Best Things To Do in Phuket Thailand

1. Phuket Trickeye Museum

Very nice presentation. They have meticulously marked the points from where the shot has to be taken. They have also pasted a sample picture for you to position yourself correctly for that stupendous and lifelong memorable shot. A must visit for art enthusiasts, photographers and enthusiasts alike. There are some nice eateries around that place. You can try Thai restaurants which are comparatively cheaper too. All in all, a real surprise pack and a must visit for Phuket travellers.

We really enjoyed this experience we are a family of 5 with 3 kids ages 14, 7, and 4. We all enjoyed it as much as each other which is difficult for a family with large age gaps. We paid 1800 baht which works out as €46 which we felt was good value for an evening out. The 4 year old was free. We spent about 1 and a half hours in there but we could have spent longer for sure. It's open until 7pm with the last admission at 6. We went in about 5.30 but I would recommend giving yourself an hour more than this so you don't feel you have to rush through and not miss anything. While in phuket we decided to avoid anything that involved animals so this was a really great evening full of good clean fun for all the family without worrying about the treatment of animals. Most other shows around seemed to involve animals in some way. I would highly recommend it for all ages.

We had a blast and took so many photos. Amazing concept that was the highlights of our trip in Phuket. Fantastic, definitely something original to do.

Fun place to visit and take lots of photos. The staff were very helpful. Worth the money.

Great place for passing the time. Located in the Phuket town, near Ibis Styles and Novotel hotel. Cost is 500 THB per adult.

2. Promthep Cape

Good place to spend an evening watching sunset. But does get crowded though with lots of tourists coming in many many numbers. If you don't mind the crowd then definitely you will enjoy the view from here. Good to spend an hour max as not much to do apart from watching sunset.

It's a nice place as an observation point. What I didn't like was that it's recommended on the net as a good place to shoot the sunrise but there are really no good spots to do so. There is a little hard to reach outcropping which is better for photos but do attempt it in the pre-Sun darkness. The views of the ocean with the little sailboats is lovely for photos.

This was a larger area therefore It didn’t seem as crowded even during the busier times. Although I didn’t manage to have clear skies when I went so my experience wasn’t great. I can imagine the view to be spectacular given better weather. Nevertheless, it’s quite a nice place to go to for the views and a stroll.

very nice sunset view, travellers must go there to enjoy the sun falling down to the sea. the best hour at there is from 18:00-18:45, that is the sun normally starting to falling time. Enjoy and take some good pictures ^.~'

Easy to go down & hard to go back 🙂 But it’s worth it! You can see gravity stones there. And can take cool pictures until the sunset.

3. Monkey Hill

Before I start.. this attraction is COMPLETELY FREE. Myself and partner Hired a private taxi for the day... (incredible price compared to many others) I gave him a list of places I wanted to go, and he asked us did we want to see "Monkey island" 🥜🐒😍 yes its on a hill. I never even new this existed we went and it was just incredible to see, out driver actually bought us monkey nuts to feed (there is stalls to buy food). If I had of known their was so many, and we where able to get up close in person I would have bought loads of bananas for them. If you put your hand out they come up close and take the food. They're adorable. Great to see, so unexpected and delighted we got to see them. 💯

We walked all the way from the town. It's not to hard, but still most tourists would use a taxi service or a rented car. The walk up there is awesome, as well as the view you get to see once you reach the top. A lot of dogs are there as well. The monkeys are really interested in people, probably because most of them bring a lot of bananas and nuts along. However, most tourists are up there to get a "fun" picture, meaning that they wouldn't leave the monkeys alone. I, for one, was just sitting there watching the monkeys doing there thing. At some point they got curious about me, just sitting around and actually climbed up my shoulder and head. While one was trying to cleanse me, the other one bit me in the shoulder. It was really more of a playful bite. Though, mind you to react in a proper way, as the alpha monkey is quite protective when it comes to its fellow monkeys being touched. Overall it's an interesting experience. I'd recommend going there early in the morning, as there are less people.

Great place to visit - especially via scooter/motobike. Don't park at the bottom of the hill - it's a long, hot walk up. With a scooter you can drive all the way up (even to the radio antennae up on the peak). We bought some bananas at the Super Cheap market before heading up and the monkeys were really fun to feed and watch. Lots of baby monkeys being acrobatic in the trees and vines. Hold on to your water bottle, as some of the monkeys seem to really like fresh bottled water!

