Best Things To Do in Phuket Thailand

1. Big Buddha Phuket

As it is located in top of the hills the view is beautiful and relaxing. It is good to visit for a little adventure with a motorbike. The road to the hill passes through the forest and you can easily find many other things to do, such as animal parks, bird parks, elephant trips and nice restaurants

Unfortunately currently under construction but still a worth while place to visit. I would recommend coming just before sun set to see the Buddha in nice light and after enjoy the epic sunset at one of the near by sun set view points. Food and drinks are also available. For woman be aware to wear decent clothes covering shoulders, bellies and knees

Thailand is so amazing! I can’t wait to go back! We had such a great time. Beautiful country, loved all the greenery surrounding Phuket. The Big Buddha was massive! A must see if you’re in Thailand.

Special place with magnificent views. It is relatively new and there is a lot of building work going on. You can contribute to the building work and buy some tiles write your names on them and add them to the building. There are public toilets here, plenty of souvenir options. You can get blessed by a monk. Be prepared to put your hand in your pocket and donate what ever you can. There is plenty of parking and some people walk up and walk down. But it is a big old walk. There are plenty of places to get food and drink.

Currently under construction/repair but an amazing visit none the less. There is a beautiful view from the top. You can make a donation toward building material (i.e. small tiles that will line the stairs) and write a message on the back. The Buddha statue itself is impressive in person.

2. Phuket FantaSea

Amazing place, great experience even before you enter the gates. I thought it was just a Lady Boys "show" but this goes far ever and beyond that. If you're in the area, this is definitely an awesome place to spend an evening. Great photo opportunities (although a bit expensive).

A must see for all tourist, however everything is expensive. Has restaurants with moderately authentic Thai cuisine, hosts a large-scale show with elephants and various special effects, however, the air conditioning inside is pretty harsh. There is also an option of riding an elephant- however it is pretty damn bad value for money. The ride was extremely short, so the only point of paying is to take a picture on the elephant and feed him bananas. Also features a pretty large arcade hall, however the games are pretty expensive.

One of the best shows in Phuket. Do not miss the Phuket FantaSea. The entire shows is filled with light and sound effects and not just the actors but even the elephants will not stop to amaze you. While you might think of skipping this but I strongly recommend that you see this and enjoy the show. Make sure you get the best seating which are a bit higher than regular seats. Enjoy the show.

The show was amazing. The settings on the stage and the pyrotechnics are something to behold. Costumes and acting superb. Animals brilliant. 16 elephants on the stage. I thoroughly enjoyed the show.

I love this show so much. great performance, more than I expected. It's absolutely worth the money. Before the show, you can walk around for shopping and end it with an all you can eat dinner.

3. Phuket Trickeye Museum

Very nice presentation. They have meticulously marked the points from where the shot has to be taken. They have also pasted a sample picture for you to position yourself correctly for that stupendous and lifelong memorable shot. A must visit for art enthusiasts, photographers and enthusiasts alike. There are some nice eateries around that place. You can try Thai restaurants which are comparatively cheaper too. All in all, a real surprise pack and a must visit for Phuket travellers.

Interesting place to get some mind blowing pics. Try to book online as it's little cheaper. Artists are brilliant to create such murals which really brings out 3D effects when u click a photo. Get a good camera and u can really have fun in there with all the cool pics.

Great place to waste a couple of hours. Fun and fairly cheap at 500 baht per person. Would recommend.

Great museum with interesting paintings and optical illusions. If you like photography, you will feel like you're in a playground! A typical visit last for around 1hr. The pictures that you can take inside the museum are simply brilliant.

Fun place to visit. If you like having pictures taken of yourself, you'll love this place. My wife did. :-)

4. Phuket Simon Cabaret

Though it was all lip-sync, but the show was very great! Worth every penny. Recommendations: 1) Buy the ticket from travel agent, the cost is 30% cheaper than purchase at Simon Carabet itself. I paid 680 Bath / person (instead of 1000 Bath) for VIP seating. 2) Once the show ends, ladyboys will march outside for picture session. You need to pay them if you take pictures with them, otherwise they might force you to pay. Prepare your small change. Other than that, just enjoy the fantastic show!

