Best Things To Do in New York City

1. Top of The Rock

Easily the best view of Manhattan. Plenty of room up the top and great 360 degree views. Going up around sunset is probably the best time. You can stay up for as long as you want, so you can see the full sunset and the city lit up at night. I went with the double pass that gives you two visits within 24hrs, so I could go during the day & also at night. There’s also some great information on your way up & some cool videos on the history of the Rockefeller Centre

The price is quite high ($37). however it is totally worth it as the views from above are incredible. A superb experience worth the money. Got to see an amazing 360 view from above of the whole Manhattan and New York. You can see everything from above and this place is amazing for pictures from above no matter the weather or what time of the day you go. This was one of my favourite places that I went to on my trip to New York. 10/10

Super cool experience. Super amazing views. It was very easy to get in and get up top, and then equally fast to get back down and out. Lots of observation space up top to see the entirety if New York City. The elevator was also really cool in my opinion. They had glass roofs so you could see as you moved up and down the building and projectors that projected images on the glass. Overall amazing experience.

Rockefeller tower, is worth a visit. Get up there just before sunset to see amazing views and lights. Everyone thinks that they should go up the top of the Empire State Building, then they will get the perfect shot of NYC. But, do you know what they miss, the Empire State building. All up it was much more fun than other sky/towers we have visited around the world. Note: Worth it!

It is the best observatory to have a look of midtown Manhattan. The best time to visit is during summer/fall when you get a breathtaking view of Central Park. The peak hours are around sun set. Check the approximate sunset hours and aim to get in 30 mins before that as people end up taking up all the front spots around this time. Watching the sunset against the backdrop of Empire state and the water is amazing!

2. Empire State Building

Amazing building with amazing history... How could you visit New York City without a stop at the Empire State Building? Some famous places are disappointing but the Empire State Building was not. They handle tourists efficiently and with respect - at least we were treated that way. We were, however, visiting in winter and it was not crowded so we experienced no waiting. We received tickets as a part of our NYC tour package so I can't comment on the cost. The views are wonderful. The history of the building and its construction was very interesting to this engineer and I could have spent more time reading about the history but others in the group weren't quite as fascinated! There are many amazing places in NYC so I don't know if I would consider this an absolute must see but my visit was certainly worthwhile.

The view from the 86th floor is breathtaking. You would feel like spending hours there. The best view of New York City undoubtedly. I couldn't visit the top floor as it was closed for renovation. If you want to go smooth visit this place on a weekday. It was so cool on a weekday. On weekends and holidays it is extremely crowded. You can jump queues but that would mean spending about $ 30 more which doesn't make much sense to me.

Words can't describe! A photo comes with the admission cost. A good photo with paper matte or frame. Stay up there for as long as you want. If u go in May I'm told the lines aren't as long- try not to go in the middle of summer longest lines& hot. Where comfy shoes. If you go to NYC it's a must do. You can see for days!

The view from the Empire State Building is surprisingly very different from The Top of the Rock (my favorite). You truly only see lights for as far as the eye can see, and it is absolutely breathtaking. Be forewarned that it can get incredibly windy, so be careful wearing loose tops (I had an accidental flashing moment) or hats. I would also recommend buying the tickets in advance and printing them out on the kiosk for convenience. The building is open until 2 AM, which makes it the perfect nightcap. We breezed through the non-existent lines after midnight which made getting to the view even better.

After coming down on a crystal clear night after seeing everything that anyone can imagine seeing, I guess that I had a really glowing expression, because one of the tour guides told me that it looks like that "I am feeling no pain". And he was completely, totally, absolutely right!! I also recommend the lobby restaurant called the State Grill and Bar. Great drinks, gigantic New York Sirloins and a beautiful Art Deco atmosphere. This also gives you the additional privilege of wondering all around the entire lobby floor. The sites are incredible, the multicolored marble walls and floors, the 24 karat gold ceilings, the giant mural of the Empire State Building broadcasting out to the world, and the amazing bridges three levels above connecting one upper holloway to another.

3. Central Park

It's big. It's lovely. It's popular. That's what she said! And she was talking about the one and only Central Park. Definitely worth a stroll. Recommend a horse drawn carriage ride, and weather permitting, a little canoeing in the lake. I took two beautiful Eastern European women I met on a train here (pictured) after we spent the night together at Hotel Wellington, down the block, which I'd wanted to stay at because that's the name of the rich white guy whose body Chris Rock's character inhabits in "Down To Earth" (a fun remake of "Heaven Can Wait"). I can't think of a nicer way we could have enjoyed a fine morning in the city than a good ole amble through Central Park!

