Best Things To Do in London England

1. The View from The Shard

I'd say this was one of the best experiences I had in London! It was amazing to see the city in this point of view. Worth the price in my opinion. We arrived right after 10 am so it was not much people on the line but it might get crowded on other busy hours, even it's not a free place it was already lots of people on the line when we exit.

Wonderful Place, family orientated, friendly staff and excellent value for money! There is no time limit on your stay once at the top, you have two incredible virtual reality attractions on level 72 that offer out of this world graphics- a tenner for one, add another fiver for both- your entertainment is sorted! :) Can't highly recommend this place enough- go, go, go! If you purchase a family ticket during half term you get a free goody bag- binoculars, a book, shard pencil, London bus keyring- great for kids!

Went there as a birthday treat and had a really enjoyable experience . The views were amazing and had a few drinks. Paid and tried the virtual reality experiences tasks. Weather sunny and clear but don't worry if the weather make the view very bad you can you return tor free another time. Just checked the terms and conditions for that. I would thoroughly recommend to go there.

Amazing experience!! Views are stunning (on a clear day) and give you a unique perspective of London. If there is bad weather when you go you can re-book another date for free! There is also a great drinks bar and champagne bar at the top to help you enjoy the views!! Well worth the money and I will be back!

Views amazing of course, but almost no guidance or information about what you are looking at. That's not too bad for relative locals like us, but must be annoying for anybody who doesn't know the city. Much eaker experience than comparable attractions in Paris, New York, Melbourne etc etc. Also, unlike many other towers there is no outside area - all enclosed in glass which is fine, but felt claustrophobic especially when full. Bar staff friendly and helpful, and prices surprisingly fair.

2. Tower of London

School trip with primary aged children. Was a fantastic day out despite the weather. Lots of history here however be careful with a lot of walking around if you are wheelchair bound due to spiral staircases . Prices high and long waiting queues with a lot of groups attending. Visit the White Tower with horses and guards. See the Ravens and holding cells and of course the Crown Jewels and learn of its history. Always VERY busy. A hot drink £4.50. so take your own. Mainly inside but overall, really enjoyed it. Has a gift shop too. No parking. Great for kids but not babies.😍

Go early, this place gets crowds, but for good reason; it was a great experience. Lots of great information and seeing the crown jewels exhibit was a highlight for everyone. There are benches, bathrooms and small refreshment stands on the courtyard, but you may want to bring some food and water. Plan for a coupe of hours here at least. The hop on hop off boat stops right at the tower. And several bus companies have stops just above the tower (big bus, etc). Hope that info helps you on your visit!

Great place to visit. Really educational. Lots of different areas to see. Activity fun on for families, children and parents alike. Leave plenty of time for picking up tickets as the queues are long. Best to print of tickets before going. When booking online there was no choice for selecting free carer. But ask at the kiosks and if you have proof of disability and they will charge appropriately or refund you if it is already paid. It is a bit pricey but it is well worth the money. Easy to get to using the tube, so no worries about parking.

My second visit and loved it just as much as the first time. Really worth a visit if you are in London. We had time to visit only for about 2 and a half hours or so and it was definitely enough to see the most important bits and some extras. Definitely start with the Crown jewels and work your way around it at your own pace afterwards.

Brilliant day out even with a five year old and three year old. We skipped some of the less age appropriate sections but still managed to spend a good 4 hours looking around. The crown jewels were particularly interesting for the kids but go early as it got busy around lunch time. Tickets are pricey but they're good value for what you get.

3. Churchill War Rooms

Great museum on the war rooms of the WWII, but the main part is actually on Churchill's life. Got to learn a lot! It's easy to spend 3-4 hours there. It took maybe 90 minutes to do the whole tour (with reading everything) of the war rooms. Constructive feedback: They need to fix their ticket system. Even if you buy them online for a specific date and time, we ended up in a 45 minute queue under the rain (well, nothing surprising there). There was another queue for people without tickets that was about the same length. In their defense, I think the whole buy-your-ticket-online-in-advance was new.

A true slice of British wartime history. Gives a real insight into what it must have been like down there. Museum part is insightful. The tour with it's audio guide is great. Some parts drag a bit but overall a great experience. This is somewhere I'm glad I visited, but feel it's somewhere I would only need to visit once. Queues can get pretty long, I recommend you book online direct with the museum as this allows you to queue in a shorter faster queue and during certain times of the year you can pick a timeslot which really helps.

