Best Things To Do in Las Vegas

1. Fremont Street Experience

This is a MUST go to when you go to Vegas. Great entertainment. I could just sit all night there and people watch. It has great shops and has good places to eat at. Great live music. They have a zip line that goes from each end of the street.I think it would be fun! A lot if the times that I have been there, I have seen at least one famous person, which is pretty cool! I would recommend going during the night because you can see the lights and the true beauty this street holds. Make sure you have a few hours to spend here!

Had a great time here. So much to see and so much to do. They had a Dune Buggy event going on at the time we visited. So it was extra crowded. The weather was nice and cool so we were able to stay outside and enjoy the surroundings. Not the best place for kids if you have them with you. Payed 12 dollars for parking which wasn't bad. Lots of security to watch your vehicle. Ate at the Heart attack grill. My advice is eat the regular burger. It's a half pound and more than enough. If you don't eat all your food they will take you and spank you.

A must see for any person visiting Las Vegas. The light show is set to music and happens at the top of every hour in the evening. It's definitely worth coming to see that. There are a lot of street acts and great people watching as well. This is where you go to find the famed oxygen bars. Also a lot of gift shops and several famous casinos.

This is definitely not for everyone but I really enjoyed it. It is a complete opposite of the Strip which is part of its charm. It is street performance at its most interesting where the public is all part of the cast. You'll see semi-naked men and women giving (okay selling) lap dances in the street, too many plastic pail drumming and other buskers to count, the requisite drunks and characters that have seen better days. Security was evident all over so i didn't feel threatened by any of this. The zip lining looked fun and the sound and lights over head added to the experience (it is cool that they featured several Las Vegas based bands).

Always fun! There are always people out there doing funny stuff for tips or girls posing for pictures. There was an awesome magician last time I was out there. Know where to buy your drinks, some places are super expensive and others are dirt cheap. I always bring a pint of vodka with me. It's about 6 dollars off strip and about 15 there. Lots of fun things to do and live music almost all the time.

2. Neon Museum

Always a fun place to explore and see the history of Las Vegas. Great spot for events to be hosted, as well! My best friend got married here and it was so beautiful, really a special venue. Made even better by the great blues band she brought in! Just recently volunteered with the Las Vegas Astronomical Society for their annual event here where astronomers like us bring in their telescopes for a free community event to show the city the stars :)

Always a great experience. I love to bring out of town guests here to experience another side of Las Vegas that is away from the Strip, but does not lose the glitz of what made Vegas what it is today. I also got to preview the new exhibition Brilliant, and it was, well, brilliant. I absolutely loved the display and it was done with great attention to detail and artistry. I recommend it for locals and tourists alike.

The Neon Museum has a beautiful collection, which is being preserved extremely well considering it is entirely outdoors. The guides are knowledgeable, and it's a great blend of art, design, history, culture, and science content. The one-hour tour is definitely worth the price of admission, but it is unfortunate that you can still only tour the main collection through a guided tour, and the pathway needs more interpretive signage. Although the evening tours are nice, if you are only going to the Museum once, a daytime tour is better overall to appreciate the design of the signs.

This place was awesome! Great way to see some past relics of the classic Las Vegas Strip. This was our first time here, and we will come back for sure! They're frequently getting new signs, and their displays are updated often. Come at night for a special treat! Many of the signs have been restored and are lit up!

Great museum. Make sure you book ahead as they only do guided tours and they sell out. It is off the strip so you don't want to go out of your way and be disappointed. I highly recommend the dusk tour because you get the perks of both the day tour and the night tour in one. The guides are very well educated and The history they share is quite interesting.

3. The Mob Museum

So much great information is provided in this tour! The memorabilia and artifacts were among the top items we enjoyed viewing in the museum. They also had crime scene photos which made of of the tour so much more realistic and intriguing. It is definitely a lot of material to read so we skimmed and just read the shorter facts and watched the court session. You could easily spend 3-4 hours here if you wanted to!

The use of force is very intense. It can not be explained in words. It puts you in the position that law enforcement faces sometimes. The exhibit gave me a new respect for all law enforcement. Especially the split decisions they must make. Usually the difference in a code red issue or going home to their families. Powerful.

