Best Things To Do in Paris France

1. Rodin Museum

Beautifully done garden and museum in a perfect setting for Rodin's work. Exhibited work spans Rodin's career and includes even a few things he loved but didn't create ( a Monet, a Van Gogh... What a bonus!). The cafe in the garden is worth a stop, quiet and simple but with beautiful pastries, sandwiches, hot chocolate, etc. The "hidden doorway" to the restrooms inside is another fun surprise. By all means spend the extra couple of Euro for the audio tour. The commentary adds depth and insight to what you are seeing and greatly enhances your visit.

Way to small for such a prolific artist who produced thousands of pieces of artwork. His own house being converted on to a museum was clever at the time, but surely it's time for another way to show the variety and quantity of artwork. That said...I love to return to this 'must see artist'.

Highly recommend if you want to avoid the tourist crowds. The garden in itself is worth it though probably better in the warmer/greener season (we went in March). The house is beautiful.

Highly recommend this Parisian treasure trove of glorious sculptural wonders. Gasp at The Gates of Hell...detail is astounding. The smaller works inside are just as spectacular. Then of course, there"s The Thinker. Beauty and evocation...superb!

Went there with about 10 minutes left before closing just wanting to go see the Thinker statue. They let us in for only two euro just to see the statue and hit up the gift shop. Very nice and accommodating. Judging by what I saw, it seems like the right kind of museum for those who like sculptures - less historical stuff like the Egypt stuff at the Louvre, but great art none the less. Next time in Paris, I'll spend more time going through.

2. Pont Alexandre III

The bridge offers really nice panoramic views of the city of Paris along the Seine and is a really nice walk to experience. It’s open all the time and is really beautiful during any time of the day, especially during sunrise or sunset when the sun reflects against the view of the city or at night when the city is all lit up. Its proximity to all the main attractions of the city of Paris, makes it a prime location for those spending time in the city. Though it’s nice for a leisurely walk, at times, especially when the weather gets nicer and warmer, there may be more people along the walkway, since there are both walkers and cyclers that cross the bridge, so it may not be that favorable to some for a walk during that time. Also, the bridge can get cold during the winter as well as in the beginning of spring. Overall, bridge is stunning, and is a great opportunity for photos!

It is a good spot for tourist taking pic. Safe and cozy place. It's historical bridge and brings us to feel living in the past..

My favourite bridge in Paris with its ornate gilded figurines, its beautiful old-world street lights and it has a great view of the Eiffel tower. Crossing the Seine to the left bank one sees the dome of Les Invalides directly ahead. A very spectacular night time vision.

Super awesome! This is mentioned as one of the most ornate bridges in France and it is. Tons of people are always taking pictures and rightfully so. This is also by Grand Palais and Les Invalides. It is very well decorated and a very famous spot to take pictures.

This bridge can be better if enjoyed in Summer, it is well lit during most of the hours since it resides in the centrum of Paris, and attracts millions of visitors for being so close to the museums as well.

5. Ceetiz - Book the best things to do

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Ils ne répondent jamais au téléphone. ça fait maintenant près d'un mois que j'appelle en vain!!! De mi-février à mi-mars 2018, du lundi au vendredi, matin ou soir! C'est très peu professionnel; j'en ai marre d'eux. Je leur ai écris depuis une semaine à peu près, pas de réponse non plus. A ce rythme là, je vais finir par débarquer au siège pour avoir des réponses. C'est très médiocre de juste encaisser l'argent!!!!!!!!

Réservation en ligne top ! Par contre SAV nul ! À ce jour, deux mails restés sans réponse .. et 12 appels téléphoniques sans avoir de conseiller ! On sait juste vendre dans cette entreprise .. Lamentable !

Injoignable au téléphone. A tout moment de la journée on a un message en boucle qui nous dit que tous les conseillers sont occupés. Très très très mauvaise organisation. C’est lamentable je perds plus de 200€.

