Best Things To Do in Grand Canyon

1. Grand Canyon National Park

Absolutely amazing national park. Very well kept and organized. Highly recommend the South rim, especially the Rim Trail from Mather point to the Bright Angel Lodge. The views are stunning along the trail. The bus system is also very good. Definitely come visit here if you're in Vegas on vacation!

Everyone should visit the Grand Canyon at least once in your life. Park admission is well worth it , long line of cars to get in but it moves quickly. So many spots along south scenic drive to stop and get right on the edge. I rode my motorcycle along the south rim and was speechless the entire time !! I would suggest taking a full day to allow you to take your time to take in the breathtaking views. Do not miss the desert watch tower on the far East side. America should be very proud that this is in the heart of their great country.

Visited this phenomenal natural wonder in February. The sights are just as amazing as the summer but much fewer people. Try to arrive early to get a full day visit. Dress in layers with a hat or scarf. Trails are very easy on the rim top. Trails into the canyon are steep but in great shape.

Still my favorite national park and favorite natural wonder! Been here numerous times and we enjoy taking family or friends who are visiting there. I absolutely love the shuttle system. Always have great experiences, staff is always helpful. Love seeing wildlife just walking by visitors through the park. My only regret is that I haven't been able to hike down the canyon yet. Would love to and Can't wait to actually be able to do it.

I've been in Arizona for 8 years and finally got a chance to visit the Grand Canyon. I was really impressed; not just by the canyon, but by the whole park experience. The buses are free and take you all over. It's a great way to see everything. We are at the cafe inside the grocery store and the food was decent with reasonable prices. I hope to go back in the future. Now, I just need to figure out how to get my dream job as a Grand Canyon bus driver.

2. Mather Point

It was an incredible experience taking in one of the seven wonders of the world, " The Grand Canyon ". Mather's Point was one lookout's that offered us the breathtaking views from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Awestruck would be a tame way of describing what we saw. The colors, the shapes, the beauty of this natural wonder is a photographer's dream. Everywhere you looked left you mesmerized and no matter where you looked it never appeared to be the same, even when you looked at the same spot over and over. If you have the chance to visit this wondrous place, do. You'll never regret your decision.

This is pretty much the first thing to see when visiting the grand canyon national park. You can view sunrise from here. It's pretty good but a bit crowded during sunrise and sunset times. Obviously. This point gives you a great (read AMAZINGLY GREAT) view of the grand canyon, the hike trails, the temple formations, etc. It's an awesome photo shoot location. Overall a great point to start the grand canyon tour. Make sure to take warm clothes, gloves, etc as it gets pretty cold here during winter. You can also start the rim trail from here.

Beautiful spot to watch the sunrise. I arrived about an hour before sunrise and there was only 2 other people at the point. Most people arrive about 15-20 minutes before sunrise. Arrive early if you want to avoid the crowd, but you get the same view if you arrive closer to the sunrise. It's a beautiful spot, but make sure you view all around you. The rocks have a beautiful color that the sunrise can bring out. Wish I could have stayed for sunset too.

Truly vast vista. This is the kind of view you always thought only appeared on postcards. It is located very close to main parking lots and visitor's center. Got there just in time for sunrise and even managed to impress 3 teenage grandsons. "Wow". You can catch the free shuttle bus from there or walk to the next overlook about a mile up to catch it there. Buses run every 10 - 30 minutes depending on season, time, and demand.

Remarkable. Many viewpoints along the short, well maintained and paved trail. Come an hour before both sunrise and sunset, and stay another 30 minutes for the best lighting. The outer point is not wheelchair accessible or recommended for folks who consider themselves uncertain about their footing (lots of steps). The path is great for everyone.

5. Yaki Point

Amazing views. Revommended to stay it sunset to witness some rare beautiful light and colour patterns.

unforgettable experience! It would be also the head of trail down to the river of Colorado.

Fabulous view point if you don't want to hike a lot and take great photos. You won't find many people like other view points

Fantastic views, no railings. Not for roaming children

The place is amazing. It is very worth to visit here.

6. Grand Canyon Railway

As locals, it took us a while to take the train to the canyon, but we're glad we did! Each car has an attendant to impress you with local knowledge and make sure you enjoy your trip. The live performers were really fun, and the warden kept the teens and pre-teens off their electronic devices so they could enjoy the family time. We recommend taking the train up and staying at least one night at the canyon for a family adventure or romantic getaway. You'll love it!

Entertainment, comfortable, Quality service and best part during the train ride they sing Happy Birthday to me feels like im so special, have birthday cake and memorable birthday card "BEST birthday ever" Kathy with K your the best. All the staff amazing. I definitely recommed to my friends and family

This was an amazing experience, especially being able to appreciate the scenery and wildlife while traveling to the Grand Canyon's South Rim. I highly recommend upgrading to the luxury parlors.

