Best Things To Do in Barcelona Spain

1. Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar

A nice Cathedral to take a break during your busy day going around "El Borne". Always be respectful, walk inside and look to the many details that you have in it. If you are lucky maybe they have some musician or chorus playing in. However, most of the time is really quiet and peaceful. So, enjoy the silence :). If this review helped you in your journey please share it and thump it up :). Thanks!

Another great and peaceful place in Barcelona. Me and my wife entered inside after long and tiring walking day in Barcelona and it was perfect relax after all. The church is very nice and also very cozy. I highly recommend to visit this place.

Very beautiful. The high ceilings and stained glass windows give you a great authentic, religious feeling. The neighborhood right to the North, El Born, has great bars and food. It's amazing how close other buildings are built to the basilica.

14th Century Gothic style Church in the heart of the Old Town. Guided tour for 8€ is well worth it to get to climb to the outdoor roof terrace. Amazing views of the city of Barcelona. Plenty of intimate chapels to contemplate the immensity of the interior spaces.

In one word, special. I never ge tired of visiting Santa Maria; it really makes me feel special. I highly recommend going inside, my favorite part. Check the schedule, as the entry is free during some hours (during service and after 5, I think).

2. Casa Batlló

The place deserves six stars. It's a marvel of architecture and design; a truly unique landmark worth seeing with your own eyes. I was really disappointed with the amount of visitors packed in small places and the long-winded audio guide (which serves more as a way of setting the pace for the groups than an informative complement). The augmented reality application doesn't work as well as one could wish, and it adds too little to the experience to be deemed worth the hassle of carrying around the headphones + mobile bundle. The visit shouldn't take you more than 60-90 minutes. The shop is pricey, and the cheapest you could get there are postcards at 1.5€ a pop. Avoid it if you don't have time. The windows are a good spot to take pictures of the facade. Speaking of pictures, there's one point where they will offer you to take a picture, and then try to sell it to you later (spoiler: it's very expensive). They wouldn't even let you download it from the website. All in all, it's a beautiful place but not worth even half the ~24€ entrance fee.

I'd give this place 5 stars if not for the pricey entrance. 25 euros for a small museum compared to laaaaarger museums is pretty stiff. Inside is a wonderful experience that gives you Alice in wonderland sensation. The augmented reality though incredibly fun could use some some improvement. Nonetheless it was a truly fun experience that I'm very glad we did!

Amazing house, both inside and out. Well worth buying tickets online prior to going. Will need to get in line to collect and then rejoin a second queue to get in once you've collected (so if there is more than one of you, get the rest of the group to join the queue to get in whilst one collects or buys the tickets). Comes with audio guide that when you move around there are animations that add to the experience. Takes approx 1.5-2 hours to go through. It is the epitome of whimsy.

I wonder what it would have been like to live here back on the day. A very unique and architecturally inspired building. A must see if you are in Barcelona. Book your ticket in advance to avoid the line up. Very busy so hard to take pictures.

It's clearly a beautiful place but the high entrance price and the constant sales pitch to go to the shop really grate. In my opinion, UNESCO World Heritage sites simply shouldn't be allowed to act like this as one of the conditions of their admittance. So, it's worth the visit for the grandeur of the architecture, not so much the predatory behavior.

3. Casa Milà

Incredible experience. Highly recommend doing the premium tour. Comes with self guided audio tour of the starting on the roof and then working your way down the attic, apartments, and ground floor. Great views of the city as well. I went in the evening and it was beautiful the way the undulating roof caught the light in different ways

To be honest it really didn't seem like much when we checked it out on the web but it sure proved us wrong. Boy is it a wonder to look at. The villagers apparently call it "la Pedrera" (=the stone) because it's literally ALL STONE. Given the beautiful architectural sense in the building and progressive vision it honestly makes you wonder how well ahead of time Gaudi was with this one. Word of advice. Definitely go here. Go inside or not. But at least stand outside and marvel at it.

If you're going to do one thing in Barcelona, make it a visit of this Gaudi house. It captures the essence of his art perfectly - it's a style in of itself. The inside is kept intact of the time period with rooms decorated with furnishings (early 1900s). I particularly enjoyed the dollhouses with detailed and delicate doll furnishings.

I love Gaudi's work, and this happened to be the first place we visited. I would say, if you're short on time or money, you can skip this particular destination. Don't get me wrong it's beautiful but it's quite expensive for what you get. It was $25 euros per person and basically you get get access to the roof, which is visible from the street. The interior was cool, but definitely not worth the price. You can see the way the building is built and the roof top from the street and that's good enough.

