Best Things To Do in Porto Portugal

1. Monument Church Of St Francis

Amazing architecture - never seen such detailed work in a church - breathtaking. When you stand there it's almost too much for your eyes to take in. It's a shame they don't allow the odd picture - no cameras, not even without flash :( Would have been nice to take a selfie in this amazing church. An amazing example of Baroque architecture.

Beautiful church, but I really don't think it's worth the price (6€ per person) given the short time we were there. I'd recommend only if you really like churches, or people who have so much gold they don't know where else to put it. Okay place to check out if it's really rainy outside.

One of the most interesting churches I have ever visited. The atmosphere is so lovely and the combination of architecture and warm colours give you a feeling of calm and tranquility. The entrance is free and you can spend some minutes in it to relax. Located in the city centre and you can walk from Sao Bento.

One of its kind Church has entry fee but it is worth of it. Inside are oakwood and golden carvings. These are really superb

Beautiful church. Lots of bones to check out! Interesting place to check out when its raining outside.

2. Harbor Bridge Climb

Meh. Booked a 6:15pm with the very express point of being on the bridge in time for 619pm sunset. The prior group appeared to be delayed returning. We did the short walk up stairs. No real thrill and no time to stop and enjoy the view. We were two in our group with a hen party and a single lady. The guides kept referring to us as a family and only focused on the hen party in terms of sharing information, chocolate, and port. The photographer paid attention to us and the single lady offering family photos to us which was awkward after the initial jokes got old. Anyway, not a terrible experience but definitely won't be doing it again for the money it cost or the experience unless I happen to transform into a cute girl in a hen party.

Was really good! I was with a VIP group and everyone was happy even when it was raining Congratulations and thank you!

Something different than the usual guidebook activities. Friendly and professional staff give you a very personal treatment. Good safety measures and instructions. Views of Porto are spectacular. Best active thing I did in Porto.

nice experiense, good opportunity to the city and the river from a different perspective. the staff is really nice and help you with the harness and make sure you understand the safety rules. you spend quite a long time up, so there's enough time to take selfies and enjoy the views. the ticket seems to be a bit pricy.

What a spectacular activity. Something totally different that you can only find in a few places around the world. It's very easy and can be for the whole family. Around sunset make for a great time to go and the lighting is perfect for photos. The staff are brilliant and very knowledgeable it's was one of the best things I did in Porto don't miss it.

3. FC Porto Museum

Fantastic museum! WELL designed and very informative. Nice additional touch to the stadium tour.

Probably the best club museum in Europe end the UK. Good combination of artifacts and video displays. Pays attention to the link between sports and politics in some of the darker days in Portugal's history and has the best display of championship cups and a healthy dose of club patriotism.

Great way to spend a couple of hours on a rainy day

Was just going to go do the stadium tour but museum is fantastic....not to be missed!

Amazing museum and a must visit for any Football fan visiting porto. everything is in english as well as Portuguese.

4. City Park

City Park is a beautiful park next to the sea. Quite huge, you might feel lost here and think about Hyde Park or Central Park. I love to go there to rest from the city life and to take a great breathe of fresh air. The place is lovely for children because there is a lot of animals, like geese, ducks, chickens, frogs, fishes and even big green lezards. The park has some smalls lakes that are lovely and some false ruins that offer a Mediterranean feeling. It would be even greater if there was more diversity in the treas and plants that live in the park. But for that you might visit the botanical garden of Serralves foundation.

The most beautiful park of Porto. There are many gardens, many flowers and lakes. A good place for make a picnic. I really recommend this.

Porto's lungs. The city park is a huge green space, perfect for walking, cycling, or jogging. The paths are earth, so you can jog on them without fear of injury

Great park, very green close to the sea. I never understood people who would spend their time in a park 2 minutes from the ocean when there is.. you guess.. the ocean! We stayed on a bench and enjoyed the sun, there was no wind as it was close to the shore. So we liked it.

This park is composed by a round track of approximately 4,5km. You have sport field for football, as well as rugby. This park is also good for running, although you have some up and downs.

5. Garden Of The Crystal Palace

These gardens are stunning. Well maintained and had many vistas and views over the city. An absolute must for anyone looking for that perfect getaway for some piece and quiet. Open green spaces to the romantic garden and grotto. It has something for everyone. Tranquility in the city. Beautiful.

I love this place. A lot of nature, amazing views. You can go there with children because is nice playground and animals.

Wonderful. A very interesting spot in the Porto. You will have incredibly beautiful landscape of Porto with huge peefect shots for photographers. Enjoy peacocks and flowers and vast variety of plants in the garden.

Even more bigger and panoramic than I was even expecting. Lots of birdlife, gardens, nice wide open spaces as well as views of the river. All in all, a pretty cool spot.

