Best Things To Do in London England

1. Bomber Command Memorial

In memory of the 55,000+ airforce personnel who gave their lives for our freedoms. A fitting memorial for the darkest days of WWII and the resilience to dare to fight for victory. My personal score is 10/10 & I also award this memorial my Gold Star for Excellence.

Amazing memorial to the thousands of boys and men who gave their all so we might live free

Thought it was a fitting tribute to these young men. Pity it took the political parties so long to officially recognise the sacrifices made,

A moving tribute to these brave men.

The commands carpet bombing campaign was based on false Data. Professor Solly Zuckerman's data showed bombing wouldn't break a peoples resolve to keep fighting, the war dept thought different. True. So, bomber command went on to kill and decimate German. I wouldn't visit this memorial.

2. Chelsea Physic Garden

We visited this garden because of its long and interesting history and enjoyed ourselves very much. It has a very good cafe. We joined the free tour of the gardens which outlined much of the history and described a number of the most important collections and plants. Very informative. Definetly for anyone interested in history of plants and their uses.

I LOVE THIS PLACE. If you love plants and gardening, you will not be disappointed. By day three of my trip in London, this was my favorite place. It's not very big but feels big and spent around 3 hours there. They have free guides packed with information. Chelsea is a non-profit and I think the price of the ticket is really fair, but bought some souvenirs in hopes of helping them keep up the good work.

A quiet respite from London life and traffic. Great labelling of plants and herbs etc. The cafe can only be described as having a village hall ambience with a very communal feeling, relaxed atmosphere. The building is very spacious and plenty of space outside to relax and enjoy the large portions of homemade food.

The Garden of Eden -- with a tea and plant shop. Brilliant lunch and desserts. Don't miss the lavendar scones or summer pudding in season.

Love this place. They are celebrating wonders of spring at the moment with a beautiful array of snow drops. Go see!

3. Kensington Gardens

I was only here for a short stroll around the park. Beautiful green space. Great people watching. Will certainly make an effort to return when I have the opportunity. Nice escape from the city with lots of space for everyone. Really enjoyed admiring the architecture and gorgeous lawns.

On a beautiful day Kensington Gardens is wonderful. Lots of different areas. Kids should love the lake with ducks, geese and swans. Squirrels are very tame also. The serpentine also has paddle boats for rent. Has everything you would want in a park

Kensington gardens is my favourite park in London. It is beautiful all year round. It is best early morning and during the holidays when there are fewer people. I love going before sunrise and feeling like you are in the countryside when you are right in the middle of the capital

Beautiful gardens in London. As a visitor, I absolutely loved all of the open space that is in London. I enjoyed strolling through the park and feeling in nature with the amount of wildlife that is available, but then viewing the urban landscape from through the trees. There are all sorts of walking paths. Be careful, they lock the gates at sunset so you can only get out of the park through a turnstyle. I noticed some individuals and families struggling if they had a bike or stroller with them.

First time I went to this lovely Park. I went with my brother so it was great. Astonishing gardens. A very fine & posh pleasure ground in London that you can enjoy. A really fantastic place to visit all seasons of the year. Its very joyful. Cute animals. You should visit more than once and also it must be nice to do picnics.

4. The Albert Memorial

The Albert Memorial is a memorial that was built in remembrance of the late Prince Albert. Located in Kensington Gardens in London, it was unveiled in 1872. When I visited my daughter in London I stopped by here on my way. It is such a beautiful memorial. It has marble figures around the base representing Europe, Africa, Asia, & America. It also has other marble and bronze figures the further you go up. If you are ever visiting London and find yourself in the area of Hyde Park, definitely take a moment and check this out. Just a beautiful masterpiece.

Queen Victoria loved Albert. The memorial speaks volumes. Beautiful carefree park. Easy walking too. Victoria and Albert Museum close by.

Great location, very near South Kensington and on the edge of Hyde Park. Next to Royal Albert Hall. Can also see shard if weather clear enough.

It is a very impressive and imposing monument. The detail and craftsmanship is quite a joy to see. Great place to click some beautiful pictures. Highly recommended for a visit!

Worth visiting to see all the great stone masonry and to see a monument coated on gold..part of our history

5. The View from The Shard

Wonderful Place, family orientated, friendly staff and excellent value for money! There is no time limit on your stay once at the top, you have two incredible virtual reality attractions on level 72 that offer out of this world graphics- a tenner for one, add another fiver for both- your entertainment is sorted! :) Can't highly recommend this place enough- go, go, go! If you purchase a family ticket during half term you get a free goody bag- binoculars, a book, shard pencil, London bus keyring- great for kids!

