Best Things To Do in Osaka Japan

1. National Bunraku Theatre

Absolutely a must do in Osaka. We saw the 11.00 show and it was a fantastic experience. The puppetry and music are outstanding. Definitely get the English headphones for narration, they also include general details and history of bunraku.

I've seen about a dozen shows here (some bunraku, some gagaku and one kabuki performance) and all of them were topnotch.

Japanese culture is brought to life in theatres like these. Puppets play out stories that were written by the best in Japan. The plays are long and serious and wonderful. The foyer has many little shops from where you can purchase Bento boxs to eat in the intervals of long plays. An essential experience for those wanting to dive into Japanese culture.

It was a lot of fun but can be frustrating to get tickets. You have to be there to buy them and they seem to sell out quickly even on slow days. I'd also strongly recommend getting a translator if you don't speak Japanese.

What a theatre! Staff is friendly and the shows are amazing. As a tourist I've been to one of the final Bunraku acts, which was quite the experience. Definitely recommended for tourists in Osaka!

2. Nakanoshima Park

It's a relaxing park. It's a nice escape from the busy city bustle. We came here when there wasn't anything particular going on. Probably only worth visiting when the roses are blooming as many other guides and reviewers mention.

Pretty park with tons of varieties of roses. We were there a bit early in the season so nothing had bloomed yet but everything looked really well taken care of and I'm sure in a few weeks the park will be gorgeous. Lots of benches and areas to sit. Overall, just a nice spot to relax a bit.

It’s nice park. We ‘ve visited rose garden. It’s beautiful garden with many types of rose flowers. Beginning of May is the right time to visit. Flowers are full bloom.

Well preserved small gardens when i visited atleast 10 gardeners working on it. Not currently in bloom with the main flowers but a good quick visit to pass time. Would recommend if in season or if you have time to pass.

Pretty park with loads of different roses. Worth a visit if you’re there at the right time of year

3. Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka

Wonderful museum if you like ceramics even if you are not expert .these are historical pieces and national treasures. The Korean céladons are exceptional. A Must see in OSAKA.

I visited when there was special exhibition. I had one day osaka pass so i had discounted admission which was 1,000yen (reg: 1,200) It was worth it as the collection was good. Employees were very friendly. Felt sad as they had good collections from China and Korea. Recommend for those who are interestes in ceramics.

Even if you are the type who says “ who wants to see a bunch of pots”, you will be converted by the exquisite displays, and awesome and thoughtful curation. The natural lighting is amazing!

Nice museum. Don't forget to visit there

Have a great colocation of Asian ceramics. If you have history and ceramic, you will enjoy this place. 2 hours is more than enough to spend here. I wish there are more explanation in English.

4. Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

Had a great time. One of the guides we chatted to and told him he was a film stars as loads of people wanted to take pictures with him. Gave us a personal tour and showed us a few hidden things and we played a game on a grass mat in one of the houses. Hope he didn’t get into to mush trouble but it was a brilliant time and we had a great laugh trying to over come the language barrier but we made it in the end. A recommended place to go but go early as spaces are limited to 300 a day.

It's indoor museum so the size of this museum is small and cozy. There are about 8 small japan's traditional houses and description about houses. Also changing entire light to show the daytime and night time view. lot's of Korean and Chinese visited here to wear Japan's traditional custom, Kimono. Actually I do not have interest to wear kimono so it takes only less than 30minutes to look around. Highly recommended this place to wear kimono and experience about Japan's old houses.

I loved every hidden detail in this museum.. The staff are so nice and helpful.. I used a 1journey pass in order to enjoy it and it was so nice. The concept is like nothing I have ever seen before.

Their staffs are friendly and helpful. The museum itself is interesting. We can rent kimono there & wear it at a place that resembles ancient city of japan. We can study and experience the atmosphere at the same time there. Love it.

An interesting museum concept - basically, it's a giant living diorama. Great if you like to do photoshoots, and some interesting information on daily life, although the aesthetic is definitely focussed on over the informational. The highlight of the visit was watching the sky dome go from day to night, complete with fake fireworks! Even though it was just a projection, between the buildings, the sounds, and the soft lantern light, for a minute it really felt like a summer night a hundred years ago... at 4 in the afternoon!

