Best Things To Do in New York City

1. 9/11 Memorial

This Memorial is a must see if you are in the New York area. Do not think twice about going. We took the subway and very easy to find and navigate through. We did not take the guided tour because we felt like everything was really well laid out and easy to access. There's a lot to read a lot to see and a lot to learn. They had a beautiful museum with 3D sculptures and buildings. You get to learn a lot about the different people this horrible incident affected and a little bit about their lives. It's a beautifully done Memorial. Take time to walk through on your own to reflect and appreciate.

We went in on a NY Pass so jumped the queues. Staff were helpful beyond the call of duty, (even the police officers who I find very surly in NY!) My mobility impaired mother in law was given a wheelchair at security, and people couldn't help enough. The exhibition is excellent but in my view slightly confusing but oh so affecting! I could have spent hours more. The lighting is atmospheric, and photography restrictions apply in some areas. Overall a very good visit. Highly recommended if you are in NY.

You cannot see pictures or read a review that will make you feel what you experience in person. Well done museum. Atmosphere makes you feel the somber tone of that day. Amazing artifacts and details. Well organized and incredibly moving. You cannot go to New York and miss this. Give yourself a 4 hour block of time because there is a lot to experience.

This is one of the more moving memorials I’ve been to. In fact maybe the most. I was pretty young on 9-11 and don’t know anyone who died personally, but this is an extremely powerful place. I’m not really a spiritual person in the traditional sense either, but this is sacred ground. I found the pools to be incredible. You couldn’t quite look over far enough to see the bottoms as if they flowed downwards on forever. In some senses they do I guess.

Extremely emotional. We went in thinking we had seen it all since we were alive when the 9/11 incident happened. However this place is a Resourceful and well documented space from the beginning of the planning of the towers all the way to the post 9/11 incident, creation of the memorial, root cause of the event. They even showed recordings of the terrorists going into the airplane. They looked like normal business people travelling on first class most of them. Thee are also phone recordings of people saying their last good byes. At some point the documentation and pictures and recordings are so strong that even though the museum is pretty crowded you will hear barely anybody talking. There is just no words in that moment to describe the feelings. Going to that museum is a very humane thing to do to remember those who passed as well as their loved ones.

2. The High Line

Walked the high line end to end and loved every bit of it. The way the train track and various elements of trains were implemented into and throughout the walkway made for a nice and cohesive design. The gardens and art installations were wonderful. I loved that there were places to sit and observe, people watch, or relax. There were some food/snack vendors available, but I greatly appreciated that there weren't a lot, and they didn't detract from the experience. Obviously a place enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. Well done NYC. Will definitely do it again.

We loved how this old rail line has been turned into a beautiful public space. You can tell a lot of time and love has gone into the gardens and paths. We really enjoyed walking the length of the line south to Chelsea markets. We were just visiting NYC, but I imagine this would be a great place to have lunch and relax if you were working in the area.

Lovely to see how the planting has matured since my first visit. The second, newer, half going out to Hudson Yards has quite a lot of netted-off no-go areas because of adjacent building works at the moment, but still worth the walk. You'll end up in Hell's Kitchen and it's great to see how greening now continues through that neighbourhood. There's only one area for refreshments along the High Line at present - could do with another further along - but there are plenty of exits along the way.

Wow, what a magical place. This old rail trail which transformed to become a green park is really amazing. I visited it at night, when all the lights of the city are giving it a cool atmosphere. I could come there each day of the week, just to relax and enjoy the relaxing vibe of it. Doesn't matter if it's your first visit to the city or your 100 visit. You should go there each time cause it's beautiful

The High Line is one of the most impressive and important structures ever cultivated in NYC. Its coalescence of gritty human industry and tranquil plant growth is a marvel of artistic and engineering talent and dedication. It should be visited by all, and serves as a beacon of hope in a world plagued by an inability to coexist as a mutually beneficial whole. Please, go here and reconnect with life in all its forms as you traverse a scenic vista that has some of the very best sights in this fine city.

3. Central Park

I had seen a documentary about the park and its designer called Fredrick Law Olmsted:Designing America on PBS a few weeks before my visit. It is archived on PBS and makes a good free watch before you go if time permits. It is part of the always masterful American Master's series, and the first part of the hour long feature is about the park. The bridges, fountains, boat ponds, and pathways are great. Each bridge seems to have its own musician. When we were there, there was an aids run.

