Best Things To Do in Bali Indonesia

1. Waterbom Bali

Awesome park! Very well kept and clean and the staff are super friendly. Prices are reasonable as well. Today was I’m guessing a slower day so we got quite a few slides in. Smashdown 2.0 was wicked! The gazebo with your own safe box to keep belongings was a nice touch as well as ordering food and getting it delivered. Great job on this park. Thanks for the fun day!

I have lived in Indonesia a few years, many years ago. I was skeptical about this waterbom knowing the usual Indonesian care for safety and cleanness.. I have to admit, this place is extremely well managed! I was impressed. Safety is clearly on the mind of all the staff, the protocols are well followed, and the clients can enjoy themselves with kids all around without additional worries. Also, the free to use strapping system to pay throughout the park is great and makes the day even more enjoyable.

An excellent water park. The kids loved it. Spent a whole day here. Kids rated this as one of the best thing they did in Bali. A bit pricey. Bought tickets online and saved a bit compared to buying tickets at the gate. Rides from the easy to the thrilling ones. It has something for everyone. If it was a bit cheaper, would have given it 5 stars.

Fun for adults and children. A must-stop if you like spending a whole day at a water park instead of the beach, with plenty of thrills for all ages. The park works on the basis of credits stored on bracelets.. These are used to buy everything from food and drinks to souvenir photos. Towels can be rented onsite with a deposit, cheap for the convenience. Food in the park can be expensive, but can be cheaper if you book online on their website and choose a package with a meal bundled. Book a multi day pass for even more savings. There are plenty of gazebos for rent and well worth the money if you have a large group. You are allowed to exit the park and return same day, so it's possible to seek cheaper F&B options nearby.

This water park is amazing! All the rides were a blast (especially the extreme ones) and the facilities were clean and well maintained. The restaurants and eateries had variety and quality food and the best part? The warm, friendly and fun staff! If you must go to a water park, make it Waterbom Bali!

2. Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

It is an interesting experience. Monkeys here are kind of civilized than any other sanctuary/Temple I have observed. They might touch and look for food, but as long as you are not freaked out and/or freaking monkeys out, there will be no harm. There are some ancient sculpture, and three temples. Unfortunately we can't check any of them as all of them are closed.

So much fun! We went fairly early to beat the crowds. The monkeys have a continuous supply of sweet potato to eat so they are never desperately hungry but they will open your bag if you have food(even if it’s in a sealed package) and they loveeeee bananas! My friend had a granola bar in his bag, they unzipped his bag, found the bar and ate it 😂. They will also grab your water and drink it. All in all I had a wonderful time watching the monkeys chase each other (and humans). Highly recommend

This was such a fun experience. These monkeys are not shy and they WILL jump on you if you have food. Not for the faint of heart. ;) Great photo ops with the monkeys. There are also beautiful trees here! We ran into some folks that said they went here early in the morning when it wasn't busy... They got ambushed by the monkeys because there wasn't anyone else there!! They said the monkeys were very aggressive. So this may be the only place you'll want to visit DURING PEAK hours.

I really loved this place. It is beautifully kept and easy to just wander around at your own piece of advice, no sudden movements and when one jumps on you, don't panic! If you do they freak out. Just have fun and relax, they wont hurt you.

Absolutely loved this place, great value for money. If you like monkeys then worth a visit. They will jump on you and try to take your handbag off you, steal things from pockets. Great photo opportunities

3. Courtyard by Marriott Bali Nusa Dua Resort

Love this hotel so much. We stayed for 3 nights. The staff are friendly, polite, helpful and professional. The hotel itself is spotless. We loved the swimming pool, which is brand new, clean and wide. It also has a lazy pool which the kids live it very much. Our son love the kids club. It has mini playground and video games with a cozy seat and it also provides a number of activities for the kids. Free shuttle to the nearby beach - though we didn't use this facility because we rented an ELF for 3 days. When we stayed, we were offered a free upgrade room to pool view with a balcony. The room has a standard facility and everything is as expected. We will be staying here again for sure.

Cannot speak highly enough of this hotel. Excellent customer service and facilities. I would recommend a pool view room. All in all very good value for money.

Such a beautiful hotel with the most friendly and accommodating staff you could ask for. The staff is what made this place so nice to stay at. The grounds are so beautiful with a lagoon like feeling. It is very affordable for what you get as well. I would definitely stay here again!!

Not on the beach like we originally thought but everything was very nice. The room and bed were comfortable. Breakfast was delicious with a large variety buffet. The pool is huge. Shuttles every 10 minutes to and from the private beach club. We booked a private beach dinner which was amazing and romantic. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

This Courtyard Marriott at Nusa Dua is getting old. Luckily, the cheerfulness of its staff members is keeping the place on a welcoming note for all guests arriving at this Hotel. Keep up your smiles & good service, guys. Thank you.

