Best Things To Do in London England

1. Tower of London

Another great place to visit. Best to check online to see if any special exhibitions are happening before your visit. You need a good few hours to get the benefit of visiting the Tower as you have lots to see and many photo ops. Don't forget to see the crown jewels and also walk around the outside of the tower on the Thames river side. You can get some great shots of Tower Bridge and the riverside panorama. Also consider making a full day of this area by visiting Tower Bridge as its only a few steps away. If you are a resident of Tower Hamlets they often offer a promotional discount of £1 tickets - you need proof to get this offer, like a driving license or LBTH Library card...etc.

An awe-inspiring journey back to the past through the lanes & dungeons of history. The crowning glory of this priceless experience is the witnessing of the "Crown Jewels". As you walk across the precincts of the Tower, you feel thrilled that to walk along the same places down which heroes & warriors had walked centuries ago. The cafe inside the campus provides a variety of delicacies, ranging from salads to fish & chips to desserts. Overall, a memorable experience.

The Tower of London is a must for any first time London tourist. Great for ALL ages. Would recommend buying tickets online and arriving early. If viewing the Crown Jewels is high on your agenda, make your way to the queue asap (easy to see everything else later). I have seen that queue bank to a 90min+ wait. Have been to the Tower twice now (9 year break in between visits) and still interesting and enjoyable. Enjoy

The Tower is a well thought out place to visit, we (including a 13 year old) spent over 4 hours there! The State Regalia was well laid out and stunning with the right amount of information. Plus you can spend as much time as you wanted. I went round some sections once and then went back again. Value for money, esp if you book on line for the discount. Steps - I chickened out of the White Tower due to the steps, the others went up. There are steps for various towers and the walls. Feeding the Raven was fun, trying on an old iron helmet was incredibly heavy. I couldn't lift the Army Backpack fully, new appreciation of Army personnel. Map - what was nice was being able to plan your visit from the site map and go to places in any order you wanted. Audio Guide - it's worth getting the audio guide, but take time to learn how to use it.

What would London be without its Tower? As soon as you walk through the main entrance, history oozes out from the surrounding walls. It's surprisingly easy to navigate around, as it's both well signposted and possible to follow a logical route. If you go early enough it shouldn't be too busy, but during peak tourist season it's likely that you'll need to queue for the jewels. It's a wonderful place to visit, and guarantees to remove you from contemporary London and transport you back in time for as long as you remain within the surrounding walls.

2. Churchill War Rooms

Love this place. Could spend an entire day inside without problem. Fantastic displays, plenty of information. Of special note is the exhibition on Churchill's life, worth the visit only to see that! The audio guides are very good too. Just beware queues as it is very popular! Highly recommended.

Definitely get your tickets on-line as the que is long for those who do not and it sells out early. The museum part about the bunker is great and you really got an idea what it took to work there for the years of the war. There is a museum about Churchill which is so poorly laid out it is difficult to put together his life. Lots of interesting stuff, try to find the start and work forward. Then on to more rooms to explore. There is a snack shop here which was fine for lunch as there is not restaurant anywhere around here. Then on to explore more rooms and finally the gift shop for lots of WW2 stuff. I took me 2 hours overall, including lunch.

We went on a week day around lunch time and the queue was very long. They advised us to book online for the next day and get the priority passes. The museum is very cramped which means they have to control entry very tightly. We had watched Darkest Hours which we thought enhance our enjoyment of the museum. All the rooms are preserved as they were at the time of the end of the war. Seeing the movie gave us a sense of how claustrophobic and tense it must have been down there. The museum is in two parts the war rooms and the Churchill exhibition. We gave the exhibition a miss. The audio tour is a must.

As a history buff I had an amazing time here, but my family who aren't history nerds also had an amazing time. You can truly feel the history and it truly is an amazing sight. You can pay the extra for a guide book but I'd just recommend getting the free audio guide that they give you there. You will definitely need 3 or more hours to take it all in. They have a more typical museum portion which has a very interesting collection of items and we'll narrated history for those that are unfamiliar. Be sure to pick up tickets before you go and print them off because the lines are long. Overall amazing experience, a must do if you find yourself in London

The Churchill War Rooms are a great destination for your trip to London. There is a floor devoted to Churchill's life which highlighted his military service, government positions, as well as his failures. Many items from his life were there, a good deal of political cartoons about his life, and video or quotes from those he worked with. If that isn't your cup of tea the many rooms where England ran the way from are available to tour. From his bedroom, his wife's room, map rooms, the BBC communication room, switchboard, etc. have original pieces and give you a feel for what it would have been like to be in a cramped area for long periods of time.

