Best Things To Do in Porto Portugal

1. Monument Church Of St Francis

Not worth the 6 Euros. Just a lot of wood sculptures by local"artists". Easily skipable.

Beautiful church. Lots of bones to check out! Interesting place to check out when its raining outside.

Beautiful historical church at the city of Porto. It is a well decorated one, with interesting architecture and sculptures.

you have to buy a 5 euro ticket to get inside and you can see the church, catacumbs and musem. the church interior is really breath taking, fielled with dozens of wooden gold plated sculptures. i liked it a lot since i've found it different than other baroque churches but if you're not a huge church art fan, you may skip it and spend those money in other way.

well decorated church with lots of gilt carved wood sculptures, plus a small museum(limited collection) and tomb cave. in other free admission churchs in Porto and Lisbon, one can also note gilt carved wood stuff, although less under one roof. not really fabulous.

2. FC Porto Museum

Probably the best club museum in Europe end the UK. Good combination of artifacts and video displays. Pays attention to the link between sports and politics in some of the darker days in Portugal's history and has the best display of championship cups and a healthy dose of club patriotism.

Was just going to go do the stadium tour but museum is fantastic....not to be missed!

Amazing museum and a must visit for any Football fan visiting porto. everything is in english as well as Portuguese.

Amazing place for all football lovers 🙌 !!!

How is possible to promote the football? It show you here. Take the stadium tour and the museum too. Great club, great stadium, great history.

3. Harbor Bridge Climb

Meh. Booked a 6:15pm with the very express point of being on the bridge in time for 619pm sunset. The prior group appeared to be delayed returning. We did the short walk up stairs. No real thrill and no time to stop and enjoy the view. We were two in our group with a hen party and a single lady. The guides kept referring to us as a family and only focused on the hen party in terms of sharing information, chocolate, and port. The photographer paid attention to us and the single lady offering family photos to us which was awkward after the initial jokes got old. Anyway, not a terrible experience but definitely won't be doing it again for the money it cost or the experience unless I happen to transform into a cute girl in a hen party.

nice experiense, good opportunity to the city and the river from a different perspective. the staff is really nice and help you with the harness and make sure you understand the safety rules. you spend quite a long time up, so there's enough time to take selfies and enjoy the views. the ticket seems to be a bit pricy.

Something different than the usual guidebook activities. Friendly and professional staff give you a very personal treatment. Good safety measures and instructions. Views of Porto are spectacular. Best active thing I did in Porto.

Something different to do while in Porto, a different view of the city. Not scary and you don't need to be fit. The guys the run it were great, give it a go if you have an hour to kill :)

What a spectacular activity. Something totally different that you can only find in a few places around the world. It's very easy and can be for the whole family. Around sunset make for a great time to go and the lighting is perfect for photos. The staff are brilliant and very knowledgeable it's was one of the best things I did in Porto don't miss it.

4. City Park

Great Park to walk through especially when the sun is out!! Once you reach the end of the park you can then chill on the beach. An experience for everyone

Nice and clean park. Well decorating everything. Huge park just beside of beach.

It's a beautiful place. Very pleasant!

Very nice park in Porto! Has good parking and sports facilities, and even a bar. There are several lakes with different birds (ducks etc.), so it is nice to go for a walk. It is in walking distance to the beaches, where you can also find restaurants and bars.

Wide open green space with ponds and animals. One of the best places in the city. Only problem, there's only one coffee place and it's not very good... But you can always bring your own food/beverage and enjoy a wonderful day

5. Serralves

One of my favorite places in Porto. Serralves has beautiful gardens where you can go for a stroll, relax, have a pic nice and offers a beautiful view over the river Douro!

Went only to gardens. Easily worth the admission, especially with student discount. Could spend hours there. Very relaxing and enjoyable. Bring a picnic.

Really beautiful park with art sculptures. You have to pay for it though.

