Best Things To Do in Las Vegas

1. Fremont Street Experience

Awesome place! You will see all walks of life. If you don't like seeing skin, skimpy dressed people, then this is not the place for you. People watching is great, food and drinks are cheaper. Live music is great I counted 4 different stages! It is shaded and the great casinos you just can't beat! They are beautiful! So going into the Golden Nugget was just fantastic walking around! I highly recommend this place, so much to do and so little time, you will need a second trip at least!

Super high energy downtown Las Vegas is a wild and fun time. Not for the meek and mild! There's freaks everywhere performing for your enjoyment tips and donations are expected if you wish to take pics of them or with them so bring a stack of fives! Multiple outdoor stages, bars along the way adorable dancing bar tenders on the bar tops, people evryy where, street artists, musicians, illusionists and multiple iconic old school casinos all outdoor covered by the 3 block long light show! This is also the best place in town for Vegas souvenirs and gear so bring the kids before 3pm for shopping and head down to container park for tree house playground when the freaks come out!!

If you bring your kids here day or night, you're a nimrod as a parent. Common sense as it contains adult related content. In the day time, there was less crowd and easier to move around. You'll find some random street performances, competitive souvenir shops that are really cheap, $.97 for a shot glass, 10 postcards for $1, just to give an idea. Downtown is different from the strip, as this gives a historical view of Las Vegas past. At night sets a different mood as it is more livelier, more lights, more crowd and dancers. I wouldn't mind returning and I personally think downtown fremont is more interesting. If you're in the mood for a buffet at the Golden Nugget Buffet, it is affordable for lunch at $16.99. I had a good experience.

It's pretty cool to see the changes going on downtown for the better. The restaurant scene there now is really amazing, I just wish they would have done that a lot sooner but better late than never lol The bands and performer's were pretty awesome as well! Had a great time over all and can't really complain about anything. Although I was really curious about what they are gonna do with that empty lot.

Obviously lots to see, wear comfortable shoes..I think I prefer Fremont Street experience though. As stated, while I enjoyed the strip and walked almost the entire strip up and down in it's entirety, I think I enjoyed my time more on Fremont Street only because the strip essentially is a duplication of different hotels/casinos one after another. Lively experience, but would be better for those coming to have an itinerary or plan of places to go rather than just walking it for the hell of it. Very clean, and I felt safe everywhere on the strip.

2. Vegas Indoor Skydiving

With my birthday coming up next week I wanted to do something adventurous and different while visiting Vegas this week. Been wanting to try the indoor skydiving and researched it in several cities I've visited this year. Vegas Indoor Skydiving offered the BEST option with most only offering 1 minute in the air, Vegas Indoor Skydiving offers 3 minutes at a minimum and more if you choose. It was absolutely a fabulous experience and our instructor, Rob, made it even more amazing! Thank you Rob and the staff at Vegas Indoor Skydiving for giving me a fabulous memory and experience to celebrate my birthday!

This was an Amazing experience for our 23 year old son with Autism. He's a thrill seeker and this was just amazing for him! He loved it. Thank you to the staff for being so accommodating and understanding of his needs. Sonny, our instructor was amazing with him! Thank You Sonny for making this experience a memorable one for his birthday!

Great new experience. We only got three minutes of flying, but it felt more like two. The skydiving room was so hot that it wasn’t that enjoyable. Great thing to say you’ve done before.

Probably the coolest thing I have ever done! Everyone there was very professional and fun, would recommend this to EVERYONE

Lots of fun but do not buy any pictures.$50 for 5 pictures that they sent to my gmail for me to print. Wanted more money to print them out. What a rip off. They should send me my pictures from them.

3. Neon Museum

I really wanted to like the Neon Museum more! All of the people were super friendly and helpful!! We arrived but didn’t know we should pre arrange for a tour. We went at night as we thought a few of the sign might work. Tips for visiting. Don’t be concerned about going during day or night and sign up for the longer tour. We didn’t understand the difference between the two tours but the one we experienced was Bright! Don’t waste your money, it’s about26 bucks. You’re funneled into a projection light show that lacks information and becomes redundant and boring after 5 minutes. It’s actually a great idea, that could be used to artificially illuminate the many signs for a fantastic long informative tour with maybe a 5 minute light show at the end or, per my experience, 30 minutes of a boring let down without seeing any other signs than were presented in the little area we were placed into. We didn’t get to see all the other signs, huge disappointment(!!!), which I think were on the other tour. There’s great potential for a fantastic tour or with a fantastic evening illumination tour. Make the projection of the signs, which is actually pretty neat and quite effective, your good idea not a bad one. Right now it’s a really really bad idea. Skip Bight and sign up for longer real tour. (We didn’t go on that one, so assuming it was better).

This was such a fun place to go in Vegas! We used to be locals and came back to visit. We all enjoyed our tour with Bette! The tour guides are very knowledgeable. It's amazing how you will get a great lesson of the history of Vegas by learning about famous neon signs! And, they had a fun scavenger hunt for kids as well! You should go!

You should know going in that you have to experience this as part of a group unless you pay a fee to do it privately as a photographer. You can’t record video or audio and it is in full sun without much shade. The tours also book up so you shouldn’t just show up, unplanned! Once you know all that and accept it, this is one of the most fun ways to learn about the history of Las Vegas while seeing some of the most interesting bits of its history. If you’re less interested in historical detail and just want to be entertained, book a ticket for ‘Brilliant’ which is the nighttime light show featuring restored neon signs.

