Best Things To Do in Osaka Japan

1. Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka

Have a great colocation of Asian ceramics. If you have history and ceramic, you will enjoy this place. 2 hours is more than enough to spend here. I wish there are more explanation in English.

A small museum but with some interesting exhibits.

Just Boring. The exhibition is dull and the explanations are too concise.

Fine collection of ceramics, especially Korean celadon ware. Almost no Japanese pieces, though. Detailed descriptions of individual pieces, next to nothing on broader evolution of the craft.

Disaponting...looked for japanese pottery...found mainly korean & chinese


Nice/ friendly/joyfull modern station. Easy to find prayer room for moslem, just ask tourist information center desk for details

Getting a quick bite to eat is easy from Pie Face which is an Australian meat pie shop/cafe. There are also fruit tarts available. Very delicious. It can be accessed from the Eki Marche mall entrance which is to the left of the central gates at Osaka station. Open from 9 a.m - 10 p.m.

Well marked station. Easy to find trains and purchase tickets. Lots of shopping and restaurants in connected buildings.

I was in awe with the men's bathroom never seen a men's bathroom this clean and even a baby holder if you got a kid this is unheard of in the US. Oh and heated toilet seats is normal here.

Osaka Station City Is the main railway station in Osaka, within the Kita-ku district. This is however not the shinkansen (bullet train) station, which stops just one stop to the north. This station is one of the largest complex I’ve ever seen of a train station, linking underground, regional trains, buses and even metro into a station that’s surrounded by all sides by shopping centers and departmental stores. I got lost just walking around this station and the surrounding North and South Gate Buildings. There are dizzying amounts of buildings around Osaka Station that are giant shopping malls and office blocks. One of them, the Umekita, just next to North Gate has a large selection of restaurants at its dining floor. It was raining that day so had the opportunity to try on these. Not cheap though, and I definitely prefer the more gritty style of street food or Izakaya. Despite that, the food's still delicious.

3. Osaka Shochikuza Theatre

This theatre is the home of the Osaka kabuki family that performs here. The theatre is a little smaller than the Kabuki za and National Kabuki theatre in Tokyo but the standard of performance equals or exceeds its Tokyo rivals. Ravishingly beautiful and completely underestimated by western audience's if you can get the opportunity to see some of Japan's greatest theatre, this is the place to see it.

Unique cultural experience about the soul and aspirations of the people of Wa.

Great location it is. It is very convenient to find any restaurant after finish the theatre.

My brother and I saw a Kabuki performance here. It was great, but I would recommend getting the audio guide for ¥300. We loved the performance, but were a little lost about some scenes.

taste was not bad... but a little bit unkind...

4. Osaka Shiki Theater

One of 6 "Shiki" dedicated Theaters. Located 7F of Harvis Plaza, 5 min walk from JR Osaka station; 2 min walk from Subway (Nishi Umeda) station. Currently showing long-run "CATS"

Must visit place if you watch musical in Kansai area. I watched a great CATS show.

Great theater, and the production of Cats was awesome!


劇場としては広くはないと思いますがクロークもあり グッズ等の販売も一ヶ所では無いので 色々と配慮がされていました。座席は高身長の男性は少し狭いかも知れませんが 女性なら十分かなと思います。西梅田にほぼ直結なので 大変便利。

5. Japan Mint

工場見学は、ウェブサイトから事前の予約(無料)が必要です。当日は、入り口の警備の方に工場見学であることを告げると、近くの受付に案内してくれます。受付では予約した際の情報を伝えると、バッチを貸してもらえるので、それを常に身に付けておきます。その後、お土産を売ってるショップの建物の2階に案内されますので、そこで時間になるまで待機します。ここにロッカーがあるので大きめな荷物などは預けることが可能です。しかし、工場見学が終わっても、ルートとしてこの場所は通らないので、わざわざ取りに戻ることになりますので、荷物はそのまま持ち歩くことをお勧めします。 時間になると、係りの方の案内で、教室のような場所に移動し、パンフレットによる説明や、硬貨の製造工程に関するムービーを見ます。 その後、場所を移動して実際の工場の中に入り、見学用のスペースからガラス越しに実際に硬貨を製造しているところを見学できます。 エレベーターや階段で階をいくつか移動しながら、あらゆる工程を見学することになります。その間終始、係りの人による解説があります。 一部を除き、ほとんどの箇所で写真撮影は可能です。 工場見学を終えると、近くの博物館に移動しますので、そこからは自由時間となります。そのまま帰ってもいいですし、博物館をゆっくり見学してもいいです。 最後に入り口でバッチを返して終了となります。