Well worth a visit. Great costumes and fantastic sets. Lip syncing not the best but still good show and quite funny at times. Book through SRC travel for good price a d seats.

Was not expecting much after some of the reviews. Had VIP package and was worth every Baht. ! Boy Dancers also worth watching. Enjoyed themselves so much was infectious. Absolutely fascinating and hard to imagine that some of these " lady boys" were ever male. Even their limbs and hands female. Highly recommend.

This show is definitely worth the time and money. An hour show for 1000baht including transfer from hotel (if u staying at patong area) I bought mine from Klook which is slightly cheaper. Advise to get standard seat where u will be sitting at level 2 getting the full view of the stage. I bought my VIP seat (auto assigned) at row A with super close up view of the performers. It was great but would consider the standard seat the next time round if I am coming again. It's not the usual Thailand cultural performance nor the ladyboy parade kind. It's a lot more entertaining for the one hour show! Highly recommend. At the end of the show, u get to pay 100 baht to take photos with your preferred performer. (100baht each performer)

VERY entertaining show!! Enjoyed every moment and I was impressed with the decor inside and out! Only sad point is that the dancers who pose for photos afterwards are rude and forward to rip off the tourists!! We had three dancers who offered to pose and innocently we agree, then they started grabbing our money right out hand and yelling it's not enough!!!

5. The Gibbon Rehabilitation Project (GRP)

This is very important project that helps to repopulate the Gibbons. Some of the Gibbons have been released and some can never be released. You can see some of the Gibbons. It is not a big tour or anything, you won't be able to handle the gibbons or feed them. This is a pure conservation project and it needs the support of tourists and visitors to continue the good work. My daughter adopted a Gibbon and we bought some nice T-Shirts. After you visit here, you can go and visit the Waterfall.

The people who are staffed here, either permanently or volunteering, are absolutely amazing. They are knowledgeable and passionate about the gibbons they are helping. The sanctuary itself is small, but only on the part that you can see. It's much bigger in the back where humans are not allowed in. The stories of the gibbons are funny and heartwarming, and makes their rehabilitation all the more important. Definitely recommend hiking to the waterfall afterward!

This place is pretty small, and you can only see a few of the Gibbons on display as the rest are held away from human contact in order to re-integrate them back into the wild. They do have a very informative display, and they are doing very important work. Worth a visit, and plan on visiting the nearby waterfall (a few hundred meters away) in order to kill a few hours.

I was briefly a unofficial volunteer here about ten years ago. Nice to see the same level of support for these animals. Kudos to the volunteers and staff!!!

We see only three gibbons, they are making good job but not worth to travel there.

6. Cape Panwa Hotel, Phuket

Elegant hotel with beautiful beach. Some stunning sunsets and lots of relaxation time using Cape Panwa Hotel to explore Phuket. Newly renovated room had excellent facilities and spacious layout. Good pool to swim and friendly welcome. We arrived early and there is a private lounge for early check-ins while you wait for your room. Good food selection across the hotel though restaurant on the beach was our favourite. Good breakfast buffet but make sure you don't hit peak time as it can get crowded. We enjoyed our stay and would return.

Had a wonderful time staying at the Cape Panwa hotel for our honeymoon. The staff were always smiling and ready to help. We didn’t have any issues and really enjoyed our stay. Make sure you wake up to see the sunrise from the private beach. And head down to the city area for food. There’s also a cheap massage place right up the hill called DIVA.

Stayed in the absolute suite and absolutely loved it. Great pool, great rooms, great service, breakfast with buffet in lobby area is standard for a hotel. Restaurants owned by the hotel are not as good as local ones and highly rated recommendations nearby are way better. Beach at hotel is not as great as Phuket town beach.

Great hotel Only had breakfast but great Friendly staff very helpful Nice pool great beach location. Nice village by sea nearby with free bus 5 minutes away, with lots of bars and restaurants. 😚😎

I am really impressed of that hotel. On arrival been given orange juice and cool wet towel for wipe my face by the way it was amazing feeling! Breakfasts are rich in choices from Bulgarian goulash to simple fresh fruits. Few juices, water and low fat/normal milk is avaible. There is couple swimming pools around. The one by the reception is avaible to use between 7am. to 8pm. Also on site is few signs informing You about avaible times for in the ocean. Rooms are very clean, air conditioned with balcony. Personaly I never walked out on it due to keeping mosquitos away from my room.

