Best Things To Do in Honolulu Hawaii

1. Iolani Palace

The audio tour (tours are the only way in the building) was top notch and very informative. The palace itself is beautifully restored and a real example of the depth of Hawaiian history and culture. The price is very reasonable and you could easily spend two hours here if you also visit the optional secondary exhibits in the basement. My minor complaints are with regard to lighting which made some photographs difficult (no flash or video allowed) and the enforced distance from some parts of the rooms, which are laid out like dioramas and you are sometimes only to view from the edge of the room. I would also have liked to see more historical photographs that compare the restored rooms to their original state.

Iolani Palace was pleasant surprise. I was pleased to learn more about the history of Hawaii and its last monarchs. We opted for the audio tour and cruised along just fine. The tour was informative it took us through different rooms inside the castle. Our 4 year old had to be strapped in a stroller and all of us had to wear shoe covers, provided by the palace management. Lots of historical artifacts in the basement. Parking is tough, just like anywhere else on the Island, but we were able to park underneath the state building across the street for a nominal charge. Keep quarters on you for parking.

A beautifully restored tribute to Hawaiian culture and the royal family. The audio tour is very polished, and the device includes historic pictures to help contextualize the history of Hawaii and of the place. Make sure to examine the basement, which contains the royal jewels as well as exhibits. I didn't take the guided tour, but I suspect it's very well done, as we overheard the guide singing beautifully from the music room.

It's beautiful to look at, you will be awed. But pay attention to the free video across the patio from the ticket counter. When you go on the actual tour of the Palace get the earphones with the pod, it guides you through the tour at your own pace and tells you what you are looking at. Enjoy 👌

A must see on your stop to Honolulu. Did self-guided audio tour and the information was brief and interesting. Doesn't take too long if you do the bare minimum but also lets you listen to more audio segments if you want more information.

2. Dolphin Quest Oahu

Our family had an excellent experience at Dolphin Quest. We did the private session with just the 3 of us and it allowed my son, who has sensory processing order, the time he needed to get comfortable with the animal. He was able to relax and ask lots of questions and learn about the dolphins. All of the dolphins there seemed extremely happy and well cared for and the trainers really do love them. I would recommend this experience to anyone.

Our family loved our experience at dolphin quest! They were very friendly and knowledgeable and helped us understand the importance of keeping the environment clean. They are very kind to the dolphins and the dolphin interactions were excellent!

An awesome experience. I did it with my kid and he absolutely loved it. It is very pricey, but for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it is surely worth it. You get to play with the dolphins up close and personal, at shallow waters as well as the deeper waters too.

This place is terrible. Their "lagoon" is basically a large koi pond. They preach about how they're true conservationists aiding vital marine research, but they really just toss some money from the millions they make off of these animals to actual biologists working in the field. They say their programs encourage children to recycle and avoid plastic, while the resort hands out single-use plastic cups with the dolphins printed on the side. Hawaii has a beautiful connection and history with the ocean. This place is disrespectful and residents want it gone for good.

You don't have to pay (it's free) to just watch the dolphins swim around. Or time your visit to their feeding time. I love to take my tourist friends here. See their tide pool exhibits to see fish and turtles.

4. Koko Crater Railway Trail

It is a tough hike to get up there so do bring water and dress lightly. However the views are incredible from here. There is also a trail on the ridge to go on which offers amazing views of the coastline. It can get very narrow on the ridge and light rock climbing is required, nothing too intense.

Once you get up top, the view is fantastic. The trip up, however, is a slog: straight uphill, with several gaps in the track. There’s also a gun range nearby so your trip will be anything but tranquil. Diamond Head has better views is a more serene experience in my opinion. If you’re looking for a great quick workout, this is your spot.

Awesome sunrise hike! But it is a real workout!! Make sure to take a headlamp (or flashlight) if you go for the sunrise. It takes approximately an hour to get to the top from the bottom of the tracks. Be prepared for crowds and two-way hikers when you leave after sunrise. Great views of the island. Highly recommended!!!

I did this hike on my second day in Oahu. So worth going up there. I am not going to lie here, My family and I took lots of water breaks. It is like going on the stairs master, but worse. The views up there are incredible. I would to do all over again. It took my parents and I about 2 hours to do the round trip. I talked with some locals and they saod that they do this hike 3-4 times a week for their workouts. It was a great way to meet people. It gets really warm fast, I would recommand bringing water and leaving early (before 9) to avoid « traffic ». This hike is very high in traffic.

