Barton Springs Pool

2201 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78746-5736
(512) 867-3080
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Becc Nichols

This place used to be awesome. You could park overnight, hike up the greenbelt and come back for a swim or just hang out by the pool for free. Now there is $5.00 parking plus an $8.00 entrance fee for those of us who don't live in Austin. No military discount but Austin residents only pay $3.00. There is something immoral about charging a species to inhabit the earth or enjoy it's beauty. What's next Austin?

Martin Tatar

Can't go wrong with visiting this place. Water is nice and cold and the park is well maintained. Con: random and frequent closures / change of hours. I recommend you park and enter via the south east side entrance. Easier logistics wise :)

Jordan Dean

The pool has cold, clear water and lots of grassy space to stretch out. Be aware that it is top-optional. This can be a good place for swimming laps, and there's a diving board. My main complaint is the lack of signage, it was a challenge to figure out where everything was.

Rob McGarry

Really enjoyed visiting this place... I walked around the city with my trunks in my bag. Walked all the way to the springs paid 8 bucks to get in and jumped in the water. Never done anything like this before and really enjoyed it.

Katie Jagel

Loved it! Free over the winter months, gorgeous. Water is freezing, and they don't have a little shop to buy towels or flip flops at so make sure you come prepared. They have a lot of little trails around the water hole itself and on a sunny day it's a perfect outing.