Best Things To Do in Honolulu Hawaii

1. Iolani Palace

This is an absolutely amazing place. I can't believe it is so well preserved. Visitors be aware that you will be asked to wear cloth booties over your shoes because they are preserving the original flooring! The palace is by tour only but while waiting you can visit the downstairs museum which is amazing. I would recommend to not bring small children...they require you to use their palace strollers for 4 and younger but if they get antsy you still have to take them outside. Active military get in for free until September because it was paid for by the Blue Star Program.

Our experience was wonderful we had the best tour guide and name was Zita. She had been doing this for ever and knew everything there was to know about the princess and her family. She could tell you who every picture was who painted it, she knew every room by heart. Zita was very patient refurbishment to original condition is incredible everything there was about the Palace and would answer any question. She could tell you when everything was built and when it was refurbished. Be sure to take note of all the beautiful Banyan trees on the property. At the time I was in a wheelchair. And security was wonderful helping me go up to secret elevator so I could enjoy the palace.

This is a must-see when in Oahu! It's a very important part of Hawaiian history that few people know. Seeing the residence of Hawaiian royalty and learning about the rich traditions of the Royal Family and the Hawaiian people is a priceless experience. All public areas of the palace are also wheelchair accessible. While motorized chairs and scooters are not allowed in the palace itself, they have their own manual wheelchairs that can be used inside. Just let the staff know when you buy your ticket that you'll need a wheelchair. If you're able to walk up stairs they'll meet you at the top of a flight of about 15 steps with a chair. If not there's also a lift to access the building near the East/Diamond Head entrance. Don't miss it!

This was a fascinating tour through a beautiful historic location. Our tour guide was engaging and knowledgeable as she told us all about Hawaiian royalty, from King Kamehameha I to Queen Liliuokalani, who was deposed by pro-American merchants. A sad story, but the existence of the Palace museum and the intense efforts to restore it to its former glory are a testament to the way Hawaiian culture has held on.

Just stunning. Helpful staff and a highlight of our trip to Hawaii. Worth a visit even just to look at from the outside. Downtown Honolulu has some beautiful buildings!

2. Go Oahu® Card

What a great idea! Except for the fact that I don’t remember seeing anywhere that the pass was only good from the moment you first used it and the clock started. Would have been better to be able to just pick what you want to see with out having a time limit. This caused us a lot of drama on our trip

The Oahu go card is such a good deal! We were able to do so much more than we would’ve been able to do on our own. The only bummer was only being able to pick one premium activity, and we all wished we’d read the descriptions a bit more carefully before leaving. But, this card is well worth the price.

The Go Oahu was awesome! We purchased a 3-day card and were busy the entire time. There were plenty of activities to choose from and most included transportation so that was a plus. The purchase process was seamless, booking events was simple, and using the card was really easy, just scan and go! Thank you so much for having this card available so that we could have a great vacation! Mahalo!

We get a city card whenever we travel. The Oahu card was an excellent value. With a little planning, you can easily get your money's worth. If you've never been, I strongly suggest the Polynesian cultural center with the luau and taking the tour of Oahu. If you go to the Polynesian cultural center, pay for the upgrade. It doesn't cost much and it is well worth it!

Very helpful. Chose 5 day card. Used it at several admissions witj no problem. Came home with 2 days left so given a credit I'm going to use when i go to Florida in October. Very pleased with service.

3. Queen Emma Summer Palace

The Queen Emma Summer Palace is not the most wheelchair accessible place, but once inside, the displays are very interesting. Outside, the gardens are impeccably maintained and are very beautiful. Well worth your time. I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon visiting the Queen Emma Summer Palace.

This is beautiful place to tour. Along with a history lesson you can see the house contents and the grounds. We enjoyed our time there. Do not forget to check out the gift shop.

We happened to get there on Keiki day so got a huge discount but because of that, no docent tours. Still you can ask questions to the other people working there. Lovely home. They make you take off your shoes before entering, which I like.

I Loved it, because it's a beautiful place. But also because I learned some history, how the Good Ole USA failed to protect the Queen, after they PROMISED!! Hawaii is a Rocking Place 😋, go visit and learn how THE ISLANDER'S ROLL.

