Best Things To Do in Paris France

1. Luxembourg Gardens

An awesome park! This is free and open to the public, with plenty of shade, benches, and picnic tables. This is a perfect spot for walking, running, sight-seeing, or just people watching. Easy access from the Metro and totally worth it for an afternoon out. Bring a book, or a blanket, or just yourself and enjoy this Queen's garden! The statues of queens (and the patron saint of Paris, St. Genevieve) are cool to see, too!

Little Piece of Heaven! There are many beautiful green spaces/gardens in Paris, but Luxembourg Gardens was my favorite. The vibration of the place is amazing, specially if it is a sunny day.. There are amazing statues scattered around and gigantic fountains. :)) There was a gorgeous little shaded duck pond and stunning manicured hedges everywhere. A lovely place to visit!

Beautiful gardens, wonderful place for a picnic. The playground area was very nice. Love that the floor is not sand. It is a soft tiled surface. The older kids play area looked really nice although my son is 2 and was not able to use it. I was tempted to try some myself :)

A great place to get some quiet time. People tend to gather around the shallow pools where there are plenty of chairs. You'll often see kids playing with toy boats on the water. There are wooded areas that offer shade, permanent table tennis tables in one area, gazebos that sometimes feature jazz bands. One thing to note is that the park closes fairly early in the evenings. Park officials and their whistles make it pretty clear when it's time to leave.

A large beautiful park in the middle of the city. It is great for a stroll and if you are visiting with kids the playground here is one of the best public play spaces I have found (though there is a small cost to enter). The central pool of water is also a fun spot to sit and watch the boats sail.

2. Sainte-Chapelle

A truly magnificent place to visit! The light of the top windows are amazing! And the colours are a bonus! I recommend this for people of all ages. It would be even better if there was a bit more control over the tourists and the photos. Enjoy your visit there!☺️

Breathtaking place in one of the best cities in the world. Visiting this was part of my walking tour around Paris, France. I spent around 15 minutes in this location. I really enjoyed my time here. I visited at a time when the level of tourism was middle to high. I highly recommend walking around here and enjoy the surroundings. 5 stars without question.

Amazing, brilliant, colourful stained glass creates a dazzling effect in the chapel proper. Down below in the entryway are beautifully-painted walls and ceilings. One can imagine the French royalty worshipping in here hundreds of years ago. A pity that the French Revolution destroyed the collection of relics, and that it is no longer in use as a church. Exquisite.

This is one of oldest churches of Paris. It's not the biggest or most famous, but in my opinion it is the most beautiful. The windows surround the main room and they are all stained glass that tells the story of the Bible. The towering stain glass windows are fantastic and impressive especially when one considers hour old they are.

If you have the time take a trip into this historic stop. I didn't realize how much history was in this Chapel. I won't go into detail in this review but I highly recommend you research this Chapel. We had a little extra time and I wanted to go into the prison where Marie Antoinette was and this is next door so we decided to drop in. We were very glad we did. Make sure and walk up the few steps to get to the top. It is stunning. They closed early around 5:15 I believe.

3. Sacré-Cœur

I travel with students during the summer, and this is one of my favorite places to take them in Paris. The cathedral is beautiful, and I recommend you step inside. There are other churches available for viewing as well. Around the backside there are artists, cafes, musicians... It's the Paris most folks imagine rather than the urine-smelling streets and metros in other areas. There is a carousel at the base of the hill. There's a significant number of steps up the hill, but there is also a little tram car that will take you to the top for just under 2€. Beautiful does and place.

While the sight was absolutely amazing, stunning even, the men 'selling' friendship bracelets at the entrance and foot of the stairs really put it as the worst experience I had in Paris. My mother in law had warned me about them. They grab your arm (sometimes trying to distract you by pointing out something else) and start tying the string to can't get it off and if you walk away without paying they raise a ruckus. We watched them do this for a while and it's amazing that it's not being dealt with. They line up at the entrance and the foot of the stair in a line so you can't avoid them. When we were trying to get through them I said firmly "Don't touch me." resulting in them calling me some names in another language and even one hitting me. If we'd been able to see the police we would have reported it. The church is gorgeous, but be aware of these men, and if possible don't go alone.

It's off the main thoroughfare but worth the effort. A few flights of stairs to climb but the view is unique. The church itself is quite unique and the inside equally beautiful. You can even pray here, there are quiet spots. Beware of some of the touts on the outside offering strings in friendship only to ask you for money. Be on the alert and see other reviews hereunder about how they operate.

