Best Things To Do in Barcelona Spain

1. Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar

A very nice Gothic style church in the heart of Barcelona, not too far from the Cathedral of Barcelona. Very interesting art and stained glass to view, well worth a look inside. Every where there is something unique and beautiful to see.

Very grand, old church built in the neo gothic era. Most of the basilica is cavernous and open. There is a very nice chapel at the front of the church. If you can, pay for the one hour tour where they explain various things about how the church was built and you get to climb up one of the towers and go outside about ten stories up. Once on the roof of the church, you will see several panoramic views of the gothic quarter. Well worth the price.

Excellent old church. Beautiful ceiling. Interesting plain altar

Santa María del Mar is one of the most iconic buildings of Catalan gothic style in Barcelona. It's a beautiful church that you can admire from the inside and the outside. Whenever there is mass, the entrance to the temple is free. Otherwise, you must pay a small fee to enter.

Impressive church, located in the born neighborhood. Once you get in, it really surprises the how huge it seems, which you cannot really realize when you are outside. I learned Gaudi inspired in Santa Maria to design Sagrada Familia, which was pretty astonishing. Free before 1pm and after 5.30pm, a real must if you are in Barcelona!

2. Casa Batlló

It is the objective i liked most in Barcelona. The interior is beautiful. I liked the doors, the knobs, the fact that you are able to touch them and see how perfectly made the door knobs are. It is a house meant to be touched. Also the guide which i think is included in the entry fee is absolutely lovely. You have a lot of great information and a sort of virtual reality to show some of the things as they were in the past.Loved it!

A wonderfully beautiful house that really inspires your imagination. The visit lasts about 1 hour but not a dull moment. It is usually rather crowded so should get here early to avoid the crowds and audio / mobile guide is a must for enhancing the experience. They also do very nice photos on one of the balconies, should always try this and decide whether to buy the photos later. Tickets should be bought online in advance to skip the long queue. We loved the house.

Has to be one of the best museums i have ever been to. What imagination and style. The audio visual guide is brilliant, the architect and interior design is amazing and classic Gaudi, especially loved the wood features and practical elements. Staff were really friendly too. Went mid September & midweek at queues anywhere, which had the added bonus of limited time for wife in shop due to closing ;)

Such an amazing place. I hadn’t been here for years because I didn’t want to waste my time. But when I went I enjoyed it and do not regret it at all! It’s worth it. The guided tour on the mobile phone is very modern and innovative way of going through the museum!

Love this place. I already have been there 2 time but cannot get enough of this extraordinary art deco building from my favourite artist of this period Antonio Gaudi, a genius ahead of the times with a sharp view on brilliance of nature and its greatness of solutions in construction. His design is timeless his buildings too. Dive into his world. It's so worth it and enjoy life!

3. Casa Milà

Great lunch place! Pretty big, pretty busy. And pretty hip, but not in an excluding way. The food is not cheap, but being so tasty and well presented as it is, it still comes out as good value. And creative. Or how many times have you had charcoal black or pink bread for your burger? The juicery produces drinks like Virus killer and Forever young. They are really good, but somehow a bit toned down, so don't worry about the ginger being to strong or whatever. It's not. You can come to Flax&Kale with all your allergies and diets as they have developed a comprehensive marking system covering every meal and drink on the menu. You can even use at table at the back of the menu to answer the question "what can I have if I'm a vegan and don't eat soy". Enjoy!

Absolute marvel of a structure and design. A must see in Barcelona. We took some incredible photos on the terrace as well as within. Also our tour guide, Robert was fantastic!

This place truly blew me away. Definitely worth going to and the view is amazing! I definitely recommend this place if you're a Star Wars fan.

The house outside is beautiful! Its curves and organic ornaments are astonishing. I didn't go inside because will find €25 entrance way too much to visit a house.

Stay more than the usual 25 minutes. Stare at it from the outside. People have been walking around this place for years and years without staring at it. You do it. Stay and walk around. Picture Gaudi next to you looking at it.

4. Güell Palace

A must visit if you are in Barcelona. You can learn a lot about Gaudi and the impact he had on the city's architecture. You have a great view from the rooftop and the interior is really nice. It looks much larger than it is. The queues are long to go inside but they move really fast. Bonus tip: they have free entries on certain days of the month, search online before you plan your visit.

