Best Things To Do in Las Vegas

1. Vegas Indoor Skydiving

With my birthday coming up next week I wanted to do something adventurous and different while visiting Vegas this week. Been wanting to try the indoor skydiving and researched it in several cities I've visited this year. Vegas Indoor Skydiving offered the BEST option with most only offering 1 minute in the air, Vegas Indoor Skydiving offers 3 minutes at a minimum and more if you choose. It was absolutely a fabulous experience and our instructor, Rob, made it even more amazing! Thank you Rob and the staff at Vegas Indoor Skydiving for giving me a fabulous memory and experience to celebrate my birthday!

awesome experience.U should try once before the real one. Skydiving over Las Vegas will inject you with unsurpassed exhilaration.  Our fun, professional and qualified tandem instructors will guide you from the aircraft into the most adrenaline-filled freefall skydive experience from 15,000 feet above mother earth.  Feel the sensation of weightless flight at speeds approaching 140 MPH while taking in views of the Las Vegas Strip, Red Rock National Park and Mount Charleston.

We had an awesome time indoor skydiving for the first time. Our instructor Sonny was GREAT!! I recommend this place for a great indoor skydiving experience with a great staff!!

This was an Amazing experience for our 23 year old son with Autism. He's a thrill seeker and this was just amazing for him! He loved it. Thank you to the staff for being so accommodating and understanding of his needs. Sonny, our instructor was amazing with him! Thank You Sonny for making this experience a memorable one for his birthday!

Great new experience. We only got three minutes of flying, but it felt more like two. The skydiving room was so hot that it wasn’t that enjoyable. Great thing to say you’ve done before.

2. Things To Do in Las Vegas

This place is amazing you never run out of things to do. Keep up the good work.

unforgettable experience I ever had!

mind blowing!

This is the best place in world

Great Experience!!!

3. Fremont Street Experience

Lots of things to do, the zip line is fun. The casinos have been upgraded, golden nugget has the best pool I think. Foods reasonable, good bars. People entertaining while you walk down the street. The storage container place is worth checking out. The tacos outside the big zip line are delicious and only 2 bucks. The nerd is a good bar if you're into gaming. Can play super smash and drink while you are there. Plus bowling is free. Check it out great place to visit.

If you can pull yourself away from the strip for a few hours, this is a must - just bring an appetite and don't start drinking until you get there! Shopping/food/drink options galore is not exactly a groundbreaking concept, but the presentation here is absolutely dizzying. Random concerts, interesting museums, extremely well-themed bars, weighing yourself before you stuff your face, and you can even zipline through all the madness as well if you'd like. So many relics of old Las Vegas to discover, so many unique corners, and let's not forget the human carnival that comes with it all. Worth the trip. You'll see quite a lot and it won't take long at all.

This is it, the Experience! Lots of entertainment, easy access to casinos as well as bars, food, and scenery. The nightly light shows every 15 minutes is a blast and a good change of pace. Thanks canopy also gives some good shade on the hot summer days. Plenty of live entertainment and lots of people watching. There are some 'demonstrators' who push the envelope int terms of someone (or something) you want to pay a few bucks for a photo op. But hey, it's Vegas. A different vibe than the strip for sure but the recent upgrades keep me coming back. It's very convenient to have a few convenience stores for snacks and beverages when all you want is a diet soda or candy bar.

Excellent lighting show. Several stages where music groups play, attended the celebration for the 2017 Las Vegas Knights. Late night Party strip with lots of shops, selling merchandise, drinks, and zip line tickets. This is an adult environment, many half dressed street performers (male and female). if you're staying downtown, you will enjoy this small section off the Las Vegas strip. just don't ask the guy with the "beer fund" sign "where's the get a job fund?" Also here's a helpful tip carry around one of those free tickets to a show and when a scalper approaches you just tell them you already have one and they will leave you alone.

I love this place for a different experience every time!! Great live music and shows through out week and certain summer days. I always have a great time and I never plan the experience. We got to see Weezer live which is an awesome rock band! Tried the zip line and loved it. No line around the cold Holiday season. Highly recommend the experience!

4. High Roller

We had a delightful time at the High Roller! We had three adults and four kids, and a cabin just for us. A member of our party is recovering from knee surgery and they were so accommodating with her wheelchair, it was awesome. There was a great selection of beverages for kids & adults alike. We enjoyed many a fine beverage and took so many pictures (particular favorite photo op was flipping the Trump hotel the bird). Staff was patient with us as any party with that many kids can be trying, I’m sure. The bartenders were friendly and kind, and overall we had a great experience on the High Roller!