This so is awesome. My children enjoy it so much we spent over an hour just walking around the Tropic Zone. The birds in that area are beautiful. They loved watching the bats. The moment we walked in the peacock started preening, opening his tail feathers for attention. Great place for pictures too. They have a fantastic show with the seals during feeding times, several times a day. My girls really enjoyed watching them. The zoo is small enough to enjoy in a single visit, and enjoyable to visit more than once. Great experience.

We visited on New Year's Eve 2017, just after a light snow fell earlier that day. It was crisp and clear and there was an unusual calm over the park. We watched the fireworks at midnight, and raised a glass to the new year. The people were friendly and seemed content with casual strolls through the park late into the evening. Just after midnight, marathon runners came through and were greeted by cheers and applause. What a beautiful park to visit.

It's one of my favorite places in New York City. Every visit to this park makes me find something new. It's so beautiful in every season. I love the nature and honestly it's like a heaven in the middle of bustling life that lies outside its perimeters. You'll definitely have a lovely time here. Take some pictures.

Central Park is absolutely incredible. There’s so much to do and see. You can rent bikes, get a pedicab, take a rowboat, pay for a carriage ride or simply explore on foot. There is a castle, fountain, conservatory - just so much to see!! We spent around 4 hours on bikes at the park and still didn’t see the whole thing. There are pedestrian-only paths that kinda keep you limiters unless you want to walk your bike.

4. Statue of Liberty National Monument

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most iconic monuments in the United States, if not the world. The statue, known as "Lady Liberty," represents all that is great about the United States. Lady Liberty was one of the first monuments that incoming immigrants to the United States saw in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It represented a sign of hope and relief that their journey to the United States had been successful, and that there was light at the end of the tunnel. While immigration to the United States by ship is not as common today, The Statue of Liberty still represents a sign of coming to America. New immigrants to the United States visit the Statue of Liberty as sort of a sign that they have made it to The United States. I would recommend visiting the Statue of Liberty to anyone who wants to experience one of America's most iconic monuments. If you aspire to climb the Statue of Liberty and see New York's iconic skyline and view, prior reservation is required.

The experience of actually getting up close to this iconic landmark is hard to explain. You get a sense of awe thinking about how many have seen her from ships -- either coming to America as immigrants or leaving our shores as soldiers. The crown tour books very far in advance but you can often get pedestal tickets easier depending on the time of year. If you can, go for it. We did just the pedestal and there is plenty to see in there about the design and building of the statue, plus it's nice to get higher up for the view of the harbor and to see the statue even closer than from the ground. There's a new museum being built, which means you'll get to see a lot of the history and memorabilia even if you can't snag a pedestal ticket, which is a great idea. Watch for it to open in 2019.

Madhouse experience overall, but the actual interior was rather peaceful. All Americans should visit at some point. Particularly poignant given the polyglot of languages overheard (mostly Russian? Nobody told me everyone in NY are Russian?). Boat ride was relatively easy given we had bought tickets beforehand... You definitely want to do that and get the interior ticket as well. Note: Google Maps does not work well in Manhattan, make sure you have your route worked out if you're not boarding via Battery Park.

Definitely a must visit location for all who love and appreciate this country. Buy your tickets online and dish out a few bucks more for special access to the crown. It will give you amazing views and patriot adrenaline rush. The museum below is fantastic but use the free tour headsets as you will learn a lot. Thank you to the friendly park rangers who heightened the experience with their funny and informative stories.

A can't miss experience for every American some time in their lives. The security wait is not bad at all. Consider taking the stairs instead of the elevator to the pedestal! It gives you a better look at the inside of the statue. Additionally, consider going to the crown, not just the pedestal. Absolutely worth it! The restaurant is actually quite affordable and doesn't gouge prices.

5. 9/11 Memorial

This memorial is more meaningful and more beautiful than pictures I've seen and the pictures I'm posting can convey. There is a hushed tone surrounding this area. The voices of people lower in both volume and tone. The city itself seems to quiet creating a sanctity I did not expect. It is solemn without being morbid. The sound of rushing water is almost all you can hear. It is simple. It is beautiful. It gently says, " Some of us died here. More of us live here. None of us have been broken here. From death we give you beauty, from hate we give you grace. Welcome to New York."

Very emotional place to be but I found great comfort in how dedicated people are to those who lost their lives in 9/11. Remnants of the towers are present in the museum as well as a staircase that would have led out to the exit. I found the architecture to be very interesting in the way of how the building collapsed. I loved listening to the Firemen who were present on that day. They are always up there, so stick by them if you want to know what history 9/11 impacted the Fire Dept. They have no problem talking in great detail about what they remember on that awful day.