I would recommend anyone who hasn't gone to go. The information through out the tour was fascinating and informative. I've always had a morbid interest in the world of the gangsters and this does not disappoint. And another perk locals get a discount! The parking is limited and costs 7.00 but there's plenty of parking in the ramp right across the street.

Great history info re the mob. A new exhibit re forensics, kept the 4 of us (myself, my daughter and 2 grandchildren ages 12 and 14) enthralled. The kids think it might be an interesting career choice. So many other exhibits, so much to read and see. Recommend it highly.

I came here not expecting to learn so much! Between the history of organized crime, today's crime, and how the US has stepped up to reduce it is amazing. Definitely make sure to take in all the videos along the way, you'll learn amazing history. The St. Valentine's Day Massacre wall is stunning and eerie. Definitely not an exhibition for the kids.

4. High Roller

Simply Amazing! This is definitely something that everyone should do. I even recommend doing this with your children. I do suggest doing this at night though; the view is spectacular. The ride lasts about 30 minutes, and you'll reach an altitude of 550ft above the strip. Very cool. Just a heads up: Be aware that there are TWO different experiences; one without the "happy hour" bar, and one with. If you're wanting ride the car with the bar inside, be sure to purchase that specific ticket.

A bit pricey but mostly worth it because it monolithic and great for pics. Your date will be a fan. I've done day and night and both are sweet. Less busy in day and views are still nice. Nighttime views are very cool. Cheers

This was AMAZING! Definitely go on this and go during the day! We bought day passes and lucked-into a fairly quiet time in the mid-afternoon, so we got a capsule all you ourselves. Such amazing views! Couldn't have been better!

So very much worth checking out... it was an experience of a lifetime... the views were amazing... you can get online or go to casinos to get discounts and coupons... I know it's cheaper during the day, but looks awesome at night with all the lights... it's a half hour ride and you have the option to have a bartender with unlimited drinks for a price if you'd like... I totally recommend doing this...

It's one of the best ways of viewing the strip. A fun filled half hour. We enjoyed ourselves at the ride with the bar. The atmosphere was super vibrant and provided each of us had 3 drinks , the cost was well balanced. I would recommend for a night view. It's exquisite.

5. Things To Do in Las Vegas

unforgettable experience I ever had!

This is the best place in world

Great Experience!!!

6. Springs Preserve

Having lived in Las Vegas for over 15 years, and attended / worked in conjunction for a multitude of functions at Springs Preserve – I really wish there were more stars to give. An exemplary desert-themed attraction filled to the brim with enough wonder for all ages, gorgeous galleries and informational exhibitions, holiday events, gift shops as well as some amazing festivities & more. A sprawling 180 acres of nature walks / trails, the Desert Living Center and the Springs Preserve amphitheater (Las Vegas' only intimate outdoor venue) are our favorites. Discounted admission for members, the preserve continually offers interesting, imaginative and entertaining ways to learn and enjoy. Definitely the opposite of the Las Vegas themed attractions, this is by far one of the very best ways to spend your day, so far removed from the strip. By all costs, seek the preserve out – especially if you are also planning a beautiful outdoor wedding, or simply want to photograph some breathtaking scenery. Simply amazing.

Awesome place. The designer's and planners did an amazing job of providing walking paths, gardens, kid's areas, museums, and gift shop. I've been multiple times just to walk and enjoy the desert landscaping and still haven't made it through the whole property. I really enjoy the historic preservation spots. Just incredibly well done! The food in the cafe is delicious, too. A little pricey, but lathe enough proportions to share. I highly recommended Springs Preserve for families, individual walkers, and everyone in between.

After our first visit here we opted to get memberships. we've been back several times since and have always had a nice time while there. The staff in the preserve are pleasant and helpful, friendly but not obnoxious. We always feel welcomed and the special holiday or themed events they do are awesome! Definitely looking forward to when the butterfly's exhibit reopens for the year!

I used to go here when I was little and my cousin and I had so much fun. I remember going to shows and going backstage. I used the coin press a lot and collected a lot of the coins over a years of going there. I ate there once but I recommend NOT to eat there because it's not only expensive but not worth the money. Water is like 5 bucks from what I remember maybe 12.... I still loved it. They also have water fountains as well as video games teaching children about plants and animals. It's better for children than it is for adults. Great way to have fun while learning!

