The Dallas World Aquarium

1801 N Griffin St, Dallas, TX 75202
(214) 720-2224
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Ian Maina

Do yourself a favor and either plan to come here early on the weekends or come on a weekday. You WILL be in large crowds of visitors if you don't heed this warning. It's a huge place, full of small and large exhibits. If you have kids with animal interests or even a keen curiosity, this is perfect, and you can spend the better part helping your kids learn about animals they would otherwise never see in their lifetime in most cases. Couple of food spots indoors, a little on the higher price side but not too bad. Just come and expect to spend some good hours in here going around and up and down. Plenty of parking right across the street. Paid of course as it's downtown. Love this place!

Savanah Strange

I love this place. As a Dallas local, I've been coming here since I was a little kid and it still doesn't get old. It takes hours to see everything and every habitat and animal is very well cared for. Its definitely pricey once you get to the souvenirs but the tour is worth the price. Family friendly and a lot of fun. Still one of my favorite places as an adult.

Breckel Thompson

This place was amazing. There were so many beautiful animals that I had never seen before at any other aquarium. The atmosphere was very lively and the staff was friendly. The tickets bought during the day allows people to come and go as they please. This place is perfect for people of all ages.

jessica Cortez

This was a great aquarium. However the paths to walk are very narrow. You find yourself touching shoulder to shoulder with strangers going to down to each floor. If you have kids in strollers, I found it hard for them to really enjoy the aquarium. There are elevators, however there is only two or one on each floor. Its a great one time experience. I went to see if I enjoyed this experience enough to buy the year round pass. I decided not to, when after two hours my 10 year olds were bored. But my 6 year old was still enjoying it. It was very crowded. But the aquarium is big. There are many animals to watch.

Matthew Meelhuysen

Visit on a Saturday was extremely crowded, ended up standing inside the aquarium unable to move for ~20 minutes because so many people were mashed together inside the narrow walkways. Also, the air in the aquarium is pumped in with a very strong, perfume-like scent which gave me a headache. Aquarium itself is fairly small, and can easily be seen in less than 2 hours, but the price is $21 person before tax which is a bit steep given what is available to see. Decent selection of small mammals, birds, and fish with well designed and aesthetically pleasing exhibits. Overall, an okay experience that would have been much better on a less crowded day with ticket discounts.