Best Things To Do in Orlando Florida

1. Madame Tussauds Orlando

Visited the place with a group with diverse ages, 17-48 yr old, and everyone Loved it! The place is very original, organized and the staff is great. Not expensive either. The place is conveniently located next to the Orlando Eye, and has many shops, stores, restaurants, and other attractions just a walk away. There's even a food court in the same building just outside the museum, if walking is out of the questions. A definite must see.

It was a very nice exhibit, lot of things to do around the facility as well. Unfortunately I have been to the one in NYC which is bigger and better. The quality in Orlando, was about 85% a like the actually person. Still in general, a good site to visit for a quick run.

This was a lot of fun! Enough models to make it worth the visit. Employees there were willing to take photos for you if you wanted. A great place to stop! If you take your time, you’ll be here about an hour or a little longer.

Loved this! It was a great and everything was so life like. We had my daughter with so we got tickets for sea life (which is cheaper in my opinion). But they have lots of options and it's cool to get pictures with the figures. A must if you've never been to one.

Very fun place to go to! I really enjoyed my experience at Madame Tussaud's ,all the wax sculptures were looking extremely real! I came there a bit after election so seeing ready sculpture of Donald Trump was really cool! Really nice place worth of buying tickets to!

2. Harry P Leu Gardens

If you're a local, do yourself a favor and get an annual membership. It won't cost you much more than what a one day visit would cost and you will be able to come back as many times as you like for the whole year. The gardens are beautiful and have plants that put on a flowery display at different times of the year. Obviously Spring is the best time, but not for the roses. The large rose garden is usually pruned in Spring, so not the best time to visit the roses. The Leu House has tours every half hour during the day. You can do the tour many different times and find out different things. There is a lot of history here, and each tour guide gives you their favorite parts (at least that's how it seems to me). If they gave you the whole history at every tour, they wouldn't be able to do the tours every half hour. Weddings are held in many different parts of the gardens. Photographers of all kinds love to take advantage of the picturesque setting. With all of this, the nice thing is that is never really crowded except on the free weekend in Spring when they have free admission paired with a plant sale. A few other things to note, there is a gift shop, a gallery of art on the walls of the hallway of the main entrance building, classes, movie nights, and probably lots more things I still don't know about. This is the most affordable annual pass in Orlando and even better, no blackout dates!

This is my home away from home. Ever since I moved to Orlando in 1997, I have always visited. I have been a member for several years and I love it. Beautiful landscaping. The best way to see what grows best in greater Orlando. The best date night in central Florida. Come and see an important part of Orlando's history.

Fantastic garden in the heart of Orlando. Astonishing variety of different plants nicely arranged. The garden is well maintained and invites either for plenty of photos of the plants, strolling around in the garden or simply enjoying Florida's climate on a quit bench. On the border of the lake it is possible to watch snakes, fish and birds as well as squirrels in the trees. Unfortunately I had to cut my visit short as the garden already closes at 5pm.

I enjoyed getting lost in the gardens! Such a beautiful peaceful place and I learned so much too. Gary, one of the gardeners was so passionate and inspired me to start gardening. It's a great place to bring kids too. I ended up buying a membership because I know I'll be back often. Next up, one of their outdoor movie nights!!

An absolutely beautiful, historic, and maintained garden located right around the corner from downtown. A wonderful choice for an afternoon stroll. They also hold gardening and agricultural related classes each month, open to the public. There is a charge to visit the garden, but you can also enroll in a membership to their club which negates that.

3. SKELETONS: Museum Of Osteology

Super cool museum! Maybe a bit small but super fascinating. They have some activity sheets to get a bit of extra learning from the experience on your way in. Would love to see it expanded or find a location in the NY area.

Loved our visit here! It's a small place (I can't image spending more than 1-2 hrs there), but it was absolutely fascinating to to see all the animal skeletons. My 6 yr old enjoyed the scavenger hunt they have set up for children. The admission is a bit pricey for what it is, but it's definitely worth it to visit when there is a coupon code or Groupon available. It's in a nice area too with lots of restaurant and other entertainment options nearby.