This place is amazing! We did the Christmas train ride and it was great! You get to listen to a story, decorate cookies, make a hot chocolate reindeer, see Santa and ride the train! It was a great experience with my 2 year old and husband! Definitely will be going back next year! And it was only $10 for adults kids under 3 are free. We will go back during the spring too. This doesn't get you into Springs Preserve, only the Christmas train ride. They charge a separate fee for the entrance if you want to walk around and go into the different museums and such.

7. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Words cannot always describe the beauty of nature and the colorful and Majestic geography of the Red Rock National Conservancy right outside Las Vegas Nevada. It was my first visit on a beautiful sunny yet cool and breezy day. I am amazed at how beautiful everything was and how delicately Nature has balanced herself in the Rocks the vegetation and the rest of the landscape. Although I did not see any Wildlife I know they're still there but maybe not ready to come right out since it's not warm enough. Take your family to see This Magnificent place you will not regret it. There are many wonderful hiking trails will you can be one on one with nature and very up close and personal

The best work out to get with family, friends, co-workers, or alone. I recommend rock climbing with a partner or as a group. It was a beautiful day, the weekend the government was shut down. I gotta chance to take in the scenery and breathe in fresh air. I meditated and just thanked my Creator for my family and the view. The nicest people you'll ever meet in Las Vegas are those in nature. I wonder why that is? If you live in Las Vegas, take a break from the city life, the adult life, the go to work and pay your bills life, and the it's always busy life. Visit Red Rock and gain some perspective on what's next in life. It's one of many amazing free landmarks that make NV so beautiful.

A wonderful park, especially so close to an urban area. The views were beautiful and there are many wonderful trails to explore. Be sure to go on a day with good weather. My biggest qualm was the entrance fee, which was steep for our short visit. For longer visits it's still a great value. I was also disappointed by the amount of trash/litter I found in the park, despite the ubiquity of trash cans and facilities.

Gorgeous views and a lovely drive. The park has plenty of different options for everyone from the casual to the rock climber. The park itself is a large loop along the scenic road. The road is one-way and windy so there is no opportunity to turn around. The main trails all have a parking lot, bathroom and are clearly marked along the road. I recommend bringing a lot of water and a pair of sturdy shoes if you plan on hiking any of the longer and more technical trails. 😁

Definitely check this place out. Beautiful red rocks which make great pictures opportunities. Paths that you can walk. It does get crowded so be prepared. It's a loop and you can stop at different stops along the way. Bathrooms are basically outhouses but they are clean which is nice. Make sure you bring water with you. There is a fee to brig your car in but it's not too much.

8. KΓ€ by Cirque du Soleil

A wonderful alternative to going to the movies. The story line was beautiful. Twin prince and princess traveling to attend a wedding and get ambushed by a neighboring tribe. Separated and then the adventure begins . By the ends all is well and the twins find mates to marry. The characters adorned to most flexible costumes to coincide with the acrobatic feats and displays of athleticism. Flying trough the air. Climbing and descending walls, shooting arrows, native drums pounding. You could feel like you were transporting to a distant land while the story transpires.

This was my first experience with any Cirque show, and I have to say that I was disappointed. I wanted to see a show with a story, but the story was too much. I couldn't pay attention to the acrobatics, instead opting to keep up with the mildly confusing plot. In the end, the plot isn't that interesting. It's the usual story: separated siblings, each go on adventures, they both fall in love, and they come back together for an epic battle. I would have liked to see a little divergence from the usual fantasy story line. Maybe have the prince fall in love with someone other than the chief's daughter. Or have more explanation about the princess's love interest (who is introduced in one scene and suddenly they're in love). The stage was amazing, but because I was so high up (LL), I could see the net and other things that broke the illusion. The music was awesome, and I loved that the evil general's son always had rock music playing. It was an easy way to signal who was coming on stage. My favorite scenes were the princess drowning scene (it was a magnificent use of what I assume is a scrim), the flying bird tent scene (the tension was a little undercut by the fact that the princess obviously couldn't fall over the audience), and the final battle (loved the use of the stage and the overhead view). The before the show music playing in the lobby was amazing as well. They played Christmas songs. And even though one of the strings broke, the musicians didn't seem too fazed. While I wanted something with more of a story, the story wasn't the best and detracted from the performance overall.