Amazing experience!! Views are stunning (on a clear day) and give you a unique perspective of London. If there is bad weather when you go you can re-book another date for free! There is also a great drinks bar and champagne bar at the top to help you enjoy the views!! Well worth the money and I will be back!

Great during the day, but even better during the night. Even though you are not allowed any massive photography equipment (tripod mainly) I managed to sneak in a small Gorillapod, which was so useful to take slow shutter photo’s. Very busy during the day so best to time your visit for a clear sunset evening. Nice place to zone out, go on a date, or show someone around who is from abroad.

Expensive entry fee. I was later advised by tour guide that if you say you just want to go to the bar , you can get in for free! Virtual reality 'ride' was fun but short lived. Great view and interactive tour machine gadget was nice. They need more seating areas though. Staff were friendly and happy to takes pictures of you with your device. Overall, pleasant experience.

Amazing view, definitely worth going! Staffs are really professional and welcoming. Cocktails are nice, Recommend to go during weekday, less people. Should definitely go check out toilet even if you don’t need to go to toilet!!!

6. The Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace

Lovely visit, an oasis of calm in central London. Great look at all the carriages and some horses to see. Excellent audio guide. Staff friendly and helpful. Really enjoyed it.

Great to check the coaches and horses. Excellent for kids. Doesn't worth it check it you have limit time in London but for those with more time is a great option.

Interesting stables and coaches with free audio guide. Mostly outdoors. Diamond jubilee coach was a highlight as well as saying hi to the horses. Force you to go through the gift shop. Cost £11 in Feb 2018

Very nice place friendly staff. Wheelchair friendly nice shop to buy souvenirs. An interesting place to visit I would go again.

Interesting display of Royal carriages and their history. Part of a joint ticket for the Royal Picture Gallery too. This was better than I had expected.

7. Tower of London

Great place to visit. Really educational. Lots of different areas to see. Activity fun on for families, children and parents alike. Leave plenty of time for picking up tickets as the queues are long. Best to print of tickets before going. When booking online there was no choice for selecting free carer. But ask at the kiosks and if you have proof of disability and they will charge appropriately or refund you if it is already paid. It is a bit pricey but it is well worth the money. Easy to get to using the tube, so no worries about parking.

Great display of armoury and waiting on line to see the crown jewels is well worth it! The queue usually moves pretty quickly. Good cafe area to get a bit to eat or drink during your visit. The audio guide is certainly worth paying for as it's quite detailed and gives a good route map to plan your visit.

One of my favorite attractions in London. It's a bit on the pricey side to get in, but no more than other London sites, and it's completely worth it. Don't let the name deceive you - the "Tower" of London is actually quite a large castle complex with several buildings to tour. First of all, you're given a live 50min tour by a real Yeoman Warden (also known as a "Beefeater") dressed in full uniform. These guys really love what they do - they are former military men who now live on the castle grounds with their families and devote themselves to caring for the castle and serving the royal family. Our guide this time was Chris the Ravenmaster who had great (bad) jokes and gave a super informative and entertaining tour. After that there is still much to explore. Take a walk through the White Tower to see the king's collection of armor - visitors have been doing just that for over 200 years. The basement torture exhibit was unfortunately closed for building maintenance when we went, but there was plenty to see even without it. And of course no trip to the Tower of London would be complete with a viewing of the Crown Jewels. The exhibit here is really well done. A series of rooms filled with animated and live action films create a nice build-up and fill in some background info until you are finally ushered through the thick vaulted walls into the jewel room. A moving sidewalk leads you slowly past some of the most incredible and valuable objects I've ever seen. Really worth a look, and they've made it interesting for kids as well.

First time visiting the Tower of London and was very impressed. Cost of entry was fair, £23 per adult for full access, discounts are available for families and concessions. We spent around around 2 hours here and we saw all there was to see, you could spend longer if you stopped and read all the info. Really enjoyed the crown jewels exhibit, was great to see them up close and in real life. Would be great for kids as they run interactive sessions to talk through the history of the tower. All in all a great experience, would recommend!

Wow what a great experience. At first thought £ 29.50 was expensive but it was well worth the cost. Great 50 min tour by a Yeoman who was very knowledgeable and funny. What great history is there. One of the best places I have been in years. Spent about 5 hours here as there is so much to do and see.

