Best Things To Do in Barcelona Spain

1. Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar

Beautiful and welcoming. It was very hot and many ladies showed up with skirts above knees, shoulders uncovered and casual beach sandals. Nobody was turned away. Beautiful ceiling, pillars, stained glass windows and lots of pews. The front of the church is cordoned off. A wedding was taking place.

Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar is really beautiful. It's not always open to the public, we were lucky that on our second trip in the evening it was open and we walked inside. Really beautiful. It's in the Bourn district - where you will find local artisans and their designs for sale and great restaurants.

A nice Cathedral to take a break during your busy day going around "El Borne". Always be respectful, walk inside and look to the many details that you have in it. If you are lucky maybe they have some musician or chorus playing in. However, most of the time is really quiet and peaceful. So, enjoy the silence :). If this review helped you in your journey please share it and thump it up :). Thanks!

A wonderfully calm place to rest and recover after walking around Barcelona for a few hours. Occasionally closed. Catch an organ recital or service if you can. Amazing architecture for a building more than 800 years old. Read the book about it, Cathedral of the Sea by Falcones.

Another great and peaceful place in Barcelona. Me and my wife entered inside after long and tiring walking day in Barcelona and it was perfect relax after all. The church is very nice and also very cozy. I highly recommend to visit this place.

2. Casa Milà

It's summer so they should put the air-conditioning in full blast. Everyone, even the staff of Casa Mila was perspiring. Elevator going up was too slow so standing in line in the heat was unbearable. You are given a stub & are told you can have a free photo. Then, you read it properly & it says that you need to buy something first to avail of the free photo. When staff of the photo taking is asked, you are told that it's not necessary to buy anything to get your free photo. When you claim said photo where you are told to claim it, they show you 3 of your photos & say that it is a buy one take one for €10,00. You do not need to proceed with the purchase, but what a scam! If you are old, have a bad back or cannot walk long distances, going down back to the lobby is just too many steps to take. Earphones & recording device don't work properly Lastly, the woman at the area where you put back the earphones is very rude.

This is a nice place to visit, I particularly liked the flat roof. The audio guide was informative and there were videos inside the house that compared the various works of Gaudi, highlighting the similarities and his distinct style. The displays and videos really helped me understand his architecture better.

Liked the interior of the building and seeing how it would of worked with cars coming in and out. Layout of the 'show flat' was good too. The current photo exhibition (July 2018) was brilliant too!

I recommend that you partake in this sight in the evening to maximally enjoy the lights and cooler weather. As the hot Spanish sun sets, the full colors of Catalan modernism alight to all walks of passersby. It is possible to enjoy a tour within however advance ticket purchase is recommended. It is best to enjoy the sight from the street as Gaudí originally envisioned.

Good tour, well done with the audio guide. Price was a bit much but really handy location. They really need to remove the first floor tour, just skip it as it doesn't fit the theme at all and is a really awkward end to the whole experience, that was the main reason for not getting 5 stars, almost took away 2 for that reason alone.

3. Casa Batlló

It is a good place to visit. Architecture is interesting more of a sea feel. There is ocean like music in the background. They give you headphones and a iPhone looking thing. It is used like a virtual experience bringing you back to the past. The narration is clear and insightful.i love the use of tiles and layers. Only bad thing is 1 way in same way out.

This is one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen. Inside and out, it is a masterpiece of architecture and art. And remarkably, it also feels comfortable and inviting. I would love living here, which is often not the case for "statement" buildings. I need to come back and see this again someday; there's so much beauty that I'm sure I missed plenty of it this time.

Although price is expensive the visit is a must do in Barcelona! It was a beautiful experience and one of the highlights of our trip! There’s an audio device that helps you understand the complexity of his artwork and its hidden secrets. Get your phone on the pocket and take a minute to look around and appreciate this beauty!

Especially encourage you to come and enjoy in the evening. It is possible to enter with a tour but tickets should be purchased in advance. There is a terrace to enjoy the view from above / within. It is conveniently located next to a subway line and a line of tourists who similarly admire fine Catalan modernism.

Amazing, mind-blowing, full immersion of Gaudi. The colors, the themes, and the creativity here blend perfectly to create a fantastic "under water" experience. They also have an augmented reality device with audio guide which was a really cool addition and included with admission. Buy tickets ahead online and save a couple bucks!