This place is awesome! My partner and I went here one morning as we were driving through Vegas and it didn’t disappoint. My only regret is not being able to come here at night which would have been really cool to see some of the neon signs light up. Recommend for anyone who wants to get a cool history lesson of Vegas!

You must have a reservation ahead of time! We didn't and the next available reservation was 11:45 p.m. it was our fault for not making the reservation. It seemed very well organized the tour that is. Be prepared it's an hour long walking in the hot sun. A lot of people brought umbrellas for shade. There is a gift shop that was nice. And a Lobby to walk around in and cool off. The people coming out of the tour seem to really enjoy it.

4. Springs Preserve

We always have a great time at the preserve. Things are kept pretty clean, the playground is awesome, the museum always has exhibits that keep the kids interested in learning. The vegetation at the springs is awe inspiring considering it is the middle of the Las Vegas desert, the butterfly habitat is gorgeous, and they rent out bikes to explore the trails. They have a picnic area near to a play area and sandbox as well as some little "waterfalls" cooking down the side of the tall wall to help you cool off during the summer. We have the family pass which allows us access an hour earlier than they are opened to the public, gives us a discount at their restaurant (which serves pretty excellent food, beer and wine) and which is located above the nature exchange. The nature exchange is yet another excellent way to get kids out and learning about nature. Nevada state museum is also on the premises and is included in general admission price to the preserve. The springs preserve is a must visit.

It was very relaxing to get to walk around the botanical gardens and see all the beautiful plants. They were even labeled which was nice. The butterfly exhibit was refreshing and the guides inside were very informative about the species around you. There is a museum there that I did not get time to check out. There was a neat "hands-on" area for learning about energy and conservation which had a lot of things to make me wonder why we don't use some of those ideas already... They have a small area of some live animals to observe which I was surprised about to include a fox. There was a couple other areas but there is just so much there and not enough time in the day to see it all with actually learning and appreciation what you're seeing. It's definitely worth going more than one trip!

There is a lot to do at Springs Preserve, too much to do it all in one day. The museums are perfectly designed to appeal to kids and teach some good lessons - I can't imagine a more entertaining sustainability exhibit, it's probably not possible. The gardens are lovely, sight, smell, sound and feel. Plenty of shade. The playground is great. The cafe serves actually really good food that's not too too expensive. We didn't have a chance to see the small animals. I'd love to go back and rent a bike to ride on the trails.

Fun and family friendly place to get some local Las Vegas history from different perspectives. See what our city looked like before the Strip existed, find out what creatures inhabited this desert before humans did, learn some ways to conserve and recycle, and check out the travelling exhibit that changes several times per year. They also host many kid friendly and some adult only events that are open to the public, as well as private events. Be sure to check out the gift shop, too. They sell a variety of unique art and decor, along with fun souvenirs and toys.

Went to butterfly pavilion and really enjoyed it. All the docents were very helpful and informative. It's nice to see something like the preserve in the middle of Vegas. Who knew. Would like to go early spring next time

5. The Mob Museum

Great museum with excellent knowledgeable staff. They sometimes have people in who lived in the era and knew the players. It was thrilling to hear stories from real people who lived it. Excellent collection. Don't miss the Crime Lab Experience (you pay extra, but it's worth it). I also enjoyed the speakeasy in the basement, be sure to order a cocktail or two, some are discretely delivered in a hollowed out book, just like a real speakeasy in the 20's.

A neat experience. The one gentleman tour guide from Philadelphia was awesome. He brings you into the interactive court room video. Just a neat museum. Kind of tough to move around with so many people looking at each exhibit, hut that's not really their fault. I'd like to return to this place in a fee years- they're doing alot of upgrades. Overall, fun and worth the fee.

Wow! This is a must see. Put it on your list of things to do. They have guided tours and SO knowledgeable. The information in the last room gets updated almost daily. Worth the extra money for the guided tour. They offer discounts for teachers, military, and 1st responders. They have a crime lab and 'experiences' that are fun for adults and kids. The gift shop had the coolest selection which included loaded dice, a pencil holder made of a real gun barrel. We had a ton of fun while learning.

If you go here, I suggest doing all of the available activities. We did the forensics lab tour and the use of force tour. The museum itself has the St. Valentines Day Massacre Wall and Al Capone’s gun. In the forensics lab you can lean about how they analyze bullets, test DNA, do an Autopsy, and analyze fingerprints. In the Use of Force tour you actually get to learn how cops are trained. They give you a gun that doesn’t shot anything out of it, but it imitates a real gun. They put you through different scenarios where you have to decide if and when to shoot the gun. I never really realized how hard it would be to do this. The last scenario is the best and it got my adrenaline going. It was awesome!

The whole museum was neat. The Crime Package included a CSI section. Super interesting. I also did the Use of Force was a really cool perspective of what cops really go through. I was incredibly nervous initially. I was able to go through with a friend. Mike (I think his name was Mike- bald guy with glasses was very fun and really helped both my friend and I feel more comfortable going through the scenarios. Neither of us had any previous gun experience. Definitely would recommend it.

