Best Things To Do in Florence Italy

1. Piazzale Michelangelo

Stunning views of all of Florence, this is a must to visit while you're staying here. Though if you're visiting during the colder months I recommend a bundling up since it can get pretty windy. When you're done taking in the views, I highly recommend grabbing a bite to eat at La Loggia. You can carry on with the beautiful view while enjoy a delicious meal.

Great views of Florence. If you walk up it is a bit of a trek (a semi-steep uphill followed by a number of steps to get up to the top), but you can also get up by vehicle. There's a replica of Michelangelo's David, as well as a restaurant and a number of street vendors. While you also get amazing views of Florence from the Duomo, the view from Piazzale Michelangelo is quite different, as you can see almost the entire city at once. Would definitely recommend coming here during your trip!

I can see that this place would be even more excellent in nice weather. I visited when is was freezing/rain in early February. Went to a restaurant to have a beer and warm up, an amazing experience! Highly recommended!

It's my Paradise! Awesome place with the best view on Florence! I spent there half a day listening one cool musician and catching rays of the sun! Don't miss the opportunity to go there during your stay in Florence!

A lovely place which took me ages to see after coming to Florence.... A view point for the view of whole city of Florence...! What a lovely view it was....! I still remember the moment.... Go without expectations...!

3. Piazza della Signoria

Loved this plaza! The layout allows lots of people to walk around comfortably to look at the replicas of famous artworks outside! There are many nearby gelateries and good restaurants too. There is also a street musician once in a while! 👍

Very lovely square. People are lurking around to see the masterpieces of reneusance. You will be there when you see the replica of David statue. You can't miss it.

Although I give 5 stars, I must to question the decision of whomever thought of placing a huge 'modern artist's work (shaped like a turd)' at piazza's center among the most magnificent sculptures and great architecture in history, was a good idea. It creates a disharmony and discomfort for visitors. A horrible decision.

Lots to see and several good places to eat. Watch out for the pick pockets all through Florence. They try to give you candy as they go for your pockets. I didn't remove my hand from the camera I had in my jacket pocket and the guy still tried to put his hand in to take it. I felt like kicking his you know what but he wasn't worth the time. Be very aware when in this town.

One of the many piazzas in Italy, but nice to take some Instagram shots. Always a nice stroll is good

4. Pitti Palace

Beautiful place for pictures. If you're visiting Florence, this is a must! Great view of the Duomo and beautiful gardens. I just got a ticket for the gardens (I believe it was 8€) and it was well worth it! I spent hours here. Looking forward to going back and viewing more of this place.

It was nice to see what is/was real welth, how small all we are and how powerful they were. Millions or billions in art kept in one place. It is really worth to see! (without garden)

Gorgeous and warm environments. Beautiful scenic views. Exquisite sculptures and historical landmarks. Must visit!

Enormous quantity of great art. The Paintings by Raphael were astounding. I loved it. A nice nut a little pricey cafe in the basement

Words can't describe the feeling! Children under 17 are free adults start at €4. The garden is beautiful, the status are awesome! The views of the city are beautiful from the top! Definitely worth the money and the time!

5. Giotto's Bell Tower

Not worth it. I waited in a long line and found out at the top that there was a cage around the top. I could not take good photos. I recommend the Brunelleschi dome instead which does not have any obstructions of the view. The walk is easier than the dome as the steps are more consistent and none of them are steep. There are also three floors to stop and look out and breathe. But there is also metal obstructing the view. There is only one way up and down, so it is hard to get past people going the other direction on the narrow stair steps.

Absolutely stunning view from the top. I must say though, that I would not recommend going with smaller children, as there are a lot of very steep steps. They are very exhausting, even for some adults. But despite that, I absolutely love this place. The all in one ticket for 15 Euros is definitely worth it.

It's a very good place for u to get a whole city view of beautiful Florence, just remembered to skip the middle floor and directly go to the top floor. The view is incredible! If u visit here in winter, there's a cold warning: u should wear gloves, scarf and every other things to keep warm, cos it's literally freaking cold on the top!

This area is truly surreal, the detail of the bell tower and duomo is astounding. We spent hours in this area taking in the views and the restaurants. The 400+ steps to the top is more than worth the effort. The views of the city are amazing.

I was a very long walk up! But it worst it. Spend about 40 minutes in the line to get in. I recommended to bring some water when you go there.

