4th himself. Very authentic place. The walls of the tower are breathing history. Amazing view on the bridge and the night city aglow with hundreds of lights. Come here, I recommend ❤

Had an awesome view of the surrounding and was a nice experience . All of this for a small fee. The museum was a bit informative but slightly lacking. Great place to go to for pictures of the Bridge and Prague and also to be free of the busy crowd below .

Worth the 100 Kč you have to pay to enter the top for the view. Tickets are for sale probably halfway up the tower. The staircase is narrow but manageable. The space up is another can fit probably 10 to 15 people the most there and the views of the super crowded Charles Bridge are fantastic!! 😊

The architecture alone is stunning. When you add the location and the alleys that lead to and from this spot you truly have a picturesque spot no matter the time of day/night

Entrance tickets 10 CZK and 70 for students. In the tower there is a museum and on top there is an excellent view. An ideal place for photography. Disadvantages - overflowing with tourists

8. SANDEMANs NEW Prague, Free Walking Tour

Beware the Credit Card Ripoff on paid tours. Instead of using your credit card's conversion rate they use an artificially high rate which, in my case, added more than $5.00 to the total cost. Also, they tell you that if you take multiple tours you can get a discount but they make it virtually impossible to get the discount. They tell you to enter the code on their web site but it doesn't work (there's a trick to it). I asked four different people and none of them claimed to know anything about the discounts. I finally had to walk over to their office and the manager had to call another manager. Most people don't have the time for this kind of nonsense. It's a disgusting practice that seems to have gone unnoticed for a long time.

First time I used these yours and already loved them. It's a real must for you whenever traveling abroad. Our tour guide was Marta Sánchez... she so energetic and knows all about the city history and background and will give your some insights on what to do after the tour as well. 100% recommended !!

I took this tour about a week ago (a bit late in the review) but it was fantastic. Filip was the best tour guide - you could tell he carefully crafted his script and fully enjoyed every minute of every tour he gave. He was also very welcoming as we waited for the tour to begin and is full of both wisdom and jokes. He made 3 hours fly by. The restaurant we took a break at had a deal with the tour company and of course that was obvious - though this might annoy some people, you weren't forced to buy anything during the break, so I can't truly fault them for having a good business model. Either way, the tour guide makes the tour and it was a very informative and enjoyable 3 hours.

This tour was amazing! We had Ryan as a tour guide and he really helped us understand more than the history of Prague but the spirit of Prague as a city. He was one of the best tour guides we’ve ever had!!!! Thanks Ryan! Keep those big muscles strong (he’s a funny guy!!!)

Well done Ian! A humorous and informative walking tour of Prague. Interesting facts about the city including history, beware of scams, Jewish quarter and culture of the locals. A great introduction to the city so Thank you cheers from Australia 🇦🇺

9. Prague Castle

Beautiful castle atop a hill (if you're planning to do the city on foot, it may be advisable to start up here then walk downwards towards other attractions) with breathtaking views of the city. It can be a little crowded so watch your pockets. Buy Circuit A tickets too, they are the most value for money and allow you entrance into all the exhibits.

Beautiful place! Must visit in Prague! But, I recommend to not visit it too early, maybe a bit afternoon because in the morning, until around 10AM there were so many tourists and groups, there was a very, very long waiting queue at the St Vitus Cathedral, but around 2PM, the line was completely gone. I also recommend to buy the complete ticket, because it’s cheaper and all attractions are a must see! The golden lane was good, but it was also crowded by groups in the morning. There were bookshops, cosmetics and skincare shops, etc. I purchased the beer hair mask and it’s really worth trying out.

This place is breathtaking. While they absolutely take advantage of the tourism with some oddly priced packages to see certain parts of the castle, I'd say as long as you pay attention to what's worth seeing, the lower packages are worth the money. Definitely visit the churches and the Old Castle. Golden Lane is interesting, but filled with shops. If you're interested in ancient military, it's definitely worth a visit , but otherwise it can be a bit redundant and retail-y. Despite some of the shortcomings (which are nothing more than personal preference), this is the obvious must-visit in Prague.