6. High Roller

If you're looking for something different to do in Vegas, I recommend checking this out. They have a lot of different ticket options that you can choose from but we got the $45 one that includes alcohol in the pod. The entire ride takes 30 minutes (they have a screen with a countdown inside it so you know how much time is left). The drinks weren't very strong but you can ask the bartender to pour you some more alcohol in them if you want/they also have canned beer. The views of Las Vegas on there are incredible though! I would check this out for sure.

This is the second time I've been on the High Roller. I go for the unlimited drinks. The bartender in our pod was having a blast and joking the whole time. It's only worth going on if you get a deal or coupon. I didn't pay full price on either trip. Definitely go at night, and do the unlimited drinks. It was a blast.

This is a must visit if in town for a bachelor / bachelorette party. The views are INCREDIBLE both the side out into the Strip and the one looking way out into the desert. We did the bar car, which is an open bar for the whole 30 minute ride for only $40 if you go during the day. This is way to get your party going, as we definitely got our monies worth. The bartender was cool and you all take a shot when you are at the top of the wheel. Overall, highly recommend it

The High Roller was a very fun experience! I would definitely suggest riding it at night so that you can see all the Las Vegas lights! There are 2 different options, you can get the unlimited drinks option and pay for your drinks separately or get the unlimited drinks option. I'll be honest, I think getting the drinks separately option is better because you really don't need more than one drink for this and financially it just makes more sense. My husband does not like heights and he was still able to ride this. It is a very cool way to see Vegas!! Especially if this is your first time here, I would recommend riding it. It also is slowly continuously moving (some people seem to think they never saw it moving). The only reason I gave it four stars instead of five is because it is a little pricey.

this is one of the family enjoyable attractions in Las Vegas . Ticketing is very pricey but guess what you will also spend a good time watching the strip and downtown lights. Very spacious spaceships :) and very clean and detailed TV commentary on the statistics. Certainly a very very big coaster and very smooth one indeed. Very slow and calm and kids will enjoy the views as well. Go at night time and its worth it . Book at the counter or online with some options where you choose time or wait for your line. there is a photo booth and some quick popcorn snack area inside the ticketing centre. Be in mind that you need to enter / exit while the coaster is still moving. But you should be ok if you do it carefully.

7. Fountains of Bellagio

They say the best things in life are free - certainly true for the Fountains of Bellagio on the Las Vega Strip. It is a stunning experience with amazing views of choreographed water fountains. Local folks in Vegas and tourists alike flock to this location to enjoy an iconic sight. Secret tip: For a different experience try sneaking a peek from one of the smaller balconies on the hotel side. They make for a more immersed view of the fountains. The higher, the better. (There are also balconies you might be able to access on the lower floors or on the ground floor).

Beautiful! I love this! They're fascinating and compelling to watch. We waited to see one show and at the last second they announced it was too windy for the show to begin. Watch out for the that. ALSO, we got soaked! It was fun, but wet. If there's any breeze, the spray gets you. Super fun! Enjoy!

Not everything in Vegas costs money. Some things, like this, can be enjoyed for free. This is a must see destination for any visitor to the strip. There is a lot of walkway space to enjoy this show. And during the evening, there are frequent shows. Speakers are placed all along the walkway to enjoy the music that each fountain show is choreographed to. In busy times you'll see all kinds of characters on the strip. I'd recommend not bringing down younger children later at night. But then again I'd recommend not bringing children to the Vegas Strip and Downtown areas at all. I'd suggest stopping by this at multiple times. Perhaps on your way down to the Volcano at the Mirage, and then on the way back as I did. If you manage to go up the Eiffel Tower Experience, you'll be treated to gorgeous view of the fountains. I actually enjoyed the ground level better, but it's still worth observing from up high.

No matter how many times I see the dancing water its always a pleasurable experience! This hotel is one of the Best on the strip! All of the higher end stores and fantastic restaurants are incredibly popular! They always have a gorgeous themed decor in the courtyard! The rooms are extremely comfortable and the staff is always Amazing! One of my favorite places to stay!

Probably the best "Free" show in Vegas. If you are walking the strip you can't and shouldn't miss it. It's beautifully orchestrated with music and lighting. The fountain jets are perfectly timed and provide a wonderful dance to the music and lights. And for a rumored $250k you can start the show..... It's rumored the fountain cost $40 million. It has over 12000 jets and 4500 lights and can shoot the water as high as 460 feet in the air.

8. SlotZilla Zip Line

As awesome of an experience this was, the wait was just way too long. For the $45 it cost, I thought it was good value (we did the long/high zip from one end to the other flying like superman), but something needs to be done about the timing. We bought a 6:20 ticket, and on their site they say that is the meeting time, not the flying time and expect to wait an hour. By the time we got to fly, it was almost 8:45. Many people in the same line as us missed dinner reservations or other activities. Luckily we booked the late show for our evening entertainment, otherwise we would have missed it completely. If you go, book earlier than you think you need to. It's an absolute blast and well worth the bucks, just make sure you are prepared to wait. A lot.

Recently rode the high line. What an awesome ride!!! Definitely worth it. It you’re planning to do the high line I strongly recommend buying your tickets online line in advance as there are only so many per time slot and can sell out quickly! Also plan to spend 1 to 1.5 hours here as there will be a wait after your boarding time.