Very informative. Good for science nerds and a reasonable price. Great location and if this isn't your cup of tea, there are plenty of options in the general vicinity.

I got to go on a field trip here. The tour was great! Not to mention the place is inherently fascinating ... at least to me. You get to see the bones get cleaned by beetles and learn how animals use their skeletons in different ways. Great fun for a science enthusiast of any age.

Great experience! The staff was as wonderful as the reviews claim. The museum is small but has so many great exhibits that is feels much larger. We went as a valientines day date and it was perfect. Also as someone who studies biology the information was accurate and phrased well. Totally reccomend!!

4. Lake Eola Park

It's a Fantastic Park for various purposes to visit. Can be a great play day with the children. Can be romantic to walk around with the beautiful scenery. Adventurous with the swan boats. Relaxing for some yoga. Casual gathering with friends to catch up between fresh air or while grabbing a bite within the park, interesting and fun events to be part of or to enjoy them...... so in summary, just a place to get out of the ordinary day.

Went here for a nice day outside with the wife and kid and I will remember it forever. This park is beautiful! We fed baby ducks right from our hands (they have feeders around you can get food from for 25 cents) and watched a black swan lay eggs from literally a foot away. We took a paddle boat out on the lake for $15 for 30mins and walked to a nearby cafe for a snack. I never thought I would feel so close to nature in downtown Orlando.

Worked in the area for years. You will love the swans and ducks unless you hate birds. Farmers market on weekends and a perfect jogging spot on weekdays. Everything you need is so close. The fountain is beautiful, it lights up at night. There is art all over the park and parking is free for a few hours. You can rent swan boats and paddle until your legs hurt. There's an amphitheater that does whatever whenever. Great restaurants nearby. If you come to downtown Orlando, this might be the coolest place there.

People pick up your dog's wants to walk in a park area where it's smeared all over the ground. And why are the birds looked after better than the countless people around the park who look like they need a good wash and meal? Better parks than this !

A great place for the evening. Takes 20 minutes to finish walking the whole place. Has many beautiful swans. Don't feed them bread. It's near the public library so u can park your car there an come here in peace.

5. Discovery Cove

Fantastic place! It is very small which is great for not getting lost and the landscaping is beautiful. Swimming with the dolphins was a powerful learning experience. Snorkeling in the coral reef was truly magical. All the animals were beautiful! Be careful in the aviary though- you might get pooped on! The food was great. I am vegan with a dairy allergy and the staff was extremely accommodating to me and knowledgeable as to the ingredients in all the food. Great place!

Second time at DC and I would recommend this to families and couples alike. The best place to swim and relax plus you can even snorkel with rays and tropical fish. Kids absolutely loved it (11 and 9 yrs old). The optional dolphin swim is also wonderful. It's a must do for your holiday of a lifetime experience. The numbers of guests are limited each day so it never seems too busy or crowded. Breakfast, lunch and snacks/drinks all included too! Great experience.

Even though it was the coldest day of the year, the water was warm and swimming with the dolphins incredible. Neoprene wetsuits helped with the cold. Face mask and snorkel was included-we snorkeled with the fish in a deep (warm) lagoon. After the water fun we visited the bird area. The colorful birds land on your arm and eat out of your hand. There is more...a definite must see.

Amazing experience! They don't over-book like other theme parks, it's relaxing, clean. The complementary breakfast and lunch served was fantastic! We had so much fun walking the reef and swimming with the dolphin "Dot". Big thanks to all the great people that work there too!

I cannot rate Discovery Cove high enough. Our daughter must be in a wheelchair. During our Dolphin Swim, which was her Wish, two gracious assistants supported her in the water while encouraging her to interact with the dolphins. We ended the day swimming as a family on the Wide River, exploring the Aviary, and visiting with otters & monkeys until the park closed. After our week in Florida, the family agreed that, given the chance, we'd spend a week at Discovery Cove and Sea World, rather than try to take in all the parks.

