Dinosaur Valley State Park

1629 Park Rd 59, Glen Rose, TX 76043
(254) 897-4588
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Ana Pyz

Probably my most favorite hiking if you're in the DFW area and can get away for the day since it's only an hour/hour and a half away. You'll need to cross the river for most of the trails, so be prepared for squishy shoes or just take them off. Once across, the trails are very well marked, taken care of and pretty. There's decent elevation changes and a few long routes that you can choose for a good 2-3 hour hike. My favorite is green up to the "waterfall" (non existent without rain but a good photo spot! ) then over to the scenic outlook, then back to red to finish out the park. Check out the swimming hole if its not too crowded!

T Chan

One of the many amazing state parks in the Great State of Texas! We spent 2 nights camping here with a lot of cycling and hiking in between. Ate more smores than ever before and spent lots of time just enjoying God's amazing creation. The park is well maintain and almost always fully booked over the weekend. We stayed during the week to avoid the weekend crowds. Glen Rose is close so we were able to minimize cooking as well. Tent sites are well kept, arranged nicely in a continuous loop and has plenty of space for at least 2 tents per site. Lots of open areas for night time star gazing and even telescope setup. Biking trails are medium to challenging especially for younger kids. Plan at least 2 nights to fully enjoy the area. Come in the summer and the Paluxy River will be a hit. Of course, the dinosaur tracks are mostly all in the water too. Have fun and make a ton of memories!

Melissa Padilla Wegner

Beautiful part of Texas. Lovely river and swimming area. The trails are fairly easy for everyone. The dinosaur prints are not too impressive but we loved the life size models near the entrance. Great facilities for groups and small picnics. Playground and camping area too.

Jason Tamez

A Texas State Park we love to frequent. The trails are fun to explore, the river is always a hit with the kids and the dinosaur history makes it a favorite. The Texas Park Rangers are always courteous and helpful, thanks to these rangers for making us feel welcome and providing great information on the dinosaurs that once roamed this part of Texas. I highly recommend the Texas State Park Pass too.

Desiree Cato

I have gone here for many years. I love bring my family. It is so beautiful. They even have a store with all sorts of stuff from dino toys and shirts to cokes and ice cream for hot days.