Best Things To Do in Orlando Florida

1. SKELETONS: Museum Of Osteology

I attended all by my lonesome and ended up really enjoying this little sleeper. I am a bone geek at heart so it appealed to me. The descriptions are great, there is a nice early man section for those that don't need an entire museum for this, some human skeletal deformities, and tons of animals. Kids will like it as well as adults, but if you have kids, you might want to linger longer by the time they are done. Takes maybe 30 g 45 for a quicker viewing. Interesting beetles eating old flesh off bones to clean them. Enjoy

I was surprised by how cool the bone museum was. There was so much packed into such a small place but very nicely done. The kids ( 2, 5 & 7) really enjoyed this place too. They had a blast. My oldest also came here on a zoology field trip in high school and loved it as well. The staff was also very helpful.

Great place! Loved everything about it! Good place for school field trips or family/friend day trips. So much information to take in. Great quality skeletons. I highly recommend this place. Fun for all ages!

This place was so fun! They have so many full, real skeletons, bones, flesh eating beetles and more! The staff is friendly and seem to really enjoy what they do. There is a scavenger hunt to read through and even mythological creatures! Great cool activity if you're in our around Orlando.

We've been here many times since they opened and it is always amazing. All of the staff we have interacted with have been kind and very well informed. They are able to answer any questions my daughter asks and even give her some interesting facts. We went here on Saturday for her birthday and they went above and beyond to make it special for her.

2. Madame Tussauds Orlando

We enjoyed our visit to Madam Tussauds. The wax figures were very lifelike and well-cared for. We were disappointed that there weren't more...we went though fairly quickly. It was a nice diversion on a hot day.

Located in the heart of downtown Orlando, which is solid in its modern infrastructure and traffic use. Getting tickets and into the museum was no wait. Maybe 12 other people moving along through the museum while we were there. Enough time for visits and pictures of all family members with each figure. The boys had a blast. Somehow missed the Beatles, if they were in there? Brief enough tour and you'll be enticed to purchase a personalized photo book at the end.

So much fun. The wax figures look so real you almost feel like they are going to come alive. It takes some getting used to, but once you do, you really get into posing with the different celebrities. It is a lot of fun!!

Decent Madame Tussauds location! There were lots of wax figures, and figures that you actually want to see. Relevant celebrities, political, and historical figures. Most of them are very good and look like who they are supposed to be, but a few are not so good. It does get busy but it isn't anything too bad.

Museum itself is quite entertaining, equally good for kids and adults. You can make a wax hand there to take home as a memorable souvenir, and the guy at the counter is very helpful, explaining everything in detail. Only 3 stars for the girl at the photo counter. She won't explain about the photo packages, giving us misleading answers. We ended up paying for pictures we didn't receive.

3. SeaWorld Orlando

A place to have fun with your family and friends. The dolphins, whales, and sea lions shows are great. The bubble theater show is unique, exotic and amazing for children and folks of all ages. Never knew the science behind bubbles and didn't know you could do amazing things blowing bubbles. The shark thank aquarium was neat. The food was good with a special deal of $34.99 you can eat all day with intervals of 1 hour. My husband enjoyed immensely. For me ordering one meal was great. So the option was cool and on what you desire for yourself!

SeaWorld Orlando is an excellent park to visit! Its always clean, neat and has impressive gardens and seasonal/holiday themes so that the pass holder gets something different each time they visit. I always enjoy the shows involving the animals in skits. They're sometimes unpredictable which makes them even more fun to watch!! I'd suggest you check out the area map and decide where you want to eat and what shows you want to see before you do anything else so you don't miss a showtime because you stopped to get a snack somewhere. The park is huge and shows are going on constantly. The shop prices are reasonably priced and a great place to pick up gifts. The main attractions have always been the Shamu shows involving the Killer whales however, gone are the days of trainers interacting in the pool while riding on the whales nose. The shows are less spectacular and of course less dangerous too. I do feel they should concentrate more on how to make that particular show more interactive (safely of course). Money should be spent on figuring out what will work within the legal and safety parameters to fix what seems to be broken now. It will be years before the memories of those unbelievable shows of the past stop making these new safer and duller shows so disappointing. They need to revamp the whale show because that is why people come.

Love this place. Search online for ticket and parking deals. This is a great place to take the kids to interact with aquatic animals. Take your time, see the shows. Don't let the bad media shut this place down. Bring some cash food and drink can be pricey. Look into the all day meal deal. Parking is ample, but the 30 bucks to get in the lot was NOT expected. They are nice to veterans, ask about military discounts! Pack your patience and enjoy the visit!

SeaWorld is a wonderful theme park. Great shows, great rides, and reasonably priced good food as far as theme parks go. If you are spending the entire day, the all-day-dining deal is very good. Depends a very welcoming and relaxed atmosphere and we have always found the park Personnel very friendly and helpful. SeaWorld also does a great job with their special events. We loved going at Christmas!

We had a great time! Was very well kept and clean, animal were well cared for and the employees seem to go out of their way to make your visit enjoyable. We got the all day meal deal (a meal every hour is available at most restaurants, if you wish) and the quick queue which were both well worth it. Mako was one of the best coasters I've ever been on! My family had a blast and we got our tickets for free since my husband is a veteran. We appreciate that so much. We went on a Wednesday and it wasn't too packed.

