Best Things To Do in Prague Czech Republic

1. National Memorial to the Heroes of the Heydrich Terror

Incredibly moving. We have to visit every time we go to Prague. The crypt is just so emotional, especially seeing the bullet holes and knowing what happened. Great storyboards for those who are unaware of this pivotal historic event. May they rest in peace and forever be the heart of the Czechs.

Very moving. Free to enter, ask for a donation if you can. Definitely a highlight of our visit. Completely brings you back down to earth.

Worth the visit! Very informative and moving part of history that should not be forgotten. The crypt is really interesting and there’s a lot to see. The staff could be better.

Very shocking. You learn a great deal about the heroes of the czech resistance. It's even better if you actually go there already knowing the story. You can visit the place where those heroes last stood. Very compelling.

Very interesting story and good exhibition. Worth to read about or watch the movies before visiting the memorial. Suggestion movie: Anthropoid

2. St. Vitus Cathedral

One of the most beautiful cathedrals in all of Europe. A must-see upon any visit to the country. Be prepared to have your bags searched as you are entering the grounds but it’s a quick and painless process. There is no cost to enter the building, you’ll get the chance to see the beautiful stain glass windows and walk inside the front half of the building. If you want to walk all the way to the front of the cathedral and see some of the ornate work up close you will have to pay for the tour. Take time to take pictures outside the building and obviously inside but the crowds will make it hard to get a good shot once you’re inside. If you enter through the side door of cathedral over by the mosaic on the side of the building you can pay a small fee to hike the tower. I think it was between $5-7 a person. It is a lot of steps up so make sure you’re up for the hike, but the top provides an amazing 360 degree view of the river and the city as well as an inside view of some of the bells and structure through some small glass windows in the tower. It’s a good stop near the beginning of the trip as a way to see attractions you’re interested in seeing from the view at the top and also to give you a feel of what the city looks like as a whole. As you can imagine it gets crazy busy even on weekdays and usually in the morning. Plan to be there right when it opens if you’re not into crowds and afterwards take time to walk all the way down to the bridge so you get a chance to see a lot of the main touristy streets.

A lot of people have called this one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Europe, and they are right! The architecture is stunning, both from a distance and close up. The interior is amazing and the beauty of the stained glass windows needs to be seen. Climbing to the top of the tower is worth the effort of you can manage it and are not affected by heights. It is the best view across Prague. You can get an audio tour for a small charge and it is worth it as it would be so easy to miss some of the important historical aspects.

Outside black and inside the pure light...You do not have to pay to come in,but if you want to make an inner long walk around the whole place, you have to buy the ticket. For me it was breathtaking to observe the precious pieces of art on any corner of this cathedral. Also outside you can see well-known gargulias, which according to the legend protect the Cathedral from evil power.

Beautiful cathedral. Anyone there must visit it and go inside. The entrance is free of charge! The queue sometimes gets long, though, so make sure to have that in mind. There's a big plateau all around, so you can chill and enjoy the beautiful architecture of the building.

One of the most fascinating and beautiful gothic cathedrals I have ever seen. You have to hike up there and stand in front of this breathtaking building. As a reward you also get a wonderful view over the city. However, due to its popularity you have to expect loads of tourist groups.

3. Lobkowicz Palace

Extremely interesting. Free audio guide with ticket narrated by the family. Tells of Beethoven and mozart as well has having a very large collection of interesting pictures and guns. This family lost everything twice due to dictators and fought to regain it twice. I find that amazing.

A beautiful site to see! The church is full of beautiful details, small and big! Inside the church the windows are just mesmerising. All the other buildings are also very beautiful. It's a good idea to go later in the day when everything is a bit more quiet with the tourists and the buildings are lit up with spotlights!

You just need to sit outside overlooking the grounds and of course a great view of the city itself........ Whilst I have to say, eating high quality cafe food! Great selection of drinks too!

Lovely palace, nice to look around. Some furniture is obviously just rearranged to accommodate visitors so lacks the feel of what some rooms like the throne room would actually be like but otherwise thoroughly interesting and enjoyable

Self guided audio tour of the Lobkowicz Palace. Entry is quite expensive for a tour that can be completed quite quickly. That said the family history is interesting and the audio tour is well produced. There was almost no one there when I was walking around, which gave me plenty of time and space to look at the exhibits. The midday concert is very good.