Warnings FIRST. ------------------------- WATCH OUT FOR THE BRACELET SCAMMERS ! They are around the bottom of the stairs. DO NOT let them put a bracelet on you! They are a little aggressive. They will imply that it’s free and tie it on you and then expect money. I spent a good 30 minutes watching how many people got fooled. I myself had to dodge dip and dodge to not have that happen to me. Free to go in. Have fun! Breathtaking basilica! I visited on a Monday afternoon and it was wonderful. I would say one of the most impressive I have visited. Be prepared to see lots of crowds, but don't sorry about waiting too long in line to see inside as the line goes by quickly. Careful with pickpockets, I saw a man get robbed nearby. There is a lift to take you up, but if you can take the stairs, as it's a beautiful sight to see and great photo opportunity. There are plenty shops and restaurants nearby to also check out.

We came for the view and weren't disappointed! Amazing views like no other, there's few perspectives of Paris as amazing as from here. The building itself is beautiful and ornate, though not as stunning as other areas of Paris. We heard it was beautiful and weren't disappointed There are a significant amount of stairs, though there's a tram to get most of the way up which you can buy a ticket for. I'd highly recommend this tram if you're planning to spend your day adventuring around Paris. Having been once, I don't think we'd go back

4. Arc de Triomphe

Beautiful. Is a long 280 stairs climb but worth it. Takes about 15 minutes to climb. There's also a 10 minutes long AV which takes you through the history of the Arc in detail. Tickets are under €20 and we'll worth it. Go in late evening, so that you're on top of the Arc at 10pm, that's when the Eiffel light show happens and looks absolutely stunning. Great views of Paris from the top too. It's hard to admire it from the ground. If you are right next to it, you can explore small parts only as it's too big to take it all in. When you get further away, there is all this traffic in between. Some people try to take pictures from the middle of the boulevard... Not recommended! But from the top the views are glorious. And you can finally observe the full design of the city. I highly recommended reading about it ahead of time or right there as we did. Also, it's quite entertaining to watch traffic below. The complexity and dynamics of it is mesmerizing.

The building is beautiful and its history interesting. Beautiful in the external part, nice store, kind workers. However, for the amount they charge (they might do at least 600,000 € /month!) they should (ought to) have better and clean bathrooms, water fountains and some kind of illumination on the stairs up and down. Their income and their jobs depend upon tourists. They should treat them better, offer better services.

One of the monuments from the the list of various websites that you might search before you go to Paris. Truly speaking there is nothing much to see except a arch made sometimes back to denote something which I might not know. For French people it might be a symbol of something but if you are going to see this from the eyes of a traveller it's nothing. You will find that there is a possibility to go inside this monument, which I was not lucky enough as there was a long queue for the ticket and another equal for the entry. If in case you are interested to go inside this please book it online and go so that the waiting time is reduced to half. I think it a good place for some quick photographs but the main problem is that it is surrounded by busy roads on all the side. There are ways to get the pictures by going in the middle of the road and stand in the designated area and create memory. But I would say a little dangerous even though french people really respect the traffic laws but better safe than sorry Overall it's a place you can see if you have enough time in your travel plan but in case you are on a tight schedule like mine, this place is not very interesting to see rather some near by places to it can be explored.

It's hard to admire it from the ground. If you are right next to it, you can explore small parts only as it's too big to take it all in. When you get further away, there is all this traffic in between. Some people try to take pictures from the middle of the boulevard... Not recommended! But from the top the views are glorious. And you can finally observe the full design of the city. I highly recommend reading about it ahead of time or right there as we did. Also, it's quite entertaining to watch traffic below. The complexity and dynamics of it is mesmerizing.

Beautiful. Is a long 280 stairs climb but worth it. Takes about 15 minutes to climb. There's also a 10 minutes long AV which takes you through the history of the Arc in detail. Tickets are under €20 and we'll worth it. Go in late evening, so that you're on top of the Arc at 10pm, that's when the Eiffel light show happens and looks absolutely stunning. Great views of Paris from the top too.

5. Rodin Museum

Beautiful museum and park in the middle of the city. The gardens are really peaceful and a wonderful place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Perfect place to relax. The house contains an amazing collection, as does the outside garden. When I went, I was on crutches for a stress fracture and they supplied me with a wheelchair, which was very helpful. It didn't work very well outside because of the gravel paths, but inside the house it was great. Highly recommend.

A great museum! Entrance is fair and you get to see a great exhibition. Divided over 2 houses it is really a Rodin exhibition. Many many sculptures in many forms which shown the work of this great artist! Also the garden is filled with sculptures, beside the fact that on a sunny day the garden it self is beautiful!! Amazing to visit and a real recommendation!!