4. The Magic Fountain

Thoroughly enjoyed my time here! Explored the area before the show, lots to see and some breathtaking views. Went down to the fountains near the time of the show, I suggest those looking for a really good view go 45 minutes to an hour before. Now I must say for something free this exceeded my expectations, I never knew a fountain could put on such a good show! The music playing alongside it was an added bonus, it was relatively new music too which was a good surprise. One criticism would be that the music was pretty quiet, not sure if this was just because we were standing off to the side of the fountain, it might be louder in a more prime position. For a free show, this was excellent and I highly recommend you pay a visit to this show and the surrounding attractions.

Honestly my favorite attraction in Barcelona. I enjoyed it so much the first night that I came back the next. Its a free event and occurs every night at 21:30. The show typically lasts for about an hour. Its great for people of all ages, and especially for kids. The show consists of lights, music, and the giant fountain spraying water in a variety of different ways. It may not sound that great, but it is something that you have to be there to experience. I loved the show and couldn't reccomend it enough. I was in awe both times I went. It was remarkable to see. I truly enjoyed it. You can go close to the fountain of you're not scared of getting a little wet. It does get very crowded, however, as it is a large tourist attraction and it's free.

The fountain itself is amazing! A spectacular combo of colour and shapes on the rythms of Queen and other mainly 80s artists. Its placement in Barcelona really adds to the experience, with the long boulevard and the Museum building on either end. We were really surprises to see just how many people came to see it, a very large gathering comprised of tourists mostly, but no doubt some of the locals were in the crowd. Unfortunately, as with most landmarks in Barcelona, is is tainted by the presence of street vendors harassing you with 1 euro water bottles, beer and the very loud kitschy bird whistles and castanets. There are multiple points where you can get drinks and food from stands, but at quite extortionate prices. The sound from the speakers could be better - i think the sound system could do with an upgrade. But, overall, a decent experience worth having!

Visited on a weeknight in June. The first show is at 9:30pm during the summer (the times are earlier in the winter), then more shows follow in close succession thereafter. If you arrive too late to catch a good view, head up the steps of the museum to watch from a distance, then descend to grab a spot once the initial crowd moves out. It’s better to catch the later shows anyways, since the sky is totally dark by then. The show itself is great; lovely colors and mesmerizing water jet effects set to music. The music alternates between a pop music medley and a classical medley. They could really do with a sound system upgrade, but I imagine that would bother the neighbors.

Really cool and huge fountain that changes display every few minutes or so. It wasn't switched on when I passed in late afternoon but by early evening it was gushing away. Quite a spectacular sight as is so large. With a bit of breeze behind it it was soaking people standing near it. Good vantage point from beneath the columns. Apparently it uses ground water not potable water.

5. Activities in Barcelona

One of the most interesting and informative things I've ever done. I really thought I knew Barcelona well but BCN Activities taught me so much more about the city I love in an extremely engaging and enjoyable way.

I recommended this company to friends to do the walking tour of the city. They enjoyed it and had great time in Barcelona.

A really enjoyable tour which gave me lots of insight into Barcelona history. The tour guide was really good Highly recommended.

I did the free walking tour at the beginning of my stay in Barcelona. The information and tips from the guide were so useful for the rest of my stay.

great experience, the walking tour in Barcelona is the best.

6. Park Güell

Went with my girlfriend. Lovely place, beautiful architecture and flower gardens, a lot smaller than I expected, thought I'd spend 3 hours there but we only spent an hour and half there. something to note as well is once you're in the monumental core (paid section) you can go into the free section but they won't let you back into the monumental core so you have to do one at a time. There was no queue (it was quarter to 10 in the morning). And there's a nice souvenir shop across the road from the main exit which is worth a visit.

What a truly inspiring place, could spend hours here.. if you visit ensure you come on a nice day with no rain or clouds, the beauty is enhanced by sunlight. Many levels to explore so don't rush your time here if you like architecture or design... The concept is just out of this world and executed so amazingly!

This place definitely deserve more time!! I loved every minute being here and would have loved to have more time to enjoy it. It’s so beautiful, the architecture is so unique yet it fits so beautifully with the surrounding nature. Definitely do the tour. It’s short but worth it. We had a great tour guide that taught us a lot. Really enjoyed our visit. But be careful of which entrance you go to if you are doing the tour. We checked with someone at our hotel and ended up at the wrong entrance. The staff was amazing to make sure we end up back with the group.

This place is AMAZING! lots and lots of stairs and walking but everything is picture taking worthy. The park is FREE but there is an area that you need to pay a fee for. I recommend buying them online because although you can buy tickets in person at the park you might not get the time you want. It’s very popular. It was very fun and highly recommend.

