Best Things To Do in Paris France

1. Ceetiz - Book the best things to do

Excellent site to find and book great activities in the world.

Ils ne répondent jamais au téléphone. ça fait maintenant près d'un mois que j'appelle en vain!!! De mi-février à mi-mars 2018, du lundi au vendredi, matin ou soir! C'est très peu professionnel; j'en ai marre d'eux. Je leur ai écris depuis une semaine à peu près, pas de réponse non plus. A ce rythme là, je vais finir par débarquer au siège pour avoir des réponses. C'est très médiocre de juste encaisser l'argent!!!!!!!!

Réservations par Internet : indiquer les dates et horaires disponibles au moment de la réservation (comme le font les musées pour les expositions). Ainsi, on pourrait choisir sa date et son horaire en toute connaissance de cause, au lieu de rester "en attente de confirmation", donc dans l'incertitude, dans mon cas pendant 24 heures. Cela simplifierait les choses pour tout le monde, y compris pour Ceetiz, qui a dû "rattraper le coup" ce dont d'ailleurs je les remercie.

Très bien. Le site s'occupe de toutes vos demandes, et fait la démarche si le créneau horaire n'est pas disponible en vous demandant votre approbation si le nouveau vous convient. Le contact par email est très rapide(1-2 jours). Les bons d'échange sont à imprimer chez vous

Réservation facile sur le site. J' ai particulièrement apprécié d'être rappelé suite à 2 réservations de 4 personnes car nous sommes 8, pour être certain qu'il ne s'agissait pas d'une erreur de ma part. J' ai ensuite récupéré mes vouchers en 24 h. Bravo et merci à l’équipe

2. Rodin Museum

Absolutely amazing collection of works by Rodin and contemporaries. Impressively expressive works, all the masterpieces, in addition to various studies and stages, exquisitely exposed in the spaces the master inhabited in his final years. The visitor is guided through the rooms roughly by period, and thereby can see the development of the artist through years and periods. The pieces by contemporary artists, painters as well as other sculptors, elegantly support the narrative of the exposition, and deepen the insight into one of the most prolific artistic eras. The garden is absolutely lovely, and the setting and surroundings breathe an almost meditative peace in hectic Paris, which gives all the more room for the inner turmoil of the works on display. Those who leave do not look at the world the same way as when they entered. Highly recommended, and very reasonably priced.

August Rodin was a leading sculptor whose works are nothing short of remarkable!! The confines of any Museum would not be adequate for this very hard working artist-- so the collection [of sculptures, sketches and paintings PLUS his collection of works by other artists is split between his home outside Paris and his former workshop conveniently located in the Hotel Biron [near the Varennes Metro station]. His works can be found in the old hotel, its surrounding gardens [which add ever so much to those works] as well as the Metro station!! The Museum is also less costly than many others. I hope that this review has been helpful, and you enjoy his works as much as did I!!

Peaceful, beautiful, quiet, secluded. Nowhere near as much art as The Louvre, but going through this museum is like thumbing through Rodin's sketchbook and masterpieces. Go early and be among the first there to discover Rodin personally. I highly recommend it-- you will LOVE it!!

I enjoyed the sculptures, I mean it's Rodin so obviously, but this is probably the worst museum in Paris. Half of the garden was closed off during our visit, some sculptures were even absent, I presume there was a private event happening at night because a stage was being built. We were also only able to walk around for about 30-40 minutes before being rudely kicked out because they were closed, having never been informed they were apparently closing soon. Still charged full price for the ticket. If you're a huge fan of Rodin it may be worth a visit but if not, there are plenty of better museums in Paris to choose from.

A smaller, yet still memorable museum in Paris. If you dont take your time, you could walk through the inside and gardens in under an hour, so take your time! I consider a must-see if you're into sculptures. The garden is a neat spot to relax.

3. Luxembourg Gardens

These gardens were quite beautiful and centrally located in Paris. Lots of families seem to spend their time in the park, walking, resting, playing, etc. It's quite large and a good place to pack up your backpack with a couple of baguettes/meats/cheeses and spend a couple of hours or more. Very clean and well-maintained. We walked through here several times during our week in Paris. Worth a visit for sure.

