Best Things To Do in Dubai

1. Wild Wadi Waterpark

Great water park. Compact but needs revamp since they haven't made any changes in last 5 years. Should have half day pass for people arriving post half day. Facilities are clean and well managed. Found considerable delays in tube ride going across the park for either someone stuck on the ride or lower water pressure on the rides. I feel it's the latter.

It was a fun place to visit. I was there with 3 kids. Kids loved rides. It was so safe for our bags and for children. Two older (7 and 9 yr old) children went on their own for rides (as it was a bit too scary for me) over and over, while I was with a toddler. The staffs aren't as friendly or helpful- some looked like, they didn't want to be there at all and it were limited rides for a toddler. So if there are any parents, whom only has toddlers or any younger, I wouldn't recommend it. But overall for us, it was a fantasic day out. We enjoyed it and kids loved it.

I've been to wild wadi multiple times, even in the middle of summer when it's 40°+ outside - the water is kept nice and cool so you don't feel the heat. Amazing view of Burj an Arab and the ocean. Food inside is quiet pricey which is typical in amusement parks. Better to bring your own towel as it costs 50 Dhs to rent. The change rooms/toilets are old are definitely in need of a renovation. Aquaventure has better facilities in this sense. The slide that blasts you around the entire park is the best.

Just amazing. ❤️ Wild Wadi has a heated/cooled wave pool, multiple water slides and two artificial surfing machines. In addition, the park had the largest water slide outside of North America, but it has since been removed to make space for two other rides. Another feature of the park is an 18 m (59 ft) waterfall that goes off every ten minutes. The water park also has two gift shops, three restaurants and two snack stands.

What a great experience! Take your kids, your friends! The bigger the group, the more the fun. It's worth every penny you spend. I have my kids one of the best memories from their growing years. There's something for everyone here to enjoy. From the gentle wave pool, to the rafts to the crazy free fall.

2. The Dubai Fountain

Just passing through - great way to end the night Visited the Mall and ended up here at the waterfront. Only stayed for a little while as we had a long day. Lots of people watching the water show. Great way to end the night. This wasn't on the agenda of things to do. Glad we stumbled across this. Plenty of cafes and restaurants to rest your feet or for a feed.

A great spectacle, amazing show even... see it ... if you're there! So would we recommend getting there early and waiting around for an hour or so for the first show of the night, just so you don't miss it? No... You need to know it's probably under 5 minutes of spectacle. It'll fire up again evey half an hour, to different music each time so just catch the next one. It really is quite impressive, but I wouldn't go there just for this. It's worth hanging around a bit at the end of your day at the Dubai Mall for though. I suggest you get a shake at Shake Shack, kick back and wait for it to do it's thing, be amazed and then crack on for the evening. Enjoy!

This should be at the top of must do things in Dubai. The best musical fountain I've seen. The synchronized movement of the fountain with the music is excellent. Get onto the boardwalk or lake ride to get the perfect view of the fountain when the place is crowdy. There will be a show for every half n hour from 730PM to 1130PM. Stay there for at least 2 shows.

Exquisite, and must see when at the Dubai Mall. This building is iconic in Dubai and beyond. For a fee you, and if you don't suffer from acrophobia, take the lift to the highest floors. You'll be amazed by the views. Definitely something to write home about.

Wonderful shared experience with my family. Fabulous to watch. Disappointed with the new selection of music (enjoyed the previous music, especially The Prayer).

3. Dolphin Bay

The dolphins are in a great behaviour. Before you are allowed to swim with them you'll get a presentation with all necessary information about dolphins in general and especially how to behave. Please always keep in mind that you follow the rules. They are really sensible, that's why I highly recommend it. The experience was amazing. Sadly you cannot do that much with them but it's understandable if you keep in mind how many people come to visit them as well as touching and spending time with them. So the stuff does everything right. One point on my wishlist came true. So thankful for that!

never been to Dubai or this place. but keeping dolphins captive is not ok. Tell me how keeping them in small chlorinated pools and teaching them to do tricks there bodies can not handle is okay??? ANIMAL CRUELTY! Go see dolphins in the wild! This is fake and cruel. Same goes with the seals. This is not okay. DO NOT BUY A TICKET AND ENCOURAGE ANIMAL CRUELTY! teach your kids better. WAKE UP AND WATCH THE COVE PEOPLE

Swimming with Dolphins. Well organised. Felt they really cared for the welfare of these wonderful creatures. The team were very informative and knowledgeable. A once in a lifetime experience and I thought very good value as you also get access to the water park and all that has to offer.