It is a beautiful place but I wish it was more organized. I have been on the park for over 2 hours to just find out that the place where my daughter wants to take the pictures you must pay to get inside. The visit to the monumental park cost 8.50 euros and now I must wait 3 hours to get inside. If someone would have told us as soon as we got inside the park I would have bought the ticket first then do the free part of the park. Also bring toilet tissue they have too many visitors and some stools had none. Be prepared for a lot of walking.

7. Palau de la Música Catalana

This is a stunning concert venue. It is smaller than you might imagine but produces world class acoustics off beautiful glass tiles. The stage features statues of muses that seem to leap out to touch, sing, and play to you. There are abundant vistas for selfies and enjoyment of the surroundings. Arrive to your show early for the most unobstructed shots. Warning: seats are very small, worse than a modern airplane! While your ears may be pleased, your legs will not.

I really love this place and all the detail. However, I traveled so long way to Barcelona but couldn’t even have my own time to discover it’s beauty. The tour only had less than an hour, and the guide (men with glasses) kept explaining but didn’t let us browse around. Moreover, there were also other big travel group join the time slot I participated, so I can’t even walk through the balcony to see the beautiful decoration. Such a shame. I really feel it disappointing. If they merge other group of 30 people with individual people like us, it will be better to let us know in the begin. Cuz I saw the next guide tour started 30minutes later then us only had less than 10 people........ So, finger crossed you didn’t be put with other travel tour group.

Absolutely stunning! Everything from the architecture and decor to the music and dancing was amazing. This is a unique and beautiful experience that I would recommend to anyone visiting Barcelona. The area is beautiful and is easily walkable, allowing for days filled with sights of building from centuries past and, great food, and lots and lots of shopping! Even if you don't see a performance here, it's worth a visit... But you'd be doing yourself a disservice by missing the show.

The Palau was a wonderful tour, and in particular, all the glasswork to make the palace a veritable glass box of light. The acoustics inside the main hall were amazing, one of the best acoustic experiences I've had, other than the Gorge Amphitheatre in eastern Washington State. The tour was well organized and paced. I especially liked the statues in the main hall at the back of the stage.

Absolutely beautiful venue and I was moved by the Flamenco performance that I saw. Easily the best part of my trip to Barcelona. It was surreal to be here. The area is also cute, charming, lively, and easily accessible. Only complaint is that there was a serious lack of ushers available to help with seating, questions, etc.

8. Free Walking Tours Barcelona

We did the Gothic Quarter walking tour with James as our guide. James was very informative and well versed with the area and Barcelona. He was friendly and easy to understand with a good sense of humour. The pace of the tour was just right. He had a nice quiz competition going between the different nationalities in the group and of course Canada won 😄. The tour walks past the main areas in the Gothic area and covers topics from history, architecture, religion culture and folklore. I would definitely recommend this tour.

The Gothic Quarter walking tour was interesting. Not the best free tour that I've been on, but the guide knew a lot about the local history and was able to share some good information. I would do one of their other tours.

One of the best and most informative walking tour we have been to. Highly recommended if you are in Barcelona. Thanks "Luke"for ancient and modern history of Barcelona and Catalonia.

Francisca was amazingly knowledgeable, entertaining and friendly. Great to have her on the Gothic quarter tour! We also did the flamenco show and Gaudi tour (with Jada, who was also great)!

Magnificent guide Franco! Very interesting tour, everything is very informative and fun. Set of stories, legends and historical moments. A great solution for walking around Barcelona. Definitely recommend!!!

9. Ciutadella Park

Wonderful park to rest, to picnic and to entertain. Really romantic. Toilets on place but for ladies, no comment. I love this place for its natural essence and architecture. Easy access to move forward to city center or to beach. One bad point for sport trainer, on few spot this park smells bad, thanks dear dogs.

Beautiful, large park. the fountain is absolutely stunning, a great place to walk around or have a picnic and lounge around. Don't go to the zoo at the end, it ruined my trip. The camels humps were dropped indicating they were malnourished and dehydrated. All the animals looked depressed and sad. Sitting or sleeping. They looked unkempt.

This Park is really nice, you can sit and relax or have a quiet drink. The reason it's getting 4 stars is because of the incessant nuisance that is the men walking around constantly pestering you, asking if you want to buy beer and water,not taking no for an answer, its actually ridiculous, probably every 5 minutes. That's not the Parks fault though hence just 1 star taken off. Would be good if the police could move these people on but it's probably a waste of their valuable time.