6. Orange County Regional History Center

This is a cool place to go and find out about the history of Orlando and Florida. There are plenty of interesting and interactive exhibits. There are multiple floors that are all chronologically ordered by time period and easy to follow! Great place for kids or couples that want to do something out of the ordinary. The people at the customer service counter are helpful and fun to talk to!

I LOVE this museum!!!! I always take my visitors to this museum, & they all love it too. Great way to learn about the full history of the Orlando metropolitan area beyond Mickey Mouse & Disney.

If you are interested in how Orlando came to be then a visit here is in order. Orlando has a strange and sordid past. Disney is not a true representation of the real Orlando. Keep an eye out for the 2018 History in a Glass events. Cocktails and history are a fun combination!

This museum is a great place to learn the history of Orlando! I've never had a bad experience when I've gone and the price to get in is 10.00

I didn’t have a chance to visit the center yet, but the building looks great from the outside in a very nice location. The price is very affordable; I will have a chance to adjust my review after my visit

7. SeaWorld Orlando

Sea World is so amazing. I didn't even have time to explore all the parks and it was still incredible. They truly care so much about the environment. The employees are great and happy to help with any questions you may have. It's lovely to see a place so in touch with the environment. One of the few places that still keeps in touch with nature

Great well kept and maintained park. Very educational and informational. Fantastic options for food/ drinks. The meal deal is a great value and well worth it. Great rides and amazing shows. Only complaint is very small overcrowded paths near the front of the park.

Shows were top notch, staff was super friendly, park and bathrooms were clean, beautifully landscaped. Excellent time spent there. The only reason I'm giving a 4 star instead of 5 is because of the lack of efficient and fair use of the signature show seating pass. It was very unorganized and folks without the passes would just fill in and the staff was none the wiser. They had us sit in the handicapped section once because the reserved seats were already full. The only way I can see these passes as even remotely beneficial is on a crowded day and you arrive at the shows at least half an hour prior. My advice, save your money on the preferred seating for the shows, all the seats are stadium seating anyhow and you can see great from any of them. On the other hand the quick queue passes for the rides are extremely beneficial even in the off season. Saves tons of time. We'd never have been able to ride and make all the shows without the ride pass. Overall, great day there. Would definitely go again.

A great time for the whole family. Far more reasonably priced than Disney world. A lot to do for the whole family. We watched shows, and got to see marine life in more natural surroundings. The play spaces were great for our littler ones to let of steam, while there was plenty to entertain and educate our older children. Staff were all friendly and accommodating. A highlight was eating at the Shark outpost - with fish swimming right by our table!

We love SeaWorld! We love the shows. I love that they are moving away from the killer whales "performing" for us to more of a natural habitat for them where we can view and learn about them. They're not there yet but it is in the works. Love all the shows and the animal viewing area. We really enjoy the educational aspect of it also.

8. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Diagon Alley

It's very realistic, excellent animation and actors. The people are quite friendly and don't seem to mind browsing. It is expensive ($79.99 for a canvas backpack), but is Universal, so 8ts to be expected. The Escape From Gringott's doesn't allow backpacks or loose items. You have to store them (free), but no guarantee that someone won't take what's yours. Same as anywhere else. Cute signs and wonky buildings abound... I'd recommend taking your time, especially if you fancy the whimsical and unusual.

I expected more rides than stores.(there were only three rides) And more of an experience of "we are characters exploring in the Harry Potter world" than just audience watching inactive displays. Food in this park were not tasty except the butter beer. Overall still worth going if you liked Harry Potter.

Very original and absolute detail in the theme park. Very busy and a must to do for Harry potter fans. Very authentic and very exciting and exhilarating experience. Wait times can be as long as 180 minutes. But definitely worth the wait. Village is like it is from the movies

Amazing attention to detail, lots of fun. Escape from Gringots is worth the wait. Fish and chips at the Leaky Cauldron with a Wizard Brew was a good break from the crowds. Be ready for line-up it's definitely the biggest draw in the park.