Attention ne réservez pas sur ce site!!! Mon nouvel an à été gâché car la soirée "bateaux parisiens" le 31/12 n avait pas le prix que nous avions payez 3 mois avant!!! Virez comme des malheureux le 31 décembre à 20h sur les quais en tenue de soirée !!! Aucun Resto dispo ce soir la!! Bref soirée ratée et le remboursement a mis 2 mois de plus sans geste commercial !!!FUYEZ

6. Sacré-Cœur

Amazing views from the top of the steps, well worth visiting! As others have said, we experienced the most aggressive approaches to selling goods here. We spotted the common tactic of placing a bracelet on someone's wrist and demanding that they then pay for it, but when a man grabbed by fiance's left hand and refused to loosen his grip for some time, it was clear he was trying to get his engagement ring. Like anywhere, be vigilant and keep your hands protected - in pockets or folded arms has worked well for us. Alternatively, get the very cheap funicular to the top to avoid this issue

In a nut shell- magnificent! Went here during the day and climbed 300 steps to get to the tome of the dome (€6 entrance fee March 2018). The view was breath taking (as well as climbing the steps but there was a place to sit at the top to catch my breath fortunately). At the foot of the steps just a few minutes away there is an amazing place to eat- Josse- budget friendly price, served by very generous and friendly people- you will not regret this choice for lunch but make sure you check opening hours to not be disappointed.

It was a wonderful experience being there. The visited the church. It was quite peaceful to be there. The architecture was good. They have cable way trolley to go up to the first level. There is car park here and good place to get the view of Paris from here. There is small train here on wheels running on road to go upto the entrance of Church.

Beautiful church, spectacular views of Paris, especially from the walkway around the dome after the climb up the near claustrophobic spiral staircase. I wonder about how it might have been in the days when a candle or torch was the only choice. We were lucky, the cherry trees were beginning to bloom, we enjoyed a beautiful sunset over the city and a great perspective on the Eiffel Tower.

We went here at night and it was stunning! The Bassillica is so impressive at night as it's lit up and looks like a shining beacon above Paris. There is a tram that can take you from the bottom to the top if you don't fancy the walk, cost is the same as one metro ticket, which you can buy 10 for about 13 euros. Views of Paris from the top and stunning in either day or night, a must see.

7. Sainte-Chapelle

Not only is the exterior architectural design of the church something to marvel at, but so is its interior. With its stained glass windows, this place is one to really admire and take wonderful photos with. There’s some history behind this place as well and I find it fascinating how this place could still look so new and beautiful through its years of establishment. Visiting this church is a must when spending time in the beautiful city of Paris.

Impressive stained glass church. Go upstairs to see the tall stained glass windows. The circular stairs are tight and about 1 floor, too easy. Debatable on the cost to see, however the fact that there is no glass broken is amazing in itself. We spent less that 30 minutes here, point and shoot and move on.

10€ is a huge ripoff, but worth the visit. There's the lower chapel and the higher chapel (take the small spiral staircase on the entrance) but yes, the chapel itself is exhilarating and breathtaking. The stained glass, the gold details and the blue patterns on the ceiling are mesmerizing. It's beautiful and impressive but a really short visit because the place is really small, which is kind of a let down.

Actually absolute gorgeous church BUT, please get a ticket way before so you don't have to wait over an hour to get through security. Those stairs (like a snail, but typical) are hard to manage, so if you have any issues with age or motion, skip it. You will be sorry, but be safe.

Saw Vivaldi's Four Seasons here. The church and stained glass is beautiful, especially in the evening/night. However, the acoustics were somewhat lacking for the concert. The notes all blended together, and it was difficult to distinguish between the notes.

8. Place des Vosges

A great park for people watching. The park itself is normal but the surrounding building (or the area itself is historic). Maybe a little bit hard to find as you need to go through other building to get to the park (Hotel Sully which has become the headquarter for French Monument establishment)

Beautiful park in a wonderful part of Paris. Many restaurants and ice cream shops nearby, perfect to enjoy delicious food in a soothing location. Worth the detour while visiting the Marais.

Great place with amazing pictures to take. The stores all around are really nice. But the entrance can be hard to find.

Our favorite park! Amazing place for picnics. Surrounded by fine dining art museums gelato tea and perfumeries. The vegan cafe is wonderful.