4. Discovery Cove

What a great experience. The interaction and swim with the dolphins is an awesome experience not to be missed. The park also offers plenty of other things to do including a relaxing lazy river and an invigorating coral reef to snorkel through. Rays and fish of all kind bring this whole area to life. Staff are friendly and helpful, food is plentiful and the whole park is an oasis. Highly recommended for your next trip to Orlando.

We loved it !!! Both kids and adults had a great time . Ronnie and Nicholette with the dolphin encounter were knowledgeable and helpful. The grand reef was a great way to introduce our young children to snorkeling. The only thing I was unhappy with was in the tropical river there were unavoidable water falls and depth changes which I didn't know about before going in with my 8 month old. Parking was ample and close to the park. The initial line to get in was long but moved at a reasonable pace. Food was good. Beer, wine, and some frozen drinks included with food and drink for the day. Staff was so friendly and wished me a happy birthday all day long because I got a special badge for my birthday month. Picture prices were a little ridiculous but that's everywhere down there. We would go again.

This place is amazing. Our second visit was as good as the first. We brought our 18 month old twin boys and 11 year old twin daughters and everyone had a blast. Love the laid back tropical atmosphere while having numerous activities to pick from including an outstanding reef for snorkeling. They also provided complimentary beach strollers with big pneumatic tires that made it very easy to get our baby boys around.

Discovery Cove was the favorite part of our vacation. The staff was friendly and the park was super clean. Our day was relaxing and refreshing! Swimming next to sharks was my favorite! If you're looking for an up close and personal encounter with sea animals this is it! They also have birds,marmosets and otters!! Our admission price included meals, snacks, and ADULT beverages!!

Clean, friendly staff, well organized and absolutely fun. It was not crowded. I did the dolphin Excursion and it was amazing. A very enjoyable and relaxing day trip. The food was okay but it was available all day. Something to note is that alcohol such as wine beer and a frozen drinks is included in the basic package which is not very clear on the website. No need to upgrade. My only criticism is the website it is a bit confusing with regards to in putting your reservation as it refers to you as guest 1 guest to guest 3 guest 4 even though you're only one person. But definitely a must do on your list of activities when in Orlando I'm certainly going back and taking my children this time.

5. Ripley's Believe It or Not! Orlando

Surprisingly awesome experience: So many cool and unknown facts about people, places, ideas, things, and animals around the world. Great history lessons!! If you have easily frightened children, prepare them! My party of 5 ( 3 children) got good prices to get in: free teacher ticket and military discounted tickets. The gift shop has reasonably priced items.

At the age of 5 (25 years ago) I had a long lasting memory of this place. I couldn't wait to take my two boys ages 4 and 5. They absolutely loved everything about it. The tunnel was easy for my stuck for a while and felt like I was going to fall over the rail. Was super hard to get out of it. Everyone around us laughed. I still cant believe I got stuck in there. Was definitely a great experience. Can't wait to go back when my children are a little older. I highly recommend this place. For anyone with special needs children...its not too bad for those with sensory issues. Only issue we faced was the tunnel at the very end

This was my first time visiting this particular Ripley's. I completely love all the interactive displays they included with the walking tour. The prices for tickets were very affordable and plenty of hotel rooms around to stay the night if need be. Perfect location for walking around. I definitely recommend visiting. This is a great museum...believe it or not.

A wonderful restaurant with a high potential. Nice customer service and a lot of different dishes which fit everyone in the family. One thing to point out is the loudness, this place has live acts with music and dances and people is always talking. Recommended for everyone, especially for tourists if you want to experience something new. Not recommended if you want a silent atmosphere.

The staff was nice. This is a great place for older kids. Our toddler didn't seem to enjoy this as much as we did. Parking is limited.. go to the parking garage and walk over.

6. Aquatica Orlando

First water park in a long time. Pretty good experience. A nice assortment of rides. From relaxing to exciting. Fairly clean. Reasonable food (the all you can eat dining option works well; buy in advance for significant savings). Would have liked some gluten free options. My only issue is with the extremely hot walk ways. Some were cooled with water, many weren't. And wearing sandals meant I had to take them off for some rides and take my chances on them getting taken, or go barefoot. The Quick Queue was a mixed deal- even there unlimited pass only covered ½ the rides, and not the newest/best. Do your research.

God I loved it so much. Everything was perfect! I wish I could just be there everyday for hours! The slides were great and the mini park inside was awesome. I was there for hours just spraying people with water with the established buckets. ((: awesomeness. If U want a good time, GO. It’s better to go if your alone, so you can set up your own path and do what you wanna do

I paid for 1 ticket online day before and got a very good deal.( had 2 extra tickets so only needed to buy 1 ) Spoke to 1 employee who was super nice. The other 2 I interacted with were kinda rude. We got a locker for $15 and got a souvenir cup for an extra $10 which was cool. The cup got us FREE refills all day! Then we did all you care to eat $9.99 kid and $14.99 adult( food could of been better ). Rides were good just long waits. Wave pool and rapid river was fun.