My favorite museum in Paris! Not overwhelming like the more famous museums. If you're not that interested in Rodin (and are willing to miss The Kiss), then just pay for entry into the sculpture garden. It has The Thinker, The Gates of Hell, The Burghers of Calais, and many other wonderful sculptures in a lovely setting. Spend an afternoon picnicking on the lawn. Just lovely!

Extensive collection of Rodin’s works spread throughout well-kept gardens. The presentation of the larger works, including the Gates of Hell, really helps to emphasize them. Seeing The Thinker alone atop a pillar and then in the context of the full Gates of Hell piece added a deeper context to the piece that is normally not present. The indoor portion of the museum has almost an entire room dedicated to Camille Claudel, including a cast of The Age of Maturity - really interesting to see in the center of Rodin’s works. It’s worth noting that this museum is unusually accessible to English-speaking tourists - nearly all of the annotations are translated into English.

This is great museum dedicated to life work of one of the greatest sculptors ever. Inside you will find some of Rodin's most well known works and also an insight into the life of this great artist. The admission charge of 10 Euro is reasonable and well worth it, if even just to see "The Thinker" which stands proudly over the garden.

6. Le Palais Royal

My childhood garden. I spent so much time there that I just can't dislike this place. There are luxury shops but also old medal shops or toys shop. You can see famous people but also a lot of kids playing on the Burren's columns. Enjoy your walk under the lime trees.

Nice interior garden with a fountain and roses. Rows of trees provide some shade, the building is pretty. Rather calm despite the occasional crowd. Definitely a nice place to see if you're in the area or if interested, but unless the above apply, there's no need to make a detour. The Louvre is practically minutes away by foot.

A wonderful small park with a fountain in the middle surrounded by gorgeous buildings. The perfect breathing space in the middle of the city. A must every time I'm in Paris. Enjoy the photo options at your own risk.

I mean it need no explanation. It is a fancy place. Cost no money to enter and it just is fun to kill time. Photos from standing on top of the columns will be find here. Good for all ages.

Grab a snack and find a place to sit. You're going to love hanging out here especially in the Spring and Summer. Flowers everywhere!

7. Parc Monceau

I work just around the corner of this beautiful park so I've been a frequent visitor on my breaks to either wander in the wondrous snow, lie amongst the spring flowers or get some summer sun while I eat my brunch. I'm yet to experience the autumnal glory of Monceau but I look forward to it. Whether you want to go for a run, have a picnic, set up a sackline or do some yoga this historical park has got you covered.

Cool park to picnic or simply go read for a while. It is peaceful and changes you from the busy life of Paris. You can come here to do sport as well. Definitely recommend it.

Stunning and well maintained. From a professional perspective the park is clearly loved and cared for! It has a hugely diverse landscape, with consideration to its size. The site accommodates tourists and locals and whilst it doesn't appear to have cafes within it there are plenty of spots nearby for a coffee.

Extremely clean and well maintained. Decent children play area.. Nice seating area. Snacks and beverage.. Few steps from underground station

I absolutely love this park. First of all it's beautiful, the location is great, there's an antique carousel which kids love and an ice cream / Belgium waffle place right next to it (btw their waffles are expensive but very good). The open field invites for a picnic, or to read your book on a bench under one of the ancient trees. Dreamful, this wonderful park smack in the middle of Paris is definitely worth your time.

8. Eiffel Tower

We were on Europe tour with a group through Star tours. Our tour included night sight seeing of the tower and day tour to the top floor. Our tickets were booked in well advance. It was an amazing experience seeing Eiffel Tower during night and day. We were able to see lighting change at night. For reaching the top floor it took time as it was heavily crowded. There is separate queue for individuals and group visitors. Amazing view of Paris from the top floor. I fell in love with Eiffel Tower.

How do I start with?! A must see monument in the world, the picturesque architecture and surrounding. Plan a visit in the evening as well as in the day time or reach the place in the afternoon then spend the time around here till late evening. Must try: Go on top of the tower, the 360° view of Paris is breathtaking view, very windy on top and it’s open not covered with glass, so weather on top is more chillier than the ground so take your jacket based on the weather in the ground. Evening golden view another scenery which I can never forget. There’s a big lawn in front of the tower, so you can sit and gaze with your loved ones.

Eiffel tower is a must see if visiting Paris. The second platform already allows an awesome view over Paris, if the weather is good. Great to do some nice memory photos. There's small shops and free WC on platform as well. But plan in some waiting time to access. I recommend to buy tickets upfront or just one of the guided tours. We did it and it's stress free in that way.