I was 11 when 9/11 happened. As most people can I can recall where and what I was doing. I was in the 6th grade when the teachers gathered all of us in to the Science room to explain to us what had happened earlier in the morning. I was 11 and the actual magnitude of what happened in New York that day never truly registered. 17 years later I visited the 9/11 memorial and walking the grounds really brought to perspective the loss. When I walked to the edge of each fountain where a tower once stood I could feel my stomach sink as deep as these fountains. They were massive and in the center of the fountains the water fell in to what appears to be an infinite black hole. White flowers were placed on the names inscribed on the memorial of the people's birthday's that day. It was a surreal visit that brought more meaning and understanding to that day.

Beautiful beautiful tribute to all who lost their lives on that terrible day. Spent about an hour here and noticed how nice and quiet it was despite busy busy roads being pretty close by. The Survivor Tree was absolutely full of blossom and looked amazing amongst the rest who are still yet to bloom from winter. The memorial pools was a sad part of the area as seeing the names, touching them, reading them make you really think not only about that person but your own life, you can't help it. Must see part of NYC....

The gravity of this memorial carries with you for days. Make sure you set aside the time to take in all the monument offers and spend the time at each area to fully grasp the moment. The design and layout of the monument is expertly put together to give the viewer insight into what happened on 9/11 at that site and the impact it had on people's lives around the NYC, the USA and even throughout the world. Definite visit and prepare to be moved.

6. The High Line

I love the high line, it’s another one of those must see places when visitors come to town. I love the fact that it’s suspended in the air so you can see the different architecture of the buildings around you. During the spring the flowers are beautiful and they paint some of the buildings with murals and other art. There’s sometimes music and food vendors depending on the area you’re walking through. It’s super close to Chelsea market so you can grab a coffee nearby and walk the park. Such a great spot.

Amazing how they converted this old train line into such a nice walk. It's very pleasant to walk above the street level as it gives another perspective. The walk is a piece of art and there are plenty to see. Go early to avoid crowds. Better to start in Midtown and make the way down to the Meat Packing District so you can rest in a bar.

What a delightful surprise The High Line was. Like a magic carpet ride through the city. Lots of interesting architecture. Street scenes from above. Long views across the Hudson. And the path itself changes up enough to keep you focused without tiring you out. A lovely way to spend a few hours.

The Highline Park is a very unique place with quite a strange feel. The park is very calm and peaceful while you are surrounded by New York City skyline and it's unique noises. An extremely interesting combination. It is also filled with a beautiful sea of flowers and plants and just an extremely nice place to spend some time. Worthwhile place to visit.

Very interesting and unique slice of NYC. The perfect spot for a nice walk with some great views of the Hudson. The walkway has a decent amount of flowers and greenery especially in the Springtime. The only downside is that it does get very crowded on nice days. Definitely somewhere worth checking out.

7. Ground Zero Museum Workshop

A wonderful little treasure of a museum. Very interesting and emotional. A great experience and a tribute to the wonderful people of New York. Never Forget

Beautiful and wonderful experience, as a teenager I personally enjoyed the experience and came with my family. So touching and personal.

This place is small and tucked out of sight on the second floor of a multi-use building. But if you are on a trip to NYC with young kids, and have been marching thru gigantic museums you will appreciate this place. It is a small space filled with photos and artifacts of the 9/11 clean up and recovery effort. It is moving and informative, but spares us the horrors of the actual event. The audio tour is very interesting and easy for adults and kids alike.

I found this museum online and figured that my friends and I could make a pit stop after visiting the high line and Plunge Roof top. This little museum is a must if you are in the area.

Excellent museum of unique photographs and salvaged artefacts with very informative audio tour giving detailed context to the exhibits. Additional background given by friendly and knowledgable tour guide. Sometimes moving, sometimes uplifting, this museum gives a unique perspective on one of the most significant human disasters of modern times, presented in a respectful, dignified and modest manor throughout. Two hours well spent.

8. Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

Midsummer Swing! One of my most favorite events during the summer. Outdoors. Great bands every night! Some pay to go on the dance floor, but just hanging out and swinging on the sidelines is just as good. Google to find out start date and GO!

Saw a handful of plays here and the theaters are spacious. I especially am a big fan of the nice fountains they have outside. New visitors should really take the time to see some of the plays offered here at Lincoln Center. You will certainly not regret it. Spring time or winter time is the best! Not as crowded.

Lincoln Center never disappoints. The shows are always targeted and top notch. The audience is always mixed and there to enjoy the show. The atmosphere is inspired and enjoyable. I have been coming here since childhood and feel that it truly encapsulates the art of NYC.

I love seeing shows here in this beautiful theater. The acoustics are very good for any type of entertainment. It's also conveniently located to transportation and has many fine places to eat before or after the performance.

Visiting the iconic Lincoln center makes you feel like standing in the center of the performing arts world. With world renowned organizations such as New York Philharmonic, Metropolitan Opera, New York City Ballet and Julliard School to name a few calling it home, you just admire in awe, the socio-cultural significance of Lincoln Center. The 3 main buildings are exquisite and the plaza with it's iconic fountain in the middle is always a refreshing sight for your eyes.

9. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

A must-see world-class attraction. It might be a worth while trip to New York to only see this museum. Always great ongoing legacy exhibits, and usually a good rotation of new material as well. The Egyptian mummy and Temple are amazing and set up in such a way as to take your breath away. The question you ask over and over again is how it could have been constructed and then moved to NYC. Definitely see the Europeans and American wings of paintings. Famous paintings that you only saw in books will be hanging on the wall to enjoy. 'Washington Crossing The Delaware' is a must see and you will be amazed at how large it is!

I have a lot of fun there. There is a lot of things to see. I think it's important to go with a guided tour or with enough information of what you are going to see otherwise the experience could be boring or you will not enjoy the bunch of history that is enclosed in this wonderful place. I like the cafeteria. Although it's a little expensive to my taste the variety is good and the food is good. The terrace have an excellent View to the Central Park and to the lower Manhattan. You can take lots of pictures there. It's a place to spend the whole day so wear comfortable shoes because you are going to Walt a lot.

This is one of the best art museums in the world, and should be visited at least once. There are famous examples of basically every culture and time period's artistic expression on display. More than enough to see, and it would probably take a day or two to really appreciate the entire exhibited collection. If you are not a local, the admission is a little expensive. You really can't go to an art museum like this anywhere else in the country though, so I would argue it's worth it. If you love art and have a day in New York City, visit the Met!

Absolutely amazing and must visit if you are visiting NYC for the first time. They open in morning and are closed at 5pm. They have huge collections of artifact from different parts of the world. If you love history and art, this is your place. You will need at least 4 hours, just to cover something. You can actually spend more than one day here, if you have real Interest. Their ticket gives you the option that, you can visit MET three days with the same Ticket. So preserve the ticket and come back again on the next day( we did that) also, they have an option of reduced price entry if you are a student ( make sure to show your student id). They do not allow any kind of food inside, so if you have anything left with you, make sure to finish them. Otherwise you have to throw that food. They do not have any locker option. Also, because of the tourist interest, most of the time they have huge queue to enter ( even if you have the ticket /city pass). So it’s probably good to reach early. But it’s worth of everything, as this is one of the world’s best museums.

I always, always enjoy the Met. Being a member for several years I don't feel compelled to "get it all in" every time I go. While it can be very busy, especially on weekends or if there is a special exhibit, there's always a place to tuck away and enjoy something obscure. Opening and closing are the best times to avoid the crowds. Try the roof in the summer; there's a great bar, wonderful view of Central Park, and away a fantastic exhibit. Also with admission you can go to the Met Breuer, for some modern art, & the Cloisters for some Medieval exhibits with an incredible view of the Hudson River.

10. One World Observatory

Great place. Was not busy when we visited in February. Bought fast pass and no queues at all . The view from the top is amazing. You have to have a head for heights. 102 floors. Took seconds to go up. Followed by a short tour and speech by a guide where they have you watching a film on the facing wall which then opens up to reveal the view. Then it's onto the top floor where there is a shop to buy soverneers, cafe and toilets.

I definitely think this is worth a visit. Ticket price wasn’t bad and I was able to purchase from my mobile phone while in line. I do recommend coming early when there are less people. On a bright day like the day I visited, it was hard to capture a great photo without the reflection of people and myself upon the glass but the view is worth it.

This is not only special in why it exists, but it is boldly modern and sophisticated. You can see views from behind glass around the entire building. Our wait was easy in the early afternoon on a Saturday in May. Tickets are a bit pricey, but we had a Sightseeing pass that definitely helped. The elevator ride is incredible - so just be ready for it!

Words are hard to find to describe the feelings of being at this site after 911. Knowing the lives lost here is still heartbreaking in addition to all the military personnel we have lost thus far. The views of this great city is awesome. But I still miss the Twin Towers. God Bless all the families who suffered losses of love ones and friends. Highly recommend visiting.

From beginning to end, the One World Observatory provides a top-quality experience from start to finish. The staff are super friendly and the area is maintained to a near-perfect pristine condition. It is an experience unlike no other and one I HIGHLY recommend for families, tourists, and city lovers. It definitely is a must when in the city.

11. American Museum of Natural History

I have lived in New York for about five years now and I’ve always wanted to come and visit the Museum of Natural History. I finally visited today And it was everything that I had hoped for!!The only thing that I would suggest is if you are the type of person who just likes to look at the pictures and the statues then you could get through the whole Museum in about three hours, but if you are like me who likes to take time and read then I would suggest you go early because it will take you all day if you really would like to get the whole experience. Another tip is the price for general admission is A suggestive amount. You could pay one dollar to enter and you should not worry about getting nasty looks from the employees because they deal with people paying low amounts on a daily basis. I saw at least five people walk in line who gave a dollar so you could give as much as you like. Overall it’s visually outstanding and very informative . I will definitely go back!