If I were to rate the rides and pools I would give it 4.5 stars. Lots of friendly staff and very organized. I rated this 2 stars for the extremely poor food service. I paid extra for the all day food pass. The restaurants were understaffed and the employees were not friendly. The cashier stepped away from the till to ask a question. For 2 minutes the line did not move because there was no employee. The woman in front of me complained to the manager. The manager gave her 50% off her meal. What about me? I'm standing 3 feet away and was waiting just as long. For my second meal, I went to a the Banana Bay Cook Out. The cashier could not mentally process the order of the family in front of me. The family had a meal ticket (like me), so they were allowed one main dish, two sides, and a drink per person. I watched as the cashier used his dirty hands to reorganize the food on their tray into groups of 1 main dish and 2 sides. I saw him place his unclean fingers inside her cup to move it. These problems could be easily solved with more staffing, better systems to speed up check out, and better training.

So much fun! We went on Fathers Day so there were a lot of people, but there was no nasty food or anything yucky on the floor like at other water parks. Spent most of the time in the Rapid River with my family, it was a great time! The lines were pretty long, but they moved pretty quickly, and we got the all day food pass for $35, so he got free food and drinks all day, food was only 1x/hr, but the pass more than paid for itself in the number of freezes and chicken fingers we got!! Definitely worth the price! Planning on returning next month when my nephew comes to visit!

7. ICON Orlando™

We enjoyed our visit, complete with free parking with the multi-level Garage in the same complex. Lots of Little Stores and restaurants along with the larger attractions. They did seem to have several locations closed, including one that was being renovated. The closures may have been because our visit was on a Monday. I would give this location 5 Stars if it had more shady areas. Waiting for attractions and the rest of our party had us scrambling for the very few shady areas for protection from the Sun. Come on folks this is Florida! It's always sunny here! On the plus side the entire area was very clean and neat.

I would only recommend this place to people who want a unique date experience. We went as a family and felt it was underwhelming. None of the theme parks are close enough to get a great view. Luckily we had our own capsule (or whatever it's called) but the attendant said if it's busy they will make you share. There is only one small place to sit, so plan on standing. Also the door is on the side of the theme parks and better views. Had it been better planned, they should have reversed it so you had an unobstructed view of the "good side." It was $63 with a FL resident discount, for 2 adults, one child, and one toddler (free). It was about a 20 minute experience. It's not something we would do again or recommend.

This is a cool thing to do once on a very clear day. We enjoyed it the first time when it was brand new and enjoyed it again with our son who is 4, but I would say you’ll get as much out of it as you’re going to get the first time. The Florida Resident discount is nice. However, tickets are still very expensive and it is very touristy. There are plenty of things to do in the area and it’s well maintained.

We visited during the daytime right after they opened for the day. Almost no one here which was very nice. No wait. The ride was very smooth and relaxing. We could see a lot of the surrounding area. It was great but not spectacular. It's definitely something you need to experience at least once though!

Wonderful experience. I would definitely recommend. Many attractions that are affordable. Our family used the Orlando go pass. We went back three times to enjoy the atmosphere and let our 2 yr. Old run around chasing bubbles.

8. SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium

This is a great little aquarium to beat the heat or get out of the rain. It takes about an hour to go through depending on how long you spend looking/reading about each animal. They do have a touch pool and two behind the scenes tours you can purchase. The aquarium itself doesn't take long to get through but because of its location you can still make a day out of it. There are restaurants, stores, and other attractions within walking distance. We typically spend time here then walk over to get ice cream before heading home.

Neat aquarium with a wide variety of sea and freshwater aquatic animals. Axolotl section has tons of information on this cool organism, and is cute for small children. Indian ocean habitat has a Zebra shark (a staff member told me it was a whale shark). Zebra sharks are big, but not THAT big! The behind the scenes tour is very informative, and includes experiences such at handling hatched mermaid's purses (shark egg cases), observing egg cases in incubation, and handling different types of shark teeth. A clean and accessible venue for guests of all sorts.

Recently went to the aquarium and had a great time with the kids. There were a lot of different fish, turtles, sharks, sting Ray's and other sea life. My son was able to touch live star fish and other sea life. Only complaint is it a bit over priced. Takes approximately one hour max and is about 30 dollars for adults. Kids are a bit less. Over all it was a good family time. Easy access for strollers as well.

I HAD A BLAST!! And this is coming from a 26-yr-old! SEA LIFE Orlando is an awesome aquarium that features so many aquatic animals & is super interactive & fun!! You’ll learn a lot about the sea & it’s creatures from the aquarium & it’s hosts. If you’re looking for something fun to do for a few hours, I absolutely recommend this place!! I’d go back in a heartbeat. Prices are about $20-25 & definitely worth it for what you’re getting. And if you have time, check out the rest of the ICON area. Thank you SEA LIFE ❤️

Loved it! We paid an extra 5 to do the behind the scenes tour and it was awesome. Got to watch two of the divers in the tank and overall it was an awesome experience. My only issue was how crowded it was. Kids were running around screaming and no parents were controlling them. I understand it's a popular place for kids but make sure your kid doesn't body slam into unsuspecting guests

9. ICON Orlando™ 360

We enjoyed the Orlando 360. It's not like a traditional Ferris wheel, you have a nice cool air conditioned car that is approximately 10 x 12. They have several informational video screens so that you can see points of interest labeled. They do have a small bench in the middle to sit, as the ride is 20 some-odd minutes long. the car was very clean and the windows were spotless. We had a very short way to get on, but it was a Monday during the day. for a resident this wasn't extremely exciting other than the novelty of going that high, I believe a visitor to our area that hadn't been to Orlando many times would be more entertained. perhaps the view is more thrilling at night with the attractions in the area all lit up? The ride operators or very accommodating, assisting one person in our party that walked with a cane. They can even stop or pause the rotation for a moment to assist with boarding.