8. Battle of Britain Memorial

Very well done. Especially if you've been to any other Battle of Britain-focused site, like the Bentley Priory museum, you'll recognize certain elements of the sculpture and will know their significance.

Nice memorial commemorating the pirates who fought in WWII. Also it is a great spot to take pics in front of the London Eye. Definitely worth visiting if you are going to Westminister Pier

The place of the brave

A fantastic tribute to the few people who fought in the battle of Britain.

Absolutely stunning memorial to everyone who fought in the Battle of Britain

9. Monument to the Great Fire of London

Great building and a fine way to remember the fire. The entry is relatively cheap, only 5 pounds, and that includes a nice certificate at the end of it. You can stay up for as long as you like. The stairs are a good climb, but there is plenty of space for most of the way up to pass others coming the opposite way. The view from the top is good, although surrounded by high rises and a few blocked views. A very sturdy safety net eases you into enjoying the views without fear, and the stairs and rails themselves feel very sturdy and safe.

Was on our must stop list. They are doing some work on the monument at the street level, but go anyway. The narrow spiral staircase seems endless and when you get to the top enjoy the view from up there. Take your time as well. Keep in mind that the next step is to start your climbing back down and for some odd reason isn't not any easier. Be friendly and helpful to other. No matter what tell them they are almost there. Oh and remember that they don't have plumbing at the top.

A wonderful way to see the city and to learn more about the Great Fire of London. The view from the top, looking over the river and the old city is much better than I had anticipated. The steps are steep and there are a lot of them, so sadly it is not accessible for anyone with mobility difficulties or in ill health. My children, 6 and 4, really enjoyed it and had no problems racing up the many steps. I would recommend buying the children's guide to the monument, which I think was less than £2, as it was useful on the day to identify the sights and to understand the monument; it is also useful for school as the Great Fire is part of the national curriculum! We were all, children and adults alike, very pleased to receive a certificate as we emerged at the bottom of the steps afterwards - well deserved I think! A really good value attraction and well worth a hour or so of any visit to London.

One of the notable landmark of London, famous for tall standing Monument tower. It's good that we can climb to the top of tower using the steps built inside the building. Total number of steps are 311 and good thing about the steps are, they built in spiral shape and we never feel tired or don't get knee pain. Recommended location for parents with UK grade 2 children.

Amazing views from the top of the Monument. Cheap entry price. It's a lot of steps but so worth it. I have RA and wanted to climb it before I lose the ability, so glad I did. I had to stop a few times and rest in windows but I made it!! There's a little history to it on the outside but not much. Maybe an interactive visitors centre could go along side it on the ground level? But overall brilliant and highly recommended.

10. Kyoto Garden

Definitely one of the loveliest places in London! Right at the heart of this huge city, it's a quiet corner of the bigger Holland Park. Try to avoid weekend though, especially when the weather is nice. The weekdays are so much more agreeable with almost nobody around! Fall is the best time to visit because of the leaves coloured in red, spring is great too of course, but beware of allergies!

I love this garden! It is a typical ‘kaiyushiki’ (stroll garden) and its design reflects Japanese aesthetic and philosophical ideas and highlights the natural landscape. Featured are water and stone—the complementary opposites of yin and yang—and the elements are placed in accordance with Buddhist geomancy. The overall effect is one of tranquility and harmony, a haven for quiet contemplation in the middle of London’s hustle and bustle. It’s well worth a visit.

There is a gorgeous 3 step waterfalls which makes the place just spectacular. The water flows over and forms a pool and that places was filled with Grey Herons, Pigeons and Ducks! The colors of the flowers and leaves of the plants and trees all around it made the place just the best!!!

A beautiful place, very peaceful (apart from an over excited peacock!). The kind of place I wish we had close to where I live. Even with a small child they was enough little diversions and of course the koi pond was the best of all. A little treasure in the midst of Holland Park. It was worth the walk it took us to get here.

Wonderful place. I found out about it by chanse, but I really wanted to see it. It was really beatiful and calming. There were a lot of animals, the Koi fish were very big! The whole place was like from another world, so peaseful.

11. Palace of Westminster

How intricate and beautiful the architectural design of this place is is really marvelous. It’s a great site for photos and simply enjoying the atmosphere of London. It’s importance to the city makes it all the more great to visit. I loved checking this place out and I think anyone visiting London should.