Magical place. I waited for more than an hour in the line just to get to the ticket counter and then half an hour more to get to the lift. It was worth every penny. When I get to the top, I felt like I'm in the top of the world. The view from there is mind blowing. It's winter so a bit cold. But my God, if you are a thrill seeker or adventurous it's a must. It's one of the best man made landmarks in the world and it rightly is. Never forget it.......

A must see if you're in Paris! Just the sheer vastness of it if you stand underneath and look up at it! It's free to look at but there's always queues for the various different tours to go up the tower, and varying prices.. ALL worth every penny! There's public amenities nearby the Eiffel Tower itself, and kiosks to get hot and cold beverages, an a few places to eat (which are usually busy too.) Also, there's often some form of entertainment going on.. be it dancers, mime artists, there was a really good magician one time we were there, just give a few euros or what you can afford. They don't hassle you as security is thankfully very tight around this area. It's also worth visiting the viewing point, especially on a clear night.. Breathtaking!

9. Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

Don’t simply pass by this incredible building and fascinating history. Walk around it, take a guide tour, go inside and then walk around it again. Every time you visit, look at it from a different angle or perspective you will find something even more fascinating. The finished work is something to behold but the many histories of Paris and the Cathedral are even more compelling and was the real value we found during our many visits. Don’t be put off by the long line to get in, it takes only 10-15 min and you are inside, which if you take a guided tour fills you with new information and fascination for once you are inside. Be respectful once you are inside, regardless of your beliefs or curiosity, it is still a place of worship.

Great visit on the tourist route of Paris. The cathedral lives up to the pictures and I loved seeing the building that I studied in art history class. If you pay close attention to the architectural details you notice that every figure is unique and there is a ton of important christian symbolism in the details. I would definitely do a quick google search about the building because it definitely adds to the experience being able to understand why its so unique!

This is a wonderful place to see! There is always a long line to get inside, but it moves really fast. I highly suggest getting in the line and going in. It is free and beautiful. There is also a tour that goes to top. We weren't able to take this because it was too late in the day, but my good friend I was with said it is worth it.

One of my favorite places to visit while in Paris. The external architecture reveals something new each time. The rose window takes your breath away. It is cool inside and quiet-very serene. I often think of the events this cathedral has witnessed and survived. The wait in line is definitely worth it. If it's your first time visiting, a guided tour is best. Incredibly beautiful Notre Dame!

Lovely cathedral well worth the visit. Don't be put off by the queue it move pretty quickly but be aware if it hot take water to drink while you wait. There is also a bag search before you go in. You can light candle cost 2€ and buy various things. Just go, sit, walk around and enjoy.

10. Orangerie Museum

A wonderful museum that shouldn’t be missed. We went to the museum to see the beautiful canvases of Monet’ water lilies but were just as please with the rest of the museum. Both the permanent collection and the temporary exhibit were fantastic. To see so many pieces of art that were held in private collection now displayed to the public (including a recreation of how they used to be displayed) is a great treat. Try to time your visit for when the crowds aren’t as big. The Monet canvases need to be appreciated from a distance to get the true scope of them. This isn’t easy if there are too many people in the rooms.

Truly stunning. You just have to see not only the museum but a small lake close and picnic area as well as enjoy a lakeside environment. There are also several trees along sidewalks that you can enjoy and walk through. The museum is absolutely stunning with the water lilies paintings. It was a unique experience.

Maybe one of the most peaceful museums I have ever been to, so try to be there at quiet times. Monet intended his water lily paintings to be a relaxation for stressed. Take his advise and walk along the painting so it’ll be as if you are walking by his pond. Marvellous experience.

beautiful museum lots of famous pictures and sculptures. appears in movies such as picture of Vincent Van Gogh , easy to walk and watch. Good information brochure at entrance. suitable for everyone who loves arts. outside the museum have street show and nice to sit.

The Location: Metro #1, 8 & 12, "Concorde". About few minutes walk to the museum. The Admission: 9 euro (included in the museum pass) This entirely refurbished museum houses Monet's Waterlilies and over 144 paintings! The Waterlilies has own special viewing room. The painting is just beautiful~ The size of the painting, the detail of the painting.... impressive!!

11. Discover Walks Paris - Paris walking tours

Eric was an awesome tour guide and gave the best reccomendations for other places to eat/visit/shop. He is extremely knowledgeable of the area (born and raised in Paris) and helped to give our trip a jump start into the right direction. Thank you!!

Had a great experience with our guide in Montmartre. Our guide grew up in the neighborhood and really brought it alive for her group of 12. Very impressed and a tour less traveled which was even nicer.