A fun place to visit. This giant wheel will make even those afraid of heights feel safe. I only gave 3 stars because the price $28 per person and I think you should be able to stay on for more than one go around. It never stops moving even if empty, so why not let people stay on if there is no one waiting to get on. There is a lot more to do here than just the wheel. A wax museum, restaurants, kids train ride. Fun place.

I-drive seems like an interesting place if you'd like to spend a relatively quiet day walking through a few attractions here and there or taking in some mini golf. The aquarium is nice and well organized, but relatively brief. The Bone Museum is much the same but is interesting to see depending on your tastes. Overall, not a good way to keep the attention span of a young crowd, but otherwise good for slowing down what could be an otherwise mad dash pace to your vacation.

A place where you can entertain people from the youngest to the oldest. The Orlando Eye is an amazing construct, and I recommend getting the triple offer that let's you go to the Eye, Salt Life(Aquarium) and the amazing place of Wax models with the stars or something(I forgot the name, sorry). With many restaurants, from Bar like Buffalo wings, to fancy Restaurants and more. Also a skeleton museum that features Fossils and Bones that predate humans. There are a lot of things to do. What I like the most is the small cafe next to Ben and Jerry's, The place called a Taste of France... I think hahaha I am bad with names. But it serves amazing crepes and coffee, also their butter croissant is to die for.

Awesome place to bring the kids to ride some insane rides or to come shopping, because they have some really neat little shops. Also it is definitely a nice place for a date or late evening walk with your significant other. The best part for me was FREE parking!!! A whole parking garage with FREE parking. 😁

10. Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

This museum is very well laid out. Once you are admitted, they encourage you to take whatever time you need as it is self paced. We read every placard and sign throughout and learned a few things that we didn't know before, even though we have been to other Titanic exhibits. Actually seeing a two ton section of the hull, and then being allowed to touch a small piece were very exciting. We may come again in the future or try one of the other locations throughout the country.

Seeing some of the actual original artifacts that were recovered from the bottom of the Atlantic was really awesome. We were expecting maybe a little more from it for the price paid. I had thought we were going to feel the actual temperature of the salt water that the people felt in the disaster. Instead they had an ice berg you could touch, which was cool but not the same as immersing your hand in the actual water temperature people experienced. But overall it was a great experience with a lot of interesting information. For Titanic buffs I'd recommend it!

My husband and I went to the Titanic Museum and Gala Dinner the night before our cruise! We decided to dress the part and he wore his tuxedo with white shirt and vest and I in my fancy formal wear! We were the only ones dressed to the 9 other than the crew and they loved that we dressed up! They said they wished that everyone would really get into the recreation and do the same. It made it more fun for us! We thought they all did an amazing job! It was something different and unique and we loved it!!

This was a nice exhibit. Small and not time consuming. Family friendly. You cannot take photos or video of anything! Cost was reasonable, but if you prepare in advance you can get A $4 off coupon from any travel brochure near by. Average time spent 1 hour. Lots of resturants and shopping areas near this location.

It's was all wonderfully informative! The hostess, in her time period dress, was really good. We loved reading about all that happened. Being able to touch the ice wall and feeling how cold the water they were in was amazing! I would recommend this stop to everyone!

11. Crayola Experience

My 2 year old son LOVED this place! We easily spent 2 1/2 hours and would have stayed longer if he hadn't gotten tired. However . . . the employees made the experience less than fun so we will not be going back. It started from the very beginning when we went to check in. They were running a buy one ticket, get one free for Father's Day. Well, we paid for one ticket online and thought that was fine. When we got there, it turns out that we had to buy a full price ticket at the site. Our mistake, which stinks but no big deal. But the cashier was absolutely rude about it. She took our prepaid ticket, processed everything and gave us the one ticket without saying a word, even as we told her it was for two adults and two children under two. After she gave us the ticket, she then asked if my husband was going with us [obviously . . . we said two adults]. We said yes, of course. And she said that we would have to buy another ticket. Confused, we asked if we were mistaken about the buy one, get one free for fathers. She got really huffy and said we had to buy another ticket because we didn't buy a full price ticket there - never did she mention this as she was taking our prepaid ticket. When we said we didn't see that on the Crayola website, she turned a sign around next to the register that had the policy - why this wasn't displayed before this moment is beyond me. She then got a bad attitude with us - EVEN AFTER WE SAID WE WOULD PAY FOR ANOTHER TICKET!! She just seemed extremely annoyed that she had to do her job. We even offered to buy the ticket and give the free ticket to someone else but the employees just rolled their eyes at us. Had we not driven an hour to get there, we would have left but we paid and moved on. Once inside, it seemed like every single employee was in a bad mood and extremely slow. We skipped doing the crayon mold and spin art because less than half of the stations were running, despite a very long line and the fact that it was Father's Day and would understandable be long. While my son had a great time, paying nearly $50.00 to have someone be rude to you is not my idea of a good time. If you can get past this, your child will have a blast! Otherwise, choose something else.