The interior of the palace (or House of Parliament) is beautiful. The experience of entering the debate rooms for the House of Commons and House of Lords is unique (looking forward to recognizing it in TV). I have enjoyed the audio-guided tour. It’s not too long that you get bored and it’s long enough to point out important facts/information about the palace and the various rooms within. Photos are only allowed in the first two rooms.

Magnificent palace full of history and culture! From the breath-taking House of Lords (and the Royal rooms surrounding it) to the austerity of the House of Commons, every single detail and anectode about this building sums perfectly up the British way of thinking, and will make everyone happy, both Royalty fans and political junkies. If England were a building, it would be without the shadow of any doubt the House of Parliament! I highly recommend the guided tour!

Amazing tour of the Houses of Parliament today by an official blue badge guide very interesting, informative and entertaining. Lovely afternoon tea with great waiting staff and views of the river. When leaving a very friendly and knowledgeable security guard went the extra mile to show us out and share some of his own interests and experiences of this wonderful historic building! Thank you!

Fantastic building, very impressive. The tour gives you a real sense of how we came to have our modern system of government, very interesting and informative. I LIKED!

12. St James's Park

Fantastic place where dreams are made and nightmares are crushed. I went there with the hope to enjoy life. However, it successfully surpassed my expectations. I became a new man. With the queen looking at me from her royal digs and the pigeons not pooing on me. I found completion and a luxury relaxation spot. 10/10 would recommend

It's good park to spend time with Family. We visited in sunny days, nice sun light come in lake. You enjoy with your food. You can reach Buckingham palace by walk and explore park. You can plan to visit London eye, Big ban, Buckingham palace , st. James park in a one day.

A small paradise in the heart of the noisy city! Great place for a relaxing walk and lots of other activities. Kids can play safely and securely. There is a cafe with good coffee and tea. Lots of deserts too!

A beautiful park all year round, that absolutely shines from Spring to Autumn, at least partly thanks to the wonderful gardening team. There's plenty to keep your interest, from the adorable Duck Island Cottage, via the pelicans and squirrels, to the lovely floral borders. With plenty of refreshment kiosks, a restaurant, two public conveniences, and benches throughout, you might not make it as far as Buckingham Palace, but choose instead to sit and admire the surroundings.

What I love the most about St James's Park is to see the Pelicans in their little Duck island as well as the views from the Blue Bridge; and what I hate the most? the actual blue bridge; such an understated bridge for this amazing park. The best time to come to this park is early in the morning when there are no tourists around so it just feel magical.

13. Churchill War Rooms

What an incredible experience this was. You really get to see exactly how it was like back then. All the rooms are precisely decorated and reconstructed to the last detail. Some rooms have figurines that emphasize the use of the particular room. Some rooms may seem generic like the bedrooms of staff but some are really extraordinary, such as the map room or the telecommunications room. The queue for the war rooms seemed long but didn’t take more than 30 minutes. The audio guide is pretty good and engaging. I wish one could attach headphones to it because holding it in a hand for 2 hours can be exhausting. The central area is like a little museum with relics from the era and is quite interesting. The shop is a standard affair. It was a bit weird that the shop was mentioned several times in the audio guide though. Overall this was an incredible experience that helped me understand better and get a general feeling of what it was really like down there back then.

Amazing collection of WW2 history from the view of Winston Churchills life. Audio tour was extremely helpful. Narrow bunkers showed what it was like during tense days of WW2 with Winston Churchill closest companions. The wait on a Monday afternoon in Feb was about 40 minutes to get in. Definitely worth buying tickets ahead online at least one day in advance for quick access line. Unable to purchase same day online tickets in afternoon..must buy at door. So plan ahead to avoid longer line. They say no large backpacks allowed however staff was pleasant and didn't say anything to us about my husband's backpack. Great cafe, bookstore and interactive museum as well. Awesome experience and very clean and well kept!

Fascinating visit. Information overload, so much to see and take in. Whilst I understand the Churchill Museum was set out to complement the War Rooms period, it was a bit muddling and would have preferred it to be more chronological. We bought tickets the day before on line to take advantage of the discount but still had to join the ticket queue to collect the audio guides, which were very good and helped keep us on track in the museum. We were there 3 hours!! And still felt return journey necessary to take it all in!

As good as a museum gets. Plenty to see and kids got great details into their WWII project. Churchill part was well set out and the knowledge of the member of staff who spent time showing us different bits we would have missed otherwise was very helpful.