Very nice need more labels on the actual items. Hard to connect names with photos. More description of the artifacts would also be nice.

4. USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park

Decent sub but only get to access one level. It occupied about 20 minutes of time. You cannot get to the periscope on the actual sub and have to visit the mock up near the shop.

Went on the tour with my son and he loved it. Although we got there around noon, there was parking available and there weren't any long lines. The sub was very well kept. So much to see in there. A headset was provided to lead you on an audio tour through the sub. Definitely a must see.

This was a really amazing part of our history. Walking through that sub and imagining the experience of being in there for months was fascinating. The details provided by the audio tour were great. The museum attached had a lot of interesting details about the silent service.

A privilege and honor to be able to go aboard this submarine and walk where others stood against the Japanese who attacked our country. The Avenger of Pearl Harbor and the men who served on her have my greatest appreciation for their service. Thank You!!!

Didn’t get to Pearl Harbour early enough to catch a decent time to go out to the Arizona so we went over to the Bowfin instead. It’s worth checking it out. You can walk through the ship with a guided audio tour and get a sense of what life on board would have been like. Prices were reasonable and I’d definitely recommend it.

5. World War II Valor In The Pacific National Monument

Incredible place and a place of incredible importance to our nation as a whole. It is well worth the trip and if you are able to get going very early there are free tickets available at the gate. I also encourage you to use their free luggage and valuables service to avoid having your stuff stolen... The parking lots are pretty well monitored but I guess there has been a lot of break-ins...

Incredibly humbling and heart breaking! This is a must when visiting Honolulu. Keep in mind tickets are limited. There are only 1300 tickets released to the public daily which are generally free, except if you book online through Recreation.Gov.(which I highly recommend) There is a $1.50 booking fee per ticket and you have to be quick, they sell out in five minutes. The attraction it's self takes about 60 to 75 minutes. You view a 25 minute narrated film that shows actual footage of the attack and explains why Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, then the Navy takes you on a five minute Ferry ride to the memorial. You can take as many photos as you like once you are actually on the memorial, but just not while walking up the plank to it (it slows down operations and the Navy will yell at you, so to avoid embarrassment, don't do it!) You then get to spend about 15 to 20 minutes before you reboard the ferry and are taken back. Be mindful though this is like visiting a grave site, some people actually break down and cry and some come to visit their loved ones tombs. You will be incredibly moved. Its things like this that remind us that freedom is never free and how we tend to take for granted the sacrifices that were made to allow us to lead the lives we have been so fortunate to lead!

This is a must-see when in Honolulu. I knew the basics about Pearl Harbor, but was too young to really understand a lot of it. When you come here, it changes you and really moves you. The tour begins with a video explaining how everything happened. When you get to the memorial, it's hard not to picture yourself as one of the sailors that was there that dreadful day. The memorial is beautiful. Seeing all of the remnants of the ships is incredible. They're massive. It's hard not to picture what it used to look like before that day. Someone at the memorial had said to remember that "the ships below are not only sunken ships....they're a graveyard." He was right. They couldn't recover all of the bodies, so some of their bodies are still underneath the memorial. The wall showing all of the names of people lost was moving. It brought me to tears. Seeing each of those names, you want to read them all and think of who they were as people. It's absolutely breathtaking and worth every moment you get to spend there. We also did the submarine tour which was awesome. Very, very tight quarters, but amazing. You don't get that opportunity too often. It was amazing to see all the details and what they put into such tiny little spaces to make it seem relatively big. This can't go unvisited!

The World War II Valor In The Pacific National Monument refers to the area that was affected by the Japanese attack on Dec 7, 1941 as battlefield Oahu. It honors the survivors and the deceased of that attack. The Navy provides a ship tour of Pearl Harbor with a narration of the events that took place. The tour did not include a stop at the Arizona memorial. It is closed for repairs.  The exhibits at the Pearl Harbor Visitors Center present a tragic story since the military was unprepared for an attack even though they had intelligence indicating that an attack was imminent.  The audio tour complements the excellent exhibits. The Monument and tours are somber and touching. They give us an opportunity to demonstrate that President Franklin Roosevelt's quote on Bill of Rights Day, November 27, 1941, is wrong: "Those who have long enjoyed such privileges as we enjoy forget in time that men have died for them."  Let us never forget. There is no fee for the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center or the USS Arizona Memorial program.