A fun hike that will work up a sweat and will definitely be a leg day will feel it the next day. I have been up the Koko Head stairs three times now. Once with friends, once with my mother with a bad knee and trekking poles, and once with my hubby. All three times were an adventure and the view is always good at the top, although not as breathtaking as some other views on other hikes in my opinion. This is a strenuous hike, start it as early as you can to avoid the intense rays of the sun especially in the summer time. It is like a never ending stairclimber. I would say you should be a seasoned hiker, but then my mother showed me up, making it all the way to the top with a bad knee with just the help of her trekking poles and taking a few brakes along the way. Anyone can honestly do it, just take as many breaks as you need and have fun.... oh and don’t forget water!!! A camelbak would be my recommendation

5. Waikiki Aquarium

I was here 20 years ago and was excited to come back and share it with my family. It's still very educational and a really awesome day of chilling and learning. I literally spent a few hours just watching animals and listening to the application podcast for each exhibit. I could have spent more time relaxing and learning but I'm a nerd and my family members are not. The only thing I would add is a little cafe for those in the group that tap out early 👍

Venue is a bit small, and parking is practically non-existent. But the layout is nice, there is plenty to see, and the staff were very nice. They have some gorgeous exhibits, and if you take your time and read the placards, it is easily half a day trip. I coupled it with the zoo, which is only a short walk away. If your staying in, or near, Waikiki it is definitely worth checking out.

$12 for adults. Within walking distance from the main hotel area. Small aquarium but very nice collection of marine life. Definitely worth the price of admission. Gift shop is a bit cramped but that's not even a big deal. Well worth the visit.

The Waikiki is smaller than it should be; however, it still holds great exhibits that appear to be well taken care of. My favorite exhibit is the Asian Arowana they have but that tank should definitely be at least 3 feet longer. It is a nice place to spend an afternoon with a date, the family, or even by yourself.

This aquarium is small. Like, think of a small aquarium and then cut it in half and that’s the Waikiki Aquarium. There’s a coral/fish section(the biggest - 3/4 of the entire aquarium), a tide pool outside, and then a monk seal enclosure. That’s it. But, it is well maintained and clean and all the animals looked healthy. And for $8 (Kama’aina price) and a free toddler, it’s a good 45 minute excursion for a lazy day. If I was visiting, this wouldn’t be on my “must do” list BUT it would be a good option for a day that it’s raining or you just want to do something else besides shop/Waikiki/ beach. My son loved it so it works for me! Will probably visit again in a few weeks.

6. Lyon Arboretum

What a beautiful place to walk around! What's more, there aren't a million other tourists crowding the place. Take a picnic lunch! Grab a map, and enjoy the main walking path, and the many side paths, as you see lots of varied foliage. It's beautiful... truly a gem!

This place is excellent for mild hiking and viewing loads of beautiful birds, plants, flowers and trees that are expertly maintained. I plan to go back to hike all the trails. Bring bug spray because there are plenty of mosquitos. Be sure to leave a generous donation. Parking is free for this place unlike Manoa falls. There are less people visiting here so you won't have to wait for crowds like you do on the Manoa falls trail.

Pretty cool place and easy hike to check out how Hawaii has collected many different tree and plant species from around the world. $5 suggested donation and you've got anywhere from an hour or three to explore the whole area. Yea there's a map and markers but they aren't the easiest to follow.

Relaxing, absolutely beautiful scenery. Beautifully designed and blends with the natural scenery. This is a must see for anyone

Visited Lyon Arboretum on Sep 28, 2017 and only encountered 2 other parties. So if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Honolulu, this is it. Truly amazing place if you're into plants. Free parking and only $5 suggested donation, you can easily spent a few ours in this botanical garden. Loved it!!!!

7. Public Art "Duke Kahanamoku"

This statue is in the center of the Waikiki Beaches. Duke is a historic figure in Hawaiian culture and the worldwide leisure and competitive sport of surfing. These photos were taken during an event on the beach and many lei's were brought for the Duke statue as a form of respect Aloha and Love [pictured]. This statue is a must see for any visitor to Honolulu.

It's in Waikiki. And Duke reigns supreme. Take it all in and you will love it.

Great statue but I sometimes wonder if the original Duke thought that his statue will be sorrounded by huge buildings instead of his favorite coconuts.