We happen to see this place purely by chance as we were walking past and soon discovered a gold colored statue shining in the evening sun. We were thrilled when we got to see this place up close. As we explored further, we came across gardens and finally the Catalan Parliament building. Nice place to walk specially in the evening to relax and recharge. No entry fee of any sort. We started the walk at the Arc and then moved along, crossed the road to access the park. Certainly worth a look.

A very pleasant area to stroll and enjoy time with loved ones or even yourself. I loved the little pond where you could hire a boat for a very reasonable price and explore it for half an hour. Lots of animals and an abundant amount of plant species. And the biiig, monumental fountain. You gotta check it out!:-)

10. Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona

This was absolutely fantastic, and the best part of our 3 day trip to Barcelona. The food is great, plenty of choices for drinks but the show is just something else. The dancers, singers and guitarists are all of equal excellent standard and both myself and my partner were blown away. Would 100% recommend and would go again myself.

From a starting position of knowing next to nothing about Flamenco I have to say that this is a cracking evening out. We booked the meal and show option, and I had wondered whether it would be value for money. It was. As other reviews have stated diners get seated first for the show. It's such an intimate venue that that means you are right up close with the musicians and dancers, but being a small venue there aren't many "bad" seats whichever option you prefer. You may just feel slightly that you have joined a production line in terms of the timing but the product is good. Plenty of fine food to suit any pallete, and you can have as much as you want. Same goes for drinks. The performers I imagine will change over the seasons but we witnessed phenomenal flamenco dancing, singing and a wonderful guitar duo. Would undoubtedly go again or recommend others to go.

After being up for nearly 26 hours, my wife and i had a wonderful time. The Tapas Buffet was very impressive and the food was excellent. We met a lovely couple from Toronto at the next table and had a great time. The show was amazing! My first time seeing Flamenco Dancing. Highly recommend this for anyone visiting Barcelona.

What a great experience! We opted for dinner and the show and were not disappointed. All you can eat and drink for a moderate price, a great selection of local dishes and their red wine was excellent. We were waited on by no less than4 people, all were very nice and attentive. The show was outstanding, the energy unrivaled and the dancers, singers and guitar players were awesome. Acoustics are great, well worth the trip and will go back!,

We cannot speak highly enough of our experience at Tablao Flamenco. The staff was warm, welcoming, friendly, and helpful from start to finish. Our dinner was excellent, far better than we expected. Everything was delicious and well-prepared. The highlight of the evening was, of course, the Flamenco show after the dinner. It is "the real thing," combining singing, music, sincere and intense emotions, and amazing dancing. My research tells me that this show is very authentic. Truly unforgettable and a fantastic bargain for anybody looking for real Flamenco.

11. Picasso Museum

Great museum even if you aren’t into Picasso. I am not fan of a lot of his work but when you see how great he was as a kid you appreciate that he wanted to try to work in different ways and mediums. Audio guide was worth a couple extra bucks to learn about him and how certain pieces came to be. Gift shop is awesome. Lots of prints and mementos.

I advice to join a guided tour! Really interesting and full with facts, not another "boring" museum. Not only learned about the general aspects about Picasso's life but interesting facts about his persona. The staff was very amicable and nice. The museum is in good condition. The guided tour was fun.

Been to his museum in Paris as well. This is a much deeper collection of his art but without the personal effects. Gives a very good understanding of his periods. Audio tour was good, and i think necessary, but wish it had been more complete/robust. Other wish was for more information on his personal life tying to the art.

Certainly go here if you are in Barcelona. Just a couple pieces of advice: 1. the audio guide is worth it, 2. visit the shop first to browse before you go upstairs, then go through the museum. It will give you a better idea of what you want, if you are inclined to go. 3. Note that photography is forbidden, so pics of the the paintings and drawings you want are the ones you buy downstairs. 4. Finally, hours are variable, check the closing time for the day you're going, don't assume it's uniform.

This architecturally beautiful art museum houses the definitive collection of Picasso's works from age 12 to his blue period. A must see for all Picasso fans. Buy your tickets online to avoid the queues and permit at least two hours to go through all the exhibits. There are free and convenient lockers to store your belongings during your visit, as well as a coat room. The gift shop is also very nice. Be aware that the museum closes promptly at 7pm and all visitors will be asked to leave about 10 minutes in advance.

12. Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya

Beautiful place to hang out even of you decide not to visit de Museum. One of the best Panorama views in Barcelona, direct view on the city and its landscapes. Small kiosk by the entrance selling items designed from Salvador Dali artpieces. There is also a cafe and a terrace if you decide to have a drink or a coffee. Nice park to go for a stroll. Easy access as there are escalators to go up and down.

