Best Things To Do in Florence Italy

1. Piazza del Duomo

The heart of Florence, a definitive must-see for any visitors of the city. The cathedral, the baptistery and the bell tower are all as imposing as they are beautiful. The only downside is that it is very crowded! The queue line to the church can stretch for several hours so we decided to skip it and only entered the other buildings instead. If you get the opportunity to get to the top of the dome of the cathedral I highly recommend it, the view is breathtaking and as a bonus you also get to see the inside of the church on your way up and down without having to stand in the queue line.

It was impossible for us to get tickets to go upstairs without a guide. They were all sold for the next 3 days by the time we got there so we had to pay a double price for a tour with a guide who barely spoke English. As a group in the tour we needed to climb up very fast and the rhythm was impossible for many people to keep up with. The cathedral itself was special and modest in decorations from the inside and from the very top we could see the whole city so it was nice. I strongly recommend visiting and preparing in advance.

Gets pretty crowded, go early if you can. Skip the line pass is definitely worth it. Great views from the top of you can make it. The guards will help you cover your knees and shoulders if you ask (and provide the scarf)

One of my favorite places I have travelled so far. Amazing architecture and art work. Every time I looked at it I would see something new. It has became a major tourist attraction and unfortunately have to stay in a huge line up to get inside the church. Make sure you make reservations for going inside Duomo or see anything else.

Impressive square. The cathedral dominate the whole square. This is really impressive. You should wake up early to avoid the crowds. I can not imagine how people few hundred years ago feel like when they seen this impressive monument.

2. Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore

With the full admission ticket, would suggest doing the climb up the dome (cupola) which results in breath taking views of the city, the bell tower climb, the museum, and the baptistery. We did not bother waiting in line to see the interior of the cathedral, and I'm glad we didn't waste our time. You get to see the interior when you climb the dome, and you'll see it's not worth standing in line for 1+ hours in the blazing heat. Do note that the climb to the dome and the bell tower are not for the unfit or those with mobility issues. Both are over 400 narrow and steep stairs.

A typical case of "have some people standing in a queue and soon others will queue along to see what the fuss is about." Well, I'll tell you: there's not much to fuss about. The interior of the cathedral is as large as it is disappointingly empty. Only a small part of the church is accessible, yet it is surprisingly deserted as people leave rather soon after having made their way inside. Very few works of art, just a vast empty space. The crypt is slightly more interesting, showing vestiges of the different buildings that occupied the space prior to the construction of the cathedral. I suggest you spend the time you would be queueing to stay outside, admiring in detail the truly mind-blowing exterior of the cathedral. Just don't bother to stand in line for the interior. It's not worth it.

Only for the reasonably fit and not for those with vertigo or claustrophobia: pre-booking a timed climb to the top of the Dome is something that must be done. The view is spectacular and the experience exhilarating but on a hot day it is a sweaty affair. Recommend that you book the Dome climb for the morning as the queues to get into the Cathedral itself are longer then. We climbed the Dome at noon and only queued 20 minutes for the Cathedral at about 1.30pm. The Museum and Baptistery are also included in the combined ticket. The tour is a must of any visit to Florence.

Breathtaking Cathedral - I'd actually put this up there as one of the man made wonders of the world. The detail is incredible and the engineering to construct the dome is something we still don't understand today. Do not miss this! The inside is fairly underwhelming so I would save yourself the money and appreciate the exterior!

The Cathedral is a must see when in Florence as well as to step the stairs all the way up onto the cupola with a magnificent view of whole city of Florence. On the way up one can see the inside of the cupola. The whole construction weights about 24000 tons. It consist of two. One is inside that contains paintings of the devil eating his meal and one outside to protect it. So looking from outside, the cupola we see is not the one that contains the paintings. There is another one inside it. Totally recommend.

3. Uffizi Gallery

The most amazing art collection. Every ceiling fresco is different, and the details are so gorgeous. I went to this because a fellow traveler recommended I go, and I'm so glad I did. To get tickets, go online and buy them direct from the museum to get best prices. You are required to make an account and buy for a specific date and time of entry, so plan ahead. Ticket sellers at the door rip off tourists.