7. Promthep Cape

BEAUTIFUL FOR SUNSET!!! It is pretty touristy though, so I would suggest getting there early (we arrived at 5:30 and had quality time alone before the crowds showed up). There are no benches or soft places to sit, but if you're used to off-roading and hiking then this is right up your alley!

Great view but At sunset this place will be a zoo. If you follow the trail down the cape to the end there will be far fewer people but coming back up can be a chore in the heat. Bring lots of water.

Good place to spend an evening watching sunset. But does get crowded though with lots of tourists coming in many many numbers. If you don't mind the crowd then definitely you will enjoy the view from here. Good to spend an hour max as not much to do apart from watching sunset.

It's a nice place as an observation point. What I didn't like was that it's recommended on the net as a good place to shoot the sunrise but there are really no good spots to do so. There is a little hard to reach outcropping which is better for photos but do attempt it in the pre-Sun darkness. The views of the ocean with the little sailboats is lovely for photos.

Perfect sunset view you want to come visit every time when in Phuket. But lots of tourists, especially in-season periods. Worth it though, once you see the view through the lenses.

9. Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa

A nice quite resort in the north west Phuket. It is close to the Phuket airport. The beach is clean and nice for a swim. You can see the planes landing from the beach. Evening time is great for sunset photos during clear skies. The resort facilities are good. Great food. If you are looking to have a peaceful time in Phuket and enjoy the Andaman sea, this is the ideal resort. If you are exploring Phuket town then this place is far away from most of the places.

The Renaissance provides you all you will ever need. The staff is very polite. Breakfast is perfect with a large variaty of food. Pro: Eventhough the hotel was fully occupied, there was air to breath, poolside and beach were available at all times. Downside: beside the resort there is not much to do in the area. Phuket is a long drive. My advise would be, stay here for a maximum of 4-6 days.

Very relaxing place. Quite expensive taking into account remoteness from the main villages and cities. But all of that is 100% justified by the huge - several km beach with almost no people. The only problem, which is a Thai disaster I think is jellyfish. We have been in October '16 and April '18. Both time jellyfish problems from Portuguese man-of-war to some other huge local jelly fish. Wife got bitten this April a bit on the leg - not nice. Breakfasts in the hotel - great. One can take a bike for a spin and see phuhet dragons (varans) awesome opportunity.

Luxury hotel in the best style. The Sandbox is especially lovely by the pool. Great for kids with activities and a family friendly staff. The beach is nice and private feeling but the surf can be a bit rough at times.

Nice Hotel with a very beautiful surrounding, nice staff and clean rooms. The Restaurants are very expensive and they always add service charges, also the cafeteria does not add the real prices. all prices have a ++ after them which apperantly means they can charge whatever they want..

10. Monkey Hill

This place was the highlight of my trip to Phuket. I could spend hours here just watching the monkeys play and go about their daily routine. I was fortunate enough to be waived through and ride the scooter up but it would also be an amazing walk if you have the time. Definitely a must do in my opinion.

Before I start.. this attraction is COMPLETELY FREE. Myself and partner Hired a private taxi for the day... (incredible price compared to many others) I gave him a list of places I wanted to go, and he asked us did we want to see "Monkey island" 🥜🐒😍 yes its on a hill. I never even new this existed we went and it was just incredible to see, out driver actually bought us monkey nuts to feed (there is stalls to buy food). If I had of known their was so many, and we where able to get up close in person I would have bought loads of bananas for them. If you put your hand out they come up close and take the food. They're adorable. Great to see, so unexpected and delighted we got to see them. 💯

Awesome viewpoint and not scary at all! We has our taxi add this stop on our way to the ferry and I am so glad we did! The view was amazing and monkey were so chill. I was kinda scared to go after reading reviews. The monkeys were fine and not aggressive at all. Buy peanuts instead of the bananas. They are much more interested in those.