Beautiful, if crowded, free public beach in Waikiki. If you don't like the crowds, Ala Moana Beach (a couple of miles to the west) is just as nice and has easy free parking.

Seeing Duke and the other statues is always great!! Also awesome to be so close to the beach!

8. USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park

Came over from the UK to have a look. I'm big into my history and this is well worth a visit. Well maintained submarine with an excellent history and fair price. The main Pearl museum, tour and local aviation museum are all worth a visit.

Very nice old sub. Not allowed to use ladders into all the tight places, just a simple walk through from front to rear but incredible to see the amount of guages, knobs, pipes and other details that went into this old war machine.

Nice presentation, great audio-guide offering an adult, and a family-version suitable for kids 8 or older; in order to avoid queuing, you should be there before 9:30 a.m. (weekends); the tour with the audio-guide takes approximately 40 minutes;

It was rich in history and I could have spent much more time there but the kids can only take so much history. The exploration of the submarine was much more captivating for the kids to enjoy.

Showed up at 0730 to get our free tickets to see the Arizona and when we arrived the ticket we were handed said 1015. So naturally we had some time to kill... off to the museums. The USS Bowfin was our first, knowing nuttin' about the Navy and especially Submarines, I really enjoyed this tour. On the way over they have different types of torpedoes laying around. We paid the $10 for a self paced audio tour, which included admission to the Museum, and we really enjoyed it. Get there early! We had almost no crowd and while in the submarine nobody was rushing us. As we left however, about 45 minutes later, it was starting to get busy. Great way to learn about history here. Thanks for reading.

9. USS Arizona Memorial

Was waiting for this day. Watched so many documentaries read so many books. Now we can relate to real thing. We spend half a day and gone through most of it. Easy to find this on map and drive way is adjacent to Ford island driveway. General public is not allowed to go to Ford island. But this area is available for tourist visit. We took audio tour. Cost us $7 extra. I recommend this as this is nice and easy way to learn about history. Tour will take you through individual spots in cronological order. Boat ride to Arizona memorial is included in your admission pass and admission tickets are free. They have daily quota though.

The memorial was a great and solemn experience. It was very professional and clean. The boat ride over was smooth. The monument was very humbling. I wouldn’t really say that this is a kid activity due to nature of it being a memorial, however, I took my kids and they did fine. The movie explains why we went to war with Japan and it shows some war scenes and a couple of dead bodies. Then to explain that there are still lots of bodies in the boat - my kids didn’t really understand. Overall, a fantastic experience. Would go again.

This place is truly amazing and emotional. It’s a reminder of those heroes that have sacrificed their lives to preserve our freedoms and our democracy. The day we visited we had the honor of sharing the boat with one of the last survivors from the attack. He explained to the audience the only reason why he survived is because he was on the other side of the boat when the first torpedo hit the boat. According to his narrative, he was blown by the blast of the boat into the water. I had chills down my spine as he shared his story. The parking to the park is free and so are the tickets for the USS Arizona Memorial, so please don't be tricked by those travel companies. You do have to pay for the additional exhibits, but the cost is minimal.

The USS Arizona Memorial was a great experience, if you show up early they give our free passes to the first 1300 customers. We showed up shortly after 7 AM and there was already a pretty decent line. Make sure when you get to the memorial you take a second to talk to some of the officers there, they have some incredible stories about some of the men on the ship and some of the surviving members. This memorial hit me harder than most it's truely incredible and a spectacular monument to those who died for our freedom on Dec 7, 1941.

They put together a great movie that helps you understand the significance of this memorial. It is well cared for. I would recommend stopping and paying your respects.

10. Bishop Museum

If you've ever wanted to know and learn the history of these beautiful Hawaiian islands then this is the perfect only place to visit You'll love it....don't take my word for it....visit and see for yourself. but allow yourself plenty of time (at least 2 hours) because there is so much amazing history and things to see and is perfect for all ages of the family, believe me, it'll keep your little ones entertained for sure. Has plenty of disabled access too with great helpful staff. I highly recommend Bishop Museum on your things to do list.

We had an incredible time here and would highly recommend. We spent 3 hours here but easily could have spent a whole day. We watched the lava demo in the science part of the museum then went on a guided tour of Hawaiian hall. This museum was established by someone in the Hawaiian family that wanted to educate people about Hawaiian culture and history. The displays were amazingly well done and the curators were eager to answer any questions. This museum would be great to bring kids too. It was like an arts and culture museum mixed with a science and planetarium. On my next trip to Oahu I would definitely be visiting here again.