The first park I visited in Paris. It's a nice small park to sit, relax and people watch. I want to go back soon.

9. Palais Garnier

Beautiful. Not to be missed. Get out at the obvious Opera metro station. Pay for a guided visit or at least get the audio guide, which is quite good actually. Even better, get tickets for a ballet or concert. Visit the Foyer inspired in Versailles and Phantom of the Opera's balcony.

This is by far the most beautiful opera house we have ever visited. Me and my fiancee went to a show here during Christmas time and it was a magical experience. The entire building is just stunning, especially with one of their halls decorated for the holiday season. Tickets were also reasonably priced and we greatly enjoyed having one of the upper side boxes. We also lucked out that no one else bought tickets in our booth so we had the whole area to ourselves!

The theatre is incredible. Beautiful architecture. Definitely worth seeing. We paid extra for nice seats that were not cheap. I got stuck behind a guy with a big head. Spent the whole time leaning to the right to see the performance. Our seats were in the first balcony straight in front of the stage 3rd row. Looking down towards the stage with a big person in front doesn't work. Performance was very good. 5 stars if I could have seen the stage.

Really enjoyed visiting this place. The sculptures are just so refined! I wished I had time to have the tour guides to get more info about the place though. Better book in advance if possible. There was no queue

One of the iconic sights in Paris, and in my opinion - one of the most mesmerizing structures in the world. Whether you’re looking for a touristic sightseeing during the day (€12), to discover the magnificent grand staircase or the famous Chagall ceiling; or a part of an upscale opera/dance audience (€30-€250), Palais Garnier is a “do not miss” spot on the city of lights’ map for anyone visiting this amazing city. Note: visitors’ entrance is on the back of the building, not through the front gates.

10. Tuileries Garden

The walk through the gardens was great. Busy but not crowded. Safe. Plenty to see and do. We walked from the Louvre Al the way to the Champs Elysees. It took a while but we'll worth it. Would do it again but not mind summer. It was too hot where there was no shade.

It's a garden. Not very big, not spectacular. Between the Louvre and Place de la Concorde. Very welcome in sunny, hot days to take a break from visiting monuments and museums and a place to enjoy in the shadow a quick bite, whether brought in your bag or bought at the nearby booths.

Awesome park with nice Paris skyline view. There's a lot of activities but not too crowded. Recommended to visit in the evening as you can see the Eiffel Tower being lit up and the new Paris Flyer.

It's lovely! Spacious, so even though there are a lot of people walking around it doesn't feel crowded. Nice place to relax and enjoy nature.

The gardens are very pretty. Even in winter. A perfect place for a stroll. On one end you see the Louvre and the other a giant ferris wheel (Dec 2017). There is a nice cafe on the ground as well which serves tasty hot chocolate to warm you up after a nice cold walk. Well worth the visit/exploration.

11. Louvre Museum

Obviously the arts are infinitely impressive. The gallery/museum itself needs to improve. It needs better information available for the pieces, it would be also fair to have more things written in English ( as many people from all around the world can easily understand more than French). They need to update those old plastic plates from the 80s. Many areas were not open ( the Egyptian, part of French paintings) and we were not told. The staff are not prepared enough, not considered to explain the directions and one of them try to hit on my wife. The British museum was way more informative and easy to navigate because of better maps and fascinating stories about the pieces. If this is one of the major attraction of the entire country , they need to improve way more. I absolutely recommend to attempt to go see all the areas, even if you can fully engage with arts/ pieces because they are just impressive. The whole building, the history of it construction linked with events should deserve more focus as well (not sure if I missed) but there should be some kind of timeline area showing its development. Anyways, i hope the louvre reads, if not I don’t care either :)

Absolutely stunning museum, truly one of the best in the world! I was blown away with the pure size of the museum, let alone the variety of its contents. I was impressed with the Roman and Greek sculptures and the room in which they were displayed in. The art collection is like nothing I have ever seen. Admission is 15€ and you get access to the whole museum. There is no way you can get through a majority of the museum in one day, so pick parts that you want to see and prioritize them.