Well worth the visit. Different prices for entry to various things. A lot of variety, and amazing views of Prague as it's up on the hill. The armory exhibition was a lot of fun. And Gold Lane too. The castle itself and of course the amazing cathedral. A great day out.

It was a genuinely lovely experience to visit Prague Castle. During my visit, it was far from busy and overcrowded. It was relaxed, informative and a whole lot of fun. Being able to select certain areas to visit was also beneficial, as it enabled me and my partner to visit the areas we deemed most desirable. Having previously visited Paris, my visit to Prague was vastly superior and Prague Castle was a major part of this.

10. Lennon Wall

A very interesting structure near the Charles Bridge which is a must go for everyone who's here - especially if you're a Beatles and John Lennon fan. It's pretty amazing how few people grow beyond their field into something so much more - and read the wiki background while you are standing near it. It's very interesting. The visit will only take a minute - and please don't expect much as it's just a wall. Few of the images are for adults only - so take kids with proper guidance.

Not super connected with the man himself. However there is a great vibe with plenty of people taking photos and live music. There was even someone openly adding to the wall at the time of my visit. Not too crowded most of the time. Always best to go early morning if you want it to yourself. Defiantly worth checking out however.

Quiet disappointing this place. I excepted a strong connection to John Lennon, the Beatles or at least some art. For me it was neither of that. It is a colorful wall with uncountable tags of different sprayers over each other. On the very top you see at some point a little bit of John Lennon sprayed with a jig or alike, that’s it. Maybe some of the Czech texts have a deeper meaning and I just didn’t understand it. With my knowledge of languages and art it was not worth the visit.

After pushing through the Prague Castle crowds and busy groups along Charles Bridge, this spot will feel like a different world entirely. There are still many tourists, but the road is quiet and tree-lined. A man plays accoustic covers of Beatles songs. He doesn't play well, and it's predictable. But it's not obnoxious, and the scene would be missing its touristy atmosphere without him. It would be just another grafitti covered wall. Americans can be recognized by their magnetic pull to the politically themed messages on the wall—targeting the current leader. Up and down the wall, strangers engage in conversation. In and of itself, the wall is not remarkable. The atmosphere it carries is unlike anywhere else in Prague, though, and this must be what draws us to it, again and again.

I like the wall but there are people who are making the most of it in terms of business. Like singers who pretend that the Beatles are their life etc. I think it's worth going to see the wall. It's a part of the Czech culture for a reason, but don't contribute to people who see business behind everything, please.

11. Dancing House

In order to enjoy the view you're going to have to pay for a drink (sodas are about €2,50!), which you're not allowed to share. View was good, but not worth five euros since the tetras is actually pretty small and you will no be able to see all of the city, just 2/3. Guess it's more picturesque to just take a photo of the house itself and not actually go in.

Beautiful views from the top. There is a hundred crown fee to go outside but you spend it on a drink of your choice so not too bad really. Definitely recommend this site viewing spot.

You look at the dancing house and you feel the building is in motion. Beautiful architecture, a must visit place. You have to go to the top order a drink and enjoy the view of the city, river and the nearby bridge. Amazing location for pictures and selfies.

Highly Recommend! Great place to go for a nice view of the city! You walk in and take the elevator up to the 7th floor where there's a restaurant, and then you take some stairs up to where the terrace is. To go out onto the terrace you can either pay 100czk or buy a drink and go for free (I recommend the second option). Lady making the drinks wasn't super friendly, but we really enjoyed the drink and the view!

We went to have breakfast and enjoy the view and the sun. However at the top floor they serve only coffee and tea, nothing to eat. There is almost no place to seat in the terrace. You can have breakfast at the restaurant one floor below, which is just OK. The view is nice, but the breakfast was not to the standards of other places. We had the option with a mix of Danish pastries which turned out to be only three pieces of the same thing. The coffee was tasty. You can go to the dancing houses for the view, have a quick coffee or tea in the terrace, but don't expect anything to remember about the place itself.

