Best Things To Do in Florence Italy

1. Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore

I didn't know what to expect when we took the train from Rome to Florence to visit this church. My wife had been here 20 years ago, but this was all new to me. What a treat! This church is so beautiful! The amount of detail on the outside is amazing. We got to see the inside as well, but didn't get to go to the top to take in the city from above. The tickets were well sold out before we got there.

Just stunning. One of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen. Very crowded of course but wander round and soak up this place. The views from the cupola on top of the dome are amazing too. It's a bit of a walk up there though, through quite tight stairways but well worth it if you can handle it. Everyone should see this gem at least once.

Incredible building!! The surrounding ambience is vibrant. I didn't feel like getting to the top of the dome (500 steps approx.) but I really enjoyed its history. It's hard to believe that they let Brunelleschi try to build this crazy work without having worked as an architect before... Or that's what our guide told us haha

One of the most beautiful sights in all of Italy and the world. If you are an Assassin's Creed fan, you will love it even more. Taking the time to take a tour of the entire Cathedral is an absolute must. If you have 24 hours in Firenze or 24 days, you can not say you visited the city and explored it without exploring this.

I was lucky enough to stay next to the Duomo on my trip and it is stunning! It’s also a great place to people watch. It does get very crowded so would recommend coming early morning or early evening to avoid the crowds and to get your photos.

2. Piazzale Michelangelo

A fairly steep climb up old shaded steps. Stop at the beautiful rose garden halfway up. The Piazzale has stunning panoramic views across Florence with the mountains behind. Would definitely recommend going there for photos you will treasure. You note the tallest buildings are the old historic ones. There are no towerblocks to spoil the cityscape.

Tremendous view of Florence! This place is wonderful compared to the view from the cathedral. From here, you overlook the whole of this awesome metropolis. An amazing place for sunbathing, relaxing on the stairs, and shopping for some souvenirs. The vendors charge insane prices, so if you have time, go to them and enjoy the bargaining.

Beautiful Vista overlooking the entire city. Make sure you arrive on time before the sunset. The change of colors is simply incredible. You view the entire city center from above, see the golden color or changes on the river as the sun sets down and notice the subtle color variances of the Tuscan hills in the distance.

The views from this square overlooking Florence are amazing. It is a very popular place for tourists so expect to find large crowds of people and space for unobstructed photos to be difficult to find. The statue of David on the square is also a nice copy so it's definitely worth putting the effort in to visit this viewpoint.

Some of the best views of Florence can be seen from here, especially later in the day when the sun starts to come down. It's a nice walk from the center of the city, across the river, and up the windy roads. You can get there by bus as well but you'd miss what makes this city so special!

3. Ponte Vecchio

I guess it is a must see if you are in Florence. It is very touristy! If you want to buy over priced jewelry it is the place to go. It is a beautiful view. Best photo op is across the river and down to the right there is a viewing spot near a hotel. Lots of other places to see in Florence.

If you are going just to enjoy the view it is great. But when purchasing from here it is kind of a bummer to know that majority of the shops are run by one company. What does that mean for the shopper? Less variety, most pieces you will notice the same barcode, a symbol of corporate takeover. It also means less bargaining and good deals. But the experience is cool.

Lovely area and all the shops were very welcoming. All laid our very well and will have an amazing view of the river. Very classical location of Florence and it is worth going to when just to pass over and look through the windows

What a beautiful bridge in such a wonderful city! We couldn't afford to walk into most of the shops in there, but it was fun walking around and looking none the less. And the view standing on the bridge looking out over the river is a wonderful sight.

It's one of the most romantic place that I'm visited in my life. I like very very much. You must go there one time in you're life.

4. Uffizi Gallery

If you visit Florence then you must visit the Uffizi Gallery where you will marvel at the amount of art on show. If I were to start to mention a few of the famous artists on show it would be a disservice to the others I had missed, so take my word for it you will be amazed. You will probably have to queue to get in as the gallery is very popular with the tourists and be prepared to spend several hours there. There is a cafe of course but beware that it is a one way system, so plan your route from the guide provided carefully.