Great place to visit if you want a piece of nature in a big city! Lots of nice scenery, walking areas and pet-friendly environments can be found. There's also a zoo and some museums/information places where one can learn, which is great for the family. Also a good place for dates, with all the benches, ponds and trees making it look quite lovely/romantic when there aren't too many people walking by and/or screaming... Overall will take a good day to see everything, but be wary that a lot of the activities will need money. There are bathrooms throughout the park.

Central Park is an experience of its own. The walking paths are nice and wide. Check out the carousel, the horses are all hand carved. One fun fact is that the Trump organization owns the lease to the carousel, I am really surprised he hadn’t put his name on it. You could spend an easy day at the park, with all there is to do and see. They also have a fine zoo.

Beautiful, well kept park. We saw the volunteers working to keep the place in good condition on our walk through. There are musicians playing live music so take a few coins/bills to give them when you pass them by - they are brilliant to listen to. We were surprised by the size of the park. It is easy to spend a whole day wandering from artist to statue to pond to tree. And it's free to enter.

Lots and lots of space. A lot of great rocks for climbing and taking pictures. I will definitely get a bicycle next time I'm at the park. It was really nice to walk along the water too. There were people walking their dogs. People on horseback which was amazing to see!! And some pretty Interesting bridges.

4. Empire State Building

If you want to see NYC in one glance it has to be from the top of this building. What gorgeous views of the city. From the Statue of Liberty to the Brooklyn Bridge, there's nothing that you can't see from here. The observatory is nice with great info about the history and the construction of this magnificent landmark. The place is so well managed, despite the huge number of tourists they get everyday, the staff is really nice and helps in the smooth functioning. The views from the top are spectacular and you have to see it to believe it. I simply Loved being here. Glad that I went all the way up.

This oldest tall building offers a unique view of New York from the top. But at first, one has to go through a security check. After that, the first set of lifts leads the visitor to an intermediate stop in the building. While in the lift, one can enjoy a movie projected on the roof. The movie recounts how the building has evolved from the podium to the pinnacle. The sight from the interim stop is also engaging. However, to gain a more magnificent view, one needs to take the second lift & reach the top. The view from here is utterly breathtaking.

Where to start. This building is an iconic building with a beautiful view of the sprawling metropolis that is Manhattan and on as far as the eye can see (and the weather will permit). Please do take your time to appreciate the splendour, beauty and craftsmanship that has gone into this building. Consider also how quickly it was completed and the attention to detail on the interior. Its is a phenomenal interior with vast amounts of beautiful marble and the amazing art deco design that make the building so special. Then upto the viewing levels, the view is fantastic and mesmerizing. Its always such a pleasure to enjoy the peace and quiet atop one of the largest buildings in Manhattan whilst looking down on all the busy streets below. Love love love this building and the staff were great.

My husband and I just went here a few days ago and had a truly wonderful time. The line wasn't too bad but the observation deck was pretty crowded. It took a while to be able to get to the edge to get a good view but that was to be expected. The vistas are incredible. It's a must-see for anyone from out-of-town (or even in-town really, it's pretty breathtaking)! However I would recommend purchasing your tickets ahead of time to skip the lines.

Sure it is"touristy" but when you are a tourist, that's OK. It is another classic location you've probably seen in dozens of movies and it is cool being there. It is also an absolutely amazing piece of engineering and architecture, even after all the years. The building has style and class. Also great views of the city and other iconic buildings. The staff was friendly. The experience is definitely worth more than the ticket price. We bought advance tickets outside as part of a package, which saves time versus waiting to buy them when you get there. Just choose a reputable vendor.

5. New York Explorer Pass®

Incredibly easy to use and well worth the money. Me and my wife chose a "choose your own 7 day" thingy and it was great. We found some things we would never have looked at had we not done this pass and the value was very worth it. We would highly recommend this anytime you go somewhere they have one of these passes.

We loved the flexibility of the New York Explorer pass. We purchased the seven event version and used the hop-on, hop-off bus as our first use--a great way to get oriented to NYC. Our only issue was that in some places we still had to stand in fairly longish lines to get our tickets (not with people who had no ticket at all, but still we had a good deal of waiting, especially at the 9/11 Memorial). This pass certainly is good value for the money.