12. Lobkowicz Palace

It was empty when we got there, but quickly filled up for late lunch. (1.40). Our waiter was formal but warmed up fast to our happy group of 7. He was very concerned about my dislike of cream in cooking; to an extent that he took the sour cream off my tomato soup, which was very tasty! We all enjoyed our various dishes. Half of our group loved the apple strudel; the other half loved the cheese cake. Beautiful berry 'sauce' with it. We all agreed that the espressos were perfect. One 'let down': the beer (pivo) was WAY TOO expensive. Only 3 stars because of that.

I was touched by the love for family that is so proudly put across through the audio that makes the history, the paintings, the china, the weapon display... and much much more, come to life. The soup in the restaurant was amazing. Lunch time consert was equally enjoyed. Definitely one of the highlights of our 7 day stay in Prague

Marvelous to see the collection. Our tour included lunch and a concert. Audio Guides are virtually a necessity. In the government square area. I have seen the building and part of the galleries previously. The complete tour was unbelievable, I am glad I finally took the tour.

Awesome place, a must visit when in Prague. The pricing is more than reasonable. Depending on which parts you would like to visit. Also the tickets are valid for two days, so plenty of time to view everyting. One downside is that not every description is in English. But Google translate is there to help 😉

Beautiful place. A must visit when in Prague. We were lucky to be here on a very important day. We had an ex-guide Mr Slavek who is 88yrs old help us with information. Since today is a very important day all the services were free, including the guide. I surely leaving with happy memories.

13. Rudolfinum

Undoubtedly the best experience in Prague... highly recommend and a must do! It's hard to find bad seats.. we had the inexpensive organ seats, but they were great. You were right above the Czech Philharmonic and can see the conductor; you can really feel the music! Tickets were super easy to buy online (you want Dvorak Hall). Service upon entry was great.. they have a large cloakroom if needed. Free and clean restrooms. Also, they have drinks and light snacks during intermission (15-20 min).

There are three things that have to e rated here. First of the building itself is beautiful and worth visiting on its own. There are tours that can be arranged. Rudolfinum is home of Czech Philharmonic orchestra which is among top 10 orchestras in the world. Then there is the gallery accessed by side entrance. The gallery often hosts important czech and world artists. It is usually curated top notch and the space itself always gives the exposition special feeling. And at last there is the Rudolfinum caffee. Which is beautiful but is only accessible through side entrance and thus there are not many people there. But it is beautiful nonetheless.

Concert hall in Prague. Subway station is 3 minutes walking distance. Nice place. Right next to the river.

It's such a lovely structure. The atrium lobby is beautiful and pictursqu. Steps bring million smiles.

The current seat of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. Go there to hear the best of the classical music in the city. The Dvorak Hall is one of the oldest European symphonic concert venues with excellent acoustics and state-of-art music recording equipment.

14. Old Jewish Cemetery

The kippas are way too small for a normal head. Would highly advise against going without a guide due to the rather bad audio guides. Interesting place though, but I wouldn't visit it twice.

Well apart from its religious and historical meaning, there is absolutely nothing interesting to see. We were disappointed, just tombstones to look at. It will take a few minutes and you are out. If you are not historically interested to check it out; do not bother to go.

Didn’t want to pay €20 just to see a cemetery but I also wanted to see what’s in there and maybe take a photo or two. So I walked to the small metal gate across divadlo na rejdisti and peeped in.

Do not have much to see. Few explanation for non local language speakers or jewish. Just walls with names of the victims, lots of tombstone in the cemetery without explanation about the ritual and so on. Very expensive. Could be better.

A magical place. Can't be put in any other way. You feel like you are in a fantasy movie. The whole atmosphere is breathtaking. Never have humble monuments of death begotten so much beauty.