I take my son here all the time. It's an awesome place to spend the day exploring all the different exhibits and galleries. My son loves the interactive volcano that you can walk into! So cool! The reason for the four stars is the length of the featured exhibits are way too long. With a yearly membership, you only get to see maybe three exhibits. For over a hundred dollars a year for membership, I'd expect more new exhibits being offered.

Really well done. Exhibits are beautiful and informative. Older kids (maybe 5 and up) could find enough to do to keep them interested between the life size sculptures of marine animals in the atrium and the hands on exhibits scattered around the museum. The planetarium has kid-focused shows. One of them features a simulated volcanic explosion. The “garden” or arboretum (I can’t remember what they call it) is nothing to speak of. If you didn’t know it was there you would just think it was part of the landscaping.

Wonderful place to spend a rainy day. It's a bit expensive ($25 regular admission for adults) and you have to pay for parking too. The exhibits are beautiful and informational. They have docents wandering around to answer questions. You can easily spend a few hours here.

11. Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden

Beautiful sort of a tour at your own pace and leisure. Confusing at first because at the very front entrance is parking. Nobody at the gate to let you know its okay to drive the i guess 2 miles in for additional parking near the actual gardens. Other thank that its beautiful information markers were in place. There is a small "art" gallery on site as well as places for classes or informative lessons. It is free as well as parking. There is a big lake on site with lots of animals. The gardens are very big and a great place to relax. Cold water is provided by fountain at building information center on site as well as bathrooms!

Beautiful and well maintained grounds. Completely free to visit and partake. A nice lake in the center of the property is home to a large flock of ducks. If you have little ones or just enjoy ducks, make sure to bring something to feed to them! Crowds were not large for the Friday afternoon we visited. Interpretive signs aplenty describing the foliage and trees. Maintained restrooms, a picnic pavilion, and benches galore make this a hands down place to recommend if you’re looking to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Lovely view and scenery! Bring bread if you wanna feed the birds at the lake...the large population of koi fishes will wait and try to snatch thrown bread too. Great mountain views all around. They have a few picnic tables at each viewpoint, so bring a lunch and enjoy. I also spotted a mongoose, a few boars (deep in the areas), and a lot of variety of birds. Wear mosquito repellant!!!!

Great place to go and just relax and enjoy the scenery. You can go fish with the poles they give you. Perfect for family to come and enjoy. You can also bring your own bread to feed all the ducks that are roaming around.

We tried out the pole fishing even though it was pouring rain. We were soaked and it was so much fun. The plants were clearly labeled for a leisurely tour around the garden. Eberu inch of thr garden is lush and beautiful. The camping is great, too. The docents were friendly and helpful. A must see!

12. Queen Emma Summer Palace

Wonderful history museum. Docents are very knowledgeable. Some lovely antiques especial the German breakfront. The capes were very impressive. Reading about them or looking at a photo doesn't do them justice.

The tour was filled with lots of things for our group to see. The staff was very knowledgeable on Hawaiian history and encouraged questions. The park in the back is a great place to take your kids after and let them play and eat lunch. The thing I would caution you on is if you are driving in yourself it can be hard to see the drive to enter the palace. I believe you will have a great time.

Nestled above the business of Downtown Honolulu.... Queen Emma's summer palace is always a wonderful visit for me!! It shows the culture of Hawai'i but also the heart of Queen Emma! Beautiful!

Great architecture beautiful surroundings and friendly people. Okay stop on the way to the airport. It wasn't easy to find and the traffic is really heavy so turning around is a bit of a nightmare.

Enjoyed an impromptu tour and learned much about the royal family of Hawaii. Small palace with easy access.

13. Waikiki Beach Walk

Wow! Amazing! The fried Zucchini was out of this world. The short ribs were "The Best Ever". Service was very friendly and pleasant without too much interaction. Drinks simply appeared and refilled as if by magic. Great experience. Highly recommended.

When I arrived at the beach walk it was high tide. There was next to no sand in the area that I entered the walk. Initially I was very disappointed and felt that it was a bit of a tourist trap. But after walking around and seeing little bit more of the beach, I saw that the beach front was actually very pleasant and the views were incredible. Oceanfront sunsets are absolutely breathtaking.

