Best Things To Do in Dubai

1. Souk Madinat Jumeirah

The entire Souk is a pleasant and peaceful location, even at busy times. The parking is good and there is also valet parking and many, many taxis available all the time. The collection of restaurants and bars is vast and they all have a unique feel and most have a great vista. The Souk itself is very much aimed at the Western tourist and many pseudo-arabic trinkets and clothes are available. It's quite easy to get a little lost even though it's not vast. I would recommend an evening trip here.

Beautiful place. It gives you the real feel of the old Arab souk with it's classic soul like building and interior. I won't suggest really shopping there because everything here is super expensive. But it's got some amazing restaurants and bars. You can have a romantic dinner here... sit outside by the small lake with the palm trees and enjoy a wide variety of cuisines! Strongly recommended.

Amazing shopping mall, one of the coziest. Built in old-fashioned souk style, it has diverse shops, restaurants and cafes to fit all needs. I'd pay a visit even if you weren't planning to buy anything, as the place is worth seeing on its own. It offers great views to Burj Al Arab on the terrace of Costa!

Balcony views so picturesque. Depending on the restaurant you go to... the mood will be set. They have a great wine bar where you can go enjoy cheese & crackers alongside an assortment of great whisky,scotch and wine. Everything from high end eating to causal bars. Places for family and shopping for high quality trinkets.

Beautiful location and recreation of traditional middle eastern market. This one is developed in a traditional way and different from the modern malls of Dubai. Ambience is just great, lovely place to do see and do shopping of traditional art, cultural items, artefacts like carpets, clothing, crockery, etc.

2. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Really amazing, especially the tunnel with the sharks is incredible. Great place to bring kids. I can't believe all this is in a shopping mall (Ok a huge one, but still... a more than 30 min long visit aquarium in a shopping mall... wow!). For sure I will come back here again.

It was a great experience and kids really enjoyed it. The underwater tour was bit in rush and could have been done better. Some of the marine animals were of rare category and the overall sequence was pretty good. It was bit expensive but worth seeing one time. Loved starfish, baby whales, baby tortoise and many others. Go for it!

Absolutely amazing and well worth a visit. The aquarium is huge with so many different fish and animals. I didn't expect to see such a large range of animals and to be able to go 'behind the scenes' to see how the fish are reared and fed. We bought Explorer experience tickets, so we saw many things here. The big aquarium you can see without tickets, other attractions are for money. At first, you go through the tunnel. You can see many water animals. Next attraction was Aquarium glass bottom boat. This trip lasts about 15 minutes. You sail at the top of the aquarium, which you see in Dubai Mall. And the last thing was the underwater zoo. Many water animals. You can see very, very big crocodile and nice penguins. My little sister enjoyed a lot watching the marine animals and glass base boat ride was a lot of fun for all of us. If you are traveling with a family, its worthwhile to buy Entertainer (Buy 1, Get 1 Free) to save on ticket costs. The price for the professional photos is quite high but if you have your own camera you don't really need to buy them. I highly recommend it.

It’s one of the most beautiful things to see in Dubai. Located inside Dubai Mall which makes it even easier for people to visit while doing their shopping or dining. It has great collection of marine wildlife and it’s very easy for one to take a selfie with a shark or any creature from the deep sea

Lovely place, a lot of variety. Good view from the top boat and the transparent bottom. The sharks hitting the boat with their heads. So cool! Circling around, you see a restaurant and a "Jungle" on the second (or third) floor. :))

3. The Dubai Fountain

Very pretty! It gets very busy very quickly. The fountains are a popular destination for all the tourists but its worth seeing at least once. Easy to find when you're walking around the mall. It's surrounded by all the restaurants so it's a busy place but it's very pretty!

Very nice place to spend some time. Been here few times and will definitely come back again! Different themes, the lights during evenings, the music and of course the show itself is just awesome! Less people after 9PM.