2018年 今年は4月11日~17日に行われます。 平日は午前10時から午後9時迄。 土曜日・日曜日は午前9時から午後10時迄。 「長州緋桜」が仲間入りしました。 今年の花は「大提灯」です。 コインを造る所ですが通り抜けで有名です。 通り抜けた後には 大川沿いの桜も見られ堪能できます。 2018年の桜 ソメイヨシノは、3月25日頃から咲き始めるんだとか。

毎年増える桜。コイン博物館。 多種多様な桜が見どころであり、工場見学や記念硬貨、メダルが買えたりします。




Got in through Osaka Day pass. Has a speaker with aux cable to play your song. Recommended!

I think this was one of the best attractions in Osaka. The line wasn't that long, the view was great, and it was cool that you could connect your phone to the speakers and listen to music as you were looking at the city lights.

Went on a drizzling evening. We played our own music during the ride. It was a memorable experience. We bought the group photo taken before the ride. The photographer was speaking in Jap which we couldn't understand a bit but he was sure funny.

Went at night about an hour before closing,the line wasn’t long. One of the best ways ito see the city night view.

Well priced, spacious and clean. Staff were friendly. Suitable for anyone. Great view.

7. Hozenji

Beautiful temple in the heart of Dotonbori. Many locals and tourists stopping to say a prayer and splash the mossy monks; fantastic experience

This small temple is hard to find - but so unique it's worth it.

a very nice tucked away little spot where locals come to pray, has a warmth to it.

A wonderful place for pause, prayer, and reflection - just a few steps off the main walkways where the crowds and loud shops of Dotombori are usually found

A tiny shrine located in the heart of Osaka which is part of the attraction that and the tradition of throwing water in the statue which is the reason for the covering in moss.

8. Kema Sakuranomiya Park

Very informative museum depicting the history of coin minting in Japan. Best part? It's free!

Good park to enjoy Sakura in Osaka river view

A riverside park that is built on the river terrace between Okawa and Temmabashi Bridge that is so beautiful for the cherry blossom season. There are about 4700 cherry blossom trees on both sides of the river that seem to go on endlessly. The park is open at all hours and there is no admission fee.

Great for the average stroll, but no real amenities

Went to Tenjin Festival here, very crowded but very fun!

9. National Bunraku Theatre

Japanese culture is brought to life in theatres like these. Puppets play out stories that were written by the best in Japan. The plays are long and serious and wonderful. The foyer has many little shops from where you can purchase Bento boxs to eat in the intervals of long plays. An essential experience for those wanting to dive into Japanese culture.

It was a lot of fun but can be frustrating to get tickets. You have to be there to buy them and they seem to sell out quickly even on slow days. I'd also strongly recommend getting a translator if you don't speak Japanese.

You can get a one session ticket on the day for about 1000¥. This is a good opportunity if you are curious about the genre. I found the audioguide didn't provide translations of the dialogue, only the narration. It was therefore less engaging as a lot of the Japanese content was unavailable. I wouldn't recommend this if you don't understand Japanese.

What a theatre! Staff is friendly and the shows are amazing. As a tourist I've been to one of the final Bunraku acts, which was quite the experience. Definitely recommended for tourists in Osaka!