A nice way to spend an hour or two while in Barcelona. A place where you can see some art and learn some history. Bring your camera so you can take some pictures. The location also provides a good overview of the city. Lots of people can be seen sitting on the stairs outside of the museum. They had a huge auditorium where you could sit and take a break. There was also a cafe to grab something to drink or eat inside if you wanted. The museum is not free so you will have to buy tickets to go inside. The architecture outside and inside it pretty too.

It's not a world-class museum but is a place worth seeing, particularly if free (on Saturdays after 3pm and the first Sunday of each month). There are great views over the city from the front of the museum. Inside, staff are helpful and there are descriptions in English. The Romanesque collection is said to be the highlight - the wall paintings of local churches about a thousand years ago have been transplanted here in their vivid colours. There are also a few Picasso paintings and other modern art.

What a wonderful day at this museum. Such a variety of types of artwork. Who knew I'd love the modern art? If going I recommend taking the 150 bus at the magic fountain all the way up to the top of the mountain and the castle and walk back down to the museum.

Very beautiful building and location with great art from the region. I really enjoyed how it was organized and the text written for each room made it possible to still get an appreciation without the audio guide. The only minor issue was the slow wifi

13. Sailing Experience Barcelona

Can't believe how lucky I was to go on such a trip! This is for sure one of the best things to do in Barcelona. It was my first time sailing and I was so nervous, but the Captain made everything feel so smooth and he even let me take control of the entire boat! Definitely recommend this experience to everyone coming to this lovely city. Thank you Sailing Experience Bcn!

What amazing hosts. You will never get service like that. I highly recommend this boat.

Awesome 2 hour experience, had a great time with my friends and our captain Alejandro, he was really cool and was a great host. 100% recommended

Great and friendly crew, nice passengers, lovely sailboat, wonderful sea. Drinks and some snacks are included. An amazing experience if you love sailing and you want to enjoy Barcelona from the sea.

This was a great experience! My dad and I took the 90 minute cruise and were incredibly happy. Great views from the coast, affordable drinks and food on board, and a super friendly staff. Plus, they offered a discounted student rate. Would definitely recomend!

14. Montjuïc Castle

A sombre monument to Barcelona's struggle over the centuries. The ride on the cable car leaves you close to the castle itself, but gives you enough time to walk up to it so you can enjoy both the views of the city's skyline and the impressive facade and old bridge. Once you're inside, most parts of it are accessible, giving you nice views of the commercial port and the city. There are some exhibitions inside to enhance the experience by commemorating the victims of the Franco regime. The entrance is cheap at €10, yet the employees are willing to give you a discount based on age and country of origin, it would seem. If you want to learn more about the castle and its place in history, there is a looped short documentary you can watch while seated. The only downside is that the subtitles are not in English. There are informative plaques but not enough, in my opinion. Also, there is limited access to the basement and the arms rooms, due to construction underway. All in all, a great experience.

I never actually went into the castle but i did walk around the toe path that runs along the side of the mountain. And what sensational views I got! All the way from the industrial port, which is fascinating, to the beaches and an amazing elevated view of the city. It is a complete treat, and whilst it is a well known spot for tourists to see, it was very quiet the day I went. You can take the expensive cable car to get good views, but if you want to take a stroll and see Barcelona from an elevated but different perspective then I would definitely recommend this walk.

It was free the day we went (Sunday in middle of July). There isn’t really much to see in the castle truth be told. What this place does offer however are some fantastic views of the city. For this alone it is worth going. Normal price is €5 per person if you go before 6pm all week.

Really nice fort, especially in rainy weather! We took the cable car up the hill (13€ round trip). I say it was worth it, since we didn't have to walk in the rain. If it wasn't raining I would have enjoyed the walk up through the park/garden area. In the cable car you get a GREAT view of Barcelona!!! One way ticket I think is 9€.

Highest point in Barcelona from where you can see everything. Especially the beach and waterfront area. The Castle as such has no great looks. And the cable car ride gives an idea of the view you are going to get. The Mediterrenean sea is blue and looks clean. There is no shade and so it is hot if the sun is out. And be careful of the 1 euro souvenirs. There are pickpockets there.

15. Güell Palace

We went here on a Sunday afternoon and was told it was free to go in which was a nice surprise. We had an audio guide which was easy to follow. The features in this building are just spectacular and cleverly designed. Worth a look.

I loved this palace, it has so much inside of it and is great value for money. Great chance to see some early gaudi with little to no crowds or waiting time. Would definitely recommend!

