Best Things To Do in Bali Indonesia

1. Waterbom Bali

Always an awesome day at Waterbom with heaps of activities for kids of all ages. Completely cashless once inside the park with more than enough good options that are well priced. Get here early to avoid the queues and it now shuts at 6pm rather than the old 5pm. Excellent service from all staff makes a fantastic day. Get tickets before you go to get between 5-15% discount of the normal walk up price. It’s a must when in Bali.

Amazing place for the kids to go and enjoy themselves. More suited to older kids 8 + and able to swim on their own for piece of mind. But saying that our two year old had a ball - having a nanny made the day very enjoyable for us adults too. Great slides, simple food and an awesome lazy river that pushes you around on jets as you lay on a donut and relax.

Awesome place to visit when you are in Bali.. the place is very safe, fun and clean. Perfect to bring your entire family here for an unforgettable, thrilling experience if you like high-speed slides. Alternatively, you could also laze about on a float along the Lazy River with your loved ones. Must-visit attraction when you're in Kuta area! 5 stars for sure!!

If you want a thrilling experience, if you feel to be adventurous in terms of water rides then go visit here. A little bit pricey but the service is extraordinary. From front desk to the lifeguards, they are well trained for customer service that can exceed your expectations. Will be back for sure.

I had so much fun here! The slides are crazy food is okay but it was huge and worth the price. Kids has their place to have fun also the adults its just for all ages

2. Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Best attraction in the world. I love my monkeys and this is the best zoo I have had the pleasure of visiting. To experience these monkeys roam around and interact with each other and my fellow holiday makers, is a dream for me. This tourist attraction, is a monkey lovers paradise but aside from the furry, long tailed residents, this forest is also a beautiful park that transforms a grown women on her honeymoon, into an excitable child, exploring the nooks and cranny's, paths and walkways, transitioning into her very own wonderland of jungle book creativity. In my complete element, feeding the small monkey the bananas was my highlight, despite it being covered in monkey wee. If at all possible, I would quite happily pack up my bags and become a real life Mowgli.

I love the beautiful setting of the forest and temple. It's a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. Be respectful of the guidelines and posted signs and you'll have a great time. Don't bring in any kinds of bags, don't put your hands in your pockets and don't try to touch the monkeys. If they came up to you and touch or crawl on to you, just stay calm and do not touch them back. The temple grounds are gorgeous. Remember this is a sacred sight.

Well organised tourist attention. From a drivers perspective there is very straightforward parking and the parking fees are included in the ticket. Though it’s best to approach from gate 1 and not gate 3 as gate 3 have very limited parking. The forest itself was interesting in terms of what Bali is doing to help preserve the species of monkey, but there were a LOT of tourists. To be expected. We did get some serene moments in places within the conservation zone. Also, say hi to Nelson the blind monkey who has his own enclosure.

It wasn't crowded. Maybe because we went on the week day. It was a hot day outside. But didn't feel the heat once we entered the park. It was mostly covered with canopies of trees. Well maintained. The monkeys seems to be not afraid of people so they tend to come closer if you offer them food. Good place to take pictures.

This is such a magical and exciting place unlike any other! It was so beautiful and the monkeys are so entertaining and fun to watch. Not only do you get to experience them monkeying around but you get to interact and feed them as well. It was so much fun and an unforgettable experience. The workers were well trained at the monkeys responded well to their commands. The area was clean and so awesome to explore its beauty and greenery. I cannot wait to go back!

3. Things to do in Bali

Rude and unpolite staff. Unfortunately not willing to help you. Would not recommend the transport from Bali to Gili.

Highly recommended. I'm a Bali regular, I'm only using this website since I first found it. Best prices and service.

Wir haben es getestet. Einfache Buchungen und rundum Service, gosses Angebot an Aktivitaeten.Faire Preise. Das kann sich sehen lassen. Daumen hoch!

4. Goa Gajah

We walked from Ubud to Goa Gajah. It’s about 3km. The road is narrow and busy on a Sunday and often there is no proper sidewalk. But we enjoyed the walk and passed local stores, stone and wood carvers as well as sculpture artists, rice fields, and beautiful lush green hills and forests. Yes the raid was busy, dusty, polluted. Despite it, it was an experience we are happy we made. Once we arrived at Goa Gajah we were able to cool down and centre ourselves again. The water from the lady fountains in the baths was so fresh and the elephant cave had a very special (meditative-subtle) feeling to it inside. I was impressed. The Buddha temple and its surrounding nature was a little paradise in the middle of all the hustle and bustle outside.