15 min walk up a relatively steep hill, you can buy bananas, apples and peanuts for yourself or more likely monkeys. Bottom of the hills has a lot of dogs but they don't bother people. They do go absolutely berserk if someone brings their own dogs there. Towards top of the hill it's swarming with monkeys but be careful on the approach as some of the bigger male monkey's ambush people from the bushes bit lower when they are not alert.. 2 big guys in front of me lost their entire bag of fruit by just 1 large monkey, can easily lose entire backpack, they are fearless.

Must see if you like monkeys! The animals are super cute and not aggressive. But be careful if you feed them, don't pet them!!

4. Karon View Point

So you can actually see the big three beaches from here. It is quite a view to drive to. The drive is also super fun. The roads are quite up and down and you can manage it on your rented two wheeler. Carry 10 baht coins then you can use the binoculars provided there. There is also this women with a vulture or eagle who lets you keep the bird on your hand and click picture for a small amount. I think you can try that too.

A very nice and popular viewpoint. There are a couple of small stalls selling fruit, drink and basics. Could use a cafeteria or bar, though. The climb is best done by motor, although by foot the heights seem ever so sweeter!

Lovely viewpoint. The drive up here is charming too. Could do this when you're on your way to one of the other beaches. Wouldn't recommend a special visit.

Karon view point gives you a beautiful view of the whole of the Andaman sea, the islands and the mountains look beautiful from this point, and this is a free place, there is no ticket. This place is also great for photography and you will find people making professional videos here. The place has a toilet facility also, but it is chargeable, 10 BHT per person per use. There is a small grocery store and coconut water stop here, you can relieve yourself, take a breather, look at the beautiful view from this point and head ahead. The drive to this viewpoint is majestic, you can hire a Scooty and go for this point, it is worth it.

Great view from top. Can take photos with eagles. Nice ride if you have a bike to top.

5. Windmill Viewpoint

It’s pretty.... every place is pretty here. Lol don’t worry about going to find the perfect place for photos. You won’t go wrong anyplace you go. Just get on a scooter and drive. There’s a picture perfect viewpoint around every corner.

You really should consider this viewpoint if you come to phuket. The view is fantastic. The windmill make this viewpoint more attractive. Great place to take photos. If you drive here, there is parking slot at the top for free. Make sure you don't miss this! I totally like this place!

A very nice viewpoint, maybe the best on Phuket for watching the sunset. Hence it is immensely popular, expect lots of cars, bikes and up to 50 people for every single sunset. But there is plenty of room for everyone.

Took my wedding photoshoot here. This place is a gem! It looks like you’re in beautiful Europe! You can also watch the sunset from here instead of overrated/ crowded Promthep Cape. Although coming up here is less convenient than the Cape. Def a place not to be missed! May be very warm in midday but your photos will turn out breathtaking!

Very nice lookout point of the ocean. I ducked under there for cover because it started to pour. I was hoping to catch a rainbow since the rain moved quickly, but no rainbows. It's also a great spot to see shooting stars. I went back another evening when the sky was clear at 3 am and saw many stars and shooting stars.

6. Katathani Phuket Beach Resort

I absolutely loved this resort. It was close to the beach, the facilities and services, restaurants and bars were fantastic! The security surround the premises made it feel safe and the private beach meant it was not overly crowded with tourists. I'd be careful with booking activities and excursions via the hotel - not because it was not safe but because the excursion itself was not very entertaining.

Excellent and expansive resort with extensive facilities. Beautiful beach and at times nice surf out front. The staff, as in most Thai resorts are absolutely brilliant. Amazing food in all 6 restaurants. The buffet breakfast is a highlight. Some of the rooms and facilities are getting a little "tired" and need renovation. Overall though, brilliant.

Pure bliss! Katathani runs the entire length of Kata Beach. Excellent value for money. Food is devine, service impeccable, staff friendly and courteous. Grounds extensive and simply beautiful. So many lovely pools, about 10 I think including adult only pools. Hard to decide whether to be on the beach to swim in the beautiful surf or lay beside a pool under the shade adjacent one of the many bars and order lunch and cocktails. Brain in neutral the entire time there. It was like walking through someone elses' dream - too beautiful to be real....

