Best Things To Do in Dubai

1. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

It was really impressive to walk under the water but not quite to the scale I had imagined it over the years in my mind. Definitely worth seeing. Don't miss the piranhas! And the owls which you get to see really close by if you walk up to the second level. The mall in general is the biggest, cleanest mall I have ever seen. You can place your bags on the bins or the floor without hesitation.

A unique aquarium with unique water-animals. It was a fun being there and observing animals strolling in the water. Every thing was good. One thing I would like to mention is that the entrance ticket was included in my travel package and as observed many visitor were watching the aquarium from outside without any ticket as the aquarium is visible from outside also. So if one has planned the trip on his own then the entry can be skipped and the aquarium can be watched from outside. But for underwater zoo entry should be made. There are many different organisms in the zoo. All were very unique, of whom i had never seen many before.

The exhibits are beautiful, but the place is hot and sometimes I couldn't even hear my tour guide. They take good care of the animals and their glass boat ride is short but nice. This is more like a family place than a date or going by yourself. I loved the variety of animals, fish, parrots, crocodiles, etc. Customer service is nice and buy a picture or two! They're worth the memories

Another tourist attraction in Dubai in which both adults and kids will surely enjoy. A lot of activities that you can do within the aquarium including diving, shark/fish- cage feeding and if you don't want to get wet then try boat riding instead. You can also hop-in to there mini underwater zoo and take bunches of pictures from smallest creatures. The entrance fee is quite expensive but they also have deals/offers for packages. What I also love in this place are the people working together to make your day fun and so much unforgettable.

Such beautiful huge size aquarium as I believe its one of the biggest. You can enjoy free view while you walking in Dubai mall as different sea species are swimming in crystal clear water. Meanwhile its payable if you would like to move inside the aquarium tunnel which is more amazing. Hundreds of different kind of species swimming all together peacefully inside a huge big aquarium and every time I watch the view I wonder how its possible to keep sharks with other kind of fishes and all are playing peacefully. Its amazing view you can enjoy for just free, I visited different aquariums in many countries but this one was the most fascinating and wonderful.

2. Wild Wadi Waterpark

What a great experience! Take your kids, your friends! The bigger the group, the more the fun. It's worth every penny you spend. I have my kids one of the best memories from their growing years. There's something for everyone here to enjoy. From the gentle wave pool, to the rafts to the crazy free fall.

The place is clean and seems safe. Rides are good fun. It is smaller than I imagined but was still a good fun filled day. Check their website for discounted tickets. It worked for us. Staff were all superb. Very helpful and friendly. They are very strict about bringing food and and drink into the place. Your bags are searched so don't waste time and effort buying and making food. Their food so so as long as you can stomach fast food

Great for a family day out. But unfortunately two rides were down for maintenance when we went. As a teacher in UAE you can get yourself and 3 extra people in for a cheaper rate. Call them to find out more as it is not advertised anywhere!

My wife and kids enjoyed this place a lot. The little one didn't want us to leave. The rides are fantastic. It's a must when you visit Dubai

A nice place for a family day out with kids. Adults, if you're looking for a thrilling splash with high waterfall rides then I suggest Aquamarine water park in Portugal or the ones in Florida.

3. The Dubai Fountain

The tallest performing fountain in the world during your visit to Downtown Dubai. The Dubai Fountain offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself in a captivating water, music and light experience.Submerged within the 30-acre Burj Lake, at the foot of The Dubai Mall, powerful water jets are laid out strategically over an area equal to the size of two football pitches. The fountain jets up to 22,000 gallons of water as high as 140m in the air at any one time.Each colourful, illuminated jet sways in time to music, producing what has become the most popular show in Dubai. As the fountains fire, a range of beautiful, classical and contemporary music plays in sync with the show, which takes place every 30 minutes from 6pm daily.

It's a magnificent attraction especially for tourists from different countries. Playing different songs and music from around the world, sometimes they can be very creative with the song and the water dance. You don't need to stand for each half an hour to watch the water dance, you can go to any café or restaurant overlooking the fountain. It starts playing usually at 6 pm for every half an hour, the best usually at 6:30 during sun set.

