Griffith Observatory

2800 E Observatory Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90027
(213) 473-0800
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denny cao

I came here because I was interested in astronomy and was curious about how scientists study planets. During my visit, I was able to go inside and see through the telescope. During that day, we were looking at Jupiter. Griffith Observatory didn't just offer a glimpse at some of the planets, though. We also had a great view of Los Angeles. We saw the Hollywood sign and had a wonderful view of a sunset as well as a "Blood Moon". Not disappointed for coming here.

Marcus Chandler

I work in Hollywood now as bike patrol officer. Went up there when I got off work. Just fell in love. The view is beautiful and eye to behold. Took my dad there. My favorite place. Look forward to going to the observatory more. There's still more I have to cover with the observatory. It's my go to place.

Clara Esfeld

If you ever go to LA and only have one night to spend, Griffith Observatory is the place to be at. Go there at about 60-30 minutes before sunset (walking or driving up possible), the view is magnificent. Watch the stunning sunset, with a bearable amount of people and see how the city lights are slowly being turned on. After the sun is gone, go inside and walk through the amazing exhibitions (pro tip: ask the person at the counter on the lower floor if you can hold the meteorite piece - cool ass piece of stone (not actually stone tho)) after that, when it's fully dark outside, check out the three telescopes in front of the building and of course the Zeiss telescope (probably a waiting time). While waiting and walking around enjoy the breathtaking view over night time Los Angeles and be at Zen!

Alvaro Escobedo

Got to this place pretty late. Following GPS brought us up one way which was closed and we were redirected to Vermont. Traffic was bumper to bumper all the way up, slow. Lot was full so we parked a ways down on the side of the road. It was a mild uphill 15 min walk. Views from up here are good. Good view of la. A helicopter passed by and lit up the Hollywood sign briefly. Watched the pendulum knock over a peg. Cool place

Margie Stack

It's been over 5 years since my trip to L.A. and the Griffith Observatory, but like many of the other reviewers, after seeing scenes at the Observatory and Los Angeles in La La Land, I had to pull my photos and feel all of that excitement and joy we had in visiting the Observatory and seeing the sights from that deck in L.A. again. The incredible exhibits and the mind-blowing views of Los Angeles to the Pacific Ocean are indescribable. I could have stayed there all day! A must-do experience when you visit Los Angeles.