It's hard not to give a place like the Uffizi 5 stars, but there were a few tiny things that prevented it from being perfect. It is home to one of the largest collections of Renaissance visual culture, which helps to create a greater understanding of what Florence was like during the Florentine Renaissance. If you are not familiar with the history of the pieces that you will be seeing, I would highly recommend doing some sort of audio-guide or tour. I personally would recommend Rick Steve's Audio Europe app. It is free, comprehensive, and lets you go at your own pace (away from a crowded and expensive tour group, which is a bonus). The reason I am not giving the Uffizi 5 stars is simply the organization, and staff. There are several different lines to enter, depending on whether you are with a tour group, have pre-booked tickets bought over the phone, bought the "Skip the Line" tickets, or are buying tickets at the door. The signage isn't great so it's quite confusing, and we very briefly got in the wrong line. When we asked one of the staff members if they could direct us to the right area, they were incredibly rude and unhelpful. The other reason for the 4 star rating is simply the layout of the Gallery. The rooms sort of weave in and out of the main hallways, which sometimes leaves very little space for some of the more renowned works, especially with the tour group crowds. Overall, we really did enjoy our experience (especially with the help of Rick Steve's Audio Guide), and I would recommend a visit to anyone who is spending a few days in Florence.

Absolutely awesome museum. We booked a private tour with Freyas tour company. Our tour guide was named Cate and she was absolutely perfect for what we were looking for. When you book a private tour you get to skip the lines which is worth it right there. Cate took us to very specific parts of the museum and explain in incredible detail about each piece. She had an immense wealth of knowledge including stories about the various members of the families. Worth every dime!

If you're into renaissance and baroque art then this is the museum for you. Book tickets in advance online if you want to avoid the 60-90min long wait in line. Tickets were a bit pricey IMO for what you get (20 euro for tickets bought there, 24 euro tickets bought online). Was told by the information booth that tickets used to be 8 euro before the new art director raised the price as an experiment to see if attendance would drop. Apparently it didn't. Would recommend a audio or guided tour to get the most out of it.

For someone not interested in a survey of (mostly) Italian art, you may want to skip this one. I enjoyed other museums in the city more despite this being the most popular one. Don't really see what all the hype was. Massive crowds, and very tiring. My wife studied art history though and she loved it. Happy wife, happy life. Ok I guess.

5. Piazza della Signoria

Beautiful piazza! With many great statues. Sadly these days (last days on April) the famous fountain was closed for conversation reason.

Visited December, 2015. Nice little piazza with some highly entertaining statues to get a feel for the great history engrained in Florence. Look out for the street entertainers though posing as statues, watch them for too long or try to snag a picture and they'll wave you down for a tip!

Loved this plaza! The layout allows lots of people to walk around comfortably to look at the replicas of famous artworks outside! There are many nearby gelateries and good restaurants too. There is also a street musician once in a while! 👍

Big place with horse driven carriages and magnificent statues in one corner. High Street shops all around it and lots of gelato shops all offering tempting stuff good for a hot summer day.

Stunning gallery and surrounded in rich architecture and history... queues should be expected to enter so would suggest arriving early to avoid a long wait.

6. Giotto's Bell Tower

Forget about the climb to the top and spend the time with the doors. Simply amazing bas relief done by Giotto, even in the replicas that make up these doors today. The colors of the doors and building have to be seen. Nothing else like it anywhere else in the world.

The climb was fun, but coming down is difficult when others are coming up. Narrow steps, and top was fully bared so difficult to get a great panaramic photo. But still the view can still be enjoyed it you prefer not to climb the cupala.