I did not expect to love this show as much as I did. It was incredible & a must see. I sat in row 2 left side of stage for a reasonable price on a weekday show. The stunts & capability of the performers is just jaw dropping. It always amazes me. It held my attention & I would highly recommend it.

Yikes! I love Cirque du Soleil and have seen dozens of shows so I think I've come to expect something.....well a lot better than what we saw. There's no real wow factor in this show. It's mostly just singing and between the kind of boring show and the soft music several of the people in the stadium full on fell asleep. Others were just looking at their watches waiting to leave. Suggest keeping your money and spending it on something else.

This is a great show. The theater is enormous. Make sure your seat is near the aisle because the actors come up the aisle a lot during the show. The staff here is great and so friendly. I have to comment on 1 guy Jacque, I'm not sure if I'm spelling his name right but it's pronounced as Jock. He was seating people. He was awesome. He asked each person their name and where they were from and complemented something about everyone he came across, just really friendly. The show has a rotating stage and the special effects are phenomenal. The seating there is very comfortable and there really isn't a bad seat in the entire arena. The frozen drinks are pretty pricy and not worth it at all because it's barely any noticeable liquor in it so stay away from that. Other than that, I have no complaints, it's really a great show to see.

9. Pinball Hall of Fame

I absolutely love the Pinball Museum. I have been going here before it was even in this building. I wish there was a way to call it an arcade. A museum makes you think you can only look and not touch. Every working game in here is playable for quarters. No tokens. You have leftovers you can spend them somewhere else which is nice. There is one pinball machine you will not find anywhere else. They only made 2. This place is kid friendly. This place is also non-profit. They have their building paid off and the land. They also give to charity.

Really fun little place. Four stars though because... well, I get that the machines are very old and some are on the verge of breaking down, but there's rules posted EVERYWHERE. On EVERYTHING. The management is very, very strict. Once I came in with a McDonald's cup (before they posted the rule of no outside drinks,) and one of 'em stuck their nose in my drink and smelled it! To check for alcohol I guess? I was 18. It was a McDonald's smoothie. Jeez, lighten up guys. The machines itself are fun though. Just don't get in trouble.

If you could do half star I'd give it four and a half, because some of the pinball machines were not functional, but it is a great place to go and spend a couple of hours playing pinball for a quarter or $0.50 especially if you grew up in the 80s hanging out at arcades or bowling alleys, they have all the old-timer machines like Dig Dug and Miss Pac-Man and centipede. Lots of fun and if you can remember, when you used to hear the pinball machine pop, you got a free game. There were many machines giving away free games and you could play multiple times on one quarter! We really enjoyed spending several hours there.

Great place for family fun! My dad and I used to go to the owners house for special events and pay these games before they had this location. Glad to see them expand and keeping this great old games alive for the next generation to enjoy. If you like old video games and pinball games this is a must see.

My kids and I went this past Friday for the 1st time, it was a lot of fun they have so many old school games that actually work. They even have a popcorn machine it's 25 cents for a small bag plus they have a vending machine with drinks. We were there for 2 hours and between 3 of us only spent 40 dollars and played the whole time. They even had a penny gumball machine. This place is great.

10. Fountains of Bellagio

This is an awesome thing to go see, almost a must if its your first time in Vegas. An explanation would not do it justice you just have to see it. One of the best spots to see it is on the pedestrian over pass that's on the right side of the fountain pool. This spot puts you high enough to get and unobstructed view. The other good spot is right in front. Another cool thing is that you will hear the fountains before you see it because when the fountains shoot water to there highest point it literally sounds like an explosion and it can be heard from miles away.

The lights here are really beautiful on the fountains. You feel like you're in the heart of Las Vegas looking at all the scenery. The light show begins every 15 minutes or so. Go grab a quick bite to eat from one of the local restaurants and take it to go so you can experience the magic while you're eating! One of my favorite things to do while I'm in Las Vegas.