Visited on a grey afternoon but still had a nice time. There are lots of peacocks, ducks and a few chickens in this place. It's not too big but would love to spend some time here on a sunny afternoon. It does however offer a great view of Porto.

6. Bolsa Palace

No information saying they only do a few tours in English on each day and you cannot self guide around. Tours were sold out for the day and only one available at 4pm next day and sadly we were leaving. Gutted as it is meant to be lovely and we don’t need a tour - nowhere else in Portugal has needed you to join a tour so we are very disappointed.

Amazing. One of the most beautiful buildings I've ever visited. It took 40 years only to build it's stairs which were carved manually. Lots of handmade art inside of it. Worth taking the guided tour which is free and gives lots of information to tourists.

Amazing! The Arabian room is faab!!! Honestly, I felt like I was in a real fairy tale! That gold really sparkles! Looking forward to discovering more of the this beautiful city!!!

Beautiful historical building (Palace) with classic architecture. It is a big one and has many rooms with beautiful decoration. The tour is an interesting and educational one. It is a popular tourist attraction, with many groups as well as indepentent visitors.

A beautiful building well worth a visit. A bit overpriced. I was unable to take good pictures of the best rooms, especially the Arab Room, as they were rented out for events. Great they can make money from events but you shouldn't have to pay so much when rooms are set up for a conference. Somewhat disappointing that they continue to make the money grab from tourism at the same time as they collect thousands for events and you get to take pictures of a guy setting up chairs for a conference. My advice to them: events or tours. Not compatible. We should have been told before we paid that some areas were closed or not suitable for photography.

7. Serralves

We went on the first Sunday of the month, when admission is free. For that price, it was great. The museum is OK; I failed to find much of a thread to tie the works together, but then we didn't spend much time in there. The park, however, is spectacular. The organisation flows seamlessly from the clean lines of the modern house to the rustic architecture of the farm, with beautiful old trees throughout the park. It's a perfect place to spend a hot day.

Beautiful landscaping in this quiet park. Perfect for a romantic stroll or unwinding after touring the city.

Great Museum and very nice park to walk around.

A wonderful place to spend the afternoon. Beautiful gardens.

One of my favorite places in Porto. Serralves has beautiful gardens where you can go for a stroll, relax, have a pic nice and offers a beautiful view over the river Douro!

8. MMIPO - Museu da Misericórdia do Porto

Interesting place Museum about one of main events of Portuguese history, there are many pictures,one interesting exhibition of catholic church Also I was offered to watch a short movie

This is a well presented and well organised museum but a bit lacking in content. There is a covered internal courtyard which is worth seeing. Also the Font of Life.

Great . Worth 5€ ticket

I like this museum; very complete and well described information available.

Very good museum and organisation inside. Cathedral is connected with museum!

9. Luís I Bridge

A beautiful historic bridge right at the bank of river in Porto connecting two sides of the old town. From the top level one could get a really nice bird view of the old city and the old Wineries along the river that are in business from centuries. It could get noisy when the buses or trains are passing, and often get crowded during summer. There is big parking plaza right next to the bridge, several shops to buy souvenirs, many choices for food and ofcourse places to try wine, all within 200-300m on either side of it.

Beautiful bridge with a beautiful view over the city. No car traffic on the bridge just and the trams make enough noise so you cannot be surprised by them. Also great way to cross the river...

とても綺麗な鉄橋だったね。 A very beautiful metal bridge built by the same archecturer who made Effiel tower. The structure looks strikingly similar but this bridge is smaller in scale. The bridge is beautiful not only during the day but also at night. It's very comfortable to walk by the river and the bridge is being illuminated brilliantly over the night river. It's recommended to visit the bridge at different of day so you could see different face of this bridge.

Impressive structure, resembles the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The structural integrity remains stable despite high traffic. Engineers have done well.

Has impressive views if you both go on higher and lower parts. Porto is beautiful if you see it from the other city. It is always crowded, but have no fear, you can walk around without a problem. Watch out for pick pokets people. Not pleasant to watch the sunset and have less 💰.

10. National Museum Soares dos Reis

No English description. Only 1 sentence for every painting/bust. No additional information. If there is a longer text, it is only available in Portuguese. The security personal keeps following you around at arms length. There is no way to appreciate the art if you feel like a prisoner. I could not see a pattern or a system behind the structure of the museum.

A most fantastic art museum. Plenty of trivia and treasures from the age of discovery and colonial trinkets, a wonderful historical collection, and a most insightful XIX and XX art collection. Greatly enjoyed the exibition and totally recommend to every traveler in Porto

The museum has a great collection to see the Portuguese art and history. The collection has a good informations for each one and the space build is big, beautiful and has a great atmosphere. There's no information about the free entrance for the residents of Portugal and the café isn't working when I was there.