Beautiful landscaped gardens with lawns, flowers & topiary. There are cast iron chairs placed in both the sun & shaded areas to sit on to watch the world go by or read a book. There are various cafes to enjoy a cool drink or a coffee to keep you going. Peace in the middle of a busy city. Well worth a visit when you're in Paris

A lovely park with beautiful gardens, where you can walk, run or sit in the chairs and relax! They have many individual metal chairs, so bring a snack or relax and get some sun rays. The statues and gardens are well maintained and the flowers are gorgeous in the springtime. The gardens are free but the museum if you chose to visit has a fee. There are 2 vendors on site with drinks and snacks. Also, several nice restaurants close by!

Very nice garden perfect for picnic especially during spring and summer. Has only few public restrooms. Very beautiful landscapes and ornaments. You can take a nap with the privided chairs and benches. Safe for children, there's also plenty of playground for kids. Very calm and peaceful atmosphere inside the gardens.

What can I say? A spot of beauty and quietness in the heart of Paris. The Medici Fountain just had to be seen. At times parts will be really full but there are always quiet spots. Plus little French bistro chairs all over. Just wonderful.

4. Pont Alexandre III

A nice place and environment. I went there with my friend, chose a table to order our food and I asked the waiter to do a favour and charge my mobile for me. Since I was a tourist there needed it to be fully charge to use the camera and google map. He refused to do so!!!! I asked again and he said I cannot do that. I asked the reason and he said " my boss asked to do not do that". I did not accept the NO answer specially for a restaurant that sells hamburgers for 20 euros. So I left the table and asked the guys behind the bar to help me with charging my mobile and they did it. I hope the "boss" reads my comment here. It is being very not service minded to treat your customers like that. You were lucky that I liked my hamburger otherwise could easily give you a one star grade due to the bad experience. If the guys behind the bar refused to help me, I would immediately leave the restaurant.

That’s a unique bridge due to its architecture and golden decoration. It’s worth visiting during the day and night. It’s a good location to place a padlock ;)

The bridge offers really nice panoramic views of the city of Paris along the Seine and is a really nice walk to experience. It’s open all the time and is really beautiful during any time of the day, especially during sunrise or sunset when the sun reflects against the view of the city or at night when the city is all lit up. Its proximity to all the main attractions of the city of Paris, makes it a prime location for those spending time in the city. Though it’s nice for a leisurely walk, at times, especially when the weather gets nicer and warmer, there may be more people along the walkway, since there are both walkers and cyclers that cross the bridge, so it may not be that favorable to some for a walk during that time. Also, the bridge can get cold during the winter as well as in the beginning of spring. Overall, bridge is stunning, and is a great opportunity for photos!

Nice place. 19th century constructed Bridge has many tourist attractions. Many sales persons sell their articles and merchandise here. The major reason of tourist attraction is the Majical Sunset views. Nice architecture of the bridge, the bridge Constructed long time back but still looks very much contemporary.

It is a good spot for tourist taking pic. Safe and cozy place. It's historical bridge and brings us to feel living in the past..

5. Sacré-Cœur

Possibly the best view of Paris, a must if you want to take some great pictures overlooking this wonderful city. Another great location for a packed lunch filled with Parisian goodies. The grass slopes between the steps are a perfect spot to sit and take in the views. Also a trip up the dome at the top is well worth the €6 and it's only 300 steps.

This is yet another church with historic value . I must say it’s worth the climb. Better yet, take the funicular up the hill and save your legs. Normally, the funicular costs 6 euros each way. With a Paris Metro Navigo pass, it's free. Entry is free inside. The rich architecture and the efforts taken by recent artists to reconstruct is amazing. You can feel the Parisian atmosphere and enjoy awesome views over the city. You can feel the history surrounding you.