A well known temple in Bali, Goa Gajah was a bit underwhelming for me. For one, there were more tourists (like me) taking photos than Balinese people praying. The temple premises were small but interesting. It would have been nice to have some guides or write-ups available to tell you more about the history and significance of the place.

Cool little place, 15k IDR to get in. Go.early before all the vendors get setup otherwise they hound you to buy things. The site is not big and can be walked in 30 minutes. Would recommend if you are in the area. Long trousers necessary but they will supply sarong if needed.

Its It' beautiful inside lush with green trees and between the area a small water runing rever with lots of big old n giant piece of rocks. Its good to visit in morning hours as at late evening time it looks very much scary. If you go inside and inside you feel that somebody is escaping you. For me at evening was so much scary.

A parking fee of 2k Rupiah and emtrance fee of 15k Rupiah pp, are all really fair. You get a free sarong at the entrance, so don't be fooled by traders in parking area. You can have full access of temple area and go near the water fountains. You can also go into the cave. You don't need a guide for $20 +-. You can totally navigate it by yourself. Then there is a forrest beyond where you can explore a small waterfall and a pond and also have a look at the Buddhist temple. It is all really beautiful and wonderful to experience.

5. Neka Art Museum

Nice Museum to see. Normally not crowded. Entry fee is 100k IDR which includes entry only. If you want to see dance or culture programs have to buy seperate tickets. Most of their shows listed have been discontinued.

Several exhibitions of various subjects concerning Balinese painting over the last century or so. Beautiful works, scattered over a lovely campus-like surrounding. Unfortunately the museumshop did not feature many of the more interesting works.

Nice museum depicting Balinese artwork from different villages and cultures, showing their various rituals, lifestyles, traditions and customs. Clean and well maintained.

A good mix of contemporary art from different eras. Not as big of a collection as one might think but great place to learn the local histry and culture. Great collection o Ari Smit, the Dutch born Balinese artist - interesting story as well as great art of his was on display.

I am not the greatest fan of Balinese art but this museum delivers a real historical journey through the different styles and times. The collection of Arie Smit has some real exceptional pieces. The modern art has outstanding pieces in it which creates a wonderful balance to the 'old masters'. Maybe the founder of the museum had a few too many photos and paintings made of himself but that does not take away from the great collection he has put together.

6. Ubud Traditional Art Market

Very fun place to walk around and but some souvenirs to take back. You can typically get anything for about a quarter of the price that is quoted. Also negotiate. Be firm with your offer and start to walk away. They almost always come down to your “final price.” If they don’t, go to the next 50 stalls that sell the same thing.

It's a tourist trap if you not bargain. I saw better prices and better quality in the local supermarket. So, if you think about buying something nothing will be a good deal. Just give an offer on a 1/2 or 1/4 of the original proce what they will say. If he is not willing to give you just walk away (probably they will change his mind when you leave) 200 RP to 50RP. Also you can buy the same stuff from the other vendors...

It seems that you will find best prices on slow days, and from vendors that are harder to get to (like upstairs or in hard to see corners of the market). Haggling- Start at about 20% of the price they quote you, and you got an alright deal if you land between 30-40% of the original price. You got a killer deal if you achieved 25% of original! After you walk through you will realize most vendors all have the same goods, so if one stall doesn't give you the price you want, go down the market and try for the same goods at a new stall. It's a big market and super fun to people watch! Go, have fun, and support the locals!

There are basically three or four types of shops just repeated over and over. The stuff is all 100% touristy. If you're looking for cheap knick knacks this place works fine. If, however, you're looking for something local and interesting (and obviously more pricey) there are a myriad of local shops within walking distance.

"Ubud price" I love this market but too pricey than others art market.always busy, you need good level skills to bargain

7. Campuhan Ridge Walk

Peaceful hiking area. I'd recommend going at 6AM to beat the heat and tourists. The sunlight over the rice terraces early in the morning is truly incredible. Enjoy this 2km hike through the rice fields and stop for a coffee on your way out! Really great place I'd highly recommend visiting for sunrise.

Green, clean and a hidden charm. Recommend early morning hours or late evening as day sun can ruin the hike. Its not too taxing but people with limited fitness may find it rough. Plan to take breaks as their is a lot to soak in . Lots of photo opportunities can make this hike a fun and memorable outing.