While I was traveling in Europe for the 'Map Your World Week' Google #LocalGuides. In my second time in Paris and I keep loving to visit this museum. However their Customer Service has decreasing in its quality in less than 2 years. Staff are not friendly and in the border to be rude. If you are not prepared to work in the Hospitality Industry, then do not do it! - the quantity of visitors per day can not affect the quality of the service that they must provide.

As a person whom is not super arty, I was thoroughly impressed with the breadth of the works here. First, going to see the Mona Lisa is stupid. Just buy it on a postcard and enjoy. The gigantic wall sized paintings in the neighboring wing are far more impressive. The European marble sculptures were probably the most impressive. Busts and figures of seemingly random people with tremendous details that would make a 3D printer tremble. But I found myself looking at the building itself rather than the pieces inside. The ceilings and wall coverings are incredible. I think it was in the Sully wing that was most ornate. Would need more than one day to fully investigate and appreciate everything here.

I was awestruck by the sculptures arranged in the courtyards; and the rest of the art- pure, functional and historic- were frosting on the cake. I walked through the place in wonder that this is on display to be enjoyed by the common people, and that there is even a level of trust that allows intimacy for the visitor. And the Louvre is handicap accessible. And there are affordable on-site restaurant options. If you enjoy art and are in Paris, it's a must see.

12. Arc de Triomphe

As one of Paris’s most famous, celebrated, and visited attractions, the Arc still remains France’s essential symbol of power and unity. The attraction is not only the Arc itself, but there’s a gift shop and a great view from the platform atop of the structure, and the Arc is actually fascinating. The views from the top of the arc are definitely worth the climb (284 steps), as you can see all the 12 avenues of Paris. Of course, the views of the Arc looking up from the ground level are breathtaking as well, like when you drive around the structure, along the roundabout surrounding the arc. The Arc is so intricately designed with different patterns carved into and on top of the surface as well as sculptures that it could take a long time to marvel at how beautiful of a structure it is, especially at night, not only when there’s less people around the area and therefore a better opportunity to admire the structure, but when the lights surrounding the Arc turn on. It’s a wonderful sight to see and a great photo op. Its proximity to the Louvre Museum also makes it a prime site to see when visiting Paris, as it extends from the courtyard of the Louvre Palace to the outskirts of Paris. I absolutely loved seeing the Arc!

The Arc is an impressive site. If you want to be able to access it easier, go at night. During the day (also at night) it is an insanely busy roundabout death trap with no lanes, signals or reasoning. As an American you'll wonder how cars don't just pile up at the base of this thing. That aside it's incredible architecture that's quickly photographed so not an attraction to budget too much time to go see. The main strip leading up to it can also get congested so hop out the car and walk if need be. It's not a difficult one.

Just a Great homage to the People of France and the absolute rule of France's lost Empire. The Sheer Grandeur of the Arc de Triomphe both up close and from a distance shows the Best side of French Architecture. So Many Magnificent Monuments in Paris but Still this 1 of 4 "Gates" to the City of Paris reigns Supreme, not just of the Gates, but of the Landscape of the Great City of Paris : the City of Light. The view from Any point on the Champs-Élysées Is Breathtaking. Definitely a "Must See" and within walking distance to the Eiffel Tower, the Grand & Petite Palaces and even the Louvre. Don't Miss !!!

The view is amazing and definitely worth the walk up all the stairs. It's amazing to see so much of Paris and feel so high up and above everything. It was something I will remember. The outside of it is also very beautiful if you don't feel like walking up

It's massive. Crazy how you drive around it. On top of the main Street where a lot of posh shops are on. And also the standard shops e.g. h&m etc.. good to visit and take some pics. Always find tourists there. Very easy to get to as the underground in France is the best in Europe, so easy to navigate.

13. Jardin du Palais Royal

Very nice scenery, even in the winter. A nice place for a walk lined with trees. Benches and water fountain available.

Beautiful gravel garden with very expensive shops and a few restaurants liking the sides.

Graceful and calm place. People playing petanque, walking under tree alley, working out, reading on elegant chairs. Unforgettable atmosphere.