Wow and wow again if you love history and art then get there early if you plan to do a self tour or book online for you skip the queue tickets. The lines are massive and it's not only tourists many locals going in as well. We did a late self tour got into the queue at 3.30pm which was great as the queue was small and quick and good as the museum closes at 7.30pm. So early bird time for those who can as the queues start long before it opens or those who can't do the late afternoon like we did. Oh yes it's a must so sit for a portrait by the wonderful artists in the square! We did and it was our highlight Nd memory of our incredible holiday.

Such a beautiful gallery and a vast collection of art and sculptures! There are 3/4 floors to this museum and each contains different collections, my personal favourite was the 3rd floor which can be seen in the attached pictures. Prices are lower for children and students and the best prices can be found online. You are better off booking in advance as it often sells out.

The Uffizi gallery is one of the most beautiful museums that I have ever visited. They have a splendid collection of art - statues, paintings and more. The statues are absolutely stunning with features that look almost life like. The amount of detail that has gone into the design of fingers and toes is mind blowing. The museum is huge and takes considerable time to complete. In my opinion this museum is second only to Louvre.

Amazing art in here. We went on the first Sunday of the month which is when they give tickets out for free when you get to the door! The line is immense! So get there early!!! There are obviously some works of art that are “more important” so the guided tours crowd around them. You just have time it so that when they leave you get in there right after.

4. Piazzale Michelangelo

For me, this is a must in this city. While is true that most of the people that arrive to the piazza are in couples or little groups, I would recommend it to anyone, even if you just go by yourself. The sunset slowly landing on the city of Firenze creates a very serene and romantic atmosphere. Just make sure to arrive on time if you want a place to sit on the stairs to calmly watch the sunset with a snack. In my opinion though, this is not the best place to bring kids as they might get easily desperate. Otherwise, the landscape and the ambience in this place is almost magical.

Highly recommended!! Quite a steep walk up the hill, but totally worth it if you are here to watch the sunset. We went there with a small picnic and sat on the stairs for two hours. The view includes many major landmarks and gives a good feeling about Florence generally :) Beware that there are only a few snack / food options, so come well prepared if you will be here for long. There is also an adjoining Rose garden which you can enjoy (free entrance).

Beautiful view over Florence, it is a must go place. Going on foot up the hill may be a challenge for some, but it is worth it to see. We went here at night to admire the night lights of the city which were breathtaking. There are bars and music for those who want to enjoy a few drinks. Only issue were drunk and stoned patrons that left a lot of trash and glass bottles roll over down the stairs that shattered. One person even cut her hand and there didn't seem to be any first aid nearby.

The walk to get here was nice, although a bus is another option (which also brings you through a nice-to-look-at part of town). The view from the top was fantastic, especially if you have explored the city beforehand and can point out where you have been. It is pretty much completely unshaded so be prepared if it is a hot day and you want to stand at the edge for the view for an extended period of time, although there are places to buy a refreshment.

Great place to check out the sunset in Florence. Beautiful view over the whole city. You will find many people relaxing and drinking some wine on the steps. Street musicians playing music, a really nice flair! Definitely worth climbing up all those steps

5. Ponte Vecchio

Great view of the river and surrounding Florence, though it's not a must see. I think it's impossible to visit any time during the day when it isn't overcrowded with people. Try to be respectful of others while they take their pictures, and wait your turn before trying to take your own. Everyone is looking to make the same great memories and take the same unforgettable pictures. There are many shops along here and a few restaurants close by. If you're looking for a quieter place to shop and eat, you'll find it on some of the smaller streets a few blocks North.

Interesting bridge with buildings on it, almost all of which are jewelry stores. I visited twice, once by day and once around sunset (because I actually had to cross the river). It's not a must see in my opinion, but it's still nice to look at and walk around if you're in the area. My advice would be to go in the evening. It's crowded the entire day, but at least you can get some awesome pics of a sunset over the river. Also, there was live music in the evening, making for a much better ambiance than during the day when it's like just another touristy shopping street.

The famous Firenze bridge - one of the only ones not blown up during the German WWII retreat. You have good views of the river and plenty of jewelry shops to choose from. I did window shopping only so I can’t comment on the quality or price of the shops on the bridge. It can get quite crowded at times - watch your pockets. There are good restaurants, shops, and gellaterias nearby.

Scenic view!! Very crowded at the bridge itself. If want to take good photos, take it from afar that is less crowded. Perfect view for couple and family shot. Should visit at least once if you are in Florence. Is just 20-30mins walking journey from Florence city. Enjoy the sun and have fun by exploring around.

