Best Things To Do in Amalfi Coast Italy

1. Amalfi Coast

The terrain is breathtaking. Too awesome for words. The beaches were made of rocks, which is quite different from the eastern US. The water was dark blue and crystal clear. Swimming in 30 feet of water was easy because the water was very dense (salt I assume), and you could see all the way to the bottom. Incredible all around.

Wow! The Amalfi coast is magnificent. From the road you can see details of the constructions, the beaches, the individual town features and landmarks. Also you get to stop and visit the town, which all are very lovely. From the sea it is a next level experience. I think I've never seen such a particular landscape, with the towns following the slope of the cliffs. You also get to see how the 1% enjoy life, with those huge mansions, super luxurious hotels and insane amount of super yachts.

Amazing colourful houses perched on the top of cliffs. I would recommend taking the ferry instead of the buses, as the buses are very crowded and they take a very long time to get from one spot to the other. The ferries on the other hand are more relaxing and you can see a lot more from the sea.

AMAZING!!! Such a perfect blend of a cultural experience and beach vacation. After much research we decided to drive from Rome to minimize air travel and maximize flexibility. I'm glad we drove but the last hour or so of driving is on very small, winding, busy roads along the coast. I loved it but it was quite challenging. Be prepared!

Great place to visit. The view is gorgeous. You cannot miss that place. Its a must go place in Italy. The beaches are nice too and its easy to go to Positano by a ferry for only 8 euro. You will find also nice places to buy souvenirs, clothes and there is a lot of restaurants and bar that you can choose. You will be able to enjoy a good stay there.

2. Villa Rufolo

Beautifully restored Villa with wonderful gardens and stunning views. The recently opened interactive display in the belltower is a must with a spectacular vista at the top. The staff are really informative and helpful (much easier to converse with them in Italian). A shame we were there to early to enjoy any of the performances from the floating stage.

The center of Ravello is breathtaking. I highly recommend taking the bus or private transportation to the top and walking down. While in Ravello take your time to explore the city center and visit a cafe for an espresso. On the walk down be sure to follow signs and plan for 1+ hours of walking. Amazing views on top of the city in the garden.

The best ever!!! Breath taking views, outstanding service, gorgeous rooms and views, excellent breakfasts. This place is as close to heaven as you can get. Loved it and highly recommend it.

Front desk is really nice and hotel staff is very accommodating. Rooms however need updating. This hotel has an amazing view as all of ravello does. If they renovated it could be one of the most popular hotels. Room had no working air con, was very very tiny, average breakfast. Saying this the price for the area wasn’t bad and seeing other hotels on this street in the same price range (Villa fraulo) this one is better.

My favorite place on the Amalfi coast. There is such a sense of history and spirit here, you can still feel the reverence of the past. Gorgeous intimate gardens and spectacular hilltop position.

3. Museum Of Paper

The tour lasts about 45 mins but its cheap and somewhat interesting. It's not going to blow you away but it's a fun way to spend a couple of hours.

Very interesting, lots of history. Cool that they show you how the paper was made and you can try yourself. Definitely worth the $4.

Nice little escape from the bussing main street in Amalfi. The guys are all very passionate, funny and knowledgeable. I did enjoy it.

Surprising small museum where you learn how paper was made until last century. Worth the uphill :-)

A wonderful authentic experience don't miss it.

4. Torre dello Ziro

The view here is superb, but finding the trail involved some guessing. Took me 2-3 hrs to do a round trip.

Views of Amalfi and Antrani are incredible

Amazing place with incredible seaview. Tower has a convenient ladder to the top and platform for photo)

Simple and easy hike, reached the first lookout in 10 minutes. Amazing view, great for sunset and even as it gets darker as it oversees Almafri

Nice hike from Scala.

5. Sentiero Dei Limoni

We started in Minori and the path was very easy going down, not too many stairs. Lemons were covered by black net so it was not as romantic as I imagined. Lemon trees were blooming in the beginning of May. It is a very short path (45 min). There is no toilet on the way.

Used this path as a running route between Maiori and Minori and we can definitely recommend it for a walk. Really nice views of the coast surrounded by lemony fragrances. Yes, there are some stairs to climb, but it's manageable. The whole path is about 2-2.5km max so it's doable in less then an hour. If you are feeling up for a challenge, once you reach Minori you can continue up the next hill up towards Ravello on a similar route.

A breathtakinly beautiful walk that provides incredible views of the Amalfi coast over Maiori and Minori. The lemons, grown in private gardens and terraces, are impressive in terms of their visible quality and quantity. The opportunities to glimpse wildlife are also impressive - different species of lizards in the grass terraces that line the route. The walk is probably one of the "must do" things in Maiori and Minori. Almost restores faith in the belief that the best things in life are free! Depending on your fitness level, the walk can be quite strenuous especially if done in the middle of the day or when the sun is at its most intense. In the cool early evening, the walk is a very different experience and so worth trying then even if the hot walk puts you off. The initial climb up the steps would though, I imagine, be tough for people not in the best health. There are plenty of drinking water taps on the route - it's easy to refill drinking water bottles for free from these taps. I've provided photo and map directions on where the walk starts in Maiori. Once you climb up the Scala Santa (Holy Steps) by the Collegiate of Santa Maria a Mare church, take the Via Vena route at the pathway crossroads.