The videos with interviews from people from Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and Japan from that time are so interesting. The Arizona was closed to visitors that day and we only got to boat around it but still worth the trip. They have a couple of museums that are free and the film you watch before boarding the boat tour is very well done.

6. Bishop Museum

I've gone to the Bishop Museum over and over again and it never gets old there are always new things being brought in and I love the planetarium. One of the better planetariums I've been to. Great stuff for both the older generations and the younger ones. The museum is great for a lot of the older generation that likes looking at art and other historical Hawaiian culture. They also have great exhibits for the kids like recently they had dinosaurs and they also had another one called the animation Academy. They were all a lot of great fun. They also have another building that has great things for the kids to do activity wise a lava exhibit and other nature exhibits.

The bishop museum is hands down my favorite place to visit when I’m in Oahu. Expect to spend at least 2 hours exploring the museum. The employees are so kind and very knowledgeable in the History of Hawaii. I’ve been multiple times and each time I learn something knew. Bishop is also an amazing place for kids, the science wing had a lot of hands on activities for the little ones and different educational movies for kids. Definitely a awesome place to visit for any age group!

Well worth the bus trip, this museum is a must if you are particularly interested in Hawaii history and culture, and more. I spent most of a day here, and just joined in guided tours (starting from 9am about the royal Hawaiian lines), and time just flew by from there between scheduled tours, two planetarium shows, one lava demonstration and self exploring the exhibits in between. They do have pretty neat interactive stuff for kids so it's family friendly. Because of rain, I didn't get to see the garden though.

Very interesting place, and you can spend hours inside. However I feel that is a little bit overpriced. And you if you are from the mainland they do not accept student IDs. Meaning you can only get the student discount if you are a student from Hawaii. I thought that was kind of unfair. You can get military discounts though. Regardless the museum is really good. So after a while I did not care about paying almost 25 bucks. By the way the science museum also they have a show about the lava and volcanoes. I would really recommend you to watch. I believe the show time is 10: 30 a. M. And 2: 30 p. M.. but I would confirm with the front desk.

An amazing museum with loads of things to learn about Hawaiian culture and history. They also have a seasonal extra exhibit. It was dinosaur themed when I went which was amazing and so much fun. Definitely recommend paying the extra few dollars and checking it out as they do an amazing job with it and it is really cool.

7. Koko Crater Railway Trail

I recommend coming here for a good work out or to enjoy the view. Parking is free and I suggest you get here in the morning since it won't be too hot later on. Most of the regular or fit athlete comes here in the morning like at 5 or 6am. They usually finish the run pretty quick but for most people who don't exercise like me then it can take anywhere from 1 hour to 1.5 hours if you take some break in between. I recommend wearing shoes with some traction since there are dirt and you have to get a grip when going down. There is one part where you can take a side trail if you are scared of height. This part is about 40 feet drop from the floor and you just have to be careful. I've seen people done this trail in flip flop and even dogs doing it. It isn't hiking but more like climbing 1500 steps of stairs. Once you get up to the top, it's worth it since you get a nice breeze and take loads pictures. I definitely recommend a bottle of water, some sun screen and shoes with traction or grip of this is your 1st time. I don't consider myself a outdoor hiker but anyone can do it. This trail is going to get your whole back wet and legs shaking and even stomach cramping. Overall, many locals run on this trail for their workout and there is a reason for that. Great workout with a rewarding view at the top versus a stairmaster that don't give the same feeling.

This was a brutal hike, even for someone who hikes regularly. But the view is so worth it. A few notes: bring water, a camera, and good shoes. There are quite a few people on the trail so be prepared to make room and share the space. There's a part with a bridge, so if you're afraid of heights like I am, take your time and be careful, or take the longer path around that part. Bonus: there's a bunch of cool WW2 building left up there with graffiti on them, and a view of the other side of the mountain if you go up further. Be careful though, it's very windy and the cliffs are no joke.