I'm a big fan of the films like a big kid. We loved it. If you like Harry Potter you'll love this! They did a beautiful job on the design here

9. Epcot

This is great for kids but the rides are not really....well rides they are more like shows. If you are here you should definitely try out Test track, The land, and spaceship earth. Now if I could only do 1 ride here it would definitely be Mission space. I don’t want to spoil anything but it is absolutely amazing. You definitely don’t want to miss Mission space. HAVE FUN

Epcot is absolutely amazing. Disney itself is amazing but I really enjoy Epcot since it is almost like the "Adult" theme park for Disney. Sure it is still Disney but there is alcohol and all sorts of other things. One of the best things is the various festivals and other things going on throughout the year. My favorite (which I am sure is other) is the Food & Wine Festival. It is super awesome, amazing food, and really good drinks. You get to walk around and see all the various cultures from around the world and try all the food & other things. If you are an Adult who wants to be treated as one in a kid-friendly place. GO to Epcot :).

Fun place with plenty to do for the whole family. There are ride throughout the park but most rides are in future world. Best to plan your day in advance or you will spend a lot of your time wandering from place to place. World Showcase opens at 11AM so if you get there early you can see most of future world first then head out to World Showcase. Many good restaurants in both areas. Again prior planning helps.

This is my favorite park for many reasons. However the World Showcase is fun for everyone with its wide array of food and gifts. I feel like the food and especially the drinking options have improved since my last visit. The Land has a nice long river ride, Spaceship Earth is a must for first timers, and Test Track is just awesome. What i like most about Epcot is that you can enjoy it without having to wait in lines for rides, its fun just strolling about.

This is much fun for the family and one of the best places to spend a day if you like any remotely owned by Disney. They have plenty of chances to meet characters and always have changes to the park where they are either updating or adding new things to see. Would recommend planning the trip ahead of time and schedule your fast passes in advance once you have it in mind to go. Also plan in advance for meal plans or something to try to save money once in the park. There are tons of YouTube videos and blogs to view on how to plan, definitely don't go in blind.

10. Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Animal Kingdom is awesome!!! This park has one of the best rides in Disney World. Avatar Flight of Passage is incredible. If you visit Animal Kingdom do not skip this ride. The park also features an amazing collection of animals. A large safari vehicle takes you through the animals preserve. The park also features live shows and numerous character meet and greets. The characters are great. They were very patient with my child. The characters take their time and make each meet and greet memorable. The park also has a roller coaster called Everest. I would highly suggest riding Everest at night. This ride is spectacular in the dark!!!

The park is good. However, don't get in a 2 hour wait line as there are NO restrooms in line. Also, the app is good but DO NOT use it to set up a test pass for more than yourself. It says you can, but it linked a second ticket to me and not the actual person which therefore stopped that person from getting a taste pass. Why ANYONE would have more than one ticket is beyond me. So set up fast pass at a kiosk.

Disney just does magic. SO much amazing detail everywhere. We're old and retired and we have THE BEST time, no matter which park at choose. This year, for our one day, it was Animal Kingdom - so we could experience Avatar. WOW!!! Just mind-blowing. Wish the wait weren't so long, but the payoff is brilliant. Na'vi River ride is pretty great, but not if you have to wait more than 50 minutes or so. Everest, Kali Rapids both fun. Congratulations to all who make these experiences possible.

We had a wonderful experience at this park. The food was good, the rides were fun and the shows were excellent. The Lion King show was great! I would definitely recommend seeing it while you are at the park. The new Avatar area was done perfectly! At night everything starts to glow so make sure you check it out. Animal kingdom Lodge is also a great place to eat after a long day at the park.

Its a great park full of surprises and fun besides all the awesome animals. The safari is a Disney must-do. I loved the food and gift options too. Pandora is amazing but does not get really good until night, but by then the park is closing. I know they need to close early for the animals, but maybe let Pandora be an after hours location.

11. Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

I highly recommend the dinner show experience. The museum itself is fascinating and very well organized, but the live tour and interactive feel makes it unforgettable. The dinner is delicious (&the bar made a great drink) and the actors were authentic and fun! I didn't know what to expect and ended up leaving very happy. I went with a few friends and each of them loved the fun night! Thank you Michael, cast, and crew for ensuring we all had a great and educational Titanic themed evening.

