Best Things To Do in Amalfi Coast Italy

1. Villa Rufolo

WOW! This is why you fly five thousand miles. Stunning vistas. Photo ops abound. The ride up the mountain to reach it is pretty great too. Read up on the history of this location before you visit, If you get to visit on a sunny afternoon, you will get great pictures!

I love Villa Rufolo. The gardens are beautiful especially when the gardens are full of flowers. The view is spectacular of the coastline and towns below. I love the view so much that I took pictures of the sea from the top of the main garden and strung them together and took it to a lava table shop and had them paint it on a table It came out fantastic - pic is below. They have an incredible outdoor spot where they host concerts in the summer. You are facing the sea, looking over the performers shoulder during the entire performance. Look the Ravello Festival and you can find more info, tickets etc. there are three places for concert tickets- two are indoor and one is outdoors. The outdoor one only hosts concerts in the summer.

Ravello is exactly as you have dreamt about, the quintessential Italian mountain town. Rufolo gardens are fabulous and the setting overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea... breathtaking!. It's a challenging drive along the coast, so don't even think about setting a scheduled arrival time. The only way to avoid the maddness is travelling after 5p.m. or take a chopper. Hire a local private car/luxury bus , sit back and absorb the beauty.

Wonderful villa right in the centre of Ravello that is highly worth a visit. EUR 7 to get in per person, the villa has been restored and the gardens are beautiful, but the best part is the view from the top of the tower - absolutely stunning and rivals any elsewhere in the town.

A must-see in Ravello. A beautiful villa perched on a cliff whose gardens and views were just breath taking. The entrance fee is on the pricey side.

2. Museum Of Paper

First off this is a place physically but just slightly beyond the tourist center. We walked out as the local high school emptied and that was a treat in itself. The museum is simple but very informative about early European paper making. The early machines are present and in working condition. Someone in the group will make a sheet including the watermark. It is all run by water power. They turn on the power and later you get to see the water works system. A must for book/paper lovers and machine geeks. Maybe a half an hour. Just terrific.

It only cost €4. It is interesting to see how they made paper back then

Nice to get away from the crowd and follow this little road up to the museum. Once you get there you can book a small tour for a small price and see the inside of one of the oldest paper mills in Europe. The tour guide was funny and informative and they have a cute little gift shop. Nice little experience.

It's an important place if one wants to feel the spirit of Amalfi, the paper making city and also the one that introduced it to the medieval Europe. It's crucial though to visit it with the guide since the exposition itself it is not self-explanatory and the museum is rather small. Price of the ticket is the same with or without guide. It's a cool place.

Good short tour and very interesting. Paper making the old way and it's relation to the history of the town. Nice easy walk up the street.

3. Torre dello Ziro

The view here is superb, but finding the trail involved some guessing. Took me 2-3 hrs to do a round trip.

Amazing place with incredible seaview. Tower has a convenient ladder to the top and platform for photo)

Simple and easy hike, reached the first lookout in 10 minutes. Amazing view, great for sunset and even as it gets darker as it oversees Almafri

We did this as a hike up from Amalfi and then back down through Atrani before returning to Amalfi. The loop took us 2.75 hours. We got a little lost a couple times but ended up finding our way just fine in the end.

Very lovely ruins.

4. Cloister del Paradiso

A beautiful cloister, but not the best I've seen in Italy.

Astonishingly beautiful.

Simple beautiful and white

Claustro muy original con una columnata de origen árabe que merece la pena ver. La entrada al museo tine un costo de 3 euros para los adultos y de un euro para los niños. Pienso que merece la pena pagarlos ya que éstos dan derecho a visitar el museo diocesano y a la cripta.

Emocionante ver la cultura árabe en Italia y como se mantiene este claustro es digno de ver!

5. Grotta dello Smeraldo

Wonderful & joyful experience in blue-lighted sea water. To enter the cave, you should lie down on a boat otherwise your head would be bumped. Once you enter, it takes time to see inside in detail with eye adaptation. One can see bottom side of other boat with blue light~~

How to tourist trap 101: charge people 5 euros, make them go on an elevator down to the cave. Get a boat, put people on it then go around the small cave for 7/10 min, while you awkwardly sing “Sole mio”. If you feel extra fancy, get some 3 euro statues of baby Jesus and put them underwater for the ultimate effect. Finally, make sure you keep reminding the confused passengers for tips, cause you know, this kind of deluxe service needs to be recognized. 🤷‍♀️

Wow this was's a quick stop on the way to Ravello and water is magic when you see it for the first time. The Captain also sings Italian songs as they take you through the cave

Beware of tourist trap. Low quality 5 min tour around a small cave while random guy sings Italian songs. They start the trip by asking for tips at the end -.-

The grotto had a beautiful blue colour. But... It is very small and really expensive for a 5 minute boat around. Felt a little bit like a tourist trap...