3. Hyde Park

What can be said. It's Hyde Park. Steeped in history. Very big park in a nice part of London. Sit back and relax with a picnic or a book. Take family or friends, a football, rugby ball, cricket bat or badminton racket and enjoy some activities. Or go by yourself and take in the scenery or ponder your thoughts. The choices are endless. Car park available but pricey. Local transport on the doorstep. Facilities all around from places to eat, shops and cafes and bars. Brilliant venue for music events and outside theatre events. Is it suitable for wheelchairs yes there are paths and the lawn is well kept. Great park suitable for all.

The BEST Park I've seen in my life. Great touristic location. I loved it so much. We visited some cafe shop as well. Coffee with ice was perfect and refreshing. Brother got a best muffin of his life. Beautiful lake, nature, peace, quiet, people were everywhere but that is expected in London. Over all it was really nice to take a walk here!

A great Park for strolling and having a nice and quiet time. This is a great Park for any time of day. If you walk down to the serpentine River in the middle of the park, you can go get some food at the park, you can go on a boat ride, or you can just sit in a deck chair (For 1. 25£ an hour) and enjoy the park! The serpentine bar and grill serves great food! If you do not like the serpentine, there is a small cafe down from the serpentine. Have a great time in Hyde Park!

Hyde Park was pretty easily what I consider the best part of London. It is absolutely huge and gorgeous. In the mornings it's pretty dead, and with tons of paths is awesome to walk or run through. It's easy to navigate through no matter where you are going and is definitely worth spending some time in. There are wild parakeets that will land on you and eat fruit out of your hand, which was pretty amazing. There's a ton of places to just hang out and relax, enjoying the scenery. I definitely recommend spending some real time here and not just blowing off this beautiful Park.

It was good for spending half day with all of your family. For for cycling , scatting, jogging etc. Water boating is there. During spring the place is best for photography lovers. Full of colorful flower bed makes your photos worth for spending some time. Many small group activities taken place frequently. Good transport connectivity from all of London.

4. Brick Lane Music Hall

This is an East London secret well worth investigating. 😀 Is just behind London City airport and has parking available. The best East end hospitality and service, with a freshly prepared and served 3 course dinner, followed by a real music hall entertainment. Atmosphere is fantastic and performers and all staff very professional. Whether a local or a visitor this is a true taste of London, no hold barred.

What a fantastic afternoon. It's was amazing. Loved it. Loved it. Xx

This place is amazing the staff are always pleased to see you and the shows are always outstanding. I would recommend everyone to go here at least once

Unusual place, a converted old church. Shame there were only about 4 performers. The food was lovely, soup, sausages and mash and for dessert rhubarb and strawberry crumble.

Brilliant show ...really made us laugh. Well done....

5. Tower Bridge

One of the top tourist attractions in Central London. Lots of Bride and groom from overseas come here to have their photographs taken with the bridge as the perfect backdrop. When I was there we saw three groups of weddings entourage in 2 hours. Excellent spot for tourist with lots of gourmet restaurants and bistros within the close proximity. Safe pedestrian precinct within nearby tube station and bus route. Good place to while away the afternoon watching the crowd.

Really neat place to see! The tour inside has an elevator service to bring you to the top. There's a short video you can watch at the beginning, followed by the tunnel walkway to the other side of the tower. The glass walkway is on both sides and it's scary and neat to see all the traffic below. There's history spots throughout the walkway to learn everything you may want to know about the towers existence. The staff are very outgoing and make you feel welcomed. The end of the tour has your adventure continuing outside the tower to the engine room and gift shop where you can find many inexpensive things to buy. There are restrooms here.

Great place to visit. You can cross the bridge or you can stroll around and enjoy the landscape around this beautiful place. You can enjoy people dancing Latin music or you can enjoy the tower citadel. Or you can drink crafted beer or take a boat tour. The possibilities are limitless. I would suggest to leave the car out of the town and to use the metro (underground) and the train. Enjoy your visit!