A must see in Dubai. Love the music and the dancing water. Go in the later afternoon with fewer people. At night it will be too crowded. But still amazing view and best enjoyed with good weather.

During the day you can see 2 shows. And in the evening from 6 to 11 every half an hour you can enjoy another song and choreography. All the area around the fountains is just beautiful and with the fountains it feels like some other world. :)

Eye-pleasing sights. The fountain is inside The Dubai Mall. Every 15 minutes there is a fountain show. Make sure you are standing in the perfect place to have a view of this show. For travellers, it is a must visit place. The entrance is beautiful. Watching the fountain show is one of the most satisfying experiences.

4. Dolphin Bay

Had an amazing experience with the dolphin. Highly recommend here. Staffs are very nice and informative. The place is very clean and organized well. We got a lot of good pictures with dolphin (quite expensive but worth it)

Feel free to sit in the shade and watch the dolphins swimming and jumping, or even better, pay for a dolphin experience! Amazing experience that, whilst pricey, is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Amazing place I do recommend visiting this place especially with kids This place is pit expensive but its for sure money worthy

Feel free to sit in the shade and watch the dolphins swimming and jumping, or even better, pay for a dolphin experience...

Heart warming experience for all the animal lovers out there. Good interaction with the dolphins. You get to touch them, hug them. Ride on them. Also prior to that a good documentary is shown.

5. Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding

We were not able to take advantage of any of the center's programming. My 5 stars are based on how pleasant and helpful the staff was in general. There is WIFI, and bathrooms. Their presentation and dining space was beautiful. Thank-you for your general assistance!

An amazing place to take visitors for their first glimpse of Dubai; before the glitz and glamour, before the camel trekking, dispel any misconceptions they have about the people, the religion and the true heart of this city. The cultural meals are not only a great way to sample Emirati cuisine, they're also educational, eye-opening and an opportunity to learn and ask questions about the local culture. They also have a loyalty program, visit 5+ times and your next visits are free - and if you have constant visitors like I do, you'll make 5 visits in no time!

We did the guided tour in the morning. The guide was good and funny. The main issue was the cost. We paid 400 aed for two adults plus one child and my father of 71 years old. I found this price expensive for the tour itself, that lasted less than 90 minutes. If I knew this in advance, I will not have done it.

Excellent experience - a must try if you are new to Dubai. Make sure you arrive early so that you can find a good spot to sit and watch the host as they take you through the history and answer questions from the crowd. Ever had a question about the uae, dubai or Islam? Make sure you ask it here, its an excellent learning opportunity

A nice place to meet Emiratis Attended and enjoyed very much a great lunch on 24. December and an opulent breakfast some days later after a real impressing falcon-experience. Guests were offered a lot of nice food (not hot ;-) and really delicious - from the fresh dates as a "welcome" to the sweets after the tasty main courses) plus coffee, tea and water. Three very friendly ladies and the director answered to questions of the visitors about modern daily life and old traditions. The place was created by Sheik Mohammed in 1998 - and the motto of the institution is "Open doors - open minds". It is is a nice place for visitors to get in touch with "real Emiratis" - outside you mostly find people from Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Iran, Philippines etc. living and working in this amazing "miracle of steel and glass" between desert and sea that started with some small houses on the banks of the Creek in ancient times. An "intercultural lunch" (or breakfast) is a very nice experience in the picturesque Al Fahidi neighbourhood near the Creek which is for me "the real attraction" in Dubai. Important: Please make a reservation at least some days before if you want to attend such a meeting.

6. Dubai Frame

This is a new attraction in Dubai opened recently. Here at the top of the frame you get the view of old Dubai on one side and new Dubai on the other. This also has a glass floor which can be interesting. The place is quite new and hence was less crowded when we visited. We had planned to spend max one hour but ended up spending around 4 hours there. The campus is also great with beautiful flowers and fountains. There is a video presentation inside the frame showing the plan for Dubai in the future. It was quite interesting, would recommend to watch it. Overall a must visit place.