Interesting collection of Portuguese art in beautiful building. Lovely garden unfortunately neglected. Cafe wasn't open.

An amazing museum over two floors-with pop up exhibitions. Well worth a visit

12. Casa da Música

The price for the tour is 10 euros (unless you have Porto card) but it is worth it. The guide was really good and there are a lot of interesting things about the way it was built. The rooms and the main hall are all very beautiful. Tours start at 11 am and 4 pm (at least for now) and last for about an hour.

House of music in Porto is the most famous place for music, concerts etc. Try to book a ticket for an event in advance because otherwise you are not allowed to visit all sections of the building. The architecture is modern and well-organized. And the restaurant in the 6th floor is great.

It's a lovely place in Porto! There are many concerts organized, without any entrance fee so follow their page on daily basis. Acustics is really good inside. The area in front of it is always full of youth, skateboarding, talking, hanging out. There is a nice coffee shop on the zero floor. I lived next to Casa da Musica and I really wish to live there again 😍

Liked the tour, place was interesting when it came to its open concept and how it is not a typical concert hall. I was really disappointed that it was not much of an interactive experience at all and most of the halls were closed for some practices (so we could only see through corrugated glass). Worth going to if you are REALLY into music and audio though.

Really enjoyed a classical music concert. The rooms are great and the staff, I presume the stars reflect that. It is a modern house of music

13. Igreja do Carmo

Charismatic guide on the door enticed us in. Quite interesting but very short experience. Outside probably better than the interior, tour not worth the money, stick to the free entry part and you’ll experience all you need.

Beautiful structure, and amazing tiles. We were there around 12 and it wasn't to busy. Very close to other attractions and should visit if around the area.

Absolutely incredible classic tile on the outside. Inside, stunning as well.

Amazingly structured church with a classic touch of decorative tiles on the side!

Beautiful inside and out, highly ornamental. You'll find a very vivid body of Jesus inside. Beautiful tiles on the side facade. Free to enter.

14. Porto Cathedral

Very interesting and beautiful. A lot of history here. Cloisters were nice as well. Nice trip.

The Se of the city, less Baroque than many of the chuches around town, surrounded bu buildings that have iron age and roman origins and have been built upon for Centuries.

Rather small, which is a nice change to most cathedrals. Worth a visit. Beautiful architecture.

I expected much more from main cathedral in ex super catholic was kinda just another huge church....even durinb tour , guide did not suggest to enter inside. From outside seems amazing though.

Probably the oldest church of porto, completely different from the other ones.

15. Clérigos Church

One of the most emblematic monuments in Porto. This is a Christian church with Baroque style located in Porto city center. Behind the church you can find the "Torre dos Clérigos" (in the photos). This is a tower built some years after the church. You can visit the tower (about 6 floors) and enjoy a great/wide view from the city. It is worth to visit!

I had a bad experience yesterday 2018/5/10. Your old staff who checked the tower ticket touched and pushed my back two times (only for me, he never touched other western people) . I neverx100 understand your old staff's behavior. I just followed my front lines. Is it sexual harassment ? Or racial discrimination? I am not sure.. but I definitely sure that your old staff' behavior is so so not proper. He is not qualified at the cathedral. Please shame on you.

The 360 degree views of the city are amazing and the tower is in a very central location. Be prepared to take a bunch of stairs to the top and get a bit too close to strangers when there are people coming the opposite direction on the stairs as it’s fairly narrow. There’s not much space to move around on the top level so again, there’s some close contact with strangers. (Make sure you go all the way to the top for unrestricted views and not just the first open air platform). I visited during off peak season (and on a rainy day) and still felt it was busy so I’d recommend aiming for a less busy time of day (perhaps first thing in the morning). I’d say this place was worth the €5 entry as you see the tower, the chapel and the museum.

What a fantastic church my city has!!!! I would also recommend to climb this fabulous church stairs up... Fab view, fab history and obviously fantastic city of Oporto. Such a city jewel.

Climb the tower and you will get some fantastic views of the city. I even came back a second time to enjoy the night view.

16. Chapel Of Souls

A chapel with an exterior more beautiful than the interior. The bluish ceramic tiles is amazing and not commonly seen in other chapels.

Impressive tiles on the outside. Nicely lit at night. Easy to reach by metro. Shopping street is right there.

While it's peaceful inside, outside is generally crowded with people lining up to take pics. Go around 10pm if you want to take pics without people in them.

I just love it, but it was a unfortunate that I did not get to see the inside.

This chappel was built in the 18th century. The outer walls were tiled in 1930. The magnificent tile panels represent steps of the life of St. Francis of Assisi and St. Catherine, who are venerated in the chapel.

