Best Things To Do in New York City

1. Top of The Rock

Definitely a must visit when in NYC, but probably not if you go to one of the other observation decks. This is likely the best because you get great views not only of Central Park to the north, but also the Empire State Building and southern Manhattan. There are three floors to the observation deck, but the top is definitely the best because it doesn't have as many of the glass walls impeding your view. The staff is fine and some are willing to answer questions, but they have people to hound you about their goofy Disneyland style photos. Once you're up at the top you can move freely between the three levels, so don't be afraid to wander around looking for the best views. And make sure to look up during the elevator rides.

Aside from it being slightly pricey, this is by far one of the best, if not the best view of the city! You get to see a 360 degree view of all of the city and it's just great. If you wanna make it there to catch some sunset views, I would suggest going an hour earlier at the least, because once you get in, you'll have to get in a line that takes you through an indoor section first so it might not be the fastest. You'll definitely want to take some pictures in the daylight, and then also catch the beautiful sunset as well!

There are a lot of places in NYC where you can go up high and look down on the city (always a favorite tourist activity of mine), and while I haven't been to all of them, I think they all have their own advantages. Top of the Rock is a slightly more subdued option: a little cheaper, a little quieter--though it's still New York City, so quieter does not mean quiet. You get a fabulous view of Central Park, and the fact that you can't see 30 Rock in the skyline because you're standing on it is not as much of a disadvantage as, for example, not being able to see the Empire State Building because you're standing on it.

Definitely something what you have to see during your stay in NYC. It’s so much cheaper than the Empire State Building and has an absolutely amazing view. It is a bit crowded, but isn’t that everywhere? I would recommend to stay from midday until the evening/ night time. So you are able to take several pics from different perspectives

I highly recommend that those visiting Manhattan do the Top of the Rock. The views are the star of the show, but the total experience is just fantastic. Start with the people here who are so friendly and pleasant whether they are at the ticket counter, guiding the crowds or selling souvenir photos. The building itself has an incredible story, such as how it was built during the Depression, described in panels and in brief movies you can watch while waiting to ride the elevators up (even the elevators are part of the show). There are three decks at the top, two which let you choose to be in or outdoors. Outdoors you can point your phone through the gaps in the glass panels for clear shots. Deck two has an interactive light room which kids may enjoy more than the views. Look for the narrow stairway leading from deck two to the very upper deck if you want the most spectacular panoramas. Sunset is the best time to visit but prepare to deal with a crowd of equally excited visitors all trying to get the best snaps. At night, the lights of the city around Christmas are particularly fabulous. Anywhere you look you will have incredible views of Manhattan and her landmarks and the surrounding city. And if you visit the Top of the Rock every time you get to Manhattan, then it is astonishing to see how New York City continues to evolve over time.

2. 9/11 Memorial

A place for the silence. It's an architecturally and artistically extraordinary memorial masterpiece work. In the park there are two fountains in the same place as original towers; in each, an infinite number waterfall jets fall to nowhere in a deep black abyss. A confirmation that mankind is devoted to create, to feel and above all, to live. Come to stay and respectfully reflect that, in the end, life always triumph!

When visiting the 911 Memorial a little over 17 years after that tragic day I have a new perspective on the acts of kindness, love & heroism that is displayed for the world to share. Americans trying to help each other to preserve the American dream ...we must learn from such tragedy & keep their efforts alive by paying it forward each day with Love & kindness! Beautiful remembrance to all!

If you want the full experience of this memorial, I suggest planning to spend all day. It is a fantastic memorial, and very moving. We arrived for a tour at 9:30, which covered St. Paul's Chapel, the pools (including the meanings of flowers/flags next to names) the pear tree that survived 9/11, explained the Oculus, and the guide shared her very moving story of her experience on 9/11. I highly recommend seeing all of these things, and our tour was great. The museum was very detailed and emotional, plan on spending at least 4 hours here!

Absolutely amazing. Worth every penny and more. This was a wonderful way to honor the thousands of lives lost on that terrible day. Anyone who visits NYC should set aside some time to go here. It is extremely organized and clean. Employees are great as well. A must see.

A phenomenal experience that is tearjerking. The museum is an excellent homage to those that lost their lives and those that sacrificed themselves to save others. So many stories are told and shared in the exhibits of this museum that one would not otherwise experience. Personal struggles of people within the building and details that many are not aware of. The building is well done and the flow of the museum is easy to follow while also allowing a visitor to have a personal journey wandering through the many relics and exhibits. It truly is an amazing experience.