Bukit Campuhan is a good place.. The view of this place is so awesome. Many green scenery in this place.. People can view the green hill scenery.. ..Many tourist take photos in here.. They called this place is instagramable. The best view is in the morning or afternoon.. It because the sun is shining brightly in the evening

Try to go early in the morning, because the path is pretty exposed and the sun and the midday heat can be overwhelming. Luscious greenery, small temples and art shops along the way, stunning views of dense jungle on both sides of the ridge. Stopped to try the swing we found and got hydrated on young coconuts at a sweet little café, the walk was way to short.

I loved this walk within the rice fields even though it wasn't long. Views of the valley that slowly takes form as you climb, are wonderful. You may choose to go back and forth (6km total.) or turn west on the top to the next village and then back south to Ubud again (9 km that way) You may need proper shoes so don't wear flip flops!

8. W Bali - Seminyak

This place is great for a day of tanning, lunch, happy hour, or dinner. Basically there’s no need to be a guest of the hotel. If you want to come and have a day bed in the sun you’ll have to go to the restaurant area. There’s a minimum spend but it isn’t that high. Less than $50 for sure. Towels are provided. Happy hour pizza is also provided. And there are offers on drinks during happy hour. Lovely sunset and beach access. Very well guarded and secure facility. Bathrooms underground next to the bar. There are shuttles that take you from the main road into the resort. They come every few minutes. Just stand at the entrance where the bamboo tunnel starts.

The W was the start of an amazing honeymoon! The hotel upgraded our room to a suite and it was incredible. They also did a wonderful job acknowledging my gold status. The view was stunning, the room large, the shower incredible. See the pic for our view. The staff were extremely friendly, sincere, and helpful. The concierge was happy to arrange a spa appointment off site without hassling us to use the W one. The food we had around the property was just what we needed as we adjusted to region. Overall, this is a property we will certainly return too.

Absolutely prefect. They look into every aspect of a guests' stay and the staff is so accommodating and friendly. It is perfect for a short getaway with the family and it is extremely child friendly as well. We stayed at the 1 bedroom villa and it gave us so much joy seeing our young one splashing about in the pool. The buggy system was wonderful in getting us around the hotel. Would come back in a heartbeat! Sunsets were amazing by the beach and we loved the beach as well. Thank u for an amazing birthday getaway!

The most eye popping W hotel I have ever been to. I mean just wow it's been beyond spectacular!! I can't seem to put it into words the sheer magnitude of this place. It's incredible and it's beautiful. Not to mention the staff is great the Sunsets are on another level too. Well done W!! Well done!!

Hands down best thing to do in Seminyak or even Bali. If you’re after a day of lux, this place should be the first port of call. I was here celebrating a new promotion and new job and we had a day of cocktails, swimming and sunshine. The cocktails were awesome, we tried almost everything. The food was of an extremely high standard and we left wanting for nothing. The staff are attentive, helpful and even charged our phones while we were there. If you’re after cheap and cheerful it’s not the best place but if you want to splurge and really treat yourself, this place is essential.

9. Courtyard by Marriott Bali Nusa Dua Resort

Love this hotel so much. We stayed for 3 nights. The staff are friendly, polite, helpful and professional. The hotel itself is spotless. We loved the swimming pool, which is brand new, clean and wide. It also has a lazy pool which the kids live it very much. Our son love the kids club. It has mini playground and video games with a cozy seat and it also provides a number of activities for the kids. Free shuttle to the nearby beach - though we didn't use this facility because we rented an ELF for 3 days. When we stayed, we were offered a free upgrade room to pool view with a balcony. The room has a standard facility and everything is as expected. We will be staying here again for sure.

This is my second time staying with courtyard. My first time was at Courtyard Seminyak while thinking to bring kiddos to somewhere nearer to the beach, we have chosen Courtyard at Nusa Dua and it turned out a brilliant choice!!!! Absolutely enjoyed our stay with the friend and thoughtful staffs with good food and refreshing environment. It’s definitely worth the money and recommendable!! However, we had a slightly not so good experience which was the late night check in of the guests next door. It was noisy and woke my kids up in the middle of the night. Besides that, thumbs up for all.

Great vacation club. Extremely accommodating and service minded staff. You have access to 3 pools, a kids club, the restaurant and cafe and the DS restaurant at the vacation club. The beach club is a 20 minute walk away and just 10 minutes to the beach. There is also a shuttle. Lots of local shops are around the corner.