- Very noticeable from S Las Vegas Blvd. - It's best to take a tour bus and walk if it's not too cold and windy. Hailing a taxi can be a pain in the neck. On the Big Bus Las Vegas bus 🚌🚍, the view is great during the daytime. But at nighttime, it's totally different in that the decorative flashing lights bring the hidden architecture beauty of the Bellagio Hotel 🏨. I would highly recommend the Fountains of Bellagio to anyone visiting Vegas.

Amazing, this is truly a tourist attraction. I saw this at night time so I can't speak for how it looks like during the day. However, this was a spectacular display of well choreographed water manoeuvring. Operating every 30 minutes, right in from of the magnificent Bellagio hotel, this is something you will be happy to witness and record so you can relive for many years to come.

This is free show. So make sure you grab your place. Another good place to watch it is from top of Paris Casino. It is one of the best fountain shows I have seen. Shows happens right in front of Bellagio Casino.

11. Wayne Newton's Casa De Shenandoah

I went into this tour not knowing much about Wayne Newton and came out a fan. The tour was great, our guide Ellen was wonderful, she seemed to know everything there was to know about Wayne and his family, She was very enthusiastic. It seemed as if it was set up just for us. I would have liked to spend a little more time with the horses and maybe get to pet at least one of them. Barns were so clean, you wouldn't know horses even lived there. I highly recommend this tour. Diamond tour was worth the money. We plan to go back again next year with other family members.

Loved the place. Great car museum. Animal park was awesome. Great preservation of the house and grounds. Great horses. A must visit off the Strip

I was surprised by how much fun I had on this tour. Loved the monkey. Loved learning about all that Wayne has done in his life.

What a wonderful place to visit! Aside from the legend of Wayne Newton and how beautiful the property is and all the cool stuff, the staff is fantastic here. We messed up our timing of our visit, they catered to us and paid for a Uber to get us to the airport. Who Does That? Wayne's people, that's who! Worth Every Penny!

I was pleasantly surprised!! Nice group of folks. You will not be disappointed.

12. Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay

Got to see Piranha for the first time in my life here back in 2014. They don't look very dangerous, but boy can they shred things to pieces in seconds!!! The guide said that you can literally swim with them and they won't harm you (as long as you don't have any open wounds or blood seeping into the water). Fascinating stuff! Really good aquarium. Much better than the ones here in New Zealand. Very memorable experience.

I had to get a family membership. My son is a shark lover and we really got so much use out of it. He never got tired of it. The hardest part was leaving through the gift shop. He has so many plush stuffed sharks in his room!!! The membership was worth it. There is a birthday room you can host a party in. My son loved petting the stingrays in the shallow pool, the jellyfish tank there's a huge octopus and just standing in front of the huge glass windows watching the sharks. Every once in awhile there's a diver in scuba gear to wave at he always got a thrill out of that. The entire place is rather small so take your time.

This exhibit is a must see for anyone who likes aquariums or just ocean life. It cost $25 for each adult and it is totally worth it. After you get your tickets They take your picture and have you do a couple funny posses. You have the option at the end to buy the pictures if you want to for an additional $45. It's set up kinda in a downward spiral so you start off looking at some animals that live in the trees and you progressively get deeper until end up under the water in a sunkin pirate ship. Near the end there is a touch pool where you can see what some of the fish you have seen really feel like including some little rays. I especially liked the fact that the animals were in very large tanks and They were mixed together with a bunch of other animals kinda like it would be in the wild. I highly recommend this place to well pretty much anyone, kids will love it and adults the same.

It exceeded mine and my girlfriend's expectations. It didn't just have sharks, but also a crocodile, a giant lizard, rare fish, jelly fish, and the largest and most active octopus we've ever seen. They did a great job with the walls and floors to make it feel like an Aztec temple. Children and families would enjoy it. A little hard to find if walking to it from the sidewalk.

So beautiful! I took my time. Some people just rushed right through but I wanted to spend a good amount of time absorbing it all in. The experts are very knowledgeable and gave me so much information and answered all of my questions. My favorite part was the tank that you walk through and can see the sharks above you.

13. Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

There is a very friendly homeless man who specializes in taking photographs for tourists. His technique is very good and he will guide people how to pose. Although he is homeless, he does not steal or grab, he earned tips on his own effort. Worth encouraging, please give him a chance to survive!