Amazing view from the top. Worth going all the way up to the rooftop! Reliving Assassin’s Creed moment😊

Not worth it. I waited in a long line and found out at the top that there was a cage around the top. I could not take good photos. I recommend the Brunelleschi dome instead which does not have any obstructions of the view. The walk is easier than the dome as the steps are more consistent and none of them are steep. There are also three floors to stop and look out and breathe. But there is also metal obstructing the view. There is only one way up and down, so it is hard to get past people going the other direction on the narrow stair steps.

Absolutely stunning view from the top. I must say though, that I would not recommend going with smaller children, as there are a lot of very steep steps. They are very exhausting, even for some adults. But despite that, I absolutely love this place. The all in one ticket for 15 Euros is definitely worth it.

7. Pitti Palace

We went on the first Sunday of the month. Queues were long as entrance was free. Very efficient staff and we did not have to stand long. The Royal chambers was spectacular with breathtaking frescoes and paintings. The clothing museum less interesting as no replicas of De Medici time gowns. The silver museum has very old an unusual treasures.

Just walking the Boboli gardens and imagining the Medici's having garden parties and games was worth the cost of admittance. The gardens were a nice relaxing walk although a bit of a hike to the top. The Pitti Palace was huge. It was great reading about what each room was used for as you toured the museum.

Inside the Pitti Palace there are 4different museums that can be visited with one single ticket. All the museum are very nice but Galleria Palatina is incredible. There are so many wonderful painting that I can stay there forever.

Beautiful place for pictures. If you're visiting Florence, this is a must! Great view of the Duomo and beautiful gardens. I just got a ticket for the gardens (I believe it was 8€) and it was well worth it! I spent hours here. Looking forward to going back and viewing more of this place.

It's huge and really beautiful. The Palace has a lot of museums, with a lot is amazing masterpieces. Also has an incredible garden.

8. Palazzo Vecchio

Best way to view Florence - we got the museum and tower for €14, and money well spent. Chose this over climbing the dome and would do the same again in a heartbeat, quite simply because it is much better to look at the dome from the tower here than vice-versa - the phrase, "would you rather see a palace from a cave or cave from a palace" came to mind, however as a 'cave' this is a mighty impressive one! Lots of rooms to look around in the museum including a rather grand hall. As with everything, arrive earlier to avoid queues, we got there about 10am and did OK, but any later would have meant more waiting. If you're trying to decide between this and the dome, do this!

An amazing landmark! The tower offers a beautiful view of Florence. The best part is that you get to see the Santa Maria cathedral and the queue to get was acceptable compared to the tower next to the cathedral or the dome itself. Tickets were cheap €9/person if I recall correctly (for censession).

Oh wow! Fascinating museum, full of world- known pieces of art, the main gallery takes your breath away. There is room for improvement in their maps, slightly confusing sometimes, and the app is not that good either. However, this is by no means an impediment to appreciate its collections. Do book your ticket before hand, at least a few days in advance as the queues are significantly long! If you have time, take the opportunity to go to the top terrace, it has beautiful views of the city!

We spent the afternoon here after considering some of the other places to get a view of the city, and we'd happily do it again. Unless you're really interested in the history of Florence, skip the archeological tour and go for the museum and tower. The tour is an app you download to your phone and about 5 small rooms. Interesting for sure, but not work the 4 Euros in my opinion. The museum is a variety of historical art with Roman gods, Florence history and other tales. It's a site to behold, with each room having description boards in Italian and English. Stop to enjoy the art. The tower is what we loved the most. You'll likely have to wait, as they keep the number down at the top, which is for everyone's benefit. Most places are elbow to elbow and you're fighting for a good picture, but the top was quite leisurely. Not to mention it has the best view of the city, with all of the major landmarks in view. Not the highest point, but if you want a picture of Florence with the Basilica, come here.

Go for a tour! The tours are not expensive and gives really nice background into interesting parts of the place. Staff were really friendly too

9. Piazza del Duomo

Busy square with lots of tourists especially during the holiday season. We were fortunate enough to watch the Explosion of the Cart, an annual event on Easter Sunday. Fireworks released from a wooden cart-like structure, a tradition that dates back to the 1500s. Arrive early to get a good spot. Event starts at 11 am but crowds start filling in by 9 am. Interesting color schemes for the three buildings in the square - Basilica, clock tower and Baptistery. The exterior walls looked run down and deserves a much needed clean and restoration.