3. Empire State Building

🏆TOP 10 VIEWS IN AMERICA No list of famous views for any year can be truly taken seriously without including the view from America's favorite building. Is the view from Willis Tower in Chicago better? Ya, probably. But does Willis have that romance, that vibe, that wow...? Not even close! No one has said "skyscraper" before or since the way this building does. I LUV Chicago, but may the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING live forever as THE very best in the minds of us all.

A little pricey but everyone enjoyed it. A great view of everything. A lot of lines to wait in but they move fairly quick. It took 2 hours to reach top of the building. Amazing views because there’s no glass on the viewing platform you get a better photo as there is no glare! From ground level it seems a little less impressive but beautiful lit up at night

After coming down on a crystal clear night - after seeing everything that anyone can imagine seeing, I guess that I had a really glowing expression, because one of the tour guides told me that it looks like that "I am feeling no pain". And he was completely, totally, absolutely right!! I also recommend the lobby restaurant called the State Grill and Bar. Great drinks, gigantic New York Sirloins and a beautiful Art Deco atmosphere. This also gives you the additional privilege of wondering all around the entire lobby floor. The sites are incredible, the multicolored marble walls and floors, the 24 karat gold ceilings, the gigantic mural of the Empire State Building broadcasting out to the world, and the amazing bridges three levels above connecting one upper hallway to another.

The view is undeniably great of New York from the Empire State Building! Whole experience was over in around an hour which was great and meant there was more time to explore New York. We purchased tickets half price during a special promotion. For the price we paid we were quite happy with that. I can't help but feel like $37 per person is a little bit steep though.

Fantastic view of the whole city. I loved the ability to walk completely around the observatory so you could see the city from all sides. definitely take time to gaze at the statue of Liberty while you are up there. At certainly times they have the very top decks closed off for safety due to the wind and cold. Keep that in mind if you are trying to visit in the Winter.

5. The High Line

Beautiful private park built on elevated old railway track. Enjoy a walk with incredible views of Manhattan city and around on Hudson river side. The park has plenty of interesting sitting space with greenery. I have been there once in summer and again in winter, it’s more beautiful with greenery in summer. You may see some street art and shows in summer too. It’s accessible for everyone as there are elevators located conveniently at different location to access the park and there are public toilets as well. One of my favorite walking spot in NYC. You would take around 30 minutes slowly walk from end to end.

The high line is super cool. I checked it out in 2012 and parts appeared to still be under construction back then. It's a little weird being able to see people balconies but I guess there's not a whole lot of privacy in NYC to begin with. There's some great places to sit, to eat and have a drink or two.

Wonderful to have a walk in. Design, original, unexpected are the words that come to my mind when I think about this place. This is a walk among buildings with innovative ideas to make the street life a permanent show trough big screen installed along the line. Note that this place is a park and so, closes at night (7PM). I would also recommend to avoid weekends as it is very crowded. Accessible with elevators for wheelchairs

Amazing place, great views, and easily accessible, fairly clean, public restrooms! Also drinking fountains, cool art pieces, and of course a unique view of NY. You not only get the above the street look, but you get right up close to apartments and other buildings for a different look. Easy to walk from one end to another in a tight 20 minutes if you don't stop for pictures. One end starts near the Whitney museum and the other ends at the Hudson River for some riverside views. Would recommend to everyone for a fun free excursion.

One of my favourite spots in NYC. Love to go for a walk here. Beautiful scenery. The history of the high line is a bit odd but fascinating. Can take around half hour to walk from one end to the other. It’s a great spot in the summer for people to come and relax. There are several beds which people use for suntanning in the summer as well. Another plus side, a lot of the fashion show rooms are located nearby so you can go and have a look. Half way through, there’s a spot which is great for watching the sunrise and sunset. As you are walking you’ll also see many people painting or playing music which makes for an even more pleasant experience in the high line

6. Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

Lincoln Center is a New York City icon. It is beautifully designed and easily accessible to almost everyone. There are brilliant choices for every devotee of the performing arts: dance, opera, music, theater, and film. In the summer, there are nights where people may dance to swing or salsa music. Lincoln Center also hosts a very large crafts fair during July where artisans from all over the country come to sell and display their creations. There are many lovely dining choices both in the complex as well as in the immediate environment. I feel very strongly that a visit to New York would be incomplete without attending an event or performance at Lincoln Center.