The high roller was a very cool experience. I love getting to see an area from high above. There was an audio track that was also playing while you ascended and descended. It told you different things about the history of the city and the building of the high roller itself. It was definitely a great experience. You will most likely have to share your pod with another group unless you have a bigger group of people (8-10 people). There were only 3 of us and I believe we ended up sharing it with another group of 6. There was plenty of room to move around the pod and take pictures and video.

This was an amazing experience. If you don't do the open bar you're probably going to regret it. I've heard that the cars can get pretty packed up to 25 people but ours only had three couples total so the drinks kept coming and we all had an amazing time. Met some great people and got to take in the whole strip at night. Highly recommend this

The experience of the high roller is awesome, especially at night. We saw the Bellagio fountain show, the lights of the city. The price is steep, but the wait isn't long, probably because of the price... We really enjoyed the walking street of shops, bars and clubs. The ride was approximately 30 minutes long, 7 adults and 2 youths was about $230 I think. I probably won't do it again, but I can say I did it and experienced it. So if you have the chance and the monies do it. Also for a little more you could have a bar inside the bubble during the 30 minute bar. The only reason why I didn't give this a five star was just the price.

We went on the High Roller before 7pm. There is a bar where you can buy a drink for the ride if you wish. The view was really great. We had heard off some people it isn't good during the day, but you get an amazing view of the desert and the mountains as well as the strip. We got on really quickly and had a pod all to ourselves. Plenty of space to look around plus a commentary explaining what you are seeing and giving a little history to the area.

5. Eiffel Tower Experience

This surprised me, at first I was like really? Yiu want to go to this observation deck instead of the much taller one... (we actually went to both) and I liked this one better. The reason this is better than Stratosphere is that it's a manned observation deck. There is a gentleman named Vern who is full of facts about the various hotels in Vegas. He is super friendly and also very funny. He made that attraction what it was / is. If the Stratosphere were smart they would hire someone like him to point out various things in Vegas. But instead if I could only go to one, id go to this one.

The view is absolutely stunning. The night was cool with a nice breeze so it was perfect and very romantic! The only problem is the lines are long and can take quite some time for an elevator ride up and a quick walk around a circle to look at the city. It's a beautiful view, just don't go if you're already super tired!!

This was my first time coming to Vegas with a child and the kid friendly activities were very limited. The Eiffel Tower Experience was great! It was a bit hotter up there than I thought it would be but it was still great regardless! We went at 8:30pm and got to see the sunset. Try to time your visit in accordance with the Bellagio Fountains, you won't regret it!

Really nice views of the strip. Little costly but you can stay up there as long as you'd like! Breezy and really enjoyable experience. I would recommend this is you want good city views! Try to catch the Bellagio fountain show from above and maybe come right before sunset for day and night shots.

VIEWING TOWER IS A FRAUD and RIP OFF The viewing tower is handled separate from the restaurant. Two elevators and no signs explaining which is for what. You pay $25 per person to ride an elevator to viewing deck 460 feet high. The restaurant has a minimum charge, which you think your $25 is going toward. When the elevator door opens to the viewing deck, you realize you are not in the restaurant, so you ride the elevator down to seek refund or correction. You will get ZERO help from the management and they keep your money. They argue, you received your "ride" to the viewing tower. AVOID THIS RIP OFF!!!

6. Madame Tussauds Las Vegas

This is the first time we've ever visited a Madame Tussauds. Most of the figures on display were impressively detailed and easy to figure out. A few...not so much. While these are much more detailed than department store mannequins, there is still a weird uncanny valley quality to the best of them. That said, it was pretty cool to be able to get up and close to pose and take pictures with them. Not a bad stop if you are looking for something to do.

The only reason I gave this a 4 instead of 5 stars was because it felt a bit short. They definitely had plenty of wonderful wax figures to take pictures with and interact with the environments but for the cost I expected to be in there for at least 30 minutes longer. I would also like to see current actors that I enjoy to see on screen now in the future. But besides what I would like the place to be for what is was it was good. I had a lot of fun and definitely enjoyed the 4-D adventure at the end of it all. If I see that they have expanded their space and have added more people I will check it out again.

My teenage daughter loved it. It was unbelievable how real they looked. Most of the figures looked exactly like the real person but some weren't that great. My favorite part was the 4D Marvel show. It was my first time experiencing anything 4D, so we thought it was very cool. Giving it 4 stars because I do feel that the ticket cost is over-priced.