Surprising find right off one of the main streets in Barcelona. I think this is a must-see for those interested in late 19th century Spanish architecture. It's also for people who really want to see a cool house from a super rich family.

Lovely park. Great to walk around in the summer. Incredible architecture, kool street performers and the great views of Barcelona from the viewing area.

Absolutely fell in love with this palace! I don't understand how one could spend only an hour here! We ended up spending around three and a half hours! The palace premises are well maintained, the audio guide is fantastic and the staff is really sweet and helpful! But, beyond all that, Gaudi's work left us amazed and spellbound! Tip: the terrace is a pretty good place to see the sunset from, so head to the terrace if you're in the palace around sundown!

This is a really nice place to visit!! It’s 12€ to get in but you get a tour around the beautiful house amongst the busy street! What you can’t see from outside is the roof and I’d say visit purely for this! It’s got amazing views around Barcelona and has amazing chimneys decorated beautifully!

5. Cascada Monumental

Good place for relaxing, sitting down or stroll and to take good pictures near the fountain. Evening time pictures came out really good. Saw lots of people run in this park.

Looks nice but when we visited there was no water and it smelled kinda funky

A beautiful monument in the Parc de la Ciutadella. On the top of the Cascada there is a sculpture of Quadriga de l'Aurora. It was erected by Josep Fontsére and to a small extent by Antoni Gaudí. I definitely recommend to visit this point of the city.

Nice art work. Fountains. Nice place to sit n relex

Nice place to have a walk. Lots tourists and homeless es.

6. Espai Barroc

Wonderful experience! Great mix of flamenco music and dance, the musicians, (guitarist, singer and cajon player,) were all excellent, and the dancers were very good too. I recommend booking in advance as the event we attended was fully booked on arrival, plus if you book, you get a free drink! The setting is one of the most impressive things about the place, it is an old building with a fantastic courtyard and very beautiful Gothic interior.

Amazing show, great place, great musicians, dancers as well as staff... The atmosphere of the place is really great... Really fantastic first flamenco experience for me and my family...

The dancers and musicians were all amazing and have a strong connection with each other that really showed during their performance. A beautifully intense and intimate show in the most amazing building!!! Tickets are also a great price in comparison to other shows nearby (and your ticket includes a drink!)

Saw a great intinate flamenco performance there.. superb location

The bad rating is not about the show, it is about the organisation for the booking. The show and the place are both really nice, so no worries for that, however I had a very bad experience with the two persons who are responsible for the booking. When I called to book two days before the show, a lady, suggested the show at 6pm because she can give me good seats, she even specified that it will be the second row, ok, I said yes and called the day of the show about 45 mn before to say that we will be coming to the show and to save our seats. When we arrived and paid, the story became different, we had seats on the third row and while I was trying to explain to the guy at the door that this was not what his colleague told me in the phone, he did not even apologize and simply answered that it is not possible and if I wanted to have better seats I should have come earlier. I don't understand the rational to have a number to call for booking if you can just go one hour before the show to get better seats than the person who booked some days before. Definitely, they should improve their booking system and make sure that the person who take the reservation by phone is consistent with the one at the door. I value good customer service and this was not, the guy at the door was almost implying that I was lying and when I asked him to check with his colleague, he told me that she is not working tonight and he cannot do anything for me. Well, to start an apology would has been sufficient, so, no, I will not recommended this place if you are looking for a good customer service.

7. Ciutadella Park

Very nice park. We had a picnic with some cheese, bread, meat, wine, and olives we picked up in France. If you forget to bring your own drinks there are plenty of people walking around to sell you beer and water. There are beautiful buildings surrounding the parks and line of orange trees full of oranges in March.

Must visit park in center of Barcelona. Has lovely little lake where you can rent boat for small romatic float. Lovely greenery and overall nice place to walk around or take a book and enjoy your day

Gorgeous park which shows a great abandoned arboretum (sad that the plants poke out and no one maintains this beautiful structure). A huge park with walkways and feels peaceful. A pigeon or some cute bird sits atop a Venus-like statue for the main entrance. An invitation to come and have a walk in the lovely park!

Beautiful park where you can relax, have picnic and do yoga. If the weather is nice, make sure you go there. There are ping pong tables there as well

Used to be a good spot to chill. The park still has some alternative activities going on, but unfortunately, the street-beer sellers are all over the place. Cool if you want a constant supply of beer of course, but annoying otherwise.