17. Pergola of Foz

beautiful beach quite uncrowded. i found it very relaxing v clean water quite cold but then it is the Atlantic !

Amazingly beautiful view to the sea. Breathtaking at sunset. Nice place to comedy for a sit and relax.

Beautiful place. Always go there in the evening. It's calm, but there are some people taking pictures sometimes. Though they are fast to leave. If you want to have some peace, evening is for this place

Nice location near the beach. We had a great photoshoot in this place.

Surprizing pergola whick looks like the same in Nice(France). It's a delite to walk out here and dring a beer. Nice Porto

18. Livraria Lello

Great place. Go early at 10 am because it fills up fast. Lines are long. Admission price of 5 euros is deducted if you purchase a book. We bought 28 euros of books, and was only charged 18 after the discount. Nice deal. Great photo opportunities and nice to see where Harry Potter movie was filmed.

Of course everyone knows the fascinating history of this bookstore. One of the most infamous places to see in Porto and totally worth the trip. Warning ⚠️ there’s a long queue and buy your tickets in advance. But beautiful inside and can be overwhelming with the number of people inside so time it correctly and you’ll be able to capture some beautiful images and treasure some memories

A really nice place to visit, you pay a €5 entrance fee that then you can use if you buy a book inside the store. Only one ticket per book is allowed. Very smart marketing strategy from the owners.

Second time to visit. Is really beautiful but it was packed and it's not high season. Need to buy a voucher 4 euro from the shop on the corner and then queue. The voucher can be deducted from any book purchased. There are a large number of small gift classic books beautifully produced from 10 to 15 euro which is a nice souvenir however it would be great if they stamped it with their logo.

Understand why they choose it for movie. stunning wooden piece of work. But if you decide visit it. Prepare 5€ and expect lot of people inside

19. World of Discoveries

It is quite a small exhibition really, but there is an interesting boat ride retracing the journeys of the Portuguese discoverers at the end. The problem was that we had to queue for 45 minutes for the boat ride. The boats could fit 6 people in them but they were letting people go in twos. It was a long wait for the kids, who had really enjoyed the interactive nature of the museum up until then, even if some of the touch screens were not really working. We found it to be a bit overpriced.

Very impressive museum and boat trip inside! Your children will love it! Hint: there is a good restaurant with local food on the 3-rd floor, you can try delicious francesinha here

Interactive, full of information and the boat trip is very nice fir kids. Strongly recommend. In the end you can buy one of the pictures taken from "shore". A bit pricey althrough

Not so much to experience inside the place, nothing special, just some facts and figures from the history. Could be good for small school kids. Too much ticket money.

There are a lots of things to touch and see. We learn a lot there . There is also a water-ride. I didn't like the fact that on the water-ride they only let four people onboard. They didn't fill up the boats so we had to wait for such a long time.It was too expensive.

20. Museu Serralves

Nice gardens where you can walk for a whole afternoon. The pink house is really beautiful and sometimes you can visit it. Been there lots of times and every time I discover something new. I think it's a bit overprice and that's why the 4 stars. The restaurant has a nice brunch and expositions are often good. There are also some initiatives during the year that are very good, with music, live performances and activities for kids. Totally recommend a visit, there's a lot to explore!

One of the most beautiful museums in the world! It is quite small and only shows part of the permanent collection along with temporary exhibitions, but it is beautifully curated and full of killer, iconic pieces. Worth visiting for the architecture of the museum itself, as well as the house and gardens, which feel like being in a Wes Anderson dream.

Tldr; a site worth seeing but a hit and miss experience based on the current exhibits. Museum: I feel like the experience in the museum is very dependent on the rotating exhibits and your personal taste in art. Alvaro Lapo was the main exhibit when I visited. The bilingual (Portuguese/English) booklets were very well written and contained a very detailed background of each artist. I felt the price for admission was a bit high considering the lack of diversity being showcased. Garden: A pleasant surprise considering I didn't read too much about the garden ahead of my visit. It is very large. Certain tree lined paths remind me of the Garden in Versailles. Just when I thought I was done exploring, a new building or feature was just around the corner.

An amazing building. The exhibition we saw was Lapa. The exhibition was large and well presented. The gardens are lovely. If you decide to go to the team room in the garden check that they are open before you leave the museum ... or it can seem a long grumpy walk all the way back to the museum to get a drink. 😁

The gardens are beautiful and so quiet! The art collection is appealing. The staff is nice and friendly. It is a very good spot to go with the family and it allows you to choose to visit the park+museum (10€/pax) or just the gardens (5€/pax). Young visitors aged between 13 and 18 have a 50% discount on their admission ticket. There is not a family ticket.