The American Museum of Natural History is famous around the world especially after the Night in the Museum films but it was a bit of a let-down for us . While some of the exhibits are great it feels very dark and not well organized in order to allow you to enjoy those The best part of the museum for us was the Rose Centre for Earth and Space and the planetarium. The Dark Universe theme was both informative and entertaining at the same time. I believe the museum can improve some of the guides so as to allow visitors to enjoy it more during a day visit. While there are a number of tours recommended in the guides none of them is easy to follow. so a lot more can be done in that area ..

One of the major attractions in NYC if you love natural history of mankind. Though I got the impression that it’s mostly good for kids. They get to see a lot of fossils and dinosaur skeletons. There is a simulation of growth of human population over time which was absolutely amazing. The Human migration section is really interesting. If you are a student ( make sure to show your id), they usually ask for a ‘suggested’ price of entry, which you don’t need to pay, you can even pay just 1$ and go inside !

This museum is definitely a staple if you are in New York. The admission is however much you choose to pay and line to get is only 5 minutes long . The staff members are very friendly and are willing to help and direct you. There are many exhibits that are all well taken care and can interest people of all ages. It is honestly one of the best museums in New York and you will have a great time if you choose to visit.

You cannot go wrong with a visit here. Suitable for anyone aged 5 or up. You can spend a whole day there, exploring, shopping, learning & eating. Easily accessible and next to Central Park. We did experience some issues that were quite uncomfortable and a bummer. The 45 minute wait to obtain our tickets was a nightmare. The lines for the elevators ridiculous. I did like the option of paying what you want. I did not pay the suggested price due to the wait time, as we only had a certain amount of time to visit. We literally ran down stairs to avoid lines and see as much as we could. Would return despite the flaws.

12. Chrysler Building

Probably one of the most beautiful skyscrapers in the world. The Art Deco style sets it apart and the eagle gargoyles are one of a kind. I hear when the building opened in 1931, the public could go up to the 71st floor as it served as an observation floor. That was stopped in 1945. Now you can only enter the lobby unless you have business on the floors above. We just gazed up at it from below. I think it is most stunning when it is lit up at night.

Cool, historic building with interesting architecture and artwork in the lobby. Note that security is tight and they will let you take regular photographs, but no video or panoramic photos. The iconic skyline shot of the building is probably what you're going for anyway, so do that from a few blocks away before you arrive here.

A fantastic art deco building. The foyer is fantastic with plenty of marble. Words can not do this masterpiece justice. If you ever find yourself in New York City, check it out, you won't be disappointed. The only downside to the place is that they don't let tourists up the building.

Love the beauty of this 30’s Building. The elevator doors, the figures of wings on the upper floors and the overall structure are classic. The sky rooms are available unavailable to the public but once were a limited club. One of three classic masterpieces that should not be missed. Great. Opportunity for pictures

I love this beautiful Art Deco skyscraper for its beauty and history. It’s easy to find (near Grand Central Station). Don’t miss this NYC icon.

13. African Burial Ground National Monument

Underrated site and incredible museum. Small but so full of information. Be sure to watch the introductory first and then explore the exhibits to get the most out of it.

This museum is amazing! I understand why it’s no admission charge.. they just want people to be educated!! Highly recommend to everyone.. it makes you appreciate everything you have today💕👍🏼

I was so amazed that I returned three more times within one and half month. Every African in American and everyone outside of America needs to visit. For the need to visit to understand clearly the roots of slavery that your not so Far. relatives who listed to brutalize our people...who not only built this country US on their backs but brought our gifts talent ability color, music and all you have and lust after☹️ This evil has been systemized to 2018....and in many ways you are the manifestation of who they are. Its no wonder that the killing of Black people has now tuned on you. Killing each other....🔎💊

I was one of the original protesters I'm pictured standing with arms locked with two Beautiful Black Women in which it was an honor and a majestic feeling to take part in such an event and very necessary to manifest truth and justice!

The memorial itself is important. Apparently, it is the biggest archaeological find in 20th century a North America. What is also worth noting is how there was even a memorial established. I recommend stopping by if you are in the area. It is small, yet simple but significant. I took a photo to post here, too.