6. Sentiero Dei Limoni

We started in Minori and the path was very easy going down, not too many stairs. Lemons were covered by black net so it was not as romantic as I imagined. Lemon trees were blooming in the beginning of May. It is a very short path (45 min). There is no toilet on the way.

Used this path as a running route between Maiori and Minori and we can definitely recommend it for a walk. Really nice views of the coast surrounded by lemony fragrances. Yes, there are some stairs to climb, but it's manageable. The whole path is about 2-2.5km max so it's doable in less then an hour. If you are feeling up for a challenge, once you reach Minori you can continue up the next hill up towards Ravello on a similar route.

Finding this place is part of the adventure. We did not find it but the drive was truly worth it. We knew we were close since we were in the middle of the lemon groves. Best to ask the locals before going.

We did "The Lemon Walk" as a family with our two little girls. The walk was beautiful along the Amalfi coast between Maiori and Minori.

Incredible sight! Bring your stairmaster shoes 😜

7. Hotel Luna Convento

Pretty old but well-maintained hotel, considering it’s been around since the 13th century. Love the morning view of the ocean. Room was very well heated during late winter. Though it may be quite expensive but I’d give it that it’s due to the location and rich histories. Breakfast was decent and staffs were friendly. Walking distance to the centre. There is a bus that goes to Positano and Sorrento. You can purchase the single journey bus ticket in the Tabacchi shop at €2 (best to buy return ticket as well). For this single ticket, you can drop off at Positano for a walk and hop onto the bus again with the same ticket to Sorrento.

Nice view, optimum services. Recommended

This place was an odd bird. It's almost a perfect throwback to what you could expect in a Wes Anderson movie. Breakfast was incredible. Bed was quite bad, with itchy stiff sheets and a lopsided mattress. Location is quite good. If you are looking for a throwback to a better era experience, this is the place. Wifi was unusable everywhere in the hotel. Great place to disconnect from the outside world. Funny old men in formal attire handle everything. Quirky and funny and mostly fun.

Our visit was in relation to a tour group and we were better for it. Doubt we'll ever return to that area but if that happened, we would enjoy staying here again.

Excellent hotel with breathtaking views. Fabulous staff, many who speak English far better than I speak Italian. Aircon in the room and lifts are a huge benefit. Stunning pool next to the sea but be aware - 80 steps down to it.

8. Villa Cimbrone

Ravello is quite possibly the most beautiful place I have been to and one of my favourite stops is for lunch at the Villa Cimbrone. The views are spectacular, the food good, the staff friendly. The walk out here is lovely and so is the walk around the famous gardens. The hotel looks like a great spot for a tranquil treat.

The garden is a great place to visit in April/May because wisteria is blooming. Entrance fee is 7 eur. It offers a terrace with a beautiful view over the sea. However the garden is not well kept and many sculptures and infrastructure should be repaired.

Beautiful gardens. Amazing views. Takes approximately one to two hours to completely walk through. Several areas are only for hotel guests. Costed 7 euro to enter. Worth it for the views alone. Make sure to go on a clear day otherwise views will become obscured.

This is certainly the highlight to any visit to Ravello. It’s gardens Arlene beautiful and the views of the Amalfi Coast are amazing. Plan to spend an hour or 2 here roaming around and discovering all of the cool views located around the property.

To be in Amalfi Coast and not visit Villa Cimbrone would be insanity. It is one of the most beautiful locations on earth!