This is the view from Family Circle (seats are only $25 - $30). The sound quality is superb. Many people think you have to get dressed up, but this is not true. You can go in jeans or casual pants and a decent shirt. Sneakers and comfortable shoes are okay. Some people will be very dressed up, and that is great, but it is not required. There is a designated parking lot so you don't have to go outside. Line by line translations are on the back of the seat in front of you, so you turn it on if you need it. It takes longer to sing the line than read the line, so you can read and watch the show easily. Multiple languages are available. Highly recommend you go. It couldn't be easier or more enjoyable. Buying an inexpensive ticket is not a sacrifice! The sound quality is superb.

An absolute must for the Arts Lover. The Nutcracker at Lincoln Center is a must during the Holidays. Easy to see right off of Lincoln Center Plaza Near Columbus Drive. Parking on the street is available but it fills up fast especially on the weekends and at night. Parking lot near by. Clean facilities with a wheelchair accessible entrance. Many police and security guards. Public Restrooms. We will definitely be going back.

Outside: Extremely well-maintained outdoor plazas with lots of space for kids to run around and play, seating for some quiet reading, and a wonderful lawn that's open during the summer months. There are several outdoor events held in the summer and fall, such as (free) outdoor Opera screenings, (paid) musical concerts and dance classes. Inside: World class performances by the Met Opera, NY Philharmonic, NYC Ballet.

Amazing theater. I was enthralled by the space, the work (saw the play Junk), and the history. Such a beautiful theater and campus filled with opportunities for art, artist and lovers of art. I walked into several other Lincoln Center buildings before finding the theater but even that was incredible. Each space has it's own almost tangible energy and each space was popping with people. Ahhhhhhhh. So refreshing to witness great Art in a unpretentious American landmark. See you soon Lincoln Center.

7. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The best of the best! You can pay-as-you-wish ONLY before March 1, 2018!!! "Pay-as-you-wish policy will continue for New York State residents and students from across the tristate region, while visitors from outside New York will be required to pay mandatory admissions; admission for children under 12 will remain free. The Museum will also now honor full-priced admissions tickets for three consecutive days, giving all visitors more time to experience each of The Met's three locations." (The Met's Updated Admissions Policy). Музей потрясающий, запасайтесь временем! Одного раза мало! Система "плати сколько хочешь" отменяется с 1 марта 2018. По одному билету можно за три дня посетить все филиалы. Рекомендую один из них: Клойстер музей- средневековый замок- монастырь. Второй на Мэдисон авеню. Там современное искусство, временные выставки- ни о чем... Простите, почитатели современного искусства!

Love it. I enjoy the museum set up the whole garden of China, or a whole temple of Egypt, or a whole church setting from Europe. Make you feel the cultural and each art pieces purpose to the set. Not just some arts inside a glass box. Awesome setting and collection. The gift shop is worth to take time to explore. They carry not only typical books and postcards. They carry a lot if recreate art pieces. Scarves, bags, mugs, and all different things that with notable and famous art pieces you can use every day life.

To begin with: staff is really kind. I had a little problem reading one of my tickets and a girl at a desk just printed me a new one. Coat and bag check is easy to find and flows really well. This museum is gigantic! What I did to now exactly where to find the pieces I wanted to see was going previously to their website and searching for each and every one in their database, they'll tell you it the piece is on view and in which gallery to find. Once you're inside, grab a map near any help desk and you'll know exactly where to go. Fridays and Saturdays the museum is open until 21:00, which is very handy. I had an amazing time! With the same ticket I could still go to two more locations, I'll do it if I have the time. You can use your ticket within the first and third day after validating it at one of the three locals.

Give yourself a month of days to fully embrace this one of the finest of all museums of the world. Choose first by exhibitions on now to your liking. The permanent exhibits will be here for the next time you come. Planning is essential as is their map and other important guides. Restaurants to feed the body, art to feed the soul. Your able to check luggage if your on your way to or from your train airplane. Enjoy!

The met is one of the great museums of the world. Pity that they had to change the admission policy for out of state visitors. Still, the museum is marvelous. I normally record down interesting pieces that I see at museums, but gave up doing so at the met because there were simply too many. From Greek sculpture to impressionist paintings to that huge Egyptian monument, the met is simply stunning. It would be difficult to cover everything in a day, and I'd recommend repeat visits. The modem art correction is also naturally smaller than MoMA.