We walked all the way from the town. It's not to hard, but still most tourists would use a taxi service or a rented car. The walk up there is awesome, as well as the view you get to see once you reach the top. A lot of dogs are there as well. The monkeys are really interested in people, probably because most of them bring a lot of bananas and nuts along. However, most tourists are up there to get a "fun" picture, meaning that they wouldn't leave the monkeys alone. I, for one, was just sitting there watching the monkeys doing there thing. At some point they got curious about me, just sitting around and actually climbed up my shoulder and head. While one was trying to cleanse me, the other one bit me in the shoulder. It was really more of a playful bite. Though, mind you to react in a proper way, as the alpha monkey is quite protective when it comes to its fellow monkeys being touched. Overall it's an interesting experience. I'd recommend going there early in the morning, as there are less people.

Great place to visit - especially via scooter/motobike. Don't park at the bottom of the hill - it's a long, hot walk up. With a scooter you can drive all the way up (even to the radio antennae up on the peak). We bought some bananas at the Super Cheap market before heading up and the monkeys were really fun to feed and watch. Lots of baby monkeys being acrobatic in the trees and vines. Hold on to your water bottle, as some of the monkeys seem to really like fresh bottled water!

11. Nai Harn Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches of Phuket. The beach is owned by the Buddhist monastery that sits just behind it and the monks prevent construction of hotels and such on the beach itself. There are a lot of little shops with beach accessories (swimwear, sun lotion,...) and little restaurants with seafood and Thai cuisine but you can also have street food. The beach tends to be busy during the high season (mid-October - mid-May) but even then, it is a beautiful place.

Second favourite beach in Phuket. No crazy parties on the beach, just quiet and relaxing. Great place for sunset. After a long day, go to Nai Harn with your loved ones. Sitting somewhere shady, having a few beers and watching sunset. ❤❤ Welcome to Phuket.

Great beach to just relax and dip yourself in the water. The waves are quite calm and the sand is smooth. It's a good beach to bring children because of the above. The left side of the beach is usually more crowded than the right side (the side further away from the windmill). At noon time, there isn't much natural shade available unless you bring your own umbrella, but in the morning, the trees provide quite a good shade. There are 2 other quieter beaches nearby, though it may be better to drive than walking.

Nai Harn Beach is the Phuket home to The Nai Harn Resort, is a secluded area near the tip of the Island and is home to many of the local expat residents. There are few places to rent for short term. A Buddhist monastery is centered here, Samnak Song Nai Harn. During monsoon season swimming can be dangerous as there is a steep drop-off close to shore and strong undertow. Other times it is a great place for swimming. Please like if you feel this review is helpful for you. Regards

Wife’s favorite beach in Phuket. Lots of beach and very pretty. There’s a place to rent chairs and umbrellas and several yachts and other fancy boats to see in the area. Nice water. Very enjoyable place to park for a couple hours. :) would make a great place to watch the sunset.

12. Siam Niramit Phuket

Enjoyed the show and food. A very light but fun evening. Parking is good there if you have your own car. While waiting there is a few things to do like elephant rides and other elephant tricks as well as the Thai village to see. Fun for the whole family.

Maybe 3.5 stars. Most people loved it but we felt a bit let down given the hype. The costumes and the set is well done. This show gives you some of the cultural history. It is not a show with fancy acrobatics or anything like that. There are 3 seating options - silver, gold and platinum. We bought gold tickets and I think silver is good enough. Overall go see it if you are in Phuket.

For me one of the best things to see and do in Thailand. Show itself was perfect in crazy way, river and rain on the stage, animals, costumes, flying acrobats. The complex of Siam Niramit was picturing all areas of old Siam pure as it was.

It's a nice show, with the pre-show and the cultural orientation about Thailand history. Demonstrating different period passed by the country. It's very detailed wise and interesting. That's why it's expensive because it's done well. You will smell strange when you enter the theatre as they use real animals during the show. Overall, it was an interesting experience

What a fantastic night! I would recommend this for anyone looking for some evening entertainment while staying in Phuket. The park was very clean, and the staff very friendly. Lots of interactive learning as you explore a traditional Thai village, good fun for kids and adults. The buffet dinner was very good, and the show itself was phenomenal, I was blown away. I only knock one star off due to the use of Elephants in some of the pre show entertainment, these marvellous creatures should be forced to do tricks for tourists. That aside, the experience was wonderful and the show itself was fantastic.