Churchill's War rooms is an amazing place for both adults and children. Amazing history in the place where it happened! It also is not too big, meaning the kids will not get bored with yet another exhibit they have seen something like before. A good mix of visual, auditory and adventure!

15. Hampstead Heath

Great open space for children to be free to run and play. Trees to climb, playground and open air zoo. Welly boots recommended. A great outing after a good lunch on Mothers Day. A change of clothes for the one who fell in the mud.

One of the single nicest places in the whole of London. My favourite picnic location. Swimming in the ponds is amazing. Can't recommend it enough!!

Really nice place to spend some time out of the city life. Peaceful area full of animals. Enjoyed even the lake pool with 4 degrees. Highly recommended for nice weekend afternoon.

More of a forest than a park , the beauty is in its wild side. Unfortunately bikes are not allowed. But you can get beautifully lost in this city woods...

Huge park and gardens with lots to do. There are some fantastic views from Parliament Hill. The Pergola and hill garden are beautiful pieces of history. So many beautiful birds and plenty of nature. Natural lakes for outdoor swimming. There is all sorts going on here and it's a beautiful escape from the city, within the city!

16. Coca-Cola London Eye

What an experience. The staff were very efficient and friendly and although the queues were long we did not have to wait long. Elderly and disabled people were assisted and given preferential treatment which was good to see. The security and maintenance teams really impressed me and I felt extremely safe in my bubble. Stunning views and photos to treasure our memories were made available shortly after. A great overall experience. Thank you

Even if you don’t take a ride on the ferris wheel, just seeing and being near this landmark is wonderful. That’s how beautiful the London Eye is. It’s even more beautiful at night. From both ground level and on the ride you can get amazing panoramic views of London and it’s absolutely breathtaking how pretty the city is. I had to wait a while to get on the ride but the experience was definitely worth the wait. I highly recommend checking this place out, even if you don’t go on the ride. The experience is life-changing.

A must visit attraction in London. The view is simply amazing. This place is normally crowded. It is advisable to go for express line if you are traveling with young kids and seniors or get tickets online is recommended because there is approx waiting time is 1 hour. Good safety measures. The best part is although it's a crowded place but very limited people go inside capsule. You have ample of space and time to enjoy the view. Keep it up.

Well maintained and efficiently managed. There are two kinds of tickets available, the standard one and a fast track ticket. The standard line has a waiting time of approximately 20 min on weekends, while fast track queues tend to clear in 5 min. View is best in the evening just before it gets dark. Rain on the outside of your capsule can seriously ruin your experience of viewing and specially any photographs you take from inside the capsule. So avoid a ride immediately after a shower.

Great view, but a bit pricey, and a very long queue, even though we booked our tickets in advance and were given a 15 minute time slot that we arrived towards the end of. There was a separate priority queue which was even more expensive. They engineer the main queue to encourage you to pay the extra. They could just sell the walk up tickets slower and the queue would not form (there would be a longer queue for the walk up tickets if they did that, but the total wait time would be the same - it would just mean people who booked a time slot would get the slot, not 45 min later). It's strange that they close so early as night is a great time to look at a city from above. They could easily stay open to 8-9pm.

17. Tower Bridge

I really enjoyed my walk across the high-level walkways of the Tower Bridge, as I was able to see spectacular panoramic views of both sides of the bridge as well as both banks of the Thames River. Not only is the Tower Bridge the only bridge on the Thames River that has towers, but the bridge’s bright blue color makes it stand out from a far and is a nice sight to see from both off the bridge and on the bridge. Its structure is iconic and is recognized by people all around the world. It's free to walk across the bridge and to witness it's opening and closing, but you will need to buy a ticket for the Tower Bridge Exhibition, which guides you through the towers on the bridge. But the price is inexpensive and is really worth the experience, as the fascinating exhibition will allow you the chance to stand on the transparent Glass Floor and feel the thrill of getting a glimpse of the view of London below the Tower Bridge. The historic Victorian Engine Rooms are also very nice to be in and learn about.

Wasn't as good as I remember. The old experience had a walk through show with the key architects, builders and workers portrayed by virtual actors describing how and why the bridge was built. Nowadays, the staff present the different areas but there is no animation. The view from the walkways are still awesome and the new glass floor is fun if a little scary. Suggest a nice walk along the river to the shard or a visit to the tower.

Iconic tourism sight for London. Wonderful to look at day-in and day-out. The tour was unique and well worth it. The line may hold you up to roughly 45 minutes depending on what time you go. Overall great place, and immediately adjacent to the Tower of London and so much more.