We brought our 3 1/2 year old here and had fun!. Really helpful & nice staff! They supply you with 2 coins when you enter which allow you to choose one color crayon that you can create your own personalized label for. The second coin allows you to buy a small package of putty and you get to choose a color which my son liked. They have a little gym/bouncy area for kids. The activities were cool too. Melting a crayon to make into a little car, shark etc...Coloring/Painting section, the chalk board wall, marker coloring etc...My son had fun and got to expend lots of energy there which is always a good thing. Highly recommend!

Just so everyone is aware, I came today with a friend who has small children. My children are teenagers but still love doing things like this. I was unaware that I, as a parent, would be required to also purchase a ticket even if I am not going to do anything but watch! The person on the phone was completely unapologetic and offered no solution except to pony up another $25! So now I am going to wait 2-3 hours until they're finished. I realize this doesn't apply to most ages that attend this but it's still ridiculous! The lady on the phone said it's to prevent parents from dropping off their kids and leaving! I said that's exactly what I just did!!!!

If you like the smell of crayons go here lol. If not its for sure not a place for you. They have a wonderful show you can watch to learn how crayons are made. They have different activities that you and your child can go around too. There a big play area to let you child play in. You label your own crayon. For the annual pass price you can't beat it. We have went at less 5 times and it was well worth it. Also they have refillable popcorn buckets and cups you can buy and bring back for discounted prices. Great place for a child.

Great way to enjoy the day with the little ones. Pricing is 1/3 what you would spend at the theme parks. I enjoyed the diversity I encountered throughout this "experience". I admire and support a company who embodies the values our nation stands for. Minus one star because many of the machines were down which caused longer lines. Other than that, a wonderful visit. We will be returning.

12. Gatorland

Great place to see gators. They put on a few shows: wrestling gators, feeding gators etc. It was safe and the people are nice and good at what they do. They were good instructors to young and old about all of the animals there. There is a petting zoo, reptiles and many wild animals who seek refuge in that peaceful place. Not a lot of money for the fun. Reasonable prices on food. They have a zip line too. Entrance for 2 adults 1 child was about $54.00 with a coupon. Glad we went.

Gatorland was fun! But very hot!!!! Never got to ride the train around the park because it was way too long. Saw lots of alligators, big, small, and some albino Gators too! They also had a cool, huge, yellow boa constrictor that was just curled up in it's house. You could actually touch it! We paid a little extra to ride the train as many times as we wanted, got to sit on an actual alligator (they took a picture of you sitting on the gator, but if you wanted you could buy the picture for $5 or $10 dollars) and feed the gators (they give you like 4-5 hot dogs)! They do have lots of shade and areas you can buy food. They also have bathrooms, which were clean. Good for young kids and adults too.

This place was pretty amazing. The gators and crocodiles here are huge and really fun to see without putting yourself in harm's way. I really enjoyed the marsh area with all the birds in the trees and the gators lurking everywhere. I think Gatorland would be fun for people of all ages to enjoy and highly recommend a visit. If you are a Florida resident it's a lower cost to get in which is also a perk.

Loved going here. The park has quite a few things to do from Zip-lining to feeding the Gators, to even going on a back woods monster truck ride! There is plenty of educational spots throughout the park. The signs throughout the park are hilarious! The food is wonderful compared to most other parks and is priced way more reasonably which is a huge plus. There is even a "mini" water park for the kids(and adults) to cool off if your there in the height of the summer months so bring a towel. All in all a really nice park, well worth the money. I would definitely recommend!

It's an old Florida road side attraction with Plenty of gators both big and small. If you want to get up close to some really big gators safely there's no other place. Take a little train ride or try out the swamp buggy trail, for the little ones there's a nice area for them to cool off and get wet. If you're adventurous swing from the trees over the gators just pick up your feet.

13. Disney Springs

Always loved the experience of coming to Disney Springs. While it has changed over the years, it still has it's touch. It has become more of a mall than anything else, in my opinion. The stores look aesthetically pleasing, however it takes away from the original "Downtown Disney" experience. Lots of food restaurants to choose from for everyone with different tastes. If you're there looking for a quick "happy hour" drink, you're better off looking elsewhere, it's almost impossible. If that is not your thing, then there is plenty of different restaurants to fill those taste buds. Great fun for both the kids and adults.

Food, shopping, entertainment, nightlife adventures for the parents, Disney Springs has something for everyone. Check out Ghirardelli Chocolate, crazy good ice cream desserts and free chocolate samples. Take a trip on the wild side at the Rain Forest Cafe, good food and awesome atmosphere. There is a bowling ally and a movie theatre, even amphibious cars and a hot air balloon. The parking is free and a automated system even tells you how many open spots are on each level. This place is perfect for a solo adventure or the whole family, have a good time!. Disney Springs is a great place to take the family to fill your day with something other than going to the parks. It took the entire day to get through all of the stores. They have a really nice World of Disney store and huge Lego store that takes an hour or so to get through with young kids. With that in mind, plan to go early and stay all day. Disney Springs also gets packed. We went on a Thursday and there were tons of people. While most of the restaurants were booked and we couldn't reserve a table online, when we showed up, two of our top picks for dinner had walk in seating.