I love it! I was really nervous at first because I personally find wax people really creepy, but we ended up having lots of fun. They had some Marvel experience thing there that was super fun. I would definitely come back and next time I'll bring my boyfriend to Vegas to enjoy it with me :)

Was museum's have a strange appeal for me. Some statues are easy to see as recreations while others are so lifelike it can be eerie. It doesn't help that Wax Work was a favorite horror movie of mine growing up. Which, as you wander through the various displays I can't help but think what story are each of these people trapped in? Except, the Hangover, I know what they are trapped in. As a bonus, there is a short Avengers cartoon at the end.

7. Wayne Newton's Casa De Shenandoah

This place was AMAZING. We sprung for the VIP tour and it was well worth it. The grounds are nice, the amount of space is a lot. I had no idea it was 55 acres. The horses were amazing. They allow you to take pictures anywhere you want. I took a zillon...then accidentally deleted them so I have none to show everyone. It was one of the best things I have seen in Las Vegas in the 17 years I have lived here.

This is a pretty amazing place. It’s a museum, and former residence, of Mr Las Vegas, aka Wayne Newton. You don’t have to look far to notice when you land at LAS that the airport is on Wayne Newton Blvd to see evidence of his effect on the city. The museum is quite amazing and shows a remarkable man with a deep history in entertainment, in charity, in native Indian advocacy and many other things. He has endorsements from Presidents, from Generals, from Astronauts ... he even has a jet in his back yard as well as peacocks and purebred Arabians. It’s a peaceful getaway from the Strip and very pleasant to spend time here.

Mr Newton was a gracious host. His extensive collection of artifacts documents him to be more than a performer. He is a patriot who deeply loves his country. His commitment to our armed forces is clearly heartfelt, sincere and unwavering. His collections contain both the extravagant and the sentimental. Make time to explore this site. I guarantee you'll walk away feeling proud you had the chance to learn about this man and his contributions to our country.

My parents bought the most expensive package. It was several more hours than I really needed learning about the interesting life of Wayne Newton but the staff was gr8. We showed up late 2 our tour & they actually gave us a special 1. They went above & beyond 2 make us happy. They helped make our Vegas trip a good 1.

I went into this tour not knowing much about Wayne Newton and came out a fan. The tour was great, our guide Ellen was wonderful, she seemed to know everything there was to know about Wayne and his family, She was very enthusiastic. It seemed as if it was set up just for us. I would have liked to spend a little more time with the horses and maybe get to pet at least one of them. Barns were so clean, you wouldn't know horses even lived there. I highly recommend this tour. Diamond tour was worth the money. We plan to go back again next year with other family members.

8. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Absolutely stunning! The colors, the incredible landscape, and the beauty all around had us in awe if this beautiful desert landscape. So glad we were able to do the Keystone Thrust Hike! Perfect length and challenge for our family with stunning views. The trail was well maintained and easy to follow. Our only difficulty was finding parking. There is insufficient parking for some of the more popular hikes, with signs everywhere saying that one will be fined if they park outside of the designated areas. Also, be aware of the $15/vehicle entry fee.

You might get told this is an excellent place to take your exotic car for a drive but that's only true if you don't get stuck behind some dude doing 30. It is an absolutely beautiful place and i will going again, just not in a Lamborghini. It was $15 for a 30 minute drive and it wasn't until the end that i realized i could pass the shower cars... In a responsible way of course.

Best part of going to Vegas. The scenic drive is about 13 miles and there are stops off of that. The first by far the most fun! You can climb on a lot of the rocks and explore little hidden areas. I wish I knew this ahead of time because we decided to save our energy since we had 12 more miles ahead of us, but we could've spent the whole day just at the first stop. Rest of the stops are nice, but more for hiking trails. That first stop is like a playground.

Sooo fun to climb around and be a kid again. You can rock climb or just hop around on rocks as you climb up higher. The various shades of red are gorgeous. Pack a lunch because there is no food in the visitor center and only vending machines. Plus it's nice to eat your food while looking over a nice view of the canyons. Parking gets packed sometimes. Fun for the whole family though. Very enjoyable.

One of my favorite places to hike! Definitely don't go alone but this place is a must if you're going to visit Vegas and you want to see more of the nature side of this valley. So closeto the city also. About 10 min West of Red Rock Casino. If you don't want to pay to drive into the scenic loop then there is always Calico Basin to park at. Many, many places to explore around this area. Always and adventure with beautiful desert scenery. If you aren't really into the desert setting, this place will change most people's minds. A must go!!

9. Neon Museum

really a fun place off the strip in Las Vegas. It's fun to be able to walk right up to some of these iconic Las Vegas casino neon signs. During the day before 5 p.m. you can go and walk around on your own. After 5 it is guided tours that you need to buy a special ticket and have a reservation. Be careful during the summer it's very hot out. But they have that taken care of, they provide umbrellas for you to use while you're walking around.