8. Cafè Teatre Llantiol

Went to see Eddie Izzard and the experience went well in this cozy venue. Better chairs would help. The bar was fairly priced for a theater.

Good Atmosphere in a cousy teather. We say "Alberto de momento" and it was 90 min full of laugh. Bar service is good!

Its nice

Great Stand up comedian show, little theather worth visiting

Amazing monologues!!!

9. Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya

I love this place! One of the best places to see Barcelona. The city, as if on the palm of your hand. Probably the best view of the city will be in the mountains or on a high-rise building. I advise you to visit the same museum, a good place to bring your children here. I like to just come here for the mood or inspiration. There are a lot of people going to celebrate the new year, eat twelve grapes and make a wish, as well as look at the splendid salute.

Amazing interior and exterior. Art is very interesting and there is good information provided. But please ask the security guards to be more polite. When there is no signage, foreign visitors are operating with little information and there is no point in being rude and snapping at us if we don't understand the conventions of your Museum. At closing time please leave an opportunity for gallery visitors to take a pee before they leave the premises. Closing interior washrooms and attempting to rudely chase out ladies lined up for the washroom nearest the door means that a very pleasant experience is ruined by that last bad memory. Please give floor plans to the information people to hand out or refer visitors to. We missed the info desk on the way in and had to return through several sets of stairs for a planol. Totally unnecessary.

We went on a Saturday after 15:00 because entrance is free at that time. I didn't enjoy the museum much. It has Romanesque, Baroque, and modern art exhibits. Except one sculpture and a few paintings that took my breath away, the rest was not impressive. Not worth paying 12€ for entrance.

Wonderful building very nice garden. Interesting exhibitions, the shop for tourist is worth to visit even you do not want to visit the museum. The staff is young enthusiastic and speak English very well. The 2 euros for visiting the teras is not the best idea, but you can visit the building itself for free. If you feel to high to climb up, there is a lovely little cafe outside with an old guy who is very nice.

It is a magic place. I loved so much because it’s so peaceful. I really enjoyed the modern art exhibition. It is free every Saturday after 3:00pm

10. Palau de la Música Catalana

Paid 20 euro to go on a tour to SPECIFICALLY take a photo in between the mosaic columns. Only to be told it was closed for the day because of a concert. This should have been stated BEFORE we paid for the tour. Or reduce the cost of the tour for that day. The photo of the mosaic columns is even used in their marketing, so they know it’s a draw card! The event had not started yet (10am) so I did ask the staff and tour guide if I could take a photo, but they refused. Highly disappointing!

it is good concert hall. we can know how it is through guides. it is helpful. the glass is so nice.if you have chance you should visit there. you don't regret that .

Definitely see a concert there. The tour was a good way to see the theater, too, and hear about its history. But if you don't have time for both... see a concert. There is a show nearly everyday of the year

Beware of ordering cheaper seats because some have an impossible position where you might as well look at the beautiful mozaik and relief ceiling. After the doors closed we relocated to alternative seats that had remained unsold and they let us. Somewhat hard church like acoustics, but still tolerable. The Messiah performance was well chosen in the holiday season. We fully enjoyed the experience!

Yet another fantastic music event, our third in three years. Beautiful building both inside and out, recommend anyone visiting Barcelona to take the day time tour or plunge in and book an event on the evening.

11. Cathedral of Barcelona

I love this cathedral- from the amazing atmosphere of the square in front of the cathedral to the architecture, the interiors, the courtyard and the roof top- it's amazing. The entry is very cheap, about 7 euros if I remembered it properly. There are amazing artists playing in the square and around the cathedral all the time, and there are geese in the courtyard! Really great place, worth a visit.

i love this. this is a huge church. i recommend you to go on top of the roof. you can see another view of cathedral. sometime we need to pay entrance fee. in this case, then we can see that .

This Catedral is a must-see in the heart of Barcelona Old City. In the Gothic neighbourhood. I recommend you to get inside when it's free! So if you are there check if doors are opened. It has a beautiful garden in the back. Also you can enjoy the terrace view for 7€.

Am i the only one who liked this cathedral more than Sagrada ? Very beautiful and intricate architecture and it has feel of a place of worship. Get there early if you would like to have a peaceful visit. Entry is free between 8am to 12 noon and for sometime in the evening. Other times it is 7 euros.