A nice experience if you appreciate traditional performing arts. The plays are pretty long, but there are tickets for small parts too.Audio-guides available in English. Very worthy since there is a lot of speaking. Funny to see all those old people wearing nice clothes and ready for 'a night at the theater' and then many of the families sleeping during the performance. Don't forget to step by the small museum before the play so you can see how the marionettes are made and controlled!

10. Dotonbori

This is the heart of Osaka! A lively area with huge neon signs inviting you to the restaurants that are packed side by side. There are so many places to eat here that it's a foodie's haven. We stayed here for 8 nights last year and absolutely loved the place. If you love eating, this is the place to be! The restaurants close pretty late and most places accept cash.

A must visit for any blade runner enthusiast. Especially at dusk. River tour fun. Massively popular with tourists so few Japanese people here. Very very busy at times. Venture away from the main streets and into smaller side streets for some really interesting little shops and bars.

Crazy busy shopping street with the lights and buzz that will give you a seizure if exposed too long. It's a fun place to enjoy Japan in a different light (away from its usual peaceful and gentle nature) and people watch, definitely a younger scene with top notch shopping. Come if you want to walk around, window shop/ shop, otherwise avoid here if you want peace and quiet and less people during a shopping experience.

Dotonbori is always so much fun. Lots of guys street foods with a little bit of everything to do. With Shinsaibashi just around the corner, I can go shopping right after eating all the yummy things! Have been here a few times and I plan to go back many times more :D

The Japanese love to eat and here in this gigantic restaurant hub where people, food and their love of lights combine to produce an exhilarating experience. Be prepared to walk amongst thousands of other hungry diners all looking for the same thing. The choice feels unlimited but you know that Japanese food is so delicious it would be very rare to have a not great experience. Highly recommended.

11. Nakanoshima Park

Nice place to walk, especially during the winter lights season. Went mid week, the lights were beautiful, the crowds weren't bad and the food stalls were tasty. The projection mapped show on the old city building was pretty impressive and surprisingly not overly crowded.

Luckily there was a beer fest going on when I visited there ...Enjoyed the rock band shipping the beer and it was a unforgettable day during my Japanese trip...

Nice place to visit if you love flowers, lots of various species of flowers here. And some of them is planted almost 100 years ago if I am not wrong.

Lots to do throughout the summer with festivals pretty much every weekend. Beautiful when the roses are in bloom.

This place is amazing, for walk and have a great time. The view and environment is beautiful

12. Kuchu Teien Observatory

Awesome view and experience for the price. You can see all of Osaka from the top. I recommend visiting this place at sunset.

Worth it for the view! Cost is 1000 yen and I cued around 20 minutes. But definitely glad I stopped by.

Go here at night time. It's magical. Also the highest escalator in the world

Do visit

13. Naniwa Bridge

A bridge where you can see pretty noon rise in the late summer.

Lion bridge

大阪市のホームページなどで難波橋や周辺の中之島の変遷について調べてみました。 1661(寛文元)年ごろ難波橋は江戸幕府の公儀橋になったとされる。 この時点はまだ、難波橋と中之島は接しておらず、一本橋でした。 また、橋の位置は現在の位置より一本西側の筋に掛かっていました。 1876(明治9)年の難波橋架け替えに合わせて、中之島は上流部に向かって延長され、初めて難波橋と接する事となる。 また、難波橋は部分的ではありますが、北側半分が鉄橋化されます。 1891(明治24)年、中之島公園が大阪市初の市営公園として整備される。 この時点では、まだ中之島は現在の形にはなっていないそうです。 1915(大正4)年、路面電車を通すために、現在の位置で架け直される。 1921(大正10)年に行われた大川の浚渫で出た土砂の埋立によって、中之島は現在の形状となる。 1975(昭和50)年橋本体の損傷が激しいため架替えられる。


ライオン橋とも言われる難波橋。橋のたもとにはライオン像があって、阿吽のかたちに口を開けたライオンと、口を閉じたライオンが、対になっています。 北から来ると、「ここから大阪に入ります!」って感じで参道のようです。

14. Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

This is a model of a town in Japan like 50 years ago. You can rent a kimono and walk around the fake City while wearing it. It is quite the experience to have somebody dress you in it. After somebody does that, then you ask yourself why they have people doing that. It's really not that difficult. But it's nice to have somebody else do it for you.