Iconic Vegas. No, this isn't the most exciting place to visit, but it is historic and interesting especially if you like art and advertising. If you can see the Brilliance show, I would recommend it. Go as late as possible and bring a good camera. This place has a ton if really good photo ops. Parking is free and you are guided through the park by a guide.

Much more fun and interesting than I had expected! It's very small and doesn't take long at all, yet it feels as though you absorb so much of the city's history. We didn't take the tour but the staff was more than willing to school us on the signs that really caught our eye. Would love to peep it at night sometime.

Pretty cool museum! I went solo and was able to join with a group tour one night while I was in Las Vegas. This is an awesome place to take photos, day or night. Reservations are required, at least they are when I went. Not all of the signs work, but it adds to the ambiance or so I thought. I definitely recommend checking this place out if you are into Vintage Vegas or if you love neon signs.

If your looking for a great place to learn about the history of Vegas you've got it right here. The experience they gave was one of a kind. We purchased the tour with the brilliance package and it was well worth it. The only downfall of the entire visit was the 107° temperature at 11pm we endured. I highly recommend the Neon Museum.

10. Springs Preserve

Origins building for the kids was great. Enjoyed the geological history of the Las Vegas Valley. Spent 3 hours and only barely scratched the surface. Could easily spend a couple more hours just in the Origins area. The botanical gardens could use some cooling mist stations during the summer perhaps or shade because it was 108 degrees and we were the only ones in the gardens. Need to carry a thermos of cold water next time. Will have to go back to explore the flora in cooler weather for sure. Plus we never saw the state museum. A treasure of good information and looking forward to visiting many more times.

This place is great. There is a lot to do and it's a good escape from the busy Vegas surroundings. When you get out on the trails you really forget you are in a city. Also the landscaping and design is beautiful. There are lots of great activities for little Kids as well. The memberships are also a great deal. I felt that in 3 hours we only saw about half the park, and we will frequent about half that area more than the occasional stop in. So that's a pretty good estimate of all the things to do there. We really liked it. I look forward to going lots more!

We always have a great time at the preserve. Things are kept pretty clean, the playground is awesome, the museum always has exhibits that keep the kids interested in learning. The vegetation at the springs is awe inspiring considering it is the middle of the Las Vegas desert, the butterfly habitat is gorgeous, and they rent out bikes to explore the trails. They have a picnic area near to a play area and sandbox as well as some little "waterfalls" cooking down the side of the tall wall to help you cool off during the summer. We have the family pass which allows us access an hour earlier than they are opened to the public, gives us a discount at their restaurant (which serves pretty excellent food, beer and wine) and which is located above the nature exchange. The nature exchange is yet another excellent way to get kids out and learning about nature. Nevada state museum is also on the premises and is included in general admission price to the preserve. The springs preserve is a must visit.

We were under the impression this place would have more Wildlife but we were sorely disappointed in what we saw there. There were so many exhibits inside the preserves. If you're into the history of areas you're visiting this would be a good place to go to. The museum not far from there was a nice respite from the Heat. It had some neat exhibits with a woolly mammoth skeleton and other prehistoric bones. And history about the Las Vegas area.

It was very relaxing to get to walk around the botanical gardens and see all the beautiful plants. They were even labeled which was nice. The butterfly exhibit was refreshing and the guides inside were very informative about the species around you. There is a museum there that I did not get time to check out. There was a neat "hands-on" area for learning about energy and conservation which had a lot of things to make me wonder why we don't use some of those ideas already... They have a small area of some live animals to observe which I was surprised about to include a fox. There was a couple other areas but there is just so much there and not enough time in the day to see it all with actually learning and appreciation what you're seeing. It's definitely worth going more than one trip!

11. Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay

Really surprised they even had this here. Big plus for having a shark reef to visit. It's basically an aquarium type feel with different sea animals being presented through a walk along till you get to the final exhibit of sharks swimming together in a huge man made reef. It's around $25 a person to get in and they offer other attractions that you have to pay extra for (they have packages). Also there is awesome food court next to it to. Thanks for a great time.

One of the most fun aquariums I have been to, very unique I’ll tell you that. The little walkway with fish swimming above your head is something you will never forget. I love the shark room area, as I have always loved sharks. Only thing I didn’t like is it felt very crowded at times, couldn’t get any good looks at anything or any good pictures. The only other annoying thing about it was the other people there were a bit rude, walking in front of you picture, bumping into you, stuff like that, but that’s not the aquarium’s fault so I can’t blame them for how people act. But otherwise I loved the experience. The shop was like a normal aquarium shop, a little over priced, but that’s normal for most stores. I got a really nice snow globe to remember the experience.