An amazing trail. Really great work out up and balance going down I recommend never stopping unless you are seriously physically uncomfortable. Power trough it and win!

Killer little hike, but gets busy on the weekend. Sketchy railroad ties are your steps to the top. Be sure you got the right foot ware on. You’ll def feel it if your looking to get a burn. I’m in reasonable shape and the first time was challenging. I felt coming down was just as challenging. But what a view at the top!

One of the hardest things I've ever done, but I was in average shape at the time. Started the hike just after sunrise, and I was sweating buckets in about 10 minutes. I took my time going up, stopping to catch my breath. Start early, wear a hat, bring water!! Enjoy the view at the top. There's a spot where the ground underneath the tracks drops away, so if you're afraid of heights that might make you nervous. Just stay focused on the tracks.

8. Fort DeRussy, US Army Museum

Must see! Excellent and informative displays. Great eye opener regarding the historic and military role of Hawaii and the impact it had to the islands. Check it out. Admission is free!

Great experience! Wonderful facility, friendly staff. Definitely worth a visit. Plan to spend 2 hours or so and don't miss the second floor!

Well worth visiting. Very conveniently located right near the beach. Entry is free which is incredible for such an awesome museum. The content ranges from centuries back through the second world war, the Vietnam war to current conflicts. The content is focused on the Army and Hawaii and includes profiles of Hawaiians that served in the military.

Very cool museum to pass a rainy or cold day in Waikiki. We were staying near this museum and knew our son would love it. He is 4, so we were able to stay for about 1 hour and hold his interest. Expect it to take longer if reading and participating in everything, maybe 2-2.5! All signs are are easy to read. It was free for us, but we are military so I am not sure if there are entrance fees. The military history of Hawaii and Pacific region is something everyone should learn a bit about. Highly interesting and wonderful museum. Wheelchair and Stroller friendly!

Very worth a visit. It doesn't take long to go through, even if you stop and read everything. It's very cool to see both the Japanese side and the american side of things. Dont forget to go up to the second floor! There's a cute little gift shop too

9. Shangri La Museum of Islamic Art, Culture & Design

This is, literally, the most beautiful estate I have ever visited to date. Amazing architecture and decor inspired by Spanish, Egyptian, Iranian, Syrian, Turkish, and Indian influence. The tour was informative & enjoyable, and the groups are not too large. We even received free decorative wooden fans (perfect for a hot day)! It's too bad we missed seeing the pool and some of the gardens due to construction, but it should be completed soon.

Beautiful and educational experience overall! Very much enjoy it and I will go back soon! My favorite part was its location! From each angle you will see the ocean, the big waves, and all the surfers playing in the water. A majestic place to visit, and so much to learn. I consider it a hidden gem on the southern part of the island. You can combine hike to the famous Diamond Head with a visit tour at Shangri La Museum

What an awesome experience with a knowledable and articulate tour guide. Doris Duke's collection of art and furniture is awe inspiring.

worth the wait for tickets. Excellent tour guide; learned a lot and saw some unique beauty. Be prepared for heat, humidity, and no place to sit, however. We were exhausted by the end. Still very glad we did this.

Excellent home turned museum offering an impressive middle Eastern collection that rivals any museum. Our tour guide was excellent and offered unique insight from his years spent in the middle East. Only downside is you must go to and from the Honolulu museum of art. Small annoyance because we were staying walking distance from the house.

10. Honolulu Museum of Art

I love this museum with all my heart. The exhibits don't change as often as I'd like, but I still come here at least three times a year. This is my happy place, and I love to share it with my friends that are visiting. I do find it strange that there isn't a larger collection dedicated to representing the art of Hawai‘i, which is something I urge the Museum to change soon.

I've been here a number of times and still haven't seen it all. The Art After Dark the last Friday of every month is really a great time to view the exhibits and mingle a bit. The exhibits are well put together and the building's architecture is a work of art in itself. Friendly staff will help show you around and describe the art to see here. The cafe offers hot coffee and other beverages so you can sit and relax if you would like. I will be coming back here for sure to see the rest of what they have to offer.