Nice resort, but overall service and drinks could be better. Too many kids, need more space for adults and adults area must be enforce. Would i go back again?

Nice resort area. Abit expensive and forced to upgrade to a suite room at a way higher price when they wouldn't honor my online booking. Also we had a wedding and the bar was only open bar for 4 hours....during dinner and the speeches obviously when no one is going to be going up to be getting drinks. Pretty stingy for a high class resort. Also dinner was a a wedding? Come on.

7. Phuket FantaSea

One of the best shows in Phuket. Do not miss the Phuket FantaSea. The entire shows is filled with light and sound effects and not just the actors but even the elephants will not stop to amaze you. While you might think of skipping this but I strongly recommend that you see this and enjoy the show. Make sure you get the best seating which are a bit higher than regular seats. Enjoy the show.

In show:- visuals were amazing and the seats offered have less space. The fighting scene was good and it was fun. Buffet was pretty good, but not good for Vegetarian. Buffet area is huge and serves in very stylish manner. Vegetarian food options were lesser and had smell. They don't allow camera phones into the show and you have to deposit it before entering the Show. Area is huge and has alot of options to look around. Good for Photography 😁😁

I like to think of myself as a relatively seasoned traveler, and am thus not impressed by gift shops, souvenir stands and photo opportunities - and trust me when I say that the few hours that you will spend at this place before the main event will be filled with nothing but that. Oh, and a fairly elaborate buffet dinner. However, the part I don't have any photos of - the show at the end of it all - is genuinely impressive. Great set design, massive on a scale that rivals the best broadway shows I have seen. Impressive performances from the actors and incorporating animals in a way that is both unexpected and impressive. Definitely worth a watch.

What a fun place to go... the show was amazing... couldn't take any photos though a they took all photographic equipment away before you enter the auditorium.... gifts cam be quite expensive but the whole experience was fantastic!!

Best place for children. They would love it, all the trained animals. It was amazing to see trained chicken. Group of chicken's running in a straight line, never seen this in my life.

8. Holiday Inn Resort Phuket

Very nice place to stay. Nearby everything you want to do. The rooms, pools, gardens are very neat and well maintained. The staff is very friendly. Had a really wonderful time staying there. Will definitely go back to stay there again.

An awsome resort in Phuket to stay. As the Holiday Inn Signature lines speaks "stay relaxed", our stay was really very relaxed. Nice co-operation of the staff. Very well behaved. Good good. Very nice pool villas.

Ebjoyed our stay here. The room was large and comfortable and clean. The extra large double bed felt luxurious. Staff were all friendly and attentive. The breakfast spread was good, with all tastes catered for and wasn't ridiculously busy either despite it being high season. Pool is good, plenty of loungers and attentive waiters. Prices in the hotel were pretty reasonable. Would stay again.

The holiday inn resort is located at one of the ends of patong beach area and is at the centre of most activity in the region. Location 5/5 Staff and services 5/5 Rooms 4/5 they are spacious and comfortable but lack good views. Only few beach facing villas Pool 5/5 it has a jacuzzi in it. Cost. You can get great deals online.

The best holiday resort ever stay in better than those in Maldives. Inside the resort, there are 5 pools which you can enjoy yourself in the water for a full day. Not to mention about top of the range of restaurant which you can dine inside. In additional, this is a kid friendly place with nanny services can be employed to look after your kids which you away pamper yourself with spa or out for a drink with friends.

9. Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa

A nice quite resort in the north west Phuket. It is close to the Phuket airport. The beach is clean and nice for a swim. You can see the planes landing from the beach. Evening time is great for sunset photos during clear skies. The resort facilities are good. Great food. If you are looking to have a peaceful time in Phuket and enjoy the Andaman sea, this is the ideal resort. If you are exploring Phuket town then this place is far away from most of the places.

Nice 5 star resort at northern tip of Phuket island and near the airport. The facility is new and landscaping is beautiful. The message at the beach next to resort is nice and cheap. The breakfast at Taling has a nice view of the beach and recommended for guests wanted more privacy. The kids club is also nice to parents with small children. I would give 5 stars except our room wasn’t cleaned to the 5 star standard as the floor still have sand after cleaning.