A must visit place in Barcelona. Also don't miss out the neighborhood around it. An excellent place for a walk and you'll find a lot of local store that are not strictly aimed for tourists. The cathedral itself is magnificent.

12. Museum of the History of Barcelona

It's a cool museum with a cool concept. The design drew you into the ancient atmosphere. It provides you with an audio guide in several languages as well. You pay EUR 7 (student: EUR 4/5) and you will be free to enter any other museums in their list.

While this museum is located on the famous Barceloneta, it is really nothing special. The exhibitions are decent. Nothing really caught my interest here, so I just sped through. The only thing worth going to here is the terrace, which has an amazing view of the city. Tip: This museum is free on Sundays after 15:00.

Half of the exhibit is not in English, the lighting is horrible - you usually cast a shadow over the description if you stand next to it. But it is interesting and bigger than I would imagine. The elevator takes you underground and back in time. 😄 Definetly recomend it, but maybe go on a Sunday, when it is free.

Very good museum, very interesting & great to see the accident Roman ruins the city has been built on. As a bonus if you go on a Sunday afternoon entry is free.

This is a must do visit if you want to understand Barcelona's origins. Take a real trip to the past using the elevator and walk around the ancient roman city. The archaeological site is really well organized. People that fell claustrophobic should probably avoid it since you will be walking underneath the ground for quite a long time.

13. Gran Teatre del Liceu

Beautiful theater. Enjoyed a French version of the opera Romeo and Juliet. The performance was perfect. Our seats were in nearly the top floors which had obstructed views but the sound was amazing. The subtitles were in Catalan.

A beautiful building. I attended a reception in the mirror room which is stunning. The staff were lovely and the food and drink was excellent.

I've seen some very interesting productions here, and recommend visiting if you enjoy anything of opera, ballet, or song. Though the current building is 20 years old this year, having been burnt down in a big fire, it is still a beautiful house. I've already seen two operas here, and both times enjoyed it immensely.

Fantastic place to go. A nice theater to listen to good opera.

It's always a pleasure to visit the Liceu. Its wonderful

14. Park Güell

A few years ago we visited Park Güell and only saw the free areas, this time we paid to visit the the rest of the park. We recommend paying for tickets to the monumental core with a guided tour. The park is nice overall and a great way to spend the day but the monumental core is breathtaking and the history behind it is fantastic. Our tour guide Abel was friendly, helpful, and informative, he made the experience truly memorable. What a wonderful experience, I would do it again. I do wish the tour check in had a bigger sign, we almost missed it because the group was standing in front of it. Luckily we found someone who worked there and they kindly told us where we needed to be.

Beautiful place but thought the free park was more fun than the actual paid part. Stunning artwork and craftsmanship but too overcrowded. The walk around the free park was amazing. The views and the buskers just created an amazing atmosphere. Loved it

Great "fairy-tale" like experience, even though it costs money to enter, it's definitely worth it. Amazing to see how unique this park is built with all the weird and unique shaped buildings. If you have more than 2 days in Barcelona to spend I'd recommend you to go here since it costs at least 1-2 hours to fully enjoy this park.

This is an amazing park. You can spend hours walking around the various areas. Note that some areas cost extra to enter. There are usually excellent musicians playing around the park which further elevates the earthy feeling of being in a peaceful, natural place. I highly recommend Park Güell.

There are two part to the park - one is publicly available and there is 'Monumental Zone' for which you need tickets. Often you need to reserve them few days in advance - so don't count on just showing up, buying a ticket and entering. The park is vast and beautiful, perfect for a stroll. As it's on the hill you also have beautiful panorama over Barcelona. The monumental zone is almost fairly-tale like.

15. La Sagrada Familia

A true architectural masterpiece. You can really see the craftsmanship in the fine and detailed parts of the church. We went here in summer 2016 (July) and sadly there were a lot of cranes and such for construction on the Eastern side. But it was still a great sight to see in person. Recommend this highly for your Barcelona trip.