Tower Bridge could be the best London attraction, in aspect of thoroughness of information and historical view given to the tourists. British history in industrial revolution (late 1800s and early 1900s) is comprised here: very concise, in an entertaining way with audiovisual experience. How the first and second part "combined concurrently to build a useful bridge" is an interesting thing to know. Elevators only can be used by several types of ticket owners (mine was not, so I had to take circa 25 storey of stairs by foot, but didn't have to queue for too long). Top bridge has cool glass floor, although the glass itself was not "clear" (it has dots on its face). Challenging enough if you have agoraphobia, but trust me (and those people): the glass is thick enough, strong enough, and can bear your weight! Interactive part can be further improved by involving the visitor if possible, so they could play the game of bridge directly on the spot - without the need to download anything to their devices. Recommended visit while in London.

As far as bridges go Tower Bridge is pretty good at being a bridge, in actual fact it has been a bridge for over 125 years now. It successfully spans from north to south bank and allows traffic to pass both over and under. Sometimes at the same time!!.... Who is reading reviews of Tower Bridge??? Really??? What pearls of knowledge are you hoping to get from this? If you want to see it and not just look at the pictures then go there!!

6. Darwin Brasserie

The best thing about Darwin, for me, was the service. The staff were really nice and always around for when we needed something especially with my limited food requirements. We went for our 3rd wedding anniversary, and were pleasantly surprised to have been allocated a nice window seat (either that or we were just lucky to arrive when we did). They even brought out a small raspberry cheesecake slice to make our anniversary sweeter! The food was nice, although a little overpriced, but I guess that's what you pay for in a restaurant that gives you a great view of the city. Darwin's is a very nice place to dine out, for occasions, or all the time, if you're a high flyer

Brilliant views and surprisingly good value for money, considering its location, views and free access to the gardens. In my opinion a far better alternative compared to the Shard. The staff was extremely friendly and attentive and did not rush us at all between courses. The dishes were were well cooked and presented with generous portions. A great selection of wines and cocktails.

Amazing location and view, staff are very attentive ( to a point ). A wonderful experience overall. Few minor points to be aware of. The restaurant is very and I do mean very loud. Acoustics are awful! You will struggle to hear the person on your table when the restaurant is full. The food is good but not great. It is reasonably priced on the whole but it is not going to rival a fine dining experience elsewhere. Tables are small and the dining area has a lot of tables shoe horned into the area. Minor issue with waiting for dessert menu and the when order finally taken it was 'forgotten'. To be fair it didn't spoil the evening as I was just being greedy but being honest the way the staff dealt with this issue was exceptional. Discount on overall bill and a very sincere apology. Plus they had provided a window table as requested at time of booking which seriously made the entire evening worthwhile. Visit if you want an incredible view and great service.

Nice place! Always friendly and professional staff. Portion sizes are big and all food tastes delicious. The atmosphere is cool, charming! fish is great as well as meat. Highly recommended!

Nice place for eating as well as enjoy London's view. They have a good selection of wines but a poor selection on beers. Food is good even if the menu is quite small. A little chaotic. After the dinner you can enjoy an amazing overview of London !

7. Kensington Palace

You don’t have to be a royal or Princess Diana fan to enjoy Kensington Palace. The palace building, surrounding grounds and views are fantastic. Even better if it is a sunny day on a weekend, with families, kids and everyday people enjoying the day, open air and views. I was impressed how accessible and well utilized the palace was, despite being part of the royal family’s housing. There are some apps you can download and get talking history lessons for key landmarks too. Take the time to enjoy the garden and have a good look in the gift shop. We took the time to walk around palace and surrounding grounds and thoroughly enjoyed it. If you are lucky, there is an ice cream van nearby to enhance the visit.

Absolutely loved my visit here. The highlight was The Diana exhibition, it was excellent. The whole layout was well thought out, contained lots of information and quotes from both Diana and celebrities. The dresses were displayed fantastically and you were able to take photos, no flashes but that was fine as pictures came out perfectly. The rest of Kensington Palace was also great, again lots of info displayed and people to answer questions. Very knowledgeable and happy staff. The grounds were also very well kept. Overall this place is fantastic and I highly recommend a visit.