The Fountain is a unique place with a unique offer. The water dance is majestically. Although, you may find it annoying getting stuck among hundreds of people. The show is every half an hour so better secure a spot before it starts. There are many restaurants where you can dine and have a nice view of the Fountain.

Fountain show is magnificent! 2 shows at 1pm and 1:30pm (at 2 and 2:30pm on Friday) and every 30 min after 6pm. Duration of show about 3 min and different musics. I saw fountain shows from a ground and from highest floor on the World on 148th level. From ground show looks better. But a lot of people around in evening time.

Outstanding attraction taking place from 18.00 at every 30 minutes. There are plenty of shows which differs in music and water games. I would suggest to come at least 20 min before the show in order to get a nice point of view either from the ground floor or from the Apple store balcony.

4. The Lost Chambers Aquarium

Beautiful aquarium. The shark tank is the highlight with so many great fish. I didn't do the adventure tour but that is probably nice as well. The whole area is decorated as a sort of treasure hunt, like you're Indiana Jones. Information is digital, which is fine, although I like it old fashioned. They have pillows in front of the big tanks so you can take some relaxing time to watch the fish. I think some hotel rooms have a view on the aquarium. That must be awesome.

Not really worth the visit if you're on a budget. The aquarium is great, and the Atlantis themed decoration makes for a fun outing, but it's very expensive for a quick walkthrough (less than an hour). As far as I know, residents at the hotel have free access, though. If money isn't an issue for you, definitely experience it! I would much rather suggest a long walk along the boardwalk around the palm crescent.

The lost chambers is one excellent place. Home to some exciting sea animals, this place is awesome for family of all ages. Random, comfortable and cosy seating areas make it an even more lovable place. One can relax on these seats and enjoy the expansive view of the varied sea animals.

You're gonna need a taxi to reach Atlantis The Palm complex where the aquarium takes place. Main attraction is of course the big pool with tons of fishes from sharks to manta rays and many many others. I would place it right after the acquarium in the Dubai Mall in terms of experience and variety of species to see. Therefore should you lack of time prefer the latter.

Considering we are staying at the hotel, this is included in the fees and it's a must see. We do enjoy just watching the fish go by and speaking to staff who can tell us stories about what they know. Generally we enjoyed the visit. But not one where we could spend hours in. Max 45mins, making it almost about the same 'size' as the aquarium at Dubai Mall where we also spent max 45mins. Price is at the pricey end but well worth to come in and see grouper conservation and some beautiful clown fish and Himalayan crocodile. Otherwise the largest tank is one you can see from Atlantis hotel anyway.

6. Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding

We did the cultural breakfast our first morning in Dubai. I really can't say enough good things about it. From the minute we showed up, the staff are super friendly and helpful. They allowed us to go on the roof to check out the view and recommended where else we can find good views. Since we showed up early, they suggested where we could take a walk so as not to waste time sitting inside and waiting. The breakfast was very informative, with a lead speaker fluent in English and very funny, and several secondary speakers who are there to help with answers and demonstrations. The traditional food was delicious and plentiful, and they even allowed the guests to take leftovers home in the containers they put out. The speakers answered all guest questions without reservation. Definitely go here in the beginning of your trip, (reserve ahead of time; pay there), then walk around the area and take a boat across the creek to the gold and spice souks. It'll be an interesting and productive Dubai morning,

Interesting place to learn culture, taste and get to know local food, eating etiquette, local dressing. Very informative session done by the centre, had a wonderful experience. Open concept discussion.

A cultural staple that helps you learn more about local traditions, as well as Islam. But it's mostly just an enrapturing cultural experience that is far removed from the concrete, steel and high rises that is the rest of Dubai

The whole experience was mesmerising - the staff, breakfast and the speaker is so knowledgeable, you could ask him anything about UAE. There is always so much to learn about UAE's history and this is a perfect place to start.

Great to break away from the lavish, mostly post millennial city, and to appreciate the part of Dubai which brings tribute to the original state of local life.

7. Al Fahidi Historical

You will see totally another Dubai here - not fancy, not modern, but quiet historical and natural as it was years ago. There are interesting places inside the territory - museums (free entry), few cafes and small shops. Would like to recommend this place for a walk and as a venue to take pictures

Best place to know about the UAE's history, culture and also tradition. The people over there are so kind and polite. The food they serve in the cultural meal package is really good. But don't expect any fun activities.