This was the BEST experience. I have only been home a few days and I am telling everyone about it. The Explorer Pass made our trip so fun + stress free. No prior planning just go with it and enjoy whatever we wanted on the card at our own time and pace. No lines or forking out full price cash at every stop. LOVED the pass.

The price was pretty good and I liked how you could pick your attractions. However, choose wisely, as some attractions may not give as big of a discount. We chose the relatively most expensive ones, the boat tour, the Empire State, and the Ride! Experience. The pass overall was very easy to use, and the app had no problems. It was a very simple process and we booked the trip the day of and we already had our pass ready within minutes.

So easy to book. Very informative and easy to decide what option fitted our requirements. So many options to choose from, something for everyone. Very easy to use. Would definitely recommend to anyone. Allowed us to do exactly what we wanted in NYC. Thank you.

6. Statue of Liberty National Monument

If you visit New York, this is the number one place you have to see. We enjoyed our trip here. The food at cafeteria is reasonable. Nice and clean as well. Informative and professional staff. Lots of stuff to see inside the statue, we even walked the stair inside.Good experience! However for the senior and little children, I don't recommend to take the stair to the upper floor. Elevator is the best option.

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most iconic monuments in the United States, if not the world. The statue, known as "Lady Liberty," represents all that is great about the United States. Lady Liberty was one of the first monuments that incoming immigrants to the United States saw in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It represented a sign of hope and relief that their journey to the United States had been successful, and that there was light at the end of the tunnel. While immigration to the United States by ship is not as common today, The Statue of Liberty still represents a sign of coming to America. New immigrants to the United States visit the Statue of Liberty as sort of a sign that they have made it to The United States. I would recommend visiting the Statue of Liberty to anyone who wants to experience one of America's most iconic monuments. If you aspire to climb the Statue of Liberty and see New York's iconic skyline and view, prior reservation is required.

Try to reach the spot early as it is always crowded even in weekdays. If you buy tickets on line, the security procedures are quite easy. Your personal belongings are checked like airport security. The cruise travel is comfortable consisting of three decks. Lot of eateries are available inside the park. Outside food is also allowed. The cruise is available for ferrying every 20 minutes. The monument is travel friendly.

The boat ride there was enjoyable and fun, it is yet another should do, if you visit New York. Here are the 3 reasons why. 1. Pop-culture This is a symbol of the "freedom" of America in which the country was built on and is barely holding onto, so it comes up quite frequently in pop culture 2. History A statue of this size, with this popularity, has a historical story and message. 3. View You can go inside and have a great view of the city!

Loved visiting Lady Liberty! Standing up in the crown was an amazing experience. The staff here are helpful and give you some really cool pointers for awesome pictures and where to look. The elevator was broken from the downstairs to the pedestal so that put a damper on the day, but I still loved climbing all the stairs. Going from the pedestal (middle part) to the Crown was quite the trek. You have to climb up a pretty steep and narrow spiral staircase. Being a big guy, I barely fit! But there are rest platforms on the way up and it is totally worth it. It gets hot on your way up to the crown and while in the crown, but you definitely shouldn't pass up visiting it. Highly recommend visiting here!

7. Radio City Music Hall

Theatre was clean and beautiful. Most seats are fairly good view although there are a couple of spots where you would have a column some what obstructing view slightly. Acoustics are also really really amazing. I saw Tori Amos Here in 2009 and her piano was just so beautifly amplified by the place itself. Bathrooms were fairly clean as well and there were plenty of concession stands on all floors to keep your whistle wet. Would highly recommend seeing a show here, venue is just lovely with a great intimate ambiance.

Graduated school this year. It was epic and surreal. It's everything you'd expect. Unless it's air conditioning. It was 10am and waiting to walk inside to be seated looked like the scene from Total Recall when they are running out of oxygen. Once we went to the auditorium it was great.

Historic & legendary place! Greats shows and leg clearance in every seats. They need to improve on snacks(more menus and good quantity of drinks). Strongly recommend watching any show here. You will not forget the moments you experience.

It's a beaufiful theater. The seats are comfortable and there is plenty of leg room. I was up in the 3rd tier and still had a good view of the stage. Plus there were large TV screens on either side of the stage so you had a closer view. I saw Kathy Griffin 6/25/18 and she was very funny. Would go there again for show.