4. Prague Zoo

Brilliant. Great facilities. First time there and I loved it very much. I didn't know what to expect but really glad I went. Huge park on the top of a hill overlooking Prague. Large variety of animals in big enclosures. Many newborn animals that you were able to see. Exceptionally clean park - no rubbish anywhere. Very reasonably priced tickets for what was on offer. Definitely recommend!

One of the best zoos in Europe. Very good for small children and toddlers. Wonderful penguin and arctic pool. House animal zoo is somewhere where you can touch the animals. There's also a chair road up the hill (be cautious while the chair is good for 1 adults only when the safety belt is used, better put children in a separate chair when old enough). Plan at least half a day to spend there.

Amazing huge zoo! The variety and amount of animals is incredible. Has nice restaurants inside it. You can walk there for four hours and not visit all the animals. The ticket had a reasonable price and there are plenty of places to sit and rest.

We visited the zoo during March and it was a huge disappointment. Many of the cages were empty or couldn't see any animals in them. Many windowglasses were dirty. Otherwise the park itself is nice. E.g.: we couldn't see any red pandas, elephants, hippos, penguins, wolves. We managed to find one jackal/hyena which looked like a dog in a costume. Basically it felt empty. I don't recommend it especially not in March.

Don't miss it! Great zoo with great facilities! We went on February and some animals were inside but we enjoyed it anyway! I recommend going early as you need more than 2 hours to see all the animals!

5. Wallenstein garden

Beautiful, well cultivated garden. Nice for a respite from the city traffic and noise. Nothing unusual grown here, but a gorgeous design.

A nice garden shielded from traffic and noice. Birds there. Good for kids to run around. Even a birdcage with Owls.

Nice, free place to go for peace and quiet in Prague. Cool to see peacocks wandering around. Probably nicer in spring or summer months.

A wide green garden that people can use to relax. There is a metro station nearby.

Such a beautiful and peaceful garden. We stumbled into here not knowing what we would find. Were greeted by 3 peacocks, one of which was an albino one. It didn't feel crowded here and you could just relax for a bit.

6. Wild Sarka

This wonderful very beautiful vast natural park lies on the edge of the city of Prague, your eyes would be treated to endless green while you walk on mostly paved pathways. I started from McDonald's coming by tram line 26, descended to see the beautiful lake then followed the stream for few kilometers deep into the woods. My biggest help came was google maps offline, it was impressively accurate even in the small pathways. The stream will eventually lead you to an area where there is a good Czech restaurant and a bus station. I chose the easiest hick route where I was always going down, but obviously there is other routes where you go up the hills and may enjoy even better views.

amazing place with wonderful mountain even not so far from main town ... If you like hiking then this place is perfect for you.....strongly recommended for visiting... be careful when climb up mountain.... one more thing I also found a small snake when I visited .....

Big natural park. Many roads to walk. Good place to eat your food from the near by McDonald's:)

Beautifull huge national park will take you away from hustle of city life.

Nice place for dogs walks

7. Botanical Garden of the City Prague

The most beautiful place in Prague. Actually it doesn't feel like You are in the city.

we visit here and the amazing gardens and it was so lovely and quite. the place is really uniq. the only one problem is that there is no many info in english as well as the lady at the reception was not speaking even one word of english.

This is one of the best places in Prague to visit on a nice day. The gardens are well kept, with little signs near most plants and trees. There are numerous benches and even some rope hammocks to relax on. The Japanese Garden is especially nice-- a perfect place to meditate or just relax in. The panoramic view of Prague is great, although it is a bit farther than the one you get from Vyšehrad. There is a small vinarna with a great view, but their menu is VERY limited. All in all, it is one of our favorite places in Prague.

Very nice botanical garden in the middle of Troja forest. Is very easy to get there by public transport from Holesovice nadrazy metro station. The access is not for free but is cheap. A cosy wine bar is present as well.

There was a butterfly exhibition going on during my visit which made the experience even more enjoyable but even without it its a great place to relax and learn something interesting. It is near the ZOO as well.