The view was nice, but the bridge was quite crowded. Most of the shops were very high end. There is some interesting architecture and design in the stores windows and shutters. Also. Its neat to see the boats, youth crew teams practicing, and even some interesting birds in the water below.

6. Piazza della Signoria

Get your camera out! Excellent place for pics with the statue of David. Take a break and sit for a while to people watch. Be sure to come back at night when the lights make it spectacular.

Defiantly worth having a look around. The amazing works of art are a brilliant opportunity for photos, and there are enough little cafes and gelato shops around if you feel like taking a break. Unfortunately it suffers from the same problem that most of these touristy areas have with massive crowds overwhelming everything.

Remarkable statues, a townsquare dominated by tourists; for all the right reasons. Restaurants, cafés, statues and a great atmosphere. A place you should not miss in your stay in Florence.

It's Florence, so almost any piazza is fun. But Signoria is more crowds gawking at the outdoor copy of Michaelangelo's David - and many other statues - than it is of higher interest or entertainment. We liked the diverse crowds, but only as an average scene of global people being people in large numbers.

Good place to spend time just walking around. There are alot of shops, cafes and restaurants. Alot of people or tourist because it is one of the famous Piazzas but it's part of the fun in visiting these places. Florence is still one of the best places in Italy!

7. Brunelleschi's Dome

Great experience even if you only see it from inside the Cathedral. We chose to skip the climbing tour of the Cupola, after reading about the strenous walk that so many reviewers referred to. Instead, we entered the Cathedral after an approximate 75 minute wait in line. Admission is free and it was fun people watching as we waited. At the back of the Cathedral, you see the wonderful inside of the Cupola, appearing to reach endlessly into the sky. It is a beautiful sight and highly recommended.

Remarkable. If you can manage the climb the views of the interior of the dome with its magnificent frescoes are spectacular. With a little more energy, the steep climb to the external platform around the cupola offers you remarkable views first into the interior spaces between the internal and external domes, then 360 degrees of Florence and its surroundings.

Amazing views, well worth the 463 step climb. Much better view than the nearby and shorter bell tower, which has a metal barrier blocking the view. Impressive architecture to walk inside. There is a long wait normally. I booked in advanced with a time slot. I waited in line and was not allowed in because I was 5 minutes early for my time slot. I had to stand on the side (in the rain) for my time slot. The person left and went inside. But the person did not come out until 15 minutes after my time slot. Too much unnecessary waiting in the rain. Then I climb the stairs. The climb is okay when there are not people coming in the opposite direction. If that happens (it will), there is no where to stand, so you have to go pass the narrow way or stand on the side of the steps with people squeezing by. The bottom half has separate stairs going up and down. The view of the city is impressive, especially at sunset. You can go all around the dome. When I wanted to go down, there was a line as the guard stopped the line to allow people to go outside.

this is one of those places you should see when you visit Florence. yes, you need to buy a ticket (€18 in June 2018) but it's valid for 3 days, you get to few places around (like the museum, crypt, baptistery), and you get to the top of the Dome!! (do not try if you don't like heights). absolutely magnificent building.

We were slightly hesitant about the climbing the dome as we'd read reviews about tight corridors and not to go up if you're claustrophobic. However, We were pleasantly surprised! The walk up was easy. It was well lit and never felt cramped. Slightly annoying when at one point you have to squeeze past the people coming down too, but that doesn't last for long. Worth it for the view!! Amazing.

8. Giotto's Bell Tower

Very bad experience with security today at about 2pm. Someone was throwing glass from one of the higher floors down into the tower. I explained this to one of the guards at the bottom who just kept saying "which floor", so I said the one with the grate to allow you to throw glass into the tower (only one floor has grating. He kept saying "which floor". I showed him a picture of a grate on my phone, but he just kept asking which floor. I kept saying the only one with a grate. I didn't count the floors as I went up and I certainly didn't give them a number as I passed them so I had no idea what to say. Think he basically didn't want to do his job, because he understood perfectly.

Amazing craftsmanship. Unbelievable when you see how huge the church is, and realize they had no power tools or equipment at that time. All work by hand, and archetectual design. No metal superstructure holding it all together. The different color stone also adds to the beauty. The bronze door across from the main cathedral entrance is so detailed. The entire complex shows how amazing is man when he needs to be.