One of Barcelona's gems. The park is free and you can experience a lot of Gaudi's works. It is worthwhile to pay the fee to see the monuments area. We particularly enjoyed when the marching band came by and the acrobats performed. Definitely worthwhile.

It's really a magnificent architecture in Barcelona. One can learn a lot about Mr. Gaudi from this building, one of his early works. I like the design of the rooftop the best. There are twenty fascinating and nontraditional chimneys and central spire. What's more. One can enjoy the city view up there. A must-visit architecture for those who visit Barcelona.

The food was lovely and the surroundings were beautiful. It got very busy quickly (Saturday night) and the service went downhill. Not enough staff but they were all lovely.

16. Cathedral of Barcelona

Hard to miss this icon near the Rambla! There usually are stalls set up outside in the square, and if you head in between late November and Christmas, the thriving Christmas market will be popping. On the west side is a great photo op of a small bridge in a small street. Definitely recommend snagging a couple pics there. It used to be free to enter, but going back in July 2018, there was a 7€ entrance fee for visitors. Oh well!

A lovely cathedral. The architecture inside and outside is so nice. The cost is 7 euros and it is completely worth the price. It is located in the Gothic quarter. There is a shop called La Botiga outside and it has really nice items. This is a must go church in Barcelona.

There is great history throughout the city. This is another example. It's fun to walk around learn about the history and see the sites. When you think about the US and how old buildings are, it's amazing to see these structures when older and still standing.

It's beautiful inside, the rooftop is pretty cool (undergoing construction), the gardens are nice too. 7 euros to pay for admission is weird since the other churches around are free... They ask for donations literally everywhere, even for the bathroom, that's too much in my opinion. Still worth the shot if you like churches.

The interior (nave) of this holy place is took my breath away when I first entered. Some of the 28 or so alcoves on each side of the nave add much interest. The cloisters are an inviting, peaceful place to visit. It is possible to climb to the roof via elevator for interesting views of the ancient City center.

17. Plaça de Catalunya

It's the centre! Choose which way you like the look way back up towards the mountains left towards the old town straight down La Ramblas and the sea...right the new 'up and coming - area' (possibly exercise some caution if you are alone and it's late at night..) otherwise the bars all around her are great fun.. look choosy don't leap at the 1st obvious one..there are some real jewels hidden brave and look!

Lively place. Safe in the morning. We took the bus to the airport at 5 am and it was safe. The famous Rambla street is right next to it. There is an awesome place for all you can eat local food for 13 riff in the square. Highly recommend it.

Finally discovered where all the pigeons from Trafalgar Square went. Overrun with birds which tourists feed so they stay. As you'd imagine a lot of the seats are covered in bird poop. A mixture of people around, my advice would be to stay clear of the centre. Good transport links are here and a variety of shops and restaurants around.

If you got lost in Barcelona just ask where this place is. This is literally the hub of the city. Metro and buses always pass here. There are lots of coffee places where you can enjoy the nice weather. And of course, La Rambla starts here.

Fine place. Definitely worth a visit. Especially the surrounding buildings. But not as good as some of the other places in town. Give it a go, as you can reach several nice villas by foot from there.

18. Camp Nou

Impressive. I am not a football fan at all. But the visit of Camp Nou is a must in our today's world. The visit of Camp Nou gives the idea how the football business is important and how well the systematic marketing of all side businesses could be developed. I would recommend this visit to any student in business administration or marketing. It is a lesson of merchandising. I will certainly return and I will go to see a match to see to which level of perfection the football marketing is brought. If you like my comment, please say it in giving me a "like".