Amazing views from the top of the steps, well worth visiting! As others have said, we experienced the most aggressive approaches to selling goods here. We spotted the common tactic of placing a bracelet on someone's wrist and demanding that they then pay for it, but when a man grabbed my fiance's left hand and refused to loosen his grip for some time, it was clear he was trying to get his engagement ring. Like anywhere, be vigilant and keep your hands protected - in pockets or folded arms has worked well for us. Alternatively, get the very cheap funicular to the top to avoid this issue

Most of its beauty is outside. You can see from so many places in Paris, up there on the hill. And when you actually come closer, it's even more beautiful. But on the inside, there is nothing special (especially compared to other churches in Paris). So sit on the hill, have a picnic, enjoy the views and people watching.

Breathtaking basilica! I visited on a Monday afternoon and it was wonderful. I would say one of the most impressive I have visited. Be prepared to see lots of crowds, but don't sorry about waiting too long in line to see inside as the line goes by quickly. Careful with pickpockets, I saw a man get robbed nearby. There is a lift to take you up, but if you can take the stairs, as it's a beautiful sight to see and great photo opportunity. There are plenty shops and restaurants nearby to also check out.

6. Sainte-Chapelle

This "Royal Chapel" was completed in 1248, and housed French Kings/Royalty for its first 100+ years!! It is famous/world renown for its outstanding stained glass windows- fourteen large windows in all and the religious history conveyed within! The chapel was built to hold the relics of "the Passion of Christ". The hours that it is open to the public change over the course of the year, so check the web site to avoid disappointment. Also, it is advisable to purchase entry tickets in advance. I hope that this review has been helpful!.

Beautiful church - this was my favourite so far. It is being restored at the moment but there is still heaps to look at. Make sure you leave a donation to help with the refurbishment - it is a stunning church and has lots of good old bits to look at.

Not only is the exterior architectural design of the church something to marvel at, but so is its interior. With its stained glass windows, this place is one to really admire and take wonderful photos with. There’s some history behind this place as well and I find it fascinating how this place could still look so new and beautiful through its years of establishment. Visiting this church is a must when spending time in the beautiful city of Paris.

Beyond stunning, wall to wall stained glass. The wait to get it was 30 - 40 minutes on the street with the actual space being on the smaller side! Still, the walk up the steps into the second floor was literally gasp-worthy. I feel that more maintenance could be enforced in this incredible space - especially being that it neighbors the court house!

7. Place des Vosges

Gorgeous park for a quick lunch break. Make sure to stop at Au Sanglier for a delicious snack first!

Beautiful old square in the Marais district. Full of young people at lunchtime. Surrounded by rows of identical luxury houses on all sides. Few eateries, but close to Rue de Rosiers which is full of Lebanese/Israeli food choices.

This is the oldest public square in Paris, and was originally called "Place Royale"-- and housed Royalty!! It measures 140 m/155 yards per side and also features a lovely, well maintained garden. Facing the square many important historical figures lived (eg. Victor Hugo, Cardinal Richelieu). The surrounding townhouses date back to the 18 century. To this day, it sets a "classy tone" for the surrounding prestigious area called "le Marais"! It is worthwhile walking around the area, where there are "notable" art galleries, restaurants. I hope that this review was helpful!

It is an amazing place to be, the view you get of the old architecture is incredible and the park inside if just beautiful, it is not crowdy beacause there is a lot of space to be an admire this "Place des Vosges".

A great park for people watching. The park itself is normal but the surrounding building (or the area itself is historic). Maybe a little bit hard to find as you need to go through other building to get to the park (Hotel Sully which has become the headquarter for French Monument establishment)

8. Le Palais Royal

A wonderful small park with a fountain in the middle surrounded by gorgeous buildings. The perfect breathing space in the middle of the city. A must every time I'm in Paris. Enjoy the photo options at your own risk.

I mean it need no explanation. It is a fancy place. Cost no money to enter and it just is fun to kill time. Photos from standing on top of the columns will be find here. Good for all ages.

Very nice garden and place to hang out. Very romantic there is a music boxes shop in the corner and loads of coffes and shops. A place filed with history.

Very beautiful and quiet place. Good for taking a rest from the city. Also good place for instagram posts.

This is a beautiful park right near the Louvre, but hidden away. A perfectly beautiful place for a picnic at the fountain.

