Best Things To Do in Amalfi Coast Italy

1. Amalfi Coast

Beautiful picturesque and breath taking views. The food is amazing and the people hospitable. The roads are crazy especially when there is a coach or bus coming the other way!!! But that's part of the charm. Go you will love it.

Probably the most beautiful coastlines a person can visit in this country! Everything about it is as gorgeous as the ride can be dangerous haha. The beach itself is breathtaking, I mean the view of the colorful houses in the background, the mountains above and everywhere around you, I mean, just wow. It's worth just riding next to the coast. Everything is expensive though, naturally, even the beach itself.

One of the more beautiful places to visit as a tourist! The place is located in a difficult to reach area so i recommend to get there by car. Much easier that way. You can also get there by bus but it is slower. The place offers a lot of restaurants to choose from and dine, some nice shops but expensive, and of course the view. Depends from which road you come from but i recommend to come from the south and then when you leave and continue north, stop on the side of the road and take a few pictures from above. It can get really crowded there so come early

There is no doubt why this region is considered so romantic. These towns are beautiful and amaze you the way they are built into the cliffs. Its surprising just how close they are tho each other. I went in late October so no crowds. Each town has its own vibe from quiet village to historic town to chic tourist locale. Definitely take a shore excursion to get a real view of the coastline.

We loved being to see another side of italy! After the busy streets of Rome, this was a breath of fresh air! Such majestic views and exciting winding roads. I recommend it!

2. Villa Rufolo

I love Villa Rufolo. The gardens are beautiful especially when the gardens are full of flowers. The view is spectacular of the coastline and towns below. I love the view so much that I took pictures of the sea from the top of the main garden and strung them together and took it to a lava table shop and had them paint it on a table It came out fantastic - pic is below. They have an incredible outdoor spot where they host concerts in the summer. You are facing the sea, looking over the performers shoulder during the entire performance. Look the Ravello Festival and you can find more info, tickets etc. there are three places for concert tickets- two are indoor and one is outdoors. The outdoor one only hosts concerts in the summer.

Nice formal gardens. The best part is a lookout point over a cliff with breathtaking views of the sea and nearby mountains. A must see if you are in the area.

A must see if you are in this party of the world, make the effort to visit Ravello, and this amazing villa with the famous 'Infintesimal Terrace'

The villa and the garden are to die for. With the most spectacular view of the a corner well hidden there is an helicopter ramp where the Clinton's arrived to visit Gore Vidal!!?

The only good thing is the view I have to be honest, I don't think it was worth the 5 Euro admission. I was there in the winter (in January) and everyone said it would be an amazing experience. While it was neat, and obviously the view is stunning - the view is stunning from the rest of the town what's so special about this villa? Well, apparently there is a garden there. I didn't discover any gardens while touring this place. Wrong season? Perhaps. The other thing I noticed while there that I didn't like was that a lot of the sections were off limits do to maintenance. I didn't think that was right or fair considering you still have to pay full admission. The lady that I bought the ticket from though was very friendly, and there's a room they have dedicated to explaining the history with a slideshow of photos and film, sort of like a museum in a way. The grounds were nice, and I was there on a really beautiful day so it's not the fault of the weather - just didn't move me in any way. I would still recommend it if you happen to be in this quaint little village, as it might be worth seeing during the spring or summer. It's small though and I saw everything in less than 20 minutes.

3. Museum Of Paper

First off this is a place physically but just slightly beyond the tourist center. We walked out as the local high school emptied and that was a treat in itself. The museum is simple but very informative about early European paper making. The early machines are present and in working condition. Someone in the group will make a sheet including the watermark. It is all run by water power. They turn on the power and later you get to see the water works system. A must for book/paper lovers and machine geeks. Maybe a half an hour. Just terrific.

Nice to get away from the crowd and follow this little road up to the museum. Once you get there you can book a small tour for a small price and see the inside of one of the oldest paper mills in Europe. The tour guide was funny and informative and they have a cute little gift shop. Nice little experience.

It's an important place if one wants to feel the spirit of Amalfi, the paper making city and also the one that introduced it to the medieval Europe. It's crucial though to visit it with the guide since the exposition itself it is not self-explanatory and the museum is rather small. Price of the ticket is the same with or without guide. It's a cool place.

Good short tour and very interesting. Paper making the old way and it's relation to the history of the town. Nice easy walk up the street.

Hidden gem. We'll worth a visit and the walk up the hill. Elio was an excellent guide

4. Cloister del Paradiso

A beautiful cloister, but not the best I've seen in Italy.