6. Basilica di San Lorenzo

A little bare after the Medici chapel next door, but the old sacristy is a wonderful example of the early renaissance. This is also Donatello’s burial place. The ticket will also get you into the library which has a foyer designed by Michelangelo.

Important: this is not the same as the Medici Chapel! The Medici Chapel is a distinct entrance with a separate entrance fee. The Medici Chapel is great but personally I did not find this to be an impressive church compared to others in Florence or elsewhere in Italy. We did a self-guided audio tour and a guided tour and would not recommend either. Felt like a bit of a waste of time really with so much else to see in Florence!

6€ to see a rather unimpressed church. We went here because there was a 2 hour line for the Duomo but it wasn't worth it

Very interesting place from historical point of view. Nothing outstanding in comparison with Santa Maria Novella and Santa Croce but worth a visit.

Burial place of the Medici family. Also contains a musuem containing numerous medici treasures.

8. Brunelleschi's Dome

Amazing views, well worth the 463 step climb. Much better view than the nearby and shorter bell tower, which has a metal barrier blocking the view. Impressive architecture to walk inside. There is a long wait normally. I booked in advanced with a time slot. I waited in line and was not allowed in because I was 5 minutes early for my time slot. I had to stand on the side (in the rain) for my time slot. The person left and went inside. But the person did not come out until 15 minutes after my time slot. Too much unnecessary waiting in the rain. Then I climb the stairs. The climb is okay when there are not people coming in the opposite direction. If that happens (it will), there is no where to stand, so you have to go pass the narrow way or stand on the side of the steps with people squeezing by. The bottom half has separate stairs going up and down. The view of the city is impressive, especially at sunset. You can go all around the dome. When I wanted to go down, there was a line as the guard stopped the line to allow people to go outside.

We were slightly hesitant about the climbing the dome as we'd read reviews about tight corridors and not to go up if you're claustrophobic. However, We were pleasantly surprised! The walk up was easy. It was well lit and never felt cramped. Slightly annoying when at one point you have to squeeze past the people coming down too, but that doesn't last for long. Worth it for the view!! Amazing.

If you visit Florence you MUST visit the dome and i strongly recommend paying the 15 euros to go to the top. The views are amazing and well worth the 450 step climb. You get to see the inside of the dome, which is a beautiful work of art. (If you want to get views of Florence with the Dome however, you should climb the bell tower as well, which is included in the 15 euro price)

The stair climb is not for the faint of heart. The climb itself is totally doable for most healthy people. The problem is when you need to continue up and there's a bunch of people that are going down. We encountered several situations where traffic was at a stalemate because there was no more space to squeeze bodies to let the other side of traffic through. I think there needs to be traffic controllers to resolve this issue Besides the super narrow stairs and traffic, the dome is well worth it.

The sight from above is impressive! Be aware, though, of the following: there is usually a 30' wait before entering and the stairs are rather narrow (so you will have to stretch yourself when someone else is coming on the opposite direction)

9. Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore

An absolutely stunning cathedral, a wonderful dome, that because of the time of year, we could have gone up without queuing, but I couldn't. It was a terrifying, but magnetic prospect. The floors are amazing. The cannabis cantabile is amazing, the large baptism chapel next door is equally beautiful. What a wonderful, atmospheric place.

What an amazing historical landmark. It’s admired that this place is preserved this well. The tour guides told the story and it was informative. The architectural aspects of this masterpiece is mesmerizing. I’m glad that I visited this place. You can’t visit Florence and not visit the collosseum. I had a great experience. Italy times were great. Unforgettable memories.

Supreme, superb, astonishing, amazing, breath taking... what other adjective can be used to describe this magnificent work of art? You can simply sit down in front of it and stare at it for minutes and minutes contemplating the masterpiece it is. The symbol of the power Florence once had

I visited Florence in new year and although I had known that it should be too crowded, it was even worst. Entering Cathedral took 3 hours staying in line and what I'm going to say is that, if you planning for a holiday like Christmas, you can skip between churches and museum and enjoy street life. Or choose between them and forget about all. In case of Cathedral, although it was nice, I can honestly say that inside wasn't something incredible! Really empty and you cant even compare it with Cathedral of Milan at all, if you know it. Enjoy your trip :)

Where do I begin... It the most beautiful place to be when you visit Florence. You have to go on the top of this place. It shows the whole of Florence in one view, although it's a climb a nasty one, it's worth the 500steps. Make sure to go and visit this beauty whenever in Florence

10. Giardino Bardini

Wonderful garden, permanent and temporary exhibit. Incredible view of Florence. The staff, however, is not always kind...