9. American Museum of Natural History

Wow! What a great place this is must I say. Started off by coming in to an enormous room with gigantic towering pillars which are some greatly impressive architecture. Came in thinking this would be a quick walk through with a some models to looks at and fossils however I was greatly wrong, I could’ve spent the whole day in there with the greatly in depth explanation for each piece of history in there. Was in there for at least 3 hours and merely scraped the surface of information in there and failed to visit all floors. The food court was a tasty experience and the prices were slightly high however that is to be expected in New York. Would recommend to everyone and it’s very possible to spend a whole day exploring in there. God bless America.

First off, just like the MET, You really need to spend 2 full days to really enjoy everything that is in here, especially if you want to fully enjoy this Museum just be sure you allow enough time for it. I strongly recommend checking out the dinosaur exhibits, as well as the exhibits on geology, really professional staff, and it's super fun. Honestly I think I enjoy just about every exhibit, but something about seeing a T-Rex is just awe-inspiring! Also the dinosaur eggs are really cool too! And well all the little gift shops are fun! The staff that works in this Museum are really wonderful people! And of course don't forget to check out the Hayden Planetarium!! Neil deGrasse Tyson is the man!!! This museum is fun for all ages, you can't go wrong. And the Central Park area right next to the museum is great for a relaxing stroll after you leave the museum. Also if you do decide to come to this Museum, make sure you get there very early, preferably 30 minutes or earlier before the museum even opens, otherwise you will be in line forever!! Enjoy! :)

A great museum. There are lots of regular and special exhibitions all year long and it would be interesting for both kids and grownups. It's very clean and they have added a lot of new and interactive exhibits. It's huge, has many shops, labs, planetarium and a very nice kids discovery room (good for ages 1 - about 10). If you're in NYC and never been , it's a must place to visit, since it's that big I would plan what you're going to see in advanced or check with the nice information desks guys over there before you start. The suggested fee is 12$ but it's donation based so you can leave any amount (especially important for larger groups ).

The AMNH is a must for any trip to New York city. There is a bit of funny business at the entrance where they recommend you pay $23 for a ticket. I say recommend because you can pay whatever you want. We paid $5 each which is more than we would ever have paid in London. The exhibits inside the museum are fantastic and set out really well. Each exhibit sets out to depict an animal, people or plant in its environment and it does so with an amazing attention to detail. There is a lot to see so make sure you get there early if you want to see all of it.

This museum is amazing! Different floors for different things.. they have different cultural exhibits, animals from around the world.. like legit stuffed animals or really amazing replicas. Personally we loved the dinosaurs exhibit the most on the fourth floor (which is also where they have a small cafe where you can get really expensive sandwiches, deserts and drinks... but everything tastes great!) Also there's always a ton of people, so if you are claustrophobic or have bad group anxiety... either be the first one in the museum in the morning or you might want to skip this attraction. General admission is suggested but you pay what you think it's worth... but if you want to the butterfly exhibit or the mummies or any special attraction you do have to pay the $28 suggested price. Overall there's a ton of walking and a ton of different exhibits to see. Great place to visit with friends and family.

10. One World Observatory

It was a spectacular and breathtaking life experience with stunning views and one of the best, if not the best tourist attraction. It is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. Lines were really short compared to the empire state building. At first you, You will see a movie on the first floor and a tiny presentation about 9/11. The elevator shows how the city was built over time with glowing lights but your ears could easily get clogged because you are going up so fast, than at the top floor, they will show you a movie and give you details and preview on what you are going to see. Than you head down a floor or 2 and that's the observatory with breathtaking views, awesome presentations about it, Information on the attacks and the city, A few bars, a restaurant and more. Great place, I will go back.

Another stunning view of the city. You see it from a totally different perspective so another definite visit. Wow and wow the views are stunning and the lift to the top is an experience in itself, over 100 floors in under a minute. On the way up not only do you get the “ears popping” but they give a mini story if New York in picture form on the walls of the lift, quality!! This is a must do if you visit New York.

The experience overall was good, but it all felt very manufactured, commercialized, and touristy. Like how you feel when you’re forced to exit an amusement park through the gift shop. Since there is no rooftop observatory anymore, you have to fight massive amounts of crowds to get a good picture opportunity from different angles of the building.