This building is absolutely stunning, worry going to Florence just for this never mind everything else the city has to offer. I would recommend taking the time to look at all the detail on the outside of it and the doors of the baptistery just opposite the entrance. It's obviously very busy during the day so it's worth taking a stroll around it at night as it's a lot more peaceful. I didn't go to the museum because I didn't heed the advice to reserve as I didn't think the queues would be as bad as I thought but honestly - book a reservation the queues are exceptionally long

What an amazing place. The first time I was here was in 2005. This was one of the few places I truly remembered from that trip. It always amazes me how incredible the details are on these historic buildings. I recommend getting here early as it gets very busy. If you want to go in to any of the building I would buy tickets weeks in advance.

It is a nice building. But not worth all the trouble to visit Florence. The city arranged nothing for parking, except that the police is working hard to hand out tickets for unaware visitors not having a special vignette. The town is very expensive compared to Pisa and this makes the visit less nice. There are some nice places to visit and enjoy. But not enough to validate the cost and trouble it will take.

How do you describe the beauty of Florence and this amazing work of art. It is amazing what was built hundreds of years ago that no one has come close to since. We ended up in Florence on a National holiday long weekend so it was very busy, but could still walk everywhere we wanted too.

10. Basilica di San Lorenzo

Looks nice and historical but it feels a bit empty. Its nice to visit but I saw nicer churches.

We were very fortunate to meet the risdent Stepfono . He gavw us great onsight to the history of this sacred place. BROVO.

Pretty even if not impressing compared to several others. Good location, big, and with several interesting frescoes inside.

A little bare after the Medici chapel next door, but the old sacristy is a wonderful example of the early renaissance. This is also Donatello’s burial place. The ticket will also get you into the library which has a foyer designed by Michelangelo.

Meh. Wasn’t worth the money. Save the dough and go see the Medicee.

11. Brunelleschi's Dome

Amazing views, well worth the 463 step climb. Much better view than the nearby and shorter bell tower, which has a metal barrier blocking the view. Impressive architecture to walk inside. There is a long wait normally. I booked in advanced with a time slot. I waited in line and was not allowed in because I was 5 minutes early for my time slot. I had to stand on the side (in the rain) for my time slot. The person left and went inside. But the person did not come out until 15 minutes after my time slot. Too much unnecessary waiting in the rain. Then I climb the stairs. The climb is okay when there are not people coming in the opposite direction. If that happens (it will), there is no where to stand, so you have to go pass the narrow way or stand on the side of the steps with people squeezing by. The bottom half has separate stairs going up and down. The view of the city is impressive, especially at sunset. You can go all around the dome. When I wanted to go down, there was a line as the guard stopped the line to allow people to go outside.

Remarkable. If you can manage the climb the views of the interior of the dome with its magnificent frescoes are spectacular. With a little more energy, the steep climb to the external platform around the cupola offers you remarkable views first into the interior spaces between the internal and external domes, then 360 degrees of Florence and its surroundings.

We were slightly hesitant about the climbing the dome as we'd read reviews about tight corridors and not to go up if you're claustrophobic. However, We were pleasantly surprised! The walk up was easy. It was well lit and never felt cramped. Slightly annoying when at one point you have to squeeze past the people coming down too, but that doesn't last for long. Worth it for the view!! Amazing.

If you visit Florence you MUST visit the dome and i strongly recommend paying the 15 euros to go to the top. The views are amazing and well worth the 450 step climb. You get to see the inside of the dome, which is a beautiful work of art. (If you want to get views of Florence with the Dome however, you should climb the bell tower as well, which is included in the 15 euro price)

The stair climb is not for the faint of heart. The climb itself is totally doable for most healthy people. The problem is when you need to continue up and there's a bunch of people that are going down. We encountered several situations where traffic was at a stalemate because there was no more space to squeeze bodies to let the other side of traffic through. I think there needs to be traffic controllers to resolve this issue Besides the super narrow stairs and traffic, the dome is well worth it.