Most adorable palace I would say only Because of Diana’ stay and her fashion memorial display. It also has great history to hold the stay of king and queen Victoria stay. Victoria statue in front of the palace has QR code, once you focus with phone camera, you will get auto file to hear the voice to self demonstration about her majesty. Entry to the garden is free but entry to palace needs a ticket to be purchased. The golden gate in memory of Diana is impressive. The pond with ducks and the park is lovely to spend good 30 on the park and another 1hour is required to be spent in the palace. The palace has restrooms, food court in the ground floor and a shopping center to purchase things about the palace and related things like t.shirt, key chains, etc.

It was great to visit a historic park, but there wasn't a lot of exhibits inside except Princess Diana's beautiful gowns. Other rooms in palace not very interesting. The gardens and pond outside were beautiful and fun to sit and watch the ducks, geese and swans. When we were there it was a beautiful day.

A lovely heritage site, filled with history and beautiful gardens all around it. A peaceful spot right in the middle of London, that makes you feel that you are in a country side, while being in the center of a fast paced metropolis. The location is amazing, perfect for walking around Kensington gardens, while still close to hyde park. While on the other side you get to Kensington high Street, a busy shopping area. Kensington palace and it's surrounding is almost always filled with tourists, which makes it hard to enjoy the scenery and the gardens. But on a nice summer day, this is definitely one of the best spots to enjoy the sun.

8. Hampstead Heath

What can you say. A great place 3 ponds in which to swim. A mixed pond women only and men's pond. The Heath is huge. Beautiful and relaxing. Perfect day out.

To walk around the entire park would take you an hour or more, cycling is limited inside the park great place for a beautiful summer's day has a play area for the kids quite a few Bench's, large open areas and wooded areas. Climb to the top of one of the hills and you'll be treated to a beautiful view of London's skyline. Open 24hrs nice place to spend a hot night or to take a date.

I live in NW3 and I don't think I've walked every path through the Heath. It's such a colossal space, gorgeous in spring and summer and breathtaking in autumn and winter. It's never deserted but one can still visit there alone and feel like they're the only person on earth. It's so tranquil, so peaceful, and is divide beautifully into areas best loved by dogs, for swimming, and for sports. It's perfect for a picnic, spectacular for a summer saunter, and incredible for awakening the senses when wandering amongst the trees in the rain. Hampstead would not be the same without it!

An undeniably beautiful place! Yes it's in the city and it requires money to maintain its natural beauty, but that doesn't mean it's any less wonderful, so you can tell those born-and-bread Cotswoldians to get their fingers out of their asses

The park is beautiful with loads of areas to explore each side have it's own individual unique. You can go for along walk,picnic,time for yourself or with friends dog walk whatever problem is parking as usual no space to.park because of it's popularity I suppose Would definitely recommend it

9. Monument to the Great Fire of London

Visited in April 2017. Simple monument with commemorative message on its side. Has 311 steps to the top, can be reached either fast or slow, but if you take longer period of rest you may block other person’s way up or down (remember that the path is only has width of two average adults). On the top you can enjoy the 360 view of London, although it is blocked by net of safety fences. Once you get back to the ground, its officer would hand you a certificate of “I’ve been stepped up”-kind. When you’re still in fit condition and have a chance, give this monument a go.

Was recommended to come here for views of London if I didn't want to bother with the long lines and prices of the London Eye or the Shard. 5£ admission fee. Friendly ticketing agents. Long and narrow winding staircase. Most people are quite well mannered and move out of the way if need be. Fresh breeze at the top. It's quite small up there if there's a crowd. Visitors get a I-climbed-up-the-Monument certificate on their way out.

It's a nice monument in the old centre of London. If you're there early enough you can go inside for a small fee. It's in a great area for historic buildings and is a great beacon for meeting people in the area. There's also a great ghost tour of London that starts near there with the monument being the first step of the tour.

My favourite viewpoint in London! You have to earn it since you have to walk a tiny staircase of 300+ steps up but it is what makes this special! Less accessible also means less crowds and more friendly people! The view of tower bridge is great and it's a good place to bring your kids

Nice, well managed tourist attraction. Informative, friendly staff. Can go up to the top of the tower but costs. No lifts so not suitable for those who can't climb lots of stairs. Can get a deal with other nearby landmarks so be sure to check out their website & partner sites & book in advance. Good location next to the famous Pudding lane where the fire started. Minimal seating nearby, 50p toilets nearby. Other tourist attractions nearby including London Bridge (think nursery rhyme) & River Thames. Well displayed history & information. Worth a visit if nearby.