Cheap considering the thrill of the ride..... we did the lower line that goes half down Fremont in a seated position.... we waited in 3 different lines before we were properly oriented to the correct place where we got our wrist bands... long wait to board the ride but well worth it.... awesome experience, nice adrenaline rush.... next time will definitely do the high line which sends you soaring down Fremont in the superman position

The ride itself is fun but you will wait in line for an hour or more even though all rides are reserved ahead of time and you are given a "ride time". You definitely will not ride at your designated time. The crew could be much faster and act more interested in the customers. For the price and because of the extremely long wait, this is not worth it.

The zip line is a once in a lifetime experience! It lasts about 20 to 30 seconds but is an incredibly unique feeling to be flying across Fremont street. I would recommend the evening / night time to go so you can soar under the lights. Also be prepared for about an hour wait (use the washroom and drink fluids) before you actually go as it usually takes a while before you will get on the ride. Keep that in mind when you're booking and leave plenty of room before your next activity. Also at the end of the rise after the initial stop be prepared for a second stop while drifting backwards, it caught me off guard.

9. Treasure Island

Took the wife on a vacation for her birthday and just to get away from work. From checking in to checking out, I’m giving Treasure Island 5 stars because among all the hotels and casinos they rank up there with the best! Everything about this Hotel was great, from the Room( don’t let any review say rooms are dirty or anything bad about the rooms ours was excellent and very clean), service, restaurants and the location. You can’t beat the price and all you want in Vegas is here. Middle of the strip and never a need to rent a vehicle.....By far a big sleeper and great value for your buck. COMES HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!( And that’s from someone experienced in field......

Rooms are what you would expect from an average hotel chain. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Check-in was quick and hassle free. The location of the hotel is great as it is location near many other attractions. Located in the hotel is a very nice Marvel Avengers store with a high end selection. Easy pedestrian Bridges to access the other side of the strip.

My husband and I LOVE Treasure Island! We were here for 4 nights and really couldn’t ask for more. Check in and check out are both extremely easy. We had to catch a red eye back to Florida so we decided to do a late check out, it was only about $30 more and was so worth to have a place to rest before the flight. Here you have easy access to the strip, shopping, lots of food options and a small walk to some other casinos. TI also has free parking which is a rarity in Las Vegas. In addition TI has some good food options, including a sub shop which is great for a quick bite. Overall the chill yet elegant atmosphere is what I love most about this place, lots of nice down to earth people. Can’t wait to come back in a few months!!

Stayed for two nights for spring break with the whole family and my service dog. Front desk was more than accommodating and gave directions to help care for my dog when she wasn’t working. We enjoyed the high floor, the pool and the other non gambling activities at the hotel. Family friendly and close to everything. Affordable too. We will request a room closer to the elevator next time.

It's at the end of the strip. It was fun here the pool was decent and they have a casino inside. Good for a cheap stay but the rooms are kind of dark inside. The location is pretty good though. It's about a 5 minute walk to a drug store and all the big casinos on the strip. I love Vegas we had fun.

10. Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N.

Really enjoyed it and the deal for 2 for 1 for TI guests makes it good value. I also liked that they had a guide but felt it could have simply been a museum you look around at your leisure. The stuff that is there is seriously great and I will always love my hulk high five. Merchandise is a little pricey (but you expect that) and the staff are good. I had a miscommunication about the background I wanted for a picture so the wrong one was printed. However, they quickly printed off the one I wanted and gave me the wrong one too.

Nice place to be a kid or adult. Stop in and take a break from all the excitement and activities what Vegas has to offer. From bobbleheads, plush doll, figurines, action figures etc. Interactive booth for more has on experience to lounges chair for watch reruns. Watch your kids carefully and make sure they don't walk out without paying. Kids can do amazing things when it suits them. Staff are usually in front passing of pamphlet for future visits.

My husband and I are pretty big nerds and really enjoyed this tour! It is definitely a family friendly attraction, definitely make sure to interact with the guide though. Otherwise it might lend a little awkward or cheesy. Our tour guide, Agent X, was great though! They were attentive to the needs of the group, knew a great deal of info about the Avengers, always pointed out photo ops and offered to take photos for everyone. They even had puns and dad jokes for every room we went into. I would recommend this attraction to anyone!

Being a massive comic fan since I was young (now 30) I had the coolest time here. We had a totally awesome guide "Blade" who was a lot of fun to talk with about the Marvel franchise. We were the only adults without kids there that day, but they didn't mind. We had a great time learning about the heroes, seeing authentic movie costumes, and kicking the tar out of Ultron. Definitely take the kids! And the adults will have fun too!!! Just grow down a bit!

Overpriced and not worth it. Interactive? If reading bios is interactive then yes. They have some cool props but nothing else worked. The HUD didn't do anything. There was no iPad game. You did get to sit on Captain America's motorcycle but that's it. This should be a $5 self tour.

11. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Absolutely stunning! The colors, the incredible landscape, and the beauty all around had us in awe if this beautiful desert landscape. So glad we were able to do the Keystone Thrust Hike! Perfect length and challenge for our family with stunning views. The trail was well maintained and way to follow. Our only difficulty was finding parking. There is insufficient parking for some of the more popular hikes, with signs everywhere saying that one will be fined if they park outside of the designated areas. Also, be aware of the $15/vehicle entry fee.