This is a great place to go if you are remotely interested in Titanic. I would love to have done the dinner party, but we had no time. The staff is great, very helpful, concerned, and knowledgeable. The artifacts are amazing. The replicas help to get perspective on the time and how things were. It is a great place to stop off and spend a couple of hours. At the end, you'll be able to say you touched a piece of the ship. Go there and enjoy!

Interesting. They do have some authentic artifacts. Guide in the beginning chastised me for reading when he was talking, when I wasn't reading, just looking at the objects while he talked. Odd approach to making your customers feel welcome. I understand not wanting people to photograph the artifacts but customers should be able to take their own photos by the stairs or the ship front. Many of the items were very interesting. The layout of the museum was great.

We had a few hours to spare before our flight home. This delightful artifact museum was amazing. You literally board the Titanic! Your guide is the legendary 'Unsinkable Molly Brown'. This is surly a must see. The family will love it.

We went to the exhibit today and truly enjoyed it. We were four adults, ages 25-30. The exhibit is very interesting and entertaining. There are so many details that made it seem to us that somebody put a lot of thought and care into setting it up. The cards with the name and background of a passenger that you get at the beginning is a very nice touch that makes it a lot more personal. The iceberg that you get to touch to realize how cold the water was is very impressive. All in all, we were very happy with the experience. We’ll return!

12. Blue Man Group

I had always wanted to see the blue man group, so during my visit I decided to fork out the money and treat myself. I thoroughly enjoyed this show. It's clever and funny and entertaining. Book well in advance as tickets go relatively quickly, but we were able to pick up tickets the night before the show and still had fairly good seats.

This was the best show ever!!!!! I have never been previously and had no idea what to expect. I could not stop laughing! Family friendly for sure and the backstage tour - incredible! To see how all team members come together to create such a magical experience is nothing short of beyond impressive! The cohesiveness of the overall production is brilliant! I will certainly be back!

My mom and I had an AMAZING time. Neither of us had ever seen a Blue Man show before and we spent the entire show laughing and having a great time. It was amazing that they could convey without talking. It was a mime-comic-rock show and we loved it!

This was the funniest and most entertaining thing that I have seen in a long time. I knew that it was going to involve music, what I didn't expect was it to be funny! I laughed and laughed, and laughed. I was impressed how the show was culturally relevant and how interactive it was with the audience. It was engaging and really enjoyed myself. We also took our two kids and two of their friends ages 7-9 and they all LOVED it. They were so excited after the show, and talked about it for the rest of the weekend. The show does not have one dull moment. It really is a great family night out, date night, or girls night out. There is some strobe lighting involved in the show so that should be known in case you have medical issues that could be affected. The venue is also awesome because there really isn't a bad seat in the whole house. We sat in row L and I felt like we could see everything great. The venue also provides little booster seats for the kids to sit on so that they can see over the grown ups heads. Our kids sat on them for the whole 1 hour and 45 minutes and they didn't complain of being uncomfortable at all. I highly recommend this show!

I’ve seen BMG many times and they always put on a great and memorable show. I would like to see more policing of cell phones at the Orlando location. A lot of the show is in a darker setting to highlight all the vivid colors used, and when someone throws up a cell phone to record, it’s just as annoying and distracting as one being used in a movie theater.

13. Universal's Islands of Adventure

Nice park and not over crowded. Some great rides here. Incredible Hulk roller coaster ride was great, as is the Rock'It coaster. Harry Potter stuff was fantastic! Mummy ride was killer, best ride at the park. The worst ride was KONG by far. Food was good, drinks too. Clean and friendly.