The train trip was fantastic but cold and snowywhich made it all the more enjoyable! The singing cowboys and train robbery performers was outstanding! It is definitely worth a return trip!

You can drive in 2.5 hours what GCR charges $200 per person to do in 7 (Williams to Bright Angel Trail head & back). If you want quiet & cost effective, this is not your ride. I thought I was paying for a peaceful, scenic classy ride to & from the canyon. Avoid the hassle of traffic. Seemed pricey, but it was the honey moon so what the hell. All the folks @ GCR try VERY hard to make it entertaining, and that is what ruined it for my wife & I. We don't need a brassy tour guide blaring over the PA. We're not interested in the folksy musical styling of a dude wielding a harmonica, guitar & tambourine, and we don't care if the mountain range looks like a celebrity profile. After eating the poor fare at El Tovar and walking around the rim for 3 hours we sure as hell do not want it all over again on the way back (with a PAINFULLY cheese "Hollywood train robbery" thrown in). "Uh oh, these two dudes on horses shot out our train wheels so we have to stop the train and let these jack-wads on so they can try for tips". They actually said the train wheels got shot out. Maybe I am just a jaded generation Xer with a bad attitude. Mid-west retirees will probably dig this molasses slow overpriced ride.

7. Hermit's Rest

Worth stopping in just to see the tremendous fireplace in the gift shop and the beautiful sunset view. Only problem is it closes before sunset in the summer (6 pm), but restrooms are available outside. This is the last stop on the free shuttle bus purple route. Take the bus out, walk about (well worth it),and catch another back after sunset.

Love it !! Has a great hiking path . I’d recommend to ride the (free) bus up to Hermits rest then walking back down to the village . It’s a good 4-5 hr walk but well worth it

Great view... great historical building ....didnt have much time to see it all but want to go back

Worth the drive or bus trip. The views are amazing and the building itself is quite impressive!

My favorite view from atop the rim. Has a nice hiking trail, and is usually the least crowded above the rim tourist spots, during busy season.

8. Navajo Point

Great views of grand canyon. Nice photos from here

Beautiful picture spot for the Colorodo and a distant view of Desert View Tower

Awesome viewpoint! In my opinion, this is one of the better viewpoints of the canyon.

Beautiful location. Last viewpoint heading east before Desert View.

All of the Grand Canyon south rim is wonderful, but having take the Desert View tour with Zantarra the area to the east of the village was particularly wonderful.

9. Grandview Point

I've always been interested in American history. As well as America's treasures. Sure I've seen every picture or documentary there's ever been regarding the Grand Canyon. They say a picture is worth 1000 words. Now actually being at the spot that you've read about and seen pictures of you'll realize that there isn't anything like being there in person. How do you describe the wind rising up from the canyon? How do you describe the feeling you get when you and your family are standing together watching the most beautiful sunset nature has to offer? Those are the wonderful feelings you have. On the other side how do you describe the anger you feel when you see human trash strewn about here and there without a second thought. This is not a theme park that belongs to a company. This belongs to you, to all of America, and to the rest of the 🌎. Please take pride in what beauty Mother Nature has given us. My advice is bring a biodegradable bag for which to store you snacks and food in. When done make it a personal mission to pick-up just ten pieces of junk people have left behind. It will make a difference on a scale you can't even measure. Not to mention how good it makes you feel as a human being. So go on out there and enjoy what nature and millions of years of erosion has made for us.

Beautiful views and an epic hike down into the canyon. Make sure you are prepared for a VERY rigorous hike if you plan to go all the way out onto the Mesa. The hike is deceptively easy going out and is quite challenging coming back. I am a pretty experienced casual East Coast hiker and this was basically the hardest thing I have ever done.

I had driven to the Grand Canyon in anticipation of a coming storm. I remember the morning being particularly cold as I hiked along the rim awaiting the arrival of the sun. As I stood at Grandview Point, one of the seemingly infinite number of dazzling vista points the Grand Canyon has to offer, skies were still overcast, but a small break in the clouds allowed a single ray of sunlight to shine through, illuminating a small portion of the rock faces below, as can be seen in the accompanying photo below.

Great views and photos from here, nice panoramic photos. This is the place where to start the trek. Must visit it

The walk to the view point is a little rough. You need good, sturdy shoes as it is quite rocky. Plus you have to do some climbing to the look out point. Im sure kids could do it, im just not sure how safe it is for them to do... Not sure I'd recommend for little kids.

10. Mohave Point

Breathtaking views. Even in single digit wind chill and 40mph wind. We didn't want to leave!