Absolutely worth the admission fee! And that's coming from a very frugal tourist. The elevator ride alone was incredible (it tells a story). Bit of a wait to get in (line stretched well outside the building), but so worth the wait. I would recommend this to anyone visiting NYC. The views from the observation deck are incredible! Plenty of room to see everything you want to see even with a crowd. Self-paced tour with 360º views!

As an observatory this place is great. The elevator ride up showing the city being built, followed by the movie and that first view and capped off by the observatory itself are just incredible. Additionally the staff are very friendly and let us reschedule for a different day when the one we selected had 0 visibility. I knocked off one star because it was a little over commercialized for my tastes in trying to sell everything at every turn. Would have liked to see just a touch more of a somber and less profit oriented tone at the site of the former world trade center towers. But still a good experience. The priority line tickets are an absolute must though id say. Gets very busy.

11. Chrysler Building

A fantastic art deco building. The foyer is fantastic with plenty of marble. Words can not do this masterpiece justice. If you ever find yourself in New York City, check it out, you won't be disappointed. The only downside to the place is that they don't let tourists up the building.

Love the beauty of this 30’s Building. The elevator doors, the figures of wings on the upper floors and the overall structure are classic. The sky rooms are available unavailable to the public but once were a limited club. One of three classic masterpieces that should not be missed. Great. Opportunity for pictures

Originally a project of real estate developer and former New York State Senator William H. Reynolds, the building was constructed by Walter Chrysler, the head of the Chrysler Corporation, and served as the corporation's headquarters from 1930 until the mid-1950s. The Chrysler Building's construction was characterized by a competition with 40 Wall Street and the Empire State Building to become the world's tallest building. Although the Chrysler Building was built and designed specifically for the car manufacturer, the corporation did not pay for its construction and never owned it, as Walter P. Chryslerdecided to pay for it himself, so that his children could inherit it. When the Chrysler Building opened, there were mixed reviews of the building's design, ranging from its being inane and unoriginal to that it was modernist and iconic. Perceptions of the building have slowly evolved into its now being seen as a paragon of the Art Deco architectural style; and in 2007, it was ranked ninth on the List of America's Favorite Architecture by the American Institute of Architects.

Probably the best Art Deco building in the world. Beautiful at night and breathtaking. Popular in culture and inspired. Worth the visit especially combined with a visit to grand central terminal.

It's just an office building. Everyone said you have to go there. I did. It was ok and very nice looking but that was about it. You are only allowed to walk in to part of the lobby and that's it. I took some pictures and left in 10 minutes. Can't really see what so much hype is all about besides the over all look of the building.

12. Radio City Music Hall

Great staff! The people there are very friendly and always ready to help. They love their job and you can see it in their faces, they are very proud to work for the company and that’s something you don’t find everywhere and especially in New York . The place is amazing! The chandelier is magical! Take time out during the holidays to explore Rockefeller center and buy a ticket to see one of their show. Trust me you won’t regret it. Christmas spectacular has to be part of your holiday. NO JOKE!!!

Truly a piece of New York City's artistic history. The venue is very well managed. With so many people going in and out per event/show its very impressive how clean the building in its entirety really is. Also, the security is very attuned to the needs of those coming to the facility. They are courteous and polite all while making sure they do their job efficiently and accurately. The bathrooms are constantly checked and cleaned, the vendors are polite and the ushers are always at the ready to help you and your party to your seats. Word of advice for anyone planning on coming during the holiday season to see the "Christmas Spectacular" with little children, come to an early show and take the little ones to the bathroom BEFORE the show starts. Even if they don't have to go, believe me, from one parent to another, it will save you the stress. After the shows, the bathroom lines are incredibly long. Also, it's viable to take advantage of an early show because NYC is known for its incredible food. Once outside the Music Hall, show goers can take a bite of some of the best food within just a couple of blocks. The earlier you go to a show, the less crowds are around once you leave Radio City. The foot traffic around Radio City is constantly saturating the streets but keep in mind, the later you go, the more time it may take you to get to see your show. At the end of the day, it's all worth it! Enjoy the show!