I can not fault this hotel. It is postcard perfect, service is friendly and amazing, the shuttle service to the private beach is an added bonus, staff learn and memorise your names and always so hi when they spot you around. The facilities are fabulous, fantastic food, great customer service - will be back again and again and again. Love Marriott hotels!

Love love love this hotel! The staff are amazing, so friendly, helpful and kind. The breakfast buffet is lovely and has a big variety of tasty food. Everyone that works there are doing a brilliant job. Best hotel in Bali.

10. Tanah Lot Temple

তানহ লট ইন্দোনেশিয়া দ্বীপের বালি থেকে একটি শিলা গঠন। এটি প্রাচীন হিন্দু তীর্থযাত্রা মন্দির পূরা তানহ লট (আক্ষরিকভাবে "তানহ লট মন্দির"), একটি জনপ্রিয় পর্যটক এবং ফোটোগ্রাফির জন্য সাংস্কৃতিক আইকন। প্রবেশিকা টিকেটের খরচ ইন্দোনেশিয়ান নাগরিকদের জন্য ২0,000 রুপিয়ায় (আরপি 15,00 বৎসর), কিন্তু বিদেশীদের মূল্য তিনগুণ, বা আরপি 60,000 (শিশুদের জন্য Rp 30,000) দিতে হবে। মন্দিরের কাছে পৌঁছানোর জন্য, দর্শকরা বালিনিয়ের একটি দল বাজারে ফরম্যাটের স্যুভেনির দোকানগুলি যা সমুদ্র থেকে পথের প্রতিটি দিককে আবরণ করে। Tanah Lot is a rock formation off the Indonesian island of Bali. It is home to the ancient Hindu pilgrimage temple Pura Tanah Lot (literally "Tanah Lot temple"), a popular tourist and cultural icon for photography. Entrance tickets cost 20,000 Rupiah for Indonesian nationals (Rp 15,00 for children), but foreigners have to pay three times the price, or Rp 60,000 (Rp 30,000 for children).To reach the temple, visitors must walk through a set of Balinese market-format souvenir shops which cover each side of the path down to the sea.

What a beautiful beach and awesome sunset, Holy spirit temple and their rituals. Must visit when you're in Bali. The temple located on the beach which little far from the city but worth visit place. You can hire rented bikes from the city to ride till this pace or you can hire a taxi as well. Very well maintained and cleanliness and sanctity. So many Shops for attracting tourists especially gifts shops. Below the temple Holy spirit water from the rocks is rejuvenating and Superb, must try.

Entrance fee is 30k Rupiah pp and 2k Rupiah for a a scooter. You have to park quite far from the beginning part of walking to the temple. Then you walk through many shops and stalls ( we went really early so they were all closed, but can imagine them all wanting your attention when they are open) finally you get to the gate of the temple. It is very well maintained and quite beautiful. You walk down a few steps and get to the beach area. If it is high tide you cant access the steps to rock that the temple is built on. And even when you can access it, you cant enter the temple. Even at 7 am there was a lot of people and big crowds. Then you can also walk around the edges of the cliff side with walkways and explore other sides and areas of the area. There are little smaller temple areas on the edge of the cliff. You also cant access these, but can look through the gates and take some pictures. It is really beautiful and you can get some stunning views and photos. Look for the hidden staircase with access to a small beach. Which also depending on high or low tide you can get some lovely pics.

Tanah Lot Temple is one of Bali’s most important landmarks, famed for its unique offshore setting and sunset backdrops. An ancient Hindu shrine perched on top of an outcrop amidst constantly crashing waves; Tanah Lot Temple is simply among Bali’s not-to-be-missed icons. Amazing views, hope to see you again..

Great place. You can enjoy the beautiful panorama i means the beach with beautiful waves. But you have to be careful cause sometime the biggest wave come, and it can make you fall. In there, a lot of souvenir store. So, you can choose what souvenir you want to buy. THE MOST INTERESTING POINT IS YOU CAN ENJOY THE SUNSET FROM TANAH LOT. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SUNSET!!!

11. The Blanco Renaissance Museum

This is the amazing story that you have to enjoy and I hope you can witness the journey through the painter through its wonderful paintings. Mr Blanco was a lovely father and a very good husband and a very happy person. Travelled to Indonesia from far away and to find a wonderful land with mesmerising amazing looking women and aroused as no one around there. The only thing we have seen in the past are a few days away from the happening in history. The place is pretty good and it's a very happy and satisfied little one with the weather here in blue skies and scenery.

