Dragon Challenge

6000 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819
(407) 363-8000
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An amazing experience! Next time I come to Universal, I will definitely ride this again. You have to go through a little security check before riding, but it is never that long of a wait. There's even a special re-ride area so that you can ride BOTH coasters! Tip: The Chinese Fireball is a faster coaster, but the Hungarian Horntail jerks you around a lot more. Be sure to keep your neck stiff!


This was great! Almost no wait, and a pretty good overall ride experience. It is a bit jerky, but it's still fun. I seemed to like the Chinese Fireball (Red) better than the Hungarian Horntail (Blue).

Paul Lawbaugh

still one of my favorites even if it replaced a slightly better ride. I understand why they made the changes though so thumbs up to the park for doing it right


Great ride, really aggressive thrill roller coaster. Normally has a below average wait time. Make sure to empty your pockets in free lockers or they will turn you away.

Patrik Landberg

This is according to me the best ride in the park. Go for blue for a more intense ride or the red for speed. It's worth to wait for first row.