A great hike so close to Las Vegas! My wife and I frequent Las Vegas and we also love to hike. For some reason we had never visited Red Rocks until now. We will go back as often as we can. There were many cars and getting in took a while. The line was long but it was worth he wait. Most of the visitors just drove around looking at the beautiful red rock formations. We were a little more adventurous. Turtle Peak was the time we decided on. It's a very steep hike but a wonderful payoff at the top with a scenic view of pretty much all of the surrounding area. One thing to note is that the majority of The visitors faded away as soon as we were on the trail for about a quarter of a mile. We ran into a few other hikers but had a lot of alone time. This is just one of many hikes and I'm sure there's something for any nature lover to enjoy here.

When in Vegas sometimes you just get tired of the strip, or you may be looking for something to change it up. Luckily the beautiful Red Rock Canyon National Conservation is only about 30 minutes away and I would consider it a must do when in town. The breathtaking views are numerous and there are plenty of spots to stop along the trail and take photos. I went on a Friday afternoon and it was only $7 for entry. I completed the scenic drive which took about 80 minutes to observe all the beautiful views out here. Make sure when you purchase your ticket to also pick up a map which will be a very helpful guide when on the 13 mile scenic route. There isn't much else to say about this beautiful land... the photos speak for themselves. Definitely try it out if in town!

This place is a golden nugget to any Vegas trip. About a 30 minute drive away, great views, you will see signs of caution not to feed wild burros and horses. We didnt see any on our trip, but just anticipating we could added to the thrill of the place. Close by are some public hiking trails you can take into the mountains about 2.5 miles long. Keep an eye out for deer and jack rabbits. It was so amazing. Wish we had more time to have explored the area. Would definitely go back just to visit this area again.

Beautiful drive through and nice hiking trails. Best time to go is in April or mid to late October. The weather is perfect. Summer is too hot and winter is too cold. Use the bathrooms at the visitor center. Avoid the bathrooms along the scenic route drive. Make sure you fill up on gas before you hit the mountain. After visiting red rock canyon there is a nice scenic drive continuing down Charleston to Blue Diamond. You may spot a wild burro.

12. Golden Nugget Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

I like this hotel a lot. I've stayed in just about every hotel on the Strip, for business trips, and they are fine but pricey. If you're in Vegas just to be in Vegas, this is a great place to stay. Rooms are large, clean, well-maintained and comfortable, especially the Gold and Rush Tower rooms. They are also about half the price of the better Strip hotels. There are good restaurant options in the hotel itself, and Fremont Street is just out the back door. The one drawback I notice downtown is cigarette smoke -- people smoke in the casinos here more than they do on the Strip -- but other than that, this is an excellent Vegas option. Pro tip: do NOT get a pool-facing room in nice weather or on weekends. The view may be nice but the noise isn't...

Check in process was amazing. Greeted us when we walked in and checked in very fast. We arrived at noon and the room was ready to go. Room was clean, nice and everything that would normally bother a person about a hotel room or check in, had already be addressed and made simple. Ate several meals at the Claim Jumper Restaurant in the casino, and found the prices were good and the meals were amazing. Check out was available by text from my cell phone which was great and very quick. I will stay at the Golden Nugget again for sure and recommend it to all friends and family:)

Great hotel, excellent rates, friendly staff. My wife and I were only able to stay for one night, but the Golden Nugget was a great pick. The place was busy, but clean. Staff worked efficiently to serve all the customers as quickly as possible, but they were courteous and helpful all the time. The rooms were clean and nicely furnished and decorated. There were no unpleasant odors; we had a non-smoking room, and while smoke was ever-present in the casino, there was no scent of it in our room. The bed was comfortable and clean, as was t he furniture. We would definitely stay here again, hopefully for a longer time. We want to try the restaurants in the hotel, and we want to check out the pool, with the slide through the shark tank. Location is good, too, just a short walk from Fremont Street.

Its so nice to see the resurgence of downtown Las Vegas. The Golden Nugget has always been a staple of this area and continues to do so with the best looking, classiest and most options with a casino. The Golden Nugget provides a great gaming and drinking atmosphere. It also has some of the best restaurants that you'll find in the area. Ive been to the buffet which is great. Vic and Anthonys steakhouse is phenomenal and if your in the mood for great seafood then you must checkout the Chart House. If you in the mood for gambling then they have all the table games, poker room and machines you could possibly want. The rooms here are great too and don't forget about one of the best pools you'll ever see in Vegas.

Can't say enough about this place. Only place we will stay going forward. Smoking rooms, right on Fremont, free drinks, slots were amazing, food is top notch. The people were the best. Other places on Fremont were scarcely staffed and we were made to feel like tourists if we needed help or asked a question. The Nugget had always happy always around genuinely kind people. We can't wait to get back.

13. Caesars Palace

Caesar's Palace remains one of the best casinos on the Strip. It's huge, packed with things to do and some parts of our after very elegant. I've never stayed here, but they have the best buffet (the Bacchanal) and bought headliners for their shows. Nowhere else in Las Vegas is quite like Caesar's; you could easily spend a whole trip just in their resort without running out of things to do. Shopping at resort is great, with a lot of shops across different. They have a lot of luxury goods but there's also a huge H&M, so you can leave with something from the shops with spending a fortune Caesar's Palace is a must see spot on the Strip.

We had lunch at hells kitchen! We loved our experience. My husband had a drink that was similar to an old fashioned but came in a smoke box. The foods was amazing. We had short rib, beef Wellington, scallops, and toffee cake and ice cream. after dinner we walked around Caesar's. such a beautiful location. We were able to check out the pool. The pool was beautiful but we found it amazing that you could gamble while in the pool. We might consider booking our next stay at Caesar's.