10. Natural History Museum

One of my favourite places to visit, I've been many times in my lifetime and visited again a few weeks ago for my birthday with my boyfriend. Truly an awe inspiring place, if you can it is best to come at off peak times to avoid the crowds. First thing is if you are visiting between April and mid September I'd recommend the butterfly walk just outside the front of the museum, it's only £6.50 for an adult, they do have family ticket options, and it's so amazing, filled with butterflies and plenty of space to enjoy them. We even saw multiple pairs mating or laying eggs this time. The red zone with all the rocks, minerals and science behind it is so fascinating and I feel every time I go I learn something new. The earthquake simulator is fantastic too! The collection of stuffed animals is also great with beautiful specimens, especially the hummingbird cabinet.

One of the worlds greatest natural history museums. The building itself is beautiful, the painted ceilings and tile work are amazing. The items on display are mostly shown well and have ample information. The scope of items on display is amazing. My favourite part of the museum is the geology section which I think still has that Victorian feel to it and is usually very quit and tranquil. Get there early if you want to visit any of the newer interactive displays/exhibits like the Earth section, before screaming hoards of school children get there.

Awesome experience here! This museum attracts all age groups. Concepts are explained so well with practical examples and interactive methods 😊 We should go through the map and visit only the places of our interest. Because the whole museum is so interesting that we get lost in thoughts seeing everything and finally realize that we have no more energy left to see other rooms. I took 5hours to see the places of my interest. There was lot more to see but I had no energy left 😄

Beautiful building with great displays: the blue whale skeleton is awe inspiring. Their collection of stuffed animals is amazing. There is also a room with pickled things in jars! The Sensational Butterflies pavilion is open on the Museum's east lawn until 16 September 2018. Go see the butterflies first, you can skip the queue for the main museum with your ticket!

An awesome place to visit for people of all ages. The dinosaur area is great with all the moving structures replicating dinosaur movements and is a favourite among children. Other places are great too like the natural rocks and specially the vault with all the gemstones and all. The mathematics zone is great with instruments and the area filled with watches, clocks and other time pieces is a treat for horologists. A must-visit museum for anyone visiting London.

11. The British Museum

Outstanding museum, one of the best and largest in the world. Best to plan to see particular rooms as seeing the whole thing would take several days. Based on the Sloane collection. Has collections from all over the world, many artifacts spirited away from our old empire. Marvellous mummies and of course, the Rosetta Stone. It's free to enter but either please be generous in the contributions boxes or like me, become a member. As a member you can see the special exhibitions without extra payments and use the members' lounges and cafe. Very good gift shops with huge product and price ranges. Great gifts and postcards. There good cafe for all on the ground floor, perhaps not cheap but in world class surroundings, an extra quid for a sandwich pales into insignificance.

Spectacular collection of history all over the world! My highlights were the Rosetta Stone and Parthenon. I also enjoyed the Renaissance collection too. Best of all it's free! You can spend a whole day or least 3-5 hours in here! It does get busy so expect the crowds and it does get quite warm inside in Summer.

The best museum I've been to. Full stop. Free. Every object is outstanding, has a tale to tell, and is normally the finest specimen in the world. New paid entry exhibitions are available, but not necessary for a infrequent visitor. The must sees are the Egyptian gallery (finest pieces in the world), the original Greek Acropolis Marbles and the mezo America gallery with some of the best specimens. Open every day from around 8 to 5 (check website) and open late (to 8 pm) on Fridays. Cafe provides good food with profits going to the museum. I go to the museum for hours about 6 times a year, and visit when passing.

One of the best museums in the world. An excellent collection from around the world and through the ages. Very helpful staff at the "hands on" station where you can handle artifacts and ask questions. The building is beautiful. It gets busy but even at mid day and a Saturday it's easy enough to get around and see everything, if a little slowly. And best of all, admission is free.