12. Bargello National Museum

This is an excellent museum which is often overlooked in a city full of world class museums which is a shame. It is a very impressive museum with many interesting artefacts and exhibits. It is spread out over several floors and is easy to get around all of them to see everything. It has quite a few masterpieces as well including Donatello's David among others. It's also relatively inexpensive o if you have the time, definitely go and check it out.

Entrance was free on the first Sunday of the month. The building is beautiful, though at the moment there is scaffolding on one side of the courtyard. It wasn't completely clear what the collection was, there was a mix of religious art, armour, statutes etc but a lot of it was very interesting.

Donatello's bronze David is simply incredible. I could've spent hours adoring it. The price was just 4 euros each for young adults, well worth it.

An entire museum dedicated to only sculptures mostly by the reknown masters. Be prepared to spend hours there. The total display contains countless number of beauties.

One of my favourite museums in Florence. Home to the first and IMHO the best statue of David...

13. Cappelle Medicee

We went on the first Sunday of the month and the entry was free, but it would have been worth paying. Downstairs in the crypt are simple tombs of members of the Medici family, while upstairs the Grand Dukes are buried in the most amazing chapel decorated entirely in marble of all colours. It will be really amazing once the restorations are complete. Behind this is the burial chapel of Lorenzo Medici, decorated in statutes begun by Michelangelo before he was called to Rome by the pope.

The Medici chapel is inexpensive and easily overlooked by visitors to the city. The chapel is absolutely beautiful and has amazing examples of art from greats such as Michelangelo. The first Sunday of every month, entry is free of charge.

So so awesome. Say what you want about the Medicee, they had good taste in architecture and art.

Glorious even under restoration. Separate ticket from the Basilica (which is not that interesting - unless you’re very into reliquaries). This is Michaelangelo’s other masterpiece. Less crowded than the galleria so a good place to start.

Beautiful church from medieval ages. Simple brick construction. There is a nice chapel Medici inside. The chapel is an extension of great church built by Brunelleschi. The sagrestia nuova - designed by Michelangelo - is a mausoleum and mortuary chapel of family Medici. The construction was finished at 1555. The octagonal capella dei Principi is 59 meters high. Well decorated chapel. They started to build in XVII. century. The design was common, architects and the Medici family.

14. Academy Of Florence Art Gallery

David is way bigger than I thought he would be! And no I'm not being fresh. The statue itself is huge. We didn't buy tickets ahead of time so we had to wait in a line for 15 minutes. Not bad but it was off season so may want to plan ahead on that. The museum itself is very small but filled with interesting paintings and sculptures. A must see for any one visiting Florence.

Visit this place just for David. The sculpture is overwhelming. The statue captures your attention with a single glance. You can look carefully and you'll see attention to detail in even the tiniest of parts. Michelangelo was a genius to have carved this sculpture. The other parts of the museum doesn't have much to see and a tad bit disappointing. Totally worth the visit just to get a look at David, though. Not a big waiting line to get inside compared to other places here.

We visit this place definitely for David. There wasn't a big waiting line to get in the museum compared to other places here. The sculpture is fabulous which get your attention with every single detail. Michelangelo was a genius!!! Just a glance to the other parts of the museum since we have to rush for the train.

David is huge! I had no idea how big the sculpture was and it’s huge. The amount of detail is amazing definitely worth it to see him. The other paintings were nice but you’re going for David. Definitely book tickets online with a time slot you get through much faster

Amazing place and a must-see for visitors. Been there several times and it never gets old. Recommend that you get skip the line tickets to avoid waiting. I have never been there and not seen a line, but we have never had to wait in the line.