We visited Oahu several years back and we fell in love with the amazing island. We loved Waikiki. It has so many activities happening on the beach , on the walk, in the park next to it. The little shops by the walk are full of souvenirs and items for tourists. We enjoyed the restaurants in the evening and the beautiful sunsets! They are magical! Waikiki has several surfing spots: from beginner to expert. My son tried boogie boarding next to the pier that has a little house- Very popular spot for kids and adults! My daughter in law snorkeled for hours around there- she was able to see that fish that has an incredibly long name ( humuhumunukunukuapua'a ) The park next to the Waikiki beach hosts many surf schools, yoga training and picnic goers. There is enough space for everyone to have a good time. We enjoy freezbie with some local kids. There are outdoor showers and facilities every other block. The only sad thing is that there is an area right in the middle where homeless people set their camp. They are happy and enjoy life, but it gives the area a bit of unsecured feeling. We will definitely be back!

Waikiki Beach Walk is a great place to hang out for drinks, fine dinning, or catch a hula show. Parking is by valet unless you are one of the lucky few to find nearby street parking. Valet is fast and reasonably priced with validation. Ruth's Chris has awesome steaks with the best service you'll find on the island, ranking above Hys and Morton's based on my experience. Yard House has any kind of drink you could want while watching the game or hanging out as a group in their extra large booths. Hula shows are legit and free with a number of places with good views. Always a good time at the beach walk.

Upscale shops. Good selection of restaurants in top floor. Most with outdoor seating to enjoy the setting. Seems less touristy then the rest of Waikiki.

14. Ala Moana Regional Park

Nice calm waters for beginner paddling. The shallow reef prevents you from being able to go out very far though from beach to reef there is plenty of space and depths. We saw several turtles near the reef. There is easy access from the roadside parking. Changing area and restrooms in the park across the street from the beach. L&L BBQ conveniently located right there also.

Excellent beach park with safe swimming beaches and lots of green areas for picnics and gatherings. It is a favorite spot for wedding couples especially those from Japan to take pictures there with the iconic Diamond Head in the background. There are about 3 miles of walking paths for walkers. There are lots of benches to sit and enjoy the scenery, the sunset, or people doing yoga on their paddle boards.

This has got to be the most busy, fun, entertaining beach park on Oahu. It's truly incredible to see so many people doing all kinds of activities from surf board yoga to relaxing on the beach, to seeing artists painting and even couples getting married here which is a perfect setting for such a personal experience... Seriously, brilliant for all the family including disabled access even on the beach...just perfect. If you want to see the Aloha spirit in action, Ala Moana regional park is the place to be.

Would I go again, yes but not at night. Daytime snorkeling is amazing. They have what seems to be Alot of homeless that hang out there 😟. Which doesn't bother me. They left our stuff alone but not sure the environment at night.

There are three things I love about Ala Moana Park. The first is the fact that it is seldom crowded. There's a lot of beach and very little people. The second is Magic Island and the Lagoon that is at the end of it. Anytime I've been there there have been one or two people in the lagoon. It is so very peaceful. They also have a walking trail with the distances marked which makes it very convenient if you need to log miles. The third thing is the brides that show up either before or after their wedding. Every day you can watch them come and have their pictures taken, sometimes with the groom and sometimes solo. They normally show up in limousines that pull up right at the beginning of Magic Island and the east side of Ala Moana Beach Park. Add in the fact that there is an L&L Hawaiian Barbecue right across the street from the beach park and you have Nirvana. On holidays it can be fairly crowded with groups of people barbecuing, and more than once I've just been asked to join in because of the Aloha spirit. I would rather go to Ala Moana Beach Park 100 times then go to Waikiki just once. It doesn't hurt to wear water shoes. Check it out for yourself, you will not be disappointed!

15. Tantalus Lookout

one of the top sport to view entire Honolulu city. Nice place for family picnic. Public restroom available. Parking available near to the lookout spot as we well as the back of the park. Once you park your car its couple of more steps to actual lookout. Accesses-sable by wheelchairs as well. If possible visit this place during sunset, golden glow over downtown and Diamond head crater gives a magical feeling. Good place to relax with family and friend. Road to this place cover quite a bit of narrow sections. You will see places where max speed is capped to 10 MPH.

Our go-to perch for epic sunsets over Honolulu. Parking can be a bit iffy, so suggest taking advantage of a lower lot and walking up (not hard). Also worth bringing a jacket and - if you want to make a real event of it - some fun eats and drinks!