Caesars Palace is definitely one of the best resorts in Las Vegas. This place exudes class and opulence. One of the best buffets in Las Vegas are here too, Bacchanal Buffet. Lots of stations and excellent food quality. The service was great too. Our waitress was very attentive and removed dirty plates promptly. While walking around the hotel and casino, you can feel and see the quality and impeccable attention to detail to keep everything clean and sparkling.

What a BEAUTIFUL Hotel! I did not stay at the Caesars Palace, but walked around it a lot!! the lobby is so enjoyable and the shops! amazing. there is so much to walk there, so many restaurants and just so many entertainment that you never want to leave! I think experiencing Vegas for real means to stay at this Hotel.. My next visit i will save up to stay here! the people just seemed so much nicer and happier! and I love the Roman decor. it is very unique, the fountains a beautiful, the architecture is amazing. and the entrance! out of this world. a world wonder!

Room was nice, bathroom and shower were very nice (and clean). TV Entertainment system is largely non-functional (most of the options besides 'live TV' don't work). And $13 for an in-room cup of coffee ??? Come on guys, lesser hotels give the coffee away free !! For the price I paid, you could at least offer free coffee in the room. Overall a very beautiful resort though.

14. Downtown Container Park

This was the coolest park!! The atmosphere was very relaxed and calm. The children's playground looked like a blast, and I was disappointed I am too old to play on it. The shops were all wonderful, especially the toy store. And we were delighted to view the praying mantis playing music and shooting fire. It was the most unique and entertaining art display I have had the pleasure to witness! I would definitely recommend the park for families and individuals!

This is a fun stop in Fremont. The container park has all kinds of stuff to do. It's a mall made up of containers with parks and all. Finish you food and drinks before heading there cause no outside stuff allowed but there's plenty of great stuff inside. There's a great bath bomb shop and a beef jerky shop that makes great dog treats. There cigar shop was looking a little sold out but they are usually stocked full of some great things. The restaurants are awesome with many selections. If you haven't been here you need to go.

Absolutely amazing. To think that it's all made from recycled materials is fascinating all on it's on. But once you get there and actually bare witness to it is something else. The difference stores and shops and bars and food places. There is something different in each of the small container stores whether it's ice cream, drinks, a toy store or even a wedding being taken place. It's mind blowing!

A must see if near Fremont! Really neat to see so many different boutiques, vendors all in one tiny little area. You can find yourself easily spending upwards to an hour here; there's even a pretty big playground for kids to play around directly in the center. There's a toy store in the very back of this place...amazing, unique stuff to find in there if you're one to buy for kids (or the inner child within) as well.

This has been my favorite part of my Vegas trip so far. The fire-breathing praying mantis sculpture is mind-blowing. It feels like something out of Mad Max. The shops here are also great and each had very friendly staff and reasonable prices. Didn't try any of the restaurants, but there were plenty to choose from. I would recommend Kappa Toys in particular.

15. Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower

We went to the tower to get a good view of Las Vegas and grab a bite to eat and get some drinks. The views are amazing. That's pretty obvious. It's the highest place in Vegas. If you want to go, go about 1 hour before sunset. You can spend several hours here if you wanted too. Our family of 4 went to the upper area, the bar part. The dining part (below the bar) rotates slowly, which looked awesome, but we only wanted drinks and light eating. The food was absolutely amazing. So good I am going to try to make it myself when I get home. The drinks were also really good. Honestly, everything was great except the service. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't really on par with everything else. The waitress walked by, said hi, tossed some napkins down and walked away. Didn't take our drink order or anything. And she forgot to put in several orders. Like I said, it wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great either. I would still go back though.

Stratosphere has the most thrilling rides of Las Vegas on the tallest tower of the city. Even if you are not keen on performing the rides you should visit the floor and enjoy the city and ride view. The lift moving 100 floors is one of the memorable experience. It has large casino. I am satisfied with their hotel and room service. It is very slow and you have to remind them many times for required items. They don't even provide drinking water and charges hefty amount for it.

Good value! Highest point/view in Vegas... We enjoyed it. You can go to the stratus - bar with out going on the rides. The best view in Vegas for sure. Also, if you have seen last Vegas the movie, you will enjoy some of the extra sites up on top of stratosphere as well. Great place to hang for an hour or two. Pop some pictures and have a beverage and watch people do the crazy poop your pants rides. Definitely worth going. Getting up there is a bit of a task, but if your staying there it's more reasonable.

The casino itself was fine, I guess. But I ate ate at Paul's steakhouse and by God, was that a terrible meal. One of us got a twice-baked lobster potato. Seems like it'd be hard to screw up - lobster's good, potatoes are good, cheese is good. But this was like getting punched in the mouth by an entire salt mine. Covering up lobster gone bad? Did the chef suffer a stroke as they were pouring salt? Service was fine.

One of the most visited hotel and casino in Las Vegas. To it's fame it has tallest building with magnificent view of whole town from top, bungee jumping (400ft), and thrill rides at top tower. A 24 hour casino, club, restaurant, shopping area, theaters, shows and hospitality makes this casino a mini Las Vegas experience in itself. It is outside of Las Vegas strip and is next to metro station. It's fun and always live...and why's Las Vegas!!