ক্যাম্প ন্যু। ইউরোপের সবচেয়ে বড় স্টেডিয়াম (ধারন ক্ষমতা ৯৯,৩৫৪জন )। ফুটবলের অসংখ্য ইতিহাস রচিত হয়েছে একে ঘিরে। রোনালদিনহো থেকে মেসির আবর্তন এই ক্যাম্প ন্যু তেই রচিত হয়েছে। যে কোন ফুটবল প্রেমী বারসালোনায় গেলে সর্বপ্রথম যে জায়গার কথা তার মাথায় আসবে সেটা অবশ্যই ক্যাম্প ন্যু হতে বাধ্য। তবে ফুটবলের প্রতি নেশা আমার কোনকালেই তেমন ছিল না। বিশ্বকাপের খেলা গুলোই একটু আগ্রহ করে দেখা হতো এই আর কি। বার্সালোনায় গিয়েছিলাম ইষ্টার হলিডে এর ছুটিতে । সম্ভবত এপ্রিলের ১-২ তারিখের দিকে । আমার ভাগ্নে সৌমিক আবার খুব খেলা দেখে । বার্সার ডাই হার্ড সাপোর্টার । যখন শুনেছে যে আমি বার্সা গিয়েছি তখন প্রথমেই ওর কথা ছিল ক্যাম্প ন্যু তে গিয়ে ওকে লাইভে দেখাতে হবে । বার্সালোনাতে পরিচিত ভাই ছিল একজন , সুদীপ ভাই (অনেক ধন্যবাদ ভাইরে আমার জন্য সময় বের করার জন্য )। উনাকেই নিয়েই গেলাম ক্যাম্প ন্যু দেখতে । ম্যাপে আগেই দেখে নিয়েছিলাম ওপেনিং আর ক্লোজিং টাইম ভিজিটিং এর । যখন ওখানে পৌছাই তখন বাজে দুপুর ২.৩০। টিকিটের দাম নিলো ২৫ ইউরো পার পারসোন , সাথে ৫ ইউরো দিয়ে একটি অডিও গাইড নিয়েছিলাম । অডিও গাইড নিতে হলে পাসপোর্ট জমা দিতে হবে তাহলে ওরা একটা স্মার্ট ফোন আর হেড ফোন দিবে যার মধ্যে ভার্চুয়াল গাইড ইন্সটল করা থাকে। আমি যেখানে যাবো সে জায়গার ছবি ফোনের গাইডের ভিতরেই দেওয়া আছে । ছবি গুলো তে ক্লিক করলেই সেজায়গার ডিটেইলস বলতে থাকে। স্টেডিয়ামে ঢোকার পরেই যেটা চোখে পড়ে সেটা হলো ক্যাম্প ন্যু মিউজিয়াম । মিউজিয়ামের ভিতরটা অসাধারণ সুন্দর। একসাইডে ২২ টা লিগ ট্রফি আর অন্য সাইডে ৪ টা চ্যাম্পিওন লিগ ট্রফি কাচের গ্লাসের মধ্যে সুন্দর করে সাজানো। এক পাশে দেখলাম মেসির অর্জন গুলোর জন্য আলাদা জায়গা রয়েছে । সেখানে রয়েছে মেসির ৫ টা ব্যালন ডি অর আর ৩ টা গোল্ডেন বুট । এর সামনেই একটা বড় টিভি ক্রিনে মেসির সেরা গোল গুলো দেখানো হচ্ছিল । সৌমিক আবার মেসির এক নিষ্ঠ ভক্ত । দিলাম ওকে ফেসবুকে ভিডিও কল । ও তো খুব খুশি । প্রচন্ড আগ্রহ নিয়ে দেখতে থাকলো । ব্যালন ডি অর আর বুট গুলো দেখার পরে ওকে কলে রেখেই চলে গেলাম মাল্টিমিডিয়া রুমে। স্টেডিয়ামের উপরের দিকে মাল্টিমিডিয়া রুম । ওখানে যাওয়ার পরে দেখলাম সেখানে বার্সার ১০০+ বছরের ইতিহাস দেখাচ্ছে ।মাল্টিমিডিয়া রুমটা স্টেডিয়ামের উপরের দিকে হওয়ায় উপর থেকে স্টেডিয়ামের সুন্দর ভিউ দেখা যাচ্ছিল। এখানে কিছু ছবি নিলাম। পুরো স্টেডিয়াম ফাঁকা তখন। গ্যালারি নিঃস্তব্ধ হয়ে আছে । চারদিকে নিরব। দেখে মনেই হবে না খেলার সময় এই গ্যালারি গর্জে ওঠে, ফেটে পড়তে চায় যেন উল্লাসে অথবা হাহাকার এ। এরপরে রুম থেকে বের হলেই সামনে একটা কয়েনের বক্স রয়েছে । সেখানে মেসির প্রতিকৃতি খোদাই করা কয়েন রয়েছে । বক্সে ৪ ইউরো দিলেই একটি করে কয়েন বের হয়ে আসে । সৌমিক এর জন্য আর আমার ছোট ভাই এর জন্য দুটি কয়েন নিলাম । সৌমিক এতক্ষণ লাইনে থেকে আমার সাথে সাথেই দেখছে । কয়েন নিয়েছি শুনে ও অনেক খুশি হলো।বলে মামা দাড়াও আমিও আসবো ক্যাম্প ন্যু তে। এসব দেখতে দেখতেই ৪ টা বেজে গেছে । তো ক্যাম্প ন্যু ভ্রমণ শেষ হলো ।বের হয়ে অডিও গাইড জমা দিয়ে পাসপোর্ট ফেরত নিলাম । বেশ ক্ষুধাও লেগেছে । আমি আর সুদীপ দা পাশের বেশ দূরে একটি রেস্টুরেন্ট এ গেলাম পায়েলা খেতে । খেতে অনেকটা খিচুড়ির মত সাথে সি ফুড আর ভেজিটেবল থাকে । অবশেষে খাওয়াদাওয়ার পার্ট শেষে মেট্রো ধরে সোজা sagrada familia দেখতে ।