15. David of Michelangelo

You truly cannot understand and appreciate the majesty, magnificence, and perfection of this sculpture, unless you are standing humbly at its feet. It is in every sense of the word, a masterpiece, a work of astounding beauty and incredible attention to detail. I was quite unprepared for it's magnitude. It is Colossal. When I rounded the corner and got my first glimpse of him, it was literally, jaw-dropping and breathtaking. By the time I got to the plinth, he looked not only like a young man with a sling, but also the King that he would become, almost God-like. I could well see him composing, "Hallelujah". I also found it amazing that Michelangelo had brought him forth from a piece of marble that two other sculptors had worked with and deemed too difficult to carve. I believe he proved them wrong. Waiting in line and paying the price of admission at the Galleria dell'Academia is, in my opinion, worth it, just to see this work. I have seen reproductions of it in several places, but there is no comparison between them and the original. None at all.

If you ever visit Florence/Firenze without locating David, be rest assured that your visit is not yet complete. You may have to plan again for another visit. The gigantic statue of David is worth the sight. It's magnificent . However, to enter the gallery, one is required to pay within 3 to 10 euros. I am not sure of how much I paid. You can go as early as possible because of the long queue but David is worth the pay and the wait.

Stunning, Jaw dropping.. David is a true masterpiece and incredible to see in person. I found myself walking around him amazed by every tiny detail, It almost seems as if he could walk or speak at any moment. It is mind blowing when you think of the talent that it took to carve this from a single block of marble. David is a must see!!!!

Not only breathtaking peaces of art but also musical museum. This place should be on your list “must to go”. It is better if you reserve the tickets online because could be a line there, but we didn’t and we wait only 5 minutes. There are also guides but you take it only if you want to get know some extra about each picture and sculpture.

After seeing the statue of David in books, I didn't imagine that the real thing would actually be such a marvel. What I didn't anticipate was the scale of the statue and the way his limbs and muscles were pronounced, making him seem almost superhuman. I now understand why he so easily slayed Goliath with a simple sling shot. If ever in Italy do not skip this attraction. You will never buy any of the replicas once you see the real thing. It cannot be compared.

16. The Boboli Gardens

This is a really large garden! It's fun for a stroll. There isn't a lot of diversity in the plants/flowers, but it's still enjoyable and relaxing. My favorite areas were the summit for views of the city and the "maze area." There was a small exhibit of historic porcelain plates for viewing as well when we visited. If you visit some of the sculpture museums first, you will recognize some in this garden. This is a great place for artists. I saw several people sketching. It's tranquil and not overly crowded. I think you could have a lovely picnic here and lounge for a long time.

Perhaps it was just us but we felt like we would have enjoyed it more if it was better kept up. There were a number of paths closed which meant you often had to retrace steps uphill. The only things in bloom at the beginning of May that we could see were in a fenced off section without access. The avenue of ceders was impressive, but there were some fountains that were turned off. Nice views of the city, although there are better ones to be had.

Nice gardens, but have seen better. Some nice areas were shut off and all but one fountain wasn't working. No helpful information given to explain what's what. Wouldn't bother on a rainy day but was a nice place to relax. 10 euros adult, 5 for under 25.

IF YOU DO ONE THING IN FLORENCE IT SHOULD BE THIS! On a whim, my friend and I each paid the €10 every fee, best choice we made the ENTIRE trip! Walking around the gardens is beautiful, but when you get to the summit, you have an almost panoramic view of Florence and the Piedmont. You can spend the whole day here. Perfect for a stroll, a picnic, or marriage proposal! Don't miss out on this hidden gem.