5. Sumiyoshi Taisha

Beautiful place with traditional shrines. Great place for foreigners too, u can have your fortune and request for an English version. The shrines are georgous, worth visiting.

A perfect place to visit if you wish to find some serene, breezy place to pray and say your wishes.. great architecture and scenery.

This shrine was a pleasant surprise. I was amazed by its beauty, and I was lucky to visit this place without so many people around. The view of this place is just beautiful. Easy access from the train station (literally a 30-second walk). I would highly recommend this shrine if you're in Osaka.

one of the most important japanese shrine. it is the first class shrine of Settsu-koku, old name of Osaka. also, is the head shrine about sea and sailing in japan, which has dozens of sister shrine with names prefixed Sumiyoshi all over Japan. there are a lot of beautiful and traditional japanese style architectures, such as the main shrine, bridge, and Torii gates. the most recommended sightseeing spot in Osaka.

If you are having a city tour within Osaka City, you better drop your feet into this enormous shrine. Accessible, free, INSTAGRAMable spots are everywhere esp the bridge that makes this place extra special.

6. Dotonbori

I love this place! Full of things to do and see... and hear and eat and smell...! Went with my young kids too. A great way to experience the hustle and bustle of Asian BIG city at its best. Clean. Safe. Bright lights. Great food. ENDLESS shopping. I’ll be back again.

We just made a quick stop to this area for lunch. The main street is really fun to walk down with its crazy signs. Take a moment to walk down some of the side alleys for even more of an experience. We stopped at a tempura restaurant with really neat shoe lockers. We also saw the cutest pet shop (but also sad) with puppies and kittens for sale. It's just a busy, bustling, interesting, fun area to spend some time!

The epitome of urban japan. A complex of restaurants and stores packed with tourists and locals. And of course, the neon billboards, thousands of them, very colorful and very brightly lit. The place itself is something else. Be aware of your belongings because there are so many people, it's almost like every man for himself. I saw some police officers on duty, but still. If you wish to shop here, bring your wheeled luggage for your convenience. If you wish to just sightsee, pack as light as you can also for your convenience.

This is a very lively area of Osaka. Come here early or late. Late night seems to be busy still. There are tons of food shops and restaurants as well as souvenirs, drug stores and cosmetics. Bars, clubs, karaoke pretty much everything is here or a street away. Definitely a must check out when in Osaka, or even Japan! Can get pretty crowded on a Friday or Saturday night, so be prepared for a crowd!

It’s crowded all the time but ultimately that is part of the fun. Always something happening around there. Lots of shops to explore especially the cooking and kitchen area is really a treasure trove. So many restaurants to choose from as well. The crab restaurant at the bridge looks like a tourist restaurant but it was actually great.

7. Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shotengai

Excellent service. Profesional staff, there is option for English, Japanese and Korean speakers. I bought three wonderful knifes. Watch out, they're sharp!

Excellent kitchenware shop selling a large assortment of bowls, plates, cups, cookware, and display goods. The shop isn't large but its packed with a very wide choice of goods. It's not expensive but it's decent quality and nicely designed, you should be able to find something that suits your taste and budget.


Wonderful shop, many, many knives and kitchenware goods. In fact, this whole section of the shopping area is fantastic. We bought many things from this area.

Excellent place! The food is great and the staff are very friendly.

8. Kuchu Teien Observatory

Amazing views of the Osaka area! There are 2 floors for observing the city here and we didn't find any problem catching some great photos and didn't have to wait in any lines to get up to those floors either. This was well worth the price of admission, unless the visibility is poor on the day you plan to go. They also had a surprising number of choices of beers from around the world here which was pretty cool to see. Definitely check this out if you are in the Kyoto/Osaka/Kobe area.