Another very popular, and sometimes crowded, view point. Majestic. Much better and more beautiful than we've ever imagined. Just one personal comment: if/when you see pics, videos, movies don't forget that the actual colors widely vary depending on the time of the day, the weather conditions, and the season you visit. Conclusion: when you actually visit leave plenty of time to enjoy and you'll be very pleasantly surprised. Should be on the bucket list.

Must see at sunrise or sunset, view from both sides of the point, if it is still, you can hear the water!!

One of many spectacular viewing points along the south rim. Spring time in the canyon is beautiful.

Amazing place to visit.

11. National Geographic Visitor Center

This was our first time visiting Arizona through the Gray Line LAS VEGAS Tour bus 🚌🚍 from Nevada. We were on vacation and celebrating our friend's birthday along with mine in Vegas and planned this wonderful and educative trip ✈. I will be back in the distant future. - Noticeable from normal moving traffic. - FREE public parking field customers. - Wheelchair ♿ accessible entrance. - FREE public restroom 🚻 for customers. - The National Geographic Gift 🎁 shop has plenty of souvenirs to purchase and take back home. I would definitely recommend the National Geographic Visitor Center to anybody visiting the State of Arizona. It's a learning experience!

Great place for gifts & souvenirs, stay away from the food shop. My wife & I went in to grab a bite, 2 Pizza hut personal pizza's & 1 sweet & sour pork was $38!! Then all of it tasted horrible. We would have been better off getting frozen pizza. The gift shop however has a nice selection of jewelry, hoodies, shirts, post cards, souvenir magnets, coffee cups, at decent prices.

This is a great spot to stop for souvenirs, and history on the Grand Canyon. The I-max presentation was informative, and entertaining. Well worth watching, either before or after seeing the canyon itself.

The Imax wasn't all that great. It felt like I went back in time to 1990's. I personally didn't think it was worth it. Their gift shop is nice though. Lots of options.

Family-like atmosphere. Employees are very friendly and welcoming. Mr. Harris, the man who is in charge of this wonderful facilities embodies a Christ-like and family-friendly atmosphere. If I ever return near the canyon I will visit the facility.

12. Moran Point

This is one of the most stunning views you will get from Grand Canyon South Rim - fantastic depth and layering of this famous canyon. We were lucky seeing rain clouds and thunderstorms moving across this dramatic landscape. It was a memorable light show we will never forget.

Great views of grand canyon. Nice photos from this spot.

One of the best stops on 64.

Perhaps the best view, and usually has the least crowds on the south rim.

Words cannot express the awesomeness

14. Hopi House

If you are around, just spend 15 - 20 minutes inside this Hopi house. Definitely hard to find a parking spot because there is a museum, a viewpoint and a restaurant around which pulls a lot a people . The handicrafts by the Native Americans are beautiful. They are worth having a look and surely to buy some as a gift or for your home. Most of the items were very expensive. I am surely gonna come back here in future and buy something.

Wonderful Hopi house has beautiful works of art for sale and in gallery from Hopi, Ute, Navajo and other tribes. Very awe inspiring history. Great gift shop for bringing back gifts for family, friends, or even yourself! Most of the price of pottery is defined by if it was actually Native made or imported from non natives. I personally bough a beautiful Navajo vase.

Huge selection of some unique gift ideas!!

Cool shop with Native American products.

Really excellent, wonderfully clean and interesting... really recommendable...

15. Bright Angel Bicycles & Mather Point Cafe

What a great experience we had! Our tour guide, Megan was so friendly and fun and really knew her stuff. The staff at Bright Angel was very helpful and provided top notch customer service! We made our reservation ahead of time and were checked in very quickly and were soon on our way to explore the Grand Canyon. I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone and suggest you ask for Megan as your guide.

Rented two bikes for 1/2 day - cycled out to Hermit's Rest and back - took about 3 1/4 hours including a quick lunch stop. No traffic other than park buses. An excellent way to spend half a day. Staff were great, bicycles were comfortable and well maintained. Park buses have bike racks that hold 3 bikes in case you run out of gas on your ride. Recommended.

The food here is terrible. This is not a restaurant. Limited space in here and limited food. The sandwiches were soggy and disgusting. You grab your own sandwich from a refrigerator, pay and the computer prompts you to leave a tip.... Really, for what, working the cash register? You can order coffee from here. I did not so I can't say if it is any good or not. I would not eat here again. The second star is only because you can buy other snacks and drinks that are eatable.

Do not eat the sandwiches from this cafe. We bought sandwiches from this place on Wednesday, December 20, 2017. My daughter was sick for 3 days. It ruined our vacation. I see now that other visitors have complained about the food, and this store is still selling spoiled sandwiches. I find this disgraceful, and I advise visitors to not risk consuming anything from this place. There needs to be some consequences for whoever is allowing this to happen repeatedly.