BUY TICKETS IN ADVANCE. You get to jump the line and this can be good especially in cold weather. Great museum that not only outlines Churchill during the war but also many other figures. Also goes through how he got to power and other parts of his life. Amazing how well everything was displayed. Not to crowded as they limit the number of people in the museum at one time.

Thoroughly enjoyed our visit on Saturday 14 April. Only problem was the time we had to queue even though we had tickets. I would suggest same system as used at Buckingham Palace which has specific times for the visit. Once inside it was a delight. Extremely informative and huge, including a museum showing Churchill’s life. Nice cuppa in the cafe too.

A first class exhibit of many treasures. Some rooms barely disturbed since the end of the war brings authenticity to the exhibit. A first class self-guided audio tour allows you to move at your own pace. If your planning allows, purchase an advance ticket online at least 1 day in advance to beat the line-ups.

4. Speakers' Corner

Jim Hughes: I had a great debate with a Muslim terrorist. I was the only non Muslim in the entire gathering. There were actually moments when it got a little scary. It was a heated discussion. I I was from the USA and it was right after the Muslim terrorists had taken down our World Trade Centers Towers in New York. I could tell the Muslims in the crowd did not like me and were hanging on every word of the debate. Of course their speaker on the box was very elegant, but dead wrong, and could not justify what their colleagues did to our country. He tried to convince his crowd that President Bush was responsible for crashing the planes into our own buildings and killing so many Americans. I started pushing him for proof of course, he had none. He knew he was lying. And he wasn’t skilled enough to look believable. So he dropped all effort he was making to come across as charismatic and smart and just started using all those 4-letter words that losers resort to when the realize they are losing the debate.

Go for the speakers, stay for the ice cream. I had my first Twister in ages from a seller just outside the park. It was served at the ideal temperature and there was a bin provided for my wrapper. I would have put the stick in too but I'd walked back in to the park by then. I only give it 4/5 because of all the roads.

Great experience to watch people expressing themselves without inhibitions. Some people were talking from the fringes of society, other people had interesting things to say. There is something for everyone. Hyde park always makes for a good day out.

An interesting experience. Arrived at 1ish and stayed for a few hours. Haven't experienced anything like this before. Worth the visit.

If you don’t have enough irritation and bullsh*t in your life, why not take a walk to Speaker’s Corner and absorb some of someone else’s!!! If you like to have your political, religious or moral values loudly invalidated by someone with a double digit IQ, this is the place for you. Do you sometimes worry that none of your views have any relationship with reality? Fear not!! No reason or logic required, no mental stability required, and no personal hygiene required. Just come along, stand on a box and scream your flat-earth conspiracy theory at people all day long. Remember to follow the Speaker’s Corner rule; he who is the loudest, and speaks over the most people aggressively, is right.

5. Palace of Westminster

Our tour on 15 May was guided by Philip Grady, and was one of the most memorable and fascinating guided tours that I have ever enjoyed over several decades of visiting historic buildings and sites in the UK and abroad. A guided tour of the Palace of Westminster is very worthwhile, and brings the whole building to life. My only criticism is that no photography is permitted during the tour, but that does not really reduce the enjoyment of the whole experience.

A truly icon building! This building is London. The architecture and keen attention to detail is unbelievable. There is so much history in this building. I will start with one quick fact. But not quite as much as you'd think. Almost all of the old Palace of Westminster was destroyed by fire in 1834. The present building was officially opened, incomplete, in 1852.

Great visit! Don't forget to get an audiguide ;) specially if you are visiting UK or you might miss interesting details! Also guided visits are available. Pictures are restricted in some. places. The people at the different rooms are helpful and happy to answer any questions. Also there are benches were you can take your time to admire the building. There is a cafe and a souvenir store inside.

A great place to visit for a few hours even if your not into politics! Recommend you take the earphones to get the full story as you go meaning you can also walk through at your own pace. Thought the commons and House of Lords sections were fascinating. My only comment was how cold the chapel area was otherwise a great visit.