This was so worth the trip to Osaka city. 207 ish meters high up with an amazing 360 degree view over the entire city. I'd recommend that you get here in good time before sunset, at least an hour before, to be able to get good seats. It is really nice to see the city both in day light and then at night with all the neon and city lights. They also have a deck you can go to. No smoking and no hats since there is a risk for those to fly away. We highly recommend this place, also don't forget to bring your camera and snacks. There is a cafe if you forget to bring snacks with you and you can buy there for a okay price. Deapite it being an cloudy and windy day it was without a doubt quite a powerful experience.

Nice view and you can grab some drinks at the top bar. I recon that the view at night is better than during the day. Do expect a line before entering the elevator and it can be crowded upstairs.

Amazing views. It is outside So winds can be concern. Entrance is per person for 1000 yen. There is also a heart lock garden wjere you can engrave your love onto and lock it into a cute licture location.

Stunning view and nice experience. Absolutely worth it!

9. Osaka Museum of History

Very nice atmosphere and very kind staff! As three adults we had a great time going around collecting the seal stamps on a rainy day in Osaka. I recommend checking it out if you have time to spare or need a day out of the elements.

If you love the museum, this one shouldn’t be missed when you come to Osaka. With things found in field, restrictions of original ancient life, the museum demonstrates a quick overview for the city history.

I loved this museum! There were so many replicas from various periods in history which made it a lot of fun to walk around. Most of the sets were scaled down but there were some life-sized ones to walk through

Must-see museum in Osaka. Even for people who isn't interested in history. Many models and reconstructions to enjoy. Museum staff know English and trying to be helpful as much as possible.

Take a look into hundreds of years worth of development and turmoil through Japan's history. Depending on your emotions and attention to each placard and your interest in Japanese history, some of it might make you feel a little tender. Absolutely recommend to any visitors to Osaka.

10. Nambayasaka Shrine

Clean and very serene. Tucked in in a very nice neighborhood. A nice side tour for us.

The weirdest and most amazing shrine I have visited in Osaka. It is definitely an obligatory spot for taking pictures and enjoying the experience of visiting a small/local shrine. Despite its repercussion it's not crowded, but this may change in a while because it's getting more and more media echo.

Cool place to visit in Osaka, handy location via railway. Not much surround tho

A very unusual shrine. From the main gate, the huge lion head building is clearly visible. Nice little photo op in a rather drab area. Unfortunately when I visited today, there were awnings set up and people were clearing the grounds - it looked like they had a little festival recently.

Unique shrine that doesn't look like all the others you've seen.

11. Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

If you have 2-3 hours to spare, this is a great stop in Osaka! Great selection of aquatic friends! Feeding schedules posted at the entrance so be sure to make a note of which ones you can attend. 7? Floors of fun in store for you! I liked the famine flavored ice cream at the cafe in the middle of our walk through.

This is a terrific aquarium. We visited on a rainy day. It's really kid-friendly and they did an excellent job designing the space so that you can get many different views of the tanks. I loved that they had a stamp rally for the young ones and the touch tank. My reason for a 4 star is that some of the tanks seemed really small for the animals living there. But if you're traveling to Osaka and need something to do on a rainy day, this is a great choice.

This aquarium is one of the best I've ever been to. This can easily take a whole day of relaxing and enjoying all the animals. There is so much to see as far as the animals go there are otters, capyberas, the whale sharks, sunfish, spider crabs and so many random animals! There were lots of animals I had never even seen before. This is not to be missed! The restaurant itself has great views of the bay. Great place to take kids and take pictures! Good time if you have an extra day before or after universal japan

This is a great aquarium, a place with so much to see even for regular aquarium fans like me. The sheer size and the variety of fish should be enough to persuade any visitor of Osaka to come to this attraction at least once. The downside of the place, though, is that there are simply too many people at any given time. I have never been here in the evening, but during the mornings and the day, it is very hard to enjoy any single tank because of the various people taking pictures, recording a video or having a simple chat with his/her company. You can't blame them though, there are no rules against enjoying a tank for yourself 😝 The other thing I found missing here was that being such a gigantic aquarium, this is more like a 'bazaar' should I say... of fish, rather than a coherent story. This shouldn't be a matter for people who just enjoy seeing a good variety of fish, though.