This is the first one of Gaudí’s buildings that we toured and it was a great experience. We went there mid afternoon (around 3pm) on Easter Sunday and it was quite busy without being overly crowded. The roof is a definite standouts with the chimneys designed to look like Gaudís own unique kind of giants looking over the house and city. Some of them have cool features/sound effects such as water, air, and the chimneys reciting poems about giants in both English and Catalan. We stayed on the roof for quite awhile as it offers beautiful views of the city as well as some awesome ornate detailing. The house itself was also very cool. We loved learning about the unique doorknobs and furniture (all hand formed to perfectly fit the body), as well as the historical information. Some tips; make sure to read the fine print on the “free picture” slip you get. It’s only free with a purchase, so not free. We didn’t read that and had to turn down the sales pitch of 10€ for two already printed prints. Bad for the environment! Overall a very cool building and a definite must while in Barcelona.

4. Activities in Barcelona

One of the most interesting and informative things I've ever done. I really thought I knew Barcelona well but BCN Activities taught me so much more about the city I love in an extremely engaging and enjoyable way.

A really enjoyable tour which gave me lots of insight into Barcelona history. The tour guide was really good Highly recommended.

I recommended this company to friends to do the walking tour of the city. They enjoyed it and had great time in Barcelona.

I did the free walking tour at the beginning of my stay in Barcelona. The information and tips from the guide were so useful for the rest of my stay.

great experience, the walking tour in Barcelona is the best.

5. Palau de la Música Catalana

Absolutely stunning! Everything from the architecture and decor to the music and dancing was amazing. This is a unique and beautiful experience that I would recommend to anyone visiting Barcelona. The area is beautiful and is easily walkable, allowing for days filled with sights of building from centuries past and, great food, and lots and lots of shopping! Even if you don't see a performance here, it's worth a visit... But you'd be doing yourself a disservice by missing the show.

Skip the tour and come for a concert. The musical hall and its Catalan architectural design are breathtaking. You are guaranteed to have a good time. Come in advance to snag good pictures. The ticket prices are in my opinion steep though, don't expect world class concerts or orchestras. Compared to other cities like Vienna, our concert was not on par. Recommend 8/10

I am not in any way related to music. But this was a beautiful experience. The guides were very nice and passionate. 20 Eur if you are not on a discount like Catalonia resident, or student etc. As a student I paid 11. Exhilarating. A must.

A great place to visit while in Barcelona. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and I hope one day that I can go back and see a concert there. Do not forget to bring you camera because it is a good place to take some photos. They have beautiful design and architecture. The staff was friendly and there is a cafe inside. We did not try the cafe so I am not sure how good it is.

There’s nothing like enjoying a beautiful serenade in a colourful and radiant garden! The calendar of top-notch concerts -whether in the classical music repertoire or in a more folkloric performances -, makes it the ideal place for comfortably listening and living music. A must do, a must experience and a must repeat! :)

6. Cathedral of Barcelona

It's beautiful inside, the rooftop is pretty cool (undergoing construction), the gardens are nice too. 7 euros to pay for admission is weird since the other churches around are free... They ask for donations literally everywhere, even for the bathroom, that's too much in my opinion. Still worth the shot if you like churches.

The interior (nave) of this holy place is took my breath away when I first entered. Some of the 28 or so alcoves on each side of the nave add much interest. The cloisters are an inviting, peaceful place to visit. It is possible to climb to the roof via elevator for interesting views of the ancient City center.

Very beautiful cathedral. The area where it is placed is a nice and elegant area. Good shops and coffees. Lovely place to have a seat and relax drinking a coffee or a beer! Nice people around. The church is awesome and I recommend the visit

If you like visiting churches, then this is a good one to see. For 7€ it is worth the money. A very large church with lots of places to sit and relax while looking at the splendid architecture. Also take the elevator lift to the roof for a good view of Barcelona.

Beautiful cathedral. Rich history behind its existence. Free between 8-12 and after 5pm. Otherwise 7 Euros for adults and children have free entry. It’s best to visit the place with a guide as they talk you through the timeline of changes.

8. Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya

A nice way to spend an hour or two while in Barcelona. A place where you can see some art and learn some history. Bring your camera so you can take some pictures. The location also provides a good overview of the city. Lots of people can be seen sitting on the stairs outside of the museum. They had a huge auditorium where you could sit and take a break. There was also a cafe to grab something to drink or eat inside if you wanted. The museum is not free so you will have to buy tickets to go inside. The architecture outside and inside it pretty too.

It's not a world-class museum but is a place worth seeing, particularly if free (on Saturdays after 3pm and the first Sunday of each month). There are great views over the city from the front of the museum. Inside, staff are helpful and there are descriptions in English. The Romanesque collection is said to be the highlight - the wall paintings of local churches about a thousand years ago have been transplanted here in their vivid colours. There are also a few Picasso paintings and other modern art.

I love this place! One of the best places to see Barcelona. The city, as if on the palm of your hand. Probably the best view of the city will be in the mountains or on a high-rise building. I advise you to visit the same museum, a good place to bring your children here. I like to just come here for the mood or inspiration. There are a lot of people going to celebrate the new year, eat twelve grapes and make a wish, as well as look at the splendid salute.

Amazing interior and exterior. Art is very interesting and there is good information provided. But please ask the security guards to be more polite. When there is no signage, foreign visitors are operating with little information and there is no point in being rude and snapping at us if we don't understand the conventions of your Museum. At closing time please leave an opportunity for gallery visitors to take a pee before they leave the premises. Closing interior washrooms and attempting to rudely chase out ladies lined up for the washroom nearest the door means that a very pleasant experience is ruined by that last bad memory. Please give floor plans to the information people to hand out or refer visitors to. We missed the info desk on the way in and had to return through several sets of stairs for a planol. Totally unnecessary.

A very impressive walk up to the museum with great views at the top. It is beautifully curated and maintained museum. We particularly enjoyed the modern art collection.

9. Güell Palace

It's really a magnificent architecture in Barcelona. One can learn a lot about Mr. Gaudi from this building, one of his early works. I like the design of the rooftop the best. There are twenty fascinating and nontraditional chimneys and central spire. What's more. One can enjoy the city view up there. A must-visit architecture for those who visit Barcelona.

A fantastic architecture ! Gaudi was unique at the time he was born. He thought of all the necessary needs for a more comfortable life , and made his creation not only practical but also beautiful. I adore Gaudi's architecture, a genius .

The best work of Gaudi's to visit in Barcelona in my opinion. Smaller and on a human scale,.designed around the needs and activities of a real family. Well conserved and not rehabilitates.

A must visit if you are in Barcelona. You can learn a lot about Gaudi and the impact he had on the city's architecture. You have a great view from the rooftop and the interior is really nice. It looks much larger than it is. The queues are long to go inside but they move really fast. Bonus tip: they have free entries on certain days of the month, search online before you plan your visit.

I just love this Gaudi’s building. It is one of the least popular once so it is not that much people and you can just buy a ticket on a spot.

10. Ciutadella Park

We happen to see this place purely by chance as we were walking past and soon discovered a gold colored statue shining in the evening sun. We were thrilled when we got to see this place up close. As we explored further, we came across gardens and finally the Catalan Parliament building. Nice place to walk specially in the evening to relax and recharge. No entry fee of any sort. We started the walk at the Arc and then moved along, crossed the road to access the park. Certainly worth a look.

Probably the nicest park we ran across in the short 2 days in Barcelona. Walking into the park there were ping pong tables (which I guess is common), tons of benches and a statue surrounded by a pond. The park was filled with lots of walking spaces and close to the botanical gardens and zoo. It wasn't over crowded but you could tell it was a place families liked to visit.

Beautiful park for a stroll or a day picnic. Very lively in parts and quiet in others, you can find the balance that's right for you. There are several notable sculptures and fountains throughout, and be sure to keep an eye out for the beautiful green birds that roost up in the trees. There are also public facilities including drinking fountains and bathrooms, and we saw at least one food stand selling hot dogs, ice cream, and drinks.

Visited with my family and we enjoyed the place a lot. Only had an hour to spend there but we could have spent much more if we had the time. The center area with the gold statue and fountain is very impressive. More generally, the place is beautiful, very green, with lots of flora, fun spots and just great for a picnic or a longer hang out. There are also several kiddie playgrounds and kiosks for snacks and drinks.