A strong expression of the Christian faith in Catalonia, the Basilica is the most popular in Barcelona. It’s architectural design is really fascinating as well, as is its interior, which is truly beautiful. Once it’s building progress is completed, the Basilica will be the tallest church in the world. While undergoing construction, the Basilica offers many tours and has a museum (both of which I suggest booking tickets in advance for), making it a really popular and crowded destination for tourists. The scenic views from both the windows of the Basilica as well as the views of the attraction itself from the ground level outside of the structure are truly wonderful, especially the Basilica’s stained glass windows, which are really some other type of art... they’re so beautiful, especially during sunset when the light hits them and reflects really vibrant colors onto the walls. When visiting Barcelona this place should be at the top of anyone’s list, as it really teaches about the important aspects of Barcelona’s past, present, and future, and is also a really wonderful photo op.

People always say--don't try and do the touristy stuff when you're vacationing. Look for local gems. La Sagrada Familia IS a local gem that just happened to attract tourists, so it is a MUST see when you're in Barcelona. I would recommend buying the tickets to go inside and even paying a little extra to get to one of the towers for some ridiculously awesome views. This place is absolutely breath-taking, and worth every penny you spend. I'd also recommend buying your tickets online either the day before or more to avoid crazy lines.

If you are in Barcelona you HAVE to visit Sagrada Familia. It was by far one of the best places I have seen. You do need to book tickets in advance online, and they sell out quick! I had the audio guide and would recommend getting it. It was amazing to learn about the story and Gaudi's vision. If you think it looks fascinating from the outside, wait until you see the inside! Truly amazing.

Absolutely breath taking exterior worth taking the time for the pics. But not as exciting on the inside. Much preferred the Barcelona cathedral on the inside. That said, the natural theme Gaudi followed in his architecture coupled with abundance of light and lighter colours does give the place a more relaxing theme than your average cathedral.

16. Laberint d'Horta Park

The park is situation at a nice elevation so you can see a lot of the city walking there, which is really pleasant and offers a different aspect to the city. The entrance is only a few euros and the park itself is quite pretty with some old statues, building and the hedge maze itself. The maze is pretty simole and the whole experience is not super entertaining but still enjoyable on a nice sunny day

Beautiful park and a very nice atmosphere. The park has many trees of different varieties. The maze game is one of the cool things. Remember this is also a public park, earlier the entrance was free but now they're collecting park fee from tourists. I would give 5 stars if the access is free.

If you want a quite escape to nature up in the mountain of Barcelona, then you must come here. It is quite far from the centre, but it is accessible with the Green Line. The garden is very large, with many hidden areas for sitting. The maze is also fun, and much harder than it looks! This place is great for people of all ages! There is a small entrance fee, but if you come a bit later in the afternoon, it is usually free!

This is such a gem! A really beautiful little park, nice and shaded in the summer with lots of hidden corners to discover. Thankfully it's not a tourist hotspot - yet so you can actually enjoy it and even relax there. One of my favourite parks in Barcelona.

Very nice park. Try to pass the labyrinth. It is look easy, but it took me 30min.

17. Camp Nou

Really great tour! You definitely do not need the audio guide. The museum to start had a lot of neat things to look at. They give you access to a lot of neat areas in the stadium - press room, visitor's locker room, players bench area, press box and each level of the stands. Overall a really great tour.

We did the tour experience and were happy with what we got. A good tour around the different areas of the Stadium, including the VIP experience seats and the press boxes which had awesome views. Shame that the home locker room was not accessible but apart from this, everything else was fine. We went early for 10am opening and it was quiet, later on it got busy.

الملعب جميل و كبير و جمهور برشلونه شغوف في فريقة لكنه عنصري خصوصا ضد الريال و عي المباراة التي حضرتها و كانت تجربة جميلة لا تنسى، الملعب على كبر حجمه إلا أنه التنظيم أثناء الخروج يعطيك إنطباع أنك تخرج من بيت النمل بكل ترتيب و نظام، موضوع شراء التذاكر قد يكون مزعج خصوصا و أن السماسرة منتشرون و حتى لو رغبت في شراء التذكرة من الشباك قد لا تستطيع بسبب التحايل و الغش على الرغم من أن العقوبة صارمة و هي السجن لثلاث سنوات. طبعاً من يزور كاتالونيا يجب عليه السكن أو زيارة شارع الرامبلا لعيش أجواء المدينة بالشكل الصحيح

Let me say at the outset I'm biased. My football affinity lies much closer to UK than CF Barcelona. The stadium itself is quite a sight in its own right and sits in one of the city's principal University areas. Equally the club is steeped in history but if you want to sample any of it you will need extremely deep pockets. Entrance to the stadium tour is €27.50 for adults and €17.00 for children. Want to visit the superstore? Again be prepared. Adult replica shirts €85 apiece.And its a recurring theme all the way down to pens, mini football's etc. My advice?..... take the Citybus Red Tour and take your photos from it when it stops at Camp Nou. For anyone who is passionate about the club it's an outing but personally I baulked at paying Lionel Messi's wages. Even by English Premier Club standards this was extortionate.