Nice place to walk around after having meal at the Arabian tea house nearby, to get a feeling of old Dubai. Quiet and arty. Not crowded like other tourism place. There are several coffee shops inside, worth a try.

Great historical area to explore. Surrounded by nice traditional cafes there a restaurant there that serves camel burger. The coffee museum is close by, make sure you drop by and try their coffee. There are small antique shops and a store that sells art pieces made from leather.

Beautiful place! You can see how the buildings are built out of coral stone and with towers that directs wind. I have went there in Sikka event and the atmosphere is just too great!

8. Aquaventure Waterpark

You have to go here if you visit Dubai. Brilliant rides, quiet beach, relaxed vibe and an amazing day out. I have been when it's super busy and when it's quiet. If it's a busy day I would recommend getting Fast Pass so that you can make the most out of the day. Worth the price!!!

Wonderful water theme park. Exciting rides with rapids, churning waters. Don't miss the vertical drop, which takes your breath away. Don't go during tourist season as you would have to stand for hours in achieving queue. Enjoy the beach and aquaventure. Food available inside. No outside food. Wear proper swim wear or you won't be allowed for the rides.

IMO, the best waterpark in Dubai because it also has access to a beach and the ocean. Go early to make sure you miss the queues and to get a good spot, it can get busy. If you you want to spend your day floating along the lazy river, being pulled up to rides without getting off your tube, you're at the right place. There are plenty of water rides, wave pools, and activities for the whole family/friends to enjoy. Or if all you want to do is find, a patch of grass, under a tree, to relax or have a snooze, even have a splash in the ocean, this place is just short of being paradise. You can't take in your own food and refreshments, so remember to take enough money. The food options are limited, with few healthy choices. What you'd expect from a fast food, canteen-style setup. Don't forget to take sunblock, otherwise they sell there but expect to pay a premium. There are also lockers (to keep valuables safe) and towels you can rent. All in all, Aquaventure gets 2 thumbs up from me.

Extreme experience!!! With the scariest rides we’ve ever been I recommend the visit of the park. Good to know that the queues depend on the time of the year but they’re always in the shade. Careful with leaving the flip flops by the towers as we did it and when back they’d stolen mines. Luckily one of the members of the staff lent me some basic ones although I saw mines on a tower at the other side of the park (I recognised them as they have such a characteristic pattern) and took them back! Don’t get scared by the Poseidon’s revenge, the countdown and the enclosure can seem very frightening but the pump of adrenaline is worth every second!

This is great place to be in.. this is must visit place for all the tourists.. it's is not expensive but the experience you get at this place will be amazing. The adventures rides are awesome. There is a designated rides and areas for The kids and adults.. The lazy pool is amazing. Just lay down on your air tubes and relax. It will take you to all the rides.. These is a express pass which help you to go for any ride without being in long queue.. This place is also known as THE PALM DUBAI/ATLANTIS WATER PARK

9. IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG Worlds of Adventure is Dubai’s first mega themed entertainment destination promising visitors from around the world the excitement of four epic adventure zones in one location. Two of the four zones represent renowned global brands Cartoon Network and MARVEL, while IMG Boulevard and the Lost Valley – Dinosaur Adventure zones are original concepts created by the IMG Group. IMG Worlds of Adventure is the largest temperature controlled indoor themed entertainment destination in the world, covering an area in excess of 1.5 million square feet. With the capacity to welcome more than 20,000 guests a day, the destination is featuring a unique array of adrenaline-pumping roller coasters, thrill rides, and spine-tingling attractions based on popular Cartoon Network characters, iconic MARVEL Super Heroes and hair-raising dinosaurs. Additionally, the destination is the home to a number of world-firsts, a variety of themed retail stores, exclusive dining venues, and a 12-screen state-of-the-art cinema. Situated within City of Arabia, along Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, IMG Worlds of Adventure is set to be a must-visit international destination, bringing the best of family entertainment to Dubai’s growing leisure industry.

Excellent indoor amusement park... Indoor amusement park is great idea as it's very hot most of time in this part of the world... It's huge... Caters all age group... Rides are great and cost is also good... Restaurants are also great... Munching items and food is costly... But very well made and full of fun...