I love what Disney has done to "Downtown Disney" to transform this place into Disney Springs. It's beautiful, relaxing, and fun. There's a lot of wonderful places to eat and some excellent shopping. If you missed anything you wanted from in the parks be sure to stop in The World of Disney store, it's almost overwhelming with how big it is and everything they offer for sale. Excellent transportation connection by bus or boat with the rest of the Disney Resorts and the parking garage is very neat with the lights to indicate where open parking spots are. There's something for everyone to enjoy a good family meal, a nice date night, or finding something special for someone in the stores.

Love the new Disney Springs! The atmosphere is beautiful especially at night. I recommend giving yourself a lot of time cause there’s so much to see. I went 3 nights in a row and didn’t even see everything. Be sure to check online for their events and meet and greets. Also check out the Coca Cola rooftop for a great view of all of Disney Springs!

They have really done a good job here. I like the changes they've made recently. It's more inviting now. They have awesome stores that you can't find anywhere else. They have some amazing attractions. And some of the best restaurants around. FYI, Planet Hollywood is the best. I also like the new Coca-Cola store. Good job Disney!

14. Epcot

What a safe fun place for single visitors! Epcot isn't all rides & character meets & getting autographs. It's tasting new unusual plus old favorite foods. It's exploring other countries without leaving the US. It's shows, 360 degree movies, and amazing landscaping, flowers, & waterfalls. These days alcoholic drinks are available in so many convenient locations. It's all out people watching & listening to many other languages. I love going for a day & discovering new hidden gems of pleasure in addition to food sampling. Last time I browsed Disney art, paintings, statuary, collectibles & books. I took pictures of interesting architecture & angles. Some assume it must be too hot in the summer months. I am learning the cool oases-- usually near water or the air conditioned indoor venues. The early mornings & later evenings are ideal. There are never enough hours to do everything, so I just keep going back every chance I get with my pass.

Loved Epcot. Perfect place for my husband and I to have a date day. He loved the space ride and I loved Soarin the best! The food is Amazing. I planned ahead and booked our fast passes for rides plus lunch and dinner reservations and downloaded the Disney app. Made for a perfect day. Lots of walking so wear comfortable shoes! I can't wait for there renovations coming we will definitely be back for that!

Had an amazing time at Epcot. I don't do rollercoasters so this was a good choice. Plenty of cool things to do for adults and kids. Loved Mission Space for the simulated space launch. Also loved Living with the Land where you get to view the Disney greenhouses and see all about food sustainability. World Showcase was fantastic with cool architecture, food, and drinks. The light show at the end of the evening was spectacular. Can't wait to go back. Well worth it.

This is a great place! It is not as big as others but the attraction are so good so magical. The ball attraction is so cool you feel like you are in the space. About the mission space it is so good the green one is good if you just want to know how it is, the orange mission is a lot of bit hard because you are experience the g forces, but if you are not in good conditions don’t do it cause you feel pressure in your body. About the other things, the countries are great and also the fireworks are amazing.

Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow: so cool! I love spaceship earth and the land! The land is interesting and informative for all ages. I was pleasantly surprised to learn all that Disney does in the way of agriculture and sustainable growth. Although technically it is a failed project Epcot is very popular and, like all Disney parks, frequently busy. The festivals are always lively and enjoyable; most recently I was at the Flower and Garden and the landscape was as beautiful as ever. The younger crowd (not children) typically enjoy the drinking around the world aspect of Epcot, which I cannot argue with in the least. All the different restaurants and venues are representation of different countries. Epcot is, again, a great place for education and entertainment of all ages.

15. Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Animal kingdom is one of my favorite Disney parks. There is so much to do here! They have great dining locations, rides, shows, and tons of photo opportunities! After you are greeted and enter the park you can take a look at a few animal and talk to Disney wilderness explorers and learn fun animal facts. Once you pass the forest area you will approach the tree of life and this is a great photo opportunity with your family! And they have a few themed shops to your left and right to grab the perfect souvenir! They have a show called bugs life inside the tree of life but if you have little ones that are easy frightened, I would stay away for the show. If you take a right you will be able to go to Dino land and Asia. In Dino land they have a lot to do for kids. They have a dance party, a huge playground with tons of slides and places to climb, and a dig site where you can dig up fossils. Be aware of the dinosaur ride, it can be very rough and is very loud! Then you should head over to Asia, this is where you find Expedition Everest! It is a great roller coaster, it goes backwards I the dark! If you get super hot you can walk over to Cali river rapids and get drenched (not exaggerating you will walk off this ride dripping with water). After you ride those rides head over to Africa and catch a ride on the safari or watch the festival of the lion king. Actually do both because they are both awesome! You will also find the wild Africa trek here which is a 3 hour tour but it costs extra money, you are lead by two guides through the safari and there is so much more that goes into it! It’s about $200 per person! And you have to be 8+ to do it. Then you should travel over to Pandora the World of Avatar! Which is truly jaw dropping oh beautiful! The wait times are crazy but they are so so worth it! Flight of passage is the best ride in Disney at the moment! So do not miss it!!!