Have been on several great tours with this company. The most recent one was with Eric who was a delight even though it was raining and we were only three people who showed up. A definite recommend.

We had the best tour with Eric, he took us around the Marais. He was full of knowledge, interesting little facts, knew all the hot spots and Made us all laugh. We’ll def be back for more tours and suggest walking tours with Eric!!

Mary (from Normandy) provided insight, humor, historical facts and fiction (Napoleon was not short) , and tips on lunch and the French culture. Well done!!

12. Place des Vosges

Lovely square with nice greenery and fountain to have a break and enjoy some peaceful time. Very nice park for picnic surrounded by many restaurants and affordable shops in Jewish Marais area. One of the greatest French novelist Victor Hugo lived in Place des Vosges. His house is a museum well worth to visit to see where this great writer lived and died. It’s nice to walk around this beautiful park imagining this great man walking around and getting inspirations for his fabulous books that will be timeless forever just like beautiful Place des Vosges.

Early in the morning, for the jogging. Nowadays, it is usual. A few years earlier, it was still bad seen. On Saturday morning in summer, there is the yoga. And it is a revolution in La Bastille, This old quarter of drunkers...

One of my favorite spots in the city. It us a respectively quiet location. The park gives a nice resting opportunity.

Very peaceful park with fewer tourists (time of visit: 12:30pm) than other parts of Le Marais district, close to Place de la Bastille (also, the metro stop: Bastille). Perfect location to have a small picnic in the afternoon. The surrounding red bricked house-fronts give it a beautiful, royal feel!

A small, cozy park with a fountain and grassy areas to sit on. Lots of people reading, resting, having a picnic. The park's perimeter is treed, and beyond the park is stunning architecture from the 1600s.

13. Palace of Versailles

Castle fit for Kings, from King Louis XIV till French Revolution in 1789 many kings lived in majestic, gloriously grandiose Royal palace of Versailles. Stunning architecture, amazing artwork, numerous rooms, king’s and Queen’s apartments with huge terrace overlooking mesmerizing gardens with endless views are just incredibly amazing and breathtaking. It feels surreal to walk around to see numerous fabulous rooms, unique decor, Marie Antoinette’s personal things, like comb and mirror. After King and Queen were executed their personal belongings, artwork and furniture were taken and not very many items were returned. Still grandiose rooms, gorgeous gardens, amazing sculptures, golden hallways, fantastic gardens timeless reminders of French Royalty are very much worth to see. It feels you’ve stepped back in time, walking though history. Many historical moments were witnessed there. The First World War Peace Treaty being the most known one. On June 28, 1919 Great War was over by signing a treaty between Germany and Allied Powers. Mesmerizing, spectacular, majestic Versailles is very precious monument of world’s heritage designated by UNESCO. It’s an honour to visit this historic, magnificent, iconic palace that touches your soul leaving lasting memory. Being in Marie Antoinette’s room, nothing short of miracle. When you are there count your blessings, spending the time at splendid Royal Palace of Versailles visited by many Kings, presidents and dignitaries is certainly one of them.

This was an awesome experience! For 20 euros you get access to the palace and a free audio guide to use. Unfortunately there was a great deal of the palace that you didn't get to see. The lines moved fast to get in and the sheer massiveness of the palace is mind blowing. If you love history and enjoy studying the French revolution and post Renaissance European history ... This is a place you need to visit! You can read books about it all you want, but it is completely different in person!

Better come with a tour guide where they will bring you there by riding a bus and offer personal audio pen where you can listen to narration of the history of the rooms where you will be in. Its a big palace, and quite hot during summer, so wear loose clothes. It can be especially hot in some of the rooms inside, but sometimes it can also get cool and windy. The rooms inside are beautiful. The highlight will be the mirror hall. Some rooms are still under renovation. There will also be paintings and sculptures of historical figures before you exit.

The opulence of the palace and gardens is unmatched by anything i have ever seen or could imagine. It is a must see by anyone and everyone. Be prepared to walk several miles when there. The palace is stunning inside and out. I suggest doing a skip the line pass we walked right in with our guide then had a choice of doing audio guide or not. The gardens are stunning from the moment you walk out the back onto the Royal Court. Constructed in mid 1600s. Your able to look down the steps to a wide path lined with amazing statuary and ponds with amazing bronze statues in the fountains. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and so impressive, not to be missed.

Simply wow. The palace grounds are massive. Obviously full of tourists but it is still an amazing sight to see. You can definitely spend hours here getting lost and marveling at the beauty of the place. I'd recommend going with a guide to really understand and appreciate the the history behind everything. A must-see!