When we went, approximately 70% was closed due to modification of the scenography. We were told that a "few rooms were closed". The park has the potential to be exceptional, but it is merely out of the ordinary. The old house is a perfect exemple of the early 20th century architecture but is almost empty... don't get me wrong, it is not something to miss, but it could be so much more that I miss something during my visit there. .....

It's cozy and big park in Porto.

6. Garden Of The Crystal Palace

Nice sectioned garden, loads of peacocks roaming! Very pretty and with amazing views over the river and bridge. Play areas for children were adequate. Overall beautiful, definitely worth a visit for the high views.

The nicest garden in Porto. Breathtaking views to Douro river, lots of different spots to take some rest and to admire different types of trees and animals. A must visit place in Porto

That's a mid-size garden, giving chance to have relaxation as well as some very good view of the river in Porto. Worthy, especially if you are nearby.

A wonderful place to spend your day in a relaxed calm way. Beutyfull views of the city and the river and small coffee shops to sit and enjoy the beutifull gardens and the various birds that run free around the place.

Beautiful places, oneiric views. Requires time to discover all the beauty, but a must

7. MMIPO - Museu da Misericórdia do Porto

This is a well presented and well organised museum but a bit lacking in content. There is a covered internal courtyard which is worth seeing. Also the Font of Life.

Great . Worth 5€ ticket

I like this museum; very complete and well described information available.

Very good museum and organisation inside. Cathedral is connected with museum!

Awesome museum with breathtaking works of art.

8. National Museum Soares dos Reis

Nice museum. Beautiful and interesting sculptures, paintings and also the architecture of the building. There is much humidity on the walls of some sections: need to be reformed. Friendly staff.

is one of the most important museums in Portugal. excellent collection of painting. Usually has temporary exhibitions of obligatory visit.

I have never been to such a museum. The exhibitions were amazing with outstanding items on exhibition - I could spend days in here. But the stuff is unbelievable: I actually had to wait for 5 minutes to pay, no, there was no line - the cashier was on the phone with a private conversation. The stuff inside the place was shouting, yelling, talking loud... You het thepicture. I ran out back to my sanity...

This is a great art museum with a great exhibition of Portuguese naturalist painters in October 2017. Hopefully, it's more popular in peak times because there was nearly no one there and people are missing out on a gem!

The Museum would be much more interesting for tourists if at least half of the exhibits had translated descriptions.

9. Bolsa Palace

Amazing. One of the most beautiful buildings I've ever visited. It took 40 years only to build it's stairs which were carved manually. Lots of handmade art inside of it. Worth taking the guided tour which is free and gives lots of information to tourists.

Beautiful historical building (Palace) with classic architecture. It is a big one and has many rooms with beautiful decoration. The tour is an interesting and educational one. It is a popular tourist attraction, with many groups as well as indepentent visitors.

A beautiful building well worth a visit. A bit overpriced. I was unable to take good pictures of the best rooms, especially the Arab Room, as they were rented out for events. Great they can make money from events but you shouldn't have to pay so much when rooms are set up for a conference. Somewhat disappointing that they continue to make the money grab from tourism at the same time as they collect thousands for events and you get to take pictures of a guy setting up chairs for a conference. My advice to them: events or tours. Not compatible. We should have been told before we paid that some areas were closed or not suitable for photography.

The guide didnt seem so happy with her job. The place could be more interesting if the story would be told in the right way

Lovely Palace, with rich historical landmarks!But to visit inside the palace you will have to get a paid(8€) guided tour, which is offered in different languages, for only half an hour. Most attractive part of the Palace is the Arabic room.They also have cafe and washrooms for tourists inside the palace

10. Paço Episcopal

definitely worth a visit and 30 mins tour. amazing views of the river and the bridge. Mario was a very informative guide!

The staff is super friendly here and everything is interesting. The only reason I gave four stars is that the whole place has been open to public quite recently so there is a lot that's very new to the staff as well. So, there could be some improvements in regards with the information available, but otherwise, worth checking out. Particularly because you might accidentally see the bishop as well ;)

The carvings on the ceiling of the entrance, rooms, views... An amazing place! Tour was also very great and informative! Our guide did not only introduce the palace but also explained the art movements very briefly to make the works understandable. The last stop in this tour is the best Porto view I think!