14. St. Patrick's Cathedral

This Cathedral is America's Parish Church, since virtually millions of people visit and worship in this Sacred Place. . Safety and security are a high priority, because of the Building's significance. However, the security staff and ushers can be very accommodating. . Scheduled Mass times are listed on the Saint Patrick's Cathedral website, with fliers in the Cathedral, too. People can also call the Cathedral for information. Sundays are the major day of worship, so because of the large number of visitors, it would be prudent to arrive early for preferred seating. . Rest Rooms can be found in the Olympic Tower Atrium, 643 Fifth Avenue, with the entrance on Fifty-first Street. Also, Saks Fifth Avenue, the Department Store, is on the Fiftieth Street side, where Rest Rooms can be found on several floors within the building. . For security reasons all large handbags, backpacks and other luggage will be carefully checked. . There is a Gift Shop in the Cathedral, as-well-as, across from the Parish House on Fifty-first Street near Madison Avenue for your shopping convenience. . Enjoy the peace and tranquility of this Space for open prayer and meditation. Or, just to sit and rest your feet for a while in God's Very Special Place on New York City's Manhattan Island. .

In the event that you haven't been for a couple of years, look at it! The reclamation is extraordinary! A wonderful church in the core of Manhattan, feet from Rockerfeller Center. Mass is commended for the duration of the day, which is incredible, however can be diverting with the throngs of sightseers advancing through. The ushers complete an awesome activity keeping them around the fringe, yet the commotion and flashes can be effortlessly diverting. Loads of history here, which is perfect to see as well. In case you're searching for all the more calm, the Lady Chapel in the precise back of the Cathedral is the place you need to be. Continuously delightful amid Advent/Christmas season.

If you haven't been for a few years, check it out! The restoration is incredible! A beautiful church in the heart of Manhattan, feet away from Rockerfeller Center. Mass is celebrated throughout the day, which is great, but can be distracting with the throngs of tourists making their way through. The ushers do a great job keeping them around the periphery, but the noise and flashes can be easily distracting. Lots of history here, which is neat to see too. If you're looking for more quiet, the Lady Chapel in the very back of the Cathedral is the place you want to be. Always beautiful during Advent/Christmas season.

Such a stunning Cathedral with beautiful paintings and statues. You feel such peace and serenity in here. It was nice just to take 15 minutes out of our day to light some candles and say a prayer. The only let down was how crowded it gets with tourists, it's great that you can just walk in anytime any day but it may be a little better if there was a bit more crowd control especially during service times.

The architecture is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen in my international travels because the church tells a very contrasting story of its interior and exterior. Inside is a sanctuary that will satisfy the most religious creative. Outside the church is living unique culture — on occasion, people parade and show the colors and zest of life!!! The photos I shared are taken during the Easter celebration 🎉

15. Radio City Music Hall

Such a wonderful experience! The statement, “seeing is believing” is the best way to describe this theater. I attended a graduation here and I was in awe of how magnificent this place was. I thought to myself, if I’m in awe at a graduation how would I react if I attended a show here. This is a iconic NYC location that every tourists (and locals) should go and see.

Fantastic venue and breathtaking engineering! From the outside you cannot fathom the scale of the auditorium! We attended an event and security was fast and throughout. The lobby space is wonderful which makes waiting in line pleasant. From the second mezzanine we got the ‘obstructed view’ but it was a perfect frontal view of the stage with a bit of low stage equipment in front.

This was my first visit to this iconic venue in New York City and was not disappointed. It was fantastic. It was built and recently restored in an art deco style, which is stunning. When I was there in late November, the Christmas Show with the Rockettes was showing, but unfortunately was not able to book tickets, as I was not in town long enough. However I do the Stage Door Tour and was well worth doing. The rest rooms deserve a particular mention, as they are true art deco style. A visit here will not leave you disappointed. Well worth it.

I worked there and it was enchanting experience at a hard time in my life. Hard working a professional staff. They could work a bit more on retention though. My advice for patients is to get the hot cocoa in the beginning it is not that it is bad it is that it is organic so it goes bad fast. I wish for what you pay they could take you back stage and show you the magic of this place. It is really outstanding.

Great theatre! If you haven’t been there, get there a little early so you can explore the different levels. The bathrooms are gorgeous, with powder rooms and they are have different art and stylings. They still have phone booths which are super cute. Staff are great and helpful. The seats and views are amazing! I believe not a bad seat in the house. Amazing acoustics

16. Federal Hall

Visited while on a walking tour of Wall Street. Such a cool place. Disappointed to learn that it is a different building than the original in front of which Washington took the oath, but still a very cool place. Absolutely consider visiting while on a guided tour! You'll learn so much more, especially about the impacts of 9/11 on the structure.

Very cool place with lots of history! My daughter did their junior ranger challenge that each national park offers and we enjoyed all the knowledge it has to offer. The park rangers are very helpful and enthusiastic about teaching people all the interesting facts about federal hall. Worth a visit if you're a fan of history, young or old!