هذا المعلم الجميل يستحق الزياره عندما تأتي إلى دبي لا سيما إذا كنت مع العائله. تذكرة الكبير ب ٥٠ درهم وما دون سن الثانية عشر ب ٢٠ درهم. الزياره كانت حوالي الساعه ٢ ظهرا يوم أربعاء فلم تواجهنا أي زحمه تذكر. التجربه ممتعه بشكل لا يوصف، فالمنظر الخلاب من على إرتفاع ١٥٠ متر لدبي القديمه شمالا ودبي الحديثه جنوبا يلخص لك قصة هذه المدينه في لحظات. تجربة المشي على الارضيه الزجاجيه ورؤية الأرض من هذا الارتفاع الشاهق كانت مغامره ممتعه وشيقه.عند النزول ستتمكن من رؤية عرض سينمائي تخيلي جميل للمدينه كما تريد حكومة دبي أن تكون عليه. نتمنى للجميع أوقاتا ممتعه

I happen to visit it on a Sunday evening and it was very crowded. It took me 1 hour to get the tickets in for the entrance and another hour inside the compound to enter into the lift. A special note for senior citizens (age above 60 years with ID proof) can visit Dubai Frame for free. The lift travels at a very high speed and takes 1:15 min to go up and view from the top is amazing. There is musical fountain at the entrance of the building. The final video showing the future plan of Dubai is very exciting and must watch.

Cool place! Not so popular at the moment so not overcrowded is a plus. Glass floor and a beautiful view on the old and modern parts of Dubai. After the time spent on the top, they show you an impressive visual about the near future of the Country. It is so fantastic and realistic!

Awesome tourist attraction place with 492 ft height. Superb view of Old and New Dubai respective side. Just completed recently on 01-January-2018. Iconic tower we can say with amazing view. It is architectural landmark in Zebeel Park. It is also considered as the Biggest Picture Frame on the planet. Dubai Frame is created out of glass, steel, aluminum and reinforced concrete.

7. La Mer

Still largely "coming soon" as of February 2018, but showing great promise. Lovely space and atmosphere, with lots of eateries and food stalls to cater for all the needs, quick teatime snack with the kids or proper sit-down meal with friends. And when it's all done, the beach is inviting you for a dip or a spot of lounging in the sun!

A beautiful new beach district area with good restaurants and a lot more to open. I defo recommend a visit. Art exhibits and a constantly changing array of stores and activities makes this a must visit.

Beautifully designed outdoor mall-beach-to much to mention. La Mer so relaxed and well thought out, you have to visit if your in Dubai. They are still adding places to it but there is still so much to do. So many restaurants to choose from!! The beach is so nice as well, it feels like your at a luxurious resort far away from everything. Lots of things for the kids to as well!! We will definitely be back.

If you want to enjoy the beach(sea) with a bit of shopping and dining experience, then I feel this is the best place. Wide range of restaurants to cater different taste buds and the shops are enough to keep you entertained. The best part being the lights in the evening. It dazzles our eyes. For tourists, its a MUST VISIT PLACE.

A nice place for a walk. Different varieties of food available. There is also a water park. Beach activities are fun and amazing place for kids. Aesthetic and a really nice way to get your kids into outdoorsy stuff. Really really good in the winter time. Lots of parking available

8. Sharjah Aquarium

The place is nice and cool at the Al Khan Beach, overlooking the sea. Nicely created and a very informative place for all the students and knowledge-hungry people. Price could be little on a higher side (or rather can say could have evenly priced for family). Not very exotic but is worth a visit. good recreation of artificial mangroves and other corals found in the Arabian Gulf. Fishes are handsome numbers and variety, but not very exotic

Wonderful place to have a leisurely day with family! Especially for people with kids. The outdoor activities and view are breathtaking. A must visit for sea creature enthusiasts. There are water based activities for kids and a play area along with a huge boat. Maritime museum is adjacent to it and is marvelous.