If you have visited Universal in LA you will find this place OK. This place equal rides for kids n adults. The adult rides are very easy n chilled out ... no problem for any one. The place is not too crowded. No need to buy the VIP ticket. Best way to reach the place would be by Cab or the shuttle service that they have. No problem in carrying bags as there r slots available to keep all loose item.

A place to spend your day in an amazing way, and enjoy with lots of 4D rides, 5D experience with your favourite DC characters. Dinosaur park is not that great, small kids may like it but they are still not allowed in half of the rides, even when they were nowhere close to being dangerous. Food in restaurants is outstanding. Indian food had great taste. Cartoon Network zone was average. Overall a great place, if you are ready to explore it completely.

This amusement park was a blast to be in, its a nice air conditioned place to go for the day for some fun and good eats while you out with family or the kids. the attractions are nice and the two roller coasters (while quick) are a blast to ride with many attractions thrown in for the kids as well. There seemed to be a lot of merchandising stores with out much substance nice things here and there but nothing to really draw in adults who could appreciate the cartoon network and Marvel nostalgia. DARK SECRET This place while nice HAS NOT PAID ITS STAFF IN 4 MONTHS! 4 months !!!! This is not acceptable for a place of this nature. i see some other comments and reviews who states the staff seems uninterested... I would be too if i wasn't paid for a third of the year! how dare you! i almost feel ashamed that i paid my money to go here and enjoyed it while there were young men and women working to provide a fun and exciting atmosphere and there is no cash going back into the people who makes the park what it is. IMG and affiliates should be DAMNED ashamed of them selves allowing something like this to happen and continuing to just be happy go luck with it. I am not happy with this development as i did enjoy my time there. YOU ALL need to rectify this problem immediately. Then and only then i'm sure the morale and camaraderie will return in no time Dubai is a expensive place to live and they have literally put people out of homes due to no pay checks coming in. I WILL NOT be coming back until IMG and affiliates learn to put their staff first because it is them that bring the magic and make this place the gem in the desert it is!!! disgruntled customer Cedric Alexander II

10. Kite Beach

Kite Beach is one of my favorite beaches in Dubai, with lots of Food Trucks and some restaurants along the side, they also have a typical Brazilian food truck which is my favorite one, you can do many water sports like paddling, surfing classes and more. Plenty of parking space free and paid one, on the weekends if you arrive late it will be a bit hard to find parking so earlier the better.

Clear skies, clean water, white sandy beach, just the right place to take some Sun and drain out all that stress. It’s an all-you-can get beach with shopping stores, restaurants, kids activities including play area and zip lining, kite surfing, water sports, and the usual relaxing by the sea! Great place for a weekend family outing! Don’t miss out on it!

Good place for a run in the evening or early morning before/after the sun. The long run I g track, multiple locations for sport activities (volleyball, trampoline Nd other fun stuffs for kids). Good place for those who love active lifestyle. You can also finish of your day with dinner in any one of the food joints along the beach

Love this place! Have been visiting this beach last 15 years and still enjoy going there. It has developed a lot since then. You can find lots of food options and beach activites. A family friendly and quite busy during weekends. To get a parking spot its best to arrive early.

So much to can enjoy the day sitting by the beach with private cabanas if you wish, get active with a long rubberised running track, or amble along the board walk. As the sun sets & the lights come on the buzz gets better, music blasts from various food trucks, and you can enjoy all sorts of delicious meals & desserts. Best of all for families there are loads of activities from bouncy castles to reverse bunnies to a huge skate park. There is something for everyone, so much more than the few things I mentioned, so get down & explore for yourself, and have fun 😎

12. City Walk

In winter at night city walk is awesome. Very funny and quirky. There are licensed places in the inner courtyard. Shops and cafes are all boutique and make a nice change from your mass brands. Summer however and midday are not so great unless you know where to pop up from the parking and stay on the inside areas

Great experience especially during night time as the lights illuminate the walk-ways and brighten up your shopping and dinning experience. They say Dubai is the shopping capital of the world and this notion is well complimented by the designer and luxury goods stores resident at this unique complex. For those in search of culinary delights there is a bevy of fine dinning restaurants and cafes to tickle your fancy.

