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Maryam Tohidi

We came here on a busy Saturday in May 2017 during their construction project. Park is closed from 7 pm to 7 am during this time which unfortunately means no sunrise or sunset in the park and no camping. The iconic hikes were very very busy but that's to be expected on a Saturday. Despite all this hard to rate this beautiful national park anything lower that a 5 star 😊 enjoy.

Jordan Johnson

My friend and I came down here to do some stargazing and it was unlike anything I had ever seen. Truly incredible. I would recommend downloading Google Sky Map to help find constellations. The next day was also great with several short hikes to all the most popular arches in the area. This is an iconic place to visit.

Caleb Lynch

Not that it needs to be said, but this is well deserving of it's place in our National Park system. Even if you can only spend a few hours, it is well worth a visit. The incredible beauty that fills this place is mind blowing!

Christa Wendling

The parks in the Southwest are truly amazing. This is one of my favorites. We started at the end of the park in Devil's Garden and hiked out to the double Arch and the Navajo Arch. Getting up to these two arches required some climbing but that's part of the fun. Devils Garden is the last hiking spot in the park and takes about 45 minutes to drive to. According to one of the rangers, this is the longest hike in the park. Most of the other trails get you to an arch must faster. After Devils Garden, we worked our way back to the front of the park stopping to do some short hikes. Several arches could be reached with a short 5 minute hike. The petrified sand dunes were neat, too. The facilities were in good condition. The bathrooms were clean and some trails had water fountains at the start so you could refill your water bottle. There seemed to be plenty of parking, but we were here in early April. Currently the park closes at 7pm during the week due to night time construction. There are signs saying you need to start driving out of the park at 6 to make it out by 7.

Eeraj Qaisar

There are plenty of reviews, so here are some tips: 1. You need 2 full days to fully enjoy what this park has to offer 2.You need to visit early as well as late afternoon. Some parts are best visited morning and some late afternoon. Check the handout given at the entrance, it has very good info. 3. Carry plenty of water. 4. Parking lots at Windows and Delicate Arch tend to fill up. Plan accordingly. See tip #1. 5. In 2017 and possibly 2018, park hours are 7am-7pm due to road construction. Except Fri/Sat when night closure does not apply. I would defer visiting until road construction is done. 7am is too late in my view to enjoy the morning glow. 7pm too early. 6. My favorite is Garden of Eden in late afternoon - less crowded and very beautiful. 8. Plan on hiking. It is worth it. Explore each nook and cranny, you will find hidden gems.