Best Things To Do in Phuket Thailand

1. Phuket FantaSea

The theatre was amazing. Could see Thai traditions in it. There were elephants and actors coming to audience which was amazing experience. The phones were not allowed which was a bit disappointing because I could not share with my friends, on the flip I could fully appreciate the reasons why the recordings are not allowed. All in all, it was an amazing experience, the entire setting is great, we were able to feed the elephants and take pictures with them. Buffet was also really good. Definitely worth the experience if you are in Thailand.

I enjoyed the buffet before the show. I can see there are quite a few elements, fancy sound and lighting effect, circus etc, put into this show to illustrate the whole story, I love the traditional Thai dancing. However, personally I wasn't that excited about what I saw. It's good for experience, and I'd advise to read the synopsis beforehand so that you can get better understanding, otherwise you would just fall asleep like the Arab fellow sitting next to me did. The whole venue is decorated like a fairy tale place, mainly shops though.

Good place for family outing. Very touristy and lots and lots of crowd. Is surely a one time experience if you're traveling with kids. If traveling alone or as a couple, wouldn't really recommend this. Vegetarian options in the buffet. There's a separate section for that. Food was good. Show was grand and nice.

Grand show with animals and acrobatics. Really well organized entry and exit from the elephant theatre where the show was, very efficient. Had hotel pick up , buffet dinner which had separate halal section for Muslims, prayer room, many eateries, shops etc. The show itself was good but Ive seen better. Didn't really have a mind blowing story line but I guess it's good to go with children as they'll enjoy the animals etc.

It was a great place to spend an evening with family and the highlight was the elephant show. Meal was okay, spread good and one could eat, esp vegetarians. The layout was excellent. The theatre is well made and has large seating capacity. You need to deposit the mobiles before going in. The show has a slow build up but becomes interesting . The main drawback is the show is in Thai, when the large number of visitors are foreigner esp Indians and Chinese, there must be translation available to make the show better

2. Promthep Cape, Phuket

Absolutely stunning landscape. Picture perfect. Just can't soak in enough of it. No picture can do justice to the sheer pleasure of just sitting and watching the waves splash the shore while the more than gentle breeze blows around. Each tree, its leaves, yr hair, flowing dresses acknowledge the breeze with happiness.......

Short walk up to the large viewing platforms. A lighthouse and an elephant monument at the top. Great views. Seemed like possible to hike down to the cape. Saw folks there but no clear paths leading there. Some shops at the car park.

This place really has stuning scenery. Me and my friends go near the edge of the cliff to get a better look at sunset. Even the way is kinda difficult, it's worthed really it. The scenery is beautiful, especially sunset

nice place for evening sunset viewing...unfortunately full of tourists...mainly chinese...and their busses....if you go with a car its nearly impossible to find a parking place...usual tourist trap souvenir shops with upmarket pricing...did one

BEAUTIFUL FOR SUNSET!!! It is pretty touristy though, so I would suggest getting there early (we arrived at 5:30 and had quality time alone before the crowds showed up). There are no benches or soft places to sit, but if you're used to off-roading and hiking then this is right up your alley!

3. Phuket Trickeye Museum

An amazing 3D painting museum. It is an interactive museum that stimulates your creative side. There are various masterpieces and three dimensional pictures that you can be a part of. It would be really good if the museum had a wandering member of staff to take photos as some of the pictures need two people to be part of it. It's a great place five minutes out of Phuket town.

One of attraction in Phuket. With 500 bath per person, you can walk around and take picture as you like. They may as you to take off your shoes. If you like to take photo, this is one of the good place.. maybe spend 1,5-2 hours here. With small kids ( mine is 3years ) , they dont understand and tiring for them since the area is quite big. But for oldies who like to take picture, they’ll love it. Depends on the person like to have a photo or not.

One of the popular tourist visited place at Phuket. If you have kids and have a plan to visit Phuket, you must visit it. Your kids will have a mind blowing memories in his/her life. My kid enjoyed a lot.

Cool art work and worth seeing. Probably the only decent thing to see in the town. However it is quite expensive even for european standards so they clearly know its a tourist thing. But hey, was a good laugh, not something that even happens in an art museum. Worth seeing!

Very nice presentation. They have meticulously marked the points from where the shot has to be taken. They have also pasted a sample picture for you to position yourself correctly for that stupendous and lifelong memorable shot. A must visit for art enthusiasts, photographers and enthusiasts alike. There are some nice eateries around that place. You can try Thai restaurants which are comparatively cheaper too. All in all, a real surprise pack and a must visit for Phuket travellers.