The building only recently opened to the public. You need to take a guided tour of approximately 30 minutes. Very well restaurated mansion but the artworks inside are a bit mediocre.

Beautiful palace, worth the visit for the grand hall alone. It also features one of the best views of the Douro river in town.

11. Luís I Bridge

It's quite peculiar. You walk along this iron bridge and every so often you have to move aside and let the train pass. The view is great. We got up here from the road along the river on the right side, and it was a real lot of stairs, but worth it.

A beautiful bridge that connects the old town to the Port Wine part of town. A must see if you are going to Porto as it is a local landmark. The restaurants around the bridge though are not top (very touristy) whilst the city has some great and inexpensive spots.

This bridge is awesome. I do not think there is another place in porto city where you can get better view of the city. Just visited a week ago although weather was not the best but still in the peak of winter it was 12 degree and it was still looking amazing. I can just think how good it would be in the summer especially the sunset view. And the long walk across the bridge and amazing wind feels so good. And you can also easy go from city center by tram or by foot easily. Have a safe trip and enjoy your stay in porto.

Today I visited this bridge and would definitely recommend a walk across! The views from the bridge are amazing; you can see Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia. You can walk across the lower level (where the cars drive) or the upper level (where the metro line runs). The bridge itself feels study, and is beautiful to admire from the ground as well.

The bridge links the two side of the city. It is like a double bridge with one at low level and the other one very high. We start from the high level to the north side, walk on top of the bridge, take some pictures. In the south side we walk down the road at the river level. Along the river there are many gift shop, and many boat trip departing points across the river. After we walk back in the north side crossing the river with the lower level bridge. There is funicular to come back on top of the city

12. Casa da Música

A really interesting building classed in the style of a Monolith. Had a tour around rather than going for a performance. Its vast in its scale but functional in its use. A worthwhile visit if you like musical culture or interesting structures.

The exterior might seem odd and scary, like it doesn't fit in its soroundings. But once you come inside you realise it's a building of its own. All the little details, the strange shapes. It's beautiful and peaceful.

Definitely worth a visit but check the somewhat restricted timetable before you head out. Definitely plan ahead of time due to concert constraints and working hours

Nice Hall, great sounds. Also recommend going to the 7th floor (restaurant). No need to go restaurant, go straight to the right into the terrace and have a look at the view for the rest of Porto :-)

Not only great space fir the concerts...but also It is paradise for shooting lovers. Lots if architextural special effects.

13. Botanical Garden of Porto

Very beautiful garden that for sure will be prettier on Spring or Summer. The gallery of biodiversity is also worth the visit. It has a lot of interactive objects that will be very fun and educative for kids and adults.

Its a peacful location in thr middle of the city. The exibhits are cool in the museum. The house has a blue whale baby skelton hanging from the celing..dont miss that on you way out. Too bad its not getting many tourists.

I liked it! Yes, some corners of the garden seem to be a bit abandoned, not taken care of, but it has a certain spirit. I loved the feeling there. An oasis between two big streets. It seems that now it is a cactus blossom time. Quite impressive!

this visit was a disappointment. The garden has a good variety of plants. However very little care is taken and the greenhouses are closed. I admit to being interesting to stroll with children, for the freedom and tranquility that can provide. it is free.

really nice even in december when just a few of plants blossom. quite and peaceful, good place to hang around and chill out.

14. Igreja do Carmo

Beautiful structure, and amazing tiles. We were there around 12 and it wasn't to busy. Very close to other attractions and should visit if around the area.

Beautiful inside and out, highly ornamental. You'll find a very vivid body of Jesus inside. Beautiful tiles on the side facade. Free to enter.

Wall fasade with azulejo is amazing!

Beautiful tile work on the exterior. It looks like the semi-detached pair of tge neighbouring church.