As many times I have been to Las Vegas this was my first time at this sign. There was a line to take a picture directly in front, under the sign. People waited patiently to take family, group and individual pictures. You can also take a picture to the side like I did. I didn't wavy to wait in line You will get other people in your picture. But oh well. It was fun just driving there and watching people take pictures. A definite thing to do when in Las Vegas. Oh ya don't forget to go on the other side of sign, Come Back Soon. No line on that side.

I have been here several times and every time is different! But an amazing different! I love coming here and just having fun. Lots of things to do, you will NEVER be bored.

I just moved to Las Vegas to pursue a career in the gaming industry. I just took a few days to go up and down the Las Vegas Strip. This area for the Vegas Sign is great. They offer parking and a lot of area to take pictures of this landmark. Very cool

Difinently a must photo stop on your first trip to Las Vegas. Located in the middle of the road on Las Vegas Blvd. and only a block away from the Mandalay Bay Hotel. If you walk it from the Mandalay Bay Hotel main entrance it's about a 10 min walk. The best time of the day would be late morning or early afternoon when the sun is high for best lighting and for the less crowd. Make sure to go across the street at the cross walk near by and check out the super huge Harley Davidson store. There's a Vegas Harley sign on their lot which is great for photos and of course if your a Harley fan u most go inside.

14. Nostalgia Street Rods

What a Marvelous Experience with unexpected rare jewels that take you back in times. The staff was amazing and very friendly I will never forget this place and I recommend it to anyone headed to Vegas

An awsome collection. The owner and staff are awsome. Just super awsome

If you go, pay for the tour that is guided by the owner himself. You go behind the scenes and see scores of cars, trucks, bikes, toilets, and a Zamboni that have all be "muscled up". The owner is a great guy and he provided the history of all the vehicles. He even started them up. You also get a "behind-the-scenes" tour of his wife's collections. This was the best car museum that I visited while in Vegas.

Wow, what an experience it was! It cost $15 a person and well worth it. We had a great tour guide! Thank you Suzette 😁! And to the owner, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful & amazing collection. Thanks again, Butch & Kathy

Simply the most fun and ecclectic collection of classics

15. Vegas Indoor Skydiving

This was an Amazing experience for our 23 year old son with Autism. He's a thrill seeker and this was just amazing for him! He loved it. Thank you to the staff for being so accommodating and understanding of his needs. Sonny, our instructor was amazing with him! Thank You Sonny for making this experience a memorable one for his birthday!

HOLY GUAC-A-MOLE! This is so fun This is probably more fun than the real thing because I haven't done either of them, but my step son did and he LOVED it... One day I too will join the ranks of the indoor elite and skydive into nothingness. Until then, BRAVO Vegas Indoor Skydiving!

Tons of fun and surprisingly demanding. The crew makes it look easy, but it takes a lot of focus and control of your body. Definitely recommend.

Had a great time!! Was nervous as Rob was explaining the rules to us. Rob was by us the whole way! Thanks for making it fun.

Relatively quiet tunnel and a good design - we split 30 minutes between two people and that was long enough to get the hang of a couple techniques. Really fun experience, we'll be back

16. DISCOVERY Children's Museum

My kids love this place. BUT I have to admit that I have a lot of fun here too. There are always really cool things to look at and play with. I particularly enjoy the water works exhibit. I might have pushed a few kids out of the way who tried to mess up my creation. No I'm lying. There are season family passes available for around $90 to $100 and they come with guest passes as well. Truly worth the money for kids and adults who are still kids at heart (mostly dads.)

Fun place to visit with my son! His imagination runs wild every time we visit. Me and my husband can barely keep up with him! We join in the fun, too; we build, create, play make-believe, all in one place. Our kiddo always falls asleep in the car once we leave; that's how exciting this place is.

We had so much fun here. The water section on the bottom for was our favorite and our 2 year old boy loved at the most. There is so much to see here. You could easily spend a whole day here looking at everything and learning. There was a school there and so they wouldn't let us go in some of the areas which was kind of a bummer, but it was a lot of fun anyways and we will definitely go there again if we get the chance.