Not so good not so bad, the aquarium festival is going on till the March 10 2018. Where new shows are organized which is good. Food at outside stalls is very expensive, i was surprised to see that price. Overall it was good experience. You should visit there once specially if you have kids. They will enjoy

The key to enjoying this aquarium is in understanding it's collection: the fish here are all local to Sharjah. If you visit this aquarium with the understanding that you will only see regional marine life, then you won't be disappointed. The price of admission grants you entry to the adjacent Maritime Museum, which offers superbly detailed exhibits about the relationship that local people have had with the sea. Viewed together with the aquarium, the result is a keen understanding of Sharjah as a coastal center.

Very nice place. Awesome views from corniche. Outside small play area for kids is available. Ample parking also available. Good views for photography. My kid enjoys outisde in play area more than inside aquarium.....

9. IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG Worlds of Adventure is Dubai’s first mega themed entertainment destination promising visitors from around the world the excitement of four epic adventure zones in one location. Two of the four zones represent renowned global brands Cartoon Network and MARVEL, while IMG Boulevard and the Lost Valley – Dinosaur Adventure zones are original concepts created by the IMG Group. IMG Worlds of Adventure is the largest temperature controlled indoor themed entertainment destination in the world, covering an area in excess of 1.5 million square feet. With the capacity to welcome more than 20,000 guests a day, the destination is featuring a unique array of adrenaline-pumping roller coasters, thrill rides, and spine-tingling attractions based on popular Cartoon Network characters, iconic MARVEL Super Heroes and hair-raising dinosaurs. Additionally, the destination is the home to a number of world-firsts, a variety of themed retail stores, exclusive dining venues, and a 12-screen state-of-the-art cinema. Situated within City of Arabia, along Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, IMG Worlds of Adventure is set to be a must-visit international destination, bringing the best of family entertainment to Dubai’s growing leisure industry.

Expected so much that i ended disappointed... Very few rides... All the shops sells same merchandise... Wish there were more rides and better rides... Marvel has many more characters but here we find limited... Iron Man Adventure was the best thing to get your Child's Face into the Toy (refer to attached image)... Food was ordinary... Park can be great if managed well... Has great future ... Jurassic World was like a Cameo with ordinary rides (except for the Big Roller Coaster) Cartoon Network was strictly ok...

This amusement park was a blast to be in, its a nice air conditioned place to go for the day for some fun and good eats while you out with family or the kids. the attractions are nice and the two roller coasters (while quick) are a blast to ride with many attractions thrown in for the kids as well. There seemed to be a lot of merchandising stores with out much substance nice things here and there but nothing to really draw in adults who could appreciate the cartoon network and Marvel nostalgia. DARK SECRET This place while nice HAS NOT PAID ITS STAFF IN 4 MONTHS! 4 months !!!! This is not acceptable for a place of this nature. i see some other comments and reviews who states the staff seems uninterested... I would be too if i wasn't paid for a third of the year! how dare you! i almost feel ashamed that i paid my money to go here and enjoyed it while there were young men and women working to provide a fun and exciting atmosphere and there is no cash going back into the people who makes the park what it is. IMG and affiliates should be DAMNED ashamed of them selves allowing something like this to happen and continuing to just be happy go luck with it. I am not happy with this development as i did enjoy my time there. YOU ALL need to rectify this problem immediately. Then and only then i'm sure the morale and camaraderie will return in no time Dubai is a expensive place to live and they have literally put people out of homes due to no pay checks coming in. I WILL NOT be coming back until IMG and affiliates learn to put their staff first because it is them that bring the magic and make this place the gem in the desert it is!!! disgruntled customer Cedric Alexander II

Its a great experience in a place like Dubai. One of the main reasons being it is something you can enjoy all around the year. It has entertainment for kids and adults. Enough food joints and relaxing areas for the ones who do not want to sit on the rides. The thrill every roller coaster gives is just enough for you to want do it again.. not to long not to short.. enough to laugh, scream, get scared and lastly feel brave. I think the Annual pass is surely a good idea for those who lobe the thrill. Keep it up