Great music hall. Good acoustics. Could update the seats though to make it more comfortable. Too low and no leg room at all

8. Bryant Park

One of the best little shopping districts in New York. There were so many shops with all kinds of things. Many little shops with all kinds of goodies and yummy snacks. Everybody is so nice friendly and helpful. You can't help but get in the Christmas spirit, join all the festivities and have so much fun. It's everything you expect it to be and 10 times more for Christmas in New York.

Bryant Park is a nice little park located in Midtown Manhattan next door to the New York City Public Library's main location. In fact, library books are apparently stored underground below the park. Among other things, the park features a fountain, carousel, restrooms, and a lawn. Food is available for purchase from a few restaurants and kiosks, and the park includes some tables and chairs. Various activities are held at the park, and a free brochure available at the park tells about some of these. It is a worthwhile place to visit for at least a few minutes if you are in the area, maybe much longer if one of the events going on catches your interest. Considering how small the park is, it offers much to appeal to a wide variety of people.

Bryant Park is one of my most favorite New York locations. A beautiful Green Lawn in the summer, ample chairs and tables and the New York buildings surrounding the park make for an irresistible View and beautiful photography. Food options are available around the perimeter of the park and Berry from inexpensive to fine dining. Last winter that was a skating rink and shopping and food to brighten the winter experience. Under the full moon, New Yorkers interests are out at night enjoying the moonlight. The park is kept immaculately clean and it has the finest most attractive public bathroom in New York City that I have ever seen.

It feels like an oasis in a bustling city. This relatively small park has a lot to see. There are food kiosks, a merry-go-round, water fountain, a place to play some table tennis and there's a man playing a piano outside of a restaurant there. It's a truly relaxing and scenic place.

Beautiful park! It has a beautiful green lawn with lots of chairs and tables. The park is clean and bathrooms are clean too. It is great place to hangout, relaxing, book reading, play chess, paint , draw, carousel, ice-rink in winter, movies 🎥 in summer etc. A lot of inexpensive food options around the park. It is a great place in the center of busy Midtown ...New York City ! All in all highly recommend this place.

9. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim is for sure among the best museums I have ever visited. The collection is small but the way the art is placed makes for a totally different experience. It's difficult to describe but you get a totally distraction free feeling as you see each work in it's own brightly lit white alcove because the space is so organic and unlike anything else. Beyond that it's great to see such a famous Frank Lloyd Wright Building. Tickets are a steal at $25 and crowds are very well managed. The museum store is quite nice as well and worth a look even if you aren't shopping.

Possibly one of the most unique spaces in ny. It has a beautiful entry space. The exhibits here are always interesting. The main exhibition is usually along the ramp in the center with minor exhibits on the side galleries. They also have a nice little permanent collection in one of the side galleries. Note that the idea was to start at the top and work your way down. The main exhibit is usually set up this way. Not a cheap museum though.

The Museum Guggenheim in New York itself is an work of art. It was designed by the world famous architect Frank Lloyd Reid. Actually the real name of the museum is Solomon Guggenheim. It is located in one of the most prestigious and luxurious parts of New York, namely the 5th Avenue, opposite the Central Park. The building itself is very strange and bizarre, and really there is no way to be passed over without being noticed. But the true riches are still kept behind its walls. Here you will find paintings by Picasso and masterpieces of other famous artists. There are often held exhibitions on various topics and for this purpose, are usually collected works from all around the world

Smaller than you may expect if you are seeing it for the first time. The spiral walkway is really cool and is the main draw of the museum beyond the art that is inside it. Once you walk to the top then you can walk down by visiting each floor, which has a section that comes out from the spiral. Makes sure the museum is fully open before you go. They shut down the spiral when they change exhibitions, and it really diminishes your experience.

It may be my own personal taste but this museum is designed beautifully, but the art is presented oddly. Some really incredible work is hidden in odd corners. At the time they had a discount because the circular stairs was in the middle of redecoration, but for the price we paid there was barely anything to see

10. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

We had very limited time and my first step on arrival was to snagged a map and to discuss what to see in limited time with my wife. We picked the American art (with potentially historic items from New York) and the adjacent exhibits on musical instruments using the criteria that the first might be unique to this place, and that the second was relevant to us because she is a professional musician and I am an amateur. The scale of the museum is remarkable. To get where we were heading we passed by an exhibit about fashion and there were not only gowns, but also music and as my wife might describe it, good opportunities for people watching. This museum is a good place to wander, be surprised at the variety of things people have created, and to learn new things, and was a favorite among a wealth of favorites from a too short visit to NYC.