Amazing historical pieces -- from Egyptian mummies, Greek sculpture and the Rosetta Stone, to Edwardian furniture -- and all for free! Housed within a beautiful building with famous converted courtyard, the British Museum's collection is definitely worth a visit. Allow plenty of time, however, as seeing everything takes at least two to three hours. There are security checks here, so please be aware. Nothing to worry about, however. There is a luggage hold here and for a small charge you can store your luggage in the area, provided that it's below the 10kg weight limit. Highly recommended!

12. The London Dungeon

Great attraction. I had nice time. Defiantly better then the time when it was at London bridge. Although i was expecting to be scared - i was not. On that note i would say guys could do better and add more horror to the act. But then kids are aloud to visit too so i suppose that is the appropriate level. The pics in the beginning are a bit rushed. I would suggest that an actor( with plain clothes) or two go with every group and they to be picked up from the group so then the interaction will be better. The drop at the end was awesome.

Fun place to learn about London's history in an interactive way. Was dark and can be scary for some young children. Had a water ride which lasted a very short time and a ride in the end which was a fun finish. Loads of actors/actresses who played their role well and were enjoying themselves which is good for everyone. Be prepared to be in dark corridors and confined rooms.

Spent a fairly hair raising hour at this establishment. It is definitely very quirky and in my opinion not suitable for small children. You can be plunged into darkness one minute and then shouted at the next! To be fair, i was glad to see the outside world at the end but it was definitely an experience. Don't pay full price and you won't feel like you have been fleeced. (check out deals online). The staff are all very helpful and it is definitely an experience. Not for everyone and once done you probably won't revisit for sometime but enjoyable nevertheless.

We were expecting this to be a bit of fun, but it turned out to be the best part of our holiday. We went two months ago and I can't wait to go back again. There were a few sections closed in April when I went, and I'm keen to go back and try those. Even with the closed sections, the value for money was excellent

The dungeon was great, I hadn't been for several years and there were a number of new attractions! All were worth it, and managed to be informative at the same time. You learn about Sweeney Todd, Guy Fawkes, the fire of London and a few others. It is extremely dark and cramped there, so it's not the best for claustrophobic people, and it can get creepy and unnerving in places but you will definitely have a good time. The final attraction was also a very nice surprise, and it's not even talked about at all! Definitely a great day out in London.

13. Science Museum

Interesting for the hole family. We had a fabulous afternoon here. We had made a little plan before our visit, as our kids are some years apart, 5 and 10. I was supposed to take the youngest to visit «the garden» and «pattern pod». So I decided to start with the garden. To get to the garden, which is below ground floor, we had to walk through some of the exhibits on the ground floor. And I was impressed of how inspiring the exhibits were. My 5 year old was so engaged and interested in what she saw so we ended up spending an hour walking through the exhibits. And all the information signs were very helpful to me as to explain and answer her questions. «The garden is a wonderful place for children to learn and experience, just as the information on their web page says. The staff was helpful and interested in the kids. The different zones in the garden was organized in a manner so the children can learn about different things in each zone. We didn't have time to visit pattern pod. But I have a 5 year old that still talks about the exhibits she saw and really wants to visit the museum again.

A great place to visit if you're a fan of science. It has items of all eras, the early inventions, the modern equipments, a plethora of items making you nostalgic of memories with everyday items you would have used. The space zone is great with its exhibition of space shuttles and images of the universe. Bio zone also has interesting exhibits. The information age has a lot of electronic equipment one could relate to. The airplanes and engines are a treat for enthusiasts of mechanical engineering. Science never ceases to amaze!

Great museum. If you are really into it... this and several other museums around here can take up to several days to explore fully. Pity I did not have so much time. Huge bonus... the place is free together with the other adjoining and nearby museums. Hope it stays that way... until I am able to come again.

It's a good place if you have interest in science, universe and auto engineering too. The museum takes about an hour or so depending on your interest to stay and spend in time. Good for school kids. The museum has some brain teasers towards the last on first floor. There are some 3d movies which definitely would be interesting to watch. I couldn't get to see one because the show timings didn't work out. Enjoy!

I spent about 3 hours here and loved it! So much great information, I especially loved the Information Age wing. It covered the progression of technology such as phones, computers, television and more! Really a great place to spend a day in looking about and learning. The best part of it all is it is free to enter! Donations are accepted (if not recommended) but not mandatory. There are also places to eat inside.