Amazing really fun and has all the stores you need. There is animal planet which is a really fun place for the family. There is also kids zone if you want to drop your kids there and hub zero for all the family to have fun. There is a cinema which is nice, comfortable and has all the latest movies. There are all types of restaurants and all types of cuisines. There is a wide selection of stores and there are a lot of places where you could buy amazing chocolate. But in summer since it is in Dubai, it is really hot so conveniently part of it is indoor.

If something is missing in the tourist books of dubai than this is it. I mean a marvelous piece of architecture. The use of lights screens and colours make it a scene to remember for life. Its a mixture of residence, hotel and retail but unlike a typical mall its more of a walk to remember. Brands, restaurants kiosks, stalls everything is so well placed that one has to be here. Its an experience in itself

A great alternative to sitting at home bored. City Walk is full of curiosities around every corner. A good place to just take a stroll, take in the extravagant lights, combined with the charm of London Streets. There is something for everyone, good place for families, friends and couples. The area is relatively quiet, day and night, with many opportunities to take photos. There is a big selection of restaurants, albeit quite expensive, there are cheaper options to suit every pocket from food trucks to fine dining.

13. Dhow Cruise Dubai

Nice visit. Excellent experience of Dubai. The food is great, the staff is very welcoming. Be sure to be sitting on top floor. One nasty impolite visitors couple was taking a table of 5 on the top floor and refused to share it, the staff could not get them share the table.

I have done Dhow cruise so many times. All cruises offer more or less similar experiences but what matters most is your company. If you are in company of your near and dear ones you will enjoy the ride and the on board dances and entertainment programme. The Arabic food served on board is also great.

beautiful place with elegant is average but dessert is good. neat n clean ambience. beautiful experience

Disappointing service. They charge you high and serve u bad food. You can get better views of the creek by taking dubai water taxi. The dance shows were also mediocre. Not a good experience.

One of the traditional cruise in Dubai... Lovely ambience... Good food n neat entertainment activity in Dubai

14. Meydan

Awesome facility and great ambience... well designed architecture and design for the Dubai race course facility. They hold the worlds most expensive race. The Dubai World Cup, worth 1 Million Dollars. Every last Saturday of March, this competition is held with pomp and grandeur and visited by thousands and thousands of enthusiastic followers. The weather at this time of the year is just pleasant enough to be outdoors and enjoy the race in full force.

Impressive facility, including a posh hotel overlooking the race course. The horses and the people are fantastic! The Western spectators were dressed up for the occasion to the finest details, including feathers in their hats. Enjoyed the green grass and the air that seemed a bit cleaner than the rest of Dubai. Tennis courts available too.

There's a lot going for living in this area - Polo residence apartments are spacious and airy. Spinneys being built, Fitness, pool and café now open, proximity to Meydan hotel and racecourse complex with restaurant, bars and clubs a plus. It's a quiet location for singletons, couples and especially families with Tennis academy and good bilingual French/English school within walking distance. Great views of the Downtown skyline. Love living here.

One of the best and affordable apartments in Meydan! Located in a vibrant location with stunning views of the community. For more information, contact 045508376

A new face of Dubai. Starting of a new era. Be a part of this rising new downtown of Dubai.

15. Madinat Jumeirah

Fantastic place, giving the feel of old town with plenty of little shops, coffee shops, cozy restaurants and bars. Plenty of walking to do but definitely worth it. The atmosphere is relaxing and you never get bored here, so many options. Relatively easy parking, most of the place is under climate control. Must visit for all the residents and tourists of Dubai.

Definitely worth visiting for nice authentic shopping and restaurants. If you are looking for high end dining, visit their website and make a booking to be able to get to guests only zone.

Extremely romantic and attractive place. I often dine in the restaurants available there. Amazing place to spend the day

Awesome ambience. Good for holidays. Beach is the main attraction

Absolutely beautiful place, beautiful little shops and stalls, a choice of fabulous restaurant's unique setting, if you don't go anywhere else in Dubai, go here. Stunning !!!