8. The Royal Garden

One of the top places on my list for sites to see and for good reason. Not only is it a relaxing walk through a spacious and stunning garden/park, but it offers some great views over the city.

I thoroughly enjoyed strolling through the Royal Garden. They had a place to hold different birds of prey, lovely flowers, a beautiful view of Prague castle, a greenhouse -- not to mention the convenient distance to the tram. Bring your camera -- this goes without saying of course... it is Prague.

One of my favourite places in Prague - beautiful gardens with trees from across Europe. Offers a unique perspective towards the castle, it is great for a relaxed stroll to admire nature and views of Prague.

Beautiful gardens! Very quiet and peaceful. The place is not crowded and entrance is free. Make sure to get a picture with the owls and the rest of the birds in the west entrance!

A beautiful building and noce gardens sadly tainted not just by the excessive security but the rudeness of the locals. Worse still is the startlingly unapologetic racism; asking why there is so much security one will be flatly informed that it is "because of the immigrants". Look at the castle but dont give them your money.

9. Letna Park

The best place to enjoy the panorama of Prague. You can have a look at 9 bridges over Vltava. Come here with some beer and enjoy this fascinating place with your friend. It's easy to get here with a tram of by bike. We really love this place, especially at summer sunsets.

A great big park within walk-able distance from the city center. Lovely views down into city. Good size for walking and other recreation. Great food and drink stalls when I visited in August 2017. Some permanent food and drink also. Plenty open space for sunbathing and picnic etc.

I love Letna park! It's a large, open space with a fantastic view of the city, some nice tourist spots, good places for skaters, and it's great for children and dogs. It's also one of my favorite inner city picnic spots.

Absolutely wonderful environment. Me and my friends walked from the center of town up to the beer garden. They have some terrific beers and the view is just absolutely amazing. You can look right over the river and see the wonder of Prague and relax during the afternoon and evening. Definitely worth a visit if you’re in Prague.

Very croudy place during summer. There is then a beer-fest, many people, everynody will find something to do. Also nice place to visit with camera.

10. Dancing House

Nothing special. Just really cool to see it. You can go into this building. On the top you can sit and have some cool things to drink and eat. I would recommend you to wear Pants.. cause up there are mirrors on the floor and it could be unpleasant for you

We stayed in this hotel for one night in the summer. We booked one of their best suits (can't recall the name) with panoramic views. We had only few hours in Prague and wanted to have wonderful time and do at least some sightseeing. When we got to the hotel we were surprised that the parking was couple of blocks away which was very inconvenient with all of our suitcases. When we checked in and got to the room we immidiatelly knew there is something wrong. The room was very nice but not the room we booked and paid for. This room was their basic room not the suit. The lady argued with us that it is what we booked and that pictures are sometimes misleading. We were not happy and when she left I went online and double checked our reservation to confirm that she was wrong. That the suit she said was not the one we were supposed to get was actually suit we booked and paid extra for. We went to complaint. The receptionist was very rude and was trying to convince us that we are wrong. She called her manager and we talked to her over the phone. At this point, after about an hour complaining they admitted that they made a mistake and we got a wrong room. Problem was that they did not have any other suits available . After another hour arguing we were able to get a refund of the difference in the cost between these two rooms. Can't believe that we had to argue to get the refund for something we did not get! We also got a certificate for dinner at their restaurant. Though the restaurant is very expensive and the certificate did not covere even one dinner for one person! And due to all this inconvenience and arguing we lost the most of our valuable time which we had for sightseeing! The hotel is very nice and great location but the stuff and customer service is very bad! And that is the reason we would never stay there again!

Pretty to look at. Not the most iconic spot in Prague. Quite catchy to an architect's eye. For us common folk it's a fancy modern contemporary building.

Unconventional modernist building in Prague, which reminded me very much of Casa Milà in Barcelona. Go in and take the elevator to the bar where you'll be able to have access to their terrace (free of you buy a drink) and enjoy a breathtaking view. We had protein smoothies for 99kc (approx £3.5) and they were not bad.

Great work of architecture, but if you are not close by, I would not recommend going there. It is not that special. There are far more interesting places in Prague.