We really enjoyed the Renaissance. We had the pleasure of staying in a beautiful villa with a private infinity plunge pool. Although there were a few minor issues with items in the room (for example, the outdoor shower head was corroded and didn't work properly) they were negligible. The thing that made the difference here was how great the staff is. Anytime we needed something, there was someone there to help but without being intrusive. Parking was free and easy, right next to the lobby. There is a steam room and jacuzzi in the men's locker room near the fitness center. While there is a spa at the hotel, we really enjoyed the massage stand next door on the grounds of Micky Monkey and watching the sunset while having every joint popped and snapped.

Epic place. Really loved the vibe. Service is fantastic. Place is beautiful. Close to airport. Beautiful pool and beach.

If Patong’s vibrance isn’t for you and prefer to seek for a quieter atmosphere, this place will do. Mai Khao is becoming popular for of its peaceful beaches. With Renaissance’s sophisticated hospitality, you are in good hands for an unforgettable experience.

10. Nai Harn Beach

Great beach to just relax and dip yourself in the water. The waves are quite calm and the sand is smooth. It's a good beach to bring children because of the above. The left side of the beach is usually more crowded than the right side (the side further away from the windmill). At noon time, there isn't much natural shade available unless you bring your own umbrella, but in the morning, the trees provide quite a good shade. There are 2 other quieter beaches nearby, though it may be better to drive than walking.

Nai Harn Beach is the Phuket home to The Nai Harn Resort, is a secluded area near the tip of the Island and is home to many of the local expat residents. There are few places to rent for short term. A Buddhist monastery is centered here, Samnak Song Nai Harn. During monsoon season swimming can be dangerous as there is a steep drop-off close to shore and strong undertow. Other times it is a great place for swimming. Please like if you feel this review is helpful for you. Regards

Wife’s favorite beach in Phuket. Lots of beach and very pretty. There’s a place to rent chairs and umbrellas and several yachts and other fancy boats to see in the area. Nice water. Very enjoyable place to park for a couple hours. :) would make a great place to watch the sunset.

This beach might look nice in the photos but is very overcrowded. Not our kind of crowds either.. We were laying in a relatively quiet part of the beach (still loads of people on each side) and then people set up two volleyball pitches on either side of us (nobody asked if it's okay or anything). We wouldn't mind if not for the fact that the ball hit us couple of times and nobody even said sorry.. They also set up one pitch basically on a pregnant lady's towel and rudely asked her to move. There are so many much nicer beaches in Thailand! Don't bother going there..

The water is clear and has almost no waves, so it is excellent for children: it's almost like a swimming pool. The scenery is beautiful and there are plenty of little restaurants nearby. This used to be my favorite beach in Phuket, nice and quiet with not too many people. But over the years it has become very popular and is now completely crowded with tourists, mostly Russians. So if you are looking for a nice and quiet beach this is not the one for you, or me. :(

11. Phuket Seashell Museum

World-Class, Of Interest to Academic-Types and Shopping for Pearls and Rare Fossils. This collection is incredible, undoubtedly the best open to the public dealing with Indian Ocean shells. There is a self-guided tour with descriptions in Thai and English of each family of shells. I found many interesting stories, for instance that the Greek mythological golden fleece was likely from the material a large Mediterranean clam uses to bind itself to rocks. The shells are beautiful, too, so if you are with kids or have a casual interest, you could spend half an hour. Or you could spend 90 minutes as I did. The gift shop is not to be overlooked. It's huge and has a selection of top notch inexpensively priced pearls ($100-200) as well as hard to find large fossil specimens such as ammonites ($250). There are also many less expensive pieces and loose shells kids would love starting as low as 15 baht.

Nice way to spend an hour in an air-conditioned museum. Shell collection is impressive, and you can get a cold beer, soft drink, or ice-cream in the gift shop/cafe area. Staff are friendly and helpful

A real gem. Loved the outlay and shells on exhibit. Great place to spend time while on holiday in Phuket.

Many different seashells. Very beautiful.

Costly ticket@400 bhat.but one can see many shells in the shopping area.