Gosh... This park is so beautiful !! 🌷🌹🌺🌻 full of flowers, fountains, modern and old statutes, couples, families, friends. Easy to come along with a bike. There's a cafe where you can get a drink or a snack. It is overpriced though, better to bring food from outside and eat it in the park. As good as park Guel. I highly recommend to visit this place if you like nature and parks🌳🌲🌱🍃🌿

11. The Magic Fountain

Starts exactly at the specified time. It was 9 o clock in April. Continues for a whole hour with small gaps. Worth seeing. There are steps going up to the building where people sit to enjoy the show. Otherwise the view is great from all around. It’s free to see as it is in an open area. I would also recommend seeing it in day time too as the building and fountains look fabulous.

Great experience, and entirely free!! Lasts the full hour. It begins with modern music, then heads into more operatic music (which suits the show more in my opinion) then back to modern. Tip: A lot of people seem to leave after 20min (already have their photos I guess) so if you're happy with just seeing 20min or so, I'd recommend arriving about 8.20. Then you get to experience the fountains on the way up and probably get a decent spot without hassle when you get there!

We went there on a Wednesday evening, when the fountains are not turned on, and it was a very nice walk and the view from the top is great! We went there again on a Friday, from 9 pm when we knew the fountains would be on. A whole different story. It was very very crowded, if you're not close to the main fountain you can't hear the music very well, and the whole thing is a little bit boring. I saw the fountains in Dubai, and this is not even close to that. So don't worry too much if you don't get to see it. I would rather recommend a quiet walk on one of the other days.

The fountain is amazing. It’s a very nice show of music and lights. You could stay there hours just admiring it. But is just one hour per day (you should check online the days that it happens before going). As every where in the word with many people, it has the same problem: you must be aware with your phone and wallet. It’s another MUST GO in Barcelona

Beautiful experience, colourful fountain dancing to various tunes. Beautiful backdrop. Can get very busy. No entry fee. So please get there early to have a good vantage point in order to get the best views. There are specific timings when the fountain is in motion. Highly recommended.

12. Palau Dalmases

What a fun experience. These dancers legs just be rock! I took tap and ballet for several years and I'm in awe at how they move. The band was great too. Really rich experience. The space seems small but isn't that tight. The bar was a pricey but when you're there, why not. Great time. Well worth the price.

Wonderful experience! Great mix of flamenco music and dance, the musicians, (guitarist, singer and cajon player,) were all excellent, and the dancers were very good too. I recommend booking in advance as the event we attended was fully booked on arrival, plus if you book, you get a free drink! The setting is one of the most impressive things about the place, it is an old building with a fantastic courtyard and very beautiful Gothic interior.

Great show. I suggest you call to make a reservation and request middle seats. Entry affords you one drink.

We had such a wonderful time in this unique place !!! Everything was perfect we definitely come back :-)

Awesome experience and very cute small place. The place is a cattle owned by a private family since centuries. They unse the ground floor for spectacles like flamenco dances (south of spain), classical music, and others. It's a very nice experience to get into the spanish culture. They offer drinks with the purchase of the ticket. Mostly you can get wine or sangria (wine based spanish drink with fruits). To find it is a little bit complicated. It is located in a very small street but very close to the Picasso's museum. Use Google maps to get there

13. Museum of the History of Barcelona

I definitely recommend this museum if you like Barcelona's history, museums, historical sites, or simply cool, old stuff. My jaw dropped when I walked out of the elevator! Visitors almost literally get a chance to walk the streets of the old city. Free on Sunday's after 3pm and the first Sunday of every month.

A pretty fascinating place. You can see the remains of various different adjacent buildings including a wine making factory, a house, a place where fabrics were dyed and also a church. I would definitely get the free audio guide as it provided a lot of interesting information.

It's a cool museum with a cool concept. The design drew you into the ancient atmosphere. It provides you with an audio guide in several languages as well. You pay EUR 7 (student: EUR 4/5) and you will be free to enter any other museums in their list.

Definitely a cool place to go to see Roman ruins. Definitely worth it if you can visit on a Sunday afternoon after 3pm. It's free!

The museum is over the remains of the original Roman settlement. We enjoyed walking through the ruined. Displays are multilingual. We were there for an hour and a half and really enjoyed the museum

14. Montjuïc Castle

Really nice fort, especially in rainy weather! We took the cable car up the hill (13€ round trip). I say it was worth it, since we didn't have to walk in the rain. If it wasn't raining I would have enjoyed the walk up through the park/garden area. In the cable car you get a GREAT view of Barcelona!!! One way ticket I think is 9€.