4. Windmill Viewpoint

Beautiful viewpoint. They've made a decent sized car park now so you don't need to hurry-hurry-take-picture while you're blocking the road! What is most surprising is that it's FREE! Very unusual for Phuket! There is also a toilet and a kiosk selling fresh fruit and refreshments.

Simply breathtaking view! Mother's nature at her best must stay till evening to see the beautiful sunset at the horizon if sky is not too cloudy & if you are thirsty or need fruit juices a stall is just nearby.. If mother nature calls toilets are available Good photo opportunity....

Another decent, but not spectacular viewpoint along our tour, namely due to comfort. There are no benches and the concrete floor is pretty much covered in melted ice cream from the shop next door haha. You have to pay to use the toilet (which is expected in this remote area). There is a huge wind turbine also on the hill, but apparently it's not in use anymore which is sad.

It’s pretty.... every place is pretty here. Lol don’t worry about going to find the perfect place for photos. You won’t go wrong anyplace you go. Just get on a scooter and drive. There’s a picture perfect viewpoint around every corner.

If you're driving past pull in and have a look but don't go out of your way. Nice view but there are plenty more like it. The day I went there was a little mobile store to get nibbles and drinks.

5. Flying Hanuman

The staff here is super friendly open to having fun but still keeping it safe and secure. A little expensive but we enjoyed every minute of our adventure. Getting free fruit, a bandana and a t-shirt are also a nice added bonus, making memories. Big thanks to our guide tiger, letting us do the superman, you're the best man!

A must do when visiting Phuket. Very well managed, safe and a lot of fun. Situated inside a forested area with the best views. There are four time slots for the activity everyday, prior booking is recommended. Different packages available, not suitable for kids under 6, elderly, etc. Different packages available as the place is huge, full tour takes about 3 hours. Prices are a bit high, but then again you won't get to do this activity everywhere.

A very good and breath-taking experience – it wasn’t that crowded and we were formed in a team of six to finish the full course. The meal is fine and at least it is a hot meal with some nice dishes. The full course takes around an hour to complete and around 2.5 hours including transfer and briefing sections. The bungee jump spot is truly horrendous as you’re about to jump off twenty meters high with no safety nets – more thrilling than a roller coaster ride – but don’t worry as the tour guide will get you covered.

Very professional place, very expensive though, and cool guides working there. Everyone feels safe. Literally in the tree tops. Go for option B. You WILL have a great time in beautiful surroundings

The experience was good. But maybe too much money for a quick experience. I would rather spend on some water sports next time! But a good thrill!

6. Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

Seems like one of the more ethical elephant sanctuary in Phuket. Been to a few other ones previously and this one is the least intrusive of them. You don't get to ride them or bath with them but I think that is the point of the sanctuary, to let the elephant live without forcing them to go out of their way to entertain us. Currently there are 8 rescued elephant and hope to see more of them being rescued next time I come. The place is clean and the included veggie meal is awesome.

Here they really take care of elephants. We were so grateful to spend the morning with the elephants and the team that take cares of them. My kids were so happy feeding them and taking picture with these giant animals. The video they show you at the beginning is so sad, very good to think about what they do to these animals. The food they serve is so tasty!! Very luck to have found this place.

One of the highlights of my trip! From start to finish, the organization did a fantastic job in shedding light on the circumstances that their elephants come from. Our tour guide, Angie, was extremely detailed in her descriptions. You could easily notice how passionate the entire crew was. An absolute 10/10 experience - I’ll be recommending this place for years to come.

What a wonderful place for rescued elephants. The staff & volunteers are so sensitive to the elephants & respectful of their natural requirements. The tour was fantastic from hotel pick up to drop off. The staff are so friendly & the video presentation was very informative. Lunch was delicious & the souvenirs were really well priced. Highly recommend this tour.

The absolute highlight of our trip to Thailand. Don’t go to the places we’re the let you ride or bath with the elephants, the cruelty the elephants go through to be beat and broken to allow this to happen is sad. It is done out of fear. This place was a really nice place and the money goes to the sanctuary and rescuing more elephants. Our tour guide named Boy way super!!! He was very knowledgeable on the sanctuary and really loved his job! We were lucky to have home as a tour guide! Thank you Boy, you made our trip wonderful. Lunch was also amazing. Huge selection. Great job!!! Highly recommend!