Very beautiful and full of spirit. So green with nice view over the city. A bit expensive entrance fee, especially that many places were closed for visitors.

Quaint. All uphill. Great views though Not overly different from the Baboli gardens . If you don't want to pay twice just get the ticket to the Baboli gardens No cafe here but if you do get the two tickets there's one at the entrance of the palace at the baboli. There are great little walks here however and great views. Just be ok with climbing the steep climb

Very beautiful and romantic garden with a nice view on Florence. Entrance fee is 7€ and can be used for Boboli Gardens aswell.

Amazing garden with a beautiful view on the city. Squirrels hopping on trees and flowers blooming. Don't miss it.

11. Bargello National Museum

This is an excellent museum which is often overlooked in a city full of world class museums which is a shame. It is a very impressive museum with many interesting artefacts and exhibits. It is spread out over several floors and is easy to get around all of them to see everything. It has quite a few masterpieces as well including Donatello's David among others. It's also relatively inexpensive o if you have the time, definitely go and check it out.

Very good museum to visit. Lot of interesting things to see. Make sure to check visiting hours because they don't correspond with those stated here.

Great Museum holding some of the most important Italian sculptures. The building on its own Is amazing and has an interesting story. Also a must visit in Florence if you are into arts, especially sculpture.

The Bargello is a museum of Medieval and Renaissance art. The items have been collected from the Medici, convents and private collections. Most of the museums don't have brochures with floor plans so it is difficult to know how many rooms there are and how big they are. A quick walk through gave us an idea and helped to apportion our time. We began with the the Michelangelo Room with sculptures by many artists including Cellini, Giambologna, and Ammannati. There was also the 22 year old Michelangelo's marble sculpture of "Bacchus". The Cardinal for whom it was created didn't appreciate the drunken gaze of Bacchus. Giambologna's most famous work, the delicate bronze sculpture of "Flying Mercury" (from before 1580) was also there. There are more sculptures in the courtyard, including Cosimo Cenni's bronze "St Paul Cannon" from 1638 which represented the high point of bronze casting in 17th century Florence. Two other highlights were Giambologna's largest marble sculpture "Oceanus" (1576) and Ammannati's "Fountain for the Sala Grande" (1561) for Cosimo I de' Medici that was to be placed in the Salone dei Cinquecento at the Palazzo Vecchio. It never made it indoors and ended up in a garden which was probably more appropriate. Then there were two wonderful floors full of more sculptures, bronzes, majolica, glazed pottery, armour and weapons, ivory pieces, religious items, paintings, etc. Just a few of the things follow. There were many works by (or attributed to) Donatello. His first work, from around 1408, was a marble statue of "David". Then there was his bronze "David" (circa 1440). It is his most famous piece and the first full-round nude statue made since antiquity. That was followed by Andrea del Verrocchio's bronze "David" (circa 1469). It was excellent to see all three together in the one room. Another marble sculpture by Andrea del Verrocchio was his 1480 "Woman with a Bouquet of Flowers". A competition was held in 1401 for the design of the second set of doors for the Baptistery. It was won by the 23 year old Ghiberti. The entries by Ghiberti and Brunelleschi were on display. The competition called for a single gilded bronze panel on the theme of the sacrifice of Isaac. The complete set of panels took Ghiberti and his workshop 23 years to produce. There were a couple of rooms devoted to the della Robbia family (father, son and others) with many glazed ceramic pieces. Almost all were on religious themes. Then there was a big room with display cases full of majolica (earthenware covered and decorated with an opaque tin glaze) from the 14th century onwards. The room of armour was fascinating with beautifully decorated shields, helmets and armour belonging to the Medici.

Very close to the duomo. The meusuam houses master pieces of Michelangelo, Jacopo, Donatello etc. Also has a gallery for ceramic arts. Few of the oldest statues of David are shown here. The Sign board in front of the meusuam is very small and not noticeable. Just start walking behind the duomo until you find the tower of the building.