4. Dream Museum Zone Bali (DMZ)

We had a few hours in the morning and went there it costs us $110000 IRD per person and it was great fun, perfect if it’s raining outside. First you take your shoes off and start the tour. the place is big and you can easily spend a few hours there, they had a few people helping you to take the pictures advising the best angles on each one of the rooms. There is a room with some drinks to purchase and toilets, also for $50000 each you can get the pro pictures printed. It’s a great place to visit alone in couples or with kids :)

This area is so big! Very nice area to take photo. Though some paintings seems fading, but most are still quite good. They might need to minor redecorate and consider about lighting position to make the photo more realistic. But if you come with kids, they would love it

Nice place to go and take pics. Staffs r helping us to take pics each room. Great colour. but its a bit hard to take all the rooms. but u can choose the 3d pic on the wall.

A unique experience. This "trick art museum" exhibits 3D paintings where you can take pictures with. It has so many paintings you could take photos for hours. Loved it. Such a great idea.

One of the best museum I had ever visit.. perfectly use of art skill.. view and art are just awesome..just love that place

6. Things to do in Bali

Highly recommended. I'm a Bali regular, I'm only using this website since I first found it. Best prices and service.

Wir haben es getestet. Einfache Buchungen und rundum Service, gosses Angebot an Aktivitaeten.Faire Preise. Das kann sich sehen lassen. Daumen hoch!

8. Purpa Fine Art Gallery Seminyak

Wonderful little art gallery with some really interesting contrmporary art. We found this the most intersting gallery for modern art which was what we were really looking for in bali. We were greeted by the owner who went out of her help choose what we were looking for. What a great find... !!!

What a hidden Gem! We walked into many galleries during our stay in Seminyak and Purpa Fine Art Gallery was really the best. The gallery space is a bit small but attractive with talented artists, some of them already well known in Singapore, Jakarta, Hong Kong... and did exhibitions in Europe. We had the chance to meet Ari, the owner. She knows all the artists and she's very welcoming.

Pak purpa org yang sgt Matang


9. Bali Butterfly Park

Woow awesome place for witnessing the beautiful creature, butterflies! Many kinds of butterflies from caterpillar into awesome colorful adults, May seen in this place. Other insects like beetle and spider also found in glass compartment. Exhibit room displays various number of this incredible animal, and get something as a gift at the souvenir shop. But the entrance sign is quite blurry to see

My wife and I loved this place. The staff was very nice. I wish I could remember the lady's name that worked in the center building with the cocoons. She was one of the sweetest people we met on our trip. The butterflies were really something else and if you are into nature, it was a good stop. They have a great display as you leave to show the colors of the rainbow.

Excellent! The staff is really enthusiastic about insects, ready to share passion with us. Visit this park, you will never regret! Really gigantic butterflies, and there you can touch it, which I had never seen before at places like this.

Loved it! Me and all my best friends cone here yesterday, the butterfly have beautiful color. ❤

Here you will see thousand of butterfly and insect, their color are wonderful, if you are a photographer, i think this place is one recommend place to visit. The staf also have a good knowledge about butterfly and insect. The entrance fee are true worthed.

11. Pura Tirta Empul

If u want go here... U must wear the cloth/scarf at the waist that have been provided... Also.. If u want go here... Don't forget to bring clothes.. Cause there were a pool for clean your self for bad things... Also.. U must bring hair band or clipper for your hair.. If u want go to inside the temple... Cause there were area u must tie your hair...

There are many reasons to visit this wonderful place, architectural, historical, religious, spiritual, personal, curiosity - your choice. Though if you are open, you can find something here to satisfy them all. It's definitely one of those must see while you are in the region kinda places. Enjoy!

Beautiful temple. The level of details in the structures are just amazing. It really gives you a feel of Bali, and its history. There's usually a long queue of locals and foreigners taking bath in the holy water. Worth noting, you'd need a Sarong, even if you're wearing a jeans. They don't really care about the top, it seemed like they don't mind minimal clothing on top part of your body. You can borrow a free Sarong from the Sarong counter near the entrance.

Beautiful experience!! Definitely a must do. Please don't be alarmed, the water may be chilly and there are fish in the water. You must be covered. Bathing suit, shirt, and sarong if you are getting in and if you're walking around. There's a sarong that you can borrow to walk around and one for rent if getting in the water or bring you own. The changing areas are unisex. Follow the flow of the locals to ensure you use only the spouts that are appropriate. After going in the water, walk around the entire temple.

Well worth the trip even if you want to skip the holy spring bath. It is touristy but the architecture is remarkable. A good place to get your instagram worthy clicks. Pass through quickly to avoid the souvenir market at the end.

14. Bali Treetop Adventure Park

This place was awesome. A fun way to spend the day. Several levels, from little kids up to more challenging heights.

Fascinating fun, safe and almost complete outdoors and outbond activities for kids and adults to getting closed to nature with trees and green environments, you might not wanted to leave so soon while visiting !

Really fun with different levels of toughness a great workout and beautiful greenery around! A Must in Bali! The staff are very friendly!