Fun, beautiful, one of the highlights of our visit to New York We were in New York on a four day three night tour and the Radio City Christmas Show was one of the attractions included in the tour. We had seen the rockettes before in a touring production but the Christmas Show was really special and spectacular. The two organs playing prior to the show were also a treat. Our seats were not the best but it didn't detract from the fun or the beauty one bit. The 3D special effects were really fun even for us old folks. We will certainly go back if we do another New York visit.

This review is based on the Radio City Christmas Spectacular featuring the Rockets. I've been to Radio City Music Hall a couple of times, really like the place, it's old but the set up for concerts and the Christmas Spectacular is really well done. The show itself was great, really enjoy the whole show from beginning to end, the Rockets, Santa, the Dancers, Singers, Tour of NYC in Christmas and Jesus Birth, everything is done so well and precise, it's a wonderful experience. To me, the best parts are the Rockets, Tour of NYC and Jesus Birth. Now, I strongly suggest you arrive at the function at least 1 to 2 hours before, the crowd gets crazy and restless around the time when the show starts, the staff I don't think does a good job of handling the crowd outside but also it's our fault for arriving late, some staff are rude, others were really nice. Overall the show was like the name says, Spectacular, it's totally worth it. I might go back next year.

Took the music hall tour, it was very interesting and full of history. Would be great if the tour guide knew a bit more about the place (all the questions I asked he said weren't in his script so he didn't know the answers) but he was very nice. The rockette we met seemed a little bored, but who can blame her, she has to sit there all day and say the same thing over and over to each new group of tour guests. Overall interesting experience, and of course the music hall itself is spectacular.

13. St. Patrick's Cathedral

This is the most amazing of the classic cathedrals of my experience in NYC. My family and I love visiting with friends and family whenever possible. My office is a few blocks away so I can always swing by for midday mass if I have the urge. We love stopping in for some prayers and candle lighting! The history, the feeling and the love is always within the walls of this fantastic and amazing building. A must see if you are visiting NYC and a regular stop if you are a New Yorker! Love this place!

The most beautiful and awesome architecture of any cathedral outside of Rome. The size is impressive and the masonry and sculptures are incredible. The prayer and cross stations are very unique and worth a walk-around to see them all. Well managed. Constant service schedule so you can attend almost anytime. The diocese did a great job on the restoration over the past few years. Beautiful place to see no matter your religious background.

Stunning architecture and gorgeous stained glass like most cathedrals, but the interior is awash with history and it's absolutely mesmerising, particularly when mass is in session and the incense is going. A great place to stop and take in some tranquility while exploring Manhattan. Here and the Grace Cathedral in San Francisco are our faves😍 Wonderful experience, even for the non-religious.

Great place to visit in NY even if you aren't Catholic. Incredible architecture, beautiful stained glass, and antique statues are just some of what you'll see inside. Pro-Tip: people who wait on line outside to attend Midnight Mass (on Christmas) typically are admitted to the church for mass (as of 2017). Security is very helpful and patient if you have questions.

Upon my arrival I approached Security and asked if it was Okay to take pictures. I was absolutely surprised and pleased when I was told "Yes!". It is free to visit and marble over this magnificent architectural feat. I highly recommend spending at least 30 minutes here if not more... You must walk around its splendid exterior.

14. New York City Fire Museum

Great venue to hold your special occasions. Several levels, to for for parties, museum below. Originally a fire house. 911 Bull located in front. Pay Parking lot next door. Easy to find by car. Transit close by.

A unique attraction in the big city. I happened to visit the day Santa was rescued from the roof! Two floors of firefighting history provides a very thorough overview in a pretty small space. They also have a very nice banquet room on the 3rd floor for special events. I would highly recommend anyone with an interest in firefighting history visit the museum.

Awesome place and awesome piece of history. Great place to bring a kid that is interested in firefighting. If you're interested in the job it's a great place to visit. Good price, free for fdny members. Two floors of historical firefighting artifacts. Highly recommend for everyone

An awesome and inexpensive stop for firefighters or those interested in fire history in the City of New York. There is a lot to see in this three story building. Just a few blocks from a train stop, you can walk in and spend a couple hours exploring (if you want to) or a half hour perusing. Tons of history from speaking trumpets, engines, dogs, the halligan bar, and of course 9/11. My wife and I enjoyed it and if you have time and think this might be for you, give it a shot.

Best fire museum you will ever visit. Every artifact imaginable is on display, since the inception of the FDNY. Also a great place for kids to learn fire safety and the gift shop has great items.