My daughters and I had a fabulous time. Got there a little late so we didn't have time to see everything, but that just means we have to go back! Definitely take advantage of the Jr. Ranger program if you are visiting with kiddos!

The day I went I couldn't understand why this place was so empty... It's so rich with history, it has amazing architecture, small interesting exhibits and it's free! I highly recommend stepping in off the busy streets of people taking photos of the New York Stock exchange to see this amazing building!

Although the original structure was torn down long ago the current building serves as a monument to the swearing in of George Washington and the original seat of the Federal government before it was moved to Philadelphia, and then Washington DC. Of particular interest is the original stone where Washington stood to take the oath is inside the building while his statue outside the building marks the spot. The rest of the facility describes the History of the building as the main customs house for NY. The Junior Ranger program here is pretty good and easy for kids to do on their own in a pretty fast amount of time compared to others.

17. Bateaux New York

We booked a window table for 4 to celebrate a birthday and found the whole experience absolutely amazing. The food was delicious, the waiter extremely attentive and the band absolutely rocked. When the boat stops near the Statue of Liberty near the end the views are absolutely breathtaking. Highly recommend!

I've had the pleasure of being on the Celestial twice in my life. Once for my mother's 70th birthday and the second time I got engaged. This boat is magical and everyone onboard makes sure you have an amazing experience. We loved it. The food is superb and the staff is attentive without being intrusive. The entertainment is great, present without being too loud. The views are amazing in any weather. It's so worth it!! Don't hesitate to book this.

I'm a tour operator that plans trips for school performing groups. Last June, I brought 2 band directors, 2 colleagues, and my then girlfriend, Kim, onto the Bateaux as part of a director preview trip for the group's trip to Carnegie Hall. The group cruised on the Spirit of NY last week, but we decided to use the Bateaux for the preview trip as it was an adults only evening. The Bateaux was just absolutely fantastic - everything from the food to the music was top notch. After dinner, Kim and I stepped outside to enjoy the view and we ended up looking at the NY skyline on a gorgeous night alone. The moment was perfect that I decided to propose on a whim! I was planning to propose in Italy a month later, but couldn't pass up the opportunity on the Bateaux. I didn't even have the ring on me - it was at home - but she said YES! We enjoyed some time alone outside, but my colleagues found out about the proposal, told the server, and the Bateaux staff made us come inside. They announced our engagement to the entire ship, poured us champagne, and asked the jazz trio to play a piece while we danced. What a perfect night - thank you, Bateaux New York!

We took a sunset cruise while on our honeymoon last week, it exceeded our expectations! Fantastic service and attention to detail, delicious food and amazing views from the East River! We particularly enjoyed the close encounter with lady liberty and the pictures we got of the brooklyn bridge lit up. Thank you for a perfect evening!

The cruise comes nothing short of a beautiful time and ambiance. I enjoyed the view of the New York skyline as I was on this dinner cruise for my fiance's birthday. The food was great and everything else was amazing. The singer of the night definitely did her thing and had everyone up dancing and singing along. Overall, everyone should get a chance to partake in on such a wonderful time.

18. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Very well know and talked about so i decided to give it a visit. It is nice for what it is. Lots if security personally I don't think it should have as much as it does . It doesn't have that much art in it. I think it's nice to visit to check it out but I will not be returning. They have special promotions for people who have certain credit cards at the beginning of the month call to see if your card qualify it will save you a lot of money as the entrance is pretty pricey. Enjoy!

Sometimes the container usurps the contents, and in the case of the Guggenheim, the majority of the art did not impress me as much as the building itself. The building - exterior and interior - is absolutely remarkable and highlights Frank Lloyd Wright's genius. Besides the main atrium and spiral, check out the design elements of the Aye Simon Reading Room and even restaurant and furniture. The temporary (past) exhibit in April 2018 which occupied the main internal spiral was not much to my taste. The permanent Thannhasuer Collection was much more enjoyable for me with many impressionist artists' works. I spent about 2 hours at the museum with half focused on the wonderful building itself.

I was excited to visit the famous Guggenheim Museum for the first time, but ended up very disappointed. Most of the exhibits, and even the bathrooms were inaccessible to me due to my being a wheelchair - user. None of the security guards could even direct me to a wheelchair - accessible restroom, so I finally spoke to a gentleman who I think may have been a manager. I'm sorry I didn't write down his name. He was very friendly and went out of his way to escort me to a restroom that was accessible and back to where my friend was waiting for me. HE was the highlight of my visit, after taking a picture of the beautiful skylight, of course.

I would give this place 6 stars if I could. I’m not usually a fan of art museums but this one is amazing. The building is so cool, and the way they set it up so that all you have to do to see the art work is walk down... it’s great. This museum is a must see and I would go again for sure. Also the art there is really good and interesting.