I grew up in south Florida and have been to this park at least 12 times as a child and teenage. As an adult I moved to Tallahassee, FL and started buying seasonal 2 park passes to Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios. As of today I have lost count with how many times I have been to these parks, but if I had to guess it's about 40 times. I have been to many different theme parks in Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina and Islands of Adventure always sticks out as my favorite. I don't buy year round passes to any other park. Even when I moved to South Carolina I still continued to buy the year round two park pass and pay out of state price just so I could make the drive to Florida and go to the parks. I currently live in South Carolina and I have no intention on moving back to Florida but I do vacation here at Islands of Adventure every chance I get with my seasonal pass. I am here right now just for a weekend visit. All the rides are great! My favorites are the Hulk, Spiderman, and Jurassic Park: River Adventure. The food is plentiful and delicious! The staff is always very friendly and knowledgeable. This is really just a great place to relax and have fun. I have since got my mom and sister involved and they are buying seasonal passes now too so my whole family can join in on the fun.

Amazing rides, great food locations, smells, sounds, atmosphere all great! Facilities were clean. Cat in the hat train queue was lengthy and the ride was the worst!! My then 6 year old said it was the worst ride she had ever been on. Experience overall with staff was ok. The majority were nice and friendly but one woman was abrupt, impatient, rude and a choice word I cannot use in this forum. As a single mum I had to carry a backpack plus extra items for my daughter, and this didn't help when I was trying to get seated on the pterodactyl (I think that's the name) fliers. My strap got caught and she lost the plot at me, yelling at me and forced the strap down on my wrist. Now I know the ride is fast and automatic but there's an override for health and safety purposes! Not glad I had the experience with her but glad it happened to me and not my child! She was already gone when our flight ended.. I'd say approx one minute later. However, one gent at the hire desk was amazing. So helpful, cheery, entertaining for my daughter, caring, and overall just a lovely person.

I love this place so much. Now been two years in row and still finding new stuff. The kids love it as well. I'm not a thrill ride fan and I still had an amazing time. Personally my favorite parts are super hero Island and the Jurassic park center. My oldest even got to name a dinosaur.

So overrated and over priced. We finished the park in 4 hours. 2 main rides were closed completely. The price of admission is crazy compared to 6 flags and Canada's Wonderland and on par. Ive been here 3 times now. Only worth visiting once. If its going to put a strain on your families finances, skip it!

14. Orlando Kart Center

OKC is AMAZING. I had the time of my life. It was super real and authentic. The staff were polite, helpful, and full of energy and great personality. The make sure for all first timers you get the basics of safety which I like. This is the number one place id recommend to anyone whether a Florida resident or tourist looking for some good fun. Definitely 5 stars in my book

Experience was awesome as a newbie to go karts. Staff is awesome and really dedicated to making your experience great. They are super passionate about racing. The karts are fast but nothing a beginner can’t handle. After the first lap, you feel comfortable enough to cut loose. I recommend this to everyone. Also, extremely affordable compared to other kart spots. Like 20 bucks for 10 min.

We went to Orlando Kart Center for my friends bachelor party. It was an easy process to sign in and we waited probably 10min before we were on the track. It's a bit pricey for thirty minutes but it was a lot of fun and the track isn't bad. The staff was also very friendly and helpful.

Would be 5 stars but they need to perform better maintenance on the karts. Tires are worn off and engines have idling problems. Service is great and prices are good. Buy the 3 pack as it is the most cost effective. They take track saftey seriously and will black flag you off the track if you bump. You get one warning. Overall fun track and worth the money.

Best kart center. Wish there were some two stroke options that go a bit faster. A bit more expensive than other kart places but feel as if we got more out of it. Awesome place and the staff was fun and friendly.

15. SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium

My family and I enjoyed our trip to Sea Life Orlando on 3/5/18. I came mostly for business but was able to put a few days aside for time with my family. All of the staff were friendly and seemed to truly care about and love their jobs. My children loved all the animals at SL and convinced me to go on the Behind the Scenes tour they offer for $5. Our tour guide Honor was very informative, cheerful and made sure to keep my children involved while they loved. I would highly recommend the Behind the Scenes tour and if you go, ask for Honor. We can't wait to come back next year.

This was a nice aquarium that is well kept and worth the visit. Not overly exciting, but they do have a good variety. The turtles and sharks make it worth it. The few staff I talked to were very knowledgeable. I was particularly intrigued with the jellyfish tank. You can changes the colors which is super cool to see with all the jellyfish.