Camp Nou is a very beautiful stadium nice experience. If you love football, you will love this. Museum with cups and multimedia displays are great. The field itself is also breathtaking. The only thing i did not like is the part with the photos. It is misleading. To get all the pictures you need to pay at least 30 euros...

Had a great time visiting. Not too expensive (25 euros per person) you go to museum first which has a lot of history. Then you see the field , locker room and you can smell the pride of Barcelona. Amazing feeling .

If you love football or just interested in great arenas then this is a must. To stand on the pitch and visit the trophy room(just make sure you have your dark glasses on ) to see how many completions this team and those that came before is amazing. An absolute must when visiting this great city.

19. Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau

Fantastic place with great Catalan modernist architecture from one of its most distinctive architects. The interiors are amazing with spectacular details and gorgeous materials. The exteriors are very pleasant and the area is quite big so a good walk is guaranteed. It is a must to visit it when in Barcelona. Go early in the morning or in the evening and take advantage of the sun light effects.

Absolute must-see in Barcelona for those who want to explore its architectural wonders. This is a fairly large building complex designed in the Modernist style, and is gorgeous both inside and outside the buildings. The best time to see this facility would likely be during the daytime on a sunny day to fully see the decorative interior of the buildings.

Not quite completely renovated but a beautiful example of the style. Hospital buildings gardens stained glass and mosaics are excellent. A must see in Barcelona and only a short walk from Sagrada Familia. Takes about an hour to walk through

Really beautiful complex which i didn't know about until I visited it. Totally one of the top places to see in Barcelona. Really nice art nuveau architecture style with many of the previous buildings repaired. Some of them still waits to renovation so you can see even the old version of it.

Interesting place. You see how elegant a hospital can be. Not as many tourists as other spots in Barcelona. Art nouveau style architecture. Finding the exit was a bit difficult as they have tiny way-finding signage. You don’t really need an audioguide.

20. La Sagrada Familia

One of the most beautiful churches I have been to. When I say beautiful, I mean the outside and the inside. The staff also was really nice. When we went there the passion tower lift was not working so they gave us a refund. The audio guide tells you everything about the place. The stained glasses and everything is so lovely. There are good eating places too around the Sagrada Familia. If you are in Barcelona you must visit this place.

The place is amazing! I would NOT recommend the tower tour though. Aside from the view of the city, which are better in other sites around the city, you don't see much. I toured the nativity tower. And sure, I saw the doves up-close but that was about it because the rest is still under construction and covered in tarp (see pictures posted). The audio guide was well done and helpful in understanding everything. But much of the content is also repeated in the movie inside (that comes with the General admission). Getting the audio guide will give you a richer and more thorough experience.

I can’t believe I haven’t left a review until now! I’ve been 5 times in the last two years and it gets more breathtaking every time. Short answer - not to be missed. Long answer, well where to start! Simply stunning, a masterpiece of construction and artistic vision. The glass work alone is something to visit it for, so beautiful whatever time of day you go. The exhibition underneath is also definitely worth going through to see the inner workings of how everything was designed. A few words to the wise; book a head. The queues are long otherwise and this way you get a 15min window to queue jump. Make sure your bag isn’t full of junk, it will be checked before you go in. Just to save your embarrassment more than anything. And keep an eye on your valuables. This is a high traffic tourist area and can get very crowded inside and out side of the cathedral so be careful with your belongings!

One of the most beautiful places I have ever been to! It is just incredible! I've always heard people talk wonders about La Sagrada Familia and seen photos but the place is way better than in photos! It is a definitely must see when you are in Barcelona. Just perfect. Everything is flawless. I was amazed. I still am.

From the outside, this place is really remarkable but the inside is where it really shines. I have never seen such a beautiful cathedral. It is possibly the most beautiful building I’ve ever entered, and at the time and season we visited there were not an overwhelming amount of other tourists. The price point was worth it, the entry process was pleasant and the experience isn’t to be missed. Don’t just admire from the outside, go in.