9. Tours of Amalfi Coast

My family used this company to book our Pompeii / Amalfi Coast tour after we had to postpone our original independent trip after one of my kids got sick. By the time my son got better, it was almost time for us to leave Rome so we were very fortunate to have found Tours Amalfi Coast 2 days before our departure. Annabelle was so wonderfully patient and helpful and she managed to book our trip at the very last second for a very reasonable price for the following day. They made this tour so easy by making sure we booked the correct train tickets from Rome to Naples by a certain time and once we arrived at the Naples station, Mario was promptly waiting for us there with a sign. He made sure we reached Pompeii by 9am so that we wouldn't have any trouble with long lines at the site. We were given sufficient time to roam freely and a meeting point where to meet when done. From here we proceeded to the Amalfi Coast. I'm not sure what sort of amazing luck we had but on the day we went to Amalfi, there was no traffic what so ever. Even Mario commented that for as long as he has lived on the Amalfi Coast, he has never seen as little traffic as we had that day. In fact there was so little traffic that Mario was able to take us to 3 towns on the Amalfi Coast (Amalfi, Positano and Ravello). The Amalfi Coast was so beautiful and scenic and we had plenty of time to spend in each of these lovely towns before heading back to Naples Station to Rome. Mario was a wonderful guide/driver and very considerate to everyone in our family and his car was very clean. Our experience with him on the Amalfi Coast was one of the best days we spent in Europe. Thank you Tours of Amalfi Coast. You really made our day in Pompeii/Amalfi Coast special. I would highly recommend that everyone try this company.

We booked our tour with Linette after reading the great reviews online and she was fantastic to email with me and complete the booking. Antonio picked us up in a clean and comfortable Mercedes van at 8:30 a.m. ready for our tour. Before we left the hotel he discussed the day and asked for any ideas from us about changes or additions to the plan. We wanted to stop in Pompeii and we adjusted the itinerary to accommodate the hour and a half there.. We went on the beautiful drive along the coast and he gave us information and answered questions we had, too. He was a wealth of knowledge about each town we stopped in since he is from the area. He let us have free time to explore, but he also gave us suggestions on restaurants according to the type food we wanted and how much time we wanted to spend eating. We wanted a cafe' where the locals eat and he suggested one where he eats. It was reasonable and had amazing food!! Antonio was always a gentleman helping me out of the van and he's a good photographer, too. Having a private tour is the best way to see this area since the towns do not have roads that can accommodate a large bus. Having a one on one tour is much better than a large group. You pay at the end of the tour in cash and we really felt like we got our money's worth. He dropped us at the train station since we were taking the train back to Rome. We didn't have to stow our luggage at the hotel, we just brought it with us in the van. Thanks Amalfi Coast Tours for making our tour so special. It was one of the highlights of our trip to Italy and we would recommend you to everyone!!

Our private Isle of Capri tour was the highlight of our trip to Italy. My wife and I really enjoyed having Paolo as a tour guide, his English and knowledge of the island were excellent! I would recommend this tour to anyone thinking of travelling to the Isle of Capri. We enjoyed having some time to ourselves on the island, as well as the time we spent with Paolo.

Mike was fantastic ! He took us to Capri and managed all of our bus, car , and chair lift transfers to get to the top of Ana Capri. Our ship was 1.5 hours late in letting us disembark and he hurried to get us new ferry tickets. He knew all the ins and outs of getting us around as we are on such a limited time schedule. We would definitely recommend Tours of Capri and would use this company again for other tours on the Amalfi Coast !!

Trip of a lifetime!! Amazing experience with our super knowledgeable and funny guide Luigi. He made the trip to Capri one that our family will always cherish!!

10. Duomo di Amalfi

Beautiful Duomo dedicated to St Andrew where his relics are kept... the bronze statue of St. Andrew (1604) may look familiar as the sculptor took his teacher's name ..... sculpted by Michelangelo Naccherino of Florence, there is a museum also.....a worthwhile visit .....

Definitely a must see in Amalfi. One of the best small cathedrals in Italy, with an impressive historical background, well-thought plan of construction, and beautiful art in painting, stonework, and relics. Take your time to appreciate this gem.

We must have taken at least 100 pictures in front of this beautiful building. It stands like the the center-gem on jewel that is Old Town Amalfi. The building looks even better up close and you get commanding views on the city below from the top of these stairs. Even better, you can tour the inside for only 3 euros !!! Can't beat that !

Reverence for the cathedral from A.D. 833 and the saint buried within will make your visit fulfilling to your soul. The Byzantine Duchy of Amalfi fought valiantly to ward off the Muslim Seljuk Turkish Saracens who sought to enslave them. The Normans finally brought security and prosperity in 1176 that continued right up until Savoy ruined everything with the unification of Italy in 1861 A.D. The scenery outside is dramatic. The people are sweet. The food is simply marvelous. Take your time. Take it all in.

Rich in history, the weather was great, is a place that I would reture. Still want to spend my days there (nostalgic). Really good for couples also is a place set apart from society and will be little touristy but still will keep you apart from the usual BS. recommend to visit and to stay at least a night and also throw yourself in the water in the hot summer. Me and my wife miss this place sick it has became a happy place for us. Dog friendly and it has the pricy places. UT it has a heap places since there is a lot of people living there.