Fantastic place. I had a guided tour it was worth it. I am a history nerd so it was great to hear a British man explaining the history of the place, the events like the Queen opening the parliament (go see it on YouTube) and how the British parliament works. Again it is an amazing place

6. St James's Park

I have spent many leisurely hours strolling around the Park, watching the world go by. It is a great park to chill out from the hustle and bustle of Piccadilly Circus and the Palace of Westminster. And throngs of tourists, politicians and fellow Londoners come to the park for some fresh air. You can also enjoy the wild fowls, squirrels, shrubs, ferns and trees in the park. Refreshments are also available in a large cafe and two other pop up cafes around St James's Park. It is also a great park for the whole family. The kids will enjoy the playground by the lake. The park is free and it is closed at dusk. Thank you.

Wonderful park situated near to Buckingham palace, so it's pretty necessary to make a trip here of visiting the Royal Palace! It's much smaller than Hyde Park, but it's still a good choice if you want to chill for a little bit and your children will surely have fun! There are many animals, children will love it!

It is a brilliant park where one can be calm and relax. There are a number of small cafe stools where you can purchase ice pops and food. When I come here I like to see the flower arrangements I like to also see the eclectic mix of people.

Green grass, blue water, golden sun. All provided. Add time at your end. Bliss. Seriously a short walk off Victoria station and bus stop it's popular not only because it's right next to the Buckingham palace but also because it's got a gorgeous laid back attitude what with the centuries old cedars and London plane trees punctuating the green expanse on the two sides of a central lake.

Very nice park in the middle of London. There are all kinds of birds and they even have pelicans. Someone from the park is feeding them every day with fish. Unfortunately they didn't want any when we were there, the guy feeding them said the pelicans don't like him. 😅

7. Hyde Park

As beautiful as any country park. Fabulous trees. Lovely lake. Great gardens. Perfect for fun, families, walkers and sports enthusiasts. All credit to those who maintain these amazing spaces. Easy access.

Traveling helps to enrich our lives. It increases our knowledge and widens our perspective. When we visit interesting places, we discover and learn many things. We discover new people, surroundings, plants and animals. If we want to make our travels more exciting and challenging, we can choose to plan our own and select the specific places we want to visit. Traveling not only provides us fun and adventure, it also provides us marvelous insights and enlightens our minds.

Hyde Park is Hyde Park. It's really big, green and beautiful. Living in London I would definitely prefer to go to other parks, first because I prefer the more "wild" parks, second because this is usually full of tourists. But anyway, nothing to complain about this, too. There are even bathroms somewhere in the center, they were free, I hope they still are. There are often nice events around. This is kind of London own "central park".

It's very good. It has hide park corner (debate corner) Many festivals which you can enjoy. But u personally prefer regents park.

Great open space to walk the dogs with lots of areas to stop an explore or have a rest. Toilets aren't free as standard but if you know where to look there are ways around it. Plenty of pubs around the perimeter for a more substantial stop and lunch.

8. Coca-Cola London Eye

I went after 6:30 on Sunday and there was no line. There wind up being only four people in my pod. It was a lovely ride with amazing views! The staff are also really sweet and energetic. It’s very expensive, but I think I would recommend it just for the impressive experience. Make sure you look at the other pods for a moment as you are reaching the top—it’s surreal! My only real complete is that it was a really quick ride. I was told it would be 20 minutes to a half hour but it was just over 15, perhaps because there was no line to delay things? I’m unsure. I’ll add that I was terrified of this ride. Ferris wheels have been a difficult thing in the past. I want to encourage anyone else with a fear to give it a try. The pods barely move and once you’re up top it’s easy to forget that you’re on a Ferris wheel at all.

I've now been on this 3 times and seen the views in 3 different settings, daytime, sunset and night time. Best time for me is sunset and night time. Although it moves very slowly the queue to get on goes down very quickly. I don't believe it's worth buying fast track tickets unless you are in a real big hurry. The pods are still in very good condition. Be warned there's no toilets on the pods as far as I know and you enter the pod with others and no guide, unless you're in a massive group. It's best to move around the pod so you can get views from all angles, plus it gives others a chance to see and take photos of what you've just seen. All in all from waiting to getting and and going round its about an hour or just which I didn't think was too bad.