7. Siam Niramit Phuket

I really enjoyed myself at this destination. There was lots of stuff to do aside from watch a show. You can walk through a remake of a Thai village, try foods, dress up in the traditional costume and take pics, meet and feed the elephants and other animals, play interactive thai games, watch a wrestling match and dance with the performers. There is a great show after dark that is very photo op worthy. Most important to me is that animals seems to be well cared for - although you can never really know I suppose but from the outside looking in, this seems to be a better one. I would prefer they were free but at least they are taken care of here. We booked to eat the buffet there and there was plenty of variety of food and most of it was pretty good.

Good evening out! Food is not that great although they cater for all countries. Difficult to understand what the show storyline is. I guess it's history of Thailand. It can get pretty boring with the same routine dancing! Must say though the special effects were amazing. It's not my kind of thing though! Almost fell asleep! I couldn't believe at the end they held tip boxes!

Beautiful dance show combined with historical and cultural background. The show its self is dazzling and joyful. Before the show, there are buffet dinner you can add and mini shows in the open area. Also have elephants working for show and photograph. It seems elephant is taken good care. This is very important to me. In total I like the show, the stage art, and the choreography.

A surprisingly good stage performance surrounding by a beautiful park where a small Thai village was reconstructed. Fun photos opportunities and a chance to discover specialties from each part of Thailand. The show is very impressive and stage design beautifully crafted. It’s worth going, maybe better than Fantasea.

Enjoyed the show and food. A very light but fun evening. Parking is good there if you have your own car. While waiting there is a few things to do like elephant rides and other elephant tricks as well as the Thai village to see. Fun for the whole family.

8. Hat Nai Harn

One of the most beautiful beaches of Phuket. The beach is owned by the Buddhist monastery that sits just behind it and the monks prevent construction of hotels and such on the beach itself. There are a lot of little shops with beach accessories (swimwear, sun lotion,...) and little restaurants with seafood and Thai cuisine but you can also have street food. The beach tends to be busy during the high season (mid-October - mid-May) but even then, it is a beautiful place.

Definitely top 5 in Phuket. Quiet beach (used to be a secret beach until quite recently). Not a lot of vendors (almost none!). Amazing view. Clean.

Don’t go here after a storm, lots of rubbish washes up. Normally a nice beach with great waves. Can be quite busy. Few stalls around to buy some goodies and a sunbed will set you back 50-100thb

Great beach to just relax and dip yourself in the water. The waves are quite calm and the sand is smooth. It's a good beach to bring children because of the above. The left side of the beach is usually more crowded than the right side (the side further away from the windmill). At noon time, there isn't much natural shade available unless you bring your own umbrella, but in the morning, the trees provide quite a good shade. There are 2 other quieter beaches nearby, though it may be better to drive than walking.

Nice area to stay in Phuket. We were just driving through and found a nice beach and cool high end resorts. It's close to the Phuket south cape " prom thep cape". A gorgeous golden hour sunset.

9. Big Buddha Phuket

Beautiful view. Short flight of stairs to and from the Big Buddha - may not be suitable for the elderly and disabled. Admission is free. The place is under construction but accessible. You can contribute by buying the tiles (you can write message on it) or by simply donating. Plenty of parking, clean facilities and very reasonable--priced beverages sold (40 baht for coconut). Make sure to wear appropriate clothing.

We rode our little scooter up the steep hill to Big Buddha. Lots of fun to do this and well sign posted. The Big Buddha and Golden Buddha are together well worth looking at and the view from the top is amazing. Unless you want a very spiritual experience and intend saying lots of prayers and meditating I'd suggest allocating a maximum of 3 hours.

Nice views from the top and from several vista points on the road up. It's possible to hike the six or so miles up the hill, but most people seem to ride motorbikes or take minivans through a tour agency. The big Buddha statue at the top was still being constructed at the time of this writing, but was complete enough to be worth the trip. There are also several smaller statues of the Buddha and other prominent figures in Buddhism at several shrines around the base of the big statue, some in secluded little spots with great views of the surrounding area. There are food and beverages available from a few vendors at and near the top, and a parking lot for cars and a reserved area for motorcycles.