14. Musée d'Orsay

Stunning renewal of this turn of the century railway station, built originally for a 1900 Exposition. The museum is, itself, a work of art. I am assured it contains a collection of important works by noted impressionist artists, and sculptors of this and other periods, but I am no judge of that. Instead it is the detail of the structure of the building that is so impressive to me. And, as others have noted, this museum is far less crowded than the Louvre. One reviewer that accessible toilets are not evident. Not true, they are clearly identified on the plan.

Honestly one of the best museums I've ever been to. To start out, the building itself is a work of art. It was originally built in 1900 for the World's Fair and has a massive arched ceiling and grand clocks hanging on each side. The art is exceptional, with a focus on French art with many famous artists such as Monet and Van Gogh. There are significantly less tourists here compared to the Louvre, obviously. This allows a better mood to truly experience the art. If you visit two art galleries in Paris, it should be this and the Louvre.

When you think of Art in Paris you naturally think of certain other world famous galleries, maybe one that’s notable for its pyramid features (or I did anyway) and not the Musée d’Orsay but having visited recently I now know what a mistake that is! Out of all the museums and galleries I’ve been to, the Musée d’Orsay might now be my favourite! Not only is the gallery beautifully presented and well laid out but it’s also a manageable size. Easy on the step count and not such an art fatigue risk as some others that I’ve struggled with. The current impressionist collection is fantastic if you’re into that kind of thing and if visited off peak-time there’s plenty of room to sit back and actually take it in. Overall a great and varied collection on a digestible scale. Highly recommended.

An amazing museum, even for people who are not that interested in art. The entrance hall is vast and wonderful! This is considered as one of the most revered museums in the world, and I would agree with that association and the hype. I did not visit the Louvre to avoid the crowds and I am glad I made that decision. The lines to get in are systematically organized and took me 20mins to get in (time of visit: Friday (June 22, 2018) at 3pm). I would recommend getting a hat/umbrella on a sunny day, as certain areas of the queue are not under any shades.

A beautiful space with a stunning collection. This museum is not too big and not too small. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience there two years ago. Earlier this month we went on the first Sunday of the month when there is free admission. It was far too crowded at that time and was not nearly as enjoyable. It's important to be able to see the art and to be able to feel the vibe of the collection in the space. I highly recommend this museum on any other day but the free entry day.

15. Bateaux Parisiens

Enjoyed a 3 course meal with my family with plenty of wine. The photos they took were a bit pricey, but they were entirely optional and we still bought some. No extra charges, wonderful staff, music, and all around service. I'd highly recommends it for new coming tourists like myself.

Nice wee cruise through the Paris canal. More of an experience than educational. Very popular so lots of people, you can either sit above board or inside and most are above board which means get the earlier to get a seat if you want to be sitting up top.

Great way to see Paris as the river siene runs through the city. Easy to get the tickets at the counter and there is sufficient parking around. The commentary is clear and simple and explanations make you enjoy the monument. Try taking the sunset cruise ...very romantic !!! Paris is known as a romantic city and a sunset cruise is cherry on the cake. Check the photos clicked on your arrival and don't forget to take back memories.

Its a lovely and romantic place, I didn't have high expectations but was blown away with everything they offer. The food was superb! Yummy Very Tasty. My sincere to the chef. Wow I was super impressed. Food,wine and views of lovely Paris. Its just fantastic.

Cruise down the Seine river with a cold wind. 1 hour ride with some commentary. You start enjoying Paris even more. Some hidden spots come out. How a city grew beside the river? And how people adapted to culture and Renaissance. Maybe a night ride is better but expensive.

16. Tuileries Garden

I visited this gardens several times in the past but this time I had a purpose! I wanted to see the spot where one of my favourite bands recorded a video near the entrance from Place De La Concorde. Generally its a relaxing park with statues, ponds and trees. Very tranquil atmosphere overall.

One of the most beautiful gardens in Paris. I literally hang there every time I go in city. Facing the Louvre Museum, it’s one of most chill places in Paris. The only « problem » is that there is almost nothing to eat in the garden probably as it’s a historical place. You also should take a look on the edge of the river just on the left of the gardens cause it’s just LOVELY and peaceful. If you care about your shoes I advise to take some you don’t really care about cause they will be white and dusty in the end. Have a great time !