Great view of Florence. I would recommend arriving early as you may run into others going the opposite way on the stair case. It's a long way up bring water and a nice camera.

the view from the top is stunning, and the walk up there is really cool (exhausting, sure, but really cool – and there are plenty of stops along the way to take breaks!). this is a must-visit when in florence and it’s right next to a lot of other very popular and impressive landmarks. dress comfortably, but if you’re planning to visit the cathedral before/after make sure you’re not wearing shorts, as that isn’t allowed!

The view it's amazing, as long as you survive climbing the stairs hehe it's a long way up! 400 steps to the actual terrace so just be ready for that. Once up there you can see the whole city. We visited the place when it was about to close so there were not too many people, which was nice because the stairs are not too wide and it can feel pretty crowded at points.

9. Museum of Opera of Saint Maria of Fiore

A very well done and modern museum, I was quite impressed. It complemented my visit to the Duomo nicely. The short films on the building of the dome and the original facade are fascinating and worth your time. Also contains an interesting collection of religious artifacts, including supposed bones of saints. Do not skip this one. It's well designed and informed.

It's worth visiting. New museum, everything well displayed, spacious rooms, lots of very interesting, staple art/architecture pieces. Also surprisingly not that crowded

Amazing museum!! They have taken many original works from the Duomo inside the museum to preserve and allow people to view them up close. Lots more to see too! Definitely go here!

buy the ticket for the Cathedral with the Dome, the museum is included and it's worth it. it's not huge so you won't spend hours in here, one great thing, and it has some unique pieces that are worth seeing. you can also see the Dome once again if you find the hidden terrace.

My favourite museum in Florence. Loved to see the stunning Mary Magdelene again after 48 years. This museum is in a stunning building.

10. Bargello National Museum

One of biggest museums in Florence I believe. Worth the money, which is more than I can say for a lot of Florence. Great place to check out some great sculptures and other amazing works of art without the hustle and bustle found in other parts of Florence. Open on Mondays!

We made an impromptu stop here while walking through Florence and it had many exhibits of work from sculpture to pottery. Lots of space to walk and at your pace without feeling rushed. We came on a Sunday and it was free , other days it is 8Euros for entry.

Surprising, masterpieces of Benvenuto Cellini. And also a great palace. Must see.

Donatello's bronze David is simply incredible. I could've spent hours adoring it. The price was just 4 euros each for young adults, well worth it.

a fantastic museum that includes Donatello and Vercocchio’s statues of David, which are great additions to your Florence visit if you’ve already seen the most famous one in the Accademia. the Bargello also houses incredible works by Michelangelo (my favorite was his Bacchus sculpture) — this museum is quick & easy and not packed with tourists like the Uffizi or Accademia. Highly recommend a quick visit!

11. Pitti Palace

Not knowing much about art or history it did seem rather generic. It would have been helpful if there were audio or tour guides. There are some wonderful art displays and paintings. You can get different types of tickets. One for the art exhibits, one for the gardens or a combined ticket. There is reduced entry after a certain time (I think 4pm)

We enjoyed visiting the Pallazo Pitti museum and especially that you get half price if you purchase and enter before 9am. However, I was really disappointed that the costume gallery was closed! I checked the website before and there was no indication there or outside the museum- the signs still led us to the part of the museum where it usually is, and it was only when we arrived at that section that we saw the sign showing that the costume gallery is currently closed. Definitely should have been clear outside the museum before people purchased tickets. Other than that it was very interesting.

Outstanding museum filled with a wealth of paintings, decorations, sculptures and other items of interest. Honestly we couldn't understand why we didn't have to wait for hours to get in like some of the other sites. The Pitti Palace was a highlight of the time in Florence. Don't miss out.

Plan to go here on the first Sunday of the month for FREE entry! Amazing collection of art, fashion and Medici period interiors. The adjoining garden is very well maintained and offers good views.

My first time visiting Pitti Palace. it's very beautiful, both the building and the garden and of course the paintings. They offer 3 ticket options. they have a separate fee for the museum and the garden or both. We got the entry for the museum and wow they had hella. We didn't have time to see it all because we had a limited time to see Florence but if u do decide to visit plan for a full or half a day. I did wish we had time to see the garden. I like paintings but the garden too was really nice. €16 for the museum when we visited (April 2018)

12. Basilica di San Lorenzo

This is one of the oldest and biggest churches in Florence .Parish church of Medici family .all Medici family tombs are still found in this place. Painting of the marriage of the Virgin Mary is beautiful.