Visit date: 27 March 2018. Having booked online, which was relatively easy, we arrived in plenty of time for our allotted time slot. We were told that as queues were not particularly big, we were free to join the queue at any time. The queue moved quickly and smoothly and we got through security checks with friendly staff, with no issues. The ride itself was enjoyable. There is plenty of room in each pod to move around with a number of interactive screens to explain what everything was that you can see on your trip. Views were really good and I suspect would be even better on a sunny day. The ride was enjoyed by adults and kids alike in our group. We used a voucher from cereal boxes to get a free adult ride with a child ticket so 3 of us rode the eye for under £50.

One of the best ways to see the city. Buy the fast pass before you go and you’ll fly through the ticket line and the 4D experience and the line for the eye itself. Amazing views and great staff with tons of info. The gift shop has some super unique and fun items as well. Close to the aquarium which is discounted if you buy tickets at the eye for it. Ride takes about 30 minutes to go all the way around once. Go on a slightly overcast day for amazing pictures and also cooler temps.

You just have to do it at least once. Do it on a clear day. When it opened decades ago the skyline was somewhat different. It's a 45 Mon round trip and the views are the best vantage point for historic London. I got to see lot of construction buildings and nearside view is pretty averaged due to industrial look of some buildings nearby. I enjoyed it but wouldn't want to do it again as the queues and prices only justify it for once

9. National Trust - Sutton House

Quite interesting. I took my time walking around and it took 45 mins. About half a dozen rooms. Small gift shop and self service cafe. I was looking for someplace to go this Bank Holiday without having to spend to much or go too far. Spent £7 on entry and £5.25 on tea and cake.

Nice historic place, lovely staff. We really enjoyed our trip. Originally known as 'Bryck Place', Sutton House was built in 1535 by Sir Ralph Sadler, Principal Secretary of State to Henry VIII, and is the oldest residential building in Hackney. It is a rare example of a red brick building from the Tudor period. Sutton House became home to a succession of merchants, sea captains, Huguenot silk-weavers, Victorian schoolmistresses and Edwardian clergy. The frontage was modified in the Georgian period, but the core remains an essentially Tudor building. Oak panelled rooms, including a rare 'linen fold' room, Tudor windows and carved fireplaces survive intact, and an exhibition tells the history of the house and its former occupants.

Lovely little national trust house near Hackney Central, its a house where you can go for a quick visit or just sit back and enjoy having a cup of tea in the gardens.

Great for kids! One of the highlights of our trip to London. It's an interactive hands-on museum with fancy dress for the kids in each room. A wonderful house and a new concept of museum with a punk recreation on the top floor to re-create the 80's squatters. Amazing garden with vans turned into playground attraction. We loved it!

The house itself is really interesting and so unexpected to find such a historic house so far into London. However the exhibitions and set up are a bit trendy and feel quite jarring as a result. But worth a visit if you bear in mind that it'll all be a bit 'Hackney'.

10. Hampstead Heath

A wonderful and extensive green space, great for a day out with friends or family. A crisp muddy walk in winter, a happy sunny wonder in summer. Today I visited the women only public pond for the first time and want to come back equipped with my swimming gear - great atmosphere!

It's so beautiful. And people walking around are able to do an array of things. It's great to walk the dogs and have picnics as well as have quality time with friends and family. Truly lovely. There's also a nearby cafe or you can indulge in the local area and have nice food.

A great place to visit, vast open areas, some amazing trees and wildlife, and brilliant walking. Some areas can get very busy on a sunny day, but if you venture deeper into the heath you can easily escape the crowds.

I think it's one of the loveliest parks in London. It's huge, many wild life and lovely ponds and nature. You can have a proper walk. Clean and well kept.

Nice place for a walk around on a sunny day.. lots of open space, lots of wooded areas and if you go behind Jack Straws Castle there seems to be lots of single men wandering around.

11. Chelsea Physic Garden

4 of visited & only half of us are gardeners, the optional tour included in the £10.50 entrance fee is so interesting & informative that it kept all of us listening for the full 45-50 minutes. Beautifully laid out. Medicinal edible & toxic sections & much more Good cafe & shop. Not open Saturday's. Loved it

Great place for those interested in the history of apostles and medicine surrounding plants. It is also gives a fasinating insights as to where most of our drugs come from. As well as a large selection of non-cultivated edible plants and a fascinating selection of plants from around the world.

This is a gem of a garden tucked away between the river and Cheyne Walk. You are in the heart of the city but suddenly find a peaceful oasis. The planting is on a medicinal theme hence the name and the gardens are beautifully laid out. There is a small but interesting gift shop and a charming cafe.