12. Uffizi Gallery

The Uffizi Gallery was beautiful and the works of art are definitely worth seeing. The best option is to take a tour though, that way you can get the most of it! There is so much artwork in there that without a guide most people (Like myself) would have no idea what they're looking at! Learning about the work itself and it's creator is just as incredible as actually seeing the piece.

Best place for painting lovers. Enjoy painting not photography. Saw most of people taking pictures madly than doing what they are supposed to do in painting museum. "Turn on your mind not your camera". Pictures you will find online..

What could we say after thousands of excited reviewers? A fantastic, legendary place, its collection can't really be described. It has to be seen, the atmosphere has to be experienced. A definite top spot on bucket lists. Expect very tight security. And one last thing: the audio guide should seriously be improved (as of May 2016).

It's without a doubt the top attraction in Florence. Absolutely stunning art, beautiful building with a rooftop and views over Florence. I suggest you visit as a last thing on your tour, ensuring you finish your Florence visit on a high note. Tip: Get your ticket on the previous day to beat the cues and head straight to door 1 Also, do allow a minimum 2 hours to see just the main art works.

This is one of the top art museums in all of Europe. If you're in Florence then make sure you find time to visit. The masterpieces by artists such as Botticelli, Leonardo De Vinci, Michelangelo are something to see. The museum usually has quite a long queue to get in so make sure you buy a reserved time online beforehand. If you have more time try to get a guided tour to learn more.

13. Palazzo Vecchio

Oh wow! Fascinating museum, full of world- known pieces of art, the main gallery takes your breath away. There is room for improvement in their maps, slightly confusing sometimes, and the app is not that good either. However, this is by no means an impediment to appreciate its collections. Do book your ticket before hand, at least a few days in advance as the queues are significantly long! If you have time, take the opportunity to go to the top terrace, it has beautiful views of the city!

I really liked visiting the Palazzo Vecchio because inside you get a feel for what it was like many centuries ago during the reign of the Medicis. The Palazzo also has a tower which I highly recommend going up. The views are amazing from there. Inside also is a nice collection of art.

The staff are very friendly and helpful. Everything inside is bright and settled, a very beautiful place to slowly wander through. If you are going to climb the tower, you will need to wait in line to go up. Though you might have the Firenzi Card, you also need to wait for the entrance. And when i was there in January, i should wait for almost an hour, so I didn't climb the tower. I suggest you leave at least 1 hour to the building.

This building gives a good insight into the history of Florence. The rooms are full of surprises and beauty, I defy anyone to be struck by the magnification room of the 500, the ornate ceilings and painted stairways. Give yourself time to browse through the rooms do not glimpse. Due to tired legs did not climb up the tower.

Go to the museum of course, but must go all the way to the tower. Amazing view. This palace is full of history, great architecture and beautiful paintings.

14. Galleria dell'Accademia in Florence

Loved this gallery! I went on the 1st Sunday of the month so it was free! Michaelangelo's David is absolutely breath taking, as well as many of the other pieces! Only reason for a 4/5 is because the descriptions for the pieces of work were to far away and small. People had a hard time reading the information. Other than that, great experience!

The Dave! There's a modestly interesting musical instrument exhibit and an area with many dozens of casts of famous sculptures inside, but The David is the only real (and totally worth it) reason to visit. You can buy tickets online, which costs an extra couple of Euro, but is worth doing in high season.

Famous for Michelangelo's David sculpture. There are some other great statues, sculptures, and art. But the gallery is not very big. I got there early in the morning, and there was no line for the advanced bookings. There were only crowds around David. There is a gift shop.

The David is one of those art pieces you MUST see with your own eyes. It is beyond a magnificent work of art. Words cannot simply describe it.

Visited the gallery to view the Statue of David but found lots more to see. Excellent. Bought tickets from booth the day before thus avoiding the long queue.

16. Giardino dell'Iris

The Iris and Rose gardens were amazing. We looked the view here from the Piazza.

Just fantastic colours and collection of species Very well worth the visit

We arrived here with perfect timing. These gardens are not open for much of the year. We visited the garden in the second week of May 2013 and it was a perfectly sunny day with many different Iris flowers to view.

It was interesting to see that many of the same plant, but it was kind of dry and dusty around the whole grounds.