Beautiful collections of art from different parts of the world. My favourite has been Japanese and art from Hawaii. Nice concise descriptions of artists and the story behind individual pieces. Nicely designed building with five beautiful courtyards to sit and relax, each one of different theme. Nicely located next to thomas square where i could wait as museum had special event at the time (state visit of prince and princess of Japan). Would enjoy glass of wine if they have in cafe (reataurant has been closed for visitor).

You need to see how many different types of art there is in this Museum. Do people create art!!!!! Through there own experiences? Is it through our tragedys? The amount of admission was 20$ Then the sky is the limit the second you see the coffee shop. I had a very tasty Mocha triple shots of course. The moment I entered the Museum of amazing culture and works of art I met the very friendly and helpful staff I've ever had the privilege to meet. No visitor will ever leave the Museum without getting all their questions answered and of course a very helpful map. I still managed to get lost on The way out. I took 32 photos of the museum 1 in every exhibit. If your in the area and want to caught up in our Unique culture differences this is a must see.

Incredible, you should go if you have the opportunity. Feel like I should elaborate about this "incredible" comment. Let me start with not only do they have incredible portraits, pictures and sculptures. Also have an excellent movie selection and offered twice out of the month free admission.

11. Ala Moana Regional Park

Came here for the beach. It’s definitely less packed than the other beaches. Parking is a little hard to find around and after 5pm. We arrived at about 2:30-3 so there wasn’t much of a crowd. There’s a food place across the street serving all types of Hawaiian dishes and drinks

Great place to get some sun, as there is typically beautiful weather on this side. Convenient location, next to the shopping center. Only downside is that it's usually quite crowded. As long as you dont mind being around people you'll have a good time

Easy to park. Can buy food and drinks in the park. Not overcrowded. Lifeguards nearby. Great for families with kids because you don't have to walk far. There are palm trees with shade at the beach. The park has a lot of space. Bathrooms are decent.

Beautiful park. Lots of areas to explore Including magic island. L&L Hawaiian food if you need food. Lots of amazing lifeguards on duty.

Great surf here during cool season. Parking not too difficult. Great sheltered swimming. The park itself is fairly plain but lots of space and plenty of trees.

12. Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor

Some cool things here. We did the passport option for pearl harbor and got this included. Not sure the actual price of this alone to determine if it is worth it. One point of note: if you are making a full day of all the pearl harbor attractions their cafeteria is definitely where you want to plan your lunch stop (best food options and prices and you can get to the cafe without buying a ticket just take the shuttle over)

On Ford Island. Military ID. A great place to see airplanes up close and learn a lot of War history. They also host other events like the little big airshow usually done in June. Also have a cafe, great gift shop, and free parking. A must see for any history lover, kids who loves planes, or just to kill extra time

The plane exhibits themselves are of limited value apart from the P40 from the flying tigers but the historical value of the site is undeniable. The wholes in the windows are the originals holes made by the bullets of the Japanese attack on the airfield. Wow The shop is well stocked and must admit i spent a fortune there. Definitely for people who like aviation history and second world war.

Great source of information for history buffs. Easy to commemorate the fallen warriors of the forces with this amazing experience. A video was shown before entering the ferry to take a closer look at the USS Arizona and Big MO aka Missouri BB. Amazing place!

There's a lot of history here and worth the trip to see. Staff is very friendly and the grill has amazing mahimahi. Get a cute souvenir while your here too!

13. Honolulu Zoo

Top tips: Go at 9am when the zoo opens. It is cooler weather out and the animals are active. This will also be more comfortable for you as there is not a lot of shade in the zoo. The keepers are also feeding the animals so you will probably get to see the animals eating. The parking lot is not exclusively for the zoo. Anybody can pay to use it. The longer you wait you have to compete with the crowds going to Waikiki beach for parking as well as the mid-day heat. All the animals hide out during mid-day heat as well. The zoo offers twilight tours. These take place after regular zoo hours. The evening temperatures are perfect and the animals are quite active. Very informative guides will escort you for the tour. Refreshments and snacks are provided after.