15. St. Nicholas Church

Church is very beautiful with golden decors and marble sculptures everywhere. except it's interior is under construction and renovation. It would've been a 5 star site. But regardless, you should not miss it.

I refuse to pay that much money to go see a church. It should be free to enter and, if they need the money, they should treat their visitors well and they will receive generous donations.

Great place, initially not sure about paying the entrance fee but it was worthed. 4 out of 5 since the main fresco is being repaired (not disclosed)... It is valuable to read the brochure for a deeper appreciation of a great Baroque display.

This church is just on the edge of the old town square. Though small it is quite impressive. The interior decoration is impressive and the church in general is maintained quite well considering its age. From time to time live orchestral concerts are held here. Be sure to catch one if they are available!

Well worth visiting. This is a very interesting little church on the edge of the old town with a beautifully decorated interior. I couldn't find out much about its history in my guide but it is still worth looking at and in a very nice setting.

16. Breakout Prague - Real Life Escape Games

A great hour's entertainment. Have to use imagination to win in the time available. Throughly enjoyed it.

Great place! Even with 6 people the rooms aren’t too small and there’s plenty to do for everyone. Worth the money. Adam, who was working there, was really nice and explained the things through. Even the difficult light switch :D

Our family really enjoyed this game. Highly recommened!

Exciting escape game with nice story. The puzzles go step by step after each other so you won't get lost. The success rate is over 70%, with record time of 29 mins (out of 60).

We were a group of 6 people. Good fun, very nice owner! Fair price.

17. Prague Astronomical Clock

Intriguing astronomical clock on a beautiful tower made from medieval sand stones. The square is surrounded by coffee shops and restaurants. Around the square is all pedestrian streets full food and beverages and shopping outlets with articrafts. Very pleasant to walk around and discover how the clock operates and the science that was used to build it. You can also go up the tower and enjoy a beautiful view of the old city.

This old clock is a rare working example of a complex timepiece that can still tell time with multiple time scales. The face of the clock is complex in it's detail. Take a look closely and you will find references to father time and death. One drawback is the clock's popularity with tourists waiting for when the clock plays it tunes. It does get pretty crouded with people so arrive early before the hour to enjoy a closer view.

Careful, you'll miss this. Walking through the very walk able city, through the squares and looking for glimpses of shade, this will be on top of you. If it were not for the other 20 people looking up like cranes and camera in their hands, we'd missed it. No signs or indications other than that. It is high, maybe 4 or 5 floors up, so the pictures you take will be the best view of it.

The clock is under repair but you should definitely climb the tower. There is an elevator, but what fun is that? The climb is via a series of inclined ramps that are easy to walk. The view from the top is incomparable. Great photo opportunities.

The square is very lively, there are lots of performers and tourists walking around. It has a lot to offers and with Charles Bridge nearby, it is the perfect place to spend hours on. There are many restaurants and shops surrounding the area, too. Too bad the clock itself is currently closed for renovations until approximately 2020. They said when the clock was still functional, every hour even more tourists flock the area.

18. Charles Bridge

So famous by its name and surrounding is beautiful with colourful house at the bank of river. Nice place to take photos especially late afternoon in summer. Nights are also nice and very lively. However bit cautious of the traffics on road just beside it. Here people drive car crazy and no respect to pedestrians. And road is uneven and that makes difficult if you are with kids stroller. Seen some really good talented musicians there which are unique.

Beautiful place built architecturally stunning. Many buskers with licenses selling their goods on the bridge. Also a lot of tourists taking photos (some of them quite rude!). One thing to note: you cannot sing in a group of 5 without a license. You'll be shooed away by the security guards on the bridge. No vehicles are allowed on the bridge; it's strictly a pedestrian bridge

Charles Bridge is a great spot for pictures and strolling day or night. At night you can see an amazing sunset, and during the day the bridge has lots of vendors and other interesting sights.  Remember to visit the St. John of Nepomuk statue and rub the plaque of the woman (NOT the dog) with your LEFT hand for good luck. Every tour guide I had in Prague warned against rubbing the dog or using your right hand, but every time I walked by I saw people doing just that. I don't really believe you'd get bad luck, but as the saying goes "when in Rome..."