Hands down the best aquarium I've ever visited. It's organized in such a way as to make the visit simple, informative and fun. The escalator at the entrance will bring you to the top, from which a path circles back to the bottom, revealing the main tank in the centre after only a few turns. That tank is the highlight of the exhibit, not only because of the two whale sharks that majestically grace its water, but also for the appeal of the many other species of fish, rays and smaller sharks. The end brings you to a separate area where you can touch some sharks and rays back's, gently... and the requisite souvenir shop. All in all, fun for kids and adults as well. One last thing, visiting on a Friday evening, we found the place relatively quiet. A bonus in a populated city like Osaka, even if it was a rainy evening conducive to indoor activities!

12. Osaka Castle

Very enjoyable experience, it was interesting but the food around was quite expensive. If you want to get inside the castle, it is good to come early, when they are announcing it's open. Otherwise, you might stand a long line. The actual museum inside was nice, included small holograms and translated text, and another thing that you could enjoy, is that you could dress up for 500 yen ( per person ) and take a photo in kimonos & war clothes. The actual photo was 1200 yen. Overall, you should definitely take this into consideration while in Osaka.

Easy access by metro. 6 dollars entrance allows you to see the Castle top to bottom. Beautiful historical place full of stories videos and fantastic views of Osaka. Restaurants and bars in smaller castle next to the big castle. Handicap access to some areas. Only problem the stories written in the exhibit are only in Japanese. I had a great time. Cool place to visit.

Seeing it from the edge of the park made it all the more exciting for us to reach the castle. However, after paying the 600 yen admission fee and getting inside, I was a little surprised by the how little of the old castle was preserved. Regardless, it was a beautifully assembled history museum with a variety of national relics relevant to the castle. The top floor had an amazing view over the entire city. Having arrived a bit later in the day, 4pm, there were relatively few people and by the time of closing very few people were there.

Absolutely an amazing place to view from any distance. It's quite a walk, about 20 minutes to the admissions, which costs about 600 yen per adult. Closes a tad early at around 16:30, but later during the summer. The view of the outside alone is worth the trip if you can't get in. Once inside, it's actually a museum. It's crowded inside and you walk around the center staircase reading about the history of the castle. It's interesting to say nonetheless, but I thought the interior would more traditional. It was still very nice to see. The top floor has a balcony to view Osaka from the castle.

Definitely worth visiting, plenty of Japanese history on display and a lot of intriguing stories to be watched or read. It does have a massive queue to use the elevator to get to the top, as it is recommended you start at the top and make your way down. But as an alternative, if you're fit to climb about 8 floors, take the stairs as it gets you to the top while people wait for the lift. The view from the top is also breathtaking as you can see most of Osaka city and the lush greenery it has to offer.

13. Universal Studios Japan

Everything is actually nice. The rides are fun and there are a lot of souvenirs available for you and your loved ones. The hospitality of the employees were also great. Even if I'm a foreigner, they still accommodated me with the best of their abilities. The only downside of it all is the waiting. In every attraction or ride, there are always long lines. Sometimes it takes 2-3 hours just to take one ride. It can be hard especially when you are on schedule. If you are patient enough, then that's fine.

Universal Studios is a great theme park! There are many different rides, a area for little children, as well as roller-coasters for the extreme, and 4D cinemas, as well as many other rides. It was very enjoyable, and there are many cafes and restaurants situated around this place. Though I also must say the price of the food is not cheap in many of the shops. There are different sections, Minion Land, Water-world, Jurassic Park, New York City, Wonder Land, and Harry Potter. Overall, I find that many of these rides, are very very fun, exhilarating, and they are entertaining. One of my favorite rides, The Amazing Spider-man, Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, Jurassic Park - The Ride! A lot of these are very suitable for the family to enjoy, Universal Studios is a great place! At 8:05PM, they always host a Universal Studios Night Spectacle Parade. The parade is very interesting, with lights, sounds, and real people acting out this parade, they are backed with cars and tracks, Hogwarts Express, Transformers, Jurassic Park dinosaurs, as well as the last one, Minions! Overall, I find that Universal Studios is a great place to have lots of fun!