Very nice place to have a walk and breath. There are some very nice statues around. The gardens are in good shape and there are some really nice sights from some spots. There are lots of stairs and slopes so don't go if you've just eaten a big Italian meal :)

17. Giardino Bardini

Very pretty garden to see. A bit of a hike to get to the top. Quite enjoyable

Amazing view, and a bit quieter than Boboli, despite the crowds. The cashier at the entrance was not very friendly and had a hard time speaking English and calculating properly. Apart from that ok and worth a visit. Entrance fee is EUR 6 per person

A nice little spot along the Arno where you can sit and relax. There is also aLutheran church near by and the garden also has a water fountain to drink from

Beautiful gardens with spectacular views of the duomo, far closer to the city centre than Piazzale Michelangelo and if not better view, go in the mornings when its cooler and less tourists, April 20th the blossoms have begun end of may the gardens are more colourful. Let me know if anyone wants portraits dine here or wedding photography photos Instagram @lyona_th by @ppacman

The best viee in Florence. A magnificent garden, if you're up for a walk don't miss it.

18. Basilica of Santa Maria Novella

Did not enter but looks really good. Recommend it for the photos. Sometimes there are little shops in front of the basilica you can buy good stuff

Very nice, with detailed description of each art piece available inside ( only found it in english or italian)

As I walked in, a small group came in too and one of them said "I"m not paying 7 euros to enter a church." STOP! This is not just a church - it's a stunning example of the integration of religion with art, history and aesthetics. Do not be put off by the fee and walk away. See it! I cannot express how glad I was to walk around for over two hours to view amazing stuff. Particularly if you're religious, the symbolism and artwork will strike you because for the Dominicans, they came to convert the Carthars who disbelieved the human side of Jesus. Therefore, the artwork is heavily influenced by the Madonna who represents Jesus' earthly mother. Enjoy the thrill of being in a world class artistic experience. Plus in December, there were a handful of people at 12pm!

Visit the church first, but then take 20 minutes for a walk in the “chiostro” to feel a real italian medieval atmosphere.

Being a very old Basilica, this one stands out right in front of the Firenze Train Station. One of the most popular tourist sites.

19. San Marco Museum

I did not intend to visit this museum, but we had Firenze Cards and it was nearby. So, we decided to swing through and take a glance. I'll admit that a large part of WHY we decided to go in was based on the fact that Rick Steve included an Audio Tour on his phone app (which we LOVE). Anyway, this museum is small, but contains a wealth of paintings that show some fantastic history. I particularly enjoyed the explanations of the different timelines that the monks painted in. Quick, simple, and worth the visit; however, not very exciting.

Florence in its entirety is an extremely interesting and worth recommending city. A beautiful church, especially the chapel of the Medici.

Had been hoping to see this museum, but we were told in the tourist office that it was closed on the first Sunday of the month when the Uffizi was free and would be open on the second Sunday when the Uffizi is closed! Such a shame and a little strange for a city that lives in tourism.

Wonderful frescoes on both floors and beautifully illustrated medieval books in library. Don't miss Cosimo Medichi's cell on first floor. EUR 4 is good value.

Amazing place. So beautiful and quiet

20. Basilica of Santa Croce in Florence

Well worth 8euros. Part of it was having work done but there was a sign stating this before the ticket office. Loads of history and paintings going back 800 years looking immaculate. Not full of people and also really clean facilities.

Wonderful place to visit. We couldn't believe there was so few people there. As well as burial tombs of Michaelanglo, Galileo, Machiavelli and Rossini among others, there are also memorials to Dante who was exiled, and Marconi. Frescos by Giotto and a relief by Donatello. Take time here as there are chapels and cloisters to explore.

Very interesting Gothic church. Here are the graves of Michelangelo, Galileo, Machiavelli, Leonardo da Vinci. In the courtyard there is a capella Pazzi built by Brunelleski and in the church there are interesting frescoes from Giotto.

I took one of those Really-Fast trains from Rome to Florence to spend a single day to pay my respects to (IMHO) the greatest artist ever—Michelangelo. Saying my rosary directly in front of the humble sculpture’s remains was one of the highest spiritual points of my life—kissing Jesus’ ‘Crown of Thorns’ last April is the only thing that comes close. That, of course was in Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral.

The spot where it located give you a good view of florance and it s also free entry so must visite , and remember don't took bus from near ponte vecchio because walking take less time😁