11. Old Town Bridge Tower

Definitely worth the 100czk per person and walk up the old stone stairs. Amazing views.

The Old Town Bridge Tower offers the best view of Prague. The entry is 100ck. You have access to a small (not so interesting) exhibition and then climb up to the top, where there is an awesome 360° view of the city. Definitely worth it !

Historic. Magnificent. A must visit when visiting Prague. Area can get very busy.

The bridge tower has brilliant views across the city and to the other side of the river. It's definitely worth the price especially since you can go up to the top and down to the 'museum' underneath.

Epic views of Spire City. I'd liked to have been able to climb its twin in Mala Strana. Short climb, nearly empty at the top.

12. The State Opera

I was here with friends during Carmen opera performance. It is a nice Opera house. Prag in general is nice big city to visit. Many historical buildings you can see here. The cafes are nice too. I love Prag as big city, it has its own flair like London, Sydney, Rome, Budapest etc. I don't like big city like Frankfurt or Singapore.

Highly ornate and beautiful. Musicians rival those of any national Opera.

Looks beautiful close to museum I can say it is just behind museum and it was closed when I visited just had a look from outside

One of the best places to spend an evening in Prague. You can enjoy a good performance without costing you an arm and a leg.

Couldnt go inside. Will try in the next comming days. Im curious...

14. Národní galerie, Palác Kinských

Cozy little exhibition gallery in the heart of Prague. It's very centrally located at the Old Town Square and hard to miss. Usually you'll find changing exhibitions in this location, like the one about Asian art, when I was in town. It was free for me as a student on a Sunday, but it's usually not that pricey in comparison to other museums in European cities. The gallery itself wasn't crowded at all when I was there and had a very calm and relaxing atmosphere overall. The exhibited pieces were presented in a very professional way with plenty of information to read. Worth a visit if you're interested in the current exhibition.

The museum entrance charge itself is a little pricey and has add-ons if you want to see certain exhibitions which will make your ticket even pricier. The museum itself and its collections are spread across different buildings so you may have to search to find the next part. The collection inside is ok but not as impressive as other art museums in other capital cities.

Asian Art exhibit fantastic. Learned so much history and provenance of common forms of enamel pieces. English translations well done. A wonderful way to edify yourself on Chinese and Japanese dynasties

Went to visit this gallery for the Gilbert R exhibition. It was a very uncomfortable experience, as we were followed around the exhibition by security. Not sure what they thought we were going to do, but after being shouted at by one security man and me explaining how they were making us feel. I left the exhibit halfway through!

Beautiful exhibitions. A bit small but nice!

15. Charles Bridge

Beautiful and breathtaking bridge. The history that hangs in this city and on this bridge is just gorgeous. Really beautiful architect here. The artists that created these beautiful monuments of history are truly talented. The bridge is cute. Stone blocks fills the path over the entire bridge, much like the city. There's an amazing view of Prague Castle on the bridge. Stroller friendly area. Close to all attractions. There's also little stands ran by people selling various things. The bridge is busy. if you want good clear photos, go at sunrise. You went have long before it gets congested.

There's also little stands ran by people selling various things. if you want good clear photos, go at sunrise. You went have long before it gets congested. Beautiful and breathtaking bridge. The history that hangs in this city and on this bridge is just gorgeous. The artists that created these beautiful monuments of history are truly talented.

Does its job eloquently though it can't be said without fuss. Lots of tourists getting in the way of me being a tourist. I unfortunately chose to cross at the same time the walking pace bin lorry did. Great statues though and if you can avoid the selfie stick wielding maniacs there are good views of the river. Nice one Charles

If you go to Prague, and you don't visit this, are you good? This is beautiful in its entirety. I had seen several movies shot at this beautiful location and they led me to this place. Beautiful old medieval statues of angels and sages decorate the length of the bridge. Musicians and artists make the experience more memorable.

Beautiful old bridge with a long and interesting past. The statues, the views, the photo ops...perfect. a must-see when in Prague. Read up on the general history and some of the statues before makes it all richer. The people selling wares and performing on the bridge are worth paying attention to also. When we were there, there was a guy playing an instrument he had obviously created that was lots of a one-man-band contraption. The whole thing is absolutely one of a kind.