We visited this garden because of its long and interesting history and enjoyed ourselves very much. It has a very good cafe. We joined the free tour of the gardens which outlined much of the history and described a number of the most important collections and plants. Very informative. Definetly for anyone interested in history of plants and their uses.

A week or so before RHS Chelsea aim to get down to the gardens, I usually visit a few times a year. These gardens have really fascinating history behind them but one of the main people involved was Hans Sloane, and you can find several statues of him around Chelsea apart from the one in the gardens. This is a fascinating place to visit and I go on repeat visits because you learn something interesting every time you go there. Based upon the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries there is a lot to be said for natural herbal remedies. The guided tours are a must and you will learn a lot from some very knowledgable people. This is a must visit place in London and after you have taken it all in then you can have a nice cup of tea and cakes at the cafe and relax in peace and tranquillity in the heart of London in beautiful surroundings.

13. The National Gallery

Absolutely loved it. It is free entry, and I was astonished to see the paintings in real life that I'd only seen online for so long. There are many beautiful, classical, worldly famous works here, truly a gallery of master painters. It was bigger than expected, definitely could've spent more time in there. The staff were also really nice, helpful, and chatty as a bonus.

Even if you don't like art , you should visit this place at least once. You will enjoy it more than you think. It has a great selection of paintings, you will recognise a lot of them because you have seen them in movies, TV shows or seen works derived from them in other places. My only regret was that they don't let you take any pictures but I can understand their rationale. Many of the paintings, I was told, are on a loan to the gallery from their owners, and the gallery must respect the owners' wishes to not have them photographed. Another treat is to watch artists standing there copying some of the great paintings and marvel at their talent as they are really good themselves. Definitely worth an afternoon or more. Easily accessible as it's right on Trafalgar Square.

A fabulous Gallery!! I only intended to spend 2 hours looking around here, but I was there until closing time. I have to say the artists and the paintings Completely captured my emotions and I would definitely go back and back again. A beautiful building, with toilet facilities for people with a disability's. The downside was just as we got in, they immediately told us to put £10 each in the contribution box, we were going to contribute anyway, but we thought it was a voluntary contribution!! I would recommend it, but don't take demands of money from anyone working there in the entry!

One of the best galleries I have ever been. So many famous paintings of all times. Just amazing. I could spend the whole day there , but I had limited time. The staff is very friendly and helpful, and they have nice souvenir store at the gallery.

Wonderful art but a little austere and old fashioned. I had been to the Tate Modern the previous day and that was much more laid-back. It was a Saturday when I visited the National and it was extremely busy so perhaps the problem was the huge number of people. One security lady shouted "no flash" twice across the room where she was on duty causing as much distraction as the guy taking the photos. In the Monet exhibition the security guy there told a woman to put her phone away even though she was only using it to make notes (I suppose she might have been a secret floor photographer or perhaps she was after a selfie with the ceiling). Art - wonderful, restaurant food - wonderful, atmosphere - not so good because of the security staff. I don't get to go to London often and, over the years, I have had several very enjoyable days at the Tate Modern. This was my first visit to the National and I don't think I will be going back again.

14. Monument to the Great Fire of London

Nice, well managed tourist attraction. Informative, friendly staff. Can go up to the top of the tower but costs. No lifts so not suitable for those who can't climb lots of stairs. Can get a deal with other nearby landmarks so be sure to check out their website & partner sites & book in advance. Good location next to the famous Pudding lane where the fire started. Minimal seating nearby, 50p toilets nearby. Other tourist attractions nearby including London Bridge (think nursery rhyme) & River Thames. Well displayed history & information. Worth a visit if nearby.

Great building and a fine way to remember the fire. The entry is relatively cheap, only 5 pounds, and that includes a nice certificate at the end of it. You can stay up for as long as you like. The stairs are a good climb, but there is plenty of space for most of the way up to pass others coming the opposite way. The view from the top is good, although surrounded by high rises and a few blocked views. A very sturdy safety net eases you into enjoying the views without fear, and the stairs and rails themselves feel very sturdy and safe.