One of the best places to visit in Barcelona. From the top you can see all the city, the sea and the hills. Stunning view. It is definitely worth the visit. It is a bit long to walk so I recommend going by bus or other means of transportation.

Quite a hike from the metro station if you don't take the $10 overhead cable car ride. The hike does go through a rather nice park but is steep enough to require stairs for some areas. There are wonderful views of the city from the top of the castle. The castle itself isn't very much but there are some interesting exhibits and a short video with some history of the location mostly from the Spanish civil war. I learned, for example, that the name comes from the Catalan words for mountain and Jew. The latter because they found an ancient stone with Hebrew writing on it indicating the grave of s Jewish woman. Also there was a lookout tower at this location going back to roman times.

The cute from here can not be beat. This is one of the best ways to see the whole city. The gardens are lovely and you can take the cable car up to the top or you can walk through the gardens. There are little cafes but I would recommend eating before or after in the neighborhood nearby. If you go you, have to go to the Miro museum which is on the grounds.

Great tourist attraction. I loved that you could see the whole city from the castle and learn a bit of history. I would say this is a must-do stop when visiting Barcelona. Plus it is free on the first Sunday of the month! You can't beat free!!

15. Camp Nou

Impressive. I am not a football fan at all. The visit of Camp Nou gives the idea how the football business is important and how well the systematic marketing of all side businesses could be developed. I would recommend this visit to any student in business administration or marketing. I will certainly return and I will go to see a match to see to which level of perfection the football marketing is brought.

10/10 ! Was really impressed with the stadium tour- spent like 4-5 hours without exaggeration. Even my girlfriend find it interesting and amusing taking into account the fact she is not the biggest football fan. Attending a game at Camp Nou was definitely one of my biggest dreams come true! It was one of those "Wow" moments you experience just few times in your life. Was lucky enough to witness many goals including some masterpieces.

Brilliant experience. Would definitely go again. My only disappointment was that I booked the tickets on the official website, payed 300 euros for them, I was supposed to be on the second tier but the seats I actually got were up in the sky. I would have liked to be closer to the pitch. Still loved it though. Staff at the ground were brilliant!

Really great tour! You definitely do not need the audio guide. The museum to start had a lot of neat things to look at. They give you access to a lot of neat areas in the stadium - press room, visitor's locker room, players bench area, press box and each level of the stands. Overall a really great tour.

Stadium tour was well worth the money €25 for adults and €20 for kids only thing is spending money doesn't end there, photos, merchandise and food are pretty expensive.. the tour last around 1 hour but they are happy to let you wonder round and look at stuff all day there's plenty to see.. 5 stars

16. Mercado de La Boqueria

This market is fantastic. If you are local, they have an incredible selection of fresh fruit, local veg and a great choice of deli meats and seafood. You can also sit at one of the eat-and-pay quick bars if you want to try some fresh food, or pay a euro or so and try any variety of different chrizos & hams. The place was always buzzing when we were there - you could spend hours trying different foods! A great market.

When we come here we ate simply amazed every time. I can only imagine how our life would be different if we could shop in such a wonderful market every day! The freshness and options are practically unheard of in the States. It's really that cool and you can eat here every day and not repeat for days and days...

I loved visiting the market. It is a must while in Barcelona and a tourist activity to do. The market if fairly large with a variety of choices on display such as seafood, meats, fruit, and vegetables. I had the chance to visit during the winter and summer. With the different seasons the experiences changed. During winter, there was of course less fresh fruit and vegetables, but there was holiday candy out to buy. During the summer, there is more fresh fruit and vegetables plus there are more stands open and there is more cooked food available for purchase. There was always fruit juice cups to purchase, which I recommend because it is tasty. There are multiple stands that sell fruit juice.

One of the best markets in Barcelona or even Spain. An abundant number of stall selling the best pro use that Barcelona has to offer. The cured meats on offer is mind blowing, you could spend hours and hours in this market. Don’t be afraid to ask for samples from the vendors. There are plenty of small tapas bars specializing in different kinds of food. From seafood, to desserts, grilled meats and cured meats. I would recommend to spend a meal, breakfast or lunch within the market, getting small portions of food and getting a wide variety. Vendors here are very friendly and cheerful. Not many maybe able to speak English but food is pretty much universal.

I like visiting this market. It's so colourful. Really pleasing to the eye with such huge fruits, vegetables and other fresh produce. There are two shops that serves fresh seafood. Have not tried but think it would be good looking at the queue of people trying to get a table.