16. Evening Desert Safari

This is the place for fun. So many types of desert bikes. Sand all over and so many different people enjoying it. This was a fantastic experience. A must go for anyone, not just biking lovers. Some of the bikes are faulty though. There are people to help and assist in such cases.

However I worked for few years in Libya close to the desert, and this was the 9th time for me to visit Dubai, but this was the first time for me to see the sand desert! This safari was really great and much fun. We saw the sunset there, ride a camel, were many activities like belly dance. And we got a very nice dinner. No doubt I will recommend them to everyone wants a safari in Dubai!

When you are in Dubai, Desert Safari is the one of the best entertainment and adventure. Its must have experience when you go to Dubai. There are not just safaris available in four wheel drives but there are camel rides, small buggies to drive for children. Ride was superb but very short which was not expected. Camel ride was just for name. You get on the camel and instantly they bring you down after few steps. Dancers were good too. Driver and the Car was good for sure. After I reached there, I got to know, I was charged an high amount as compared to others in the same safari. Food was not as per standards. There was long queue for food and cold drinks. It felt like a mass gathering making it bit inconvenient. Overall experience was average.

The quality is worst. You will get a total of 3 min of driving in the sand dunes and then You will see a camp with few unhealthy looking camels and horses. We didn't also set out hopes up with the food and it turned out as expected. Better find some other tour company and pay a little bit more. I think they are just contracting bus drivers to do the tours for them and take some commission. Make sure you do not join a bus group since it will be a big problem and most probably you will not enjoy the experience. The dinner is awful, bad quality, no taste. We don't recommend this tour at all. Complete waste of time.

I booked two tours with this company ( Dubai City Tour and Dubai evening safari) and we had exceptional service. Our driver Yaso proved to be a perfect guide, giving us concrete information, but also an experienced driver on dunes in the desert. All the services were offered exactly as it says on the website with maximum professionalism. Negative comments are based on a lack of documentation prior to booking, because any questions you can clarify on whatsapp and the price-quality ratio is unbeatable. I looked for other companies offers and as a concrete fact the offer is the same ( camps and services in the desert are the same regardless of the company and the cars are the same) but the prices are incomparably much higher... Thank you Yaso and Dubai Evening Safari ... you made our holidays more beautiful and also many thanks for sharing with us the beauties and mysteries of Dubai. We will definitely come back!!!

17. La Mer

Great public beach! There is no free seating but you can rent beach chairs, or you can put your towel down on the grass or sand and relax. There are many restaurant options and places to get a cold drink like lemonade from. There are public restrooms that are extremely clean and well maintained. The entire area is one of the nicest public beaches in Dubai. There is also paid parking for those driving there. Definitely recommend this spot if you are visiting Dubai.

A peaceful new destination to hang out in Dubai and also have great food. If you aren't hungry then just walk around the shore. Amazing food options from all over the world. This place will become even better once it opens up completely.

Great place.. Good to come on evenings and morning breakfast.. I recommend not to go I the afternoon during summer season it really hot.. It's a place like city walk.. Their is a wide range of restaurants to eat from and its next to the beach

Lovely new destination along Dubai’s coastline. Phase 1 has been completed so far, with more attractions and outlets opening gradually. Once completed, it will be one of the most happening spots in town. Be careful where you park, as you may have to walk for some time if you park at the wrong end of the project (buggies are available though if you prefer to use them).

Very nice and beautiful beach front. Big selections of restaurants and coffee shops to choose from. One of my favorite places to spend time and have fun in Dubai. Suitable for families and all ages. Better than the crowded JBR in Dubai Marina.

18. Pier 7

great variety of restaurants in a good location at The Marina. Very busy weekend nights so bookings are recommended. Try Cargo for a fun evening. Parking is possible at the Marina Mall but this too as expected, very busy weekends.

This place is great. The food is delicious. The service is impeccable and its surroundings are lovely. Over looking the marina, you can sit outside on the balcony and eat, drink and chill.