Astonishingly beautiful.

Simple beautiful and white

Claustro muy original con una columnata de origen árabe que merece la pena ver. La entrada al museo tine un costo de 3 euros para los adultos y de un euro para los niños. Pienso que merece la pena pagarlos ya que éstos dan derecho a visitar el museo diocesano y a la cripta.

Emocionante ver la cultura árabe en Italia y como se mantiene este claustro es digno de ver!

5. Sentiero Dei Limoni

Incredible sight! Bring your stairmaster shoes 😜

Follow the path of lemons from Maiori to Ravello. It's simply magical and untouched by time. One of best experiences you can have in Amalfi coast

A parer mio uno dei percorsi più belli e suggestivi della costiera. Anche in autunno se si trova una giornata favorevole, la passeggiata per questo sentiero diventa di una piacevolezza unica. Non ci si stanca neppure troppo, ma è bellissimo godersi la costiera anche da 'un po' più in alto'.

Sentiero caratteristico tra maiori e minori sulla costa amalfitana. Bisogna essere fortunati a beccare la fioritura dei limoni per coglierne la totale bellezza. Panorama mozzafiato. Preparatevi ad una lunga scalinata.

Bellissimo percorso da fare partendo da Maiori verso Minori. Lungo il sentiero si aprono scenari incantevoli, cartoline mozzafiato. Si è avvolti dal profumo dei limoneti che fanno da padrone del posto. Non è raro incontrare muli in salita che trasportano legna o cesti di limoni appena raccolti. La salita prevede ben 398 scalini mentre per la discesa è preferibile scegliere il percorso asfaltato, è più lungo ma sicuramente più panoramico. Arrivati giù non si può evitare di sentire un fortissimo profumo di liquore limoncello in quanto vi è un liquorificio artigianale dove è possibile acquistare una tipica bottiglia di limoncello prodotto in sede.

6. Torre dello Ziro

Amazing place with incredible seaview. Tower has a convenient ladder to the top and platform for photo)

Simple and easy hike, reached the first lookout in 10 minutes. Amazing view, great for sunset and even as it gets darker as it oversees Almafri

We did this as a hike up from Amalfi and then back down through Atrani before returning to Amalfi. The loop took us 2.75 hours. We got a little lost a couple times but ended up finding our way just fine in the end.

Very lovely ruins.


7. Hotel Luna Convento

Our visit was in relation to a tour group and we were better for it. Doubt we'll ever return to that area but if that happened, we would enjoy staying here again.

This place was an odd bird. It's almost a perfect throwback to what you could expect in a Wes Anderson movie. Breakfast was incredible. Bed was quite bad, with itchy stiff sheets and a lopsided mattress. Location is quite good. If you are looking for a throwback to a better era experience, this is the place. Wifi was unusable everywhere in the hotel. Great place to disconnect from the outside world. Funny old men in formal attire handle everything. Quirky and funny and mostly fun.

Excellent hotel with breathtaking views. Fabulous staff, many who speak English far better than I speak Italian. Aircon in the room and lifts are a huge benefit. Stunning pool next to the sea but be aware - 80 steps down to it.

How often can you stay at a former monastery that's been converted into a beautiful hotel that lies on the Sea and has some of the most spectacular views you'll ever see. It's not often. Staying at Hotel Luna is a must if you're going to Amalfi. Wonderful, helpful staff, a fantastic free breakfast and the views. The views alone make it five-stars.

Do not stay here if you enjoy warm showers. The shower was so small and the water was almost always cold. At one point, the water pressure was so bad I couldn't even finish showering, and then the water turned yellow. Ugh. Occasionally, we got lucky and got some luke warm water. The first night, the staff blamed it on a boiler problem which they said was then fixed. After that, they said it was because everyone showered at the same time. There were 16 people in our group and no one had hot water. Other guests I spoke to in the hotel admitted the same. I showered at various times of the day to try to catch it when it was hot, but no luck. Also, the upholstered chairs and lamp shades in our room looked like they haven't been cleaned since the thirteenth century. The main areas of the hotel are beautiful, the pool area is gorgeous, the view is incredible, and the staff is mostly pretty accommodating, hence the 2 stars. However, when I stay at a 4 star hotel, I expect a hot, or at least warm, shower. Certain staff would act like it was a major inconvenience when I would ask for coffee at breakfast. Never again would I stay here. Definitely not worth how much it costs.