Beatiful building with lots of shops and restaurants around. The leather district is also right around the corner.

Looks nice and historical but it feels a bit empty. Its nice to visit but I saw nicer churches.

Beautiful art, but quite short. Use if you have a Firenzecard, otherwise continue on.

We were very fortunate to meet the risdent Stepfono . He gavw us great onsight to the history of this sacred place. BROVO.

13. Palazzo Vecchio

This museum is pretty fun, but has a lackluster view from the tower. The lower level of the tower has good views of the city (as pictured) and has interesting murder holes in the ground, but at the top of the main tower, the Y-shaped protrusions are too tall to see over, and visitors are prevented from getting near the edge. There is one designated photo taking platform, but the view is not as enjoyable as other towers. (If you're looking for a safer-looking one, this might be it) The building and museum itself are pretty nice, featuring a variety of works from the time, as well as explanations of the history of the building and it's expansions. Overall, it's a good museum that I would recommend.

Very BIG and spacious museum. Some of the rooms are much more interesting than others, but they all have appeal. The ceilings of the rooms are honestly the best part, so do not forget to look up. The staff are friendly and helpful. Works with your Firenze card.

Tickets for the tower and museum great value at €14 each. Incredible views of the Duomo and city from the battlements and top. Superb museum. Allow at least 1.5 to 2 hours for both. Some may find the climb hard going. Take a camera. Highly recommended!

Very interesting museum with lots of information on how the Florence would look during the renaissance and how the building was renovated over the years by the ruling parties. In addition there are beautiful rooms full of exquisite furniture that had been made in Florence in the lapidary and inlay workshops. The tower above lends panoramic views of the city. I can heartily recommend a visit especially if you intend to visit other landmarks with a Firenze card

Florence’s most popular square .Historic L- shaped square .Through out the history this square has been politically active hub. Today houses town hall Mayors office town council . A copy of Michelangelo’s famous David statue you can see here . Visitors to the square can dine here in many restaurants

14. Academy Of Florence Art Gallery

Going in on your own without a skip the line pass or a guided tour is a 4 star experience, would still recommend! We arrived about 15 mins before open and waited for a total of 40 minutes in the line. Was nice to see David, magnificent piece by itself, but many of the other sculptures and artworks are very interesting to read about. The music museum was pretty cool too. Would perhaps recommend spending a little extra cash on a skip the line pass if you're not too keen on waiting in the non-booked line.

As a casual art lover, this museum was exactly what I wanted to see in Florence. They had some famous works I recognized but it wasn't so big that I felt overwhelmed. It is perfect to spend an hour, including 20 minutes or so standing or sitting to admire the magnificent David. Even if you're not an art fan, the price of admission is worth seeing just David alone. Do not wait in the long lines for a ticket however, book a time in advance online, it'll cost a few extra euros but it will save you a huge headache and a lot of time waiting in the crazy lines to buy tickets.

Absolutely worth a visit. In high season you most likely want to pre-book your tickets so you're not stuck in a huge line. David himself is the main attraction and does not disappoint. Some of the other art is also interesting but the huge crowds when I visited made it difficult to even look at the other art. The extra room of sculptures, mostly busts, almost seems tacked on, as if they had all these pieces and just threw them in a room, hard to admire anything when one room has a 100+ pieces. The whole visit will only take you and hour to an hour and a half.

GREAT museum. Not too huge (compared to many others) and it has David! David's hands are weirdly big I think. Lots of amazing art, and my favorite was the room with all the marble carvings. Can get in quickly with the Firenze card and skip the line. Well worth it!

Home of Michelangelo's David, so it's a must see place in Florence. There's a lot of artworks and sculptures, and there was an musical themed exposition with many interesting paintings, interactive guides and musical instruments. Besides David, my favorite part was the room with a lot of sculptures, but all the art was very inspiring. We went on the free day (first Sunday of the month), so absolutely worth it. The line to go in wasn't very long 1h from closing time, and we had enough time to see the main attractions calmly. Expect it to be very crowded around David.

15. The Boboli Gardens

Absolutely breathtaking views of Florence. For the basic entry it’s £10 (£5 if you’re a European citizen) and it’s well worth it. The grounds immaculate and clean. Be prepared to walk as this garden is huge! Lots of climbing but the views make up for it. The only problem I found with the Garden is that it isn’t wheelchair accessible. Pictures won’t do the scene justice! A must see for yourself.

