Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom

3830 Dorney Park Rd, Allentown, PA 18104
(610) 395-3724
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The rides were great and very enjoyable, but when I went to buy my lunch, It costs 25 dollars for 3 small chicken fingers and some french fries. And, not only was it expensive, but the employee that was serving me, took 5 minutes to look at my 20 dollar bill, putting it up in the air, waving it around, and in general looking like a retard. Better staff management would be nice.

Chaiah Jacobson

Best amusement park ever. We have seasonal passes with all the add-ons. It seems expensive, but when one considers how much it costs to go to see a movie, get pop corn, and something to drink - for a couple of hours - a Dorney Park season pass is a steal. We go about 3x a day. Muthat by 4 movie tickets x 3 days x $15 = $180. I'd rather spend a summer at Dorney, swim, jump waves, ride rides, eat good food, visit with my family and have an all around great time!

White Chocolate

Just like all the other Cedar Fair owned and operated parks, this one is fantastic. It has just the right combination of fair prices, decent food, lines that aren't too long, thrill rides, chill rides and beautiful landscaping and planting. That really can't be understated. You may not pay attention to it at an amusement park but trust me, once you visit some that don't landscape, they look so run down and dirty, unkempt if you will. This one is beautiful. All these rides are set in a lush green setting. It has some great coasters. I really enjoyed this park and would highly recommend it.


Roller coasters are good. Food prices are astronomical. Generally needs more attention to detail.

Caitlyn Ariana

Me and my family loved our experience at dorney park! We had so much fun! The park is very clean! The park has lots of space, and its very safe. I love all of the rides,kiddie and thrills! The water park is excellent. The staff memebers are very helpful and kind. There is something to do for everyone!