Such an amazing bridge, with so much character and history. Great views of the Shard, Tower of London, Gherkin and other impressive buildings nearby. Only needs 20-30mins to check out and admire. Very close to the Tower of London and St Katharine's Docks - while you're near you should go and try to find the Queen's private rowboat, you can't miss it, it's gold gilded and red!

We finally decided to see this attraction, and it was worth it. You learn the history of the bridge, how it was done, the main players, how it works, etc. Then you go up up up to the top walkway. You may be so busy marveling at the views out the windows, you might now even notice the glass floor over the Thames!! Look down! Look UP to the MIRRORS and take a picture of yourself standing way up over the Thames. And don't miss the picture machines, one on each side. For 3 pounds you get a great picture of your group up there, & the more you buy , the cheaper they are. Great picture postcards, we bought 3.

18. Westminster Abbey

This is such a special landmark in London and it's easy to see why. From the outside it's beautiful and quite imposing, but it's not until you enter the abbey that you truly appreciate the size of it. A good tip is to attend a free service to experience it in all its glory. We signed ourselves up early and got tickets for a Christmas morning service which was a really unique experience. Another tip is to see this beauty lit up for Lumiere London.

I really expected this to be a great visit, but was not prepared to be completely overwhelmed by Westminster Abbey. The place was not packed, but was easily has several hundred people in. The architecture and presence was equal to the great churches in the Vatican. The history and presentation is outstanding. The staff. Wow! Nice, professional, courteous. I really like the fact that every hour they have a short prayer and moment of silence to further establish that this was, is and will be a place of worship, not just some historic site. Fantastic.

I loved it and have thoroughly enjoyed the whole audio-guided tour! The experience you gain inside is unique. You will feel amazed at the idea that you are standing in the same spot where many great people have stood. Also, a lot of great people are buried inside such as Darwin, Newton, Bronte, Cromwell and many others.

Visit Grants Tomb and the wonderfully opulent grave of Merlin. They say this place is haunted by Jolly Lord Chutney. Generally frowned upon to demand to see the Royal Loincloth of Richard the Endowed. Whole thing is made of plastic. Wonderful example of Lego architecture.

Interesting church and not insanely busy during the off season. Attended a guided tour for an additional £5 which took us some places normally closed off to the public (eg the choir). It's relatively large and you could easily spend several hours, though I wouldn't recommend more than 2. No photos are allowed, and the docents actively enforce that.

19. Kensington Palace

Wonderful place for a late afternoon walk and enjoy the cool air and the surrounding as the sun sets. There's also a beautiful pond in the middle of the garden or park. Beautiful swans and ducks swimming around. The park can be quite busy nearing the evening with lots of people coming out for a light jog. It's also a place where kids can enjoy feeding the swans and ducks. Definitely a nice place to visit in London. :)

We went to see the Diana dresses but the palace was a real bonus. I especially enjoyed the Victoria story as told by an explainer I the apartment where she grew up. I had to do a little heel click on the spot she did when she became queen. Well worth a visit if you are near even if the dresses aren't there to entertain your wife. All good

It was my first visit inside the palace and I wasn't sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. Kensington palace obviously focusses on the main draws of the palace, Victoria and Diana with several large areas dedicated to the two royals. It's a surprisingly personal look into everyday life of the young princess Victoria and her suitor Albert and gives a glimpse into their lives. Aside from the two main people, it also covers some of the history of the palace and some of the lesser known residents and how the palace was used by the royals. The gardens are beautiful and its definitely something that the whole family can enjoy. There are several places for refreshments around the palace too if required.

Lovely palace to visit. We had afternoon tea in the orangery, that is a very pretty building and the afternoon tea was just fantastic. It is not as expensive as I thought it would be compared to other afternoon tea places in London and the fact it's in a palace makes it even better. Would definitely recommend afternoon tea here

I really enjoyed the Kensington Palace tour. It offered a realistic glimpse into how the royals lived and provided a lot of historical information. Make sure to grab one of the information books as you enter each room to get detailed information on the history of the room’s use and the stories behind each piece of artwork on display. The Diana: Her Fashion Story exhibition included with the entrance fee is a wonderful display of some of Diana’s most famous outfits. See how many you recognize! We purchased our tickets in advance from Viatour, which provided no discount but at least saved us from waiting in the ticket line (which was relatively short anyway). Overall, this is a great tour that takes around 2 hours to complete (not including roaming through the gardens) and I would definitely recommend it!