17. Free Walking Tours Barcelona

I took the tour of the Gothic Quarter , we went with the guide Stefanie who was energetic , enthusiastic , trying to create bonds with all the participants and also very good with the explanations of the history of the sites & monuments. She knows very well the history of the city and communicates about it effeciently. I defintely recommend this tour and if you decide to take it, go with Stefanie , you will learn a lot and enjoy it more :)

We had a great time with John! He had informations about everything. Wish we had more time for their other free tours as well, sounded interested. I highly recommend it!

The „Barcelona Uncensored“ Tour was mostly a street art tour. The guide was nice (but not a very engaging or energetic) and had a lot to say about some of the pieces. But after reading the website, we expected more insights into the „revolutions, revolts, and dictatorships that have shaped the city“, which was only about 15% of the topics covered. Would not recommend.

We had an awesome experience with our guide James in the Gothic Quarter. He was super informative and passionate about the subject he told us about. Recommended!

We did the biking tour. Francisca was AMAZING. We loved her energy and her knowledge of Barcelona. She was willing to answer any questions and had a lot of good information to share. Fun activity!

18. Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art

This is a stunning museum, that is without question but that is where my positivity ends. Idon't think I am a modern art lover but I have grown up in an artistic family and know skill and talent when I see it. Some of the art either I just don't understand or respect the skill it has taken to create the work. I encourage you to make up your own mind as the exhibitions change and hopefully you are moved more than I was...

2 artist exhibits, each w own floor. No permanent exhibits, at least I don't think. 2 exhibitions...Interesting, not 'wow,' but that is more up to individual taste. One was woman, lesser well known from Beat NYC. Enjoyed most projection of poems on screen w recordings of her readings. Barcelona is (a?) skateboard capital in Europe. Plaza outside museum skateboard friendly, lots of mostly guys in 20s and 30s. Sat outside at cafe w coffee in January and watched.

I really loved the overall atmosphere outside, where the place is always buzzing with life, as well as on the inside, because the building itself has such a beautiful architechture. The exhibitions are set up very professionally, but are very specific and, at least currently, needed quite a bit of knowledge about the history of Barcelona and Spain to fully understand the context.

Great museum size to explore in 1-2 hours without being overwhelming. Exhibits spread over 3 floors (2 open during my visit) in large airy spaces and modern, minalmist building featuring international artists and movements. €10 entrance fee. Nice museum gift shop accessible from inside and outside. Top floor was dedicated to the retrospective of a single female artist.

I enjoyed the visit very much. A short conversation with very helpful staff who gave me some idea about the museum. Then three exhibitions. Two hours passed in the blink of an eye. Highly recommended place!

19. Park Güell

Take the public bus (24) which drops you at the top of the hill if you want to avoid walking up the hill. If needed, ask at the entrance to the Core about an accessible path for strollers or wheelchairs. Going straight through the Core leads to a lot of steps. We arrived more than 30 min past our scheduled time but they let us in without a problem. Be sure to get your tickets in advance online to avoid long lines or completely being sold out for the day.

The park is large and beautiful. Within 15 minutes of the park there is a metro and uphill in front of the park. Afternoon there are many tourists and in some places that you want to take pictures you will have to wait. To get to the nicest part of the park you have to buy a ticket online. Because the entry is sold in terms and you have to choose which hour you will enter. We waited 10 minutes and we did not know that it worked so long as an employee told us that the tickets for at 6 o'clock are being purchased now. I do not like the way you can get a ticket.

A few years ago we visited Park Güell and only saw the free areas, this time we paid to visit the the rest of the park. We recommend paying for tickets to the monumental core with a guided tour. The park is nice overall and a great way to spend the day but the monumental core is breathtaking and the history behind it is fantastic. Our tour guide Abel was friendly, helpful, and informative, he made the experience truly memorable. What a wonderful experience, I would do it again. I do wish the tour check in had a bigger sign, we almost missed it because the group was standing in front of it. Luckily we found someone who worked there and they kindly told us where we needed to be.

Beautiful place! Take a taxi up the hill, they are plentiful. Then walk down the hill and hit the shops! Such a friendly atmosphere. Guell is a must see. But tickets in advance, they sell out. But after 8 pm it's free. Photos are difficult in the low light though.

Beautiful place but thought the free park was more fun than the actual paid part. Stunning artwork and craftsmanship but too overcrowded. The walk around the free park was amazing. The views and the buskers just created an amazing atmosphere. Loved it