9. Louvre Museum

The louvre is such a wonderful place. Full of all kinds of art and sculptures. They have a wonderful section of Egyptian history as well all set in magnificent grounds. The place is a little hard to navigate, I would recommend one of the free maps to help you find your way around. I loved the audio visual aids and guided tours. One of my many highlights was witnessing an artist paint a beautiful piece.

The louvre is such a wonderful place. Full of all kinds of art and sculptures. They have a wonderful section of Egyptian history as well all set in magnificent grounds. The place is a little hard to navigate, I would recommend one of the free maps to help you find your way around. The food, while a little pricey is still top notch, you can eat on one of the balconies facing the entrance pyramid. All in all you can spend most of the day. One tip, if you want to see the Mona Lisa up close ( it's tiny) get there at 9am and make it the first thing you see, it's signposted from each entrance. It was so busy when we swung past again at about 10 you couldn't get close! A good day out, spend some time exploring the area around the louvre as the gardens are just lovely and the shopping underneath excellent

One of the best places I have ever seen This place was one of the places that I thought would give touch of the history and goosebumps to the people .. there’s only fewer words in dictionary to describe this Breathtaking and beautiful - as a lover of art and history was definitely not disappointed with my visit. Managed to spend the whole day there without even noticing. So much to see, and experience. You truly cannot fully see and experience all in only one day. I loved the audio visual aids and guided tours. One of my many highlights was witnessing an artist paint a beautiful piece.

The Louvre is incredible and gigantic. Would not be able to see everything in one day. The Mona Lisa (and the room it was in) was a highlight of course, as well as the Winged Victory (my personal favourite). I would recommend getting an audio guide. You can even download it onto your phone. Learning about the history of the piece that you are looking at gives you a deeper appreciation of it. Walking around the gardens was amazing too. There's no entrance fee to get into the gardens, and everything is manicured so perfectly.

While I was traveling in Europe for the 'Map Your World Week' Google #LocalGuides. In my second time in Paris and I keep loving to visit this museum. However their Customer Service has decreasing in its quality in less than 2 years. Staff are not friendly and in the border to be rude. If you are not prepared to work in the Hospitality Industry, then do not do it! - the quantity of visitors per day can not affect the quality of the service that they must provide.

10. Arc de Triomphe

It's hard to admire it from the ground. If you are right next to it, you can explore small parts only as it's too big to take it all in. When you get further away, there is all this traffic in between. Some people try to take pictures from the middle of the boulevard... Not recommended! But from the top the views are glorious. And you can finally observe the full design of the city. I highly recommend reading about it ahead of time or right there as we did. Also, it's quite entertaining to watch traffic below. The complexity and dynamics of it is mesmerizing.

Great views of Paris and the Eiffel tower. In order to get to the arc, you need to walk through an underground tunnel, as it's surrounded on all sides by a giant roundabout. Easy to walk from the arc to the tower as well (it's perhaps a 15 minute walk). There are lots of stairs arrayed in a close spiral, so be prepared to climb them. Inside is a very small museum, gift shop, and restrooms. Tickets can be bought at the base of the tower before going through security.

It's worth it to research the history of the Arc before you visit. Only then can one appreciate the full experience in this major attraction. I don't know if there is supposed to be a dedicated crossing area to get to the grounds of the Arc itself (it is located in the middle of a high-traffic circle). I had to run while hoping I didn't get tackled by a speeding car in a foreign country. Don't forget the eternal flame on the base of the Arc.

Absolutely loved the architecture and the locality. The walkway to the Arc was also picturesque. It was great to understand that the Arc and Louvre are on the same straight line. Says a lot about how well this historic city has been planned. Best to visit towards evening to experience the beautiful lights on this street and color changing monument due to several colored lights.

We went up the stairs to view Paris from above. It gives you a great opportunity to have a good look around. The Arc itself is impressive, both on the inside as well as the outside. Climbing the stairs is a good workout, so be prepared ;-)

11. Discover Walks Paris - Paris walking tours

Had a great experience with our guide in Montmartre. Our guide grew up in the neighborhood and really brought it alive for her group of 12. Very impressed and a tour less traveled which was even nicer.

Eric was an awesome tour guide and gave the best reccomendations for other places to eat/visit/shop. He is extremely knowledgeable of the area (born and raised in Paris) and helped to give our trip a jump start into the right direction. Thank you!!