Had an amazing experience with the dolphin. Highly recommend here. Staffs are very nice and informative. The place is very clean and organized well. We got a lot of good pictures with dolphin (quite expensive but worth it)

A beautifully place .....but very expensive . Get prices before you travel here ,or you could be dissapointed .

4. Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding

We did the cultural breakfast our first morning in Dubai. I really can't say enough good things about it. From the minute we showed up, the staff are super friendly and helpful. They allowed us to go on the roof to check out the view and recommended where else we can find good views. Since we showed up early, they suggested where we could take a walk so as not to waste time sitting inside and waiting. The breakfast was very informative, with a lead speaker fluent in English and very funny, and several secondary speakers who are there to help with answers and demonstrations. The traditional food was delicious and plentiful, and they even allowed the guests to take leftovers home in the containers they put out. The speakers answered all guest questions without reservation. Definitely go here in the beginning of your trip, (reserve ahead of time; pay there), then walk around the area and take a boat across the creek to the gold and spice souks. It'll be an interesting and productive Dubai morning,

Amazing Iftar experiencing the Emirati way. They explain everything about Islam, habits and culture. You can interact, ask questions to a very friendly and knowledgeable people. I highly is also good but it is the whole experience which matters.

Really awesome place to learn about the Emirati culture. Had a great time with the friendly hosts and learnt so much. Enjoyed!

Interesting place to learn culture, taste and get to know local food, eating etiquette, local dressing. Very informative session done by the centre, had a wonderful experience. Open concept discussion.

Loved the traditional architecture and how the whole layout seems authentic. Learnt quite a lot from the experience

5. La Mer

As usual, attractions in Dubai is Spectacular and unique. The place can be enjoyed day/night. On my opinion this would be great to be visited in winter and at the beginning of the summer season too. The best time to visit the place late afternoon and stay long till night enjoy the sunset time there. The Graffitti artworks are amazing also the yards where you’ll find some parts out of the sea life wither a peace of old wooden ship or a sailing parts. Lots of shops, cafes & restaurants

A gem in the desert, Dubai. Uniquely Beautiful beach to visit with friends and family. Variety of food outlets to try. The place also has some amazing wall arts. Must visit while in Dubai. However do not recommend it during the summer.

If you are looking for a place to hang out with family and friends, La Mer is one of the place you can do so. You can camp out, dine in, swim at the open beach, have some stories, roam around with modern and old themed facilities. It's a great place for photography also. The breeze of air that you can't have in the city. No worries about parking, ample of space for each visitor's car is available. Public toilets are well maintained. It's a great concept as a whole.

This is definitely the best beach at the moment in Dubai. Sand is very clean, it’s not too busy and there is ample free parking all around La Mer. The shower and toilet facilities are extremely clean, there are shops all around and many restaurant options. On top of that, there’s a cool waterpark adjacent to the beach which is currently one of the more affordable attractions in town. Worth a visit!

The place is great, but not during the summer time. A good variety of restaurants and cafes with a nice beach. However the only disappointment is the paid parking, it's a major pain, to have to pay to enjoy such a place.

7. City Walk

I think this place is worth a visit. You get to see something quite unique and different from a regular shopping mall. With all the futuristic building design, modern graffiti artwork and light displays. Makes you wonder if this is the future of shopping

Wow! What a place! It was my mom's favorite place when visiting Dubai. It has everything! Something for adults, something for kids, you can't go wrong. The mall has a really good selection of unique shops and chocolate stores. If you want to watch a movie, Roxy cinema is there. If you want to play games, there is HUB Zero. And everything in between. (Even outdoor AC in some places) If you haven't been to City Walk yet, you are missing out. They made it even comfortable outside in the summer.

New LA Vibe part of town. Modern and stylish designed apartments with good selection of shops and restaurants. I stayed here for a month and loved it. Very quiet too. Close proximity to beach and downtown.