What a place! Loved it! The rides are amazing and are the best in Dubai. This was better than any of the other theme parks I've ever been to! The ambience is so good. You feel like you're walking in cartoon channel with so many different characters you've watched as a child. My personal favourite is Haunted Hotel. The interior and the actors are just amazing! The Thor's hammer is a lot of fun! Crazy ride! The restaurants look really good with the exteriors and interiors being absolutely spectacular! Very very expensive! Love the place, want to come back again! Unfortunately, IMG World's of Adventure is worth the money!

11. Al Mamzar Beach Park

This is a beautifully managed place with almost all facilities including BBQ areas. The lush green park in connection with white sands and blue water are just mesmerizing. You can bring your own food or can purchase from inside stalls, cafes and restaurant. The entrance ticket for an adult is just AED 5 and free for kids under 3 years. Play areas for adults and kids are also available there. In short , its a must visit park for whole day pass.

Nice play to enjoy beach. Clear water. Huts ate available for Bar B Q. Best time to visit in week days or Saturday morning. You'll find very less crowd.

A good place to go for a walk, jog, barbeque, and spend some quality time with family or friends. The park gives access to the beach with shower and washroom facility . A quite place away from the traffic with a lot of trees and greenery. Some refreshment shops are also open with fresh juices, tender coconuts and snacks available.

Beach at the absolute south corner is simply pristine! Clean and clear water... absolutely my favorite. Rent a chalet if it's available...

Good We are going there more than 3 times per year It's good and fair price for renting chalets But the parking will be closed after 12 Because it's full The staff is mostly not kind at all Specially the one on the entrance gate Also now they close the chalets area at 9 pm Which is too early Also you for weekend you have to book and pay before a while Thank you for reading 😁😀

12. Zabeel Park

Its huge park. Can enjoy rent a go cart. There is a cafeteria in there. Lush green ground. Best place to relax on holidays. Aed 5 entry fee. It has 3 entry gates.

Vast place! Perfect hangout with family! Child friendly as my kid can run as much as he can. Picnics, gatherings, zumbaaaaa. Nice place to organize all these.

Entry to be paid in nol card. Nice, clean park and clean toilets. The train leaves every other hour. The bus-train ride is fun for the kids.

Very huge and spacious park. Children play area includes free slides and other activities. Toilets are few in number and crowded. Vast parking area

Lovely park with family friendly play areas. Parking is a big challenge here. Best to go with the metro or a taxi.

13. Al Noor Mosque

Al Noor Mosque is in Cornish Street of Al MAJAZ 1 - Sharjah. It has a capacity of around 1800 male and 400 female. It’s regarded as one of the most famous and beautiful mosque in Sharjah. This is a popular tourist destinations in Sharjah. And is only one mosque which allow non Muslims to enter the mosque.

Very lovely place. You can enjoy with family. There is a place you can have your home brought food. Grass area to sit and a big place for children to play cycle. Most importantly you have pray salah at its time in mosque.

Fantastic relaxing Saturday morning out! We went on a Saturday morning in January. Arrived just after they opened at 9am. We had the island to ourselves. We only saw 3 other guests in the 2,5 hours we were there, so it felt like a very exclusive experience. The butterfly house wasn't super exciting, but the guy showing us around was eager to tell and chat. The trampoline pathway (about 30 meters of trampoline walkway) was much fun. The island is so green and lush, really felt like we were far away from the desert and all the traffic that surrounded us around the Sharjah corniche. Some very picturesque views and sculptures. The playground is only for older kids, our almost 2 year old wasn't really able to play with anything. The pavilion in the middle of the island is really nice and relaxing. The staff on the island + cleaners are super nice and laid back. All in all a great excursion from Dubai. We paid 105 aed for 2 adults. Kids under 3 are free of charge. Only small wish for improvement is more garbage cans around the island and a more suitable playground for smaller kids. Still a 5 star experience because of the scenery and the fantastic atmosphere of Al Noor Island. Highly recommend.