Have been on several great tours with this company. The most recent one was with Eric who was a delight even though it was raining and we were only three people who showed up. A definite recommend.

We had the best tour with Eric, he took us around the Marais. He was full of knowledge, interesting little facts, knew all the hot spots and Made us all laugh. We’ll def be back for more tours and suggest walking tours with Eric!!

Mary (from Normandy) provided insight, humor, historical facts and fiction (Napoleon was not short) , and tips on lunch and the French culture. Well done!!

12. Père Lachaise Cemetery

It is not often that one visits a cemetery while "being a tourist"!! Pere-Lachaise cemetery was started 214 years ago, and to gain entry, one must have either died or lived in Paris. While living or dying in Paris is essential for entry, it only gets one on the very long "waiting list". This is Paris' largest cemetery and covers about 110 acres, or about 4.7 million square feet. Many people [take the Metro number 3 line] come to see a bit of history and have a pleasant, informative walk. I hope that this review has been helpful!!

A must see in Paris ! , Don't hesitate to put it in your top 10 when you visit Paris. You can visit the graves of many many famous people from Balzac to Oscar Wilde and etc. Very good metro access at both North and south side of the cemetery. It is like a museum with the style of British gardens. The entrance is free and toilets are available. If you search for someone especial, try to find the grave address before going to the cemetery as the provided map is not complete.

I was apprehensive about visiting this place after the massive drama that happened with Black Friday and being goth myself didn't want to cause any trouble. I had to visit disguised as a normal person. But I am a huge fan of The Doors so I had to see it at some point. Absolutely stunning in November. The leaves were still falling off the tress and there was a sea of golden foliage everywhere. A few steep stairs to climb but worth it for the crumbling tombs and moss covered statues. One of my favorite places to visit in Paris. And it's HUGE. You could spend all day there trying to navigate it.

Famous cemetery in Paris a very peaceful and tranquil place. According to the pleasant and knowledgeable guide we met, who guided us around free of charge. Anyone from anywhere on earth, of any religious belief can be buried at Père - Lachaice. A big thank you to our guide who made our visit memorable and very enjoyable.

I just used to wake up and choose where to go. For this visit, I remembered an Oscar Wilde book I had read with some students. I didn't know much about the cemetery but I went there. The graves are as unique as you'd expect for celebrities but quite nice when you consider how long they'd been around. There's a hall with recent small memorials for other people. It gave me the impression that it's too difficult for the French to reach the age of 80, 50 years seems to be a ripe old age.

13. Deyrolle

I can't post photos because they are extremely strict about NO PHOTOS. There is a huge variety of animals here, ranging from tiny beetles and butterflies up to lions and tigers. Most things are for sale, so it is sort of half-museum and half-Shop. There are also a lot of interesting books. This is a great place to so if you are a collector or looking for a very unusual gift, but also great to just look around. There isn't a ton of information about the displays Like you would get in a normal museum, but they did have the names of all the creatures.

Beautiful place. My daughter wanted to buy the stuffed tiger, we compromised and got a sweet little butterfly!

Firstly, only go if it intrigues you. If the idea of seeing taxidermied animals makes you want to vomit, give this a miss. Otherwise, the way they have arranged everything is spectacular. I'm not a great fan of taxidermy however this place is worth a look in. Make sure you go upstairs, as there is almost nothing downstairs.

Very beautiful animals inside all on the second floor and definitely recommend for anyone interested in taxidermy.

Head upstairs to the bizarre taxidermy shop, not much happening downstairs. All kinds of stuffed animals, corals, shells and insects to look at. Some great books too. Fascinating and strange.

14. Parc Monceau

Great place to run in the North of Paris. Also some parts of the park can be calm and peaceful to spend a few hours. The full circuit inside the park measures almost exactly 1km so easy to track while running. The park is quite crowded almost everyday, and even more so during summer and especially on weekends. A lot of young children come here to play as well.