We stopped by last year, specifically to see this beautiful building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It's every bit as aesthetically pleasing as you think it'll be, and the inside design lends itself beautifully to displaying the artworks on show. The feeling of light and space inside is amazing... I thought that outside, although beautiful, it looked really small and compact. There are cleverly hidden restrooms and a lovely little cafe to rest a while in. There's also a shop which sells all things Guggenheim and more. I was lucky enough to have my other half buy me a red Maia Luz red bobble bag. 😀

19. Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

This is one of the best attractions NYC has. Totally worthy. If you are a fan of aviation or military you'd loved it. I you like space (like my son) you'd loved it. It's something amazing. You get the chance to go inside one of the most decorated battleships of US history and last but not least a submarine, you don't see that usually in your daily routine. F16, B2, Harrier Aircraft just to mention some of the beast up there. Additional there is a nice space for children where they can get into cockpits and drive fantasy ships. My son loved it.

Stayed overnight and was a little disappointed. The Good: Kamikaze video thought was very good. The submarine was good and was close to as it was when decommissioned. (Saw it during the day.)The parts of the ship that represented life on the ship during its lifetime. Food was simple but good. The Bad: Submarine was not open during the night. Not much of the ship is open to the public including the superstructure. The ship is highly modified. The Hanger Deck is more like any museum than a aircraft carrier. The planes on the flight deck are not cared for; flat tires, grime, and generally look like they need some TLC. Space Shuttle open for a very short time for those staying overnight. Slept on Hanger Deck but cots placed for those sleeping on the ship blocked many exhibits unless you want to move aside people's personal belongings. Did an overnight on the Battleship New Jersey and you slept in the original bunks and ship is close to as it was when commissioned. Much more of the ship is open to the public. Staff much more organized too. Still enjoyed myself and still worth a visit especially for kids.

I enjoyed visiting the Intrepid Museum. It's got a nice collection of aircraft besides the Intrepid aircraft carrier itself and the Growler submarine docked next to it. The space shuttle, Concorde and Blackbird are some highlights. Admission is pricey if you also include the optional items, but I did enjoy the 4D Experience which is a short video clip of the Intrepid with DBOX type moving seats and whooshing air plus the Growler. The Growler submarine was also interesting to see how small a space the crew would need to live in. I only had a few hours, but it was sufficient to see the main highlights. You'll like it if you like mechanical things and/or history.

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! What a great morning it was! Although it was so cold and windy. It didn't spoil the experience at all. Being a Brit, I homed in on the Concorde! I always wanted to get this close to one and I even touched it! (the inner child in me was screaming!!) The Space museum was also fantastic!! To be in a room with the shuttle Challenger was amazing. Walking amongst the ship seeings its quarters was truly a great experience for all the family, well worth the 33 dollars!!!

I was impressed with the museum's content and price. It entertained two families for nearly four hours in New York City for $30 per adult... less for children. With an aircraft carrier, submarine, space shuttle and history lessons to boot, good luck finding a better afternoon in New York. Also, take the time to visit the Bridge of the ship and the admiral's quarters to understand how differently warfare was exercised not so lo g ago - via paper maps and communication via vocal tubes... great stuff and very reasonable (in New York).

20. Brooklyn Botanic Garden

After so many years, a group of us went to enjoy the Brooklyn Botanic Garden few weeks ago. We took the train from Manhattan. It was a very easy trip there. The cherry blossoms weren't in full bloom yet. However, we walked around. It was very pleasant. We sat at the outdoor cafe and the tuna sandwich was one of the best I had ever had!! They have a lovely gift store as well.

My review is from the experience in the Botanic Garden on free days. I have not paid for admission, so I can't talk about if it's worth the amount charged. Fridays before noon is free. Now, I love the garden. I was able to see the Cherry Blossoms and moved around the park. A good place to relax, have a good moment alone or with company, and to take excellent pictures. I'd visit again and just sit there and contemplate the nature. It is easy to get there, subway is really nearby.

It was pricey but the gardens were beautiful! They had tons of different kinds of plants. The bonsai trees were so cool to see and read out! If you had a good amount of time to spend in NY, I would recommend. Make sure you have a good chunk of time to spend though!

I absolutely love this place. It's a great way to get a little greenery in one's life, and it's a little easier to get to than the Botanical Garden in the Bronx. It is a little more crowded, especially on the weekends, but still well worth the cost of admission. You can probably spend 1.5 - 2.5 hours here. It's probably best to miss it in the winter though, as most things are either dead, or not blooming then.

Interesting and beautiful plants to see. Could have more places to eat or buy drinks because it's a huge garden and you get tired. The best time for visiting is the beginning of spring - that time there are events (and lots of cherry blossoms!), and it's a perfect place for taking photos. Ticket price is a bit high, but I think it's worth visiting once an year.