An amazing place. I thought I’d like it but it surprised me just how much. I started with the ancient muddle east and then the people of the islands near a Australia and the Polynesians. Honestly I liked their cultural artwork more than anything else. I didn’t expect that going in. From their masks to their boats and paddles. I just thought it was incredible. Their were two teens near me making fun of it. I guess different people have different tastes? But the works from different African cultures were great. The Persian exhibit was way bigger than I would’ve thought. There was a special thanks to the Iranian American community. Clearly they put a lot into it some of the American and European painting depicting the working class grabbed me too. As did the Black American art and quilts from the Jim Crow days. The Chinese and Indian art was standout too. I’m leaving so much out. It was great. Five times I thought I saw it all and then realized I missed something big. The place turned out to have at four times the amount of art as I would’ve thought. It was just too much. Too much of a good thing. If I didn’t live over a thousand miles away I would’ve gone back the very next day. I had a huge backpack because it was my last day in town and I had just discharged from my hotel. That kinda whooped me and I’m still sore. I should’ve gone a day or two earlier. Don’t go with a heavy backpack. I will say that the fashion show thing isn’t my cup of tea, but it was for a lot of people. They were going wild for it. Fashion inspired by Catholicism. I did like some of it though. I can’t recommend the Metropolitan Museum any higher. An amazing place. I will be back.

Best place on Earth. I spent few hours here on a busy evening but it was the best time of my life. The paintings, the sculptures, the Egypt collection, etc were mind-blowing. There was a sketching session coordinated by some art students. It was very intriguing and fun. You would need more than a day or two to appreciate all the art and artifacts in this museum. Some paintings are so mesmerizing that you'd want to spend quite some time looking at it. Enjoyed every minute that I spent in the met museum.

Such a great place to go. I am a NY state resident so it technically could have been free entry! I went in expecting to pay full price so this was a wonderful surprise. Such amazing art here. I would set aside at least 4 hours so that you can see mostly everything. I was unfortunately was only able to stay a little while but would love to return and spend the day there looking at the works!

It was cool exhibition of catholic style of art in a fashion world. It was interesting! With theme music and stuff. We enjoyed that day in museum. You still have time to visit till September 2018. I felt like I moved to a past with this music. Kind of scary sometimes but you feel the soul and darkness. Interesting experience and you can pay any price at the entrance if you would say you donate (you welcome 😂) so I would like to go on some other exhibitions at this place. And even without they still have many interesting thing to look at.

11. American Museum of Natural History

What a great museum!! Love the exterior, love the architecture! Even though it is always crowded, people coming from different states, different countries. Well organized museum. It is huge!! It will easy to take up a few hours to walk around the whole museum. Very educational and informative!!

My daughter loves Night at the museum! Brought her here after watching the movies on family night. She didn't want to leave.Wonderful experience. Exhibits were momentous. Can't wait to get her back so we can see the new ones. Mommy love you so much! Cant wait to see you! See you soon.

Another great NYC museum. You can easily spend the whole day here and not see everything. So many exhibits, so many building wings. Definitely a little something for everyone. Make sure you have good footware on, lots of walking, standing and reading. Loved this place, architecture is pretty amazing as well.

One of the iconic places to visit while you are in NYC, and the only (?) museum that can entertain the whole family. Animal scenes set in a look-alive beautiful glass see through niches, statues, fossils and much more. All you can think (and not think) of the animal world and history of world around us. Like the "DumDum" statue from Easter Islands, space exhibitions… you can spend a month here and not get tired. IMPORTANT Recommendation: In cold and very cold winter days if you are wearing thermal boots, come with another pair to replace and wear while you are there – otherwise you will melt. The place is very warmed up.

The museum itself was fine, ticketing staff needs to learn what customer service is. The point of getting a citypass was to skip lines. When there are designated area for people holding the pass, there is an expectation that we'll be looked after first. After waiting 5 minutes and being complete ignored, I got fed up and walked to the counter where 2 staff weren't helping anyone but chatting away. I was told to get in line for general admission and for me to "calm down". Great service by America's finest.