I can finally escape Chinese tourists with selfie sticks.

Extremely nice park in central Paris. Pretty quiet from zombie tourists...

16. Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

PROS: Perfect place to have a picnic, do sports, walk in nature, rest at the cafe/night club. Has beautiful views. A lot of hills so hard to find a plain place but still good to seat on the grass. CONS: one bio toilet for the huge perimeter of the park and it's always dirty...There are no direction in the park to find this place also

Beautiful park in Paris. You cannot miss it if you’re in the city! Even as a tourist, you can buy some bread, cheese and wine and sit on the grass in one of the many hills and watch as the sun sets.

Definitely a good daytime place to visit with friends and family. Lovely lake with walkways winding through out the park. Small area for really young children to play along with games for older ones as well. Pony ride looks good too. There are a few places to eat and take a drink for those who plan on staying longer. Finally, the path around the lake serves as a track for jogging.

smallish arboretum. good for strolling, jogging, evening pic nics with wine or beer allowed, café with terrace and restaurant on premises. playgrounds for kids. Duck pond. nice views of less famous, least touristy side of Paris skyline. limited parking on periphery of park. most accessible by Buttes Chaumont metro.

Beautiful park, great for picnics on sunny days. Get a great view of sacre coeur.

18. Conciergerie

No better place to learn about the French Revolution. Simple, humble museum with a great historical (both of France and rest of the world) significance. Go for free with museum pass or EU student visa. Saint-Chapelle is just next door, so keep the ticket and enjoy the free entry!

Come here if you're interested with France revolution and Paris, there's also detail story about Marie-Antoinette, It's very nice to also go to Sainte-Chapelle which is only few blocks away, walking distance.

Great museum chargé d'histoire

The better place to see the French revolution, I strongly recommend you to visit it.

Amazing castle and history in the tour inside. Interior didnt amaze compaired to nearby attractions, great history on the tour though. Beautiful castle!

19. Les Jardins du Trocadéro

Nice hotel


Jolis jardins mais intéressants surtout pour la vue dégagée sur la tour Eiffel. Y aller un jour ensoleillé ou au minimum de beau temps.

4 estrelles? És una broma. Només té de bó la proximitat amb la Tour Eiffel. Molt car. Personal passota i ineficient.Habitacions i bany molt petits. Servei d'esmorzar deficient.

Fint hotel med skønt udsigt af tårnet.. rigtig god blød seng..

20. Père Lachaise Cemetery

What an incredible place to visit. Rammed full of history, outstanding architecture, well maintained gardens, and a sprinkling of celebrity... It's hard to believe I'm talking about a cemetery! Walking around in silence and contemplation, simply admiring the beauty of the tombs and monuments that line this huge area, is a wonderful way to spend a few hours. Lots to take in, but please remember to be respectful of your surroundings - funerals do still happen on site.

Awesome! I love this place. I try to go every time I'm in Paris. It's worth the effort. Some people have complained about the people who run this place, but they're a bunch of whiners. The staff, here, have been nothing but helpful, and they've always looked out for me--even the last time when I brought along a flask and was borderline drunk. The nice gentleman picked me up at closing time and drove me to the nearest exit--with a smile. I don't know why people think the French are rude. Try going to Manhattan! Jim, Frederic, Oscar, Moliere are not to be missed. Some guy was playing "The End" at Jim's grave, and that, honestly, might have been one of the best moments of my illustrious life.

So much history and just a beautiful peaceful place to visit when in Paris. There are online guides with GPS coordinates to the various celebrity graves. Viewing the various styles of architecture over time, from the ornate to the simple. The most touching and tearful moment was when I came across the simple grave of a Suzon Garrigues, a 21 year old young lady who was killed at the Bataclan terrorist attack in Paris in Nov. 2015. R.I.P. (Photo below) I've gone to visit Père Lachaise on more than one occasion and made new discoveries every time. There's a WC for public use on site.

beautiful and peaceful place to visit. however, don't get lost! ;)

Fantastic for tourists rich with history and incredibly well maintained my visit was for administrative services & despite being late for my appointment the staff were amazing & very helpful!