A beautiful place which requires a great deal of climbing. The gardens are set on a hill overlooking Florence. It was extremely difficult in the July sun and there are only a few places to get water. Curiously, there are very few signs explaining the statues and other elements in the garden. Fort Belvidere, which allegedly gives the best view of the city, was inaccessible. Advice: bring your own water if you come in the summer. The grotto, which I thought would be the highlight of the visit was closed off and could only be seen from the outside. Still quite impressive. Due to the overwhelming heat we only got to see about 1/3 of the garden.

It’s a nice park for a picnic, but that’s all. Try to go on the first Sunday of the month when it’s free, otherwise I would skip it. A shame they charge an admission fee as it’s a fairly standard city park with only walking paths and trees. Few flowers or actual gardens to be had, although there are some cool sculptures. It appears that the nicest areas are closed off to visitors. I saw some lovely things through fences and locked gates... 😢

We felt this garden was under rated! It was a beautiful walk for a couple hours. The grounds and paths are well kept. Mostly a great escape from the crowds in the city. We went on a very hot day (35 degrees), and there was plenty of shade and places to sit down for breaks. I wish we could go back again! Worth the admission fee.

I'm sure these gardens we're something of a legend back in the day, but the current proprietor appears to be putting the admission fees somewhere other than maintenance. The site is poorly maintained. The fountains have slowed to a dribble, I assume from all the trash in them, and their waters are murky, yet somehow still supporting life. Much of the place is overgrown. Plaques are missing or damaged. And strangely, the graffiti is helpful, as it's the only indication of where the restrooms are. All that aside, the porcelain museum at the edge of the gardens is beautiful, and it's share of the gardens are also beautiful. The views up there are also something to see. The area of Boboli from the museum to the palace is the best maintained section of the gardens. It's just beautiful, and I wish they were able to have that level of maintenance throughout the site.

16. David of Michelangelo

Book in advance! This museum gets extremely busy. Booking in advance to skip the line will cost around 24-26 euro but it's better than waiting in line for 2 hours. Personally I don't think it was great value but I'm sure others would take a different view. There are guided tours available but there is lots of information next to the paintings and sculptures so think twice before shelling out 40 odd euro pp for that. A worthwhile experience if you have time, but not cheap.

Best tip I can give to see this one is to reserve tickets in advance. The line can easily take 40 minutes to an hour in the sun, but if you have a reservation the line is shorter. Totally worth the visit! It's a small place, but wonderful.

Go late in the day. Get a reservation Via phone from the museum (not one of the many confusingly named services/websites!). Phone numbers and times to phone should still be on the official website. June 2018 I think the phone times were in the morning till something like 9:30? And at the end of the day starting at like 5? Spend some time. Soak it in 😁

Pretty amazing! As you can expect, it will take a while to get in. I was a part of a tour group at about 1030am and it still took about 15-30 min. The statue is an awesome work of art. Be careful of street vendors selling art right on the street outside the museum; so watch your step.

You truly cannot understand and appreciate the majesty, magnificence, and perfection of this sculpture, unless you are standing humbly at its feet. It is in every sense of the word, a masterpiece, a work of astounding beauty and incredible attention to detail. I was quite unprepared for it's magnitude. It is Colossal. When I rounded the corner and got my first glimpse of him, it was literally, jaw-dropping and breathtaking. By the time I got to the plinth, he looked not only like a young man with a sling, but also the King that he would become, almost God-like. I could well see him composing, "Hallelujah". I also found it amazing that Michelangelo had brought him forth from a piece of marble that two other sculptors had worked with and deemed too difficult to carve. I believe he proved them wrong. Waiting in line and paying the price of admission at the Galleria dell'Academia is, in my opinion, worth it, just to see this work. I have seen reproductions of it in several places, but there is no comparison between them and the original. None at all.

