Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory

800 W Main St, Louisville, KY 40202
(877) 775-8443
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Paul Schmutzler

This was a great place to kill a few hours. Paying for the tour was worth the money, even for our non-baseball fan party members. Watching how they make the bats and the tremendous variety that they come in was astounding. Would you believe cutting a bat takes only about 30 seconds with modern equipment? I could have spent several hours just in the museum with the memorabilia and interactive exhibits. I'd love to go back here again.

Crystal Young

My son had never been, he loved it. So much history to learn about the great American past time. Staff there are wonderful, they answer all the questions that the kids are throwing at them, they don't get overwhelmed​ and they really take their time explaining the answer, so the child understands. You can tell the staff that are there are passionate about what they do.

Dan Shreim

Experience a great American story of a family run business producing a legendary product ingrained in the heart of American culture. Every baseball fan needs to stop by here. Tour is short and the process is reasonable simple; but craftsmanship is unparalleled. Unfortunately no photos on the tour; but the free mini bat is a nice touch. Just look at the grain of the wood on your minibar to see why they're the best!

Cleve McGehee

Anyone into baseball will especially appreciate this tour. There is a lot of baseball history in this museum. The tour was fascinating so I hesitate to give many details about it here. Even if you are not a huge baseball fan, I think it is still well worth the time and entrance fee to see how baseball bats are made in a modern factory.

She Car

Great place to visit especially if you are a fan of baseball. We thought the museum had a great layout of things to see and the tour had interesting facts. If you take in the tour plan to spend 1 - 2 hours seeing the museum and doing the tour.