Dinosaur Park

940 Skyline Dr, Rapid City, SD 57702
(605) 394-4175
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Lucy Shows

A favorite since childhood in the 1960's. Beautiful panoramic views, the dinosaurs are magnificent and fun for children to climb on (and adults). A FREE way to spend a couple hours. The stairs can be a little tricky for someone with walking difficulties. The gift shop has a nice selection of fun and educational items. You can get a bite to eat there, too.

Peter Severin

This place was unique and offered an amazing view of the city. We had stared in awe at the sight of these dinosaurs sitting atop a large Hill on the outskirts of town for three days. Curiosity finally got the best of us, and we decided to try to figure out if we could get up there. When driving around town, we had noticed signs for the park, and followed them. After driving through some switchbacks, we arrived at the park, and stared in amazement at the dinosaurs we could see towering above us. We ascended the steep steps that lead up to them, and we were disappointed in how cartoonist everything appeared. The dinosaurs are not worth the hike, but the novelty of the park, along with the view make it a must-see in Rapid City.

martina adams

The kids love coming here! It's free, the dinosaurs are huge and the view is pretty awesome. But there are A LOT of stairs

Bryan Konechne

What other town on the planet has cool concrete dinos on a hill with a great view? My kids love it. The staff in the gift shop are very helpful as well.

Elizabeth Westfall

A memorable experience and fun for kids. I just found a photo of me and my 3 brothers on the dinosaurs in 1954. I remember it still and the experience made me love dinosaurs. I combined those photos with recent ones of me at Dinosaur National Monument in Utah into a book I am making for my granddaughter who also loves dinosaurs. It may be corny and not scientifically valid, but take the kids there. They will have fun and keep the memories like I did.