Best place to view Honolulu. The lookout is 30 steps from the parking lot. So there is no excuse not making this one of your must visit spot on Oahu. There are some picnic tables and benches. But it is just as easy throwing a picnic blanket down and enjoy your time here.

Splendid view to Honolulu, Diamond Heat Crater and the Pacific Ocean. Sunset in the evening must be gorgeous. We had to leave early so we missed the sunset by an hour or so. Parking is very limited so be patient.

Went up by car to see the night view of Waikiki and it was great. The road leads to the vista point was winding and narrow so need to be careful. Google map tells you it will be closed ap 6:45pm but you can still get high enough to enjoy the view.

16. World War II Valor In The Pacific National Monument

Was waiting for this day. Watched so many documentaries read so many books. Now we can relate to real thing. We spend half a day and gone through most of it. Easy to find this on map and drive way is adjacent to Ford island driveway. General public is not allowed to go to Ford island. But this area is available for tourist visit. We took audio tour. Cost us $7 extra. I recommend this as this is nice and easy way to learn about history. Tour will take you through individual spots in cronological order. Boat ride to Arizona memorial is included in your admission pass and admission tickets are free. They have daily quota though.

What a wonderful day experiencing this historic place. Great to see that it is free entry. You cannot take any bags inside (5$ per bag to leave it outside) I would recommend getting your boat tickets (also free) as soon as you walk in so you can plan your day. Staff were very helpful.

Somber reminder of the cost of war. Very well organized and treated with the respect it deserves. This is a wonderful memorial site that no one should miss when visiting Oahu. The audio tour is well worth the price as it adds numerous insights that you otherwise would miss

A"must-see" if you're on the island. I showed with a group at 0645, and there was already a pretty good line. They give away 1,300 free tickets daily, and we were able to get some still. I wouldn't show later than 0700 if you're counting on a free ticket. The Arizona memorial is pretty amazing--definitely my favorite part. You take a short boat ride across the harbor to the final resting place of the battleship. While in the memorial, take a moment to look over the side and see small drops of oil bubbling up. They say it's the tears of the ship still slowly rising up. Again, it's a must-see.

Important historical location. Exhibits do a good job of presenting diverse perspectives. Could have done more on diplomatic history (Washington conference of 1920, etc.). Had booked tickets to USS Arizona two months ahead, but boat did not dock there, even though wind and water conditions were mild. Basic seamanship may be a lost skill.

17. Battleship Missouri Memorial

Worth the trip just remember it's a live base so to get in you need to have clearance or you will be turned around at the checkpoint. I went with a coach tour so we were good. The detail the guides go into is fantastic and nostalgic Once the guides finish you can wander at your own leisure. After you can purchase boarding pictures Or go to gift shop. There are a couple of fast food places, Overall great experience

Part of the whole Pearl Harbor experience with a lot of good history to learn about. Free guided tour available with ticket purchase, which is not cheap, but fairly priced. I think they offered some foreign language tours as well, we heard a Japanese tour guide taking people around. They recall the Pearl Harbor attack and Japanese surrender as the signing took place on the ship. An informative and interesting experience. Ticket price includes a free bus shuttle which takes about 10 minutes from the Pearl Harbor main area to the other attractions.

Wonderful tour given by a 19 year old volunteer who knew history! After a recent renovation, you can take a guided tour of the two upper decks, then follow the well-marked green arrows for a self-guided tour of the lower decks, crew quarters, dining and work spaces, and end with a climb to and tour of the newly opened bridge. Lots of well explained historical memorabilia along the way. Thoroughly enjoyable!

Overall experience was enjoyable, tour guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. Walking around underneath the deck and seeing crew quarters was great and gives a whole new perspective on our Navy personnel. Really would have liked to go up top and see the view from the bridge. Only complaint was the long walk in from the parking lot since our shuttle driver was not allowed to drop us at the entrance gate.

Great tour under the Mighty Mo pass. Guide is very animated and explained the history well. One of the last battleships in the world, and played a huge part for the surrender signing ceremony on board. Takes around one and a half hour to fully explore the place. There’s a food truck right before you board the ship.

18. Shangri La Museum of Islamic Art, Culture & Design

Excellent home turned museum offering an impressive middle Eastern collection that rivals any museum. Our tour guide was excellent and offered unique insight from his years spent in the middle East. Only downside is you must go to and from the Honolulu museum of art. Small annoyance because we were staying walking distance from the house.