My daughter and I had the best time. There is so much to do here and so much to DISCOVER!!! I love the grocery store. That was soooooo cute. We plan on making a trip back in a few days. I highly recommend bringing your kids here.

it's very educational for kids, you get to spend the whole day in there. I suggest you to take something to eat, they have chairs and tables and also they have some vending machines.Also, if you have little kids make sure you take another change of clothes since they get to play with water. I love it!

17. The Smith Center

The Smith Center is an outstanding venue for top shelf entertainment. With easily accessible parking, multiple performance areas, excellent seating and helpful attentive staff it's a showplace well worth visiting. As a local I've had the pleasure of attending numerous shows, concerts, plays and other projects. All have been top shelf and we'll worth the price of admission. Highly recommended!

Such a beautiful venue! I have been there over 15 times and see musicals plays and philharmonic's. There's never a bad seat in the house and the Acoustics are so good everything sounds wonderful to the ear. Definitely go see the Philharmonic and sit in the nosebleeds. The tickets are the cheapest the sound is great and the view is also amazing

It's a beautiful theater with helpful and kind workers. Their dressing rooms are very professional and nice, as well as the main stage's incredible space. I've both performed and attended many shows, and I always love to come here! There is the outlet mall just across the street for dinner or some walking around, and their symphony park is so cute! Great place for photoshoots, fun times, or just enjoying the performing arts! 5 stars!

This is a nice place. Performances here are nothing like the ones on the Strip, this is classy. Parking is free which is a plus. Drinks are quite pricey but doable if you really want it. They offer a nice variety of shows. I attend at least twice a year and have never had a bad time.

The Smith Center is a beautiful venue. I have had the pleasure of both attending performances and being a performer here. The acoustics are excellent. The staff is courteous and knowledgeable. Parking can be a bit confusing, especially during larger events or busy seasons. More signs to help direct drivers who are unfamiliar with downtown Las Vegas would be an extremely helpful accommodation.

18. GC Tours

We booked a one day tour to the Grand Canyon South Rim. They were very timely in picking us up from the hotel and they took us to the bus location where our bus was located which took us to GC. The bus driver and guide Luanna was really very informative all throughout the trip. She kept telling us about Las Vegas, it's history, the city hotels and associated history and what not. She also gave us valuable info about GC as we approached. The other great part about the trip was the breakfast and lunch they packed for us. It was the most different thing a tours company have done for us so far. All in all we recommend this tour company for one day tours to GC for a reasonable cost of $77. They gave us a good 3 hours at GC along with precise instructions and map to go around the south rim.

Awesome tour of the grand canyon. Highly recommend!! AAA+ for service, price,Β  laughs and very informative. We did the VIP grand canyon tour today and our guide was Zach. Ask to have Zach as your guide if he is'll have a great time! Thanks again πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

We did the VIP Express tour to the West Rim on Thursday 26th of Jan. Our driver and guide was Ben and he was absolutely awesome! Really friendly and informative and made the drive great fun. There was heaps of room in the Chrysler Van and was a comfy ride. Great stops at the Las Vegas sign and the Hoover Dam. Would really recommend this VIP tour, but most importantly, spend as much time at Guano point as it's really the best spot! Eagle point was great too, the Skywalk is crazy, but it can get a bit cramped!

It was a great experience..!! Me and my brother took the South Rim VIP tour last summer. Our tour guide was carolyn. She was very friendly and along with the regular sightseeing points, she sowed us some great view points she had explored on her own. The vehicle was great and the food was good. I definitely suggest this tour. For about 30$ more than the bus tours, you get so much better...!!

My fiancΓ© and I went to tour the grand Canyon while we were in vegas. Boy were we not disappointed. I want to start off by saying our tour guide Ben was the best and most courteous person we were could of met. His stories were amazing and the way he navigated us through different awesome spots was fantastic. His time management skills are not too shabby either. ;) The road rage sandwich for lunch was pretty good as well. Free food can't complain. Ben did a phenomenal job capturing amazing pictures of everyone in our small party with the beautiful scenery of the grand Canyon. Thank you Ben and GC TOURS for a fantastic day this week. I will definitely refer anyone that comes to vegas to you all if they want to take a day off the strip. Please request Ben if possible. You won't regret it.