15. Statue of Liberty National Monument

The monument is split into 4 sections: - the park - the museum - the pedestal - the statue and the crown We had pedestal tickets which gives us access to the first three of these. It was lots of fun and very informative. Definitely get the audio guide to have a full experience and knowledge of the island and the statue. If you want crown tickets, you have to book months in advance. You still get a fantastic view from the top of the pedestal though. Leave a good 3-4 hours for the whole experience.

This is an iconic "must see" in NY. The views are great! The ferry route gives an opportunity for great photos. Reservations are recommended. If you want to go to crown reservations must be made months ahead. The audio tour gives a lot of info. I think the museum needs a little updating. It could use interactive exhibits for children. I don't recommend for children 5 and under.

It was a really cold morning but the trip was well worth doing, the city pass meant we could go to both islands on the tour; liberty and Ellis, both were very good. Better to get there earlier I think as there is limited space on later boats. We took the boat from Battery Island over to the Statue of Liberty and then to Ellis Island! It’s a nice walk around the statue which took longer than I thought. Definitely a have to do when in NYC!

Iconic, must see in the city. Well worth a visit for the iconic views of the statue itself and then back across the water to the New York skyline. Fun Facts @1. The seven spikes on the Statue of Liberty's crown represent either the seven oceans or the seven continents. @2. The statue is made of copper and is now green in color because of oxidation (a chemical reaction between metal and water) from evaporation of the seawater surrounding it.

Really cool experience! Be prepared to stand in ridiculously long lines for security! Seriously, bring some food to eat while you are in line. There were people sharing pizzas. The ferry over to Liberty Island has food and drinks, as well. Get tickets to go into the pedestal in advance! And get tickets to go into the crown like 4 months in advance! The history and the aesthetic are amazing!!!

16. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

We stopped by last year, specifically to see this beautiful building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It's every bit as aesthetically pleasing as you think it'll be, and the inside design lends itself beautifully to displaying the artworks on show. The feeling of light and space inside is amazing... I thought that outside, although beautiful, it looked really small and compact. There are cleverly hidden restrooms and a lovely little cafe to rest a while in. There's also a shop which sells all things Guggenheim and more. I was lucky enough to have my other half buy me a red Maia Luz red bobble bag. 😀

I was anticipating to visit this museum because of it's unusual architecture and wide popularity. We visited in the week between Christmas and New year's so it was very busy, much more then usual. We waited in line for 40minutes. I highly recommend to get tickets online as there is a shorter line for those. I was not disappointed by the amazing architecture of the building. It is a great space, you can find bathrooms and drinking water fountains on every floor. We started walking from the top downwards which was the easiest and more natural way for me although the exhibition was setup to be viewed the other way around. We saw the exhibition Art and China after 1989 very political and society critical one.

The building itself inside and out is artwork in itself. It usually exhibits modern contemporary art and I'm not always a fan. But if you're into architecture, then come visit. If you are traveling to New York and only have 4 days to spare or on a budget, then I would skip this museum entirely. I would rather go to the MET and Cooper Hewitt Design museum or I think it's called New York History museum. They are all in walking distance from one another

Great and quick to see. You will be the light that you see the amount of art that is available here. If you are smart enough you going to have a good time enjoying the museum. It is easy to explore because of the way that was designed. It's also very kids friendly. You will never regret coming to this place. Must see attraction in your next Visit New York.

Don’t miss it! Even the architectures of the building is amazing, let alone the collections! Looking up the ceiling will give you great view and a lot of phot ideas ;) A lot of Picasso and more contemporary arts are to be found. They also have children’s program The entry fee is quite high, but it’s worth it. Don’t forget to get the audio, so you will hear more stories and info.

17. Conservatory Garden

One of Central Park most valuable julury located at the very north. It is like European queen inspired gardens and it is one of the rare examples of how u need to be extremely curious to find this place. It's the most biggest secret of the hall park.

I was taking a walk through the park, without any specific destination in mind. I stumbled upon this beautiful was absolutely beautiful. There are benches in quiet areas that are perfect for meditation. This is a serene gem in northern Central Park.

What a beautiful garden! Probably the nicest garden in the city. Walking around you totally disconnect from the busy surrounding. The flowers, the grass, the walkways are amazing. It's very relaxing. A must visit. Imo.

Lots of beautiful flowers from spring through fall. There are even nice paths and benches to enjoy.