While visiting Las Vegas, at a NAPA conference held in the beautiful Mandalay Bay, we discovered the Shark Reef Aquarium and could not resist. The displays are awesome, the tunnel that allows us to walk through the tank, a unique experience. The Aquarium is not what we usually find at other aquariums. It provides discovery through the senses as we are allowed to become part of an undersea ocean fantasy. The Shark Reef Aquarium features dangerous and unusual aquatic animals from the world's tropical waters, taking visitors on a journey through an ancient temple slowly being claimed by the sea. One of the exhibits holds 1.3 million gallon shipwreck where visitors experience an almost 360-degree view of sharks and fish, through an acrylic tunnel. There was a spot where many congregated as guests are able to touch sharks, rays and horseshoe crabs. We loved the experience and highly recommend stopping by to see it!

A nice aquarium with some exotic sea life. It is a bit small and you could easily find yourself at the end before you know it. About half way through they have a "mini pool" where you can touch the fish which was really cool. Adults cost $25 and kids $18. If you're from a big city with huge aquariums then I'm not sure this one should be up on your list. If you aren't, then go here and enjoy it :) *** Helpful? Click LIKE!!! ***

Great couple hours of fun. Long walk from main entrance of Mandalay Bay. Totally worth it. Lots of fish to see. Really busy first thing when open and around lunch. takes about 2 hours if you like to see everything . Suggest going later in the day. Pictures of some suveniers. There is a very large gift shop outside with really great items and quite reasonable prices. food court is right next door for less pricey food then the restaurants.

12. Fountains of Bellagio

I’ve seen the fountain show a hundred times and I could see it a hundred more and never tire of it. The beautiful thing about the fountains is that they are always different, the songs are coordinated beautifully and it really captivates you regardless of the time of day. It’s spectacular both during the day and at night. My favorite is either sitting right in front of the Bellagio watching them, or nestled high above the streets in my room. Beautiful from any angle and always so romantic!! ❤️

They say the best things in life are free - certainly true for the Fountains of Bellagio on the Las Vega Strip. It is a stunning experience with amazing views of choreographed water fountains. Local folks in Vegas and tourists alike flock to this location to enjoy an iconic sight. Secret tip: For a different experience try sneaking a peek from one of the smaller balconies on the hotel side. They make for a more immersed view of the fountains. The higher, the better. (There are also balconies you might be able to access on the lower floors or on the ground floor).

When you think you have seen it all, then something surprises you. During our night tour of Las Vegas, we heard about the WATER DANCING concert at Fountains of Bellagio and wanted to see it. What a delightful performance of dancing waters that make formation after formation by the rise and fall of water that depending on the lights hitting the fountain, achieve a mesmerizing rainbow of colors that delight visitors. Without a doubt, make the time to see the magic unfold!

Great night show! I recommend you pay for going to the top of the Eiffel Tower in the Paris Hotel at night for $24 and watch the amazing show from there. Simply beautiful! I went during the day and it was magical. Now can’t imagine how can it be at night?!?!?

The best things in life are free. Such as this amazing fountain show at Bellagio. I must have watched 50 different Bellagio fountain performances in my life time, but I am still in awe every time I come here. If you haven't seen this yet, make this a bucket list items to visit once in your lifetime.

13. Pinball Hall of Fame

A great selection of old and new pinball machines mostly ready to play. There are always a few machines that don't work quite right, but you need to consider that there are only a couple people working on these machines. There are also some extremely rare machines which you can play including Midway's The Circus Pinball in which only two working models exist in the world. There are also some arcade games there and some classic Amusement Games which really aren't arcade games or pinball machines. When you go take a look around for a little game where a hovering ping pong ball is a target for a little wooden batter, very fun and simple game from way back. All in all, if you are in Vegas and you enjoy pinball there's no reason you shouldn't stop by the Pinball Hall of Fame, just be sure to bring your pocket money

So much fun for very little money. For less than $20 two (or more) people can have a blast. So many machines and many that are one of a kind. The history of the games are posted on many units and they definitely bring back memories for those of us who grew up in arcades. Worth the short trip off the strip. You won't be disappointed.

As an avid Pinball player, the Pinball Hall of Fame did not disappoint - had an absolute blast wandering through the many many aisles of machines, their vintage selection is truly impressive (and entirely playable) and their modern spread does not lack either. In my two week stay in Vegas I went with friends three times, and each time more excitedly than the last. The first hour is worth spending just exploring what's there, but as a Pinball fan, the subsequent hours are easily and happily lost playing old and new favorites. Staff were friendly, I talked pinball repair with a woman who worked there. It was a bit hot (but, you know, it's Vegas) - but that didn't dissuade me in any way. Love this place, would go again (and again) next time I'm in Vegas.