This was such a great place to visit, the views are amazing, you do have to cover your shoulders and legs of you are a female and if you haven't taken enough to cover up they have shawls you can borrow so you are able to walk around and get a good look.. it's such a great feeling walking up there and the atmosphere is great. My daughter who is 6 thoroughly enjoyed it and she would keep pointing it out throughout the day as we drove around the island

It's the second visit to the Big Buddha. The majestic Big Buddha never fail to impress. But just wondering what is taking the construction so long. The view was spectacular from the Big Buddha. Get ready your camera / video camera. If you are visiting this place near noon, it's going to be HOT. No shelter. A short but worthwhile visit to anyone visiting Phuket. The driver will send you all the way to the bottom of the Big Buddha. A just walk into the compound and some stairs to climb (not too many). Oh yes, ladies with exposed shoulder will be provided a scarf to "cover" yourself. It's a spiritual place after all. Bermudas are acceptable.

10. The Gibbon Rehabilitation Project (GRP)

This is very important project that helps to repopulate the Gibbons. Some of the Gibbons have been released and some can never be released. You can see some of the Gibbons. It is not a big tour or anything, you won't be able to handle the gibbons or feed them. This is a pure conservation project and it needs the support of tourists and visitors to continue the good work. My daughter adopted a Gibbon and we bought some nice T-Shirts. After you visit here, you can go and visit the Waterfall.

The people who are staffed here, either permanently or volunteering, are absolutely amazing. They are knowledgeable and passionate about the gibbons they are helping. The sanctuary itself is small, but only on the part that you can see. It's much bigger in the back where humans are not allowed in. The stories of the gibbons are funny and heartwarming, and makes their rehabilitation all the more important. Definitely recommend hiking to the waterfall afterward!

This place is pretty small, and you can only see a few of the Gibbons on display as the rest are held away from human contact in order to re-integrate them back into the wild. They do have a very informative display, and they are doing very important work. Worth a visit, and plan on visiting the nearby waterfall (a few hundred meters away) in order to kill a few hours.

I was briefly a unofficial volunteer here about ten years ago. Nice to see the same level of support for these animals. Kudos to the volunteers and staff!!!

Interesting but a long way to travel from Patong with not much to see. Commend the.for their work though. There is also a waterfall nearby where you can swim after a 10 minute hike.

11. Monkey Hill

This is a good experience for anyone who loves animals. It's free to travel up the hill and see as many monkeys as you like. There are a couple of stalls around selling bananas and peanuts really cheap to feed them. Beware that some of them are very forceful. They will try and snatch the food from you. Don't have your water on show if you wish to keep it! We saw one person lose theirs!! A lot of them are very friendly as well - they'll happily sit on your shoulder for a while or investigate you!

You will not be disappointed when you visit this hill, I tell ya. One of the greatest highlight of my trip. From babies, mamas, and papas the pack is all there! On the street, on wires and trees. Just be careful w/ items that you carry. They may take it as food. They are smart creatures, so handle them with care! :)

Really great place. The local guard there helped us and told us they were further up the hill and then gave us some food to feed them with. Harmless monkeys, very funny, cute and well worth seeing. Does not matter where in phuket you are. Add this to your list!

These monkeys were hilarious! They chased me down and stole my water bottle. It is good to keep your distance but enjoy! There is a guy there who seems to be their friend and hangs out with them. It is a serious hike up the hill so make sure you bring a scooter or car. Hold onto your water!

This place was the highlight of my trip to Phuket. I could spend hours here just watching the monkeys play and go about their daily routine. I was fortunate enough to be waived through and ride the scooter up but it would also be an amazing walk if you have the time. Definitely a must do in my opinion.

12. Phuket Seashell Museum

Great arrangement and great collection! Everything was in English which was helpful - my only complaint is that they describe each "family" of shell a little too briefly. I was hoping for more of an explanation on the animals that live inside and how each shell is made. But if you're just going to look its very interesting!!

World-Class, Of Interest to Academic-Types and Shopping for Pearls and Rare Fossils. This collection is incredible, undoubtedly the best open to the public dealing with Indian Ocean shells. There is a self-guided tour with descriptions in Thai and English of each family of shells. I found many interesting stories, for instance that the Greek mythological golden fleece was likely from the material a large Mediterranean clam uses to bind itself to rocks. The shells are beautiful, too, so if you are with kids or have a casual interest, you could spend half an hour. Or you could spend 90 minutes as I did. The gift shop is not to be overlooked. It's huge and has a selection of top notch inexpensively priced pearls ($100-200) as well as hard to find large fossil specimens such as ammonites ($250). There are also many less expensive pieces and loose shells kids would love starting as low as 15 baht.