12. BEST WESTERN PREMIER Bangtao Beach Resort & Spa

The place is really nice. Just front of the beach. Litteraly feet in the sea water as you will get your tasty breakfast at the restaurant with amazing ocean view. The staff here is amazing. I would say the best I never met in thailand. Especially the front manager Khun Na. She is such an amazing character. I would highly recommend this hotel for couple and family. And also if you are alone you will be more than happy to discover this pearl. Thank you for the times.

Great hotel not to flashy but just right, on the beach close to near by restaurants and bars local beach restaurants are very good nothing better than eating yr meal listening to the sea lap at the shore!

Good location, but the staff could have been friendlier. We had the do not disturb sign on the door for only two hours and they completely missed servicing our room that day.

Nice place,nice people,rich breakfast. The pool and the beach really clean and safe to go with kids aswell.

The ladies in the reception are not polite don't know how to greet their guests always gives you a blank look when you try to approach them I felt unwelcome on the hotel because of them. Air-con sucks my husband got sick for days while we are staying there because of their filthy air-con. And all the nois from each other bedroom.was horrible experience from the people of the hotel.

13. BYD Lofts Boutique Hotel & Serviced Apartments

My experience at this was amazing everything was on point. The rooms are huge and the pools are quite nice. And there are 2 pools in different buildings. I stayed at this hotel for 5 days. Everything is a walking distance from this hotel. A lot of restaurant an take always around this hotel. It is also very close to the phukets BIG mall. About a 15min walk. An lastely the staff was friendly towards all the guest.

If you are looking for the perfect oasis to relax in Phuket, BYD Lofts is the way to go. The hotel is in the best location possible, off a quiet street for maximum tranquility and relaxation, and yet super close to the action and nightlife that Patong has to offer. The hotel and its interior design is sleek and modern, and of course super clean. From the generous and high quality toiletries, to the friendly staff, to the super comfy bed, everything about BYD lofts was amazing and made my stay memorable. I would definitely stay with them again for my next trip to Patong beach.

Great value for money at the right distance between beach and Patong nightlife. Very large and very well equipped apartments. Plenty of amenities to cook makes it great for long stays. Team is very friendly and speaks good English.

The lofts were very cozy and comfortable. I love where it is located and its a nice walk to find massage areas and restaurants.

I stayed at BYD Lofts for a few days and I highly recommend anyone visiting Phuket to stay there if they are looking to be in a quiet area, but still super close to all the best things that the island has to offer. The hotel is amazingly decorated, is super clean, is attended by fantastic staff, has functional space with good amenities, and is yet a few mins away from Patong Beach, Bangla Road, Jungceylon shopping centre and the famous Baanzar night market. The hotel is off a quiet street, so you get tranquility from the busy area of Phuket. The accomodation overall is up to the highest standards, and the details such as having separate toiletries for "him" and "her" is a nice touch. I will definitely stay there again when I come back to Phuket.

14. Chaithararam Temple

The temple is very very grand and nicely maintained. A great place for photos.... Occasionally you will see locals taking wedding photo there. Accordingly it's famous place for wedding photos shooting... And... O, I enjoy the fire crackers by the locals.... Remember to wear appropriately when going.

The place is a flea market with a few beautiful temples in between. Tourists setting off fireworks was a disaster as well. Make sure to take your shoes off before entering a temple, and don’t touch any Buddha statues— it’s not polite (there are some signs to help with proper temple etiquette). The view from the top of the main temple is beautiful, you can see the big Buddha on the horizon as well. Remember that when you order a car (use grab app), they cannot enter so meet them at the front street. Nice way to kill a few hours.

The festival is slowly starting. Official beginning at Feb 14. Best time to visit is now. Magical wonder world.

Beautiful and large Buddhist Temple complex at the Phuket island. Tourist attraction, but also a popular religious destination for Budda believers. The main temple is an impressive one, with panoramic view of the area, which have beautiful nature.

Go every time when in Thailand. Lovely country lovely people. Come many time "Happy Thai day's" 😎🤗

15. Phuket Simon Cabaret

Was not expecting much after some of the reviews. Had VIP package and was worth every Baht. ! Boy Dancers also worth watching. Enjoyed themselves so much was infectious. Absolutely fascinating and hard to imagine that some of these " lady boys" were ever male. Even their limbs and hands female. Highly recommend.