EASY ACCESS if you take the train and walk. Saw Champions League match here and compared to going to a big game in the US it was super easy to attend and quick to exit. Old stadium but really fun.

18. Mercado de La Boqueria

One of the best markets in Barcelona or even Spain. An abundant number of stall selling the best pro use that Barcelona has to offer. The cured meats on offer is mind blowing, you could spend hours and hours in this market. Don’t be afraid to ask for samples from the vendors. There are plenty of small tapas bars specializing in different kinds of food. From seafood, to desserts, grilled meats and cured meats. I would recommend to spend a meal, breakfast or lunch within the market, getting small portions of food and getting a wide variety. Vendors here are very friendly and cheerful. Not many maybe able to speak English but food is pretty much universal.

This is a huge market selling everything from fresh fruits and veggies to meat and fish. Out of everywhere I have travelled this has been one of my favourite markets! Grab yourself a fruit cup, a fruit drink, try some ostrich, and admire the hustle and bustle and beauty of it all! Everything is so fresh, and there are so many different types of food you can try. If you want a snack or a full meal or to buy groceries this place is wonderful!

We were there rather early; 9am-ish so not all food stalls were opened. Fruits were fresh. Juices were great. There’s a sandwich stall right at the back that serves nice sandwiches. Manage to eat at a seafood place and it was delicious! I would recommend going at about 11am. Maybe more stalls would open then. Otherwise, a good experience!

Huge market with stalls ranging from meat, to sweets, to chocolate, to fruit, to eggs, to fish, and more! This market is a must-see if it is your first time in Barcelona. It's one of the most iconic landmarks of the city. My favorite part would have to be the fresh fruit juices you can get for as low as 1€ depending on the stall. Strawberry, dragon fruit and coconut, what's not to love? A small piece of advice however, I've noticed that stalls towards the center of the market have slightly lower prices than stalls on the outskirts to remain competitive. I would recommend walking around to see all the different options before settling on one if you want to get the best bang for your buck. Most stalls are not unique (except perhaps that egg one, I've only seen one of those) and there will be a few that offer similar products. I would also recommend going early in the morning (towards 9am) as it gets extremely crowded later in the day. As it has become a major tourist attraction, it will fill up quite fast. While all the stalls may not be open at 9am, at least you will have breathing room and you can take your photographs in peace.

Insanely cool food heaven on earth. Every section has their product and then on the back end, is a bar top style restaurant cooking what ever was in section you just passed. If my husband ever wants a divorce, I'm going back to propose to the sausage on stick guy. Seriously, the market was crowded on the 3rd of March, can't imagine June or July. Excuse me, was not a concept we saw practiced by any non American, in any place, bus, train, store, plaza, cross walk... Etc, the entire time we were out and about in Barcelona. Don't take a bump with just a walk off, personal. It took all of us, from teens to adults, a few days to adjust. One of us is still salty about that behavior. Just be happy on vacation and enjoy BCN.

19. Monasterio de Pedralbes

Beautiful monastery with great history in the middle of the best area in Barcelona. The entrance costs about 5€, but sometimes it’s free. There’s a places to park your car, chargeable. I highly recommend to visit this wonderful place for travel in time.

An interesting medieval monastery located away from the main sights. It is easily reached by the tourist buses. There is a very interesting chapel painted with medieval drawings. I'm not sure it's worth the trip if you do not use the tourist bus because it's far away.

Feels like you’re in the middle of nowhere it’s that quiet. Great architecture. Worth the trip

The architecture of the monastery was very cool to see. The audio tour provided a lot of extra historical information which was interesting but there was a LOT, and I skipped the last few since it was so much information that wasn't actually important to me. Not a bad thing, just enjoy the place in whatever way best suits you.

Well preserved gothic monastery. Amazing piece of architecture. Calm and silent place. You can easily feel how nuns lived their lives in the past.