Nice way to spend an hour in an air-conditioned museum. Shell collection is impressive, and you can get a cold beer, soft drink, or ice-cream in the gift shop/cafe area. Staff are friendly and helpful

Very nice experience, interesting, beautiful.. and a very nice gift shop.

A real gem. Loved the outlay and shells on exhibit. Great place to spend time while on holiday in Phuket.

13. Phuket Thai Cookery (Koh Siray) Co., Ltd.

Great time and amazing location! Thank you!

We did this class in October 2016. It was the best day ever !!! A real highlight of our trip to Phuket and we will do it again when we go back. The staff were great the food amazing and the setting was paradise. We totally recommend this experience.

Chef James is humorous and makes cooking fun and healthy. Awesome experience. Makes Thai cooking simple and delicious. Cheers 🍻

What an amazing experience!!! We had a tour of the local markets, the went on the cookery school to learn to cook! James, Get, Sue & the team were funny, easy to follow and very helpful. A must do experience!!!

awesome teacher and great food i learned in here Thursdays menu

14. Katathani Phuket Beach Resort

We are currently residing in Katathani Beach Resort and we are so disappointed with the cleanliness of the beach. The Resort does not reflect 5 stars at all. I would give it a 3 star due to being outdated and the service staff needs an improvement as well. The rooms are good size but we are not visiting to be in the room. We Verde traveling to be by the beach The water is beautiful but as much as the resort advertise their private beach it’s simply impossible to enjoy it due to the amount of trash on the beach. What a disappointment especially because the beach is really small and it would take probably 2 hours for few people to pick up the trash daily to make it look like on the photos. It’s really not like that. The beach access for guest hotel is full of trash as well. We have been to few beaches in Phuket but this one just brings the sad view of world pollution Very disappointed!!!

Really again an awesome experience. Staff is friendly and a big thank you to the security there that is always friendly and helpful. Place is clean... The breakfast is out of this world. And for those gym guys out there.... They have 2 gyms and wow you will be able to keep training like you were at home. Love the beaches as this beach is always clean and their pools are awesome. Overall really awesome and if u a family with kids... This is a hotel to be at. Really enjoyed

It’s a very calm a not really overcrowded place. The water is crystal clear, not polluted and very calm. Finding food it’s also very easy, there are small stalls selling fresh coconut water and a 7 eleven a few steps away. Not to forget the Italian restaurant at the entrance of the beach area, which has amazing food and a reasonable price. It’s a hot spot and finding a place to park a motorcycle it’s a nightmare.

Very good resort to come. Weather not so good when I come. But better after that. Great atmosphere. Beautiful. Recommended

Fantastic hotel. We stayed in the one bedroom royal suite - completely and utterly worth it. Awesome views (and sounds) of Kata Noi beach. Service is amazingly helpful, courteous and friendly. Room is exceptionally comfortable, although some finishes are lacking. Numerous bars and restaurants on site with both traditional Thai and western offerings. Family friendly resort, so if children are a deal breaker, unfortunately (for you) this may not be your spot. I traveled with my wife on our anniversary and loved every minute.

15. Cape Panwa Hotel, Phuket

If you are looking for great food, great views, and great service this is a good destination for you. There are many restaurants to choose from and a wide variety of food styles to experience. Authentic Thailand food is of great quality here. Swimming and sun soaking options are plentiful with pools and the beach easy to find. Multiple bars and wifi everywhere you go ensure you always have food , drink and data. The staff are very grateful for your visit so make sure you thank them lots. The hotel is close to many of the features of Phuket and transport is easily arranged when needed including island trips. This is a great value holiday destination for relaxation or adventure.

Elegant hotel with beautiful beach. Some stunning sunsets and lots of relaxation time using Cape Panwa Hotel to explore Phuket. Newly renovated room had excellent facilities and spacious layout. Good pool to swim and friendly welcome. We arrived early and there is a private lounge for early check-ins while you wait for your room. Good food selection across the hotel though restaurant on the beach was our favourite. Good breakfast buffet but make sure you don't hit peak time as it can get crowded. We enjoyed our stay and would return.

Had a wonderful time staying at the Cape Panwa hotel for our honeymoon. The staff were always smiling and ready to help. We didn’t have any issues and really enjoyed our stay. Make sure you wake up to see the sunrise from the private beach. And head down to the city area for food. There’s also a cheap massage place right up the hill called DIVA.