One of the most lovely places in all Prague, this place is full of street artists trying to do all stuffs! Dancing, singing, playing music, drawing, painting, and so much more! The tourists are everywhere so it might be a little bit noisy, I suggest to come early in the morning to enjoy some cool air. The view is very good and if you enjoy reading up the history of the bridge, you can see the significance of it and in my opinion, it will make you enjoy more of the bridge itself.

Loved this place because of the vibe and the awesomest live music. There were three different bands at a single point in time. Definitely visit in the evening, though it's jam packed. Don't be a typical tourist. Stay a couple of hours and enjoy the evening with music. For better shots stay longer for the blue hour!

20. Taste of Prague Food Tours

Prague quickly became one of my favorite places & this tour solidified it! The food is so good! My friend & I were really looking forward to this tour & it didn’t disappoint! Martin was a fantastic host & the love he has for the city & it’s cuisine quickly makes you fall in love with it too! He kept in contact via email to make sure we were prepared for the tour before our travels. They cater to your tastes as well. One woman in our group was a vegetarian, so he made sure she had items prepared to her preference. Definitely come hungry, wear comfy shoes & be prepared to eat a lot of amazing food with a great host!

I must first say that the communication prior to the tour with the people from Taste of Prague was outstanding. They were clear and helpful in their directions. My daughter and I did this tour on our first night in Prague, our guide was Jan. Jan has a depth of knowledge, a great sense of humor, and a willingness to share that I can't believe you get with any other tour group in Prague. This is not just a food tour but a complete cultural experience as well. The restaurants we visited fed us huge quantities of food and we came away feeling confident that we could go to any restaurant in Prague and order knowledgeably. In fact, we went back to one of them the following day for a cheeseburger and steak tartare and saw Jan hard at work with another tour group. We also felt we went to outstanding restaurants that were not simply populated by and for tourists.

I did the Taste of Prague Food Tour a year ago and it was, hands down, the best food tour I’ve ever been on! Since then, I’ve recommended to everyone I know who’s visiting Prague. The different types of Czech food you get to try, from super traditional to modern Czech cuisine and some are even vegetarian were absolutely eye opening! We went to little shops that were for quick bites, to sit-down dinners and enjoyed some traditional Czech duck dishes to a restaurant that’s Czech inspired but totally vegetarian! (If you think about it, no one ever thinks of veggies when they think of Prague) Not to mention, at the end of the tour, they give you a booklet of all the best (73 to be exact) places to visit in Prague, including the ones that you visited during the tour! I suggest you do the tour on your first night in Prague! That way you’ll have plenty of time to check out the list during the rest of your stay! Did I forget to mention how AMAZING this food tour was? If you’re truly a foodie, or just someone who really enjoys eating (I mean who doesn’t...) you seriously cannot miss this!

The food tour was really excellent. We visited six different places and the food was really good everywhere. We even ended up visiting one of the places two more times during our Prague trip. Besides the food, Jan also told us many interesting things about the Czech Republic and he was very helpful answering all our questions. Also the last two restaurants were in a very hip quarter outside of the city centre which was very interesting to visit. Everything was organized really well and all the places were prepared to receive the group in the arrival. And we also got a guidebook from Jan which is super useful. I highly recommend the tour and Jan as a guide personally! Thanks a lot!

I would highly recommend doing the Taste of Prague foodie tour. Jan’s communication from the start was very clear, informative and fun! The tour itself was very interesting, full of lots of delicious Czech food...definitely arrive hungry!!! Jan was charismatic and very knowledgeable. He was happy to answer any questions we had about Prague and the Czech Republic. I would go as far as saying that this was one of the best things I did whilst in Prague. Thank you Jan!