An absolutely amazing experience and I would recommend to anyone visiting London! It's a very inexpensive way of getting great views of London while also learning something and getting in some extra exercise. I was confused with the price as online it said £4.50 which is also said on the sign outside however when I got inside I was asked for £5... I paid the £5 but didn't understand why. I also brought a program/information book and a keyring. The information book was great and would recommend to everyone going. The walk up is okay however if you are chlostrophobic it's a bit scary. I did find the staircase very narrow however was well worth it for the views. The views were absolutely amazing! I was the only one up on the platform so I ended up just sitting down and taking it all in. The platform may get a little crowded/ squished when there are more people up there as it is not very big. 10/10 would recommend to everyone in and visiting London.

For £10 (adults), it's actually quite a nice thing to do. It doesn't get too claustrophobic as you climb up and it's all very safe at the top with really nice views of London. And you can also get a really nifty spiral staircase shot (point up AND down)!

The Monument was designed by Sir Christopher Wren to commemorate the Great Fire of London over 300 years ago. You can climb 311 steps (which is not easy!) to the top of this historic landmark which was built in 1677. You'll get a spectacular views of London once you have reached the top. You even get a certificate that you climbed the 311 steps.

15. ZSL London Zoo

Really a great day out with friends and family. Animals are well looked after and seem comfortable in their enclosures. Shops situated all over... Best idea was the flip flop shop. Large assortment of snack shacks as well as a nicely put out restaurant.

I LOVE going to zoos in other countries and the London zoo was totally worth it. If you buy tickets online ahead for time you save something like 10%, which is awesome!!! It’s quite large, has a cool monkey part where you are inside with the monkeys. The lion setup is intricate and detailed and large. They have the same kind of walk in habitat for the Lemurs too! There are Pygmy hippos and the penguin habitat is the best I’ve ever seen. I even got a video of one just swimming and jumping all over the place. The wild dog habitat is very large and you can get very close with some low windows, very cool. When we went there were hundreds of schools kids and it was still fun! There’s an aquarium, tigers, bats, reptiles... fun for the whole family. We didn’t eat there, but there’s food options too for sure. I’m so happy we went!

Wonderful place to visit for a family day out. Very kid friendly and with loads of different things to keep the little ones occupied. Their cafe has a very varied menu with healthy things on offer as well instead of just burgers and chips like most places.

AMAZING WORKERS WHO PUT GUESTS FIRST Came yesterday and Was looking for tigers with my little boy.I stopped a lovely young lady for directions who worked there.To my shock I saw she was crying but would not tell me what was wrong .She was so amazing and offered to walk us to the tigers despite her mood? which I was not expecting .she even gave us some information that we never even knew .We were very grateful and I felt as I wanted to thank her but assume she went home.when we were leaving to my shock she was still working and putting on a brave face.Very excellent and brave young lady.Cant wait to come back and hopefully see her much happier.

This zoo is amazing. It can take 4+ hours to see all exhibits, so be sure to allow for plenty of time. We found the best way to get there to be the northern underground line yo camden town. It's a short walk West from the station exit. Be sure to see the Okapi. It looks like a cross between a zebra and a giraffe and is surreal.

16. Kyoto Garden

A magical place. Escape to rural Japan in the centre of London. We visited on a beautiful sunny day in May. Watching the fish bask in the sun in crystal clear water was relaxing. Found it rather amusing when a dog who was obviously sick of the heat took a dip in the pond. The rest of the Holland park is worth a walk around too. The cafe and toilets are very close by.

Simply beautiful. If you wanna propose to your partner, I've seen such a high success rate here. And you'd think that it would be hard to top a nice Japanese-inspired garden. But they have peacocks! And very proud ones at that. Always showin' off, and always enjoying the crowd. You can almost see the smirk on their faces.

Great place to come with family and friends. There is so much to do here such as Kyoto gardens, Museums, art Gallery etc. There is also plenty of seating available for couples to sit or bring your kids and have a nice picnic day. There are peacocks and Squirrels running around which is sure to make the kids go crazy!

Well, it's pretty enough. Everyone likes a garden don't they?, but it's not worth crossing London for. If you're local, what a nice place! But though the cherry blossom looked lovely when I visited (on one lonely little tree), it's not the spectacular event that you might hope.

Gorgeous, what else to say?? So perfect for a stroll, especially during cherry blossom time. Stick around for the peacocks they seem to spread their feathers pretty regularly if you want to see that.