12. New York City Fire Museum

A once grand fire station serves as the setting for a critical slice of NYC history. Without generations of these brave people, the city would've burned down long ago. They do their best to squeeze a great deal of judiciously selected history into a small space. They're stretched across two modestly sized floors with a third reserved for special events like wedding receptions. They impress you with both large and small displays and don't skimp on important social reforms that helped make them more reflective of the people they serve. There's a solemn section devoted to the sacrifices made by the city's bravest on 9/11 including a specific mention of those lost from the nearest firehouse. What's impressive may be the number of horse (and human) drawn wagons that once formed the primary vehicle response to fires. They're huge and there are a number of them and to think they were once drawn by people - as much as they were by horses - is amazing. In addition, fighting fires was once performed entirely by volunteers and each station was funded by a wealthy benefactor. There are a number of such fascinating details on display here. Definitely worth a visit.

Let me start by saying you'll need an informed guide and a lot of time. Kids can "drive" an old fire truck, read cool history, dress as a fireman and shop for fdny gear. But the best part is the comfortable layout its especially good for large families because no one can get lost.

I saw this museum in a list of the 21 best things to do with children in Manhattan. Honestly, it is certainly not. The only interactive thing they have for children is that u are able to dress up as a fireman. I believe that if it was set as a real firestation is it would be much more fun for the children. Instead it has lots of historical things about fireman's and how they used to

The whole history of this service of Heroes. Fire trucks and equipment from the 17th century to the present day. Every major fire in the history of NYC is described. The 9/11 gallery is really sad and thought provoking. You need to visit to pay tribute to the Men & Women of the FDNY, Heroes all.

Although the Fire Museum has a good collection of antique and historical fire-fighting items, it offers little to place firefighting in context, and the museum lacks entirely in exhibits that might appeal to young children. Nothing is available to climb on or interact with, and most exhibits rely on text-heavy descriptions. A single video installation featuring weird! 80s fire safety commercials? accompanies a timeline of NYC firefighting and significant fire events — yet the photos are all at adult eye level. There is a rack of firefighting jackets and equipment that kids can try on.

13. The Frick Collection

This is an outstanding museum with outstanding architecture and very outstanding artworks. Price of admission is about $22 for adults. We went on a Friday early afternoon and the museum was not crowded. You can get a self-guided audio tour machine for free and I would recommend that if you have the time. The collection spans across a number of rooms in this Mansion which was converted to an art museum. In addition upon entry, there is an auditorium where they play a short 10-minute movie about the creator of the museum and the building as well as the artwork. Took about 1 hour to walk at a slow pace to see all of the paintings and some of the sculptures. High quality attraction very high quality paintings and sculptures. Very highly recommended if you like art, appreciate architecture, and have some time in this area. Very highly recommended!

From someone who was born in NYC, I am shocked that I did not know about this Art museum! The place is gorgeous! I love how by just walking into the place you get taken back decades. They also have a library on 71st. Great, quiet place to learn about the history of Art. They offer so many great exhibits year round. The staff is friendly and well-mannered. The walk to the museum is good too, since The Frick is tucked away in a very well-kept neighborhood of Manhattan (Right next to Central Park! )

Astounding. The tickets are $22 on Sundays but I would pay $50 for the experience. You must go to this if you fancy art museums. Takes about 2 hours to see everything, but I would suggest 5-6 hours if you really want to take everything in. The furniture, metalwork, even the architecture serves as a piece which deserves attention and admiration. I would love to be here by myself if I could. Phenomenal.

6 Stars. Love, love, love this small collection of excellent art items ranging from paintings, sculptures and decorative pieces. The Frick Collection is a small museum on one level located in the former Frick Residence. This is my favourite NYC museum besides The Met. I agree with another reviewer that if you don't have a lot of time and/or have limited mobility, this exceptional museum is a great choice. The only negative (or positive?) is that no photos are allowed. I only had a couple of hours, but wish I could have spend more time to admire the quality of the pieces at this wonderful museum. It's a must see if you visit NYC.

Classic mansion fro Henry Frick next to Central Park. He was one of the robber barons of the Victoria era. Beautiful art of European styles mostly. Saw three Fragonard panels from high ceilings to floor. These were given from Louis XV ? To his mistress. Beautiful Rococco art. The fountain in the middle of the house is quite romantic and beautiful. One tip. Men if you want propose to your ladies, this is a sure spot.

14. Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises

Enjoyable cruise through the harbor and up the east river a bit. On the trip we choose although there are several options. Found the speaker Andy to be very informative and everything sounded factual but let's face I'm not from here and would never know if he was just making things up. 2 levels of ship with cabin and air conditioning lower level was much more comfortable as upper level has wrap around glass up the ceiling creating a greenhouse effect. Aft of upper deck open with outside seating. Also standing room on bow of ship but watch out if your up there a large ferry passed leaving large wake and the bow riders got a very good soaking. The rest of us that witnessed it found it to be pretty comical but maybe not so much for the girl that unexpectedly found herself In a wet t shirt.

We took the Best of NYC cruise with the Premium option on our recent visit to NYC. The boat was large and could hold several hundred people. The premium option gave us access to a reserved seating area inside the upper level of the boat. There were other seats available in this section but the chairs weren’t padded. Also we had access to a server who would go get food and beverages for us, rather than us standing in line at the food counter. The food was typical hot dogs and pretzels kind of stuff, nothing great but it was ok. The tour around the island of Manhattan was narrated by a tour guide who gave a lot of interesting information about the various landmarks that were passed, as well as a good history of the area. There are great picture opportunities on the outside decks, and they spend a good amount of time in front of the Statue of Liberty and other famous areas. Our tour was about 2 ½ hours and we enjoyed it, this is a great way to see and learn a lot about NYC. We would do this again if we have the chance.

We loved our tour. The 2.5 hour cruise that circumnavigates Manhattan is brilliant. 2 important things to consider... 1. sit on the left side of the vessel (as thats the side closest to all the main views (with the exception of the Statue of Liberty) and 2. DON'T bother paying for the premium ticket. Unless you're old and the wind bothers you and you're happy taking pictures through glass windows, then of course go ahead. The best seats are the general admission seats on the top deck and the "standing only" area at the bow, once the cruise is underway. Enjoy!

We loved the cruise. Ours was about 2 hours long. I enjoyed the option of buying drinks and snacks on the ship during the tour. Took a lot of great photos! Just FYI bring a light jacket. It was around 75 degrees at 7pm and I was freezing due to the wind blowing in my face as we circled around NYC. Otherwise, we really enjoyed it!

Did my first sightseeing tour in nyc. The guide on the boat was great, even asked people to quite down so others can hear him. Only issue I had was when getting a beverage they had issues with their credit card machine, it was resolved, I got what I needed and tipped well. I think only thing I would recommend is looking into making them work better- still at the dock and had issues. Bartender handled it great. Was great with me and I appreciate that!

15. Madame Tussauds New York

So far a 1 star. Just got here and the people don't seem to know where NY City Pass guests go. Sent to 2 different lines and let's see if the 3rd is a charm. It was. Third person helped but wasn't sure why I had two wrong answers. Anyway, the museum had a large crowd of teens in which kept cutting everyone off. VERY irritating that they appeared not to be chaperoned, or very little. The amount of celebrities wasn't worth the price. There needs to be some order to the first set of elevators. The photos aren't fully accurate because a lot of those celebrities are no longer there. Oh, hilarious that most people posed with President Barack Obama and none were with Trumpet. Loved that part.

Spectacular. An individual copy of the people. Sometimes you are really confused with the people next to you. It's a very large area, taking 2-3 hours. At the end, it was a 5D cinematic show, and it was beautiful. We traveled with the children and we all had a lot of fun. This was very neat to see, the work is amazing. I am glad we went and recommend you go! The staff was good You are at Time Square, you can also visit that area on exit.

Way overpriced. The place is clean and some of the celebrities are very accurate. If you don't have a clue of how the tour works you can feel pretty lost at the beginning. They need better communication and would be nice they have better descriptions and facts about the celebrities. Without this is a bunch of static replicas creepingly smiling at you(unless this is what they want to make you feel)

Great wax figures even a few of them had me confused as to if they were real. The dance party on the top floor is great and even lets kids control there own music. I would totally go to this it is very fun and has a ton of cool wax figures.

Awesome! Way better than I expected. The whole family has a great time! The wax figured were cool but the settings they had them in really helped bring them to life. Highly recommended!