Always lovely. It is totally private with many facilities. Not a corporate hotel.

Cafe Andaman: The waiter "Natacha" is one of the most kind person i have ever met in my life. He welcomes you with such a beautiful smile and you feel welcome instantly. He is doing his job with passion and is speaking english quiet good. His recommendations for the food were good for my personal taste. I told him that i dont eat fish and he instantly looked for an option to give me a good restaurant experience. -D305

16. The Nai Harn

The review is 100% for the Spa. We we’re not guest at the hotel. It was such a breathtaking experience. My wife and I felt so welcomed. The spa is spectacular and beautiful. We both had the “easy breazy” massage and when i say it was life changing we mean it! Amazing staff, amazing massages. They give you a complementary juice in the beginning and in the end of the massage and it was delicious! Definitely checking the hotel out on our next time visiting.

The hotel is breath taking! The view is stunning. Our room in the grand deluxe ocean view was out of this world. Daily room cleaning and bottled water. The staff is friendly and kind. I recommand taking the breakfast. It's not cheap but the food is amazing. The restaurants and the rooftop bar is very expensive. That being said if you travel more on a budget there are a few more affordable restaurant and bar near the hotel. Overall, we had a great stay at this hotel and didn't want to leave!

This was by far the best resort that my partner and I stayed at, on our recent trip to Thailand. The staff were all truly amazing. We stayed for 6 nights and they learnt our names, knew our dietary requirements, preferred drinks for happy hour, gave us useful tips and suggested itineraries to ensure an amazing holiday. Situated right on the beach front, a perfect way to wake up, have breakfast and body surf in the waves. It is located away from night life and main shopping centers, but is perfect for a relaxing holiday.

Awesome Resort! My wife and I stayed here for 5 nights and we had a superb time! Food at the restaurant is delicious, maybe a bit expensive in comparison to Thailand standards but still within normal western price range. In the end we ended up eating multiple meals here! The rooms are big and have a nice view on the beach! Which btw is fantastic and my favorite! The staff is incredibly friendly and very helpful! After a black-out in the hotel for 4-5 hours during the evening they gave us complementary three dinner course! Only the location is a bit distant if you want to explore the area, other restaurants and stuff. But if you come for relaxation and beach time you won’t mind it! :)

I'm a Franco-Thai Wedding Photographer and I discover The Nai Harn last year for the rustic and sophisticated wedding of H&N. This venue is just breath taking! The view and the beach are amazing. The place is very modern offering all services nearby. The quality of the service is incredible. It was raining that day and we still enjoyed the sea view at the shelter in the restaurant. The party room might not be up to the height of the hotel in my opinion in terms of materials and light. The buffet was plentiful and correct, I come from France so demanding on food! And for a wedding, personally, I will privilege a place privatizable. The hotel is quite busy so we sometimes share spaces with other guests.

17. John Gray's Sea Canoe

My husband, myself and our daughters 15 and 16 all loved this tour. We had the best day, we could not fault it. Our Canoe Captains Oopsy and Again were awesome and we had so much fun with them. They were knowledgeable providing lots of insight as well as creating a memorable experience for all 4 of us.

One of the best day trips of our time in Thailand. Really friendly knowledgeable staff. I recommend John Grey over some of the other company's we seen as the groups were alot smaller. Highly recommended.

Amazing team of Professionaly trained kayakers and amazing locations and experiences a must try for everyone visiting Phuket. I can't say much, because the experience is one of its kind. Great Job John Grey's Team .

One of the most memorable experiences we had during our Thailand trip. Great guides, great food, and genuine staff. It's more pricey than most tours but definitely worth the extra splurge. The tour feels more intimate, and our "driver" even took us to an island so we can have amazing photos without anyone else in the background. Pick up and Drop off was smooth as well as booking process. Would highly recommend!

So well organized, from start to finish. Easy online booking, timely hotel pick-up and drop-off in nice minivan and great explanation of where to go, what to do and what to expect throughout whole tour. We did the Hong by Starlight tour. We enjoyed the fact the group is not too big, and every couple/family had their own "captain" that managed the canoes, so we could just sit back in awe of the beautiful surroundings. We had such a fun captain (Don?), that could speak English fairly well and told us a lot about the islands, the country, the nature and anything else we had questions about. We got the chance to row about by ourselves, and the option to swim. So nice and relaxing. The last of the three times we went out on the canoes from the big boat was after sunset, when we went into the cave where we could see bioluminescent plankton in the dark - magical! On the big boat Farook and Alex ran the show - in great English and very fun manner. We got some lovely Thai dishes for lunch and dinner (more than enough to eat), as well as fruit and banana bread as snack. Ice cold drinking water was available the whole time, but guests are permitted to bring their own snacks and drinks too. A highlight of our trip. Worth every cent!

