Grotto of the Redemption

300 N Broadway Ave, West Bend, IA 50597-5003
(515) 887-2371
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Althea Duffy

Too much to say about this amazing place. Just go!!! the sheer number of crystals and rocks will amaze. the undertaking to build and design and create is mind boggling. As a Stone artist, myself, i was completely taken aback by the way the energy shifts thru the Grotto. So much gratitude that we made it there.

Steven DeGangi

This is a beautiful and moving grotto with a story of the Lord's healing as a history. The grotto has the stations of the cross and one may meditate and pray at each of them. I took the tour which is very good and there is a nice gift shop across the street.

Dean Hohn

Quiet, peaceful, and near nothing but small town Iowa. Truly the middle of nowhere, but take the time to visit. Beautiful place to visit just for the architecture. Perfect place for a pilgrimage if you do such things.

Andy McNutt

Always an amazing place to visit. Off the beaten path, but worth it!

John Camiolo

A great place to go with the family. It is a beautifully constructed (and upkept) grotto covered in gems and stones from around the world. The grotto's images portray the story of the life of Christ. It is by donation, so no payment required, and there is a gift shop and museum as well.