Finding this place is part of the adventure. We did not find it but the drive was truly worth it. We knew we were close since we were in the middle of the lemon groves. Best to ask the locals before going.

A must! This is what Amalfi Coast is all about! You will need sensible shoes...

6. Villa Cimbrone

If you have time to visit Ravello while you're on the Amalfi Coast, you have to go to Villa Cimbrone. It has an amazing view of the ocean and the coastline. Not to mention the beautiful garden you can walk through too. We went in May when it was still beautiful, but certain flowers like the rose garden were not yet in bloom. There is a hotel there too, but you do not have to be a guest to walk around the most beautiful parts of the villa. The entrance fee is €7 per person, so if you have time and the money, it's a must-see location.

Ravello is quite possibly the most beautiful place I have been to and one of my favourite stops is for lunch at the Villa Cimbrone. The views are spectacular, the food good, the staff friendly. The walk out here is lovely and so is the walk around the famous gardens. The hotel looks like a great spot for a tranquil treat.

This Villa has the most amazing garden & views. First visit 6 years ago so was a little apprehensive that the memory might be better then reality. But was not disappointed still a stunning sight

A must visit while in Ravello. Lush garden and great views over the coast. Great place to escape the busy coastal traffic and just relax and enjoy the calm that Ravello and villa Cimbrone offers. Next time I hope to stay here over night.

The garden is a great place to visit in April/May because wisteria is blooming. Entrance fee is 7 eur. It offers a terrace with a beautiful view over the sea. However the garden is not well kept and many sculptures and infrastructure should be repaired.

7. Tours of Amalfi Coast

My family used this company to book our Pompeii / Amalfi Coast tour after we had to postpone our original independent trip after one of my kids got sick. By the time my son got better, it was almost time for us to leave Rome so we were very fortunate to have found Tours Amalfi Coast 2 days before our departure. Annabelle was so wonderfully patient and helpful and she managed to book our trip at the very last second for a very reasonable price for the following day. They made this tour so easy by making sure we booked the correct train tickets from Rome to Naples by a certain time and once we arrived at the Naples station, Mario was promptly waiting for us there with a sign. He made sure we reached Pompeii by 9am so that we wouldn't have any trouble with long lines at the site. We were given sufficient time to roam freely and a meeting point where to meet when done. From here we proceeded to the Amalfi Coast. I'm not sure what sort of amazing luck we had but on the day we went to Amalfi, there was no traffic what so ever. Even Mario commented that for as long as he has lived on the Amalfi Coast, he has never seen as little traffic as we had that day. In fact there was so little traffic that Mario was able to take us to 3 towns on the Amalfi Coast (Amalfi, Positano and Ravello). The Amalfi Coast was so beautiful and scenic and we had plenty of time to spend in each of these lovely towns before heading back to Naples Station to Rome. Mario was a wonderful guide/driver and very considerate to everyone in our family and his car was very clean. Our experience with him on the Amalfi Coast was one of the best days we spent in Europe. Thank you Tours of Amalfi Coast. You really made our day in Pompeii/Amalfi Coast special. I would highly recommend that everyone try this company.

We booked our tour with Linette after reading the great reviews online and she was fantastic to email with me and complete the booking. Antonio picked us up in a clean and comfortable Mercedes van at 8:30 a.m. ready for our tour. Before we left the hotel he discussed the day and asked for any ideas from us about changes or additions to the plan. We wanted to stop in Pompeii and we adjusted the itinerary to accommodate the hour and a half there.. We went on the beautiful drive along the coast and he gave us information and answered questions we had, too. He was a wealth of knowledge about each town we stopped in since he is from the area. He let us have free time to explore, but he also gave us suggestions on restaurants according to the type food we wanted and how much time we wanted to spend eating. We wanted a cafe' where the locals eat and he suggested one where he eats. It was reasonable and had amazing food!! Antonio was always a gentleman helping me out of the van and he's a good photographer, too. Having a private tour is the best way to see this area since the towns do not have roads that can accommodate a large bus. Having a one on one tour is much better than a large group. You pay at the end of the tour in cash and we really felt like we got our money's worth. He dropped us at the train station since we were taking the train back to Rome. We didn't have to stow our luggage at the hotel, we just brought it with us in the van. Thanks Amalfi Coast Tours for making our tour so special. It was one of the highlights of our trip to Italy and we would recommend you to everyone!!

Our private Isle of Capri tour was the highlight of our trip to Italy. My wife and I really enjoyed having Paolo as a tour guide, his English and knowledge of the island were excellent! I would recommend this tour to anyone thinking of travelling to the Isle of Capri. We enjoyed having some time to ourselves on the island, as well as the time we spent with Paolo.

Mike was fantastic ! He took us to Capri and managed all of our bus, car , and chair lift transfers to get to the top of Ana Capri. Our ship was 1.5 hours late in letting us disembark and he hurried to get us new ferry tickets. He knew all the ins and outs of getting us around as we are on such a limited time schedule. We would definitely recommend Tours of Capri and would use this company again for other tours on the Amalfi Coast !!

Trip of a lifetime!! Amazing experience with our super knowledgeable and funny guide Luigi. He made the trip to Capri one that our family will always cherish!!