18. Phuket Simon Cabaret

It was entertaining for the first half with all the glittery costumes. Very good staging. But the performers were all lip syncing and they were not even good at it.

A very nice show filled with good atmosphere. We regret that we did not book the VIP seat as the standard seating actually means the upper deck seating which is slightly far from the stage. If you want to be on the first row, do arrive half an hour before for queue as the seats are unallocated. Some Chinese tourists keep talking loud throughout the showed that really pissed me off.

What a joke. My daughters school concert was better than this. Uncoordinated dancing, lip syncing, boring. One hour of our time & money better spent drinking. Seriously don’t waste your time.

Though it was all lip-sync, but the show was very great! Worth every penny. Recommendations: 1) Buy the ticket from travel agent, the cost is 30% cheaper than purchase at Simon Carabet itself. I paid 680 Bath / person (instead of 1000 Bath) for VIP seating. 2) Once the show ends, ladyboys will march outside for picture session. You need to pay them if you take pictures with them, otherwise they might force you to pay. Prepare your small change. Other than that, just enjoy the fantastic show!

We paid for the V.I.P. tickets and I was disappointed in the whole value for money The costumes were good .A few of the real male dancers were out of sync with others on numerous occasions. Also feel that if the performers didn't insist on 200 BAHT to have your photo taken with your own camera ( and the guy taken it also looking for cash ) and they pre announced that it would cost a sensible amount then they would make more cash rather than try to screw over Joe blogs As on three trips that we done it cost us 500 BAHT to have professional photos taken and in a frame. Time to rethink your strategy I think as I won't be back. Not reccomedabale

19. Karon Temple Market

Nothing to shop. All selling the same "Tao Bao" stuffs. But do take note that this Night Market is located on actual Temple Grounds. Please dress appropriately. Respect the culture and religion. Thank you.

This place was awesome. Yes it's hot but welcome to Thailand. Great prices on nice stuff. You can barter up to 50% off on average. Food was really good. This market is very bright and flashy and fun. We had a great time here.

The markets have changed considerably. Previously there has been music playing and a fabulous atmosphere created, now the stalls are much of the same. T shirts, jewellery, usual souvenirs. The temples are beautiful though, definitely worth a visit to see them alone.

A rather lively night market in Karon, Phuket that consists of standard thai street food and plenty of merchandises for sale. After the visit, you can opt to walk to Karon beach for a stroll or enjoy a drink at one of the bars along the beach.

Awesome place... The temple arena is very big and is maintained well and clean... The place is highly visited by tourists.

20. Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa

Highly recommended. Staff are so courteous and will do their best to meet our request. Clean. Spacious. Beautiful landscape. Great value for money. I m looking forward to come back.

I wish I could give this place 10 stars. Amazing service from the Front Desk, wait staff, the cooks/chefs and maintenance/cleaning staff. The rooms are beautiful and clean with awesome views. The food is UNBELIEVABLE! I have travelled the world and been in many 5 star resorts and not had anything as good as the breakfast buffet. Cannot rave on enough about it and would strongly recommend to all my family and friends! This is the 2nd time I've stayed here and just as happy as with the first time I stayed.

We absolutely love The Renaissance! Incredibly warm, friendly. And welcoming staff. We are staying in one of their fantastic pool villas this time and its perfect. More pics to follow!

This is the second time I've come here and plan on coming back again anad again. I love this place and strongly recommend it to all my family, friends, acquaintances and random starngers on the bus. The rooms and views are fantastic. All the staff are super friendly, the food is delicious and I can't rave on enough about the buffet breakfast. I have travelled around the world and genuinely think this place has the best one in the world! I can't wait until my next visit!

Beautiful, Big and spacious rooms. Staff were ready to help at any time of the day. The restaurant Takieng served among best Thai food I've taken in the past 5D4N of my stay in Phuket. Even if u don't intend to stay at Renaissance, please make a reservation for this restaurant especially for a special occasion. The only drawback of the hotel is that it is inaccessible from the main road and hard to access without a car