Very friendly neighborhood park. Serves for runners and kids. You can sunbathe here in summer and have a picnic. There is plenty of little museums around the park. Good idea for relaxation after full day of sightseeing

Very spacious park with lots of green area to sit. Lively with people but not overwhelmingly

Nice place. Better than the park at the Eiffel tower. 🗼

Great parc for footing and jogging. Kids also love it: feeding the ducks, playground, poneys rides. The parc also includes a wonderful collection of Magnolia trees!

16. Les Invalides

This place fascinated me for the rich historical importance that it resembles. The rooms where the weapons over different eras can be seen was a bit dark (not lit too well). Napoleon's tomb was impressive. The chapel was beautiful. Nice place to visit if you love history

Wonderful museum with a enormous collection of medieval and modern weaponry and armors. Museum is separated in three areas based on period of French military history. The building itself is a piece of art to appreciate. Napoleon's tomb is breathtaking and a must see in Paris. Caveats of the visit: almost all descriptions are in French and the staff knows only very basic English.

This place was not originally on my things to see in Paris. I must say though if you are looking for one of the best and world class military museums in the world this is the place for you. Perfect for a harder edge type of person that may not be so much into the Paris art and culture scene etc. They have military exhibits all the way back to ancient Greece and Macedonia. There arr more middle age military exhibits than you could ever want and it brings you all the way through the post world war 2 era. If you like military history guns cannons sword etc this should be a must see for you. It is all about the history of the military of France around the world. Also has the tomb of Napoleon.

This is usually considered a second tier site, and I agree. Visit if you have time after visiting the many first tier sites in Paris. Made easier by relatively easy access from metro or bus. Viewed by many in the world as a conquering tyrant, the French pay homage to Napoleon as a hero and have created this impressive monument to him. The scale and style are grand yet tasteful. Entry fee makes it of questionable worth, but the handy museum pass makes it free.

Impressive building. Lot of walking to see one tomb. Our daughter went through part of the military museum and liked it, and learned about WWI and WWII from the exhibits. Worth the time when you are in Paris. Short walk from the Rodin Museum (also worth the time).

17. Tuileries Garden

I love this place! My parents took me when I was younger and I still haven't forgotten the memory. One of the best places to go whether you have children a significant other, or even by yourself it is truly beautiful spiritual, and will give you some great memories. Very affordable... Except maybe the food and gifts, but that's everywhere.

A small oasis of tranquility in the middle of a busy city. Ideal for relaxing after a few hours of sightseeing in the Louvre. It's just dusty enough - a strange mixture of gravel and dust leaves a white coating on the boots, clothes, and if its windy in your eyes too. To take power from another city walk its perfect.

No longer the original well maintained carefully arranged garden as it was, Tuileries disappointed us during our recent visit. Visited Paris after a gap of 15 years. In our previous time we had been to all the guide book recommended Paris gardens and singled out Tuileries as the one must visit garden this time. But alas the flower beds are gone, grass lawns shrunk into few and far between, pools with stuff floating, dusty walks. Vendors trying to sell plastic trinkets everywhere. Could been more charitable in this public review especially for the first timers who may still find enough beauty in what is left. But decided to be honest, since the number of second time visitors to Paris is not negligible. And they must be forewarned!

Typical parisian park with no grass but lots of low level trees. There is coffees and statues that pair nicely with the vegetation and there even are an area for trampolines. Great for the kids ! It's near the fairy wheel.

Beautiful Garden The scenery and the people there add to the atmosphere. It just feels very serene and puts you at ease. One negative would have been the very large and distracting iPhone 7 ad on one of the buildings. Other than that, the garden is a must see.

18. Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

This is a lovely park with hordes of people. It's amazing so many can fit in a square space on a hot day. There's lots of shaded areas at the park to beat the heat with a cool breeze passing through. The only problem is the smokers who may light up next you. Otherwise, it's a wonderful way to spend the day.

Very beautiful park in the north-east of Paris. Incredible topography because of the big difference between lowest and the highest point. Check out the nice overlook point and bridge. Bring your own food and drinks and relax on the grass for a picknick. Good spot for running (up and down), strolling, naps, tanning and people watching.

Typical Parisian park in the spring. Packed! And beautiful. Bring a blanket and cheese and wine and try to find some small speck of grass to call your own. Worth it. Don't forget cops and a bottle opener.