16. Church of Our Lady before Týn

The church of the best land mark in whole Prague Amazing design , great interior design for the church You should go and feel the faithful even for non Christians The prayers schedule available on the website if you like to attend Good shop for gifts and souvenirs Easy to reach there by metro of general transportation any time The area opposite the church amazing for photography Recommended to visit by all Czech visitors

Right now there are beautifully decorated Christmas trees all around inside. It's amazing. The paintings of Christ are my favorite part. Please please please, don't take pictures and whisper. Please.

Closed due to technical problems, did u ever hear the like of it, goes to show how money runs the church in non religious country, sad day especially for the devout.

One of the most beautiful cathedrals in Europe, the twin spines are just spectacular and eye catching. Definitely should not miss this attraction. Head to the old town hall where you can view the whole structure of the cathedral as well as the old town square

Unforgetable place. Czechia has a very nice capital.

17. Prague Castle

Free entry to castle compound which let's you enjoy all the historical buildings from outside! Lovely walk through the compound. Gets quite busy even during off peak season (we were there in March during the afternoon). Worth putting this early in your trip to Prague in case some buildings are closed, you will get the chance to go again later.

Excellent place, we spent hours here but never got to see everything. Inside the grounds is a very old basilica with amazing frescos. There is a big church filled with wonderful art work and stained glass windows of an exceptional standard. There is an old Street filled with contents from different eras in little houses. I would like to go again. There is a restaurant with the best goulash and dumplings I had in Prague and a great view from the terrace.

Beautiful, extensive, and well preserved castle complex. Definitely a must if visiting Prague. You could easily spend most of the day here. My kids, ages 5 and 7, were quite bored as it's mostly gawking at stunning architecture and watching the changing of the guard. Fun for adults, just not as much for active, hands-on kids. The toy museum and armory museum are okay, but again not hands-on. The toys (because they're old and on exhibit) are behind glass. There are places to eat and grab snacks in the castle complex, which is great. The castle complex gets very hot in the summer, but there are ice cream stands available.

Amazing views both up and down the castle. Very crowded but the stained glass windows in the interior are beautiful. If you like exercise there are several ways to climb up and they also have a bus as needed. Definitely recommend for any traveler in Prague at night and during the day!

Well worth the visit even if you don't go inside. We saw cool stairs, funny dudes and a well. Interesting fact: watch dudes seemed like they had been there for quite a while and they were bit unstable. We are not sure if there is beer available, but that's probably the case so no worries.

18. The Estates Theatre

This is such a beautiful place, so even if you don’t like opera, you should visit it to at least see the building from inside - it’s really worth it. The interior is magnificent, it’s in a very good condition and you can feel history here (the theatre is more than two hundred years old). Besides, the National Theatre performances in general are very good and more affordable by price comparing to Western Europe.

Incredible theatre with amazing history. Watched a brilliant performance of one of my all time favourite operas; Mozart's Die Zauberflöte. Great view from the box seats. I would highly recommend this theatre.

Gorgeous theatre and so easy to access from Old Town. We got tickets to a ballet and had two seats in a private box for $43 US each. Great sound, English translations on a screen above the stage in an unobtrusive yet easy to view area, and did I mention the theatre is 200 years old? Absolutely beautiful. I even broke out my Louboutin’s fort visit.

Beautiful place, great ballet, great events.good prices, very nice staff :)

Great place! Saw Don Giovanni here with my family. Was a great experience. The seats are not super comfortable but not to a highly noticeable extent.

19. Kampa Park

Great meal but service was lower than I expected based on other restaurants we have been to in Prague. We both had the scallops for an appetizer which I highly recommend and then I had the steak and my husband had the rack of lamb - both were great.

Always superb dinning, great river view, only missing better selection of the czech wines

First class restaurant. Steak is perfectly done. The dessert was not that I like but it did not reduce the value of the place.

If you need calm and breathing, should go there and drink beer with seeing stone bridge

Best restaurant ever. Went twice in my trip to Prague has been the best restaurant great food great view best service. It's a must eat, it's great fine dining.