I had the privilege of living here back in the 60's. Mom was Aunt Doris' personal chef, Aunt Luise housekeeping, Johnny Gomez always worked tirelessly on artwork. I played in the cascading salt waterfalls, which entered the pool. Played on the swinging beds suspended from the ceiling of the play house. Aunt Doris was a very erudite and passionate person. Walker Inman( her nephew) was a friend and we lost track. Memories are God's way of humbling us of times we enjoyed. I will return next year 2018, to embrace a time so long ago. This is a must see if given a chance!!

What a unique experience. I did the tour recently and was blown away at how beautiful the home is. The docents are very friendly and knowledgeable. Totally worth the time and cost to check this place out!

Well worth the visit. The guides know their stuff and enjoy their work. I would compare this to the Hurst Castle in San Simeon, CA.

Well worth the visit. If you’re planning to go to the art museum this is only $5 more. Book ahead as it books up

19. Diamond Head State Monument

Amazing views and great hike. Make sure to arrive before 10:30 am or you will face the big crowds and might not be able to get in. Wear comfortable walking shoes, light clothes and tons of sunblock. You might also want to bring some cash to buy a shaved iced on your way back to your car. As far as activity level, this is medium to high. I had my 69 year old mom hike with us, but we did it at a lower pace than my teenage kids. My mom complained when we were 80% up the hike, but with a little push, we made it all the way up. She loved it and she was happy with the hike. I would not suggest you take a stroller, it will be a nightmare. By the way, once in a while you will get a kick out of the tourists wearing either high heels or pumps on the hikes. Its funny. If you are traveling by yourself and you want a good workout, I would suggest parking across the street by the Community College and hiking all the way up. You will pay the single person entry cost but its cheaper than the vehicle cost. Now, if you are traveling with more than one person, just pay the vehicle cost since it will be cheaper.

Either get there first thing in the morning so you can get a parking space or wait until about 1. Otherwise you will have even more of a hike just to get up to the top. The small parking lot only holds approximately 100 cars. Which I don't understand because there is a whole field next to the parking lot. Why they don't add parking I don't understand. The hike up to the top was incredible. It's strenuous for out of shape older adults especially. Take water, take snacks and take breaks. Parking is $5. Pedestrians are just $1.

The guys at the entrance said 45 minute hike up. Um, more like 25. And that's with 4 kids along :) Spectacular views!! Such a great little hike. Very safe and do-able for kids. Well, if you don't mind letting them piggy back ride to get breaks :) This is the best way to really see the whole south shore!!

Great view of the island and its not a bad trail to walk. It is straight up hill and lots of stairs at the end. I think a total of 2,500 steps. But well worth it for the view. I would recommend getting there earlier. Gets packed quick. $5 to park at the closest parking lot.

This is a great hike! It's about s half hour to an hour, depending on how fast you decide to climb. It is pretty steep, but they've done a good job at making the path as clear and safe as possible. Once you get to the top, the view of the island is breathtaking, and your efforts are rewarded immensely. There is also an option yo buy a certificate once you get to the top for $5, which is s donation to the upkeep of the park. Then when you get back down, you can enjoy fresh pineapple, shaved iced, and a variety of smoothie flavors! A great way to spend a day!

20. Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor

Great little spot to explore a part of history on Ford Island here on Oahu. Quite a few interactive things to do and amazing planes to check out. I enjoyed the short film and reading about preservation of certain parts and planes. Definitely a spot to check out if you're into history because the place itself is pretty much a stepping stone back in time.

This place is great. Awesome staff, great displays, good food in the cafe and an awesome gift shop for presents. My family loved the stuff I bought for them!

Don't miss this museum. Every time I visit, they have several new planes and displays. There are two large buildings. Don't miss the big hangar around to the rear of the main museum. There are many fine displays there. Plan for a good amount of time for this gem.

wow, talk about a huge chunk of history jam packed into 2 air hangar's. there are some restored planes and others that are authentic which was incredible to see what condition some of this is in. there is a lot to read and a lot of detail to see for each helicopter and plane. this is a must visit if you come to pearl harbor, there's so much to see here

This is the best collection of aircraft in the State of Hawaii. Two hangars full of planes, mostly military 'retired' types. If you flew in the military, you might find a plane type here that you flew. Be sure to check out the Swamp Ghost and read the story behind it.