Its ok for your kids. But if you are over 1.80m tall many obstacles seem to small and extra exhausting.

Nice place. Great weather. Natural.

15. Kemenuh Butterfly Park

Our driver recommended that we stop here. We did not expect the 100 000 IDR price but then thought we would go and give it chance. It is really beautiful in there. The place was not so busy when we got there. I think anyone one who has a keen interest in butterflies, photography or who has kids would enjoy the place. Otherwise I feel the place is a bit small if I compare it to the butterfly park we have back home.

Its a fun ride. They have 100,000 IDR entry fee for foreigners, but it's worth to pay. We can spend 20-30 minutes here and it's a good opportunity to click these amazing species.

Actually i like this place. They offer you a refreshment drink, delicious. Unfortunately i did not get any explanation even though i tried to ask at the front desk. But i met three guys on the nursery and had small interesting talk about butterfly collection. Worth to visit. It is 100,000 for foreigners and half price for locals

Great place to visit if you are in the area. Entry is only IDR100,000 per adult (~$10.00) and it's worth it. You get to see many varieties of butterflies as well as the stages of the butterfly from caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly. Most of them sit pretty still once landed so you can get some great photos. Would definitely recommend.

Breathtaking hidden gem of a place! Pictures are not adequate to capture the sheer variety of stunning butterflies one can come across here

16. Kebun Raya Bali

I love this place. Its beautiful. The high ropes course is near the entrance. Must do. Take a day. Bring a sleeping mat and a thermos.

Seemed quite run down and in need of some maintenance. One part of the road waa completely blown out which made making the loop difficult. Wandering the park was nice.... but all of the conservatories except for the cacti were decrepit and shut down. Perhaps because it was off season? We visited in Feb. But it was rather dull. A nice spot for a wall through some interesting enough foliage.

Play Adventure Games on Tree Top, Flying Fox, climbing, more than 16 challenging Games on the Tree.. good to test your adrenalin... Also have Kids track...

Not much exciting to see, orchids went blooming and the was a lot of construction going on. It is huge, and a great way to have a gentle walk. The greenhouse was not that interesting. Have been too far more interesting botanical gardens elsewhere.

I visited this location to specifically go to the Bali Tree Top Adventure Park. This is a beautiful and peaceful place with a cool temperate climate. This surrounding landscape is beautiful and well worth the visit

18. Grand Hyatt Bali

The beach here is absolutely spectacular. It’s a wide stretch of sand, clear waters and looks out into the horizon - completely unblocked. The current isn’t too strong so it’s great for a swim and there are plenty of deck chairs. For a quieter spot, head to the south side, away from the pool area. The rooms are a little dated but it’s clean and spacious. The resort grounds are huge and very lovely, lots of lush greenery and very well kept. The only downside for me for the food - very average and expensive. But you can get a wide selection of good food just outside the resort complex around Nusa Dua and just up Tanjong Benoa. I would recommend renting a bike to get around for meals. Or you can just walk across to Bali Collection (but it’s very touristy).

The resort is in a very large piece of ground. Walking from one end to the other will take you more than 15mins. The staffs are very friendly and always smiling. The landscape is full of ponds and beautifully manicured plants. Very near to the beach too. Big rooms with that also come with a queen size day bed. Nice and relaxing.

The resort is big (around 650 rooms) and quite spread out. This means you can end up with a room quite a bit from pool, lobby and beach areas. The room was nice, although it's coming to an age where it’s time for a fresh up. Restaurants were good and service great. Don't miss the gym with squash, yoga and class room. It also has its own smaller, but quite pool like in a hidden oasis. Recommended to just go there to just relax for yourself for a while. Don't miss the nice big buffee dinner with the dance show they have in their amphie-like theatre.

The property itself is luxurious. The Location and proximity to the beach add to the charm. The service like everywhere else in bali is warm and thorough. World love to come back

It was 40min drive away from DPS airport if it is normal traffic, the hotel is awesome. Nice pool beside beach, a lot of water sports option wonderful food options. We all close to 100 people gathered for our 2018 sales kick off meeting Connex18. We all enjoyed

20. Bali Safari & Marine Park

Excellent day out for everyone. Good attractions. Places to rest. Restaraunts and snacks. There are Hotels near by the park, we stayed in Yoga Amertham Villa which is 15mins away in car or motorbike. Sea and beaches nearby, jungles and lush greenery more inland.

kinda shocking experience. washing my hand, then a big lion face in front of me. hahahaha.

This place sucks! Do not waist you time and resources!

Great experience , elephants are happy and cute I loved to feed them and play with them and also ride them , also the staff is cool and friendly , the place is beautiful and the prices is good for 1 million you can ride one for 30 Minutes and enjoy the place with your cute elephant , mine was LARAS

Amazing experience. Lots to see and animals all seem to be well looked after. Did the elephant ride and although expensive - an incredible ride. Especially as got to get up close to the zebras and rhinos.