Good variety of restaurants for different tastes and budgets. The only problem is the elevators as they can take quite a long time to catch a ride during peak hours... consider using the stairs

This place was really fun. Easy to get to and actually not packed. Furthermore. Don't like the restaurant? Try the bar. Don't like the bar? Try to open roof outdoor lounge. Best part is, the full menu of the place is served at all three levels. Food was good and priced reasonably well for Dubai. Beer selection is a bit scarce, but if you can live with Peroni/Corona/Budweiser, you'll be fine. I would still recommend reserving a spot if you want a prime-time seat. But other than that, just drop in. Took a star off; service was good, but not excellent. When pricing things at high-end, the service needs to match that experience. Having the same song on loop 9 times (I counted) or staff not check on your needs in reasonable amount of time (more than every 15) are examples of that. Still a good place I strongly recommend you check out.

Great views, nice crowd, exceptional service. Set on the creek, with luxury yachts cruising past and docked just below, this place is worth a visit if only for the views. The atmosphere is also quite nice, with a relaxed, friendly and trully multinational crowd. Can't believe I didn't take any photos, you'll just have to take my word for it (do let me know if you disagree)

19. Souk Madinat Jumeirah

A delightfully different shopping experience. There are over 80 shops and 20 or so food outlets. Souvenirs and trinkets as well as more traditional shops, fashion, art, home accessories perfume and jewellery ... A great way to spend a day meandering the bazar like "streets" indoor and outdoor, alone or with family and friends. Or you can just come to have a meal in one of the many restaurants. When the weather permits it, sitting outdoors is most rewarding. There is easy underground self parking for those coming by car. This souk is a must experience for any visitor to Dubai.

We are definitely going back to this Souk. I recommend the little boat trip. There is a great perfume shop in the Souk, we found the perfect gift. The guy was very helpful and did not get fed up with me trying different scent's. There is something for everyone, it's very relaxed and romantic. Lots of restaurants to choose from. Highly recommend it for a half day or more

Love love love the Souk Madinat. Enjoyed visiting the location and that i decided to go back for a second time. It is one of my favourite places in Dubai. Lovely pubs, good music, ambience and views that are great for pictures. There is a variety of food as well and all sorts of little gifts to buy if you are a tourist.

Amazing combination of contemporary and traditional architecture in one place. You can do lots of things here from bazaar-like shopping, dining(casual, romantic, grill n bar, etc) , coffee, sightseeing. Big plus point is that it's next to Burj Al Arab, a famous point of interest for Dubai tourists.

The entire Souk is a pleasant and peaceful location, even at busy times. The parking is good and there is also valet parking and many, many taxis available all the time. The collection of restaurants and bars is vast and they all have a unique feel and most have a great vista. The Souk itself is very much aimed at the Western tourist and many pseudo-arabic trinkets and clothes are available. It's quite easy to get a little lost even though it's not vast. I would recommend an evening trip here.

20. Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

Amazing atmosphere. The hotel is perfect from inside and out. With perfect restaurant and view... extravagance at its best! Super luxurious, super fancy 7 star hotel... and it’s structure with exotic attraction...

Amazing atmosphere. The hotel is perfect from inside and out. With perfect restaurant and view... extravagance at its best! Super luxurious, super fancy 7 star hotel... and it’s structure with exotic attraction...

Iconic Dubai seven-star hotel. Now an institution, but well kept and constantly tweaked to keep current for the market. Lots of bars and restaurants to chose from. Duplex rooms with a view and personal Butler experience. Expect to pay for the service and experience.

Burj Al Arab is a private area, where you cannot enter when you don't have a reservation for the restaurant or when you are not a guest. Couldn't find the right way to the public beach are, where you can take some nice pics - finally found one on the right side of Burj Al Arab but photos had to be shot against the sun. Later we read that there must be also a left sided beach area, where you can get closer to the hotel, so my recommendation: read and find a perfect way to a nearby beach area BEFORE you get there, where you can make fantastic photos - maybe a taxi driver can give the right tip. Nevertheless BAA is an outstanding building with its own effect. Also the Jumeirah Hotel is worth to have a look at, because it fits perfectly to the whole landscape. We enjoyed being there and take some pics and spend there about 1,5 till 2 hours following by have a small lunch at the Mall of Emirates, which is directly in front of Jumeirah Hotel.

If there is a 7 stars review rating, would for sure offered. A fully integrated high-end customer service experience with astonishing surprises at all aspects. Burj Al Arab plays in a totally superior high-end league! If you can afford it, go for it.. it can be a once in a life time experience..