16. DISCOVERY Children's Museum

My son loved this place. He is 10 and spent 4 hours there and still wanted to stay. I think this is the best children's museum I've been to. It had a lot of fun stuff to keep my son interested and me as well. I loved how there was so much staff around. They were everywhere and were always eager to answer questions and show us how an exhibit worked. I loved that there was a lunch room. Parking was so easy and happened to be free on the day I went. I'm not sure if it is always free or not.

My kids and I love it here. There are so many things to do, see and play with that I feel you can't fit it in in just one day. I have a 7 yr old girl and a 4 yr old boy and neither of them complained once about not having fun. The bathrooms are also extremely clean which is always important to me and my 2 kids since they seem to have to use the bathroom every 5 minutes lol.

The Skinny: a great way to spend a few hours on a weekend afternoon (5); Protip: Bank of America card holders can get in for free the first weekend of every month, parking is free in the parking garage (5). We love the Discovery Children's Museum for our little one. Although she is just a toddler, we are able to find lots to entertain her for a couple of hours. Whether it's crafts, STEM or cultural activities, there is something for everyone here. My little one loves the water area and loves experimenting with the plastic balls that they have there. She also enjoys the numerous "pick a job" opportunities which include health care professional, banker, grocer, construction, and mechanic. She also has a lot of fun with the ATM to cash in her paycheck. She hasn't really expressed interest in the fantasy area with the pirate ship and the castle as of yet however that area is really well done as well. Toddler Town is a nice little sanctuary for the younger children as some of the other exhibits are dominated by the older kids. The kids seem to get a huge kick out of putting fake rubber coal into large green wheelbarrows and wheeling them around. There is a smaller quieter area where a mom can go breastfeed her baby. I really like the fact that have a rotating exhibit 3-4 times a year. From nanotechnology to a cultural tour of Japan, she's enjoyed every exhibit so far and it keeps the museum interesting throughout the year. Overall, one of the best places to go with a young child here in Vegas.

This place is AMAZING. 100% worth the trip if you've got small kids. It's laid out well and there's tons to do. Instead of taking the stairs, there's a structure in the middle filled with hands on activities that takes you up over three floors! We will definitely be back.

Very nice children's museum. A large interactive summit in the building where kids can climb and play. The hardest part for parents is to keep up with the kids since they won't allow kids to play by them selves in here. Surprisingly they charge adults the same as kids. That makes it an expensive thing to do with the whole family.

17. Wynn Las Vegas

Great hotel. The ONLY negative was lack of a view. The hotel itself is awesome. Huge casino! Friendly staff! The best standard rooms on the strip. Their standard rooms are like suites everywhere else. Definitely will stay again!

I loved my stay at the Wynn! My stay here was so relaxing. The hotel is beautiful. The staff was so friendly and always available to help. The buffet was amazing. It is worth the price. We went a couple of times. You have access to the Wynn and Encore. My only complaint was the jacuzzi was always occupied with a group of people. However this is my favorite place to stay and I will definitely be back soon!

Hotel is beautiful. This review is for the buffet. First time I visited Wynn buffet many years ago it was amazing! Unfortunately, it's no longer as impressive as it used to be. Food is good but not spectacular. Best part was desert. The ambiance is great and decor is timeless. Definitely worth a visit but don't go out of your way.

Great stay and great service. The room was very comfortable and with all the best amenities and updated recently. Was here for a conference and the conference rooms and facilities were extremely well setup and organized. The food served at the conference was good not great. However the food I had on the last day at Red 8 was very good. Overall I had a wonderful time and stay. Would love to come back.

Came to the Wynn for a work conference recently. The meeting rooms are spacious and upscale. The hotel is had tons of meeting spaces, and was super accommodating. Their staff were super friendly and helpful. Would it be weird to say this place smells fantastic? Well I'm saying it, because it does! The hotel is very creatively decorated from the interior, and great for taking pictures in. Overall a memorable experience, and looking forward to another opportunity to return again soon.

18. Tournament of Kings

Went here on a Thursday night, and the venue was at best half-full, which kind of kills the atmosphere a bit. The show is entertaining enough, but definitely cheesy and quite short- 75 minutes at the very most. Everyone likes the races and jousting, and I think what could make it better would be more of that competition aspect, and don’t have the knights ‘die off.’ Our night was defeated early on and our section was pretty quiet after that. I always pay attention to the horses in shows like these, and everybody looked sound and well-groomed and fed. They seemed perky and spirited and happy to do their jobs despite being likely very “well-rehearsed.” Sound quality in the venue made it very very difficult to hear the performers clearly. I overall only caught maybe half of what was said/sung. We got discounted tickets for less than $20 each, and at that price the meal was actually a bargain on the Strip. The biscuit and potatoes were good (although the bottom of my biscuit was soggy from the steamy plate), chicken was moist and deliciously seasoned, and I enjoyed the “dragon’s blood” tomato soup as well. Apple pastry for dessert was nice and flaky. Portions were filling without being wasteful. So overall, we enjoyed ourselves and enjoyed the food, especially for the price we paid. I just don’t think I would return unless they did a major overhaul of the show, and might have been less pleased had I paid full price.

Okay, food wasn't much to write home about, but entertainment was phenomenal. Those guys put on a heck of a show, whether we got cheap tickets or not. Our 5 year old's attention was held 100% of the time to boot. In summary, we asked him what he liked better, having phone and tablet time, or the knights show. With a grin on his face showing what a hard question that is, he said the knight show. Well done crew. Well done.