This was an amazing experience! My father took me here whilst visiting Hawaii for my birthday and it was by far my favourite part of the wonderful trip. There are so many majestic animals there and yummy food! The only reason the Honolulu Zoo staff were not given the full five stars is that we had trouble finding a few things, other than that, highly recommended!

This is a lovely little zoo right down near Waikiki Beach. Parking is pay parking or you can park across the street for free. It's not expensive to pay though; it's a dollar-an-hour. It almost felt like a lot of the parking was taken up by people that wanted to go across the street to the beach. The exhibits and habitats were nicely done. We went in the afternoon and unfortunately a lot of the animals weren't out when we were there.

A delightful place to visit with the children. The admission is a bit expensive (US$19 for an adult) but no doubt on par with other zoos around the world. There was a great variety of animals (The elephants were definitely a favourite) and some very interesting exhibits. My only real complaint would be about the prices of the food etc inside. $4.95 for a cup of soda for example just seemed way too much. Apart from that though, our day was enjoyable.

One of the best zoos we have been to hands down... kids absolutely loved it. The animals all seem very happy and free. Not to mention the beautiful scenery being right next to Waikiki. Be sure to make your photo stop at the huge Banyan Tree out front. If you ever have some free time in Honolulu I highly recommend checking it out.

14. Lyon Arboretum

One of my favourite places to go on Oahu. Beautiful flora and fauna. Can get a little hot and a lot of the trails are pretty steep. Make sure to bring good shoes as the main trail is paved with loose pebbles, it’s a little tough to walk on with flip flops. Entry is technically free but they do ask for a donation to help with costs, also all visitors need to sign in at the gift shop, and it’s also a good idea to bring some bug spray if you plan on going off the main trail.

I go here at least once a year. Lyon Arboretum conducts two plant sales a year with "partners" from around the island. It's a great chance to see the Arboretum and get new plants. Expert plant lovers are there to answer questions and give helpful advice. Shuttle service is provided on these occasions to more efficiently get visitors to the Arboretum. Some chose to walk. The parking lot is closed on these two events. It is a beautiful place to visit.

Definitely a hidden gem on Oahu! Most tourists hike the Manoa Fall which is right next door, however almost never get to go to this Botanical Garden that appertains to Manoa University. This place is perfect! Never crowded, simply beautifully kept, and you will see tons of tropical flowers and trees. Get up early, hike Manoa Falls first when it's not too crowded, then take a short walk to the Arboretum; I bet you will like the later better!

Very beautiful place people here really know what there doing. Many different variety of plants lots and lots of flowers. Also a very nice short path to a waterfall not a very big pond to swim in or anything but good place to unwind I think for me spring and summer is my favorite time to go many plants and insects around lots of the trees that fruit has fruit and plants that flower have lots of flowers alot off different insects wandering too. And also the birds, nice selection of birds beautiful birds big and small I like to just take a walk get lost in the beauty of the trees and plants and the sweet songs of the birds

Very well taken care of. There's a main path that will lead you straight to a waterfall or you can take one of the many smaller paths. The hike was about 25 minutes to the waterfall.

15. Rock-A-Hula

Fantastic show We did sit down meal table service and Evan our waiter was so friendly... would recommend doing this show every bit was brilliant from England UK 😁

Great entertainment and Luau! It was well worth the money. The buffet was very good quality with lots of options for kids and adults. The service was very good too as the staff bent over backwards to please us. The show was fantastic. There was never a dull moment with singing and dancing throughout the luau and show. I was never bored and the performers kept the audience engaged. My kids had a blast and want to do it again. I highly recommend both the show and luau.

A great show, enjoyed the drinks. And the fire/hula dancers mad my vacation complete. I highly reccomend this show.