This place is quite different and interesting. Its a combination of shopping and entertainment experiences with a dash of restaurants and snack places. City Walk offers both indoor and outdoor facilities but with most shops on the latter. There are so many things to see here. Sneaker stores, toy and game stores, premium designer brand stores etc. But what caught my eye the most is the massive virtual gaming place called Hub Zero. Some next level futuristic gaming zone. Unfortunately, I did not end up going inside as it was quite expensive. What also caught my eye is the beautiful graffiti artwork that you see all over the place, on walls, bins and floors. I was also lucky enough to witness a performance at the main central fountain. In Summer, it gets too hot outside to walk around so most people prefer to explore the indoor shops. But the downside of this is that there isn't much to see then, because most shops are outside. In Winter it's lovely, especially at night because during the day is still quite too hot but bearable. All in all, I think this place is worth a visit. You get to see something quite unique and different from a regular shopping mall. With all the futuristic building design, modern graffiti artwork and light displays. Makes you wonder if this is the future of shopping malls.

Place is really a great one. It contains lots of stores and restaurants that deliver a very delicious food. It also contain cinema as well as horror house. U will really love it.

8. Aquaventure Waterpark

The best water park in Dubai! We have been to Wild Wadi too, but I think that Aquaventure is the better one. Why is it better? - There is a beach for relaxing and salt water swimming. - It seems larger. - The lazy river runs throughout and is very well laid out. - The layout of the park seems more natural. We had a great day when me and my other half went and we also took friends there on a separate occasion. Both times were super fun. The rides are incredible with mild to pretty scary and one flume takes you through a tank with fish and stingrays. There are many good options throughout the park and all can be purchased using bands and then redeemed at the end. Lockers and storage is good with greater shower facilities. Towels can be rented and are huge! Overall, a great day out!

One of the best water parks in Dubai, inside the Huge Atlantis hotel, it offers a large area for fun, with a huge poolside area for relaxing. People can grab inflatable tubes, single or double, and can jump into the current to get a quick water tour around the place, propelled by flowing water. There are several life guards present at intervals, for assistance, and the water body itself is quite exciting. A great place to spend a day. the best waterpark in Dubai because it also has access to a beach and the ocean. Go early to make sure you miss the queues and to get a good spot, it can get busy. If you you want to spend your day floating along the lazy river, being pulled up to rides without getting off your tube, you're at the right place. There are plenty of water rides, wave pools, and activities for the whole family/friends to enjoy. Or if all you want to do is find, a patch of grass, under a tree, to relax or have a snooze, even have a splash in the ocean, this place is just short of being paradise. You can't take in your own food and refreshments, so remember to take enough money. The food options are limited, with few healthy choices. What you'd expect from a fast food, canteen-style setup. Don't forget to take sunblock, otherwise they sell there but expect to pay a premium. There are also lockers (to keep valuables safe) and towels you can rent.

Great experience for all the family. Rides suitable from 6 years up. There is an area for younger kids but it is not as exciting as other parks. Bring flip flops you will walk a lot and the ground is hot. The place is split around two main towers with two main attractions, leap of faith and Poseidon's revenge, must do both

Amazing water park and it has a great ambience n architecture, feels like you are really in the under water city of Atlantis. Everything is built and named as the legend of Atlantis. The staff is also very helpful n vigilant. The food options are also a lot more compared to other water parks and have reasonable prices as well.

I can't say much because I did not stay long or try many of the available entertainment activities, but Saber and his gift shop were very unique and creative. It was very easy to access via public transportation (tram/monorail) and not expensive for a taxi alternative to the JBR. There is an aquarium and a water park available for a fee and a lot of shopping choices.

9. Al Fahidi Historical District (Bastakiya)

AFahidi Historical District is one of the oldest heritage sites in Dubai and the last wind tower quarter left on the Arab side of the Gulf. Sophisticated houses with rough walls shielding the privacy of the wealthy families within became a trademark of the Al Fahidi Historical District area. Wind towers topped these walls, trapping the wind and funnelling it down into the house as an effective form of early air conditioning. Inner courtyards, shady and highly decorated, provided a sharp contrast to this outer impenetrability. Wandering around Al Fahidi Historical District, it’s easy to transport yourself back to a bygone era. These old buildings have been converted into shady cafés, art galleries and quirky little shops – making Al Fahidi Historical District the perfect place to while away a few hours.

What an amazing place with plenty of historical places museums, galleries, traditional hotels, cosy cafés, souvenir shops and small restaurants. It is a highly recommend place for photo sessions. The place is being developed continuously to add more cultural activities and facilities. There is not so many parking places available as this in the old part of the town so it is recommended to use the bus or take a taxi. You will a genuine side of the Dubai there.

