Iowa 80 Truckstop

755 W Iowa 80 Rd, Walcott, IA 52773
(563) 284-6961
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Michael East

Wow! What a "truck stop" its more like a Mall. Its HUGE! Everything from a large food court offering a variety of fast foods and a full sit down restaurant to a shoe store and toy store. If you have been on the roads a while they have a ton of gas pumps and clean bathrooms. If your trying to avoid typical truck stop food this place has a good variety of healthy/GF options too. Very cool.

Brad Bazzett

Avoid the restaurant. The truck stop is delightful, a definite wow factor. Something every trucker should see at least once, including the museum. Truly amazing, always parking, outstanding array of products. Now the bad part. Unfortunately, many of the staff, especially in the restaurant, behave as if you are a burden in their day. Watch out for the rude older waitress, she definitely has a bad attitude and isn't shy about it. Definite meal wrecker. Been in here and few times, and that's enough. Everything is extremely overpriced, but it is its own experience. Of course I will be back, but I am definitely skipping the restaurant next time. Think I will check out the place across the street instead. Like I said though, definitely check out the museum.

Robert And Jasmine Boyles

We took a shower here and it's the cleanest shower we have seen at the truck stop. The staff from all over inside ta were polite. The restaurants aren't overpriced. The laundry is cheap. I would definitely stop again


This place is cool! They have a nice wide open layout where everything is easy to get to. Get everything from food to souvenirs to parts for your Big Rig! They even have several Big Rigs inside! Definitely worth the stop!

Sergio M. Martinez

I didn't find it to be so big, but it is nice. I had the opportunity to take a shower here and it's very clean. The restaurant is spacious, clean and is not expensive, also, the staff is very good.