A small scale museum about the development of housing in Osaka. It is very popular for the locals. Worth a short stay around an hour. The models of housings are really good and prepared with high quality.

Its very close to subway station, its on the 8th floor in one of the buildings next to the bigger road. 600yen entrance fee. They do have special exhibitions that changes depending on the date you go. I paid 800yen for both the entrance and special exhibition which at the time was Naniwa girl's festival themed. The museum as a real sized street of old Osaka buildings where you can take pictures with rental kimono. Then some miniature models of different time periods which gives a nice overview of how the city has changed.

Not a bad visit, can finish this place in about 30 minutes. We visited this site alongside with the 2 day Osaka pass. It can be crowded at times, and the access point can be bottled-necked with an elevator, Thus there can be large queues. People can have the opportunity to rent Kimono outfits and have pictures taken with the old Osaka in the backdrop.

This is a full scale model of an old Japanese city. They have old traditional games and people to help you figure out how to play them. You can rent kimonos and walk around. You can finish fairly quickly, but it is very interesting

15. Osaka Castle

A great place to visit the historical place in Osaka. Lots of people but great view of the castle and quite interesting to go inside the castle and look at their history and built models inside. You can even go to the roof upstairs for a nice view. But be prepared to pay some fee and also walking down the stairs back to the ground floor. They have elevators to go up but have to use the stairs to go down to ensure the flow of people coming in won’t get disrupted. Definitely worth visit and take some pictures and enjoy your day. ;)

The grounds around Osaka Castle are very beautiful and I would highly recommend spending the time to see them. The castle it self is also a sight to see, although do not expect the inside to match the historic style of the outside. The inside must have been renovated as it is modern looking. The castle consists of 8 floors with a viewing platform on the top floor. This platform circles the entire castle and has amazing views of the Osaka city.

One of the best castles I've seen in Tokyo! Although it's completely renovated inside. We took the train to get to the entrance bridge and walked up. Inside is now a museum which takes you through the history of the castle. If you like history, you can easily spend 3 hours here. Note that you have to walk about 6 stories through the castle museum but it's bearable as you spend resting time on each floor. The top of the castle provides an awesome view of the city. It can get very windy up there though.

An obvious must if visiting Osaka. Great for strolling around the grounds and a good view from the castle. Interesting artifacts and exhibits in the castle. If you are in Osaka for one day only then make time for Osaka castle and the surrounding grounds. Good all year but the blooming cherry blossoms in spring shouldn’t be missed if in the neighborhood.

The castle is very beautiful and the park around it is very relaxing and nice, you have plenty of history flying around as well as some souvenir shops and restaurants. There is a nice spot behind the castle where no one goes because from far away it looks like there is nothing but once u reach it, u will find the best spot to take photos of the skyscrapers and the plum garden below you.

16. Suisho Bridge

Cute, short bridge only for pedestrians. You can sit here and relax, maybe bring your lunch to eat. Has green potted plants for your enjoyment.

橋としてではなく、可動堰として建設された、異色の経歴を持つ橋。 可動堰としての機能があった時代の名残として、周囲の道路と高さが異なるという特徴があります。現在は、可動堰としての機能は取り外されており、それらの機器があった空間はがらんとしています。 外側の意匠が非常に印象的な構造物であるため、画題として愛好する方がおられたり、付近の学校などから写生の授業として児童や学生が訪れたりする事もあります。 ちなみに、堂島川と曽根崎川との分流地点は、ここと大江橋の間にありました。曽根崎川は既に埋め立てられているので、分流地点を示す痕跡は見当たらなくなっています。


西天満に会社があった関係で、この橋を行きつ戻りつ何度利用したことか。 昼休には中之島公園まで散策コース。薔薇園の見頃(春先)がオススメですよ! 階段橋の上は待合せに最適。 水晶橋の北から南からやって来る男女が落ち合うなんてね、昭和の映画みたくお洒落でしたなぁ。 ははっ!