13. Windmill Viewpoint

Simply breathtaking view! Mother's nature at her best must stay till evening to see the beautiful sunset at the horizon if sky is not too cloudy & if you are thirsty or need fruit juices a stall is just nearby.. If mother nature calls toilets are available Good photo opportunity....

Beautiful viewpoint. They've made a decent sized car park now so you don't need to hurry-hurry-take-picture while you're blocking the road! What is most surprising is that it's FREE! Very unusual for Phuket! There is also a toilet and a kiosk selling fresh fruit and refreshments.

If you're driving past pull in and have a look but don't go out of your way. Nice view but there are plenty more like it. The day I went there was a little mobile store to get nibbles and drinks.

It’s pretty.... every place is pretty here. Lol don’t worry about going to find the perfect place for photos. You won’t go wrong anyplace you go. Just get on a scooter and drive. There’s a picture perfect viewpoint around every corner.

This is a good place to take a break from driving. Just enjoy the ocean view from the high pt. Nothing to do there...just enjoy the wonderful sea breeze and view.

14. Holiday Inn Resort Phuket

Beautiful resort and the best place to relax. Staff are very friendly and helpful. The tea tree massage within the hotel was great. Food is good also but some dishes expensive. Make the most of it by going during happy hours to bar. Professional massage even though it is a bit pricy. It is totally worth the money.

Very good staying place for all-aged family. They have three pools for baby, kids and adults. And served see food buffet with reasonable price. Also have good inner-cold place to keep salad vegetables, milk and piece cakes fresh in buffet meal. If you are looking for resort close to patong beach, here will be the best choice!

We have just got back home from our holiday and we already missing our time here at the resort. Great and very helpful staff, excellent room and beautiful food. Can’t wait to we go back again and can sit at the pool bar all day

A hotel with standard service and rooms. It's.great for children though as it has kids club, kids pool and toddler pool. There restaurant is also very child friendly. We stayed for 3 and 1/2 days there were not many benefits to be enjoyed but if you have many excursion then its great for bed and breakfast.

Lovely hotel at the far end of Patong beach. Very close to many popular attraction yet private. Service is excellent and hotel is well kept. Definitely a good choice to stay at.

15. Phuket Weekend market

Great variety of things to buy, cheaper than other places in Thailand. A vibrant street market that continues til late night. Street food is cheap and smells amazing. Lively, busy and live music every few metres. Not for those who don't like crowds though. A must for anyone who visits phuket!

Would have given 5 stars if not for the fact that its super crowded. Love to go buy foods there. They are trying to be good with no use of styrofoam but then compensate with unlimited plastic bags and containers, which kinda defeats the purpose IMHO..

Like most other markets in Thailand, this place will give you a great shopping as well as window shopping experience! Innumerable shops selling inexpensive clothing, great food options, some very stylish accessory stores and great people around! What more can one expect at a weekend market?! P.S.- parking can be an issue if you have you have a car!

The night market on Sunday is in Phuket Town. Lively with music, several food and drink vendors. There is no seating available so eating and walking in a very crowded space is not much fun. But as a tourist it was all very interesting. We took refuge in one if the cafes for aircon and a quiet place to sit.

Fun weekend! Sooooo many things to eat & drink here, and many bands playing to keep people entertained. Handmade souvenirs. No public toilets, parking can be tough, but overall is great. A good chance to meet locals, but you'll see many foreigners walking around too.

16. Karon View Point

The place was really stunning from where one can see two beaches together. Though the view point is on top of hill and tourist go there by tuktuk (local four wheeler) or motorbike.There is nothing much to see except those beaches by open eyes.It would have been better if a binocular installed over there to enjoy the long view by the authority.

Beautiful view, lots of people. Great getaway from the constant barrage of people trying to sell you stuff in the city. Bathrooms and concessions are available

You can see the beaches from here. Beautiful site. It was really hot, when we went there. So if you happen to go during the Summer time, please carry a bottle of water, umbrella and a sun glass.