17. San Marco Museum

This rating is partly due to the attraction surpassing my expectations. I was expecting it to be yet another place with history which may have interesting snippets but is otherwise crowded with relics of the past which makes for tedious exploring. Do note that there are not much by way of explanations (in English, at least) so it is recommended that you download an audio guide or join a guided tour. I followed Rick Steves Audio Europe and enjoyed the experience. The rooms of Savonarola are particularly interesting—not so much the objects themselves but the political climate and personality of this man. The library is located on the first floor and is somewhat of a sharp contrast to the otherwise austere interior of the building. I would recommend taking some time to explore this room which used to contain many texts, maintained through the years by various people. It also provides some information of the important figures and then creation of beautiful Renaissance era books. Do note that the first floor closes at 1.30 pm on weekdays so be sure to leave time to explore!

San Marco (St. Mark) is located in the west of Firenze. It may be a bit far from other attractions but it is worth to visit. The church is big and interior is spiritual. The building next to the church qas once a convent. It is rare to see the inside of the convent.

It only cost 4 euros (June 2018) to enter this museum set in a monestary, upgraded by Cosiomo the elder (Cosimo Medici). A lovely peaceful place which includes two sets of cloisters with about 30 "cells" for monks and a few other rooms with lots of paintings. Each "cell" includes a simple alfresco almost all if them by Far Angelico.

Absolutely stunning view. This place is beautiful and full of energy. Jam packed on most days with street vendors, tourists and musicians. Even if you don't make it to any of the surrounding location sbyou owe it to yourself to at least visit the square.

I did not intend to visit this museum, but we had Firenze Cards and it was nearby. So, we decided to swing through and take a glance. I'll admit that a large part of WHY we decided to go in was based on the fact that Rick Steve included an Audio Tour on his phone app (which we LOVE). Anyway, this museum is small, but contains a wealth of paintings that show some fantastic history. I particularly enjoyed the explanations of the different timelines that the monks painted in. Quick, simple, and worth the visit; however, not very exciting.

18. Basilica di Santo Spirito

The church is in a lovely square, and unlike many churches in Florence, it's free to enter the main part. To see the side chapel and courtyard costs €3. There is a wooden crucifix, sculpted by Michelangelo when he was 18 for the prior who allowed him to study anatomy in the hospice. The courtyard was lovely and peaceful.

When you look at it from outside you'd say is just... A big church! Its charm lives inside it! It contains an amazing collection of Renaissance / Baroque art, mixed with tombs of important families who donated lots of money to the church to be buried in the Basilica. There's also an exhibition of young Michelangelo.

One of the places in Florence where locals and travelers in the night sit on the stairs of the church, drink, play guitar, talk, have fun, chill. Really nice and calm. Have to visit in the night 😊

The square where it is located is quite vibrant. People often sit on the stairs and enjoy a relaxing night.

Beautiful Chiesa, great palazza and plenty of life, food and song. Even dancing some nights and daily markets.

19. Basilica of Santa Maria Novella

A beautiful Gothic church. It's huge with a lot of history. The Dome is a beauty! The frescoes are amazing. The mosaic pavements are beautiful. One can hire an audio guide for € 2.50 which is very informative. Kids can enjoy exploring the giant structure as well.

Florence first major cathedral .Beautiful small church . Walking distance from Florence cathedral and Ponte Vecchio bridge . Need to buy a ticket to enter into this church . Has nice lawn with beautiful flowers. Gothic church has a magnificent facade .oldest Florence facade

Amazing art by Gothic and Renaissance masters. You can relax on benches in front of the church and enjoy the beautiful view.

Did not enter but looks really good. Recommend it for the photos. Sometimes there are little shops in front of the basilica you can buy good stuff

Very beautiful church in a peaceful area next to street shopping. I liked it alot

20. Loggia dei Lanzi

Great place to just sit down and soak up the history in the shade. It was fun watching the attendant pick up on any slight infringement of his rules, for example you can sit down on any of the three steps but not put your foot on the same one as your seat. It is an ancient open museum so deserving of respectful behaviour. So you probably won't get away with eating your lunch here.

To walk around the city of Florence means encountering works of art. One can just wonder on the monuments and sculptures. This place shows the glory as well as pain & emotions. Rape of ladies of the whole town by the soldiers is shown in Sculpture. The Legend of Hercules feels alive when you watch it sitting here. Sit, eat and enjoy.

We are very lucky. It is for me and my wife to have fantastic experience to watch and listen live classic music. Thank you for the beautiful, historical places around here and great music from orchestre Giovanili.

This is free and the statues are excellent, it's worth reading the sign inside to understand what each one is and you can then read the story behind it after

Little arched hall, building with some amazing sculptures, sit on the steps and admire all that there is in this area.