階段を上がっての橋なので、 利用はしにくいけど、趣のある素敵な橋で、 少し高い分、景色も素敵でした。 早朝の散歩中でしたが、朝日に映える川が綺麗でした。

17. Universal Studios Japan

Spent a full 11 hours 9am-8pm) here and loved every moment. Recommend buying the 7-ride Express pass as you can jump the queue for most major rides. The harry potter 4D ride is mind blowing, combining 3D cinema with a moving coaster and practical effects. The cafe near Hogwarts castle also had very juicy chicken- surprisingly good for theme park food. Plenty of kids areas (Minions, Sesame St etc).

The best roller coaster in the world: Jurassic Park. I did it 10 times: that flying dinosaur is a must !! Breathtaking ! You will be turned in every possible way !! Believe me: this attraction is one of the kind. The Harry Potter is a must do also. I wish to go back again. AND I WILL. It was a bit difficult to get there by train but the train staff has helped us to get to Osaka. One of my best memories when u was in Japan. I highly recommend it.

Worth a visit for the novelty of the theme park. The character and staff are very friendly and approachable, and it's very easy to get someone to help take a picture - there's plenty of things to capture on film. Only issue for me was that the queues were ridiculously long despite. If you're thinking of coming here, you should definitely consider grabbing the express pass to jump the queues.

Universal studios Japan is a great place for children and adults. I would recommend buying an express pass because the lines for almost every ride are over 2 hours. Getting there early is also a good idea because these express passes can sell out. The entire place is really clean and staff always greet you with a smile. There are a few restaurants and some food vendors in the park, but be ready to pay top dollar.

Great day spent here. Recommend getting a fast pass to the attractions you want to do as even on weekdays in winter it’s up to an hour and half wait for rides. Also recommend using the single riders line even in groups to get on them faster. In terms of rides these are a lot better then Disney in every way, but as what was expected all the story was in Japanese.

18. Kids Plaza Osaka

Lots of fun for the kids. Very traditional cultural stuff. Very good for foreigners like us. We learn a lot of Japanese culture here. The play area was very well set up. My kids didn't want to leave. Very easy to get to.

Excellent place for the kids to play!! If I had lived nearby I would have been a daily visitor!! There’s so many things that the kids can explore and learn!! It’s a great place very much recommended for all kids!! Don’t miss to plan to spend a full day in your itineraries that your kids will feel happy & holidaying... & learn in the process!!!

The plaza caters to children from 2 years to about 7. It consists of a large adventure playground with lots of tunnels, bridges and climbing apparatus. On the upper floor are more interactive tasks, from drum's and dressing up games to science related projects. My children spent several hours and were constantly entertained. Food options are limited within the plaza, nearby there are cafés and within a 10 min walk one of the best sushi restaurants in Osaka. Would I return to the plaza, probably not. Would I recommend first timers, most definitely.

Suitable for kids up till 12 years old and there are a lot for a child to spend a whole day. Parents can join with the children as well for most of the activities. Advisable to bring your own food cos I don't see a cafe inside.

Great fun! Make sure to bring plenty of hand disinfectant and wipes! It's a fantastic place to bring the kiddos, but seriously it's a germ factory. We will be back for sure.