Great place, the first ride we went to Primeval whirl was not working at the time and we got stuck on the Kali river Rapids at the very top and had to be escorted off. They did give us passes to go to almost any ride we wanted without having to wait in any line and not having to reserve a fast pass time..... Way better than fast pass. I ENCOURAGE getting the fast pass with any park at Disney. It will save you so much time. I wish they had more rides for kids like the Expedition Everest for kids who don't mind that thrill. But I loved Disney and the heat and walking was not bad at all for me. Awesome place it was worth my kids excitement.

Much more fun than Magic kingdom for our family. If you only have 1 day to go to Disney and have never been to Magic Kingdom, you should absolutely go, but if you've already been, this should definitely be the very next on your list. Pandora is beyond amazing and the Pandora ride might be one of the best in the world. The whole park is fun and relaxed. The staff at the resolution center was beyond helpful and really made our visit special. We had a small issue with tickets to the wrong park and they very graciously helped us fix the problem and enjoy the rest of the day. Amazing Disney service, as you might expect. Great day!

The tropical landscaping and meticulously designed shops made you feel you were in another land. I feel this park offers more educational experiences than some of the other Disney parks. They got to look for " wilderness badges " which they could earn by listening to wilderness scouts at certain stations scattered around the park. This park is much more laid back than Epcot or Magic Kingdom. We had a very nice relaxing day. Food is excellent and the night time river show is awesome!!!

Let me start by saying this place is amazing. Clean friendly well set up and designed to take you on a journey of a lifetime. Cost is high for everything but understandable due to the crazy cost of operating and maintaining such a place. The overall cost would not be an issue if you got to enjoy what they had to offer. The park is so busy all the time that you wait in hour to 2 hour long lines to enjoy 10 min of what they offer. You wait because what they offer is amazing from the shows to rides everything is well set up and breathtaking. But once you get done you realize the next step is another hour wait. Not sure how they would ever improve this but it takes away from the overall experience for sure. The staff is AMAZING!!!! Friendly helpful organized I could go on and on they are just great to everyone. We were told that it's a place you have to go if you have never experienced it but you won't go back. I now understand why everyone says it and I agree. If you never have been with the kids suck it up spend the money and make the trip just know what your signing up for.

16. Harry P Leu Gardens

We had the great opportunity to see an outside movie at Leu Gardens. What fun. We got there early. Got our chairs set up. Had our picnic and then got to enjoy roaming the gardens while we waited for it to turn dark. The movie was funny and it was a great way to relax and spend time with family.

So gorgeous!! Numerous well established gardens & treed space. Well laid out paths and themed areas that lead to the sense of taking a journey. My favourite by far was the butterfly and herb gardens!! followed by the tropical section leading to Lake Rowena lookout. Great experience

The staff was friendly, the gardens were beautiful, and there was a lot to see! It's definitely a trip I would plan on bringing water with you (if outside water is allowed). I highly recommend Leu Gardens. I've been going for years and love it every time!

The gardens were beautiful and well maintained. We really enjoyed walking the paths and seeing the large variety of plants that the hot Florida climate facilitates. Even though it was in the mid 90's when we visited, the ample shade helped us stay cool. They suffered some damage due to hurricanes last season so parts of the gardens were not open, but I dont feel that really detracted from our visit. A lovely excursion to Winter Park overall and Leu gardens.

Very clean and very pretty. Although there is an entrance fee of $10 for one person, parking is free and the grounds are beautiful. The main entrance building is a gorgeous mansion converted into a public building with public restrooms available. Scattered throughout the park are a variety of intricate LEGO® sculptures themed to their location in the park, along with signs detailing them with information such as how long they took to build, how many bricks were used, and other interesting facts. The park's beauty is unparalleled by similar parks in the area. Different arrays of roses, flowering shrubs, and towering trees dominate the area from the parking lot to the lake front. This location also features movie nights on everybody often, so if you are visiting, ask for more information about such, as they have been know to play movies such as 'The Force Awakens' and 'Chicken Run'. In all, it was a lovely experience.

17. Lake Eola Park

Nice place to relax on any day, weather permitting. Be mindful of where you park during the week days, but the weekends are better. For families with children and pets or just couples alone. Nice area downtown to hang out for about 2 hours or so. Playground for children. Wildlife running free but not bothersome. Plenty of selfies backgrounds.

Located pretty much at downtown Orlando, Lake Eola is a clean, neat place to take family, or just walk around by yourself. During early mornings, and weekdays, there is solitude and peace in this place. Occasionally there are activities at night, and, our course, nightlife around it is vibrant as well. There is a children playground, which is very nice if you have them.

What an amazingly beautiful Park. so much to offer. Beautiful art installations, fountains, wildlife, and eateries. They have Swan Boats you can rent to go out on the lake. A lot of activities going on all the time. I was there for an ME rally. The Muse in the park was an amazing sculpture. The park employees will helpful also. The rally was to take place at the muse and because of a lot of rain they allowed us to use the amphitheater. To have these kind of events there is a fee. The only unsettling thing to see there is the amount of homeless people.