The must see place in Dubai. Beautiful galleries, restaurants, boutique hotels. Old but vibrant heart of Dubai. Don't miss the annual Sikka art festival

Admission free Area-31,000 square metres The traditional style of life that was prevalent in Dubai from the mid 19th century till the 1970s is reflected at Al-Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, where buildings with high air towers (Barajeel), built with traditional building materials such as stone, gypsum, teak, sandal wood, fronds and palm wood are aligned side by side, separated by alleys, pathways and public squares, which give the district a natural and beautiful diversity. This district, owing to its strategic location at Dubai Creek (Khor Dubai), played an important role in managing Dubai and organising its commercial relations overseas. Moreover, it is still the district adjacent to His Highness Monarch of Dubai's divan. The buildings of the district are currently used in incubating a number of varied cultural and artistic activities (both public and private) ranging from art exhibits, specialised museums, cultural and artistic societies, ateliers to cultural centres (such as Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Center for Cultural Understanding). The district also hosts a number of seasonal cultural and artistic events such as Sikka Art Fair, Artists-in-Residence Programme, Heritage Week, National Day Events and religious celebrations. Beautiful and cosy cafés, restaurants and motels overflowing with heritage are scattered all over the district. A visit to Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the old way of life, which was prevalent in Dubai, with its rich values that can be seen in the design of the buildings and the way they are distributed. For instance, one cannot overlook the community's care for privacy that can be felt in the scarcity of front windows, their narrowness and highness. Also, the winding and twisting alleys and pathways, as well as erecting all of the district buildings facing south west towards the qibla, in addition to a number of values and principles that will unravel once the visitor experiences Al Fahidi Neighbourhood for themselves

This a place top see a what is the Arabian horse look like in the old day, I came on Friday, not a good decision since almost all places are closed; Friday and Saturday are holiday. The are few museums and restaurants, recommended for pictures and see the architecture but all are man made and doesn't feel the ambience have a strong historical value.

11. Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

Was a nice experience to see such a luxury hotel. Good for sightseeing. We have a company event here, however the catering was not as good as expected. But all and all it was a nice experience. The staff is super professional and helpful.

Simply stated, it's one of the best hotels in the world. The rooms are exquisite. You have two stories to explore with windows that run from the floor to the ceiling. It's the ultimate in luxury. It tends to be in the opulent side, so prepare for gold covering everything in the room. Always feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @joerazz

Amazing atmosphere. The hotel is perfect from inside and out. With perfect restaurant and view... extravagance at its best! Super luxurious, super fancy 7 star hotel... and it’s structure with exotic attraction...

Beautiful property with amazing rooms. The food at the two restaurants we went to was outstanding, and the service was phenomenal at both. Staff are genuinely kind and helpful in the restaurants as well as the helpful butlers stationed on each floor. The water fountains and aquariums in the lobby are beautiful to watch. Stay for a while at the giant center water extravaganza next to the escalators and watch the show!

Amazing It is a heaven. Its like a heaven on earth made by the prince really it is a great place to visit once in a lifetime.God give the ability to visit the Burj Al Arab in my life once.Thank you all of you Local guides for helping other people's really it's a. Great job.

12. Desert Safari Dubai

Worthy experience. Had a great time with family. A must for everyone who is visiting UAE. Their highly skilled drivers and well maintained vehicles weave your way through the ups and downs of sandy trails. Don’t forget to take eatables and water bottles with you because dinner is served at 9.

It was an amazing experience. Everything is well planned and organized you can enjoy a lot of small little perks here. Do wear jogger here as in summer the frit becomes very very hot.

We went on the evening tour and it was a fantastic experience! From the start to the end it was very well organised, each part was a lot of fun, and the guides were great. I would definitely recommend desert safari tours!

One hell of a ride. Went their with Sky line tours management company. Camp was good but the taste of starters wasn’t up to the mark. Dinner was satisfying and over all activity and visit was good

Amazing experience of being there with a lit of fun and Thrill. It was a real fun with BBQs and the best part the Desert Ride with in this Price is really great. Highly recommended with More than 5 Star Reviews.

13. Madinat Jumeirah

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Fantastic place, giving the feel of old town with plenty of little shops, coffee shops, cozy restaurants and bars. Plenty of walking to do but definitely worth it. The atmosphere is relaxing and you never get bored here, so many options. Relatively easy parking, most of the place is under climate control. Must visit for all the residents and tourists of Dubai.

Beautiful and breathtaking. Lots of mini kiosks to shop from but pricey. Decent number of restaurant to dine in. Beach is nearby. Took the boat tour, amazing I must say as so well worth the price. You’ll see Burj Al Arab while on the tour boat ride.