14. ArcelorMittal Orbit

Staff very friendly. It’s not really near anything but it is the tallest slide in the world so it is worth Checking out. They don’t allow cellphones on the ride. They do have lockers. You pay 1 euro for a token but you get it back at the end once you remove your contents from the locker and return the token. you do have to wear a ski mask and elbow sleeves to protect as you go down. It does go very fast.

This is an amazing piece of art that you get to interact with through a slide. The slide is a great experience (it was not scary for me). Obviously stunning views. But I really enjoyed the walk down the Orbit hearing the sounds of London through the speakers as I look out at the views.

Absolutely awesome. The view from the top is amazing. On a clear day you can see as far as the Dartford Bridge. We visited and abseiled, which was an amazing experience. There is a winding staircase or an accessible lift. There are two viewing platforms, the top deck or the 1st floor which is where the slide is featured. The slide is a great experience but make sure you book in advance as it can get very busy indeed. All in a great 360° view of London and good fun. A little bit steep at £12.50 for a view however.

Went here with a Virgin experience we were brought for a birthday, we approached the front doors and a security women came out tapping her watch saying 'We're not open yet' very abruptly. Having opened we made our way up to the top of the Orbit and was told that the slide was being tested due to the weather. Finally after an hour and half wait we were able to go down the slide, which quite enjoyable. I'd recommend looking at the weather forecast for a sunny day before book.

Great views, fast lift, nice staff. I enjoyed going down the slide, it was a lot less scary than I expected. I usually go on water slides, and I usually feel the speed a lot more, maybe because in this case there is a nice and comfortable mat between my body and the slide. What I did not like is that we can hire a camera to film the descent, but we are not allowed to take our own tough camera instead.

15. Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

This is the 'legacy' of the 2012 Olympics, which already seems such a distant memory. I think they've actually done an amazing job turning the Olympic village into a park for the local community and wider visitors. In June, the grounds were looking beautiful and it was lovely to see so many wildflowers growing. My only complaint is the name: it's confusing calling it Lee Valley because that's really a different park quite a bit further north.

I really love the Olympic Park, because it is so picturesque with a range of flowers and plants around the Olympic Stadium. There are a number of different types of benches like ones that you can lay down on or even swing on. There is a playful area where water squirts out of the ground in different sequences where are little children, or toddlers can play. There are about three cafes lined up along the strip, where you can walk towards Hackney Wick.

Visited as soon as it was opened after the Olympics and it was very clean and pleasant to walk around. Over the years it's become a bit less impressive and more quiet, even on weekends. The big red sculpture is losing its bright shade of red and now doesn't look as solid. However, a very nice large park for scooters and bikes.

A very very very quiet place. Clean, full of places to sit and watch the nature. In the centre of the East London perfect to low walks or just ride with a bike around the West Ham Stadium. The other powerful point is the fact to have in everywhere a bike place 😃

Went to the Olympic Stadium for a music concert. Great location with plenty of parking nearby. Stadium has good facilities in the local area and everything you would expect from a world class venue

16. St. Paul's Cathedral

NO PHOTOS allowed inside the cathedral. Many people sitting on the stairs outside the cathedral. Some tourists and some local people having quick lunch. Pretty busy spot. I didn't take the guided tour (with fees). I used the audio tour (free). It is very very well organized audio tour. You can go by your own pace. Little touch screen device will show you what video to play when you are in area of the cathedral. The architecture, the history and the statues are beautiful. If you are ready for some challenge, you can climb up the narrow stairway up to the top of the cathedral..... hundreds of steps. Overall, a have to see tourist attraction spot.

An absolute gem in the heart of London, as a tourist this attraction is a 'must-see'! Traditional and awe inspiring architecture which resonates power and justice. One of the world's most recognisable cathedrals for a reason, not only is the architecture magnificent but the services Inside are fantastic. Midnight mass and general assemblies are truly magical hearing the words of God reverberate throughout its vast and grand self is astounding. Furthermore it represents traditional British values of faith, making it a definite attraction for any tourist to pass by and experience for themselves. In conclusion, it is a masterpiece located in the heart of London, and if you are on holiday here it should be at the top of your list of places to go.

A must see on your visit to London. Highly recommend purchasing tickets to get in and getting to see the whole thing. Upstairs, downstairs, main floor, all of it. We ended up downloading the Rick Steve’s app on our phone and listening to his free audio tour of this Cathedral. Totally worth it. Very informative and lots of information that we would have missed. We stayed for their 5 o’clock service that evening and got to sit in the choir up front where the lamps are. Listened to some amazing choir music.