Beautiful place. Definitely go up to the temple as the view is amazing. Great to take some wine and some pastries and chill out for a few hours. The lake is beautiful also. The bridge is also a must see feature.

A spacious park on a hill. There is a small playground for young children. There are many wide paved paths around and within the park. The park is locked up at night.

19. Eiffel Tower

What more can you say about the Eiffel Tower that hasn't already been said, it's one of the most iconic symbols of France and probably the most popular tourist attraction in Paris. I've visited the Eiffel Tower in both winter and spring and I'd have to say that I prefer the spring time because it's much more picturesque with all the trees and plants in the surrounding parkland in full bloom. Visiting at night also provides another unique aspect with the Tower all lit up. Be aware that there is usually a very long line to buy tickets to go to the top of the Tower so either get there early or buy your tickets online and skip the queue. There is a lower level that has a restaurant and views over the surrounding area but the viewing platform at the top gives you a better outlook over the city. Overall I enjoyed visiting the Eiffel Tower and will definitely go back next time I'm in Paris even if it's just for a picnic in one of the surrounding parks.

Magical place. I waited for more than an hour in the line just to get to the ticket counter and then half an hour more to get to the lift. It was worth every penny. When I get to the top, I felt like I'm in the top of the world. The view from there is mind blowing. It's winter so a bit cold. But my God, if you are a thrill seeker or adventurous it's a must. It's one of the best man made landmarks in the world and it rightly is. Never forget it....

It's beautiful. It's iconic. Beyond the very nature of the structure being breathtaking, exploring it beyond the ground level becomes just another thing that you pay a lot of euros to stand in a very long line for. The view from the top is wonderful, once you're there, don't get me wrong. I feel the tower is best visited at night, when it is all lit up. As with all the iconic tourist spots in Paris, expect cheap trinket salesman at every turn.

Obviously a beautiful spot and one of the most iconic buildings in the world. We were a few minutes late for our reservation time, but it wasn't a problem. You can take a buggy/pushchair with you up the tower, but be warned you'll have to fold it for lifts and it gets busy. I'd recommend pre-booking as the queues get quite long. If you have time, I'd recommend going to the top and spending some time walking the surrounding streets and enjoying the views back towards the tower. Train links are great from Disney or internally in Paris. Super place and a lasting memory.

What a picturesque monument. You have to come at the right time if you want to get a good picture. I came in the around 9am, and there are not so much people at that time. I can take a good picture. There are a lot of souvenir seller. They sell the cheapest price compared to the store or street seller. Be careful, there is a lot of scam or pickpocket. Keep your things safe

20. Conciergerie

This historical building was a royal Palace until the 14 century... and then became a jail, its guillotine was used very heavily during the french revolution and now the tourists/visitors share the building with the Law Courts!! This very full "historical agenda" can be viewed most easily, especially during peak tourism periods by arranging [via a payment of 8.50 Euro] to skip the lines! A visit is especially of considerable interest to "history buffs"! I hope that this review has been helpful!

You will.leave this place feeling grim. This museum located in a building over 1300 years old showcases the dark hours of the new French republic and the tumultuous history of the end of the French monarchy. Be prepared to read as there isn't much to see other than large empty rooms in the foundations of this beautiful building. This is a crash course of the French revolution and people who made it (good and bad characters). It remains neutral which is refreshing. A small chapel is used in the memory of Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette.

The line to go in was not long, and this is the place to buy the combo ticket that also gets you into the St. Chappelle. For enthusiasts of French history as well as those who read A Tale of Two Cities, walk through a major focal point of the French Revolution. See the jail cells where prisoners were kept, including Marie Antoinette, prior to their executions. There was a modern art exhibit in the main hall when we visited but don't worry- the history of the museum is still there to be experienced.

What an intriguing and historical location. The architecture of the opening foyer is striking - loved the current art installation with the Seine's water. The history of the prison and memorial to Marie Antoinette is moving.

Mid price (to high depending on budget). Food is just awesome, best salmon ever had. Service is impeccable and cleanliness is among best in Paris.