Sunday June 10 09:45 am, going to visit Louvre. Thousands of people in the park and in the Place de la Concorde equipped with running gear, wearing tags "10k..." Joy all around. At 10:00 start in the 10km cross in the streets of Paris. Nice people, good vibrations of my generation, and younger. 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🤳✌

There was a funfair during this visit. Believe it's July and August. Tickets are a bit in the higher side and there is an atm machine to withdraw cash. The garden itself is a cool place where you can have activities for kids and relax on an armchair with a book on a sunny day. You get fresh drinking water from the fountain.

This is good for a quick jog but avoid the smoothie sorbet stand--it made me sick. Interesting tree cultivation in the modern part of the garden. The scale of everything is rather large so this is for those inclined to outdoor picnics in fields. There are seats to create intimate spaces but no actual intimacy.

17. Moulin Rouge

Long overdue review, but had an excellent time here in April 2018. I would splurge on the VIP ticket, if you can, because it was totally worth it. Food was not the same as general admittance and was superb. Never ending Champaign, delicious at every course and the staff were exceptional hosts....even met the GM for the entire theatre. The show was one of the best live entertainment pieces I've seen, even if part of it is lip synced. VERY entertaining from production to costumes. I highly recommend.

So glad we did this! Expensive tickets, but worth it. They really cram the entertainment value and once you've seen a show, you understand why. I recommend getting the champagne package, it literally was an unending bottle! The show was wonderful and varied, the music was french disco and felt dated, but the showmanship made up for it. The costumes and routines were flawless. The seating is tiered nicely so you can see very well.

The show itself was acceptable. Large numbers were similar to what you would expect on a cruise ship. Solo acts were better. Experience was not good. They ushered everyone into a large room before the show. It was extremely hot. We waited in that room for 25 minutes and it finally started moving at 11:10 for an 11pm show time. The room did not have any type of line system so it was a moon rush to the entrance with people pushing and sneaking their way to the front. This could have been handled much better. Once we entered the theater we were directed to two seats with no choice. They had us crammed in the corner at a table for 6 so we had to watch through another couple. Our backs faced the stage so our necks hurt by the end of the night. They crammed as many people in the theater as possible with extra thin tables so knees would bump all show and it was impossible to slide your chair back without hitting another person. There was no opportunity for bar service as a waiter would have no way of squeezing to an already filled area. Again with a bit of work and theater seating this could be greatly improved. The show did a large amount of American themed numbers. It did not feel authentic. Overall it was clear that they are cashing in on the recognition and tourism. They were not concerned with repeat business or customer service. I would avoid this show and find something more authentic and enjoyable.

Enjoyed very much amazing World’s biggest cabaret. Cosy ambiance and great atmosphere takes you back to 19 century romantic incredible venue. SPECTACULAR!!! Stage, red colours, setting and decor are very impressive. Dazzling costumes, gorgeous dancers synchronized their act and music to perfection. Food was delicious and champagne very tasty. Magnificent place creates divine memories to remember incredible night forever. Words cannot describe this fantastic show, you have to treat yourself to delightful night and experience for yourself beautiful, unforgettable, lovely spectacle in city of L❤️VE

The Moulin Rouge has a "fabled 129 year history"-- including being burned down [racy shows too hot??], two world wars and changing client tastes. But it is a favourite of visitors, and its location in Montmartre [definitely worthy of a visit] just ads to its appeal!! While the restaurant is not Paris' best, and its bar in not the most famous, the combination of the show, the history, location, meals and drinks make it unique and very enjoyable!! It will add another dimension to one's memories of Paris!! I hope that this review has been helpful!!

18. Palais Garnier

The most famous Opera house in the world. Spectacular monument with gilded marble and lavish decor. Landmark named after its architect Charles Garnier. The Napoleon Ill style of architecture that was later an inspiration for many Opera houses around the world. Built for Opera performances now is mostly used for ballet, where best performers grace its stage. 1,5 English language tour, very relaxing and enjoyable walk through history of the most famous Opera house in the World. ‘Phantom of the Opera’ musical famous all around the world inspired by Opera Garnier paid tribute to this iconic testament by featuring phantom who lives in Paris Opera. I watched this fabulous show 3 times unfortunately not in Paris Opera. Opera Garnier is glorious architectural masterpiece, timeless French legacy.

What a fabulous place! No wonder so many other opera houses around the world were styled and designed the same. It is fabulous outside and inside with great acoustics. There is even an outside contemporary bar with modern music which just embraces new styles. Brilliant place. A must visit.

When built, about 150 years ago [it took about 15 years to build], it was the most expensive and opulent. It is named for the architect, who also designed the 7 ton chandelier. In addition, its fame was increased when it was the model for the "Phantom of the Opera"!! One can take a guided or unguided tour of this very impressive building [which seats about 2,000 people]-- with interesting features both on the inside and the exterior. In addition to housing the Opera it also houses [more frequently now] the Ballet as well as the Paris Opera-Ballet Museum and Library [the latter is managed by the French National Library! I hope that this Review has been helpful!