One of my favorite places in the entire city! So much fun every time I go. I usually end up in front of Tetris or Mario Bros on the old arcade games but I really also enjoy playing air hockey and the newer style pinball games. They have claw machines and a photo booth if you want to capture the moment with a keepsake. I love the hours of operation and never have an issue parking. It's free to go, all ages and it only costs you the quarters for the games you play. I always take visitors to the Pinball Hall of Fame or I'll sometimes just stop there if I am waiting to pick someone up from the airport. It's such a great place and you have to go just to check it out!

This place was awesome! Pinball machines and old school restored games as far as the eye can see. Admission is free, and all games are playable for only 25 or 50 cents. Totally fun and so much more than we expected. Definitely recommend a visit!

14. Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

One of the most popular sign in the country and part of a national museum piece. If you do visit during the summer with pets and children please be super cautious as the area gets very hot. The line does move fairly quick at ~60 seconds per group of 4 people. Often time there are between 20-150 people waiting. Pro tip: you can take pics from the side and still get very good picture. There's usually no line and the pics are way more dramatic at an angle.

Def. a tourist attraction. I recommend getting in line for a good picture. I did visit in November though when its not hot as heck so I guess that is a factor to consider. There was a guy there who took a few great pictures of us when we visited. He was kind and didn't make you feel obligated to give him a tip but we definitely did. We walked there and took an Uber to our next location. They have a parking lot available for those who have a vehicle.

You will see the iconic Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign when driving along Las Vegas Blvd. It is located a few minutes south of the main Strip of hotels and casinos. When driving south, there is a small carpark just past the sign where you can pull off, exit your vehicle and take pictures and have your picture taken under the sign. Alternatively, have a quick look as you drive by. Taxi service would be another easy way to visit the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign during your visit to the city.

If you thought Las Vegas was all about gambling then think again there is so much more to this place than the face seen by most tourists. Take a stroll down Fremont and the adjoining streets which are perfectly safe to walk around and take in the history from the Neon and Mob museum to the Trailer park with its great shops and restaurants. See the original Last Vegas and not just the strip with all the modern hotels. Take a look at the Atomic museum as this was an atomic test site just over the mountain range, then pop into the Pinball or Burlesque museum which are often overlooked. For all you that love vintage check out the Arts District just a 10 minute walk from the Stratosphere with a wealth of clothes and furniture shops all screaming out beyond retro.

Fun place to stop for a quick photo opportunity. Get one during the day and at night. I know it seems kinda cliche for the folks who live here but if you're visiting make sure you stop by. Just don't trash the place, please.

15. Caesars Palace

If you're looking for Vegas glam and excitement this hotel is for you. However, the only friendly staff members were the valet staff. The rooms are clean and modern. The casino offers many top restaurants and activities. But we chose to leave and play at another casino because we felt the tables were too unfriendly and not fun. However, for the serious gambler it's probably great. Oh and the swimming pools! Simply fabulous. You can purchase snacks and beverages by the pool - you can even gamble sitting on stools in the water. Amazing!

Got married here but did not get a room upgrade which was a bit disappointing. Their pools are fantastic and their team of stylist are phenomenal. My make up and hair person bailed on me the day before my wedding and the local team at the spa rescued me. They are extremely talented and careful. I am forever grateful for their work! The Venus garden is a wonderful spot for a small outdoor wedding. Thank you to the events team for organizing.

Great casino and hotel. They have a wide range of exquisite restaurants. They also of course have a food court which is amazing. Went to the Forum Shops and fell in love with all the stores and the architecture of the building. Also, every hour they have a free show of the Atlantis, it lasts about 20 minutes or so. They are moving statues that come up from the bottom of the water. They look very well detailed and it's a nice show. Behind that, there is a huge aquarium.

The most beautifully decorated and elegant casino I've been to. They also had an awesome fire and water show in the shoppes. This casino offers a feeling of being in Rome. The slot machines here, pay out and it's in the perfect location for venturing out to explore the strip and other surrounding casinos. I love Cesar's palace. Please check it out.

The place to be at. Amazing mall with the wide verity of options just say a name and you will find a store for that brand. I would say a must visit place for good casino experience and shopping experience. Been to V theater and walk to that place was experience. They are able created a real European experience intelligently and gave a fantastic touch with the help of creating a indoor sky like feel. Must go place is omnia nightclub wonderful crowd and amazing music. Bad part is too much of crowd and too much hassle to get it inn I mean the security. To avoid entry fee use the nightclub hopping guided tour that way you will get access to multiple clubs. All I can say it was amazing experience.

16. Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

It was a nicely done museum, a variety of items. Mostly personal effects from passengers, but still interesting to see. Highlights were the many ton portion of the ship they were able to bring up. That thing was massive and neat to see. They also had a recreation of the grand staircase and lobby in actually size. Of course you are able to stand on the staircase and have your photo taken for a fee. I forget the price but it was very reasonable, especially when you consider that they also email the copy to you as well. I wish more places did that.

I was so excited to see this exhibit when we visited Vegas and I was blown away. Pictures wouldn’t even do the exhibit justice as they created such a fantastic ambiance between lighting and sound for each room. Definitely recommend visiting this exhibit if you’re in Vegas, it’s worth the $32.

I love the Titanic, so I made sure to go by this exhibit when I was in Vegas. We did the cheaper "self guided" tour. Loved the big piece of the ACTUAL ship they have on display & the story of how it got there. Lots of artifacts from the ship to look at & a big model of the front of the ship as it sits today. The Big disappointment was you could not take any photos or videos of anything. But overall it was worth it to come see the Luxor & the Titanic exhibit.

Very cool!! Couldn't take pictures but it will stick I'm my mind forever. Btw I died

It was beautifully done.. if theybweren't trying to maken a fortune off you. Refused to allow pictures so they could charge a fee for everyoje they took.

17. Outdoor Gondola Rides

The ride is beautiful. The water is a nice clear blue color. The tour guide is nice and sings a French song throughout the ride. It wasn't a long ride, possibly 10 minutes. This is definitely one of those things you pay to do one time then do not repeat. No complaints, just not worth the money to ride again.

This is a MUST DO activities when visiting Vegas! It is a very short ride but definitely worth the experience and the pictures look amazing. I love that the rider sang a song while we were going around the "river" and gave us a quick description of it would've been in Venice at the real gondolas. Amazing experience and highly recommend. Very friendly staff.

One thing that is a must when you visit is a Gondola ride, indoor along the shops make sure to look around, you might catch some cute surprises in the windows. The best part is the serenade, what a treat, our gondolier had a beautiful voice - visit the Venetian and take the ride!

DO NOT DO THE OUT DOOR! the best ride is inside where you can actually enjoy it and i feel that it is longer! we always make sure we have a boat to our self and take the time to enjoy it with family! the singing is great and the ride is great!

Loved it. It is kind of pricey for a short ride. But not something you get to do very often. Would recommend doing the outside boat ride at night. When we went it was not crowded so we where the only ones in the boat but it only holds 4 plus the guide.

18. Bodies…The Exhibition

If you are fascinated by the human body, this is an experience not to be missed. Dare I say that in some respects it even surpasses being in an actual anatomy lab and dissecting your own cadaver; the whole-body sagittal and longitudinal cuts are something not easily replicated, and the care taken in meticulously presenting the various organ systems is readily apparent. At midday there was hardly anyone in the exhibit and we had ample space and time to enjoy it at our leisure. That being said it is on the smaller size, especially given the $35 admission cost, and the written descriptions are sparse. I can’t speak to the quality of the audio guide. Note that they don’t allow photos or food/drink in the exhibit. Also, to reduce the admission cost consider signing up for the M-life rewards program ahead of time; I believe it’s free and would have brought down the ticket price to $30.

The bodies exhibit is an interesting display of anatomy of how the body normally works vs when affected by an illness (cancer, disease, etc.). A great anatomy lesson for those looking to learn more about the human body and the different organ systems. The exhibit also is a big anti-smoking ad and even features a cigarette deposit box in the respiratory section encouraging smokers to quit. For those who are familiar with the subject or any medical background they may not find the exhibit as interesting. The information provided is very brief and honestly not a whole lot of content either... very brief. The whole exhibit takes about a hour or less just to get through which overall I didn't think it was worth it for $30 tickets. What I did love about the bodies exhibit was the display of real human bodies displaying the different organs. VERY COOL! And how some of the body parts are split into plane view so you can get an idea of how devices like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) works and captures these images... very fascinating stuff! I also did appreciate the warning for the fetal development section (the most interesting section!) which can be a bit rough for some people to watch. Overall the exhibit is a good option for most age groups and very educational. If you're looking to burn a hour in the day the bodies exhibit can be an option.