Beautiful masjid. V spacious, parking is also available. Toilets are usually clean.

Amazing masjid. Nice place to friday hangout. Surely you'll enjoy surrounding place. Prayer. Natural Breath. Gardening. Lakeview. Cycling-jogging. Boating.

14. Aquaventure Waterpark

In Dubai it's the place where I have enjoyed a lot. It's a wonderful experience. I'm just loving this place. This fully decorated and well furnished park had given me the experience of swimming, family enjoyment and a thrilling adventure. I'll definitely visit this place again whenever I'll get a chance. The Palm Jumeirah Monorail's last station is residing on it's top and it enhances the look of this park. As Dubai is a deserted area, so to avoid the hot weather it'll be better to visit Dubai from the month of October to January. I only have a request to the authority that if it is possible to keep the park open till 7:00 in the evening it will be far better. Thank you

One of the best water parks in Dubai, inside the Huge Atlantis hotel, it offers a large area for fun, with a huge poolside area for relaxing. People can grab inflatable tubes, single or double, and can jump into the current to get a quick water tour around the place, propelled by flowing water. There are several life guards present at intervals, for assistance, and the water body itself is quite exciting. A great place to spend a day.

Fun for all the family. This place is amazing from the rides to the food. Relax in the water and travel around the entire park. There are many slides to enjoy from the sting ray to the leap of faith. There are 2 towers which contain the rides. All of them are fun and enjoyable for all ages. Poseidon’s Revenge is one which is the only ride which you are requires your weight to be checked. This is the trap door slide. Hold on tight it's a vertical drop. There's a kiddies area too. It also has it's own beach area, sunbeds, restaurant and there are toilets. Changing rooms, showers, lockers and shop are all located at the entrance. This place is a MUST visit

Loved the water rides. There are various activities for all age groups and overall we enjoyed the place. There are two different type of paid lockers to keep your stuff when you arrive there but no proper details are available on size of lockers except that one is small and another is big. Small can accommodate max one regular size lean backpack and 2 people changing clothes. Large is double of it's size. You are not supposed to take food items inside not even in locker. Staff at counter and security are not friendly but you will find friendly staff around water rides and that is what matters most. Directions are placed poorly and people keep getting confused between lines for different water rides. Just focus on rides and you will have lot to discover and enjoy here.

It is a good amusement park for both kids and adults. This park has thrilling rides and it is a good experience if your learning to swim for the first time. There is a well maintained service of all the commodities. Best for the people who loves adventure, fun, swimming.

15. Coffee Museum

Al Bastakiya/ Al Fahidi is one of the oldest residential areas in Dubai which is worthy to be seen. Coffee Museum is a part of this area and introducing interesting items of coffee making process history. No entrance fee. Small coffee bar 2nd floor is an opportunity to try coffee brewed in a different ways

The most informative museum about coffee - from the history of first invention of coffee as a drink to lift your energy to the invention of decaffeniato . Explore the different tools used to produce the coffee, each separated into different rooms. A specially arranged Ethiopian corner will be presented by a local lady. You can try the traditional coffee or also enjoy a different brewing method at the cozy bar upstairs. Museum is for free and coffee price is worthed. You can stop by just for a coffee while handwriting your Dubai post cards, or learn more about the locals from the friendly stuff.

A cute little gem of a place , round the corner of the Dubai Museum in the Al Fahidi complex...It's right next to the Arabia Tea House.. a great place to stop and have a good cup of Turkish or Ethiopian coffee.. the best part is free entry.. learn about the coffee trade here

Great info, but more so a great coffee experience upstairs with a professional barista serving fourth-wave specialty coffee roasted in house.

The coffee had run out (!) when we visited so we couldn't try one of the coffee experiences. Charming but not worth making a special journey.