Totally beautiful fantastic.. A must see. VIP tickets are worth the Value.. 6 pm show is the better as the Cast are fresh and ready to perform. A rest highlight of our Thailand holiday.

Decide for yourself. 800 baht/person for 70mins cabaret show. Pros it is entertaining if you want to see these performers, they have really beautiful dresses and sets and a few outstanding performances (Beyoncé!) but as all the other reviews said there are many cons as well: it will be 90% Chinese tourists with older parents and kids (that could be strange for some), they are fairly well behaved (because no photography/video is strictly enforced) but also means there’s not much clapping. Two songs in Chinese, one Russian, one Korean, the rest Western. Yes, the performers are all lip syncing and yes you need to pay 100 baht/performer (not per picture!) for taking photo with them after the show. Overall I didn’t mind it because my Mum really enjoyed it but don’t compare it to any other proper singing/dancing shows - just try to enjoy this very Thai performance :)

Nothing to write home about. The costumes are very cool and the venue is ok, but that's where it really ends. Just mediocre dancing, very poor lip-synced songs, and the feeling that you're only there to be ripped off... they get you in, take as much money from you, get you out, and repeat. The whole thing feels like a feeding frenzy on tourists lured by ladyboy-curiosity. "VIP" seating is about $30, while standard seating is about $13 with at least 3/4 of the theater set for "VIP". IMO the best seats are the standard seats, which are on the balcony where you can really appreciate the whole stage and what the performers are trying to accomplish. VIP seats are assigned while standard are 1st come 1st serve, and all of the VIP seating in on the floor level. Do I recommend it? at $13 is a cheap way to spend an hour of your day with a good laugh at times and a glimpse of real potential for a good show. At $30... hell no, for that money there are plenty of things you can do, like rent a scooter for two weeks and explore a lot of really cool sites on the Island or just treat a group of your friends to a meal at a local market.

Its an amazing show. Those people are so beautiful. Only problem is at the end of show if you clicked photo with them you have to pay 100baht for each person.

17. Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort

One of the better resorts in Phuket with great facilities and restaurant choices. The Thai restaurant and the bar restaurant were our two favourite. The staff are wonderful and try their best to help and engage in conversation. One of the only resorts in Phuket with its own private surf beach which we enjoyed on a daily basis. The gym is excellent for a resort and we used it on a regular basis over the two weeks we were there. If you can afford it, definitely treat yourself to a large as the space and views are worth the extra money. Will definitely be going back at the first opportunity.

Nice resort. Big, clean,private beach. Very good restaurants. Good bars. Excellent service. Room and bed were very good. ENORMOUS pool(s). Lots of activities. Particularly good for kids, so not really a singles place. Not walkable to Patong, or really anything worthwhile, so you have to rely on the local transport options which are way overpriced for Thailand but, let’s be real, still inexpensive by western standards (everything is relative). My only beef is that they do take advantage of the fact that you’re isolated from food&beverage competition (as, to be fair, they should), so the prices are definitely not Thailand consistent, but still consistent with what you’d expect at a western resort. As for clientele, on my trip I heard mostly Russian spoken. Some Chinese. A few Brits. Very few Americans.

Good location with a private beach; sun loungers on the beach itself and food/drink can be brought to you there. Nice, big pools. A good selection of restaurants and drinks. Facilities generally very good. Travel excursions desk was very helpful for booking a couple of day trips and show tickets. Service overall by staff was very good.

I spend a whole day at hotel with family. This is very fun. I will share you things: 1. Big swimming pool with varies deep and safety guard 2. The private beach is extremely beautiful and many activities 3. My mother (65) exercise yoga on the sunset beach 4. My Kid have a playground and enjoy with Kid swimming pool. 5. Many type of restaurant in the evening: Japanese, Italian, BBQ and Thai food. Noted tips. Since it is very private. You will get a long distance to go somewhere crowned like Pathong or Karon beach and also 7-eleven . You should prepare and plan to stay inside the hotel. By the way, hotel have already provide things for you, you just pay extra for it.

Had a great time here. Great pools and amazing private beach. Food was great too, though i thought the breakfast lacked something... probably just my personal tastes though.