This church was built in the second half of the 18th century in the baroque / rococo style. The exterior side wall is lined with a magnificent tile panel, dated from the beginnings of 20th century, representing scenes allusive to the foundation of the Carmelite Order and Mount Carmel In the interior stands out the excellent gilded carving in the side chapels and in the main altar, and the statuary.

15. Cordoaria's Garden

Nice little garden with a bar. Located above some shops blends in really well. Landmark is nearby. Enjoyed a few drinks here on a short respite on our walks. Is also situated near one of the most beautiful bookstores i have seen.

Very peacefull after a long walk uphill from the river.

Nice small park with nice art sculptures. Good for a sandwich or a shade when you're in the hood.

Lovely little garden where to rest when you are visiting the city. It is just next to torre dos clérigos and you will find here bars around the place and a small shop where to buy an ice-cream or some water. Really a nice place to recharge your batteries and get ready for what comes next. When there are some events in the city like São João or Queima das fitas the park just becomes a place for a massive party. Really friendly.

A small patch of nature surrounded by grey. Due to its tall and branching trees it gets darker than one would expect. It's very unclean at times and a rough crowd hangs around it.

16. São Roque Park

A lovely surprise in Porto's suburb ! Architecture, nature and pictoresque views. Amazing to spent time in a sunny day :)

Lovely apparatus for kids, clean and well maintained, beautiful views. Keep in mind the entire park is located on one big slope, so if you enter at the top and venture all the way to the opposite entrance, you will have to hike it back up. Well worth it, though.

Nice family park. One of the few with a big maze.

Quiet park with beautiful views towards Campanhã valley.

Very relaxing park with great design elements (e.g. a small maze, a gazebo). It is definitely worth a look.

17. Clérigos Church

The 360 degree views of the city are amazing and the tower is in a very central location. Be prepared to take a bunch of stairs to the top and get a bit too close to strangers when there are people coming the opposite direction on the stairs as it’s fairly narrow. There’s not much space to move around on the top level so again, there’s some close contact with strangers. (Make sure you go all the way to the top for unrestricted views and not just the first open air platform). I visited during off peak season (and on a rainy day) and still felt it was busy so I’d recommend aiming for a less busy time of day (perhaps first thing in the morning). I’d say this place was worth the €5 entry as you see the tower, the chapel and the museum.

So very baroque. Very church. The fact that a church can have a modern logo is sort of breaking a pattern

The views from the top are fantastic. Don't get fooled by the first open air area you get to, there are more steps up to the actual top where you get unrestricted views of the whole city! Make sure you take ear plugs if you time your visit to coincide with the bells chiming on the hour!

Beautiful Baroque style church with pink stone and the wonderful story of Nicolau Nasoni.

Beautiful church! I viewed it from the second floor since I entered through the museum. I love the organs! It was not very busy when I visited on a Wednesday afternoon.

18. Chapel Of Souls

This chappel was built in the 18th century. The outer walls were tiled in 1930. The magnificent tile panels represent steps of the life of St. Francis of Assisi and St. Catherine, who are venerated in the chapel.

I think the images say all the words that you need to know about this place it's super popular and I would recommend going around 2pm as the sunlight hits the tiles around that time and you'll get some great photos.

This church welcomed us as soon as we get out of the metro station of Bolhao. The perfect introduction to the colourful and nice city of Porto.

Magnificent azulejos which represent moments of San Francisco y Santa catarina life. Build at the beginning of the 18th century

Magnificent building. Worth a visit. The tiles are just amazing.

19. Porto Cathedral

I expected much more from main cathedral in ex super catholic was kinda just another huge church....even durinb tour , guide did not suggest to enter inside. From outside seems amazing though.

The architecture is wonderful! You can get a view of the city from here. A must visit if you are in Porto.

Wow! Beautiful!! Pay the extra €3 for the sacristy and cloisters, I was blown away by the 14th century statues and decorated ceilings. And the chapel was magnificent!!

Really nice visit. Lots of atmosphere.

Gorgeous interiors - definitely pay the fee Euros to visit the cloisters and sacristy and to reach the upper level... The views from the piazza are also very good