Generally less crowded than Disney Tokyo. But there is a wider variety of foods comparatively. The rides are fun and Harry Potter is one of the main highlights. Bring the usual sun protection and such. Staff are enthusiastic and the meet the public sessions of the various characters are always fun. But even with the lighter crowds the lines for the rides are long, be prepared to wait. In all, a good experience for the kids, but to fully enjoy all the rides, kids should be about 122 cm tall, of course by then, you have to pay for them so, weigh the benefits. If you have younger kids, you can take advantage of the child switch concept or simply switch care givers throughout the day.

A must to buy the Fast Pass!! It was worth every dollar. However it can be a bit pricey. I got the fast pass 7 and that cost me about S$170. Not including the admission ticket of about S$90+. The best ride was The Flying Dinosaur!! A must for the thrill seekers! Hollywood Dream and HP Forbidden Journey were both enjoyable as well. Do walk around the park to try different themed food such as minion sandwich or cream puff! Photo worthy and taste good.

Loads of fun if lines aren't too long. We went there on a rather rainy Saturday in July. The rain probably kept the masses away, as we usually waited 15-20 min for a ride, and our longest wait was 70 min. With these wait times the park was lots of fun and the rides are awesome! I assume with the express pass it's similar so should be fun. Though it was fun that the park wasn't packed. If we had to wait 100-200 min for a ride (as some commenters mentioned) it would be a total waste of time and not worth it. The rain was no problem with an umbrella. Don't let it stop you from going. It's probably the best time. To sum up. Rain keeps the lines reasonable and doesn't interfere with the experience too much. If it's raining, go! If it's not raining get an express pass or skip this place.

14. Osaka Castle Park center

If you're visiting Osaka, go visit and check out this site. You will never miss it as many people are going towards its direction after alighting from the train station nearest to it. Went there almost late in the afternoon towards night time already . It was perfect since we were able to take the the castle's beautiful pictures - on a clear day then dusk and finally, night time with all the lights! This was in autumn. The gardens with the autumn colors were just as breathtaking! Not too crowded when we went there but we were not able to join the guided tour as we were running later. We also took shots of the castle when we reached the park. There are food & drink stalls nearby if you go hungry & thirsty after the long walk. Plenty of choices but these stores close early - about 5:30 to 6PM only. Walking through the park is manageable as long as you do it a little slowly with stops in-between. The reward after is so worth it - Osaka Castle is so picturesque & stunning! Nice colors & architecture! Seems like so near yet so far as you walk through & climb towards it. The sunset as well is beautiful at dusk. Definitely, worth a visit when in Osaka.

Osaka Castle is a great place to go as a tourist, but if you're local to Osaka, try to find another park. It's usually saturated with tourists, but if you don't mind having to deal with them, it's worth a view. The surrounding area, namely the park, isn't as crowded, so it's quite nice to visit, and there are some really scenic places to take some quality shots with your camera. The castle itself is a recreation of the castle that was once there. It's also a well-built recreation. It is of course, made with concrete, but it's definitely better than some I've visited. Speaking of the castle, the interior is mostly used as a museum, so if you'd like to learn more about the castle and the surrounding area, definitely give it a try. Overall, I think it's worth a visit, but I wouldn't go there every time I go to Osaka. Again, there are parks that are less crowded and also more interesting.

It's nice to know this place for a real. I read about history background about Osaka Castle. Pathway and ornaments are well maintenance. Weathers is windy when I came here although earthquake at 2018 June 18 were happen it's not affected castle. I visited on 2018 June 18. It's treasure castle. Love been here

It was a picture perfect place. The park was clean and huge. I felt like I came back from the Time of Emperors. It was a romantic place where you can bring your special someone or even bring your Family. You will enjoy the view and the atmosphere of the park, it was such an awesome place... I so Love it. #LetsGuide

Good for a day walk tour. Great park during cherry blossom. Amazing cherry trees and walking under these with a snack purchased at one of the many food trucks. Surely very touristic but defiantly worth a visit. We didn't played for the castle itself. But you can see all around for free.