Very good entertainment. Super Elvis and Michael Jackson impersonators. Great Lua

My wife and I did the Luau package.... Awesome experience.... Everything was outstanding... The Food, The Service, The People and of Course the show.... My wife and I will definitely spread the word to all of our Ohana and friends... Big Mahalo's for giving us an awesome experience we will never forget.... Aloha's....10/09/2017

17. Paradise Cove Luau

My family (2 adults & 2 teens) enjoyed this luau. We booked with Paradise Cove b/c of it's good reviews and beach front location. Little did we know we would meet Cousin Rich & Captain Gorgeous on the bus to get to the luau. They were great hosts and made the ride enjoyable. The whole trip was very organized and flowed smoothly. Upon arrival your greeted with drinks and beautiful staff, you arrive early enough that you get to enjoy games, crafts & gift shops. You can also get some amazing pictures. The area was beautiful, the food was excellent and the show was fantastic. It was a great way to end our week in HI.

Great luau. The atmosphere was great. Very family friendly with some events that kids can participate in such as spear throwing, canoeing, family photos with everyone holding parrots (you can purchase later if you like the photos, no obligation before photos), watching them show how to throw out nets for fishing. The main show was great and the food too. Worth the price of admission!

This is one of the main shows you can see while in Honolulu. I have not been to Chief’s Luau so I can not compare. Paradise cove is fairly priced and the shuttle bus is well worth it. It’s only $16 for the shuttle and it is quite far away. Round trip with uber can get up to $50. The lay out of the venue is cool with a great view. They have a lot of different activities to keep you busy before dinner starts. The food is great and they serve you buffet style. There are many options and you will definitely get full. Make sure you check in to verify which hotel they will pick you up from. Pick up is at 3:30 and they drop you off around 10. It does take up the whole day more or less. But well worth it.

Beachfront location is 5 star. Drinks were great. Sunset and the view was extremely beautiful. Staff super friendly. We were a party of 8 adults and we all had a wonderful time. The activities and actual show was great! Only thing they can improve on is the food options.

This was definitely a great luau. The food was amazing and the activities were fun!. You get a complimentary drink at the beginning and it tastes amazing. I have done another Luau and this one was better. The food tasted way better. The show was good too.

18. St. Augustine Church

A little gem of spiritual tranquility in Waikiki. Thank you for leaving the doors open so that I can come into your house. Left me with feeling of greater faith that came from my visit to Hawaii allowing me to feel the love from the land and the people. Peace love and happiness to all.

Beautiful catholic church by the beach! Luckily my hotel was near by so we decided to go to there for Sunday mass. Father was very friendly, approachable and seemed loved by everyone there. Gotta love their hymns because they’re all Hawaiian style - nice & relaxed! Noticed half local and half tourists if that makes any difference but we were all there to pray and thank the lord for the beautiful experience in Waikiki I really miss it 🙏

Beautiful, peaceful church on the east side of Wikiki. The stain glass is magnificent.

Chapel design looks like a upside down boat . Great atmosphere and blended with Hawaiian way to celebrate with Jesus

Beautiful church in the area. Great for a spot to pause at in the Waikiki area. Services still do occur here. Plan accordingly. We attempted to stop in on a Wednesday evening. Service occurring.

20. Duke Paoa Kahanamoku Statue

New Beach rental vendors after a big fight last 2-3 months. All Caucasian workers now, it seems. Too Rough for this Amerasian, this part of town from US military & White Men looking to hire sex workers. I walk quickly through here during daytime. Nighttime plenty of cops policing everything too.

We came here probably three times during our visit. Service was pretty good for the most part. We did have a large group one of the night so Service was a bit slow that night. Sitting out back with ocean view is a must! Music over all was pretty good. As far as food, we had the ribs which were just OK, and the fish tacos which we only ate one of them. They were not good at all!

Being in the Navy I come here at least twice a year. Most touristy place in all of Hawaii. Also, Dukes has a great breakfast buffet. Parents love it.

I think this is just one spot you cannot miss when you are in Waikiki so go ahead and admire this amazing part of Hawaii's culture.

The statue of the Duke is right there front and centre at Kuhio Beach, opposite the Hyatt Regency hotel. Seeing the Duke, truly announces your arrival to Waikiki. Definitely worth a quick visit and photo with the man who brought surfing to the World.