This show is fantastic especially if you have children. The show moves at an understandable pace for kids maybe 5 & up. For those under 5, it is flashing and ever changing, so it keeps their interest, too. The actors engage with everyone, so my 9 year old granddaughter felt very special. The horsemanship is phenomenal. The costumes are beautiful. Even the food was great. Towards the end of the show there are a couple of loud bangs, so if you have someone who is sensitive to noise, keep that in mind. Also, if you want to yell for a good guy team, pick any section to sit in, EXCEPT the Dragons...they are the bad guys. The showroom has many steps to get in and it is very large, so remember that as well, in case you are carrying someone.They do have wheelchair accommodations. Just keep the size of the showroom in mind. It was a fun, exciting and worth the price for the whole family.

Show was pretty fun especially for families. We sat really close to the stage entrance so be careful if you have little ones. We had to cover our baby's ears when there were explosions. Good thing the servers warned us at the end especially. The food was not bland in our opinion and my husband is a salt fiend. We even brought garlic salt and steak seasoning and never used them. The Cornish hens were moist and the skin perfectly crispy. Tomato soup smelt and tasted like five cheese marinara sauce.

Sat in the front row of the Dragon section. The show was fun for all ages. Horses, knights, damsels..... a great king Arthur era show. They serve food (No silverware beware) The hen was decent. The rest a little bland. They interact with the crowd in a fun way.

19. Pinball Hall of Fame

Worth the trip of the strip. Not just a museum, you can play everything!! If you like historical novelties or any games in general, you'll love this affordable excursion. An amazing selection of modern pinball games branded with your favourite TV shows, old school pinball with wild themes, retro arcade games, and vintage amusement devices from nearly 100 years ago. All of these are in fantastic working condition! You can really tell the volunteers commitment to preserving the history of these pieces. A great value for your money compared to the other expensive arcades on the strip. $50 here easily lasted us 3 hours of entertainment and wins on the claw machines that aren't just out to rip you off. Plus 25 cent popcorn! If you're really cheap, you can probably walk it. If you're sorta cheap, there's an easy bus that takes you from in front of Tropicana to right in front of the museum. If you're staying at the Wynn or Venetian, you can afford to take a cab.

If you are a pinball mania, you will love this place. Great amusement. Had a great time. First of all, I am glad that this place doesn't charge an entrance fee and offers free play! There's absolutely no thrill and fun with unlimited # of balls. Secondly, if you are a shooting game lover, you probably wouldn't enjoy here as much as I did. If you are a pinball and old mechanical games mania, you will love this place. The pricing(per play) is reasonable to fair, and the manager keeps the condition of the machines on track. Thirdly, they are not as crowded as other big arcades I've ever gone to. This place tries to offer a pleasant experience to its visitors by air conditioning the place and having an outstanding manager on site. I will definitely visit this place if I ever get to pass by Las Vegas. Definitely worth the money.

We loved our visit here and spent over an hour playing games and eating popcorn. Their popcorn machine is .25 and a must...we probably got about 5 bags during our time there. It was fun looking all the different machines and trying out the ones that piqued our interests. I loved the old games too. It is not a huge place and can feel a bit in disarray if you get a lot of people in there but I think totally worth a visit!! Some machines did eat our money but the attendant was quick to refund us. They have one bathroom, soda machines, and freshly popped popcorn machine. They do have change machines or bring lots of quarters.

It is a must visit for anyone born in the 90's. Here you can relive your childhood playing arcade pinball. It is a fantasy come true for anyone who has played the Microsoft pinball and wouldn't have imagined that it is possible in reality. The atmosphere and the vibes are just awesome. One can easily spend about an hour. The people are super friendly. Super fun.

If you want to relive a little of the 70s and play those old time pinball games and maybe even call yourself a pinball wizard then head over to the Pinball Hall of Fame. It has all the great pinball machines and a couple of other fun games as well. It is worth the trip and the kids will love it. Definitely a place to go when in Vegas and you just need a break from the Smokey casinos.

20. Wayne Newton's Casa De Shenandoah

This place was AMAZING. We sprung for the VIP tour and it was well worth it. The grounds are nice, the amount of space is a lot. I had no idea it was 55 acres. The horses were amazing. They allow you to take pictures anywhere you want. I took a zillon...then accidentally deleted them so I have none to show everyone. It was one of the best things I have seen in Las Vegas in the 17 years I have lived here.

My parents bought the most expensive package. It was several more hours than I really needed learning about the interesting life of Wayne Newton but the staff was gr8. We showed up late 2 our tour & they actually gave us a special 1. They went above & beyond 2 make us happy. They helped make our Vegas trip a good 1.

I went into this tour not knowing much about Wayne Newton and came out a fan. The tour was great, our guide Ellen was wonderful, she seemed to know everything there was to know about Wayne and his family, She was very enthusiastic. It seemed as if it was set up just for us. I would have liked to spend a little more time with the horses and maybe get to pet at least one of them. Barns were so clean, you wouldn't know horses even lived there. I highly recommend this tour. Diamond tour was worth the money. We plan to go back again next year with other family members.

Fantastic tour. Would highly recommend it. Janet was a great tour guide. You might want to ask for her.

So much fun! Liv rented out the whole place for a private party and we had an amazing time. #timetoliv