15. Kids Plaza Osaka

Part science museum with some craft stations. The castle in the center can keep kids running around nonstop. Includes interesting interactive installations for the kids and kids-at-heart. Adult might even learn a thing or two. Not much of a problem to navigate even if you don’t know Japanese. Nice park and shopping street nearby. Kids can spend a whole day here, and parents can sit on nearby benches or at tables around the castle but might not have direct sight of the kids.

Wonderful place to bring the kids. My son (3.5 years) loved the place. There are many activities to do with the intention of teaching scientific concepts. Although he is too young to understand, the various stations and activities entertained him for 5 hours. He especially loved the various musical instruments from around the world, let's face it which kid wouldn't? He got to bang, drum, strum, shake, ring various instruments. Loved it. When the place closed, he started crying and sobbing because he wanted to stay and play. This is not usual for him as he is usually fine to leave when we tell him. And he wasn't the only kid showing signs that they can't bear to leave. Shows how much the place attracts children. Worth a visit if you have about half the day, otherwise dealing with the kid(s) who are cranky about leaving might not be the best for the rest of the day/night.

Awesome place for kids! My kid enjoy everything in it. One of the amazing thing here are the role playing for kids where they can experience and introduced to daily life stuff like do groceries (fake food), make sushi in his/her own stall (fake sushi), be a post man, be a plumber etc. Also it is a free roam place. But be sure to come here not with an empty stomach. There is also a SOAP BOX race upstairs haha. FUN

Definitely plan to spend more than an hour here. Probably two-and-a-half just to really spend time on everything. It doesn’t matter if you have a wiggly kid or a science kid or a quiet kid, they all will find a space here. Our 6- and 10-year-old has a really great time. Kids are encouraged to touch and try and question. A lot of fun!

Very interactive for kids to have fun and learn. There's a science floor which teaches kids about physics, math, biology, nature etc, but in a fun, hands on way. There is an area for kids to be immersed in daily work life. Dress up as a post man and deliver mail; work in a supermarket or just have fun on the big slide or traverse the cargo bridge. Warning, 10-2 is busy with school kids, really really busy.

16. Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel

The ferris wheel is one of the biggest in the world and offers a great view over Osaka and the bay. There are two kind of cabins, ones with glass bottom and regular ones, to queue for. Normally you are very quick for the regular cabins, for the glass bottom ones it can take up between 30 minutes to an hour on normal days. You can combine it with the aquarium, as they also offer combined tickets for both.

This is my first ferries wheel ride. 15-minute tour. A great view of the city and it was a fun ride. i love it.

Great way to end a night in Osaka. I think it's better at night because you can see the city lights. The lights on the ferris wheel also has decorative patterns at night. There are transparent and coloured cars. They're both for the same cost (800 yen I believe) but there are fewer transparent cars so there might be a queue for it.

If you go to the aquarium, buy the combo ticket to save 100yen off the ferris wheel. It took us about 20 minutes to go all the way around, but the views at sunset were awesome. When you get in line, you can choose a regular gondola or a transparent one with a see through floor. I'd recommend the transparent one even though it's a longer wait.

A 15 minute ride that you can buy alongside and entrance to the aquarium next door. Situated to the side of a mall that offers food and shopping options. The ticket price in total was 3000yen and although a little rainy on the day we still managed to see the whole city. My wife enjoyed it very much. I dont recommend people with height issues to go though as it is pretty high up!

17. Kuromon Ichiba Market

Walking around and trying all the food at Kuromon market was definitely the highlight of my time in Osaka! All the seafood is super fresh, and there's also a ton of sweets and drinks for those who aren't into seafood. Like other street markets in Japan, there are usually places to sit down and eat the food you just bought, or at the very least stand comfortably and eat. Pricing is definitely not cheap, but it's super reasonable for the quality of food that you're getting. The scallops were super tender ($5 each) and the fresh sushi was some of the best I've ever had ($13). Would highly recommend coming here early on an empty stomach and eating as much as you can!

