Fun Spot America Theme Parks-Orlando

5700 Fun Spot Way, Orlando, FL 32819
(407) 363-3867
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Thomas Riley

This is a great place to visit with your family. The price is fair and reasonable. I recommend visiting when they first open, then come back later after the theme park guest leave. Great place for less than $50 for unlimited rides. Fun Spot also has plenty of sitting within the park. You shouldn't need to worry about finding a place to sit. The park do not restrict you from brining your own snacks and drinks. This park ground is well kept.

Hans Veltheim

Don't come here expecting Disney World or Universal, because it is not. It is good fun though. My family found just as much enjoyment from Fun Spot's amusements as from the big name theme parks, maybe even more. The crowds are small, so there are virtually no lines. The workers were friendly, attentive, respectful, and helpful. Most of them seemed to actually enjoy their jobs. Everything was clean and well maintained. My kids and I enjoyed the 4 go-cart tracks the most. The woody coaster is one of the best woodys I've been on, it's short but intense. I think this amusement park is a good value for families.

David G

Really cool park. No admission and free parking is really nice. There are 4 different go-kart tracks and the wait time isn't bad at all. There's not really too much to eat though but they do have a bar :) Around 9 pm the cost for the bracelet to ride anything as many times as you want goes to $30 and at 10 the cost for the 250' swing drop goes down as well. There are 2 roller-coasters and other rides as well. It's got a fair or carnival feel to it kinda but the rides are permanent and not all rickety like a fair. All & all is a cool place and you'll have fun without going broke :)

Trisha Bordenkircher

The rides were great and the lines were even better! A great way to spend the day having fun without breaking the bank! The staff was friendly and helpful in all areas of the park too! We had a great time!

Michele Downey

Great carnival style rides with midway food. $40 gets you all you can ride, including roller coasters and go karts! Rides for kids of all ages, and open late too. If you are in the mood for fun, but don't want to pay for Disney or Universal, this is good fun!