What a great museum! I visited it 3 years ago. But it is not for children because there are so many naked painting. There are cute birds also, and you can take picture with them.

It's such a beautiful place! Its bring us to Blanco's world fantasy. The staff there are also very friendly. I love this place very much

Blanco was an over-indulged pervert with some talent but painted only variations of nude women in his limited style. The Dali of Bali... in his own mind only! Museum is only worth a visit if you want to climb to the roof of the house for some decent views of Ubud.

A lot of painting we can see here,good for group talk in the garden too. Good view and friendly staff

12. Bali Quad Bike Adventure

Wonderful way to spend the day! But be prepared to get DIRTY and sore (you will be holding on)! Haha! If you're looking for something exciting and at times a little scary, this is for you! The guides are friendly and very helpful. They take photos throughout the tour for you and provide showers afterwards. Be sure to bring a change of clothes!

just perfect


been twice here, just perfect

Jgn pernah lewatkan tuk mencoba y..krna asyik dr yg dibygkan

13. Agung Rai Museum of Art

Took a batik lesson. He could not speak English or tell us why we were using the techniques he had us draw. Started out by just saying to draw something. No stencils, rotten for someone not able to draw. Setting of ARMA very tranquil and we had our lesson outdoors. Cannot recommend for art workshop. However, museum worthwhile for visit.

Nice place. Go early so you can avoid the heat and enjoy walking around the beautiful grounds. Some very nice works of art in each display room. Ticket included a free coffee/tea (iced or hot). Excellent value for the entry fee.

Super chilled out with hardly any people, had a nice time and had the place to ourselves. Entrance included an iced coffee or tea, which we enjoyed overlooking a rice field

Very nice place, have many arts like paintings, sculptures, etc. The environment also good, the staffs friendly. And we will get a complimentary coffee or tea.

Great and a really cool environment, would recommend to everyone staying in ubud. Plus with the entrance ticket you get a free drink!

14. Sekumpul Waterfall

The waterfalls are beautiful but the most enjoyable thing is the whole experience to go down there. You will need a local guide, we walked around 30-40 minutes to go for a swim in the waterfall. You must wear comfy shoes that can get wet and be aware that your clothes may get all soaked before you arrive to the waterfall. There are some rice fields close to the waterfall with a breathtaking view.

Would not recommend to go there without guide. We booked the short track and spend far more than 2 hours. Two young boys guided us through all the nice waterfalls and took great photos. We had a lot of fun.

Wonderful waterfalls, it's truly a shame there are so many locals trying to scam you with a "package deal" that ranged from short to long treks, and included water + coconut or even lunch. It's really just a straightforward walk, and you don't need a guide at all unless you're quite nervous on your own. But otherwise, do expect to get your feet wet! There are so many restaurants that line the way so you can buy food, water, coconut and even luwak coffee.

Locals are amazing at the entrance side we went from. Less people go this way I believe. There are numerous checkpoints where locals give you info and try sell you deals. All fine as just different villages I think? Anyway they were great when said didn’t need a guide except the second point where I had to explain that we just drove a long way and want to go explore the waterfalls by ourselfs and that was all. After all we only got charged a very small fee to see waterfalls.

A must visit! Amazing waterfalls! There are boards saying "Registration" on the way to the waterfall. Do not stop there. go to the Main Parking. There you can get a local guide who would take you down to the waterfall which is about 30 - 45 min walk. You'll be soaked when you reach there. So make sure to bring waterproof bags if you have any valuables.

15. West Bali National Park

This was an amazing adventure. We were almost the only ones in the park for the day. Went in by motorcycle......not scooter.....touring bike. Since it was so quiet we saw so many animals, including wild pig, 2 types of deer, 2 species of Monkey, so many birds and even the Bali wild chicken. Road up to the big temple was fine but after that, it dwindled to a track......outstanding fun. Reminded me of home (south african safari)

Amazing place ... you can see deer, black monkey, the other brown monkey that is also all over bali, gecko and many other animal and bird. You can dive/snorkel from any beach and see a lot of corail reef and kind of fish. One of the best place and prettiest place i have been in my life for wild life.

the place for who want to snorkeling and see beautiful coral in Indonesia.

please don't leaving the rubbish away. so we have good national park until 100 years later!

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