Fresh food, a lot of tempting choices! Go for lunch or afternoon snack as everything closes around 5pm. If you can`t find seats to eat the food you buy, head over to the information centre where there is a designated eating area open to all, no matter what stall uou buy food from. They have deep fried puffer fish and organic coffee both of which are delicious.

A nice market to take a look and have some local Osaka snacks. The food was pretty fresh and just a way down the market, we ate quite a few “must-eats” of Osaka. It’s a rather relaxing walk. We visited on a Sunday, and the crowd was quite alright. In the pictures was a beef skewer and Kani from the last shop of the market. It was tasty.

Nice place for some fresh sushi. easy to walk around as it's one long straight filled with stores and lots of sushi all around. Also small gift shops.

So lucky to be staying minutes away from this great marketplace, constantly crowded so you need some patience navigating the crowds. Nice to be able to pick out your food and have the vendors cook it for you on the spot.

18. Harukas 300

Gives a 360° view of the surrounding Osaka downtown area. A must-visit if you have a thing for bird's eye views of cities around the world. Went right at sunset on what was a wet day, but could still see all the way to Osaka bay and the surrounding mountains. Was crowded but could still move around easily and have ample space to stand around the full-length windows. The only downside is that the interior lighting of the observation deck ruins photos taken of the surroundings due to reflection. For a unimpeded view of the Osaka bay, try going one floor down to the toilets (either male or female will do). The full-length windows will give you what the observation deck won't, as that same area on the 60th floor is off limits unless you pay for your picture to be taken.

1,500jpy entry fee. Very fun as it is not crowded at all and you can enjoy a quite time here watching Osaka city. Almost all the major attractions in Osaka are identifiable atop here and even the Akashi cross strait bridge is viewable from here which was a very pleasant surprise. Highly recommended when you’re tired of the hustles and bustles of Osaka and need some time to relax. Good restaurants on the restaurant floors too.

Terrific views of the city. Even the elevator ride is fantastic, as you see the entire shaft above you enhanced with LED lights. Not to be missed.

Nothing like drinking an Asahi Dry whilst eating edamame on an outdoor deck next to real trees (and piped bird song!) at 60 floors above ground. Surprisingly relaxing after snapping countless rooftops on your phone.

Went to the free one. Nice view of three directions of Osaka. Kind of expensive to go to the top deck ($25) but that's just me, maybe you find that valuable. Good places to eat near and high end shops like Gucci at ground level.

19. Shin Umeda City

Good place to see.

This building is amazing. There are 2 tower and on the top The Floating Garden. The evening city view is beautiful.

Wonderful site to visit. Excellent 360° view from the top and great place for photo op even on a day with poor visibility.

Great view of Osaka from up top. The building looks really cool from close up.

Was in the area on the way to the Sky Building. We had to go through an underground passage since there was construction being done. The place was fairly quite and empty particularly later at night when we left around 1900. There were taxis waiting near the street on the way back to the underground passage.

20. Kimono Tea ceremony Osaka MAIKOYA

Great history lesson about samurai and the ninja. We got to dress up in samurai equipment and they let us try some common ninja weapons. We also participated in a tea ceremony! Atsuko was a very pleasant and informative teacher. The staff spoke very fluent English so don't worry if you cannot speak Japanese.

Even though we had arrived late to our session, they were kind to accommodate to us. We made Japanese sweets and ate our sweets during the tea ceremony. I enjoyed the sweets making class a lot! The tea ceremony was very informative and calming.

Had a really great time with my family during the Private Tea Ceremony. The staffs are fluent in English, explained everything slowly and was very patient with my little girl. Highly recommended!!

This place is amazing! Our tea master Akiko was very professional and made us feel extremely welcome. I highly recommend this place to anyone who comes to Osaka!

It was a wonderful experience. From the dressing up into the kimona to tea ceremony . I would highly recommend for you to expirence. Very good.