Tranquil and beautiful park with lush vegetation and great view of downtown Orlando. When I was there, pretty swans were enjoying the water, along with their cute baby chicks. It was so much fun to watch them. They are friendly and used to people, although I advise everyone not to approach them and just enjoy from a distance. The gazebo adds to the serene atmosphere of the park. I definitely recommend to visit for a stroll, run, walk with the doggo, or whenever they have an event going on.

One of my favorite places to go for a stroll and enjoy the scenery. The swans are well taken care of and seem to enjoy the people just as much as the people do for the swans. The park if one of the most beautiful additions of our City Beautiful.

18. Zombie Outbreak

Went on my bday with 2 adult friends and a small child (10). We had an absolute blast!! It is a little short but for how quickly you want to get out it's long enough!! A little scary but mostly fun. The scenery and actors are great. The whole premise is fun. I would definitely recommend it and plan on returning!!

Our family loved their experience. The staff was great and our staff sergeant who guided us through the zombies was really fun. Experience lasts about 15-18 minutes but we really thought it was worth the price. (Don't worry, it's not that scary)

Amazing fun!!! Get your blood pumping action!!! Great actors and props!!! Awesome time!! If your a zombie fan then you need to come here to test your skills on the hunt. So much fun we ran there it twice and I recommend doing it a second time!!! Great staff and friendly to us the entire time!!! B safe and good hunting

Pretty decent place. The reason I am giving only 4 stars is because it is very short. I dont count the video and the initial weapons briefing as part of the event. In all I think it was about 7 min actually shooting some zombies. It is a cool theme was allot of fun me and the kids enjoyed it. It's a toss up if I would return or not have not decided but was a good time

the people working the front were super nice but halfway through the course, my gun stopped working. i felt kind of lost because of how fast we were going. the whole thing took 10 minutes and while fun, the loss of being able to shoot and the quickness of it left my party and i feeling like we had to go additionally do another thing in orlando.

19. Air Florida Helicopter Inc

The helicopter experience was awesome. But in all seriousness, they need to do something about their customer service. 3rd time I’ve visited and I just had enough with their attitude. I’ve never ever saw a business with ALL rude employees. It’s clear they hate their jobs and it’s a shame. The pilot was extremely nice and that’s why I gave him a cash tip... I couldn’t believe the camera girl asked for a tip when I paid for my pictures after the way they were acting. After reading the reviews, it’s clear that I’m not alone with my complaint about their employees but I’m sure the response will be a rude one like she’s been responding to everyone else. P.S—you guys have an excellent business plan, great helicopters and all. Just give your employees some additional training and you’ll be an even more thriving business.

I been here for a few times with the people we help from the Spanish Countries and is a tremendous experience for someone that never been in a helicopter.

Hopped in, waited 20mins and took the short tour few mins. Nice ride! Thanks to Steve our pilot. Nice experience. Fast service, but no photographs/selfies by the landing pad. Only 'commercial' photos that are sold to you. Ok to take photos inside the helicopter. Type: Robinson R44 raven II

You cant get a live person on the phone ever!

For under $80, 3 of us got to see Orlando from above (tour #1). Although it was only for a few minutes in the air it was a great experience! There is a $4 fuel surcharge per person and you can get a photo booklet with a USB drive containing the photos (including all rights, meaning you can do whatever you would like with the digital photos) for $45. As a photographer, I was very impressed that they gave away photo rights and the photos were very high quality. I highly recommend this place if you want to experience being in a helicopter!!

20. The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art

This is the first art museum that I've been to. The staff was welcoming and the atmosphere is cozy. I liked how they have different sections especially the more open hallway that has the windowed walls. It's a nice spot to sit down on the sofas for a little break after walking around for a while. I loved the cathedral replica part; so much detail and craftsmanship.

Orlando's (Winter Park) most amazing "attraction". This museum houses many exquisite historical pieces of art. I was mesmerized! Spent over 2 hours in a relaxed & inspirational environment. They did a wonderful job with set up and lighting. The personnel were a delight. I will look forward to my next visit👍👍

Amazing collection of Louis Tiffany and many other artists. Great layout. An entire chapel from Tiffany’s original was put back together. Stunning! Recreation’s of Laureate Hall (his decadent home) was also installed with many of his personal belongings. Student admission $1! Remember to allot time for the entire exhibit. They also have their guests exhibits in addition to their standard items. Very relaxing. Strategic places to sit and relax. Pews in chapel. Chairs in the mock rooms of Tiffany’s home so you can breathe it in. A destination! Gift shop is very nice as well. Bathrooms clean!! Pictures allows but NO FLASH.

I really enjoyed my visit here. The art is beautiful and they have such a variety of pieces from paintings to sculptures and jewelry. The chapel was amazing despite is modest size and was by far my favorite part about this museum. It's not a large museum but it's small size is deceptive as they had many, many works on display throughout. It's almost maze-like in the amount of halls it has but it creates a quiet, intimate browsing. The two videos that are played were very informative and just the right length to not bore you. For the price, it's definitely worth stopping by.

Small but very enjoyable. I have never really cared much for Tiffany lamps, but there was so much more there and VERY worthwhile. Get out of the heat and enjoy this museum