The experience is really magical. I would recommend for anyone to take the group tour versus the self tour. The entire place is really dedicated the Opera and the public who enjoys, appreciated Opera, and art. It's almost breathtaking and the admiration just doesn't stop. Charles Garnier the designer to the Opera House, you just need to take advantage of the entire tour with the group.

If you visit Paris and you cannot make it to Versailles, this is at least as beautiful as it gets if you don't have too much time either. This opera house is a lovely place to take a walk through and see some of the most beautiful interior in richly decorated Baroque style. If you have seen "Smurfs 2" you might also recognize the interior of the main auditorium. Typical of many of these beautiful old buildings in Paris, you feel like going back in time when you visit a place like this. I was also glad to be able to take a few nice photos there. Thank you, city of Paris!

19. Panthéon

This place was excellent. We got in right as it opened so there was no line but they were prepared for one so FYI. Get the 3 euro extra ticket and do the outside view tour, great views and not too expensive. We had lunch nearby as there are several great places. Also, catacombs benieth have some famous people which is pretty awesome.

Splendid monument in Latin Quarter, built as a place of warship. Pantheon in Greek means ‘temple of all Gods. Grandiose very impressive dome with skylight. Underneath are crypts of eminent people France enlisted as its best. Majestic artwork, scuputes reminders of remarkable French history and legacy. Voltaire, Emil Zola, Alexander Dumas, Victor Hugo, Rousseau, Marie Curie, 2 Italian Kings Emanuele ll and Umberto l are some of elite buried there. Grandiose landmark is timeless memorial to the best in French history.

The Pantheon is positioned in a decent neighborhood where also the atmosphere is chic. You can walk to the Luxembourg gardens in a couple minutes. I havent been inside as they ask 9 euro for the ticket but the outside structure looks amazing. There are less tourists than at the Notre Dame or Louvre museum what makes it easier to make picture. The Pantheon is a nice add-on when visiting Paris but not the main reason to visit.

Not having heard of the place before and knowing nothing of its history this impressed me in its conception and development all of which is easy to grasp visually. Firstly it was built as a religious monument to the patron saint of Paris, but built in a classical/Roman style so it looks like a Roman temple from the outside. What is equally apparent is the changes made afterwards following the French Revolution, with the religious imagery on the walls contrasting with the revolutionary statues beside them. Underneath is the crypt where assorted famous French people are buried - such as Voltaire, who was denied burial in church grounds when he died.

Another huge structure that you would have seen from other places you have been. Has a very big pendulum that was originally used to demonstrate that the world is revolving around itself. Lots of murals. Entrance is included with the museum pass.

20. Picasso National Museum

Amazing museum filled with tons of art from the legend Picasso himself. There are also many more artists’ work that you can view there. You can spend hours going through each floor of the museum. They arrange it beautifully and an organize it in a nice timeline style. Go check it out!

If you love Picasso then obviously this is worth checking out, but if you're not a huge fan I'm not sure it's worth your time considering how many other museums there are in Paris. The amount of paintings/drawings seemed sparse for the space and I wasn't a huge fan of the layout. They don't have many of his most famous works either, which made it a little underwhelming. If you have the Museum Pass and are in the neighbourhood it's worth a stop but otherwise I wouldn't bother. Very cute neighbourhood though!

Museum staff on strike: what a shame... Those strikers are selfish spoiled brats with nothing but their incompetence and laziness to offer the world. What have they done for France lately? Sit down on their behind watching over masterpieces for a living... Really tough gig. Fire them all and hire some of the 10% unemployed people who would be happy to take their places... I demand that my daughters get to enjoy visiting the museums her French and American ancestors fought to keep and build. Those strikers are such losers and posers... Still a sad state of affairs in France... Much more reforming needs to be done.

Yes they don’t have a few of his most decorated pieces of art but this is still one of my favorite museums in Paris. Love the abstract art. So different than all the other museums.

The Location: Metro # 1, exit "St. Paul". 15 minutes walk from metro station. No visible sign outside the metro station. Bring a local map with you!! It was quite challenging for me to find the museum. There are two more museums nearby. The Admission: 11 euro (included in museum pass) How can I miss the opportunity to check out a museum only dedicated to the famous Picasso!!! Few floors of exhibitions. Nice museums, very elegant and classy. Very detail display about his career and his personal life. Beautiful paintings~ really enjoy this museum!