16. City Walk

A different approach on Dubai. Finally a place with definitely high end shopping; but you can have an alcoholic beverage, and something to eat in a vibrant community! How novel. It's a lovely mix of locals and expats. Kind of a unique spot in the city. Recommend

Relaxed atmosphere. Not crowded. Plenty of cafes and restaurants with some beautiful outdoors seating areas. Plenty of shops. There is a cinema also. If you are a tourist, I think you must visit this place at least once.

This place is SO nice. It is full of good restaurants. And coffee shops. Kids activities are SO nice. This place is a live at night.

Great vibe, whether it's during the day or the evening. Ample parking spaces without charge and various shopping brands to choose from, with an assorted choice of restaurants, coffee shops and lounges. Always enjoy our visit to City Walk.

High end destination.. it's a small community of retail shops, restaurants and bars.. However, it's one of the nicest.. people usually go there for coffee, lunch/dinner or drinks at night.. All the places are set up nicely.. You will find luxury brands and small water/smoke/light shows at night for entertainment.. Best enjoyed when the weather is nice!

17. Etihad Museum

The architecture and design of the building interiors is a must see. I loved its underground layout. The museum throws light on the history of the UAE. Its a great learning experience for school students and the general public provided you go prepared to see and learn. Well maintained. A good collection. Worth a visit for 2 to 3 hours.

When you love this country as much as I do, it's a very clear "must-do". It was a great and very impressive visit. Opened only last year (2017). I love this country and what it stands for. Go see why.

Great place and very meaningful insights on the country. Great for a couple of hours for tourists and a must go at least once for residents. Has two cafes with good options.

Nice museum very informative. I learned many amazing things about the history of the Emirates. Tickets are expensive. Nice to visit once if your in Dubai. I visited using the “Dubai city bus tour” services.

Beautiful architecture and interesting exhibits. It's a small museum so it doesn't take more than 2 hours to see everything. Also has a nice cafe with a beautiful view of the city.

18. The Dubai Mall

Huge range of stores. Exceptional bookshop. Fantastic range of activities. You won't have enough time if you visit just the once. Maybe three days? Nice specialist shops for food in the lower levels.

This mall is constantly changing. It's so big, and every few months, new stores and experiences open to the public. But one of the best things in it is its constant features, from the fountain, to the restaurants to the Cinema. The cinema in particular is absolutely fantastic, it offers one of the best movie going experiences in the country, with great offers and promotions.

This is a bustling mall with loads of shops, restaurants and activities. Just outside is the Dubai Fountain where there are regular evening shows, and the ability to take a ride on the water. There is a cinema, supermarkets and a lot of brand stores, and we haven't had a bad meal at the restaurants we've visited. The aquarium/zoo alone is worth a visit especially with kids. It's better than your generic aquarium!

Maybe one of the best Mall I have ever been. Very clean, beautiful and well organized. A lot of stores here mainly big fashion names like Armani, Prada, Gucci etc. The mall has a ice skating ring and an aquarium zoo which is amazing. We found a lot of good restaurants and a nice vibe. I highly suggest to shop here.

An immense variety of stores, in the mall you will find any type of store you can imagine. A range from high couture brands from low budget labels. The are so many activities you could do in here. The food court is vastly and you will find any type of food, you can enjoy your meal outside of the food court in a open space.

20. Meydan

BEAUTIFUL RACETRACK!!! FREE entrance to see the spectacular horse races! Recommend to everyone if you are visiting Dubai to check the calendar and spend an evening there! I wish a bigger gift shop with more items.

Race lovers paradise to get a good view from the Apron View and gorgeous food served to you while watching the race.

The place is really open and wide area... under developing and location is really very prime. good place to invest

White dubai / Meydan is good place with plenty of parking,,, specialy for big outdoor events such as DJ's and Musical

Amazing. Service. Food. Room was exeptional. For the price. Beautiful and peaceful. The only place to stay for me in Dubai. Awwy from the madness