One of my favorite hotels and resorts in Dubai. A staple of the Jumeirah area, the design, architecture, service and location of this hotel make it a great destination for families and couples. Very highly recommended

Great views, many retail stores and even better food options. Nice place to be if you like sitting by the water

17. Balloon Adventures Emirates

To float over the desert at sunrise in a hot air balloon with a Falcon demonstration whilst flying is a once in a lifetime experience, it was mind blowing. We left bright and early, picked up at the hotel and delivered to the desert to embark on our flight. The crew take care of everything and you just need to hop up into the basket and fly away! You basically feel you are in the middle of the desert (even through 40 mins from Dubai), you are surrounded by the sand dunes and the beautiful sunrise. The weather was perfect! As you float in the sky with a couple of other balloons the pictures you will capture will surprise you! Sometimes you need to pinch yourself. Part way through the flight, the baby Falcon takes off around the balloon, and lands back on the basket, I was lucky enough for him to land directly in front of me, it was amazing!! The landing is quite a surprise and I will leave this for you to experience, but definitely exhilarating! We then jumped in the bus for a desert drive of a lifetime, thank you to our bus driver who was an expert at handling the bus in the desert:-) The morning ended with a quick desert ride in a vintage Land Rover to experience breakfast with the crew in an authentic environment. A huge thank you to the team and especially to Richard (our pilot) and Marie (Falcon handler) for this opportunity, it was very well coordinated and no waiting around, definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to experience something unique in Dubai.

A very great experience of hotairballon its would be more amzing if they did it inside the city. The landing was fun too 😂.

An interesting experience one must try; but customer service over the phone needs serious training!

The only balloon based falconry show in the world. Amazing flight

Me and my girlfriend got engaged on our balloon ride. The Captain and all the staffs surprised us with Non-Alcoholic Champagne. It was an unforgettable experience for both of us. We truly recommend Balloon Adventures... Keep it up!

18. Dubai Opera

A gorgeous venue hosting high-quality performances, Dubai Opera is one of the best places in the city to spend the evening. There is wide of variety of shows here--classical, ballet, opera, musical theatre, modern dance, pop--and it's easy to buy tickets online. The bar serves small snacks and drinks, although the intervals are brief. The best bathrooms (with the most stalls) are on the ground floor. Parking is plentiful with both paid and free options. There are a number of restaurants in walking distance of the opera.

Very beautiful structure.... Adjacent to water body... Gives a breath taking view during nights.... Well submitted in the posh Dubai mall area

A stunning theatre. Just walking past the outside is testimony enough to the splendour of the architecture. It struck me that the inner and outer design might have been inspired by some nautical themes. A tribute to the arts, akin to other world class theatres, a visit is highly recommended.

Very confusing parking situation. They make you walk all around the opera to get to any location in the opera. I guess that's th e design so u see the whole architecture. I guess it a good thing for them. Not so good for people who avoid walking. It's a symbol of grandeur at its best. Everyone should experience it atleast once

beautiful opera house. We visited back in March and enjoyed it very much. It would be great for Dubai to have more often international opera production in town.

20. Kite Beach

Great beach, bave basic services.. the sand is amazing, wide space, you can enjoy full sky view and the city in the background. There is a long walking/ running lane, and sporty fields and games and of course kids activities. You should bring your food and drinks with you. The bus line reach the beach. Most restaurants while my review was under construction/ maintenance.

Kite Beach is one of my favorite beaches in Dubai, with lots of Food Trucks and some restaurants along the side, they also have a typical Brazilian food truck which is my favorite one, you can do many water sports like paddling, surfing classes and more. Plenty of parking space free and paid one, on the weekends if you arrive late it will be a bit hard to find parking so earlier the better.

Excellent beach to spent time with family. Good place for kite surfing lovers. Few restaurants are available with limited options of food. Have separate place for volley ball, kids play area etc

Clear skies, clean water, white sandy beach, just the right place to take some Sun and drain out all that stress. It’s an all-you-can get beach with shopping stores, restaurants, kids activities including play area and zip lining, kite surfing, water sports, and the usual relaxing by the sea! Great place for a weekend family outing! Don’t miss out on it!

Good place for a run in the evening or early morning before/after the sun. The long run I g track, multiple locations for sport activities (volleyball, trampoline Nd other fun stuffs for kids). Good place for those who love active lifestyle. You can also finish of your day with dinner in any one of the food joints along the beach