19. Tekijuku

家庭用電話機、マンションという概念で、旧日本家屋がもつ人との繋がりは一度死んだ。適塾の中を見学すれば、この意味がわかると思う。現代は物質的には遮断され、音と文字情報と電子を通した映像が主に通じ合っているのだ。ここでは幕末のころの家屋の通例と当時の人々がどのように関わってきたのかが、復元されている。柱や梁はほぼ、当時の素材をそのまま活かして復元したそうだ。広い玄関で履物を脱いで襖を開けて始まる世界は、言葉だけで表現することは難しい。 西洋建築の影響を強く受けた現代のマンションや様式家屋からは感じることの出来ない異様な懐かしさがある。見たことがないはずなのに、どこかここには懐かしさを感じる。 ガラスの貼られていない窓、遮断されていない部屋と部屋、二階から見渡せる一階の廊下、玄関を覗くことが出来る「覗くための隙間」などなど… 家庭用電話機の子機、スマホ、トランシーバー、インカム、監視カメラなどなくとも迅速に情報を伝達するための工夫が随所に見ることができた。 階段の両脇に手すりなどない急斜な階段は、貯水タンクや下水道のハシゴを彷彿させる。あっ、と驚く。 両手をしっかり使って階段を上がっていたことを身をもって体験できる二階への入り口は、ここへ来てよかったという喜びを誤魔化せない。 そして二階の部屋は門下生らのためにあったそうだ。この部屋で集まっては熱心に書物を読み、討論したと記録にも残る。それだけでなく、ここで鮮烈な血気を未だにこの目で確かめることができる。12畳ほどの部屋の中央に残る長い柱。そこには、日本刀でチャンバラしたとされる斬痕が何箇所も深々と、ありありと、刻まれている。 当時の人々の活力と、現代人の意志の弱さ・意欲の低さとつい対比してしまう。偏った妄想に過ぎないが、蘭和混合の主屋で繰り広げられる緊張感も、若さゆえに時間となればはっちゃけて羽目外した記録まで残っているのだから、驚く。のちに慶應義塾大学を創設した福沢諭吉の書籍・福翁自伝には詳細に当時の様子が書かれているそうだ。普通科の高校を卒業し、経済学部を専攻した医学と語学に無縁な僕でも、十分な啓発を受け、時を超えて明日への意欲を頂けた。 世のため、人のため、国のためという言葉は、聖人君子や覚者だけのもので無いことも深く確信した。適塾を卒業後、全国に散らばった670余名らののちの活躍を見れば、以下に社会課題に取り組むという経験が、のちに異なる分野においても大きな功績に繋がるのだと改めて教えてくれる。日本語が読めるなら国籍問わず多くの人々に訪れて見てほしい史跡であり観光地だ。 言葉の壁があったとしても玄関で260円さえ支払えば、その肌で幕末の中を生きた日本人の生活観、人格を感じることができる貴重な場所とも言える。 少しだけ脱線することを書くとするなら、この史跡周辺は路面、付近の建物に大正から昭和の頃の建築を見ることが出来、建築に興味がある人にもうってつけのスポット。 最寄駅は 堺筋本町線の北浜駅。でももし、関西空港から難波を経由して向かうなら、御堂筋線の淀屋橋駅が乗り換えもなく交通の便が良い。




『医の世に生活するは人の為のみ、己が為にあらずということを其の業の本旨とす。』緒方洪庵が愛したドイツの医学者クリストフ・ヴィルヘルム・フーフェラントの言葉です。この精神は、道は違えど「橋本左内、大村益次郎、福沢諭吉、箕作秋坪、佐野常民、長与専斎、大鳥圭介 … 」などの人に受け継がれました。今もこの言葉を胸に仕事されている方は多いと思います。大阪は度々空襲にあっているにも拘らず、この様な幕末の町家が残っているなど奇跡に近いと思います。ここは来るだけで当時の洪庵先生と塾生の熱気を感じられる有難い場所です。

20. Shitennoji

Possibly the nicest temple in Osaka. Well worth a visit. But come here early to catch nice photos b4 the crowd. Pictures also get better at sunrise as its not too bright and you dont have to worry abt contra-soleil

Recommended to visit after visiting Osaka Castle (more historical information available)

Loved learning about their history and religion. Dont forget go there if u travel to Osaka.

Big and spacious temple ground. A little touristy, well maintained and nice place for a walk.

One of the oldest temple complexes in Japan. Urban setting but tons of history here and some gorgeous old buildings. Love to stroll around. There are always cute food stalls set up near the entrance - and occasional flea markets are held outside too. Not a super commercial area around the temple because it is such an old district, there are restrictions.