Longaberger Homestead

5563 Raiders Rd, Frazeysburg, OH 43822-9431
(740) 828-4024
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Michelle Flaum Hall

While this place may not be "what it used to be", it is definitely worth a visit and worth our support. What an excellent showcase of the work of American craftsmen (and women)! The staff were so friendly, Lisa at the Make-a-Basket was so helpful and knowledgeable, and the pizza at J. R.'s Terrace was delicious - homemade crust and sauce. We will definitely be back, but in the meantime, will treasure this memory and the beautiful baskets we'll take with us.

Steve B

My wife and I have been there twice together and she had gone several other times with my mother. In years past, when business was booming, it was really interesting and lively. The last time there, we took our kids and I think there were literally less than 50 other people there... The place was a ghost town, which is a shame given how vital their business is/was to the community. I believe hope people continue to support the local craftsmen and craftswomen who made this business what it was.

Grace Ortalano

This is designed to give tourists a quality experience. They have really cool baskets made from maple trees for sale. They also offer high quality & unique home Interior products.

Angi Stylez

I think this a fun place to go i loved that they had a an area to craft you own basket. Kids would love this. And the big baskets are very cool.

graciela gastelu

They have a museum and a big store with baskets and also handmade crafts to help the local community. They also offer store tours and great discounts. The iconic basket building from Newark was replaced for one a little bit shorter but its still nice to go there as a touristic attraction.