For the money, and the time, it's one of the better experiences in Orlando. There are gorgeous turtles and sharks and rays and axolotls and seahorses and much more! They have diverse tanks loaded with healthy, beautiful fish. A strong effort was made to communicate ecology and transmit conservation principles to adults and children. The entire exhibit feels interactive and clean and fun. Our family REALLY enjoyed it!

Love this place! It was so clean and had many fish! The price was pretty reasonable for what we got to see! We saw them feed the stingrays and the staff was very friendly and helpful. We also were able to touch the sea urchins and starfish. We will definitely come back!

The aquarium is very nice and they have a lot of variety. It is a little pricy for what you get if you don't stick around waiting for the shows to start but over all it is a decent experience. The gift shop prices are reasonable for the most part ad well (good if you have kiddos like I do). Would do it again if I had season passes.

16. Orlando Science Center

My girlfriend and I went to the Orlando Science Center together for the first time this past February. While I did enjoy the experience I found that I probably will not go back if I have to pay for admission (we got in for free using our Bank of America cards). I went with an open mind but I felt that there was not enough exhibits to hold my interest for longer than an hour. I will add that we did go during a time when half the building was under renovation and we therefore only had access to three floors (one of which was catered specifically to children 🤷🏻‍♂️). Still though, it’s worth a visit if you haven’t been yet!

Excellent museum for kids. Family annual pass is worth it. Movies, traveling exhibits, educational facility. Kids area was recently renovated. You can easily spend 4 hours here. Restaurant down stairs. You can bring your own food in or buy. Parking garage connects to museum or you can park by the Orlando Museum of Art for free.

A m a Z I n g. We loved this place so much. We brought our three kids here 5,2, and 1 and they all had a great time. So much to see, do and experience. The staff are so helpful, friendly and engage with the children. My 5 year old LOVED the dinosaur exhibit and the simple machines exhibit and we intend on visiting more often. The gift shop has well priced items for budding scientist. For families who receive snap food assistance there is a generous discount that helps make this experience accessible to all in the community.

Highly recommended. I have visited museums all around the country and this is my favorite museum to visit with kids so far. My kids really enjoyed every part and exhibition of the museum. In the first story there is a factory with lot of yellow balls (oranges) that was just enough for my little one to fall in love with this place. In the four story Dinosaur skeletons and digging area that will keep them very engage as well. Second and third stories as enjoyable as the other ones.

The Orlando Science Center is a neat place. The cost is reasonable and it’s a fantastic place to take kids or let out your inner kid. My friend and I spent a couple of hours here doing various activities. However, large sections were under construction so there wasn’t as much to do and see a I would have liked. This is a fantastic place to for families.

17. Fun Things To Do In Orlando

My brother and I visited Orlando last week and came across your site. We went to Rocks Springs and floated down the river and the following day went to Orlando Tree Trek. Wish that we had s chance to go to Boggy Creek Airboats but maybe next time. Great list of fun things to do in Orlando.

Thanks for the movie theatre suggestion! I had a wonderful time at Enzian with my boyfriend

Great website to learn about Fun things to do in Orlando.

18. Gatorland

Great experience and the whole place was actually nice and clean. Whole family loved it and they military discount was pretty great too! I highly recommend a visit. We felt like the off-road ride would be too much for our 4 year old but that seemed like it would have been a blast also.

Had a blast. Went zip lining. Six different lines and a 2 plank suspension bridge to walk across. Swamp buggy ride was to short but very fun. Lots of gators. A nice way to spend the day. They have a kid but adult can also get wet zone so you can cool off on those hot days.

This place was awesome. It was one of the best days we had in Florida. Much better then Disney!!! Not crowded. Fun experience. The monster truck ride was really fun and entertaining. Our kids loved it.