17. Up at The O2

A great experience! Really nice guide/climber and we had a very small group of four which made it nice. Very steep in some places, but you're secured on at all times when climbing, and grippy shoes are supplied. We were allowed to take a compact camera and phone up with us.

We really enjoyed our sunset climb. I was nervous as I do not like heights. But Sara our guide was funny, helpful and patient which really helped me relax and enjoy the experience. You will feel amazing.. just go for it and enjoy.

My mom and I were in London a couple of weeks ago and climbed the O2! She was freaking out beforehand but really enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun and our guide (Matt) was awesome! Visibility wasn't great due to the overcast weather, but it was still a great view of the city!

Definately recommend Up at The O2 to do. Doesnt matter the weather and it is just cool to climb the icon. What’s really good about the whole experience? You’ll get shoes and outfit there so just dress for the cold/warmth of the day and you’ll be fine!

Fabulous time at up at the 02. Liam our guide throughout was great so enthusiastic as though he coukd not do enough for the customers. Thank you Liam you were professional and you made the whole experience great. We were so lucky as the rain stopped just for our climb how lucky were that! Be careful we arrived early but were not able to get on an early slot and was told to go and come back.. Great views of the City at the top. We bought our photos as they were a great keepsake from a fantastic experience. This was a birthday present and wow what a great one. Would definately do it again at a different time. We

18. Brick Lane Music Hall

This is an East London secret well worth investigating. 😀 Is just behind London City airport and has parking available. The best East end hospitality and service, with a freshly prepared and served 3 course dinner, followed by a real music hall entertainment. Atmosphere is fantastic and performers and all staff very professional. Whether a local or a visitor this is a true taste of London, no hold barred.

Unusual place, a converted old church. Shame there were only about 4 performers. The food was lovely, soup, sausages and mash and for dessert rhubarb and strawberry crumble.

Visited with friends for an afternoon tea. We had a great time, entertainment was brilliant. If you want a good laugh this is the place.

My first experience of a Brick Lane Pantomime,fantastic does not even come close to it.The entrance to this wonderful little hidden gem of a theatre was very unassuming,however once inside its filled to bursting with artistic touches to the past.Evocative of the good old days.x Bar staff was attentive,3 course meal was the very best that i have ever eaten out and should have 10 stars rating.The atmosphere ,seating,performers were all world class entertainers who clearly adore their art.Amazing evening,will absolutely return again and again.x Thanks Aladdin was awesome,sets phenominal,costumes outstanding.

Amazing performances always a great night out and food and staff always great aswell 11/10. Keep up the amazing work.

19. Queen's House

Beautiful building. The artwork in there is stunning. The views from the window are amazing. You can see the observatory om the top of the hill. Admission is free. Though you can give a donation towards the upkeep costs.

Loved it. Near maritime museum within Greenwich so already in a great place. Then inside great wall decorations, paintings and great building in general.

Lots more paintings than you'd think could fit, of many different styles and eras. Only complaint is that it's pretty maze-like and easy to get lost

There is a free tour twice a day. Go on it! The lady that runs the tour is very knowledgeable, with little stories to tell as you go around. As someone who doesn't know a lot about art, I'd have looked around the house and thought "oh nice pictures" but the tour adds so much more, I felt like I knew what I was looking at. Fantastic!

Beautiful house on gorgeous Greenwich park grounds. Worth a visit to enjoy the surrounding museums and local area.

20. ArcelorMittal Orbit

Really worth experiencing! Slightly chaotic organisationally but redeemed by super friendly staff. The whole concept is inspired and well-executed and the ride itself is much more fun than expected. Advance booking is strongly recommended.

Not the most beautiful sculpture in my opinion, but the views it offers are absolutely breathtaking. The slide is an experience on its own. Really fun and thrilling. Feels quite safe too. Staff was very polite and helpful. Price was 17.50 GBP.

Great and unique experience. Very good views and the slide is very fun. Also recommend taking the stairs down from the platform, there is a cool exhibit of sounds from around east London. Only thing is that it is quite expensive considering you can only ride the slide once.

Did the slide experience. More pleasant than hair - raising but you can see some lovely views of the park. The whole experience doesn't take very long. You would need much more than an hour for the slide and views.

One of the biggest slides in the world. £5 per head entry ticket to slide. Thrilling experience. The view from above is breathtaking. A must do!