Let me start by saying this is definitely a one of a kind experience, and I'm glad I saw it. However, this particular exhibit seemed a little too small to warrant a $35 ticket. I hate Vegas and was there for a wedding so I didn't have a lot of options except gambling or seeing a show, neither of which I was really interested in. I missed the exhibit when I was visiting Boston and thought, why not. I'm not sure if this particular installation is permanent but the space seemed like an escape room in the way that everything seemed a little temporarily put together. The actual content was impressive, but if you can score some sort of promo code, coupon or discount, that would make it a little more even in my opinion. But in Vegas, breakfast is like $30 so......

The actual pieces were concise, fascinating and educational. Not a good spot for the faint of heart. I learned a few things even I hadn't considered. However, for an exhibition about an hour long at a stroll it's very expensive. The walls and doors were very simple, no decoration or emphasis anywhere. The ceilings were bare and you could see the insulation and piping.

The Bodies exhibit is fascinating. Even those who do not have a strong interest in biology will be astonounded by all the different ways the body systems are displayed. It is worth the visit 😁

19. DISCOVERY Children's Museum

Loved this place! Took our 2 (almost 3 year old) and spent almost the entire day there. So much to see/do for all ages. Staff were visible and were always cleaning/putting things away. Loved the third floor art projects and again, staff were around, cleaning up and adding more materials. We really enjoyed our family time there and hope we can visit again soon.

Came here for a birthday party and it was absolutely amazing. You get to stay in the museum for a couple hours after the birthday party and it was a lot of fun not only for my daughter, but for myself as well. There are a ton of different activities for the kids and adults who are a kid at heart from building paper airplanes to playing in water. It is an awesome place to go! Highly recommended to anyone and everyone! 5 stars for sure!!

Very nice and clean space. Kind people work/volunteer there. Wish I had the money to donate for a bigger snack area, it seems parents take turns relaxing at the spot and families stop there to eat but there are very few tables and chairs. Someone needs to build a bigger dining area with better food options and more places for families to relax in between the floors.

Very well designed and staffed. Most of the exhibits are functional. Plenty of educational and fun activities for children of a variety of ages. There was a lot of organized programs or demonstrations that looked good, but we did not do them. There were a few exhibits in the engineering area that looked a little bare -lacking the toys that originally came with the sets. Beware of losing distracted kids, especially in the summit, which is not well lit, and has many exits and entrances on all three levels of the museum, even within itself via slides, ropes, and Bridges.

Great place to bring kids of learning age. Lots of hands on exhibits that cover physics, physical science, chemistry, diet, etc. Kids loved it. Only drawback was the lack of a wide variety cafeteria. They had a mini snack bar but not what you would expect to feed your kids lunch. Free parking was great. They also have a good group discount.

20. Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower

My visit to the Stratosphere was good. The staff was very responsive, friendly, and accommodating. We were even offered a discount rate to upgrade. The only downside I found was the rooms size and simplicity. I was expecting a bit more in the rooms, but the hotel did offer a lot to do and the price was fair for what we received. The bars were also very nice, and they do offer promotional items while you are there so be sure to ask about any thing you can take advantage of.

Great place if you're trying to stay away from the cluster of tourists. Bad place it you don't want to be next to a marijuana dispensary. So glad I chose a non smoking room. You could smell the weed no matter what though. Non smoking room didn't reek of weed thank goodness. Their blackjack table with a jack pot wheel was awesome. They even have a couple of great live bands in the bar. The buffet is above average if you think hometown buffet is the benchmark.

Highly Recommend this Place... Lots of Fun here... Slots Gambling.. Restaurant Eateries... Buffets.. Can't Wait to come back... If you like to play the slot machines.. They do have good Payouts... Came with 300.00 dollars to play. With... I Came with my 78 year old Aunt and my 83 year old Mom... They loved it here... Got here Sunday at 1100am.. Going home Tuesday morning... Still with 280.00dollars. Been playing with the slots.. Lost 20.00... This is why I highly Recommend the Place...

The room was very simple, but for the price it was great. I liked how it's located almost in the middle of downtown Vegas and the strip. I could get to both sections easily. I loved the observation deck and the rides up there. It's free to get up there for guests and the rides are about $20 each. But as a guest you can get an unlimited ride pass for about $40. I went on the big shot and it was amazing.

Saw MJ Live - What a fun show! Tonight's performance featured Santana Jackson. Not only does he have the moves and the voice, he has a great sense of humor. We walked around the shops beforehand and were pleasantly surprised by a nice little magic shop. There were also descent affordable places to eat and a cool zombie-themed arcade, but unfortunately some of the retail spaces were unoccupied. Hope business picks up because we really enjoyed our time here.