The atmosphere is peaceful even though it is in the middle of the city. It is a great place to relax, sit down and do nothing or read a good book. Definitely a gem within Central Park.

18. Socrates Sculpture Park

I had a night there upon my bicycle tour late fall 2008. Riding down highway 100, hwy 7 heading for New York City. Now I arrived at New York, living for a week at my friend Karen's home at Astoria. She has been showing me beauties from her home town. I appreciate, she showed me this clean park with a lot of introductions tables. A wonderful green playground for kids. A stroll way for adults in a big city.

This is an awsome park. Its an outside arts museum. Summer weekends are greats. They have different porformances for the family every weekend. I love summer solstice day.

Good spot for my lunch break in a sunny day :) always some interesting art items are found there and it's changing from time to time , love it!

Nice place to chill and picnic. Occasional jerk telling you your dog shouldn't be there sniffing their dog's butt. They're dogs. Let them enjoy their dog life.

Very nice park to take a walk. Not many sculptures right now. Winter time. Nice to just be by the water though.

19. Bryant Park

Such a great them park there with a lot of facilities and of course the great public library... a great building and place you should pay it a visit... They have this big ice skating course and you can see people enjoying their time here... also you can find different stuff to do here... from having a coffee or beverage and eating breakfast, lunch or dinner... multiple different small spots to take food from Chinese and Japanese, to Mexican and American... I love to go there especially at the weekends and enjoy the atmosphere... they keep this park clean which is great also...

I have been one acquainted with the night. The best time to come here is by the Full Moon's light. The ambience of the glow from the surrounding skyscrapers illuminates the park. The noise and dazzle of Times Square is contrasted by this oasis. Don't worry you are not alone. Two Guardian Lions, cast in stone, protect seekers of knowledge, seekers of peace, and seekers of solitude.

Great place to go Ice skating. Especially with young children. But good for all ages. The best part is that it's free. You only pay to rent ice Skates or you can bring your own. And if someone in your party doesn't wish to skate there's no fee for them. Furthermore, there's an overlook from which it is possible to watch the skating below!

This place has the best activity roster of any park in the city, especially considering it's only two city blocks. On my last visit I went curling and played shuffleboard for free, not to mention ice skating is free also if you have your own skates. There's some shopping and food options, great people watching opportunities, and always something new to experience. You can't go wrong spending a couple hours here any time of year.

We visited the market during Christmas time. We love trying the different kinds of food at each booth (we found a delicious pastry at one of the booths!). And it's fun to browse the shops. They're definitely more expensive than shopping on amazon but it's worth it for the experience and to support local businesses. :)

20. Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Walking around in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is such a lovely respite from city living. I always feel transported somewhere else, especially in the spring when everything is in bloom. It's a fantastic getaway within the city. There are some cool indoor exhibits as well like the bonsai exhibit. The staff is very friendly; they're happy to try to answer any plant questions you have and make signing up for a membership an easy, breezy process. Enjoy!

This is the best Garden in the whole metropolitan New York area. Next to or rather part the Prospect Park in Brooklyn leading from Flatbush Avenue starting from Manhattan Bridge. Although they change quite high fees for entrance, but they do offer some free hours, especially free Fridays for seniors. Starting end of March through Fall is the h best time to visit here. The important events including the famous Cherry Blossom in mid-April till early May, and continuous with other flowers.

I love BBG! One of my favorite places in NYC. I appreciate that this place exists. Wonderful gardens and nature programs for all ages. Definitely worth the visit when you are in the area especially if you are looking to be refreshed with amazing plants, flowers and trees. Great for children as well!

The BBG is one of my favorite attractions to visit on the weekends. In the spring and summer, I can always find a quiet corner to sit and read. In the winter, the conservatory is like taking a quick vacation to a tropical forest without leaving the borough. There is a small cafe in the main building for coffee and a pastry and The Yellow Magnolia Cafe is where you can grab a small meal by the conservatory. The gift shop has some nice stuff including books, notecards, housewares, and of course plants. They'll stop you from bringing in coffee or food, so keep that in mind.

Get away from the hectic city and come here. Beautiful place to visit with friends and family. Best seasons are spring and summer. The vibrant colors of the flowers are stunning. There is an area for kids to learn about nature. An indoor area where certain plants need their own climate weather. I recommend to see the Japanese pond and garden. :-) BTW Tuesday is free admission.