We rented 2 bicycles for a day and also booked a Ride The Rim guided bike tour online with these guys before we flew in from California on July 4th.It was great to have the bikes for a day during our 2 day visit so we could check out a few points of interest not far from our hotel.We did the 2pm to 5pm Grand Canyon rim tour on July 5th which was hosted by Taylor.It was very hot needless to say at this time of the year.My wife and I were among a small group who took the guided bike tour and our guide Taylor kept things flowing nicely the whole trip.There is also a small cafe here where we picked up hot lattes 2 mornings in a row.They tasted very well made both times.There is also a decent selection of pre-made sandwiches and a large range of various cold drinks available.All in all we were very happy with our bike tour and all interaction with the friendly staff who work here.

16. Maverick Helicopters

Flying above the Grand Canyon is really the only way to appreciate the size and scope of this natural wonder. We flew it before we drove up to the South Rim to view it and I can honestly say that we could have just done the flight and been done. It was just so much more impressive to see from above. The flight was smooth and covered a distance that spanned from the South Rim to the North Rim. My only complaint is that I wished the flight would have been longer. Between getting loaded up and flying over the forest to get to the canyon, you only spend about 30 minutes over the canyon itself. The thrill from flying over the edge of the land to the drop off of the canyon below is a heart pounder. It was worth every penny.

I was recommended to Maverick by my co worker and I have to say it definitely lived up to its review. From booking a tour online to the easy check in and straight forward requirements made planning very hassle free. Our pilot was great and the entire experience is unbelievable. We were speechless as the floor dropped beneath us and we had a breath taking view of the canyon. This is a must do if you are visiting Grand Canyon. I highly recommend it!

We did a grand canyon tour on January 29 2018 the trip was awesome, it was a bright sunny day and in the 60s you could not ask for a better day our pilot was fantastic and the views were breath taking so you might ask why only 3 stars ? It is the video they sell you of the trip, the helicopters cost is 3.2 million but the video camera is from Walmart, the picture was awful, no color and grainey. I recommend the trip but don't buy the video.

Very professional. Excellent narration from the pilot. Great experience.

The experience was unbelievable!! One of those things in life where the experience was even better than I could have imagined. The entire Maverick team was super professional and made us feel safe and secure. Great job!!!!

17. Bright Angel Point

Beautiful and easy trail. Nice walk down the canyon. Easy to park near the Lodges at the start of the trail. The views keep on changing as you walk downwards. Incredible beauty from every angle and at every level. Make sure to check the weather as it can become extremely hot in summers. Very dry weather and you need to ensure you stay properly hydrated. There are some water points along the way and also some toilets, but they are few and far between as you would expect in such places. The walk seems easy enough, but always remember you are going downwards first and the difficult part will start when you walk back up. Therefore manage your energy properly and turn back before getting too tired. Around 9 miles to the Indian village at the bottom, but it is extremely difficult to go down and up in one day. But you can plan to stay the night there and return next day.

This view is only a short walk down the paved trail from the visitor center. Although this viewpoint is amazing at any time of day, my personal favorite is right at the crack of dawn, when those first pockets of light first show up. I recommend getting there early, especially if you're there to take pictures, because the available space for setting up tripods gets filled up pretty quickly.

RECOMMEND! Less than a 1/2 mile out to the point, but the views are all along the way! From the parking lot walk on the left past the cabins- which by mid oct are empty & closed. Great place to watch sunsets 🌅 as the red rock of the canyon glows & with the high point of view from this point, the winding canyons and colorful sky made for an amazing array of colors. If you're here for a bit - take water & food. Most supplies are many a miles away.

Good short but steep walk. A good 30 minutes roundtrip with pictures. Suggested to keep very close to kids. Trail has open areas with straight falls.

This is the point view looking across the near canyon and down into the North Kaibab Canyon which is part of the Inner Canyon of the Grand Canyon. From the rim the vast majority of what you see is the Outer Canyon. It is beautiful. But for those of us who have hiked into the canyon we have gotten to struggled to see the whole canyon. It is a pilgrimage of sorts. The Inner Canyon is deeper than the outer Canyon if you go down from the South Rim. From the North Rim it is shallower as the North Rim is about 1000 feet higher than the South Rim. Either way if you are strong and enduring enough to hike into The Canyon you will see how vast the Grand Canyon really is and how miniscule we really are.

18. Grand Canyon Association

Best people at the best place!

Wonderful! I can't wait to go back. We stayed at Maswick Lodge and loved the location.

Love it!