Hundreds of varieties of Iris - beautiful colour combinations. Please donate when you visit as it is run by volunteers and it would benefit from funding

17. Museum of Opera of Saint Maria of Fiore

This museum is excellent and has pretty amazing things inside such as the original doors to paradise, pieta by Michelangelo, etc.. The museum is spread out over several floors which can be accessed via lift or stairs. It recently underwent some renovation so is it was really a pleasure to visit. Make sure you book a combo ticket online in advanve which includes this museum, the Bell Tower, the dome and gives you quick entrance.

Totally love it, the museum has a very large collection and many exhibits are very interesting, and it has a very detailed history of the church, it is very informative. Especially the first three sketchs of the churches are very interesting. The church is just a masterpiece, a great art work in the history of architecture. I recommend everyone to go inside.

Finally an up to date museum experience in Florence. Not over huge. Amazing layout. Vastly informative. Money very well spent.

This place always has the shortest line out of all the monuments in Piazza del Duomo. It is not usually crowded. You use the same ticket for the other monuments in Piazza del Duomo. The real doors of the Baptistery are displayed here. There are many items displayed here on several floors. Definitely come here if you have extra time in Florence.

Go here and see the actual Ghiberti doors. I only had time to see some of the main bits of this museum but it was well worth it. So many tourists scramble to take photos of the replica doors at the Baptistry but this museum has the originals and is much less crowded. Obviously there are other lovely pieces here too.

18. The Boboli Gardens

Even though it is early spring and only the first crocus are coming up, it is still beautiful. Not as crowded as it would be later, you can take your time an really enjoy the garden. Breath taking views from the top, and local student guides are stationed around to give you some history.

beautiful landscape. the garden is very big but well organized. many points are good to take a photograph. you can see the whole florence from this garden. i saw a lot of people spent there afternoon picnic too.

Nice spot for strolling around in relative peace and quiet. Went in October so flower-wise not so many - I imagine in spring and summer it's much more attractive. It makes for a pleasant change from the hustle and bustle of streets. You can sit down on grass and relax.

Very nice open spaces with a few renaissance sculptures. We couldn’t see the fountain of Neptune because the park chased us out just before their closing time 😞 definitely come here early to avoid that

There are some decent spots for photos and some nice places to walk. However, some areas are seemingly relatively poorly maintained (though to be fair I saw it in March, and it will likely be much nicer once flowers bloom in the summer). The views of Florence from Piazzale Michelangelo are definitely nicer than from the Boboli Gardens.

19. Fontana del Porcellino

It is a nice porky. I put the coins five times and I hope really to go back in Florence. The Porcellino is very funny. Everyone should be there!

Supposedly, rubbing its nose (whilst putting a coin in its mouth) makes you come back to Florence. Or so they say!

Rub the javali nose, put a coin into the javali mouth and let it fall in the fountain to get better luck

Didn’t rub the nose last time I went and haven’t been since, so there must be something in the story. Must do it next time I go.

Excellent area to shop with restaurants nearby.

20. Basilica of Santa Maria Novella

As I walked in, a small group came in too and one of them said "I"m not paying 7 euros to enter a church." STOP! This is not just a church - it's a stunning example of the integration of religion with art, history and aesthetics. Do not be put off by the fee and walk away. See it! I cannot express how glad I was to walk around for over two hours to view amazing stuff. Particularly if you're religious, the symbolism and artwork will strike you because for the Dominicans, they came to convert the Carthars who disbelieved the human side of Jesus. Therefore, the artwork is heavily influenced by the Madonna who represents Jesus' earthly mother. Enjoy the thrill of being in a world class artistic experience. Plus in December, there were a handful of people at 12pm!

The beautiful church in Florence is magnificent and a must watch grossing the top priority list of visits in Florence.

St. Peter Martyr (Verona, 1205 – Milan, 1252) was a famous Dominican preacher best-known for his pugnacious opposition to heresy. He was sent to Florence in 1244, starting his fervent activities in Santa Maria Novella where he formed the "Società della Fede", or "Society of Faith", which was to spawn both the Compagnia del Bigallo and the "Misericordia".

Truly amazing, historical building at the center of Florence. Well worth a visit (and, of course, the time and admission you spend). Not as crowded as the most popular landmarks in Italy but still don't expect to be alone ... :)

Excellent historical and architectural monument. There are many stunning frescoes of XIV-XV centuries inside the Basilica and cloisters. Another must see place at Florence.