It is an old View point, clean, beautiful location. Has some small shops on site.. Great area for photographers.

So you can actually see the big three beaches from here. It is quite a view to drive to. The drive is also super fun. The roads are quite up and down and you can manage it on your rented two wheeler. Carry 10 baht coins then you can use the binoculars provided there. There is also this women with a vulture or eagle who lets you keep the bird on your hand and click picture for a small amount. I think you can try that too.

18. The Nai Harn

This was by far the best resort that my partner and I stayed at, on our recent trip to Thailand. The staff were all truly amazing. We stayed for 6 nights and they learnt our names, knew our dietary requirements, preferred drinks for happy hour, gave us useful tips and suggested itineraries to ensure an amazing holiday. Situated right on the beach front, a perfect way to wake up, have breakfast and body surf in the waves. It is located away from night life and main shopping centers, but is perfect for a relaxing holiday.

I'm a Franco-Thai Wedding Photographer and I discover The Nai Harn last year for the rustic and sophisticated wedding of H&N. This venue is just breath taking! The view and the beach are amazing. The place is very modern offering all services nearby. The quality of the service is incredible. It was raining that day and we still enjoyed the sea view at the shelter in the restaurant. The party room might not be up to the height of the hotel in my opinion in terms of materials and light. The buffet was plentiful and correct, I come from France so demanding on food! And for a wedding, personally, I will privilege a place privatizable. The hotel is quite busy so we sometimes share spaces with other guests.

The restaurant lounge was very very nice. Had lunch there and the atmosphere on a sunny eve was perfect. Drinks are amazing, food was professionally cooked and had good variety. They had vegetarian and (I think) vegan food clearly labeled. The price was steep, though, but it's a finer establishment for sure.

We literally could not have been happier with our dinner at Rock Salt Naiharn Beach... the setting is very special with the view of the sea lapping onto the bay. The ambience is relaxing and romantic with a gentle contemporary vibe. I had the Tiger Prawns in garlic which were total heaven and my parents had the Moules which they both loved. We decided that the fries were simply the best we’d ever tasted so we are really looking forward to our next visit! Highly recommend

The staff were incedibly kind and helpful. Their English was excellent and they were always cheerful and friendly. The cocktails were excellent and reasonably priced and the view from 'Cosmo' (their restaurant) were equally beautiful during the day or night. Breakfast had a huge choice: Thai and Asian cuisine; western food; healthy options of fruit, granola or cold cuts. The pool area has beautiful views over Nai Harn beach and the boats moored in the bay. The loungers aren't too close so there feels like plenty of privacy. The only complaint we had is that the gym is very small, so there is little space to do you own workouts. However, we were the only people in there so we had space enough.

20. Phuket Seashell Museum

Great arrangement and great collection! Everything was in English which was helpful - my only complaint is that they describe each "family" of shell a little too briefly. I was hoping for more of an explanation on the animals that live inside and how each shell is made. But if you're just going to look its very interesting!!

World-Class, Of Interest to Academic-Types and Shopping for Pearls and Rare Fossils. This collection is incredible, undoubtedly the best open to the public dealing with Indian Ocean shells. There is a self-guided tour with descriptions in Thai and English of each family of shells. I found many interesting stories, for instance that the Greek mythological golden fleece was likely from the material a large Mediterranean clam uses to bind itself to rocks. The shells are beautiful, too, so if you are with kids or have a casual interest, you could spend half an hour. Or you could spend 90 minutes as I did. The gift shop is not to be overlooked. It's huge and has a selection of top notch inexpensively priced pearls ($100-200) as well as hard to find large fossil specimens such as ammonites ($250). There are also many less expensive pieces and loose shells kids would love starting as low as 15 baht.

Nice way to spend an hour in an air-conditioned museum. Shell collection is impressive, and you can get a cold beer, soft drink, or ice-cream in the gift shop/cafe area. Staff are friendly and helpful

Very nice experience, interesting, beautiful.. and a very nice gift shop.

A real gem. Loved the outlay and shells on exhibit. Great place to spend time while on holiday in Phuket.