We had a fantastic trip with our 4, 2 and 8 mo old sons. The alligators were plentiful and easy to spot. The parrots were a big hit with the 2 yr old, as were the tortoises. The gator wrestling event kept us all on the edge of our seat. The playground was a huge bonus as the kids stopped to play there a few times during the day. Also they loved the train ride. I would recommend a visit to anyone in the area.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit!!! Great experience... Excellent service, friendly staff...There’s a lot to see and do... You can pet animals, participate in their live shows, observe the gator feeding and Gator wrestling, take the train tour around the property, sample gator meat and so much more... There’s a kid zone with play area and sprinklers to cool off on those really hot days... My absolute favorite activity was doing the zip line across the marsh filled with gators 😧- loved every minute of it... Purchasing your pics after the zip line is a must!! Overall, Gatorland is reasonably priced for the amazing experience- from the entry fee, food, feeding the crocs and items sold in the gift shop... I’ll be returning here next time I’m in Orlando.

19. The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art

This small museum offers a comprehensive experience of Louis Comfort Tiffany. It not only features his well known glass work, but provides exposure to his paintings, jewelry, and collections. Above all, the installation of his chapel for the 1893 Exposition and the recreation of Laurelton Hall make it unique as a means of truly connecting with the artist and his life's work.

Lovely experience. Everything was nicely done, and the collection is a reasonable size. Taking my time to observe most things (but not to read and in-depth study everything) I spent two hours here and loved it. The collection is beautiful and has some truly striking pieces.

Superb World Class Museum! It’s hard to say what I love most: the glorious collection of “American decorative arts,” the story of Louis Comfort Tiffany’s life and legacy, the recreation of Laurelton Hall, the informative signs about craftsmanship, culture and history, or the free Friday afternoons from Nov. to April. And now I have to add the security guards/ experience enhancers. When I read the public reviews I noticed complaints about the security guards and cell phones, so upon entering we clarified the cell phone policy at the front desk. (You may take pictures, just not with a flash.) As I was examining a panel of stained glass, one of the guards struck up a conversation with me about it and briefly helped me appreciate a few other pieces in the room. Later I saw another guard help someone find a more comfortable chair while they waited for others in their party. I have never had a negative experience at the museum but it seems the security team is working hard to serve the visitors as well as keep the premise secure so that we can continue to enjoy and learn from the collection.

This Museum is in my home town of Winter Park, FL and has the most extensive collection of Tiffany's art, antique jewelry, and stained glass in the entire world! The Tiffany's chapel is absolutely breathtaking and is worth the trip just by itself. I highly suggest you swing by! Every Friday night from 4pm-8pm the admission is FREE by the way.

An explosion of Louis Comfort Tiffany. A feast for the eyes. The cross chandelier beyond compare.

20. Cirque du Soleil® La Nouba™

Absolutely amazing. Worth every penny. Was a special night out with the wife. Can't wait to take the kids next time. Sadly it was the last show. Hope they have another in the amazing venue.

This was an amazing show. So glad we had the chance to see it before it leaves at the end of this year. The story line is easier to understand if you read the background ahead of the show. The performance artist will blow your mind. Such an amazingly talented group of people. The intimate feeling makes it so much more special because your view is amazing from any seat. Such an amazing treat.

Amazing show! And funny too! The talent is incredible and the danger is real. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time with some of the dangerous performances. Every seat is great in the auditorium. We sat in the last row and I felt like I was right in the front. The show is finally closing at the end of 2017 after running for many years. Hopefully they replace it with another great show! Make sure you see it before it's gone for good!

This was our first Cirque experience and I thought it was pretty alright. Pros include the two clowns that held the act together and the four Asian girls that were absolutely fantastic. Cons include the finale being dragged to a point of no return and the trapeze artistes.... While I'm assuming that the errors were on purpose, it sure made us feel a bit short-changed. We had decent seats and its better to choose front and center seats otherwise you'll miss a few good acts.

This show is running for only a short time, but if you have the opportunity to see it before it ends you should definitely go! There is a lot to see and you won't be disappointed with the variety of acts. The only downside is the seating. You get a great show from almost any seat, but they are very tight together, both sideways and in front. There was barely space for a small backpack between my legs, and this is the same for all seats.