Very old cathedral. The biggest building around there. It makes huge impact when you see it. Entry is free, you can pray and sometimes there is choir singing. You can go upstairs but only to 4 pm. The entrance is free but if you want to visit more than just main building you have to buy a ticket. Before the entrance you will be controlled and your bag will be checked. It is quite interesting and nice place to visit I recommend it

An absolute must see. The views from the upper galleries are incredible. Every wall is covered with rich history, the entire cathedral is covered in incredible art, and the acoustics throughout are chilling. Skip the audio tour, and just listen to the echos as you walk. The World War remembrance display is genuinely moving. Worth seeing even for non-Christians.

18. The Regent's Park

Recommended to be visited during the summer. Different coloured roses filled the grass along with more vibrant colours. The calming atmosphere can relax a person and it is just magical. Perfect place for taking photos and saving as memories. Picnics are also suitable and spending time with friends and family alongside nature. This park deserves 5 stars.

Beautiful park! We went on a cloudy and cold day but still enjoyed the long walk. The cherry blossoms, tulips and fountains within the park add to its charm. They are preparing the park for the summer (lots of rose and other flower plants) which I believe would look amazing in a month or so. There is a lake within the park where people can hire a boat and go around. Ducks and swans can be seen as well. The Queen Mary's garden has been beautifully designed and is a must visit. There are sports fields in a section of the park and another section does not allow dogs in (except guide dogs) but the whole park is huge enough to cater to every crowd. The nearby primrose hill is recommended as well for the view it gives from the top.

A great place to be, specially if its sunny and you want to just laze around and sunbathe. But pretty crowded on holidays. Come early to grab a good spot if you plan to stick for a long time. The pond has a lot of birds you can feed. You could visit the zoo nearby too. Plus there is a boat ride if you fancy. Plenty of trees in the middle if a city is a welcome change. Lot of children playing and ducks quacking around. Friendly place.

I was here at the tail end of the lilacs in full bloom and a lovely avenue of them to walk down with lots of fountains and the lake to take your breath away at each turn in the path. I could see that many of the planters and garden areas were being prepared for their summer glory. I must go back soon for a look. Lots of well placed seating too.

Stunning park in places with exquisite gardens, large open fields, winding paths, all beautifully kept. Great little tea room and ice cream vendor in there too. Public toilets are well maintained also. There's a special rose garden, with a various types, all well labelled and identified if you like your horticulture that way. Animals a plenty too - ducks, geese, swans, owls, woodpeckers and all sorts or birdage. Still not a 🦄 in sight.

19. Museum of London

Great retro building, especially loved the elevated walkway above the road with the central garden. Easy to navigate exhibition spaces. The exhibitions provided varied perspectives of London across a huge time span. Great place to learn more about the city in which you live. Or visit ;)

Very nice kid friendly museum about the history of the city. I enjoyed the exhibition about roman London immensely. The exhibitions are somewhat dated and could do with an update, but they get the job done. The entrance fee is a donation of your choice which is nice and Democratic.

Honestly it's interesting but if I'd recommend it to my friend? Not really. Exhibitions were cute but it's more for kids I'd say. Maybe because some parts haven't been finished yet. But the thing I liked was the atmosphere and unusual spot for a museum.

Another outstanding museum in London and the best part is that it is free for everyone to enjoy it; they even have great free daily tours. There is so much to see that you could easily spent half a day here and still not seeing everything; there is also a reasonable priced coffee shop (for London standards). There are paid exhibitions but if you are just visiting the Museum of London for the first time, then the permanent exhibition is interesting enough to enjoy your visit and learn more about London and how it has evolved to be one of the best cities in the world – the exhibitions starts with the ‘London before London’ room and goes to the Roman London (very interesting), Medieval London, War Plague and Fire and continues until what London is today; highly recommended.

Fantastic place to spend a couple of hours. Documents the complete history of London chronologically through the ages (I found the Roman section very interesting) and has free guided walks. I joined the Victorian walk tour which gives more flavour to the shops in the recreated Victorian street and the staff are very friendly and helpful. And, like all great things in London, it’s completely free (donations are encouraged).